The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 1, 1930 · Page 5
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 1, 1930
Page 5
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v I BATURDAY, FEBRUARY i, 1030. STATE TAX IS NOT WftVfb/wiYTfc /*k4t m*t A W IMrfrtMt fliV nr/ll JuUrUjJJULr Un IlELnli ESTATE IN PENNA. Bnt There Are Many "Widely -Varied Sources of tho State's Income. MABRtSBLHG, Feb. I.--Replying to th« query of a Latrobo eitlzon who asked what joroentago of the Commonwealth's rovenue« represent tho tax o/n roal c-jtate, General Edward , Mrtin, stalo treasurer, replied that contrary to tl somewijat general oe- U«t, ther* ia no State- tax on real In* ft number ot Pennaylvwa'^a counties, tho phra!*xlogy employed on tho statements r«nd*red to taxpayers l«adg persons to believo that their roal estate is bedng taxed tor State purposes. "Pennsylvania," -wrote General Martin, "\a on« Of the tew American States which doa not lory a state tax on land. Tiat has beeoa so tor many yeaxa. It la interesting to analyze the Conimoawelath's revenues. During a recent month for example, General Fund receipts totaled. s $5,707,303.93. Of this total Uie largest sum was TC- ceJved fromjwliat Is known as resident transfer Inheritance for 1919-1921, approximating .'Sl.466,000. The next largest amount was that" received from tho tax on gross receipts of railroads, express com-pantea, telephone companies, and certain other public utilities, amounting to approximately ?707,000r and the third largest total was from tho tax on the capital stock of dornertlc corporations, or approximately $614,284,29, National banks paid 1191,000, trust companies, $279,000; retail raerchantile establish inents, $198.000; Teachers' College lor board, room rant and laundr nearly $000,000, hospitals for the in sane and institutions tor the,feeble minded, $205,000, penal and con-to ttonal institutions, ¥207,000. Tho last Legislature enacted a ! providing that teachers' colleges an other State insUtutlons pay into th State Treasury receipts from sources, instead o£ handling fund themselves. Thlr bills are- now pai by the State Ti-easurer upon prope requisition. Among tho loss-er items in the Octo ber receipts, w»re $10,604 taxes 01 boxing gross rec elpts, $1,780 for box ing licenses, and $176 for boxing flnes Theatres and circuses pay taxe amounting to nearly $400,000. Receipts from the Public Servic Commission included a $500 line fo violation of orders, $1,481 testing fee and $980 certlflcite and rtling fees. The Departments of Military Affair contributed among other fees $S58.6( representing cburtniartlal flnes, $2 naidT by a boxinj; promoter who per inlttod clgaret smoking during th contest, and ?31S boxing purse for teitures, as well as the boxing foes already mentioned. Tli4 motion plo^irfe exftmiuera le- ,oo4ited fees totaling ?9,OOV and per ;tpns arithni-etlcally inclined can lig u'ro the footage of film examined ·when thoy know that the charge fo; examination is $2 per reel of not mor than 1,200 feet. v Nearly $1,000 wis paM by the Stati Hoard of Pharmacy, representing fine: for violations of the law regulating tho Operation of drug stores. No drug stor^, for example, may call,it-self a "tfrug store" unless there-Is ou duty continually a registered pharmacist 01 a ctuallflod assistant. This board has been very active In forcing drivers o ·what are known a t medicine stores to designate themselves properly. Kiodtclno store is one which sells niodiclnes In the original package. Among payments by tho Agrlcul lural Department is Ildted "egg opon- hig, $50.'" This a urn reprepxrtits a I'ee paid by a firm ungag-ad In transforming agod eggs into tanning material. THJH