The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on April 23, 1918 · Page 9
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 9

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 23, 1918
Page 9
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Page 9 article text (OCR)

·TUESDAY APRIu 23 1918 THE DAILY COURIER, CONNEXifiVrLLE, PA. _AGE NINB. CAP"STUBBS "THE END OF A MJKFXCT J WKNT WCEK! CAW T TAK£ All ^3£v*ER tb THIS HOUSE By EBWGTA CHAPTER XX. Monn, the Fishsrman When Kosa Varona rerained con scionsne^s sufficiently to understand what had happened she proved herself a rjer^on of no little *elf control It was she in fact, who lirst voiced tho tear that Cobo dead wsis scarcely less a menace than Coho alne "What are we going to do with him 1' Bie Inquired. Jacket too appreciated the dangers of the situation We must get rid of him quickly said he "lor bis men ore close by he will be missed and there will be a search." 1 don t Intend to m£ke him a pres ent of that treasure" O'Reilly said, grimly It U our onlv salvation " "Bat how are we going: to hide him 9 ** Jacket inquired. ' One might as well try to conceal a church oxen conldn t hoist him out of that hole ' "Precisely' He has made our work easy for us. We can t taJ ejnore than a small part of the mon »y with us anv- how, the rest will ha% e to ln v here until the wir Is over \\eil! We shall leave. Cobo on guard over wnat remains '" Jacket was Immensely pleased with this Idea, once he had grasped it. "What could be better'' he cried. "The man s spirit is evtl enough to frighten people av-ay and we will drop stones upon him so that be can learn the taste of h's own med'cinc It suits me exactly to think of Col nel Cobo stand Ing on his bead la a ho e In the ground for the rest of eternity'' OReifly was by thm'thne suffering the full reaction fron? the events of the pa"t half hour and he was nearer exhaustion than he dr*amed but con quenng his repugnance for his lines capable task be lowered himself once more into the well His arms were weak however and his fingers numb BO he fell rather than slid the length of the rope He managed to open the door of the treasure chamber then en ' tered and loaded his pc ckets w 1th gold He sent up the jeuel box at the end of I tie rope dragged the bodv of Cobo into Dragged the Body of Cobo Into the 1 Cave ' tic isie then -wedged the barricade back into pUce It required the com i blued strength, of Kosa and Jacket to help him the last few icet of his climb "No^ fetch stones rubbish, anything --rnd throw it In then he gasped. I 1 nt. bo\ and the gi I fell to with o | w 11 and after a tirci Johnnie joined the"i s o^ 1 Inborio isly the three oi i them cnrned debns f om the edge of the quarry and bncks from, the ruineJ hou^t the scraped up nnnfuls of K"-ves and trasJi--Tirthing in fact v^hich \\ould serve to -atse- the- bottom of the shaft and conceal the entrance to their enemy s resting place It waa slavish work, but O"Eellly kept them at ft until they were ready to drop Daj light overtook them at their task Thej vere weak, sick deadly tired they yrald barely shuffle a few vards at a time when thev finally reached Asensios hut, nevertheless there wis hope in their hearts for O Helllj's rag ged clothes sagged with the weight of gold pieces and the little metal box he carried was heavy for were they greatly concerned about the safety of tie treasure they had left behind for the entrance to the cavern lay deeply buned and Cobo the guerrilla etood guard over the chests of plate and the casks of coin. Evangellna vastly bewildered at the sight of the coin which was forced into her palm, went for food and spent most of the day In cooking it The treasure hunters alternately slept and ate It was not until well along toward evening that Rosa and O Itelily felt any . desire to tatce stocfc of the contents of j that jewel box bnt finally with heads together and with backs to tht. door of the bohlo, they made a furti\e- ex amination They found emeralds and sapphires the value of which they did not attempt to estimate and besides these a mlsci llaneous assortment of semiprecious stones O ReDly realized vaguely that he held In his lap a fortune greater than his wildest dreams had ever com passed Thes* were the jewels of a rajah It stemed Incredible that this racged girl beside hi n Vviis