The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 1, 1930 · Page 7
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Saturday, February 1, 1930
Page 7
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; . ' -''' SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 1, 1930., i~na VJ.JUJUBJ. . PAGE) SEVEN. V Modern Plant Foods Modorn plant foods ar« a product l tBws autpmobllo age. A generation tigo-'the'UflQ of commercial fertilizers Jn. this country was limited by the ubtmdance of organic materials, ma* jiures and packing housa wastes, ·?hlcn farmora, gi-,rdoners aad florists M'oro acouatomod to use. AH horses became leas numerous, jnanurcH beoampmore difficult to get; · and at the same time packing house -wastes began to be used in other "ways whtch commamled higher prices. Tho history of bbno meal Indicates tfbe fty things have gone. "Bade ia "tS70, when the buffalo departed from -ivestorn plains, tbo dried bones of the ·rnnlshed herds wero collected by, the carload from the prairies and ship- «a«t to be ground up for fertlllaqr, later the- bon«a of cattle that on the ranges wore being collected for tho same purpose. Now the ,u^lef supply ot bone Is from tho packing' houses, antl this fresh Jxmo haa been found to bo valuable for cattle leed. Its price is rising and It will soon bo prohibitive, it is pre- dloted,, for use as plant food. , As, organic materials havo .grown Hcarcer, knowledge of mineral sources of plant foot!, has Increased; and with the mors estenslv« use of min-. · crai loods, oxper'enoo'has accumulated and iniprovem ants have been made. It has bden found 111 at mineral plant foods'''can be supplkd In highly concentrated and q ulokly, soluble combinations, which produce more defln- OKLAHOMA BANK ROBBERS ADOPT LATO TACTICS Load Bank Safes Onto Auto TrucliH, Haul Away ami Rifle ut Leisure. By FRANK ,O. HALr, United Press Staff Correspondent. OKLAHOMA CITY, Feb. ' 1.-- De- econdants of outlaw bands that once plundered towns and looted banls, tills etlll ride Oklahoma plains Gangs, led. by dosporadoefl who tear "neither- gun nor law-, continue to prey ou Oklahoma banks. But the-' ulght rUllrig bandits who ^'ble-w" the fcwifo and then somo tlmee "shot it out" Avrth townspeople wbU/a ' wwiklng their escape, have given wajf ' io gangstev^ wb-i hotet tho^etfong Txnf "'into a truck, take it to'-a secluded spot unrt obtaton tho monoy at leisure. Bank bamlilr:/ in Oklahoma taut jyear i*anged fntm a ?75,000 payroll :car robbery hdre- to a eensatlonal Tioneclxnck robbery in which; three meit rode Into the little southern Oklahoma ·vUlag'a «E Canoy, bitched their horse*,, looted tho tllle and vwle out of.lo'wiii vith-$500 atnld a fuelllade Ot sho.tguiu '·fire from aurptlsed" citizens'. They ·woro cauptht. An ovalijtion la noted in the tactics of southwestern batik bamlits. Mothods employee! In the days of the Dalton and J.esse James gangs--the "aoap 'banrtlts"--«ro used no more. It was Henry Starr, who -.occupies a prominent niclic in Oklahoma's half ot tamo for bad lirieu, who Inaugurated daylight horseteck robbsriee. ; ; Starr and his lienchmeu rode into a ;tbwn, shot at \vituloWe and occiislon- ftlly a luckless bystander -w ho did not movi awiftly wioush. They forced the banker to hold his Imnde skyward ·while they looted till and safe. With I ho. advent of the automoWlo , the bunk robbera changed tactics again. Thin movement was led by the famed Matthew . Kinie« and Itey Terrlll both now : serving life terms. Fa»t automobiles wer« used by the iKimcs-Terrill call g In Reeing from the ' .iflcone of a rolibery. Soawtinies they '^pulled » doubleheader" and robbel ; two banks