DAJI/T COUHIlril, CONN ffiLLSVULLEJ, 'PA. Exponent of "Greater Boston Miss Elizabeth M. Herlthy, of the Boston City Planning , Board. and newly appointed secretary of the Research Commission on Metropolitan Unification, shown working at her desk. Miss Herlihy does not c*ll it work, however, because she loves it, and has made it her hobby. (jtat*r»»tl»n.ii ON R E A R I N G C H I L D R E N from CRIB TO COLLEGE \ Canyon Worthily Ranks »» Marvel of Nature To understand the immensity of tbe Grand canyon, it is necessary to lino* something of tbe Colorado rlv which, incidentally, must be included among the great rivers of North America. It Is formed in southern Utah by the confluence of the-Green and the Grand rhers. It enters Arizona at the northwestern corner and fltws southward to the Gulf of California. It drains nn area of 800,000 square miles. Only nt three points la it crossed by n railroad. The Spaniards were the first white med to view the great wondel- of mi- tut e. ' Spanish explorers first reported seeing it «a early as 1540 and in 17TO a Spanish priest found a crossing that atlil bears hla name. The first man to make anything like n complete survey of !he river and the canyon through which It flows, was Wa.l. John Wesley Powell, a geologist «n3 «t school tenchi'r, a one-armed vet«ran of the Civil war. With n crow Of men nnd boats, he frn^rsed tbe river from Its sotirc* to^its^mouth in 1861). The Grana canyon has long been a haven for geologists. It furnishes them with un ld«U setting to study tho earthfs strata. And it is no less ft hrven (or tourists. Hiitnric Cathedra! Bell* In the fourth stor; of the north tower of the farnons cathedral of Chaitres are two ftno-ioned bells, cast In 1H40, from the tenor of which tha Aagflus rings out eneli evening. Four further bells--named Anne, Elizabeth, FalbJrt nnd Plat--omipy the fifth story; these are dntcd five years later and one at least possef^scs nn Interest- Ing history, When Anne of Brittany tisited th« cathedral iihe was so Im- preas*tl py a boy's ?oice that she begged the authorities to release him to he?, which they rtid, whorcupon she ·aid: "1'ou have glv«n me a small ·»o1c* am! now I will jivo you a bip one." Years ago this boil «as rung for' a a hour every evening during n certain period of the year, that there uofctbt J»* abundant Jutrvest, No thoughtful rT9on can Conceive of th« education f the child ns m thing apart from lit* home life, Tb« continuing Influence of the homo with Ita strong «raotlona! tins seta the pattern of his life to c large extent. Do you slap your child »o make hint keep away from t h i vacuum cleaner? Or do you teach him how to run H? Do you scold your child for tavtnjj dishes from th» t:\bie7 Or «Eo you show Mm how to hindle titsbea without breaking them? Do you punish children for being slow and untidy? Or do you practice with them dressing and toilet duties, under a ttxne limit? Do you punish children for* getting their clothes dirty -Then playing? Or do you realise that play is more Irm portant for them thun keeping clean? Very few parents In this day nnd age refuse to allow either their sons or daughters to learn to drive an hu- tomoblle. Yet they should have a proper Interest In teeing to it that their children keep their car-driving proclivities" - within certain sane and reasonable limits. It Is quite legitimate for n mother to feel thnt she nue!s to'get away from her children occasionally. They also are all the bette- for being away from her. After a nhort separation fronJ each other, the* mother and children find new intere'it and new tolerance for e»th* othet In an Increna- ! Ing number of commuultlea a nursery school or eo'-opeructw nuisery