a regal heiress the ro^essor of a treasure such us kincs might envy \fler i time he reali7pd that the meie possession of these gems constituted a new and over whelming men ice Mornint, fouad ill hadds more nearlv rational and ft ellng the first gnawmgs of a beilthv hunger en \^ensio con fessed to a quite miraculous improvement. W hile EvaugL ina prepared breakfast the lovers agreed upon a story to explain the origin of th it mvs- ter ous sold piece and liter Johnnie waTipd Jacket for a '-econd time to keep his tongue betwr n his tee b Jacket nodded his complete comprehension 'u-e f All Spaniards are robbers and they d kill u» for a peso Yes and the paciQcos are no better I tell ion we need to get out of this place "I intend to arrange It it once bat-the Bight of those jewels has -"lightened me If we are searched--If v»e are even suspected I'm wondering if Rosa can endure the hardships we it encoun ter when or If we get auay ' ·Exactly what I was thinking I ve been considering anot ler plnn I told yon about my fnend at the market Well he is a miserable Spaniard, but he has a son in the manigua One of us* 1 Johnnie was surprised "les Thd old fellow owns a volan . dra in which he brings cliarcoal from the eastward twice a niojth He might | taie ns out of h« a re--on his schooner 'How well does he Iiko you' I "Oh we ire like two thieves ' After a period of thought ORetily said, "Take me to him aod rem°-nber I m your brother Juan , The Maranzas market did not pre sent a scene of great acti\itj when tlie ' two frierds slunk into it I il e most Spanish markets the building was fan from clean and housed odors unpleas ant even to starving people In the I smelliest section at one of the fish stalls Jacket accosted a viliiinous old brigand in a rough GjJIego cai bjggv' blouse and trousers and stia** san i dais ' Good day my captain he cried cheerily 1 The Spaniard raised his head I scowled ferociouslj then jiaied a loug thin bladed knife In menacing fashion "Alia ' So there you are robber' Be off now before I slit your greedj little bellv' Didn 11 promise to give vou to the soldiers If you came back to bother me v Tacl et was unabashed bv this bosUc reception He grinned broadU and with an impudent eje he scum id tlie emptj premises Where Is mj little fish' I he demanded '4s I live I belleie von' h a v e = o l d i t ! What i miser' For the' sake of mother centivo you vould SPC me starve' There s d heart for you' Come give me my fish Or must I lie down and die before your very eyes to prove mj hunger'' ' W h i t a nuisance'"' grumbled th(- martfetman He reached into a baske ind flung a mackerel upon the table "There 1 I saved it for you, and sent the good wom°n of Matanzas awaj en-pty handed. But It is the very last A.nnoy me again and I shall open yon with my knife and pat salt on jou " Y h ' Ton are my good captain'" Tacket cried in triumph, possessing himself of the prize "Where would 1 have been but for yon" 1 Turning to O'Reilly, who had looked on from n dls tance, he said Captain Morin this is that brother Juan of whom I hare told you" Morin smiled at Johnnie and extend ed his dirty palm The little 'ellow can speak the truth when he wishes, it seems I began to doubt that he had brothi.- What a boy eh? "You have a soa with vUe Insorrec- tosr ' Yes " The fisherman cast a fnrrive glanco over hii shoulder "Why doa't you go and fight by his side'" Jacket demanded. "God forbid Morin Hun* up bis hands Tin a loyal subject "Well \ve are going track to flsht We are going to escape nnd Join Gomez once more'" Jarket made the announcement calmly " S sh ' What talk'" Morla !»«« la n nervous panic lest they be overheard. "As if anybody could escape from Mn tanzas ' What made you come here if you are so eager to flght? TU tell von." 0 Rellly assumed ol rectlon of the conversation. "Tr*gre are three of us brothers we two »nd Estebon a pretty little fellow He was capturf*d bv Cobo s men and driven in and we came to find him But he is sick--dying--" "Of course They're all dying--the poor people It Is terrible* "We-- O'Reilly faltpred sligntly so much liung upon tlie manflc*- In which Alorin w ild tike what he was about to say n e want to get hlEi out of here--we must do «o or well lose him AvllI you h eip LS ' ·I' In heaven s name how?" "By tak'og us away in your char coal schooner ,. "You re