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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 24, 1918
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Connellsville's Biggest and Best Newspaper. Sworn Average Daily Circulation Last Week, 6,709 VOL. 16, NO. 140. CONNEL.LSVELLE, PA., WEDNESDAY EVENING, APRIL 24. 13] 8. TWELVE PAGES. fcfAN ROYS fOVFR llvril* OU 1 U \/\J I L*l\ KMSELVES WITS N BATTLE W 1 Thai is YVuj Speaker at B. 0. tive Wire STcHeosporters A.S- VeUsraDS 1 Banquet Ue- | sisl in Formation scribes, it. | Last Night. Tales of Heroism Unsurpassed in Any j TELLS THRILLING War Permitted to Come Through the STORY OF RAID ON Censorship; Boy of 19 Passes Seven SUBMARINE ^ Times Through Barrage; Two Sammies! With Pistols Rush MAYOR ROASTS THE HUNSiF. w. WRIGHT PRESIDENT, Hopes Buis IVill Alurcii I n t o ' O f I'ounHlsvillc Unil H'liicb llrirlns By Associated Pi'esa LOiXDO.N. April 24. --A young ma- j rine who took part 'u the lighting ou , IJerJin IMnriuj,' "Vjuikee Doodle' 1 and Predicts (ierniuu Will Ue OuicinI LRnpotttre of Hell for Seat 600 Venrs With 1(1 Char-tor .Mtrafx-rs; Objects Xra Civic, SiK-ial, Cuiiiiniu-rial ami Improvement ol" fJK 1 (.'orniiiumii. "When 1 was in Uerman tt was, The ConKoilsvriilp Rotarv clu! VJUn, ' CVlll I the Mole it Xcebrug^eL'. described his ; l i k e being an .uiimal in a i.-agc," said j first in Fuyoll,. c o u n t y , was orga.n- oxper.pnce to a Central .News correb- Cicorgo V,. t,inner, .supervisor of · «l la*! n'Klic'witli ;i member-I-ip of ^jg-ht M[en and CaDtUre the Gun I pondont .u a Konush port as Collows: hncunioUvo!, aud train supplies of t h e ' ' 9 business act 1TRONG ATTACKS ON FRANCO-BRITISH FRONT By Associated Press. ·". ITH THE AMERICAN ARMY IX FRANCE, April 24.-- ^ 'he shell torn village of Seicheprey. around which centered the speed ahead and rammed her amid- ardest fighting in connection with the recent heavy German : shins, cutting ii«r m halves. AS she track on the American positions, appears to be destined to holdisar.k w T\T««-mf1 r^lonf* lv tVlev clrvnr f\V A m a * - i o a T l Tl UTtlrMT^Q 11 nn i n flip. QUICK.J Baltimore £ Ohio railroad ro'npany ! L O , w i t h headquarter? at Baltimore, w h e r i r ^ addressing ttin guests .11 the B a l t i l f » T I more . Ohio \eHTans banquet last night in t h e -Maccabee h a l l We certainly had a Imt ume. t shall oe\or f o r ^ r t it. H V..LS all pitch (lark u u u l we t-bot right itito thc nar- bor and t'.iou 'ho place sumh'nl became aliglu suii' shells and the f u n Marled. Looming ahead ot us _ ( was a. German destroyer, evidently who claims t h n t Cod 13 wtih him. But I Rotary r l u h . u n d e r tht leadership of prolossionai mm r i f f:ity. Thf- formation of 'he ctub. :h '.'.'a!-, aiTectud without ( oreinony ny Ir'.ud, !nl]rued ,1 flliuor MTVtd h.- d i n i n g room of thr H o t e l Ar- · · I ' lingtmi. Twf a t y - t h r e i iivo w i r e , lino is the samo there 'oday w i t h a master! ^pirnod mfmberr, of tiie getti-us; under way. , . . put ou f u l l God has forgotten him and he is so[ Q - N '- H u n t e r , we- steamed alongside the Mole, quickly put OUT gangways and rushed out the Mole. "The firsl thing my party encoun- hig German, who came proud place in the stcn-y ot' American participation in the .