in the aalne town tho a time day. ' In' the last hnlf-tlozon Oklahoma bank rqbbarlea tti'e bandits have hvlkwl and jokel with oarly risers while they ilrnggod the *ufe outatdo the iHink, · 'hoisted It to a truck and (Jiott K£t town , waving good natttred ' foj-e we!ls 'Io resldent«j \vhO- watched ,th«Jr eav- ings carted away before an alarm could be given, Safes' carrier I away ares often found lii abandoned wells or In river becle, ih«ir contents missing* Hut figuren'.nhow, Kugenc · P. · Cutn; ^ocrctury of the Oklahoma Banker's Association, KitSrt, bank robbing Is an utiprofUablo bitolmt'Si Last year 7i- por cent' of the men engaged In bank robbing In Oklahoma wore either apprehended or killed. Qn the other hand, only about $50,00iKo[ tho tipproxlmalely $150,000 stolen froia banks wow recovered. Oklahoma Ivmkra have declared "open season" on bandits by annvine- ihg tho state arrooclntion will si'ond $350,000 lu tho next IS inonthe in 'warfare on bandits. How this money will be spent remain*! unannounced except that a certain amount will .go "for rewards for robbers, dead or alive. Last year six bank, bandits were killed In Oklahoma. Avwage number Of officers! ami bankers killed in lisa state autiusUlj by buudlttt la ti.'uir. Itc nnd speedier r«suHs than the or : ganlc matoriala forai')Vly used. Care must be used in^applrlng these pow- "erful, japld-actlng fowls,, but where they ure used accortiiug to instructions, smaller quantities aru needed, tho cost is lessoned, and results nro more certain. ' Tt was long ago' discovered that threo chemical elemants arc the principal plant foods. They are nitrogen, phosphorus and potash. These are found in' both organic and Inorganic forma; and In recent yenrs much liai beuix learned ,as to how thege various lornaa pro btolten down and the needed food elements made available to,tha plants', after the piaut food haa been applleti' to the soil. 'Tn compoundlns a. well balanced commercial fertilizer all throa of th«se Important elementa.' ire used, anrl they arc supplied in forms which, as- suto tho plant of Some food Immediately, and some mo^e slowly available, so that the- effi-et o£ the application la not too nodi exhausted, but is continuous. It is thus possible to provide a scientific balanced diot for, plants, lean extent which Is nt't possible %yhere manuros and other organic .materials are used. Thaw are many such balanced plant foods nnv being Coffered by reputable mnufactufers, aiid their use Is rapidly growing, as gardeners gain a knowledge of their vaiuo and experience in their use. Fashions Women are Launched on an ,Advent uro in fashion. By FRANCES' FACET Copyright, 1930, b Style Sources: NEW YORK, Feb. I.--- The smart set is "plcklu" cotton" tor its southern wardrobe which srems appropriate euough aud which a 1 so throws a shadow on the wall wb'elt shuts out our view of summer fashions. · Cottons. are used, for everything under the sun, trom shorts in which women now play tehnls, and -pajamns in which they take their sun bath, to evenliip soifyns, those belug lovely /things developed in organdie -- 'sometimes ruffled, and sometimes deeply and widely flotaNJed. ' , ' . Afternoon dresses qf crlsip organdie, made with. ankle length sklrta of generous circumference, often have enormous hats^ot the suni-e fabt'lc, n.B..for instance a^lovely, nasturtium shade, or a soft green. Othi r organdie frocks are for the sophisticate who shows every symptom of tdopting them aa Her own. * With so much thn», IB new or which is merely Uie old revived; -- after all about the Kiima t u l n g In this instance !