mad ' Morin cast another appreheisive look over his shou der 'Tm a poor man All I have is my two boas the vlvcro which brings fish and the volandra which sails Nlth charcoal Do you think I d forfdt them and my life for strangers? O Reillv leaned closer "You sav vou r 1 poor mim I will pay you well Morin p*cd the ragged speaker scorn fully it was plain that he put no faith in such a promise and so 0 Reiily" took a piece of gold from his pocket at sight a" which the fisherman started I loo am a poor man but J m will Ing to b j v frocdom for my little broth ers and myself" How many coins like that have you'' Um m--more than one, enough to pay you for several cargoes of coal For the sake of Mlguelito Jacket orgcd Caramba ' What a hord heart sd 'athcr begot that b o v ' Hush' The fisherman was scowl- 'ng To O Rpilly he snid "Ton do uroip to tempt a poor man." Mv brother Fsteban If- sick He is j frail little Ind with a crooked back Sod will reward jou ' Perhaps' But how much will you 3BV?' Great Healer for S^res, Cuts, Scalds, Burns and Bruises Ctn at Antiseptic Ointment Called San t-ura thai fJte 1 cUit,lire-* Drug Co., tonuellMilk, aud IJioadvia) Urug Co., 'stOittlale, Sd! oil H.onej-ba.k riau. A i m badly scalded with bteam wriie^ Gilbert Hard of Hin0.rd s AXilIs OQIO San Cura Ointment relieved Lhe pam at once and arm healed rap idl It is a wonderful ointment. Here 0 another Llhs ~\\ rramten otem Titus\ille Pa broke his leg ^as m bcu si\ months discharged Crora ho^p tal as incurable i\as five ears on cru ch.t,s whiic opening m leg continued to pus suf- [e'-ed terrible pains San Cura Oint ment ire^ out poisonous pus and ma y pieces of bone now per F ectly health} sole healed and weight increased r rom 86 to 121 pounds San C ira Ointment is such, a mar veloua healing antiseptic ointment. that it is sold on money-back plan It iehe\es itcbmg skon tetter ecze ma salt rfreum old running and °e\er sore ulcers ho Is carbuncles sore nippl s pile 1 : fros ed fee chilblains ca.tai h and chapped skin Onlj JO and GO cents a jai Be sure and alwa s use SAN CURA SO VI foi all skin diseases and to give T"OU a fine complexion It s a «plendid babj soal prev ents infantile disease 2o cents--Ad\ Stop Corn Agony In Four Seconds TJse "Gcts-Itf'-See Corns Peel Of The rolief tt-at Gets-Itr E^ea from corn pains--the way it makes corns and calluses ned Q" painless 1 in one piece--is one of the wonders of the TorlL The -woman la "Get Mo Gets If Quick! It £««·* Com P«n» And M*Icea Co nil the homo, the shopper tho dancer, the foot traveler the man In tho office the clerk in tho store the worker in tho ·shop have today In this sreat discovery *CJets It tho on» aurc quick relief from all corn and callus pains--the one mire painless remover thit makes corns come off as easily as you would peel o- banana. It takes n seconds to apply Gets It" U dries at onct* Then waJk with painless jo even with tight shoes You know jour corn ^111 loosen from vour toe--peel iL oft with your fingrera T~y it. corn auf- ferera, anfl you 11 smile! Gets It, the guaranteed money- backcorn-remover the only sure wav cost* but a trifle at any drug- store - - "prenceCo Chicago I1L Bad Teeth Like Bad Shoes Spoil Fine Dress and Good Looks PEOPLE NEGLIGENT IN CAM OF MOUTH Senreco Tooth Paste Powerful To Sawthe Teeth and Prevent Ofseases /'All Dressed up -with holfTfcfhU '*was a bit o* BftrcaBm a girl fluufr at a youmr 111011 frtorid wbooo on- tlroTo«tllt was- "new eQBCCt hi* pnno* tured shooa Bight enough too\ jto man or woman a shabby pat* ofjsho*fltwou]4 spoil the appearaaoi or the rmoot i v Sold in ConnellTvllle tnd recommci d ed OK the worlds best corn remoeh b^ Laufi-hre Druj, Co A A. Clirkc Coi nellaviUe Drjff Co. Ten Spanish sovereigns like hi -ill that I have "No tt Is not enough " Ollcllly took Jackets' hnnd arc! Corned a w a j "1m sorrv he said I wish I mij,ht offer yon more He had taken several steps tefore llorln hailed him "Come back tomorrow the fisher man cried crossly W e w l l l t n ^o U* like sensible people ' The brothers VHIar were back nt Morin s flsh, stand on the follow ln^ nttcraoon and tbcv returned dnlJy thereafter until they nt list prevailed over the Spaniards fear 1 ? nml won his promise of Tsslstanco Th it roach nc complished they made several ciatlous purchases a coat he-e a sr^r*- t^ere n pair of trousers