·orld war. The correspondent is now permitted to tell of a few oases o f , lercd ^dividual heroism which will convey an idea as to the metal of i o m of , he sf . D ii-darkness anri lunged he men. One of them, David Griggs. oJ East Hampton, Conn., at our nearest man. "-··-- ·- «-·'· ·assed through the enemy barrage at least seven times to carry {set in a MOW our -mmnnkion to his hard-pressed comrades. Griggs, who is 19 j'ears old, was so modest that he wonM .ot tell his story, but insisted on speaking of .the bravery of thers. Finally one of his comrades pointed him oat and said: "That is the bravest man in the regiment." Raymond A. Ferris of Medford. Mass.. acting as a courier,, C ame an order to charge along the ras 'blown off the road twice by the concussion of shells. Al-jMole. v."e rushed ahead, bayonetting hough stunned and nearly crazed by the intensity of the gunfire | or shooting an we came across, -hen he reached the point in the rear of the line to which he! "" "" "~~ ras sent for ammunition he carried out his orders. Then he Before he could captain knocked him on the h a d with his truncheon and he sank dn-wn dead. i "Ne?ct we saw another destroyer tied h (h iHf. f "hf 1 \lnlo We | knocked ou the head ail v7ho attempt- 1 ed to oppose our progress. Then ly thip time we were fairly mad and in high glee. The noise of the sked for a revolver, saying he wanted to go^out and fight the, ^ ss ' o /"^TasTerWiiis. ? it^waVa """""·'' " ~ °'" " »·"··" "·"- ""r- irt " "" « TM,rr»iv. i slaughter." when tho the ships along the Ji the dead d safely. Jennans ,but he fainted from exhaustion. When he regained i 3lauEhll , r ., onsdousness his first words were an inguiry whether his mes- 1 The marine said that age had been delivered. i order came u return to Charles Sinkler, a Philadelphia lawyer, who is now with the | they retraced their steps led Cross and was in thn thick of the fighting, told the corres- ! Moie ' ^ Wch was w t TM d undent today of two Americans who. armed only with auto- and oatic pistols, charged an enemy machine gun, killed eight Ger- oans and captured the gun. It "was reported that one American sharpshooter killed 15 Germans. , and re-embark FLAG CONSECRATED And Class of Five is Confirmed )j Kpfscopul Bishop. Thc RU. B-f T. Cortlandv WJiitehead. 0JE.R3IJJiS BOMBAJU) BRITISH OS XOB.TH FBOST. WITH THE BRITISH ARMY IN FRANCE, April 24.-i began a heavy bombardment of the British positions in he Sotnme sector this morning and the latest reports state that j K '_ in infantry attack is in' progress. ! ^ A German bombardment of the British positions on both and consecrate;; a service flag at ;pe- .ides of the river Lawe on the northern battle front was begun ciai services held last evening m St. it 4 o'clock this morning. A large section of this battle front; John's German Lutheran s seething, although the definite dimensions of the infantry ac-| t ^,°°°^fS °Th°J ' s ion are not yet known. Northwest of Albert early today enemy troops which admen 'anced from their trenches for an assault were driven back by · tary scr vice. he British fire- Northwest of Merville a large concentration of,' a ded. ierman soldiers was dispersed by the British fire. of the Pittsburg Protestant Episcopal church, assisted A. X. Slayton. Rev. M. S. and Rei. M. J. Barker ot -a. confirmed a class a! five church by Episcopal church. The service dag contained six stars in honor of the young of the (Jiurch who lire in m:li- Additiona! stars will be lEPOltTED RAD) OX PARK _ _ DOES 'OT JIATEBIALIZt. i itr entire length and blew up large stores of munitions contained in the PARIS. Aporil ng been heard coming toward Parrs the survivors to the correspon n air raid warniag was 1 give i shortly , the Daily Chronicle at a Kentish port. icfore midnignt last night, but n o ; ,lanes reached the Pans district, ac- j OFFICER 15 HOKOR 1 BATTERY LS JOLLEP. The following were confirmed: Mrs. · Morris ChrJrUnf? Mlnnii. Lloyd Brcn- I del. James Graham aad Milton Wilder. 