otters an opportunity for U1* sort of per- aonal liolldny. The old disciplinary way of bringing ·up children was never good, hocauan It did not take Into account the nature of' boys" arid girls. Vesierduy, boys believed In their "rights" as much us they do today, hut they had to their privileges of "geK-dctermlnatlon" when out of slgjit of fetern parents. Now conditions have changed. There Is a popular belief that If the hair is Bhnmpoood frequently *· the natural oil In the ducts n round the hair follicles will dry and the hair fall out. This objection may be met, however," by applying liquid vaseline or hot oil the night before a shnmpoo. It should be rubbed well Into the scalp and allowed to dry in BO ttmt some of U remains to supplement, the natural oil even after washing. In n home where there is n«bnby 1t IB a problem to know where to hang the tiny garments washed dally, A solution Is offered by a clothes-tree which furnishes space equal to forty feet of clothesline'even whllo It t^Kes only three feet of floor space. When closed It may be put out of the way In a corner.' Cemetery to Be Sold to Pay for Paving Expense HOCK ISLANDj 111., Fed. I--Who wan!* to buy a o««jetery? The etty of Rojk Island confidently bellevtfl nobody doeu, but nuTOrtheleas at a Session of the city council Attorney Ro"bert R. Reynolds was instructed to take forcloeurc stepe, which means that Chlppiannock cemetery, long a !an4m«rk, will lo oa«r«J for sab. ' The .ictton wna taken to compel tho cemetery association to pay an assessment of $1,000 duo for paving. The only way to collect w«s to for*. close, Attorney' KeyuoiUn aaict, 'but what good Is a foreclosure uroBpect of Save mouey--read the ads. today. Mount Pleat ant Spectnl to %'be Oourl I MOUNT PLEASANT, Vc . ,1-- 1 1xo Lotly o£ Mrs. Martha lioug, 1 nt home of Thomas Butoh, br'oui;! er daugb jiulrrel I furwral homo of wl B. t yeaterd tile M. A. ] p.uiy, and frlonM via wed Interment, was,, pads In i rip.iwant j 0()m^lery. Rev Seibcrllng, pallor of the 1 J.uthoran Church, conducted tho (utterul v und Mrs, Oglo Lorn?, Jac Meilo and JunCpr Loair, *tr. WJlburt Long, Mr. and Mi Shaw, Mr. anil Mrs Thoni und daughter Virginia, of J Wr and Mrs Sunuol Mnokoy Mrs. Karl ilackey anil M Smith of JManniugton, W. Sumtitsl JUmi; tit Who or, 111, Pill iy l to' ( thu Ing Cotn- ho body. to Mount .1, W. oinosteacl the HCTY ore Mr, c, Olgti, and Mm t, Aaroitf is SiUtch Ittsburg; Mr. and s, J II, Va , and Mis KJizabaUi llumbau ,h was hostess to tho Missionary S ciety ot tha Church o£ God at her 1 omo In Wi'st Main wtruet laf t 6v«nl igf, Mru, John K. l»'ox J.1 the d«voli« ie.' Mra. M. ir. Cooper j:av» a wissio lary review. There waa miuiic by i quartet wjttipoiwd of -Mrs, Jiofla My« ra, Mrs. Walter Merodiih, Ja«c!yn V lit and Blanche Gaterwtao, Mrs, D. !. North gave u reading Miss 36tm Harris js!ay««l a piano mla, lira. J rarjrarct Slmpe Tead a papar on "Thi Am«rj- can ludlaii." Ar, tho clostf of ho program retret)Um«ntR w«re i|er| -d. Mlsi Marie Rumbaugh, Mrn. Jieaw Harria Mrs. Lymaa J^ox asfilste I Mrs, Jn entertaining, Cross Mceflug-, The monthly mp«t£nff of tl e Bed Cross executive boawi will H held in i ho J?61 Cnpua rfi)'»s! ia Churcjj street Tuesday Evening a 7:30 o'clock, H is tiDpt^J Uwt all wrsoua intorosted in HPI! Croat work vtH at- Her Eighth Tn otwei'vancc of l»er olffhtl blrth- t 4 ay from 4 to 5 o'clock on Tl unfljiy uflertioorv Mr, awi Mrs, R B. B IBS cn- tertalned, Uttlu )Uaymat«H for BUza- beth May Hoaa. Mr« Itosa trutded the young hoat(»ia ia her eni Love Worth $100,000 N.italic , whose huiiband, Tl, omas Gorman, is suing her we 3! thy pare its for $1L 0,000 dan lagex, charging they vrrt eked his marriage and i