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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 14

Ottawa, Canada
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Saturday, August 29, 1964
Page 14
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14 THE PALMER METHOD Losing Iron Accuracy? Check Follow-Through By ARNOLD PALMER BIRMINGHAM. Mich. - Golf lam think of the normal touring professional u a tort of ""prototype of Jack Nicklaus extra long driver and BiUy Caspar super puuer. We aren't all like that, of courts in fact, none of us is. Actually we all have our specialities, shots at which we are a little better than at some of the others. This week the Dallas .Open will be played at the city's Oak Cliff Country Club, and the fellow who won that tournament the last time it was pslyed certainly doesn't fit into any specific category. Billy Maxwell, as tough -a man as there is with the irons, whipped a bunch of long hitters and not powers in the 162 Dallas Open. This tournament is a regular on the PGA tour, but It was not beM in IN) because the PGA .Championship was held in the same city. Normally the circuit doesn't stop twice in one community in a single year. Incidentally, this year's Dallas Open will be played from Fri- day through Monday (Sept. 4-7) because of the Labor day holiday. .. . In IM2 Maxwell played excellently and, after $4 holes, bed a live (hat Joa over the field. " la a Miami Open several years ago, Billy- also owned 'a five- stroke lead after three rounds but grew cautious and blew the works, trying lor second. This ' time he decided to play ag gressively all the way through and it worked. No one really came close to him and his 777 was four better than runner-up. Johnny Pott "After the tournament Maxwell admitted that "my Iron play helped me a little." adding ; that only four three-putt greens during the tournament also came (ta bandy. :. Maxwell worked hi Irons to 1 almost perfect ion on the 1.(11-iyard, par 71 Oak Cliff course. , On the first nine be had eight r pars and a birdie on the eev-eath. a 1M - yard par 1. On the back side. Billy boeeyed J four boles but had one birdie, oa the par-S.5T2-yard 14th. ' was the shot that gave Maxwell enough encouragement to go on ,-and win. Like most one-ehotter . .this kola la well-trapped, as -yon can see. The tee la weU ' ix&om the green, which la perched on top of a rather steep hill. ',A creek cut across the fair-.wsy about halfway to the green, bat it usually does not affect 'a tee shot ; Maxwell polled oat a 1 Iron for this shot and lined It right .' at the green, the baU stopping II feet from the can. From , there be sank the putt for a birdie. ' Even good players sometimes lose accuracy with their irons, but if they ere paying attention to their follow through. 3BF they can correct it. So can any golfer. ' The correct follow - through lor an iron shot sees the hands go out toward the target, then sweep up to a finish about as high as the golfer's bead, as howa in today's illustration. How Ugh is merely a enatter of the type of swing and the physical build of a player. The taller and thinner he is. uei higher his bands will usually. finish. Over the Net West Ottawa YMCA Tennis Club won two matches by a count of 5-0 this week to strenethen it hold on first place in Section "V of the National Capital Lawn Tennis Association Lea rue With nine matches played and one to go. the "Y" team has a total of S3 points. Rideau is in second place with 29 mints In eight matches. The two teams are slated to meet In a crucial match at Rideau next Wednesday. Then other teams stand as follows: ONECC, 21 points (nine matches): Elmuaie u (seven matches): Ottawa 12 (eight matches): NCLTA Juniors 10 (seven matches). Following is the standing In Section C"; Eastern Division: Rideau 26: ONECC Reds 24: West Ottawa YMCA Whites 22; Rockcliffe 20; James 16; WrightviUe IX (All teams have played eight matches.) Western Division: Aytmer 23 (seven matches); ONECC Whites 23 (eight): Ottawa 22 (seven); West Ottawa YMCA Reds 17 (eight Etmdale IS (seven); Britannia IS (six): DARA 10 (seven). . ,'.! The Masson Cup Anal, rs tried out last weekend, is scheduled I for one o'clock this afternoon et the Ottawa Tennis Club. Finalists In the open handicap competition art Rick Schumann and Mike Hemman. i FORT ERIE, Ont (CP) Ninth Wave and , Sauvagette combined talents at Fort Erie Race Track Friday to provide a SIA24.10 daily double, the second largest double payoff of the season. Tht OffasM Nwmrf Schvul Atfciutitn In eo-sMnrtJoa wnh the -CARLETON UNIVERSITY Annomnctt EYEKIXQ COURSES for the Traming TttM WOO SffT. 21 1964 Farther Information 74S-6432 or TJVS496 AYLUER and DISTRICT ' Schools under the Aviator and District Protestant School Commission will open at 900 1 a m, Wednesday. September . t . ;. ; ; ' v. 3'- REGISTRATION Of NEW PUPILS in ail grades will be held in the High School and in South. Hull Elementary School on Tuesday.. September 1 and Wednesday. September 2 from 2 .m. to 4 pm. Beginners wffl require certificates of Birth and Vaccination for Smallpox. Others will present report cards from last . school attended. ' .1 '"Trt, v;. i: iff .,r ? Ji For registration purposes, elementary pupils on the Maple Grove Road and east of that point will report to South Hull School All others will report to the High School. , . ' "";p -"-..-.. ; '' ON THE OPENING DAY OF SCHOOL, High School, students from the South Hull area will be transported from the school to Aytmer. Grade Five pupils now travelling by baa to Aytmer and Grade Five pupHs from the Chenier Project, Wychwood and Glenwood DomaiM will be picked up and transported to Sooth Hull School. Aytmer pupils from Kindergarten to Grade Four will report to Aytmer Elementary SchooL . Anteachers under this administrative' unit will meet in tb? High School on Tuesday. September 8, at 10 a.m. ; t- k' ."?-Sf---- V..'-:i. " '" ., E.S. Penrith Hf .A. i y ' Y ' ' ' UB4f'nT Pncfpel 1 7th beta. Oak Cliff CC Dallas. . Now, if your Irons are finish ing to the left of the target, your finish is prooaoiy mucn wo ww. You may be whipping your hands around your body, instead of out and then up. Normally a golfer who swings like this al so does not get enouga oi n' weight shifted left on the fol low-through. He will be linish- ini with more weight than nec essary on his right foot, sort of falling away from the snot. If you are pushing your iron shots to the right, you nay be stopping your swing shortly after impact. Sometimes this is caused by a golfer keeping his head down too long after impact This restricts the follow-through and can cause the push. Check your follow-through If your iron shots are off target. Rldeaa Rich ScsmI HISW EISsiiiM B(h Seswet WasereWe Blssi feawsl BlUersst High leheel Rockdiffe. THE OTTAWA JOURNAL SATURDAY, AUGUST 29. 1864 Shutout yin In Soccer Northern. Electric blanked Uplands 34 in aa-ODFA "B" Division Soccer League game played Friday evening at RCAF In the other league game Wo Canadians downed Hollandia 1-1. Both were cup games. Milan Stolarik Jed ; Northern Electric with two goals and the other went to Eric Van Nicola Tardioli scored all three lor Canadians. The lone goal for the losers went to John van dor Hoogen. Saturday evening Concordia meets Alemania in "B" division play at Brewer at I.N p.m. A doubleheader is slated Sunday at 2.00 p.m. Northern Electric meets Canadians in the semifinals of cup action and at 4.O0 p.m. Falcons meet Laxio in an "A" division game. Maetoal J. W. fcJMatre, BJL WATER SKIING Competmon is the life-blood of all sports. These wise words certainly spply to