1 Herbert Prati rendered a solo, arcom- far in the grasp nf the l**vil that be never will get av, ay" "I went to that country." continued the spraiior. "to learn a tongue thai t despise worse than a rattlesnake. A l l I want tn hear :n that l.ingiiagp Is 'rau.s mit 'p.m.' If you've gol an Junker, .^p roct the worii of organ-izyng clitb. Mr. H president, and R. wr-rf present to di- hr n^w deputy L1BKR.TV !,OA TEAMS SECL'KK V TO'l'iJ, ()]·' L\ Thn'HratH of subscription? s r p o r t e d lr, - h e different teams il tbi noun dinner loday, lola!- ms SW.oOO, are as f o l l o w s : CAM' A.MT. Fryer . ---- ..... . $12T,1.W JuAt -- _ .. ------ 105.1511 FJoopi 1 - . _ _. __ ______ 55,7 ( *u 50.15'! KS.7IM K e n n e y Wild-,'' !raharr. 1-Vick Co 27.0fid 2J.05H "oims ____ [fM5.75(i serving as i ·fSOO.CKW | Million Dollars For the ; Third Loan is Now Goal Here 'TOTAL AT NOON$800,000 Pryef; Team Alori" JRoporf* Now Subscriptions of $127. i 00. OVKBTAiiliN Dailj %p.(n flcrtincs at Wh'fh t:im- imiu'n is Iliscnsseil ^re Cosnnicri at 31»Minir Tempi''; Knthnsw'in Ram- imni; \orkJnK Har-l in Counlrj extra dollar realise that it will k i l l of the distrie'. organizer, who was unable to be present Introiiurim-y to the work of organization t h e objects, purposes and aims of the Rotanans wore expounded by 20 Boehes and send ;ho boys there J50 in a government bond," , Mr. Stunner recalled peeing 22 pris-' oners of war. formerly U-boat men of Germany, who are being takeji to Georgia "Theso prisoners will have to build roads," he said, "and after the war is over and everyii'ng is prospering again wo'll get an automobile and ride over those roads. "VtTien we think then of who built them it will give us pleasure to ride all over the Dutch." o v c r j A ' F ' Q uick . former president of tno I-McKeesport club; R. F. Dulany, presl- RUBS GASOLINE TO STOP STOMACH PAIN; o£ the McKcespori Caajnber of I Commerce; President Hunter and Rev. Ed wajc Babcocfc, pas to r of tJie First BapUm church of McKccsporu and one of t h e most enthu-siastic raein- bers of Uio McKecsport c!uh. thr organizAUoa of thr Con- chairman and \V. P. Scheack as secrc- ' fire from a stove. The Italian was at taxy. The standard L ' u b coar»Utut3on j tbe Banning House on Water street, and by-laws, u-ich cbaoges to suit local t wbere he hd,d been stajnng for the past , , _ , . _ , t .conditions, were riad a n d adopted, ' week. He became ill a n d it seems ' TM* wh ° ad '* re3S « 3 thc v * 1 , t h e eomnailtec an membership made ami some- onr- told him to apply ga.s- eraas anrt Lheir famiUes during *Jie| Itg report ^ d a pcrmanent orsaaiza . O i intf to bis stom ach to stop the pain. evening referred to the Ubcny I-oan| Uon was ^^^ by tbe elocuon of , Artft , hc had applied ^ stuff he went, io a stove to beat a handkerchief u p)-'u:e over the saturated skin, Thc heat caused the gasoline to catcb drive and urged Lhc buying of. bonds. | Pt w WriffJit, prcsldoirt; Dr. J. L. All tho selections by the Baltimore Ohio band were military airs. Mayor John Duggan made tbe first address on the program. He corapli- Cochran, vice president, and SV. P. Scbencfc, secrt^utry and treasurer. These officers, together with R. 5.! Matthews and J. W. McClaren, will mented the members of the veterans' [ f onn ^e board of directors hanng cotnmitteti on the success of its ban- charge of tbe business affairs of tho quet and reminded them that he was j c i u - D . The club will meet for dinner! a physician caJled. Porco was taken once a railroader himacif. Mayor on aliernate Thursday evenings. ; to toe Cottage State hospital. Tfle Rotary clubs are (he units ol ' 'oDDfi|svi;]o went in w i t l n n ?iJ.l"fi I of roaHnng n^ q u o i n in i h c J.,bcn !l.nar. drjvf 1 today w h e n .