Sliced their daughter to leave him and start annufmenf proceedings. (1 n uirnul liniiU PAGE FIVE, meat «|nd was a Hoisted by an older ' -, Ml»8iVIv)a# Rosa, i'rom Waahingtoa, Pa., td ViBii )r)iUi' fyini rnothor, Mrs. Joseph Grulst of tfc»' ( buucstn Plan, who is 111, '^jfca D. Gtftotz suffered a. troisen eai% Wiiea ho arrived at Jits mother's b«i»We tho AIMS Car wan badly fross- ea, ; ;ha,rlaa 8. Bossart and Matthew Shields have gOBfi on a motor trip that wilj flnclude' Jfexat, Oklahoma attd tW'PAcifle Const Mrs. Hatify Sams ot Hunker under- vraat .an operation' at the Memorial Who to Patronbtc. Titos* who adrortlae in The Dally Courier. Use oar classified adTerlisemeuta, REGISTER'S AND CLERK'S NOTICE T h j following executors, ndmlnt«trn.tor, g-unrdSans 1 «MI I trustees xct led t h f i r nsnpoctlvn accounts in tins o'fflco of t h e Register and Clerk or Ot plums' Uouri nntl tlitt snino v-'JU bo preMent a tor confirmation lo the Orphans' C o u r t ot Fayottj County at the Court House, T'nioruown, 1'ennsylvanla. MO»OA» . MAROr 3. 1,030, So, liXtitp of 1.--Cbarle 1 * F. Hood 2--Gcorgo Warner Ac««uat»nt« . .guuik'y l^yon atnl *. Thomntt A. R, Ha! n, Trustees A-ilmlnlstl UOr c. (. ti, IS, 1820 .. iUHt(iry 20, lino * --VH.-ITBV » a m u r , , . , , » . · i-numntt A, wagrifOEnn, A-uminisu iwr «. i. ti, , j w n u m y *u, *u »v U^-flli ssei t!. .Burnwortlj .-,...,,,,., .Karl Burn worth, A0i«t»iftr,itor , January IB. ittSO -i--Joippli Irnllng, Br. . , . . , , . , , , , , , , . , .JOBSpJi Imling. ,Ir,, Bx«outor December ti, Ji)2!) , 5 -- A»fly Kimper .................... Stephen it. Uaky, A d m i n v t r a t o r ... C -- J o i n A Darlty ........... , ...... Tho Union town National Jiuttlc Trust Company, Nov«inlicr 1029 . January 24, 19SO . January 27, 1Q.HO . January 1!0, 10'W . J a n u a r y 2!), J0,'!0 7.--JotibiM A. Kriax Htirvpy A. Knox, Exerutoc . ... 8--Chiuncey O. David Clyde W tal(J, Atlmlnlslrulor 0--William. B. McC«y .John M MieUay, Administrator .. , » . . , , 10--'jifRgHi Lobls Chtiiiovoi Saviugrs it Trust Compa y,uMlminlstrator December 10, 1920 It.--fto-acc Cireely Mft»on , I* Karl Mnson nnti Robert U %lu u. Atlinlnlsliatorti ,.. January «, J0.10 12.--WlUlatn C. O'Bonnoll Sfary H. U'Donncll Exec r t r l x , ,, . January "0, 31)110 13.--BlUahpth donwclt . , . . . . . . . , . , . . .Saipuw! }J Taylor, Iflxecuior f - · · .January 21). 14,--Wl Uttm SoullJon . . . , . . . , . . . . . . , .Joseph poison, J'jjteoutpr , . , . « , , ,.,.... , , . . . . , , . . . , . . . . . , . , January a/ j r -- V A t r l c k Ok-ason , , . . . , , . Jphn 1'. tend Charles If, O lesson, 'xflcutora November U, 111,--G0(a At Y o u n K i u TitJp Ti Ust Company of \Vestt-r i I'onii9yivanl«, , .Tanuary 20, Decembet 0, Personals. li. H. Waller, auper/iaor, Phlltp McCabo, H. PCM a and lonald Brown ol this piaco, salesmen for tho West Penn Power Company, left yesterday to attend a conference £ the^nauu- facturera ot Frlgidatre at Buffalo, New York. A. convention is being held of tha mauufacturtn'B, Mr. and Mrs. William H. Buck ot Rlverton, N. J., are gu.jsts ot thetr sea. and Ws wife, Mr. and Mrs. Forrest Buck. S. 13, Bulick, E. Af. Bysrs find Miss Gohjle McLauglilln of the ScoUdal-J schools were at Connellt.vlUe yesterday attending a teachers' institute. Mr. and Mrs, Ray Musgrove left tlila morning for Warrea, Ohio, to visit with Mr. and Mre. Bnos Mu3- grove. ' Mrs, Martha Brown, w 10 Iiaa bean With Jier daughter, Mrs. Robert JJor- rord, has gone to visit \yith her daughter. Miss Evelyn Brown of Philadelphia. Homos f Everyday you will find homes borne altee advortleod In our classified columna--read them ever. 10. -- Suriii Ann Firealono ..... . ...... Auift!" !''lrestono, 