the sport of water skiing. Without the inspiration provided by many of the competition water skiers the sport would not oe advancing as rapidly as it Is today. The improvements in water ski design, in wa'er ski equipment and in water skiing techniques all stem from the experiments of the tournament skiers. These improvements, passed on to the "weekend skier" make the sport more enjoyable for countless thousands. MANY 'TOURNEYS Each year there are many water ski tournaments held across Canada. Tnese toarna- COLLEGIATE INSTITUTE . BOARD OF OTTAWA - . and Its ADV.S02Y VOCATIONAL COMMITTEE 862 Lron 8treet t3-98l GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS Day, classes in the public secondary schools of the dly will re-open on TOTSDAT. SEPTEMBER a, 1964 evening classes on OCTOBER s. 1944. . f Only pupils whose parents or legal guardians re residents oMne eity of Ottawa High School Dlatrict OR whose parenta or legal luardlana sw aassssed within i the district for 111,80000 or more, are considered "Resident Pupils" and may be admitted to the Ottawa public secondary schools without payment of tees. Pupils must attend the school serving thetr sons of the eiar. Further tnformstlon msy be obtained by telephoning UieMdminisu-aUon Office. - ALL NON-RESIDENT rCMM PATWO TIKIR OWN PEES MJS J. 2"J"J PERMIT PROM THE COLLEGIATE BOARD OPF1CC AT SO LTOX STREET BEFORE REGISTRATION MAY BE MADE. ALL NON-RESIDENT PUPILS DE8IRINO TO WROli W MAIMO, TECHNICAL OR COMMERCIAL COURSES MUST OBTADJCBRTTCATES BKPORE REOIBTERINa WITH THE EXCEPTION or THOSE PUPILS FROM CUMBERLAND. GLOUCESTER, MXPKAN AND ROCKOUFPE PARK HIOH SCHOOL DISTRICTS TO REGISTER: '' Prtndpsa of aO sseeadary sehooU will bejn thetr respective offices tooonsuit with parents and register pupils on MONDAY. TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY AND THURSDAY AUGUST II. and euaFTXMBER 1. 1 and g. from It la. to U nooo, aiid from to 4 pm. RXOI8TRATION AS RBQUTRSO WTTWN THE VARIOUS SCHOOLS SHOULD TAKE PLACE AT THESE HOURS. NOTE: Students who have already filled to) Option Sheets and Application Forma need no turtlisr registration except as noted below tor certain schools. Mr. J. Y. ARCODRT. CswJrssaa, - Mr. CL M. CAOtNEY. Chalraassh Collsaiate InsUtute Board of Ottawa. Advisory Vocational Communis. Dr. BARRY PVIXEN. B.A, BJwsd, EaJ. Supstiatendent. THE LISGAR AND GLEBE COLLEGIATE INSTITUTES NEPEAN HIGH SCHOOL Ustar onsftale lssMate Iswlwsl I. W. Xa. -A. Gtoaw CMwatsle lasiiiate Prtsntpel G. E. Ushna. B-A, M.E4. Neeaaa Blgsi gckeel ttsciawl J. B. Cattssw BJs. Tt4U USGAR CX AND NEPEAN HA: , Grade II. M and U pupils report to the audltcrtam of each aohool at S ass. on flCDtMnbejaF '' Orade t and 1 pupils report to the auditorium of each school et I gun. on September S " .- '..';.r ;v GLEBE CXx '"""" J ''"' ! ', StudsnU who have completed an Option Sheet need no further registration. J ! 4 Orade 10, 11. and U pupils report to the auditorium at 10 am. on September g. . - Grade puptte report to the auditortua at I pm. an September a. THE OTTAWA TECHNICAL HIGH SCHOOL Cerm Albert aad Bay Sweets ' Prtarfwal R. W. Baek. BA. tU-tW All new students must be assigned to classes during registration days. Orade It. U and U pupils report to the auditorium at em en September S. - Orade ind 20 pupus report to tne suoiionum as a pxn. an eeyieuum e. and : HIGH SCHOOL OF COMMERCE CarEag Aseawe at Bnasia Frtaetwal R. T. Greer, B-Caasaa. MJL tU-fTM Durmg teavtration aO new pupus sotermc Orade t must bring their final report or entrance eerurtoste to the school otltes as svidsnee of promotion to hian school. Students entering from other high schools will bring letters ef trsnstsr. All stadeau ssost report to the school to show proof of promotion during recutrs-ttoB days. , New pupik aad Orade pupils not promotsd will meet ewptssnber g at ISJO sjb In the auditorium. Special Orsde U class will report at 1 pja. All other pupils returning will assemble in thetr tanner homerooms at 1 pa. FISHER PARK HIGH SCHOOL Bamssr Avssuss Presets! I. O. Ease. MJs. m-Utt These who have not attended before are asked to obtain aa APPLICATION FORM in advance which should be comparted aad brought to the school for recuiraUoo. AH students must report to the school daring registration day. Orade 10. 