^'"i.uOri was reportod ;ii thc dinner of UK- c«nvaf-p- mg tf-ams held in the Masonic temple. Thr lo,ims will ro-fanv:*?? ibcr.i' t n i - rnonpt. during ThurMay anri J-Yifi.'iy 3n ihe hope of havmtr to?!crl Hie L- TIT i t A o n r r A T r '0 ( - t - (ino m a r k h - v ^ al Ijme ' T h e ruy IN nUdrllAL!^ now Tar aherfri of Vmontown. I r j r y reporting Sfi2o,G(ft a.s siihwribed Italian is Painfully linrnp^ Abonl A b - l « P to this morning. The rare for in.; fJom^n VJic« fJie S(«ff Catcher 1 honor of reaching the quota firs' Flro From .Stove, Iseomr- to be vcrr much :n favor of th's city. Thc 'fam headed by V . B. Prypp. took honors today in thc reports ot amonnts collected. His loam nas f- cured a total of ^127 l"fl and promises of more. S. P Ash(,'s afrpiogaimn ranlLS secotiii wiUi flOS.lSO. No othrr teams have yei gone over th^ $1''0.000 mark. i II T.* Norton announced that the ' employes of the H. C. l-'rick Coko company throughout the entire region bad snhscri'bp.d SjSSn.O'iX 1 u p to noon yesterday, Connellsvilje wil", get a piirt of this amount. The t-anvassiug teams of the !Mac- cahees reported S2.150 and Superjn- Nieoloa *orro, 45 vcars old, of Dim- bar, wati tiOverciy bunied this morning when ^so'ino which he had applied fire and he suffered severe burns. He was also burned on the face ajad hands. The flames were extinguished and Du.gga.ti dropped into the uoirersal subject, the-war, and urped thc buying an international orgaiuzation, the for- CALLS WORKERS GRAFTERS tendent M. H. Broughton of tb2 Baltimore Ohio railroad announred that tbe Connellsrille division teams were sul! hn.rcl at work. A contest is be:ncr conducted on the system between the tMfTerent djnsions. The total number of Liberty Bonds, pointing out the matioa of wiuch js restricted to towns j necessity for them if the boys oV-er! O £ not Jess ihan 10.000 inhabitants.' , there are to be kept supplied. "I ex-^he membership being limited to one j ^ Kesull Western Maryland Brake-; who have taken bonds in ihis loan in pect those boys to mar en into Berlin' active and representative man f r o m ] man »» .trrcsf«d and FJncd. j CoDnellsville j? 2Jf*o. C. \V. to the tune of 'Yanke Doodle' and ] each line of business and profession' William Gardner, Western Mary- ' Downs' team reported t h e largest win this war so decisively that 'Run'! i a the connnunity. The organiza-tion 'land passtnger brafceman, of Dicker- (nwrnbor oi indjvidua) subscriliors hai- wlll bo the ofTictal language of Hell' Is non-fceciarian and nou-politicai. · son Run, wai taken to Uniontown by j jn? secured 415. His, uta! it, $53.lOn. for the next 600 years." (Its objecls are to promote the rccog-| Deputy Sberrft" C. L, Cramer, Monday j indicating thai most of the s ibsc-np- Musical selections were given by a i n i t i o n of all legitimate occupations, ! looming, and was giver, a hearing, J t i o n s secured by him ^erc small. mixed quartet jpd bj L" ^'. Haviland. and'lo dignify the occupation o!' each Miss "Winn'C Han'igaQ, Mrs. Ross F. memher as itffordiug him an oppor- LytJc a.n'1 Ray McCtintock contributed lunity lo s'Tve sociei; lo entourage vocal solos thai were received with high applause. ( The Baltimore Ohio band, of the Connellsville division, claimed by j Superintends nt Broughton as "my: band," ethical standards (Continned on Pa charged *]th disorderly conduct. Hc ^ - F. Staiifter and A. S Louc-ks had been making remarks that the , were guests a; Uie dinner, Tb*T'ssueu President had no business going i n t o , a cordial invitation to C o n n F l l f v i l l u in business ' war with Germany, al^o made re- j proplr to go lo Scoitdale on Friday. r TWO.) marks about certain Red Cross w o r k - , w h e r e a celebration of Liberty Day :.