20. -- Jolin .ToKwlak .................. Mary JdaWlah, A d m i n i s t r a t r i x , o. Dark Hosiery IB Most Popular With Dark Frock Shoes nnd hose must tte more carefully considered when destined to accompany the new costumes. Longer irts lose their grace when teamed with low heels and too light hose. The opera pump or the street 'shoe with n Jit^h spjke, or medium high heel. Is considered tlie most appropriate with present stylo. Straps en- linnce (he slender foot, but tbe opera iwrop with a high spike or mpdlum ilgh appears to lengthen the linos of the anfclo and foot and ten1s toward n nicer proportion between tbe hem of the skirt and the shoe. Dark costumes require dark hose, for the reason that then* Is thus no definite break between tiie ishoe and the hemline. A graceful flow of line la to he desired tills season, nnd to m-hte\e this darU shades In hose are best. P*p«r-CUp Mou»o Trap There Is no wiser or shrewder animal In the world ttum the rftt and the- mouse is almost us clever These nnl- inals soon lenru to recognize a trnp by sljjtit or odor and will walk nt'ound It. The trnps are now made in camouflaged form. Tho trnp for the mouse thnt runs through your desk and chewd your paport, has n sjn-ing that resembles n paper c l[i. An old Piin with a smashed top Is amlher thfHP dwvlces. When thi mouse un- dertukcs to explore the interior of this one he soon finds that the lid has closed behind him nn-I escape is impossible. Served Now, but Laid Thon 'v«« n u i e r seen a musty lien, And never hop* to aeo o n e ; But from t h e rsgs aerVed now «nt the* 1 know that tber* niu«t im «»«. 17.--.Tohij Fcxsbrinlf , : , .1C OeorKo May, A d n i l n l t i t i a t - J i r . 18 --John V a c h l m o v l c Title Trust Cornpun v ot Ti\ estot ',,.. .. November IS, 302') .-, November IS, i c )J!) a November 36, 3flL'! U I - ~ M a i l a U Ttooa . . . . J O H r p h H, JJood suld Xtussit.)! A. Hr id, Bxoc-utori J a n u a r y 2J, J030 1!U -- J o i i i JJndmiv , , . , . . . , . . . . . J o h n H. 1/lmlfiay aiut (Jert % mt» U. Andsay, Bxceuto^j. January U,!, iOI',0 u:i--WeMev O.lllt-y , . . . . . . . . . . U a , v ) ( ) S. Ciallcy, AUmlnlstr itor, c i tt , ,,.. January 2;!, in:j) U4--Join H .lelloy Voirtii Oerltc, Administrator, o. t. . . , ,, January 23, JO. 1 !*) H,"--Catherine Hsirtz ,,. ,Joint K. Harlt, K x e t utor . , , , . , Jn.niKi.ry 2:?, ItlflO 20--Jolui PHg-ftncV. ...U. W rUwson, riuaixtltitt J a n u u r y 20, 10.SO lf7.--JSiwna I'iiKanc^ ...,. ......It, "W H.nvson, fUmtdlan January 20, 1030 i-'Js.--AUiry I'li^aiu/. . ....,11, r ,V. Dtiweon, Guaidltin . . . . , . . , , . . . . . . . , . . January 20, Itt.'H) SO.-- Mlrliuol P) \KHttf/, .,...,..,., Tl. W. Uawson, C t i n u d l a n · J a n u a r y 2i), 1030 ;,0--Ceoi-pe V. Stlcltcl Rtory V. Stlckel, A d m l n l s t i it or l a n u u r y MO, JO'IO 31--Joseph P. M u r p h y a o a m o l t Murphy, Admini-striitor , Novpjnbor 14, 3020 ,'{·_'--Ola M, Booth Charles T, TT!$1(1, Kxccntor . . . . . . . , J'JoVembcr 14, 1021) :;,i--Kol f. llOBonbnutn Clti/,pn8 TUIe Ti « n Company, O ariliasi J a n u a r y 21!, IIKICI !! 1 --Ml!'/, ilieth E5. Gor'loy Tt\p VayeUe THJo Ti ust Compan , Trustee . .. , Jaruiai y 2.'i, TH.'JO «B--Jam *H K. fa by i ,. lOllfeabeth iL Oarliy, Admthl^tratrl J a n u a r y 30, 1$30 8(i --Sus.j n t'tisey . , , , , Jjster Ca^roy, A d m i n i s t r a t o r , . . . January 2;j, lO.'IO H7,--Mo.u:arft Kriaer .......The Second National Bank ol Unlo aown, Evocutor January 28, J030 f)S--MUon Johnson Frank W. I'votztnan, ISxeoutor ... . v , January 20, lf,'!