=-- the thought of assembling: a spring 'wantrobe brings something of tho thrill of adventure. "How am I going i t o look In these clothes';" .This ig.thc jeXoUed query at cvei'y wom«n ( m qom- jlng face to fate \rith tho aew mode. i ' ! CUTTING COSTS MOTOR/ FUEL THROUGH USE: OF WOOD CHARCOAL HAHRISBTJHG, f-'eb. 1.-- The possibility of cutting SO per. cent from ; the cost of motor fuel, by using t-har- i coal instead of sra solinc to generate ' the gj»s needed, ia iwntioned (» a Htntemont' mnd by the Department of forests and Water. 1 today. ., While It Is not ( 'cpccked that wood will re-plftce lhfr moro coivvetiie'nt gasollno for a loii 1 ; ttm«, iaterosttug possibilities for the future are saenT . An experiment with, wppd' chips, usius a new ; 3y Inie-nlad "wood gas" genorator, Is repoitod, A ^ruck,', according ' to the report, traveled 141 'miles at an avcra?e o).' 2,0 miles an 'hour. Two hundred ninety-seven pounds of ,wooc! chips, costing 80 cents, was used, while a similar truck making: the- trip at *Ue same time, itsied 13 gallons ot gasohue, which cost $4. The wood chips m^y · be' obtainsd from' the wood now thrown awy in ! lumbering opevatioius, aud ehould them become practicable as_ motor fuel, would effect an enormous economy In forestry, , Ruff sdiile * Lobking Backward fulls ,';klr(s "CuliimUy" MTBMP.HIS, Tenn., Juu., ai JTcb.- 1 .TAJTUAItir 23, 1880. Tho borough officers arenas follows: Burgees, Joseph'/Johnston; council, High Stillwagon, | president, 'William Hannem; Lloyd Johnston,/ Rockwell M'arietta, Joseph M: Knrtz .an-rl Christian Balsley; school directors, Dr. Smith Buttermore, Ur.^J. ,,T. I Singer, Robert Vance, Lester JP. Norton Stephen Jiobblns'aml H. P- Snyder, , The paotors 6f the various church ee art as fc-llowfl: Presbyterian, jllev. 3. M. Barhett; United Presbyterian, Hey* Bran'doii; German antl English' Irtith- eran,''RW. P. Doorr;' Chrlstsian, J, V. Reed; linmaculato Conception, Rev, Robert-Waters; Methodist jBpiacbpal, Rev.,J. A. Danka; Methodlet Protestant, Rev! A, D. Brown; First Bapttet, Rev. R. O, Morgan anl Trinity Epft- copal, Bav, W, G. Sjtonex. . Passing tie Baltimore 'Ohlo depot, Charlie McCSormick. se«s a'lyrist light In the womon's waiting room and finds the floor ante. A few buckets of water extinguish it. ' ,, 'At, a inoting of the 'School Bojird, Tax i Col lector James 'Cope ia exonerate^, from collection of J102.12 lor the j'ear 1876 and Deputy Collector John K. Btown ?28.0-t for tho year 1ST7. ' · JAtfUABY 24, 1800. Detailed report of taft Connellsville coke trade for the week, ending January 18 ahows a total of 14,541 ovens in the region, of which 13,938 are,In blast antl 623 idle, with a total estimated production of 141,943 tons. P.' S, .tfewmyer of Connellpvllle announces himself as «. candidate for Lieutenant Governor. Edward Callahan of Hcottdale is a candidate for Governor on the .Democratic ticket. During 18Si 500 persons over 60 years cf age 'die 1 iin "Westmoreland county. Two are* paet the century- mark. They are Mre, Fannie Gatewood oC Mount Pleasant, 12G, and Mrs. Catherine Shaner, 100 ye«ir9 old. Mrs. )3Hsabeth Boyts, mother ,of B. '. Boytn of ,Connellsvlll«, dies of Influenza at Somerset at the age of 11 years. John Showalter, former po«tmaaier and bu«lne*a nmn of Latrobe, husband 1 of Rose Mdlgftn Of Connollsvllle, dies. Marriage llcona s«are issued in Un- lo'ntown ae'foUows; Moses Norton and Catherine Culler, both of VftnderblH; John Coyne an3 Jutia, Whelftn, both of Dunbar township; Daniel Whlpkey and Margaret Cumberland, 'both ot JDaw- aon; Abraham 'C. Overboil, Scottdale, and Ger'tru'de Torrence, New Haven, and 'Mathiae AUon, Bverfion, and Ell7,abe-:h Shank, 1 Pennsvill*. , Jamej, flerrington, brother of Sup- orintemlent U ' M - Harrington of the Fayette county schools, dies of typhoid pneumt-nia at Scottdale, The Ureotorat« -of the Fayette Fuel Gas Company 'fljceiv the following .Ue; CooHing stove. 