- rommuniiy. calling them BOY SCOUT MEET ·as one of [he big features of ,-Aeroplaaeshav-^hc.b, =.CO rdia S to stories given by ' P*TM1 b -^". C. E StouL NVhilc «s- tbe vcni Th b d , md( , dent of itin S tlic Episcopal cnurcnos 01 '"is I e x c l u s i v e l y of rail'-oad employes who omrnunuy. Ti.sbop ^'li'tebr-ad wftfe tl' e v,ave accredited ihetn^etves 50 «-el! J-u- guest of Mrs. A C. Overholt ot Scott- oday. : \PAJTESE FOEEIG5 ording to an official statement issued FITCHBUBG, Mass.. April 34. -- Second lieutenaat Ayer of this city, an ! oflicer of the battery waict Qred the EESieXS-j first American shot in the war, was LONDON, April 24.-- Viscount Mo- killed in action on April 20, accord- dalo. He night. turned to Pittsbtirs last HlliDEAUWRESSING Beinc Finn) Coniorences .tre " Hc!d in Xew TnrV. Final conferences looking toward a of tbe Hill deal arc 1 consumniutjon 1 now beta? neld m NPW Tork between (fairs, has resigned, according to a t nls U!lc le, William E. Ayer. (.ieuten- teuter dispatch from Tofcio. ^ ant Ayer was graduated from Iart- -- ' mouth in 19JG. was comirnsrtioneri at Tne question of Japanese interven- pi a tt-«.bnrg and went to Prance last ,on in Siberia probably led to tho ' August. withdrawal oE Viscount Motono from be foreign mmteiry, of which he haj ' JUJQK THAW TAJLKS .ecn tne head since Novemlier. 1916.' PLACE .UfOM; ACES, j week. vhen Count Terauchi forned the i PARIS. April 2-1.--Major 'William (to be iresent cabinet. There have been r e - j Than-, commanding the bafaycUe fly-| ) o r u recently that Viscount Motono , las squadron, is co\v counted among [ nislJt resign in connection with t h c ; the acca in av isition. having b r o u g h t ' interests purchase an situation, but explanation of · down sis flrth advcrsar/ and a captive [ son's property for ^^~^ m ^: n that Superintendent Broughton is going to furnish umforrcs. An exercise by 10 boys was i fev." minutes. P. I Barnsan, presi- , - dent of ' I he veterans' association, clos- the Hill syndicate and then--New \ o r K i od ,_ hc ,,,,,,,,..,,,., , VJtl , a talk on the associates, acd a decision on the P u r - I associalinn and railroad conditions as chass of the property of Josiah V. Thompson i^ expected to be made this, An announcement is eipected madi- Friday when the option vx-n wUl expire. Bv the terms of the option the Hill Troop _Vo. ? and Tnop No. i fftt^r in Cunt't Friday KTcnin^. The Boy Scouts of Troop*. Vns-. 1 and i u-nl engage ja a contest at 0 . 1 j o'clock OB Fritiay of '.bis »c-ok. The boys have arranged for five different given, and little Harry Sehenck scored games to be played, a tug- when he gave a monologue over a of-waj. fl as game, ninning and fire- teiephone. Sopcrintendent Broushtoa, .' m a n s un - Thc l i r s t P" 1 u£ ""·' moe 'Inspector J. S. Darr and C. M. Stone 1 wil1 bt hcl(i no;u lho L ' niu ' d B r e t h - gavs shnn addresses. Mi.