() 3 0 -- U l h u i WaUorp , . . . . , . . , r ,TIie Natlorull BUnlc of KayetU Coui ty, Guarfllan January 24, 1040 4 0 -- J o h n W. Orlfflth T'Vnnk Jt 1 . S atn, A d n i l n i s t i f i t o r , . tDucomber U, 1029 l t -- E p h ) lam T. AValters lamrs A. I'rovlns, A d m i n i s t r a t o r runuary 3t, 1030 42.--Janus I/, Hoove ,. ,. .1joulna it ]l(o^ e i , (ieprtre r ICoava Charles V, Itoove-r .and Kobert J. Iloover, A r l i i t i n i ^ t r a L i is f u n u a r y JO, J030 4",--Mu.b I K, Ifarbaugh .William K Tlarlxiii^li, A d j j i l n l s t r a t i r . r . , . . , J a n u a r y ·', 3!).')0 44,--A. 3! Ctark . ,. .Pcnrl J^t. t'lxcnbsikpr AtJnirx , c. t "December 20, 102!) -1,1--Annls X)lxon ..Mary Olaio IJIxon Arf(nln.ihtrutrlx: ,. . ., December 81, 1820 40,--Frod paiiits Munson R u t h H Munsoii and T i L J o !i Trust Company of " \ V e s t o i n J ' c n i i s y t v a n l i , l-ixecuioi'is .. «. Dpccmber 3, 102!) 41--David Jj. D u r r . . . , , . . . , . , .Kll/.abeth n, D u t r a n . l J n a j;. H'on'O tor, A c l m l n l s l r a t i k e s . . . . J a n o a i y 20, 1030 -IS,--Hair/ Mnrrlf D. W. McDonald, Jr , A d m J u l s t t a t o r / Januai y 2S, 10,')0 40.--Andy Sled with , D W. MeJlnnald, 3r., A . a m l n l i t i a t o r J a n u a t y 28, J.030 HO.--Ch(tr'o{) J'\ Egecrs . . , . , . . . . , . . . , . .Sallio K, KRgora and Alsoa C. ERK' rs, and Charles I' 1 , 'rhmjms, x Kxccutors . ., , Ian nary 29, 10.10 31 -- John "VV Yowlor Nancy Tflllon yowlor, I-JXPI ntrl.\ January 24, 10.10 52--Jfnrl* tJd1-\v!(t. nilas Mary Kabo .Mike Jlorvoth, A d m i n i s t r a t o r J a n u a t y 11, 1030 ' C.t--Patil-'k J. JjOtlte , John D Lot Ite and Putiieia l/oeko, Executor and 3!/^eclltl ix , '. ,. ., . ,. f December 34, 1920 r :±~-Olive M, gcott Baryl Gosn*U and EdlUi Hanltlris, I ^oculiicea , January 24, 1030 r\r,--.Sam Price Milton M fiarby. AdiululBlcator .. Dacomljor 17, 1020 5 ( j -- W a l t e r S DHjtiigrer .,.-. w. t, UtHlitercr. K x e t t i t o r , , . , . January ,'JD, JO.'IO Ti"--.Julia Beaton i,.. ...Joaepls Scator, K x e o u l o i . . . , ,.. . , January 30, 1030 5S--T«iLaa Taylor .Morp;a,ii TI. Bowman and Kainuel A, Cilmore, KxeLutors January 30, 1030 53--PauIlJio Potter n AV. Playfiml, 'Hi.irdlnn ,..., January 31, 1030 00--Charles K H r l t t . . . . ' ,.Frn.n!cl' lirttt, IStrcutor - January 81, 18JO { I I -- A n n a E Coldion ., .WlUium F, Ootdicn and Valtt'i F, C ililron, Kxooutors v , January 31, 1030 62.--CIiarl a W. A d a / u s ...,J. B Ailums. K\c«uLoi , .. .., , January 31, 1030 63.--Mary C. "WHgus Payottc T i l l e Trust Company, Trv ileA, o. ,t, u .. J(tn\iAry SI, 1030 61,--John .Tohnaon . . . , , , . , . , , . , Tftyoltp Title Trust Cnmpivny, Adi i^nlatrator, r, t a . . . . J a n u a r y 31, 3030 C5.--Arnanila arlmon .Citizens Title Tryst Comp uiv, ES cutor as stated by Peter O. Cainoron, Seoiciitiry of Banklngr oi the State of Pennsylvania, Guardian ., , r . . January 31, 1030 00--Edwaid Calslngor Cftlzena Title Trust Company, Exi outor as statrfd by Peter - O. Cameron, Sacretary or Backing of the Stale ot Pennsylvania, J i . ' , G u a r d i a n , , January 31, 1030 07--Helen Johnson, ft Minor Cltlzenn Title Triml Cpntpciny, 15,\i ctitor us fctalert by Polar , n Cameron, Secretary of Banking o£ the State of Pennsylvania. O u a r d l a u .,... . , , , January 31, 1030 ' 08.--John Johnson, a Minor , , . . , p l t l x e n s T"ltla fi Trust Company, Ex jutor as stated by Potcr }, Oameron, Secretary of Banltlnjr o( tho St.vtiyo£ Jj'onnaylvanla, ^ (jiuardlan ,/f. ,. January 31, 1030 (in--Gerald Allen, a Minor .., , . . , , C i t i z e n s Tltlo Trust Company, Bxe -utor An stated by Potor G. Cameron, Sttcfetaj'y ot Blinking oC tho Htalo-oi Pennsylvania, / (iiiardlan '...... ,., January 31, 1!)30 70.