52 a, month; heating etove, $1 a month, ,for'ilrnt ' antl^TS^conte for each additional lire.* The JTayette county oH«jussment Bhows 0,000 dogs In the county. Dunbar leads with 1,000, Unlontown lute 24 eriy 4 valuaiton 'of tlio 000,060; ,: ' 500: trop «, loo;). , ; rap'ort 'Dftho Connel! coko trade for the week ending Jan-, imry 3(K fehow,e a total lot 19,682 ive'ns in the'reglori/of Vhiep, 19,371 t r« in' blat and 621 idle \yM an etsti Tated' pfodiucflon of 207,208KpnB. ^- , _ ' , , , ' Tho Masonic' CounlrJy' Club" pr pares to', op.en its flnu MOW h'ome- at Bear Run. · A.icharter is granted to- the Cri scent Mauutaciurln-g Company, 'with a capi- tal'of $as,poo, i · | ' , ,/ Mrs, ftlagadalona Darr, wife f Mi" cnae) Darr,'dies hi apoplexy;. ' TheH. C. FHck Coke Conipan; buys the,lot adjoining ita offices in- Scottdale ! and wlii eroct an add'dbnal building. .' ",^ ^ , , Marriage licenses are iaaut J at linioiljtown as follow^: Woo^son Htr);-' man ami SSmana Trwm'p, botli'of South' Patcicfc Irwin of Broad The Mews At iawson "' .Special to The Ciurter. DAWSON, -Fob. 1-- Geoitgiif B ite of Aurora, Neb., vimtel hia broth sr, W. F. Bute, tills week at hia he Tie at North Dawsonl He -will epend U a neit ifow weeks vJelting frionda am relatives ia ; Fayette . county befo 4 o returning home. / Mrs, Oharls J, Gaal vteite I ( her dnu^hter, 'Teresaa,, at Mercy tl apltal, Pittsburg, on Thursday. JMtrs. Henry Hunker of Kast 1 .iberty and eon, George Livingstone, eft on Thursday for Brie lor a few days'" uieit wtth. relallvfrs. They ore i laklng^ the trip by automobile:. J. B. LaPorle, a well known Pitts^' burg L.ake,Mr! fireman, h\c ed hie faallly tolconnej^viije- QU fit traday. Jvir, and Mrs. Fr«rf/15. Burdeuq i motored'-to Pittsburiron, TMr6dft Murdock McDonald if '.Mas mtown \va« called to Vand«rhllt owing to tho «er|oufl\ iilness or hie futij«r !n-la*v, Joel JJvans, who di«d "THmrsda: n-lgbt. Aii'na Seib^r was in ,Plttsbt rg on Tljuraday an'd visHeu,l»ir 'giWj 6 ? JfUlza- bath,.Who Is in iralni)»g "at' 'Mercy ' »r will loaonio night, st LJb- The Order of the EaiUeru Si hold » card party In ' ; tbo 1 banquet room on Wednesday Feibrqwy 5. Mr8,"Ern«jt 'Wlngrove of 2?/i e-rty \vi\s a, Oonnell^viilo CftlU hesday. · , ' " ' ,Edwfurd Leonard, who Ss on llet at hia honje }n.$ortli Dft improved. .; Cunningham vnui. ift (J caller on WortnftS-iluy eve William Foray tho apd T«d P. lj, IS. enginomen, were Scdttdale visitors, (1 ' fe^ sick ^tin, iri iinolki* sing. di;ewer, recent Ford 'and Margaret *O'Leary of Con- nolteville, (Tohii Lynn of' reri'yopol and- Laura, Shaffer of Perry township, Edward ' Jafekson tu'iil Mildred Blan- 'ijan,' both of ConrieltevlHe; John F. BUggan an4 Mary l^amsay, Ixith of YfliUIorbilfr; Jamefl MdCrackon of T3ast 'Liberty arid Alico Stangi'oom of Van- ttftrbilt, 'WilUam ^ 'Welling of .Vanderbilt 'ami . Anna Hockey of Scottdal Vance SUllwagon and F-annie (! Work, bolJi of Connolleville; aid "W'jter G. Hay'of Dunbar t^wnehip and Margaret Collins 'of Bverdou, - / 30, 191Q, J)etailotl' re-port of ,th coke, -trade- for the -week ending January- 16 ghows a total tl 30,2i8f oven's in the ^region of -whlcH 36,286 ('are in blflfit and 2,933 idle with 'a total estl- mUted production of ^454,007' tone, Am?l S. Morgan, 84 years old, dies. . ·, The ongagenjeht o'^'Mlse Genevievo Hoe vler/ daughter of ''Mr, and* Mrs, William. A. Hoevoler ot Ptttsburg, and Clay F. LVnch son of