«se« Bren- ren ch ' Jret - OD nan and Ur.dsay gave readings and win bo flnuncU_m_thi- wood Foreman Thomas Stewart spoke ers of thai a set of ors. Gardner was fned $' ^ and costs, consrviriila which amounted 'o S26, bin thc ju«:rc 'ho advent remitted the fine and :he witnesses agreed not ;o ask My costs and ei- penfts if iie w o u l d agree to buy a Libnr.y Bond, s-nrnc T b r i f ' Stainp:, and a l f o apo'.oqi/c to a certain Red f r o b « worker of DawEon. He agreed. be .held. Tilt- canvassing teams extend t h n r a s-aodda-.i^htrr a- ;)v dau£h'.-r. Air.-. Don I ! . ! '-«" ur | they are today and were many years' ago. ENGINEER ARRESTED Mr. Tliomp- Slborian uch a possibility was scan-y. 'balloon in the same day. Major Tba.iv ' teen in in the last month has accounted Cor i three opponents. go to the secure' : maiEing $5.000.000 creditors. There .FUHA-NS OrES HEAVY ARTIL1EBT BOMBAJtDMKM'. j TARIS, AP" 1 -*·-- Tbe German ,ar- i rjiji.jj fuiK OF UR1TISH ,llery has been conducting an e x - i TW) jf[on FOR HtDfS. agau,=^ ..... ., . m ttir- rc ^ cl v heavy bombardment of the | LQNTON, April =4.-The attack do- | creditors getUng ab TM 1 ; 40 «°' S TM TM ·'ranco-Bntisb front betvfecn the i Iivorod , ate ycs terday by the Germans i dollar, and^ tiie secure Aome and Avro in region of Ffcin- nort - nw c«t of Albert was in thc region , paid in fub. __ ;ard-!Sn-Santcrrr and nf Avt ,i,, y woo d, Renter's roi respond- onneux. tbe war office reports today f . n( al Br iiish headquarters reports, j ~ , TTie Germans left (heir trenches after i ·'KKSCH KF.rin.SK ATTAITK | an inle nso 1 barraw and advanced OS "' " ' " The scouts of Troop i acccplcri tho 1 challenge of Troop 1 .it a u t t - C f t n g h"ld iu the Carnegie i^Vee Library last night. A. O. Stone. SLOUI convr.ission- er, w i l l !).- t'.e judge of tlif mer.t;-. i E-jcb e.cni will count a ceriai.i innii- 'or Ut-d Cr ber of pom's. Tli troops u i l l work pros iu.ituly for the hisueht numlif:' o." poiat.s out oC a possible CiG. Cliarles 31. ' »nd Lod?' waves. When they enr^iun- 1.OSDON April 24.--Ptron; German ! lprwl tht , B n Ush r i fl 0 an( ( machine fire :t(acks developed last evening in thc | t h c r rc tj re d without endeavoring to ieigthorhood of Pranoutre on the co ^ 0 jn clO5t , ac ti on . ·'landers front but -were repulsed by j Drench troops, the war office an- | ALI/EftTTENT Bounces. , HeaT infantry attacks a-e report- :1 creditors and tbe re- Sngineer Charles M. Vance of Conto thc unsecured nellsville, i i t i ) i i is approximately elareri to be of contempt of court for $12,000,000 of unsecured indebtedness j failure to pay 'lip wife alimony and against' Mr. Thompson, the unsecured j counsel fees pending the disposition of her suit for divorce, was arrested Uuc morning at the Bainmore Ohio station as his train. No. 7, the Interstate limited, pillion in, by Deputy Sheriff Owen Meogan, and taken 10 Urjon- j town. M pagan had notified t h e -ailroad officials that he intended to arrcs' accepted \\ith '.h^ 1 Yougt: , Trust company, to succeed Paul \Yap;who was yesterday t i c - ] w b o is ^ tllp , m iij t .iry sen-vice r ' ' School fliililrcMi Have SaTed More Tliitii SKUMiO for I'nde Sam. Student* in tie schools oi Ccinnells- \ i l l f a i u L-fl'minl.\ "doing the.r lilt 1 ' for the cause of the war. They h a \ e a l r e a d j .nirUiascd $').o)9.9 in War Si".'URi- Stamps and through the J u u bb JHive contlibuu-d jp- *7' n more I n the Mu.nip j=ale yesterday the high scLuu' tuoi; u .-'Uiuii from the hue i-ecoid of $400 bet last week. The Soiuli Side ami Fourth w a i d . ^228.03. T h u d .UK) Second ward.