---doUIle V. A l t o n , a M i n o i Citizens Titlp Trust Company, JSxe 'Utor us atatoct by Potor j O. Cameron, Secretary of B a n k i n g of ho Slate 02 Ponnsyl\anfa, 1 , Guardian . . , , ',.. January 31, 10JJO |TJ--Jospph Kiimo», » Minor flttsscns Titlr T i u a t Company, JSxe iltor as stated by Pol«r tl, Cameron, Secroltuy a£ BanHlngr oC he State- of P e n n s y l v a n i a , 1 G u a r d i a n , ; , . . , . , , , ,, , January 01, 103(3 j\2.--Anna yam on, A Minor CHUojnsf Title 1 · Trust Company, ISxa utor as stated by Petei 1 G Cameron, Secretary ot I3anlttng"o£ ho State of Pennsylvania, 1 G u u i d l a n s ', . .'i., , . January 81, 1830 7 0 -- s t o \ e Z n m o n , a Whior .Clllxena Title . Trust Company, JOxe-utoi as slated by Potor l f!, Cameron, Secrotaiy of Banking:*of he Stttto of Pennsylvania. Guardian ., . , . . , . , . . .,',, , , ., Jj,nuai.v 31, JS30 7-4 -- jjuolan P Hmith. Citizens TUle Trust Coixipaip', JSxet utor as slated by Peter Ct. Cameron, Sioretaiy of Banking 1 of he State of Pennsylvania, G u a r d i a n , , . , . , . . , , J a n u a r y 3J, 10,'iO ,. 7S--Mary X unoii, n M i n o r . . . . . . . . . . . . C l t i / . e n S T i t l f j Tr'unt Cdjnpany, G-uai dlun, as stated by Peter i (J, Camurou, Bocretaiy £ Ttn-nklng' . .. , , . . . , , January 31, 1000 70,--Mailolino Zamon . . . . . . . '. . ·.......Citizens Tltlo' Trunt Company, Guai JUin, as staled by Peloi , O Cameron, Hearotaty of BanklriK 1 · J a n u a r y 31, 1990* 7 7 -- i d a [ j u i u e l U CKlnenH Title Trust Company, CHuu Slan, aa slated by Petei I C!. C.i moron, BaurHo.ry of IJanlclne j . . . . . . . . . J a n u i u y !!1, 1030 7S--Orlando J J u r i i o t t l i CHi/.ons 1'lUo Trust t'ompany, Guoti llan, as staled by Peter G. Camernii, Secretary t'C Banklnfy - . . . January 81, 1030 70 -- U A b b o t t Siullh Clll/.ona Title Trust C o n i p a n y , e ,as staled by Polar G. I Cameron, Seeiotary of Tlftifktnj? , , . . , f . . . 1 . . . . . . J a n u a r y ;!I, 19.'!0 SO.--S. P a u l Uasan CHl/.ons Title T i u s t Company, Trnwt ie, as stated by Peter G Cameron, Beeietary of flanking J a n u a r y SI, JOS10 81--Paul Hilmarslpra ..Relg-h A Marietla, A r t n i l n l s t r u t o r ... . . . . , . . . . , f a u u a i y SI, tt)30 8'2--Minnie A Uuwsuti . . . . . . M a r y D, Strlckler, JSxocutrlx ,., J a n u a i y , J I , 1t)80 S3--Sarah A Woodward The R a t i o n a l Bank of Vayette. C o u n t y , A d m i n i s t r a t o r c. t a . , , J a n u a r y 81, J!).'!0 84.--Wlnoria C. Batrd , , , , . . .George IT. Ralrd and Frank B. HeSs, K eoutors January 01, 1»1!Q 8S--0 O H a r f o r d Cttl'/ons Title Trust Compattv, Adml Istrator Janiun y 81, 1030 SO.--William llafor Ft ed Hafer, A d m i n i s t r a t o r JanuaryiSl, 108Q AUDIT NOTICK. All partl,'$ Interested are h e r e b y notified lhat an A u d i t Lisl -svlll be made yp of all the foiegoing- accounts a n d ^ "~» iut will bo oallari on Monday, the 17th day of March, 1030, at 10 o'oloek A M , an^l c o n t i n u e t h e i e a t t p r each day - ^ ^ ^ Kunrtavg excepted) until thp list shall have been disposed of o. i/ 1 HANK ru;fcK. Keeintcr of WIHi an A Ex-Ofllclo Clerfc ot Orplmns' Court. ireb-lt-sat. The next fire alarm may be for jour property, But t lore's no nech to be a l a r m e d , should you ^ l} tlie im " fortunate-have adequate\Fire Insurance. Whjr.not check up and be sure? And insure--adequately. If you haven't enough protec- , tion, turn in an aUrm for us. We'll be glad to correct that alarming situation, at the lowest cost to you, J. DONALD POUTER Insurance--33 Years First National Bank BLdg. Phone 768. NEWS OF DAY AT SCOTTDALE BRIEFLY Special to Th.o Courier. SOOTTDAr.13, Fob. L--flial flJht At | 12 o'clock Patrolmen Samuel Hazlett i and Keubeii Gauiso e)o«?d their s«rv- icos with