In another pint o nrtil they had assembled a complere boy s outfit of ciotiun fc At flr*t Kosa refuspd ib^olut 1 to desert her two .faithful ne ra TO friends and ORpIHy \voa her con^'nt to con aider his plan of escape onl\ a i r f i he had put tlie matter squurclj up to Asea^Io anil his wife n id uftn" both had re/used to enter Into it Then nnd not nitll tr-ci flitl RO^T begin her prepariLtiiQ 5 : Tirst sh mndf) EvnnffeUiifl cnt her hnir a sic~i e^,p that wrong sigln and tears nn loud lamentations from tho black woniin after 'ohkU ^he nliered ^e suit of boy s clothing to fit her figure or r°th er to conceal It When at list she put (t on for O Hell Ij s approval she ^as verv sh\ \er What faboufthe" tee th 1 '' Dras* in oU £hfflnery you pleaso. If you op«i your taouth)B3Cposmg a. decayed eot of te*th j our^attroctlveaess ends rletot thare. J hole to tne shoe for you, Glrla"" and yonnsr Tata, you lo»* half ^admiration whieti would b* fliroct-^ toward you If 50.11 hav* had tocth- 3c.ou d«n t X^10 DleioJ 17 "vrlth a moUthfnl o* decay Yon ixa't be healthy edthor The condUloa of tho to«th hav« a te-ilnfr l- CJUiLe on other oreons of thu body Bad teeth affect th* Intwrtines, stom- acli,i heart antl even the eyea. Medical Hcittnce shows that uad teeth product) unhealthy condition.! all over th* fxxly . i With Sonreoo Tooth Pasta at yvaaf servlc«--a. acIentlOoaiiy prcparod pre- E entlvo of Pyo-rhua--there H no need f loJling' a pnoy to these ilia, l^o iret^l o£ havinx a -nouthtul of decayed ilutth, tisod regrularly on a Bet of srood toeth tho deadjy EBrms hu.T» llul« chance to eater U thev should enter tho c^n t exist lonjj under its thor- ouKh cloooalnff properties. As cleanser and prevtnctve of dlscaaa c( tho teeth It ts positively reHahle. Adrancod coaes should be treated by iOse Senrco Tooth Paste as a pre- \-cntatfvo. Ast jour dentist if you zhould not pay oil attention to your ^oeth Of couraa wo won t nn,y our iTooth Paste will euro Pyorrhea. If you alixady have It, your is ·'the doctor Tven If vou aro Joffilc ed with his tt riblo disease Sen- j-oco Tooth P-uite will help ou to cet jid of it. with our doatlfif't luadst- .aiice. But we doi t want, you to con-- (traot OQT ailment of the mouth and ·teeJi, nor dock your dental doctor A provonthe is fnr bettii- Jiao. ta liavc to go Jxrouch tho trials of e. euro. Sa\ o your toeth b SeBreco Tooth (Pasta and the probability is that you nuoc C bavfl to deal with foul aad paln- irul dlaaaaea. B taking' excal ent caro lOf -our teeth you may save stomach.' M ntestlnal heart and eyo troubles .Take all precaution to keep the teeth [cl an ard do It with Senroco Tootii (Paste the latent dtacovery of flentaJj feclcncj. Sninpla. of Senreco Crco If you Kriih It. Sonroco Tooth Paste, ducin- 'naJ.iOblo g J. B. KURTZ, O NOTARY PUBLIC C § AND REAU ESTATE. 5 No. i South Maadgw i-tu*. R Connellnvlll* PC. OOOJGOOOCXXXXXXXXXXX3COOOOO Let it not be forgotten that the dutj of each and all of us Is to buy Liberty Bonds. Let our money fight for us strengthen our armies abroad and so shorten the war. There is a great shirt sale going em this ·week in every one of our furnishing; departments While jou have the opportunity it ·would be wise to invest for we can not tell how much longer we can offer shirts of this high calibre at the present prices The cetebrated Emery brand is our leading shirt, standard percales all white ground, black and white stripes, black colors soft cuffs attached There are other lines of shirts which you may prefer This class of goods is advancing, which means the shifts are going to advance It is a. great opportunity to stock up You will also find in our furnishing departments complete lines of collars cuffs neckwear hosiery--a stock equal to an\ town or ciU, and prices we believe just a little bit lower 63 Laree Department Storm, Located in Fayette, Westmoreland and ATtegtenj Count! w. aooooooooooooooooc THE JOB DEPARTMENT OF aoooa THE COTJSIEE DOES ALL KTNPS OP COMMEEOIAL FEINTING. You'll Never Told Her aeK conscious and so altogether in jOTllke that he shook his head posi ttveiy 111 deir yon II r-ever do he told Ser "You are altogether too p-etty "But wait until I put that hldei i= iump upon sj- back nnd s niu ray f ^ t Lhen you will see ho\\ ugl ^ caQ 1°°^ TO BE CQNTWUDD

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