~, S2H2.21; Vest Sifie. *216.!i5. a total of ?S1«.!5. q u i r p d by them lasi Imi (h hi i h e ( o n n e l l s v i l i e d i s t r K - i t h e r e ], C e; to pirk arc ihrce grade schools in addition lo t h e r.iph schoo 5 w h i c h tiavc a 1(K' per cent enroKmen' in :he Re(i Cross. home- o. r bis Brooks. Wl5th only meagre report.- ( o n i n p in from the ouuidc districts :r.du a- tions are that ih^ v.-ork^r-: o.r° M i l l plugging a-a-ay for bonds* One wrvk- ev today ' u r n n d in $ ; n n ei",irrri n Jor";, .M-llo. Some trjirr distrir 1 , ha-.e made little r e ' u r n b itut they ha' i no; been compute-/! b." t i i c stamped hank clerks At t h e Hrsi National bank Flnl'pn \orr-s ba= been bj;.-v n i g h ' iinrl day j; lh,^ suh^cnp- lions m -hape The race h o t w e e n Connellsvllle and rrtoniov.-n \,, i p a c h t h e guo'a H i s t and thereby secun 1 a Lihony Fla^; is becoming more Kittre-stinf; each dry of lhe campaign. The organi/.ed work here has doni- r n u t . i tu place :his city in tho k'ad. K \ c n aft-, r 'iu- canva^-- ing to.nmnipps h;i\ t - rompletoii tbc.r ivork on Friday ill,. Hoi- y c n n t s w n l co^er i h e citj s y s i e m a t i c a i h TIi. 1 scout? w,ll no: reai n the )iz ;uta) -ir- prrrSBURGBREWERY nloro^ Iny^t ?10,00rt in Uic Third lluvs Prot'^rt-J"- Gcorfif 1 V,'. Toitelbaimi of A-'ouni Pleapani. has purchased a p r c n p r t y Dr. Karl at t h a t pljre from Mr, an*} M"s. Ij,iw- |-h!C'' ront^e M. 1'EaucU of M o u n t Plcn^aal mhf rcul .1 rl'^ponsario 1 -. im'K Tho coTsidcnuion was §1.500. '10 tlic fonnU?\ illo ri:spensa hnfflr 1 of Hamslinrs;. inspcctoi- for thc Ha'o up many ]no-p bond?. ;-:very troop in ibo c i t y w i l l h^ rr,. £ap:od in ibis work, and H f f M ihr ranvassprc. follownd by i h o :-coui - havr finished ' h e i r wnrk. t h ^ r p is no doub' h'ii what ovnry son i(,n of tV,^ r i t y will ha\'p been touched. PiiDhar has y;nnp "o\rr nnd rpac::"d itq n u m a . Koptrt- oaif -Jin; tn.;^ havp hoon.-=[ ^ni it l i n e t h a t horrnipli t n -,\ :h« honor roll. lop" - i n d i - FLYER KTIXtfT) TN* TEXAS. WICHITA FALTA Tex.. April 24.-- ·A to be in progress this rrorning in j Lieutenant Steven R. "Warner, flying Vance and MiK^r-strrf f H a t a pahstliii'^ | ryf thf 1 PittshnrK RT^wiri? n p on hanr.. Thp s u h s t i t r t p WHP f h e r f i company in rxinnellfiville and Union- j anc i jh/ trai?- ivas noi rielarnd. Vancp ! town have invested $10.000 in liberty i was taken to his 'lome na] allowed Bonds. At tne ConnellsviHe plant | ^ cbangp hi? rlothes and then re- wcry'member is paid to have sub- j m0 ved to jar.. scribed. Beside thi? the company has lateen two plants, of wflich SIXTEEN OF CONNECTION OF BROWNSVILLE FAMILY - READY TO FIGHT FOR U. S. ^SH?" 'V in Friday. he Altert sector, north of fie Somme | iI1Etructor ot Maplewood. .V. J.. and j 530.000 for the two plant! ind a.15" between the Somife and the [cadet Ertward Cryer. ot Alleghony Alex. McBeth is manager. JnjntietJon Dissolved. xrre rivers. ^county. Pa., were tilled two miles The French and British artillery in- 1 f r o r n f a n field near here this morn- 'licted severe losses on the Germans i j n g when their plane, flying 50 feet n tbe Flanders attack. lahove ground, burst Into flames and On the front north-west oi Albert a , fell. lerman attack early yesterday eve- ' -\ing iras repulsed. ; OrRanizt With 100 Per C«nt. I The sbrth grade ptrplls. 41 in nuro- »VKK T K OF THE MOT.F. j her. of the Dnnbar schools, havp or- COMPtiRTK. SU1.0IW SIT. Iganizert a Junior Red- Grose irtth a LONDON". April H.--Not only was perfect enrollment. Miss Alma Ten- Jte mcmtii of the canal at Zrebragse nenl Js teacher. clocked but British sailors and ma- | - - -iaes wtoo participated in tie raid on I Johnston AT«nii« Property .Sold. 