Mr.' and .Mrs. Thomas "Xtynch o£ Greensburg ,is announced. i s , Francis M. Hellen, husband of Pearl Hurley, dlee at his home in Uniontown, ' . · i , 'Charles J, McGlll le confirmed by the Senate as postmaster at Dawson. Agitation for lower prices pn foodstuffs brings results, Butter drops six carite to 36 cents 'a pouud; break- fasti bacon, Is down -to 25 cente, and country eggs are quoted at 40 cents' a dozen. IVjlss Jennte Carolyn Glaeeburn of Wooddalo and John G. Haynes of Piqua, bhio,,,are marriod at the ho'toe of the bride's mother. Mrs. Catherine 3?ird, 70 yeare old, dies at Confluence. Mre. Sarah Splker, wife of R, D. Spiker/ sexion of Hill Grove 1 Cemetery, dies at the age ot 84 years. JAMTTARY 29, 1930. Detailed report of the Connelieville coke trade for tha week ending January 24 sto.QW6 a total o£ 85,7,34 ovens in the region of Which 22,692 are in blast and 13,042 idle with a total esti- mated'production of'239,606 tons. The ninth annual report of the United Stales Steel' and Carnegie Po'nslon Fund ehowe that-during the yeur 1019, the aum of $733,707,45 was distributed among the beneficiaries. H. C. FrlcV; Coke Company pn- skmora received $60,373.49. William P. Mulano, vice-president of Iron Stool Company in charge Of Operations, resigns to take work with the Interstate Iron Steel Company of Chicago. Ho la succeeded by J. M. a Olson. The management committee of the B. 0. Y. M. C. A. fixes the budget for 1920 at $45,000 to include many 1m- provem«nta, , , ' . Chr'tetoae Seals in Conneltevillo and immediate vicinity realize' 1730. Poetmaster Francis M, Herrlngton of Broad Pord ia beaten Into ·uncon- sciousness by a lono bandit who escapes with $38.40, MANY AND CURIOUS COMBINATIONS IN AUTOTAGNUMBERS «]»ra» f ftnil «Pa w "111 UP," I),' ? "O H M and Other Prealcish DesignatlonB. B a r b a r a j young oi FUtsbuvg spent the waek-ond wiMi her grandmot'ior, Mrs. Mary Rial. Jerry Stoner who had been a patient In the · Memorial ' H^swpltal «t Mount Ploaeant returriod 'to 'hie homo here Saturday. J Msiry Eflizabeth -5eese of Summit is visiting her brothri 1 , jjlarry Seese antl family. funeral service* wore hold Sunday afternoon for Mrs llodkiss, widow oi' tho lalo David, Hi dkija. Burial wtui made in tho Tan' Comlery. Mkti Josophln-o Utoo e who haa been ill for tho past woekj Is slightly improved, ' Mre. John . . Poo 16 loi't Sunday to spend Jtae water with relatives 3n HARR1SBUIIQ, Fob. I--Numbers of Pnnsylvnniane have bean a,musel at the published story that tho iKsvreo oC a ChnmberBburg undertaker hfta the license, plato biari(ig ,the dopreselng phoplnHiy U 2, and tho story is juat as entertaining, the Motor Bureau said today, na though it true. Aa a natter of fact the tag U 2 win be found ou a passenger, car owned by Elizabeth D« Schade, Oo West Greenwood avenue, J^amtedown, and plates on^the vehicle of tho Cham- bergburg uni«frtaker in nowiao' iH" aemblij ,tf 2. Ooorge Wlntore o£ Herr street, Jlarrisbun'g, te proud of hie 4 U 2, ami James A. Welch, Harrisburg, of. 4 1L rM t Motor Voliloles Commiesionei' Bynon lias r(Kioivetl a requosft for Lae 111 UP 1 . whsm it is reached in plate sequence. "The -executive head at the CQmmls«lon governing lha playing of automobile poker baa Decided that t.h!S plate, Aces-up, will 'be 'h}grh,-iard' hereaEter," wrote My' Bynon'n fac«tloub corroB- pomlcnt, . ( , Joseph II. Hersborgfir of 88 fflmlly strpet. OraEton, has »., plat ft \vhioh Ai-oiifias, common I, 'from ob'S^I'ver?. J[t la 123 GO, and jiccordlng'.lo the hld*ir Tieecte 9Uly hyphens apparatiug tlio numerals to be. absolutely Tho Klevw Company o£ Ilar- Mr. *ind Mre. Walter Cowan- and daughter «[iont Sunday with reUitives iu UnlonUtwn. Joseph Myei'u uau a fiiUer In Now Mr. ivud Mr«. Puul Byure ylsltetl the, tatter's', mother, Mrs, AVilkitnsou ot «kirt6 are a calamity and the docility! Mount P!ea»a»t, 'vlu is Hi, oi' American women lu «ui'remler!ns; i Frank Bowman who lias boon ill is to I'yt'H t'Htfht m f l f r ' i i i o s jxitnolle. Dr. |.