11, 11 and U pupus report to the auditorium at 10JO am. on September g. Orade pupils report to the auditorium at 1 pas. en awptensber a. ' EIDEAU, LAURENTIAN, RI1XSEMONT, WOODROFFE AND HILLCREST HIGH SCHOOLS rawestt, am., rsssss. PrbHdpai R. O. MeMieaaeL M-A. I J. B. Mark ley, L. Bradley, 144VCIM TtS-IOM RIDEAU l Orade t pupils report to the sudltorlum at 10 am. on September I. Orade 10, 11 and 13 pupils report at 3 pja. on September t. Orade It puplis report to the cafsterta at S pjn. on September (. LAURENTIAN: Orade II, 11 and 11 puplis report to the auditorium at 10 am. en September I. Orade 0 and 10 pupils report to the auditorium at 3 pm. on September 0. . Orade t and 10 pupils report to the school during rsglstratton days. IDOEMONTt Orade 0 pupils report to the school during Ngistrattoti days. Orade 0 jmpus report et 10 em. on September S. Orade 10, IL U and 11 report at I pm. on September S. WOODROPr AND BILLCBESTi fu-tses ISO-SIM ; Tn-ijw Orade 0 and 10 pupils report to their respective schools at 10 am. en September a. Orade 11, 13 aad It pupils report to their respective schools at t pm. ea September g. BROOKFIELD HIGH SCHOOL Grades 0, 10, 11 aad U ( 024 Braekfteld Read i rriwdsal . N. tVCeaaer, B.A. . tU-e10 - Orade It end 13 pupils report at 0 sjb. ea September A Orade 0 and 10 pupils report at 3 pm. oa September a. - v BELL HIGH SCHOOL , Grades 0. 10. 1L 13 aad U BesTe Ceeaars, Oatarto t Irbaelpal W. R. BjeOsWvray, BJs. ttMllt Orade 0 and 10 pupils report at 0 sea. est September a. -. ' Orsde 11. 13 and 11 pupils report at 10 am. on September 0. ' ' OPERATION OP BUSES Buses win operate oa schedule la the morning and will v nun as aeon to esse sfuoents noma.. ;."V;f i-t';-',";-; f; . CHAMPLAIN HIGH SCHOOL I maes s, la. u aaa n. Avesms Pltaiilisl S. B. Rats. BJs. ' tzg-lUl 1 Orade 0 DUOtls renort to tha'audltottum at M ia,ei Sentanhar A Orade 10, 11 end 13 pupils report at 3 pm, on September 0. ' X: .t fit nr iS UlAlfJCbSlbK H1UH SUHUULi - ' i . Oraaes 0, 10, II aad 13 . . : .,. irw 1000 Ogttvte Read ,' I Prtaclaa) J. n. BarweB. BjL ' , ,i 14I-TH0 Orade Oaad 10 pupilewport to the school irurtng regtatraiiea dsys. - ; :,, .r? ' ', . .. Orade 0 pupus report to the auditorium at 10 em. tm September 3 Orade 10, 11 'and 13 pupils report to their former homerooms at 10 am. est Sep- , OPERATION OP BUSBS Buses wtn operate ea the sohedole one hour laser tbaa last year and will return all pupils to thetr homes tearing the school at 1140 est .,.-, MERTVALE HIGH SCHOOL i Baed at Marfrala i m lui SL w ,. Orade 0 snd 10 pupils report at 10 em. en Beptemeer S '..- - uruuiKvn ur ay ess Buses lor tne school Maws tnetr starting plsees at 0 sm. v on September g oillya'Mea -Wednesday, eMptember 0, en, they wtU leave at thetr aormal , rime. . - .,,.