'he German submarine bases, believe j Mrs. Emily Lytle has sold her prop- ·Jiai they destroyed every (rJa on thojerty on JoliBBton avenue to Thomas Mole, demolished the sheds throughout' Baxter, ' A preliminary injunction secured by tie Pittsburg Coal company against Jonothan II. 'Ware of Washington township, was dissolved bj- order of Judge E. H. Reppert and the costs of the proceeding irill bo paid by the plaintiff. l.rmkinp for TVlre. A detective of the Bell Telephone company was in the city yesterday looking into the theft of some copper wire on the outskirts of the city. A local JCT peddler is supected. Hc may be proecuted. South and Weal Erowns-n.le h a v e ' he distortion, prohahlr lintxiuailed Rctnrns to Camp. anywhere else in ;be United Stales, o f 1 Corpora) .John Brown rernraed to ; numbering among L h r i r ht'^iDesr; m e n ' Camp I^ee, Pe'.ershurg, Va.. utter . LTCO nf a family which is wndir.g 16 of spending a furlough at his home tere. its members !o fight in the battles of the United States against Hun aggres- t siou on latid and soa. SontU Brownrville member is ' Daviri. whose family name is , . -e Chrto- tlli-e. l-'e is John Asa. of Republic. , " a n ^ n " r TM = r r \ " d d . n n r r lodav to the A roiiiin of M i k e David, Albert Asa. ' ^plains and t'-oir tpi m ^ : (; onpra i dpo.ii'led Mflnday ft., fa-.op Lee Hi 20 "airman, Mrs. Jam«s B. Ho?g; dining ,nto ·.raining. " rnnm cnnrmincp. llrp. Josephine Reid. nifridrs thesr ihrre are twelve r^i'jt-- ms of Mike Dav'd and his brothers Fair tonight; Thursday, is the noon weather forecast for West- | em Pennsylvania. Temperature Hecord. 1918 3917 Maximum _____ TM6R 75 Minimum ------ 40 50 Mean -------- . __ 52 63 'The Yongh river fell during the night from 4.20 feet to '/M feet. room conimiUfr. Mr? .Mrs. D. D. Prens. Mr^. V. A. .Jrn- irngs, Mrs. f"harle; Bnttennore, .Mrs. who eitoer now arc m tie service of . J - r ° vpr - -lira. Wa.''er Schi nek, Mi-a? the army or na\-j- or who soon will bo. Be ' sic S'-ahl, Mrs. Harry Reese. Mr*. Among f h e m arc John Jofeph and Abe ^- ^- Frisbee, yrp. Brninn Royd, Mrs. George, oi Rcp'Jbhr whose familj Harry R. Marietta, Mr:-. E. T. Norton. Ajay (it being the cuslotn of Syrians j name- i.-, Asa. anri two firsl cousins Mrs - Charles M. Hyatt. Mrs A. B. Mil', to use only the flist and middle ; who reside in Altoona. ^ c r - Mrs. W. H. Showman. Mrs. John. s " namps), proprietor of a High street! Mike David tame to this country a Knos, Mrs. Charles U. Schel), Mrs. J. confectionery R- or e. Mike Dand. has numbe- of years ago and prospered. Donald Toner, Air?. G. W. Buckner sent two sons to thr front. They are He was followed shortly by his two an ^ Mrs. \V. H. Berber: k i l r h e n , Mrs. I,eo David, ivho is now with General ' brothers. All early embraced Ameri- George Marictla, Mrs. Koberi Morns, caa citizenship, and :hat they are ' Mrs. S. S. Stahl, Mrs. Oeorqe Porter, loyal to the depths of their natures Miss E!la Hyatt. Mrs. Marj Brashear. TO thf land of ^ h e i r adoption is shown Mrs, Mary .]. Brown. Mrs. Byron Por- in tli°ir contrihutions to the country's ' ter, .Mrs. Charles Bailey, Mrs. P. R. fighting forces. i Weirder, Mrs. Sastman Hackney, Mrs. j John Robinson and Mrs. John L. Gang. Pershing's army in France, where he ! arrived a month ago, and Xach David, who is training at Camp bee. Mike David's brother, Joe Asa, of West Brownsville, has a sori who wil'. | depart for Canrp Lee in the near tn-

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