«llRlilly imprnve^i l l c i i r v t r ' x J d d ^ r t l Irt'iiiOt. o d i l n r «i( Tli^ j Mr*. ..H.iy -ipcni .-.Tuc.sduy tt'iih " ' ' , ' / K u r u m » n « i k a y m \ in Oomicl'itvillu rlsbui-g 1 finds Itaelf in posqs«»ion of the ito,tf? lO^U, w^ioh. resemblance to I O U, have been made for the AD and AD 1930, but Pennsylvania n\atos no longer v b_aar, more than live diavnotoi-a. *l'n« noarost nli- proath' to ·· these uum bora Is A''O SO, lick! by Wilson D, Lewis of 12boj^j- burg, and 30 AD, held by 'A. J. Setu;cli on neiu- Shlokshiuny. MA and PA ai'e seen 1 on the road by amused travelers, tho lorrnr being he-Id by Dr, John B. McAllister of Har- r!»burg, antl the latter by President W. W. Atterbury oC tho 1'onn^ylvunia KUiroal, V. W. lliwaetf. iii' Uiirrlalnu'S, c;Ul« hLs lag out 1 Of tl0 "«l^tis , uf UHJ Uiu«i." It Is H :H, wliU-1) i-ui wtHly )o tnui-slaled aa the chomteal symbol Xor wate ·. The "yoo-yoo" pl\te will he foiind on (he car of ircnuan Brown, of i l n r . i K i l j u r s , (iiul (ho U U iTficmhlori noiU- ins; i f i nuifh HH a piiir ot invoftott s-hoo print' CiJ,000 TLWES 1^ 10 ' W I F E OFTEN FREEDOM I-'."' · " ' . - · ' . . - ' .-·-"-· -,.!.·--~-----. r ...MM OHIOAGO, Fe'b, i--frojtJ H Booth druak a.GOfl 'limes in the 0 yeara of 3t3« married life, Mrs. Jxute Taylor Booth, daughter ot UJQ Wealthy head of the Taylor t ranks Iirm,'tol Judge Thomae J, Lynch here in st aklng a divorce, Hxr husband Is a veftlthy Wmber- man of Qttowa, (Canada, "We were mai-rlel in 1939 in Chicago," Mrs, BpQfh testified. "'Vo were soparatxxl \n 192S. My huftb nd was ihfcoxlcatnd five (i»y« a wets! for 10 yearsl Half the time I nov r knew whore he wa«," ' Judge Lynch ordered ' a decree drawn up. So far as Motor Vehicles know of onty jiio tas so f« spells th« rwin3 of Its haldc that "bearing I,A. 1, held by LaFore o£ Fair view Farme, I Wiloy U, Sallade of Ixnigwo nett Square, holds the muc' IT S, and tho cciually doairot on the cav of a physician, of Dn Matthew AJ, Douglas oi officials * Issued ·. · It la John A, arborth, «1, Kon. sought M, D Is courao-- Hafris- Elizabeth Rarley of Ilnrrl brtrg, la pleuiJixl with her ))]a(,i, hut xv t simply because the li}D II tit ii He 4UCO resembles the name oi a, to'rri ! region. Tiio 13 B 1 las. no nmtte^ what It means Is hold by a ili^rrtaburg elev \lov concern. .And t h e EZ plats on tho rear of Hlfi c*n- is Ji'ol an InvilaUou, to a zipofHl contest, iioH5rding to C iia'flefi G, Albright of HnrriBbu.r». (lot tld \Vat- eoij o£? llarrle^hrg, , display? 0 O r d , and the-plato of Ilnn-y KQIJHC I o£ Hur- rlHburu, sif Oil. , - t , ., Qouunissloner Elyiion call (K tlqn to the fact lUat motorls TOgartUng' thai , section of I ie- -Motor Code ' which provides tha license plates musl'br. kapt clean. · "It is true that Ktrdct «.IK! road grime thro, pavttculai'ly orese it-ijr Sato wlntor and early spring," lie aaitl, "but tha,t' is no reason w h / owners ehoukj permit th're$ or fo ir ' weeks Jo 1 pile oh the t p'latos," is, -Members * nrit oor- nier yenr so their your ih l« !|15I,- ;sa.liD for - i l l i t f g fli- umlod to /VHinoity, OUil Dnb'lo , BBKVBR, Colo,,' Fob, 1.- of louver's Alimony Club tu taiu that 1930 Is iq !« a )a in tho'r llva. ' 'Ph«y ,h; on laS!), Last jmlii duort i i u u M j n l l i i } coiJHiureO w i t h $HS, ll-ini'lto-i Jcj-.s for 1m List .von" am "clu'ii' 1 TS-J.