-' , EVEN1NO CLASSES wffl re opea est October (, .nd registrstioa SI take i afTered ko evening eJaeees wUI be sjvwataa advertlssmssu to thsi jb, iswe. . . - j i a Competit ion Important ' moms are controlled by the Canadian Water Ski Association or by Provincial Water Ski Associations. Every second yes) a World Water Ski Championship is held with teams from 33 nations competing. Csnsda has sent a team since these tournaments began over 10 years ago. The last World TournemenL was held in Vichy, FranS, the next one, Jn 1965 witTbe held in Aus- Wtralia. Canada hopes to be the host country in 1967. Three events are held at most tournaments slalom, jumping and trick skiing. Classes are junior boys and junior girls 16 and under, men and women, over 16, . and senior men, over 35. It Is not uncommon to see families participating in these tournaments, with dsd and mother and the children all competing. This last season has been extremely active, for tournaments. There are active Provincial Water Ski Associations in Manitoba and Qua-bec and many tournaments were held in those two provinces. The CWSA sanctioned tournaments In Ontario, Quebec, Manitoba, Alberta end British Columbia. TWO CHAMPIONSHIPS Two Canadian Championships were held each year the Canadian Closed and the Canadian Open. One is closed to Canadians only and the other is open to entrants Srtt from all countries. In World Class, Canada ranks among the lop ten ns-tions. The United States is the strongest water ski ns-tion followed by Italy and France. Our over-all performance ranks somewhere sbout five yers behind our neighbors to the south; partly due to our short season. I say partly because a new breed of young skiers is now 'competing snd they are dedicated to closing the gap-Youngsters like Jesn Per-rsult of Sherbrookt, Quebec, and Andy Muridson of Toronto and Brian Mulrhead of Winnipeg are reaching levels of performance very close to the world standards. . CITY OF OTTAWA PUBLIC SCHOOL BOARD In accordance with the provisions of the Schools Administration Act, the City of Ottawa Public Schools will re-open at nine o'clock a.m. on Tuesday. September Stfl. Parents registering a child for the first time, must provide the Principal of the school with satisfactory proof-of-age of the child. ! SCHOOL BOUNDARY CHANCES Tha following boundary changes win go ssto effect: ' 1. The Former Wellington Street School This school district is now divided by a line drawn down the centre of Rochester Street. Pupils living west of this line - win attend Devonshire School. 1 Those living east of it will attend Kent Street Public School. ' 2. D. Roy Kennedy Broadview Avenue School PupUs living between Clyde Avenue and Maitland Avenue, but excluding those who live on Maitland. will attend Broadview Avenue School instead of D. Roy Kennedy School. 3. Featherston Drive School Grade 7 and pupils bving south of s line drawn along the rear of tha lots on the south side of Pleasant Park Road, from Station Boulevard easterly to the city limits, will attend Featherston Drive Intermediate School. 4. Gram Pmecrest Schools Grade 3 and 8 pupils of the Britannia Park area ; living (1) north of the C.P.R. tracks, or (2) between Caiiing Avenue and tha C P R. tracks but east of a line drawn at the rear of the lots on the west side of Britannia Road win attend Pmecrest School Instead of Grant School, as ' formerly. Transportation will be provided. ; Trgnsportarion Arringtmtnfs September, 1964 A. PUBLIC SCHOOL BUSES (1) To Featberstoa Drtre Public School: Lead 1 ' Hawthorne Road, th Lin. 8 00 a.m. Melfort and Magnus. 8.08 ajn. Jolliffe end Tupper, 8.10 a.m. Jolliffe and Tawney, 8.12 a m. Featherston School, g.8 s m. . Load 3 1 Halifax and Dakota, 8.23 a jn Carnegie' and Bingham, 1.25 a.m. Carnegie and ; Goren. 8.27 a.m. Goran and Saunderson. 8.28 a.m. Saundarson and El sett. 8.20 a.m. '-Cornish and Elsett, 8.30 S m. Lerosy Crescent and Pleasant Park, 8.32 a.m. Featherston School, 8.37 a.m. - ; ; LoadS Conrad and Featherston, 8-43 a.m. Emslie and Featherston, 844 s m Ryder and Featherston, 8,46 ajn. Connecticut and Featherston, 8.48 a m Fsatherstcn School, i 8.51 ajn. , (3) To Fsatherstoa Drive Public Schoob Lead I ' - . ; Russell Road bnd Blake toad. 8.00 ajn. Audrey and Walxlsy Road. 8.05 a.m. Audrey and Jolliffe, 8.07 m. Bslharrie and Nerta, 8.08 am. Connery (middle of Block), 8.11 a.m. Valley Drive and Emond. 