th« borongb Chief o£ Police Prunk Canon and i Patrolmen Gua Hoffman and Don. E. Baker, reoeatly elected, were sworn in by C. P. Lewis. II. C. Frctts injured. B, C. Fretts, president of'tli-e Scottdale Saviusa Trust Company, fell on ' tho icy sM^walk at Ctiestnut street i y«sterday and suffered a fracture of tbe arm. Injured Jy Vail. Fay a. Dils is confined to his home in K\«rsoa avenue, from iujunJes received from a fall. At Baptist Chnrch. TU-e following service* havo be-en announced for tlie First Baptist i CUuroh Hogular aossiou of Suadav school, at 9:45 o'clock worship, writli the ordinance of tho Lord's Slipper at 10:45" o'clock, ' Baptists Young People's Union, at 6.30 P. M.; evening worship, wAh pi alee service, a-t 7:::10 o'clock. The pator, Hev. Eoy K. WTilttimore, will preach on "Joyous Kvangelfam E«rmite," interprotiag tho story o£ Philip and the Ethiopian ah recorded in the eighth chapter of the Acts ot Apostles. Wednesday evenSnir at 7:30 o'clock the mid-week service of the church will be h"ld. Plans are being made to have 100 people present at this service. All interested ai cordially invited. Plan for Scout Week, Scoutmasters and assista-at scoutmasters met at the Y. M. C. A. laar. evening to dlacuss further plans for the anniversary week ot the Boy Scouts of America, which will bf hold from February 7 to, 13. Tho Scouts will have a union church service, a window display, with a cash prize from the First National Bank for tho troop with/the best display, and also an individual cash prize to the Scout who exhibits the best piece of scoutcrufl or handiwork. The anniversary will clofao with a mass meeting at tho armory on Thursday, February 13, at which time presentation will bo made of the uwarda given the Scouts at the last court of honor. Moving pictures will 5)e shown and a meeting to interest all parents and those interested in hoys or scouting. Officers Elected. Mrs. Mary Brown pntertaimxl th© Women's Missionary Sonicty of tha Evangelical Church at her home on Tuesday evening. Tbe following of- flcera were cUosen for the coming year: President, Mrs, H. H. Grove; vice-president, Mrs. Blair Shupe; recording secretary, Mrs. Huth Burd, corresponding secretary, Mrs. J. E. Steelsmith; treasurer, Mrs. Mary Biown. At the close oT the meeting i efreHlimenls were served. J. K. Lewis Jill. J, K Ivewis, employ«l at the United States Casket Company, is ill at his hoin-e. De Khora Faces Iuel. MADRID. Feb. 1.-- -An old dispule may force former Premier Primo De Hivei-a into a duel, it was learned this morning. Duke Aimodovar del Valle, former minister of interior, took exceptions of words o£ Dt» Rivera's in 1928. A due! was postponed until De Kivera would reaign. Patronize those who advertise. FOR THREE DAYS ONLY Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday t February 3rd, 4th and 5th MISS BETTY PERSON Figure Stylist of New York will be in our Corse, Section to advise you concerning · your/ figure. She will apply her specialized knowledge to your particular needs to determine just what you require for this season's style. It is indeed an unusual opportunity for every woman to learn just what her requirements arc, and particularly because foundation garments are declared o bo ibsolutely necessary,--it you arc 1,0 be well dressed. ! t is no longer] a matter of merely choosing, the size, but of molding the figure smoothly to empha- f Ize the natural curves of the ))ocly--a matter of perfect fit and scientific support. »* The engagement is limited--the 'service is free, and for your convenience you may phone tor an , appointment. For this occasion we are featuring Foundation Garments

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