-IO 1!)2,S. MANICURIST IN FRISCO HAS OWN "SIZINGUP" PLAN Careful Study of Hands and ails Gives Means of Telling Character. By OTIS T. CAR.TWRTOHT UoUod Prase Staff Correspondent. SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 1--Men whose idea of a good tlnia la holding tho hand of a pretty manlcuriet had bettor ,gteor clear of Mis« Evelyn Russell, manicurist at a local'hotel.' For all, Evelyn has to do is glance atyouv linger nalla and elie knows all about you--allngjf or extravagant, married or single, truthful" or insincere. "If I were choosing a husband I'd insist oh giving him a manicure before I said 'yes,' ( ' she confided. "The shape of a pereop'e fingera indicates more of hia character than any other elnglo (hlng--unless it's- tho con- Ajdauce he pours out while you file and burnish his nails, "Men either must be a sentimental lot, or elee a minlcuro haa a relaxing effect upon them. "Why, lialf the business and professional ineu, travelci'ts and what not Vila 'get tbelv nallg nwnicured hero! toll me things t h a t ' I most certainly i wouldn't want my husband telling; Mrango slrle, JC l v w«ro married. ' "ll'ij usually tholr 'lovo- problems, thoir mnrrfrtd life ami uuch things lli'uy dl^ciUjJs, The moro important a man IH the.- inoifn personal h)H-'confldonccb beoon^O)'Oitco'ho rsloases thtjni. "Hlg" knuckles arc a good jflgn In mon.' -Th«y mean strength and re- lJAb}Hly, ' A woman whose cuticle is thin ahil tender Is e. clinging vine and llk«fl to talk about her troubles. A , jWoma'n with thick cuticle is an incic- | pendent'character. If too thick--look | I ouf! i ^he Is just as. unpleasant In IKT { I domln'eeving way 'as \\\$ weak (sister la 'In hev whining and clinging." | "Corrugated nails are « sign of ill i lieaIU|,,but s watch out for the nmn o r , woman, with nails which seem too! broad J,'or their llngena. This means i lack of menljtil bnlunco and Hometiines; lusunlly lutar I n , life. Two cllenU 1 h'nil worn riotlrwlbly »f Ihlti typo--liolli [ Huicido," i*h« i Tfhe Pai-amoiinlf "Meart's! in Exile," which Is on the' screen, iiti the Paramount ia an. unusual story of love a'nd politico,! intrigue ir^ Russia. The Unee qcntral eharactera, Vcra Ivantiva played by Dolores Co.stello, tho star, Paul Pavloff. Grant Withons, and B iron Serge Palma,, James Kirkwood form a triangle that r-una a dram itic course and reaches a startling climax. Mlas Costello" haa a splendid story here. It is ideally suited to her talon ta and appealing and l»oauty. In tho role of ( tha Hussian 'peasant girl Who becomes a Baronfeee ehe will arouse a new wave o£ enthuslaam among- her many edmirers. This pic- tulro established her firmly as tho outstanding etar ot the talking pictures. Grant Withers, James Klrkwobd, Gforge Fawcett and Devi 1 Torrence do splendid 'work. Withers is, without a doubt, the most'promising leading man of filmdom. Hia raice is excellent The scenes of "Hearte in Bxlle" JaW in Siberia ami the slums of Moscow, are interesting and reelittic, due to the capable direction, of Michael Cur- tlz. Altogether, this is a fllm you should aeo' and hear. You will love : "Like a'Breath of Springtime," the theme nong of the pictuje, sang by Grant Withers, Tho program alao includes a Vila- phont act, featuring Grace Johnson and the Indiana Five, and the first epleode of "Tarzan the Ti^er," an Interesting aerial. Monday,, Tuesday, Wodresda-y and Thursday Irene Bordlnl will be featured in "Paris." DI0KBRSON RUN, 'Fob. 31.