8.13 a.m. Featherston School, 8.19 s m. ' Load ', : Haig Drive and Fleming, 8.23 a.m. Halg Drive and Ellen, 825 a.m Holt Street , and Adams, 829 us. Holt Creecent and Adams, 829 s m Arch and Fleming, t 8.30 s.m. Canterbury and Harding, 1.32 a.m. Samuel and Harding. 8.34 a.m. ! Harding and Urban dale, 8.36 a.m. Urbandaie and Dun robin, 8.38 s.m. Featherston , SchooL 8.43 ta. ; - - (8) To Hawtherae PuWie fseboob LaadS Othello and Chapman Blvd., 8.51 a.m. Hawthorne School. 8 55 a.m. (4) To Broadview Avenue Public SchooL First Trip I Duncan Place and Rex, 8.35 am Ernest and Dermison. 8J6 a.m. Broadview and Kerr, 8.37 a.m. Dennison and Kerr, 828 A.m. Rex and Kerr, 8.39 s.m then to Broadview SchooL - - ' seOBe) Trip ' V';.;'';: :"' Duncan Place and Rex, 8.45 a.m. Rex and Kerr, 8.48 sjb. Dennison and Kerr, 8.47 s.m. Doheny and Boyd. 8.48 ajn. -Churchill and Carting. 8.50 a.m. then to Broadview School. . . . T ; '- "'. KJ. Ras at Noos How Carling and Rex. 12.45 p.m. Dobbie and Clyde, 12.47 p.m. Broadview and Kerr,' 12.48 pm. Ernest and Dermison, 12.49 pm. Dennison and Kerr, 12.50 p.m. Rex and Kerr, 12.51 p.m. then to Broadview School. (5) Grade t and 8 Pupus from Britannia to Plnecrast Schools Poulln and Conn. 8.15 ajn. Poulin end Regina, 8.16 a.m. Howe and Britannia, 8.17 Regina and Britannia, 8.18 a.m. Don and BriUnnla, 8.19 a.m. Prlscilla and Britannia, 820 p.m. Ivsnhoe and Carling. 823 a.m. CJsrends and Neville, 8.25 a.m. KeUy and Plnecrest, 8.26 a.m. (6) Redwood Park SabdrvUoa to Pmecrest Schoob-: Bus leaves Stone Crescent at 8.13 a.m. fl) Wellington Scneol srea to KssH Street 5chool- i ; Former Wellington Street School pupils Irving oast of Rochester Street Transportation to Kent Street School bus leaves Somerset and Lome at 6.20 and 6.40 s.m., making the following stops: Somerset end Lorno ' Somerset and Booth , ; ' Rochester and Elm Rochester and Primroeo Booth and Primrose Lorno and Primrose Lome and Albert -Bronson and Queen There win be bus service at noon for kindergarten-primary pupils. 8) All. other routes the seme as last year. t B. CHARTERED OTC BUSES ' ' :' ': r 0) Oveibrook District to Queen Btobeth PabDe Scnoob ''- Bus leaves Queen Mary and Edith at 8J0 a.m. and via Edith. Donald snd SL Laurent Blvd. to the school: s second bus loaves Queen Mary and Naughton at 8.50 a.m. via Naughton, Vincent Massey, Donald, to the school. 2) Trasnblay Read aad Michael Street Area to Queen Elizabeth I) i ; i ' aad Qsawa Mary .Schools. ii r$ 'Vt ,v., '' (a) Bur leaves Avenue B at 8.10. a m. stopping at Avenues K, O, Q and T, ' then "via Parision, Michael snd Belfast to Queen Elizabeth. ,. . ' (b) Bus leaves Avenue G at 820 s.m. stopping at Avenues K, t), Q. T, then) via Tremblay Road and St Laurent Blvd. to Queen Mary Street School. -i . fl) From Rockledge Centra sad Qsrriss District to Ouarries snd Queen Dlxabeth Scos S ! ,'7'. . Bus leaves Brittany Drive and Talbot at 825 jn. via Brittany. Kristin and Montreal Road to Quarries School snd loaves juarriea School at 8.45 via Codd'l Road and Montreal Road to Queen Elizabeth SchooL . , , : i (4) Omrthasd Pars, OoletM HelgAls, tlsto W. E. Cowllns aassSssW v; j ! . ;:- ; ) ' 7 ;,v Bus No, 1 Front Sanford Road between Moriey and Lsxington st 820 sjb. is Sanford. praecott Highway and Normandy Creecent ; , , !'. Bus No. 3 From Prescott Highway pnd Sanford at 820 a.m. via Normandy ' Crescent, Ortona, Falaiso Road, Fisher, Dynes Road. Bus No. 3 From Sanford between Moriey snd Lexington, at 830 am. vis ' Lexington, Baseline Road, Marsen. Sunnycrest and Fslaiso Road , , t : .'., ' ' " . . , - . . GORDON t HARAM, BA, ! . i: .t.:, .t.'S ,' '5 i'' Secretary-Treasurer, ; . ; 20th, 1964. AnUlK illTJL llaVVIS.. . , I . 4 : . . ., s i I . a. I i ' ,1' I:.

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