--Mrs. James Beatty and dangJrer, JSiJeen, Mr?. Anna, Edwards ami daughter, Anna Clarisea, Mrs. A,. W. Banner and sons, Clarence ' and Robert, Mrs, George Luckey and daughter, Janet, Mies Anna Mae Strlckler, ;vlre. "William Eyane and abn, Billle, were Connells- vllle shoppera Thursday. W. H. Simmons was a business caller at Scott Haven last oi-eniug. ·W: B. Beers of North' D.-iwaon was a Connelieville bueiness caller Thur^day. ·J. S. Laughrcy f?t North Daweon was n Unlontown , busineep caller Thursday. Mrs, John William's of Erie ia the gueat ot friends hero for a few days, FIRST M. E. CHURCH Sunday Evening Service 7:30 O'clock Musical Number liy the Choir Violin Solos by Miss Pauline Hombaeh of the , High... School Ficnlty. Evangelistic Messagre: "Know Thyself" A. JVC. Subjectii Originality, of JesaS" The Ernest .Torrence- lute .taken his Scotch accent 'out of "the' mothballs, duBted it thoroughly,, and is ueing- it in Joan Cradwo'rd'i*' first all-talking picture, /'Untamed" which is oa the screen at ^he'Or'phe'uitn Tlieatrc. ' The- gigantic Ernest was brought to this country /originally to piay a' very Scotch ^cotchman in niueical comedy. For yeare be aired his natural Highland tongtie in BcO^-ea of; stage 'productions.' %··. , ' -'· : . 0urin'g the last dedade,' however, 'ho ha« been in silent p1ctur«6 and ftboro hae been* no need for the peculiar Intonation of those wlio' come froiu Glasgow, Edinburgh, or, pointe north. ''Untamed," however, gavo'nim hie flret Scotch, role 'in. ta]ki4flr-and th* "blurr" wbich liad almost disappeare// from ., the Torrenee diction bus r'r turned miraculously ovornlgbt. Besides Torrence and tJie etar, Joan Crawford/ tho' cast 'of "Ur-,ta.rad" in- eludefi Holmes Herbert,, John Miljan, Grao.e Cunard, Don Terry, Gwon Leo, Eddi« Nugent and Tom 0,'Biien. Grace Cunard needs no introduction. to tho ihoiisands' who have seen her as the star of "scores of eeriaJa. Ae "Millie" in the Jungle seqnonc^e, nho has a character part bf groat power. A cound news reel, ; all talking', comedy and Movietone act are aleo being shown. OVER 399,000,000 FEE TO BY STATE COMMISSION HARKISBURG, Feb. 1--Fish valued at $408,636 were distributed in the streams of the State during; 1029, the Board of Fish Commiasionere announced yesterday in making finol tabulations. For th enjoyment of mathematically inclined persons, tlie board announced that the actual number of fish put out wae 899,655,690, divided among more than a dozen species.' . . . ' " ' During 1030, the Board expects to increase ita distribution for two new. hatcheries are- now ' bperating at TJonesta, Forest county, and Reynoldsdale, : Bedford county. Looking, for Bargains t Read the advertisements la Daily Courier. The If You Ifeed jttoncy for Any; Emergency ; .-.-';'-.- ! i Fayette Loan Company ; ,, ,Tltle Truat Bldg., 5th. Floor. , - , ConnellsvlHe, Pa, Telephone 244 » 860 Bonded to the State. Paramount Theatre Last Time Today Vituplionp AlI-Talkie Dolores Costello and Grant WitheVs - ; "Hearts in Exile*' Vita phono Act and'Talking-'Serial Admission--Mu1in ( ee 10« and *J5c; Night 15c liind 50c . I _ ' ' " . . . . ' · - " ' " ' ; ' · ./... .__ Mondu).. Tuestlaiy, Wednesday, Thursday Irene Bordonj In "Paris ? ' fvwfwswwtwew^^ (iii'l llduils Pi'liM'liu 1 Vtiirclin I · M I Q M L ' U I H , TtMiu., Jttii. a i -- AJie j l i m n FniriKs, is rnun'ajrer of DIP M e n ) 1 I phis branch of sin I n t e r n a i l o n n l U t - j tectlvo A u c n c j , tln livst 10 hold (luu i\i!(,. In Th* 1 l ' H i l l i H i i ' U M IB siiuaJI, refvltH s.r«i Ills t'l;isslflC'(t Tho c)5l TODAY ALL TALKING in Crawford * * . ' · NTAiyiED" With Robert Montgomery and Ernest Torrence Also All-Talking Comedy Movietone A.ct Sound News Sim

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