The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on April 23, 1918 · Page 6
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 23, 1918
Page 6
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FACE SIX. THE D4.ILT COURIER CONiNELLSVILLE PA Tt-DSDAY APRIL 23 19 1 S. AFTER ALL OTHERS FAIL --CONSULT THJb I' VBASEOUVT. LITTLE RED DECIDES --A Triangle pictuie made from a magazine story tv %\ Hliam McCoy is being shown todaj in addition to a selected comedy, in w o acts, ' Little Red De udes is a touching story of a little orphan child who was made the pet of every man on the ranch of Ft rdmand AliscTovea 'he Chinese cook becoming the child lp slave The big situation occursj.wh'Ti the child has b*en sen ousl ly and the doctor threatens o ha~ve Mm-sent awa from the ranch unless, one o" the men takes unto him selC a_wife who wUl become L mother to Little" Red. ^ There are but three ^ candidates for -iha position Cowboys draw lot* to see, :k*0Be shall sacrifice huase n f for the* gooff of the child Tom Gilroj dw^sjth*_ jack and much asamst his wU* ·Qrgposes to three women and is *,prkef down bj the tno Little Red is adopted by AUso and decides the question foi himself b stating hat he svauts the Chmamaa to be His luCKltar Barbara Connelh is quite adorable as Little Red 1 omorro-w Qarmel Myers ^ill be seer in The "% me Girl and on Thurs lay Ethel Clayton. TV ill be featured in, The "W itch ^V omau Friday Be\ erlj Bajnc aud Franc s X Btialirnan will appeal m The Brasa Checii The \\icuon Blqck a Goldwya eaturc is Ssturda^ s attraction M b°I Nor inan(T"^ni be seen Soon In Dodging a- MrlUon THK S01SSO. *KEIIIX%LPTION --The much talked o? sLcreen production of Redemption IA tit Evelyn iNesbit and he son Kus sell thaw, while still in tho first flush ol a,glorious conquest oE Broadway IWDTH, "iork, was seen b-- capaci hpu^es at thc~Soisson theatre ycster da and is being 1 show a Agam today anfi tomorrow Re-clempt on is a pta-* Erom life depicted \viUi relentless truth The btorv dea 1 a v Uh a girl once an actress who at The opening of the picture is a happ' w i f e and mother A former admire-* looms up and meeting her again afu r a number of yeaxs and in full know edge of her domestic happiness persists in annoying her until she is compeiled to La\e him arrested but to avoid publicuj ^be does not press the ch irge and he released Shortly aft-r this her mi, R. 11 V«cKF/IE, Specialist. Chronic, tnous JSkin and BJooU "Ntjier before n the histor\ of the Lnite States his. there bt-en i much need ior STRONG ML.N b x h plijsicam and i m n t a l U a- udt -o \\ t not iC one c C these M E V K . £elltv.s call TO DA\ and Tnt\e a plain i,Uk at out }oui case"* BISI VShD 31} V If i ou happen to hiA e bome BJoo 1 Skin Speeiil or N e r \ o i s Disease 1 - it 3tUrf:oirt* ind -ee me it once I m i be able f pij 5°« 1" (. ood hhape be fore ^ ou are callt-d upoi to e r \ e our counirj Or presi,r\e thi, h e a l t h of fu ture feeneriit ons C0(--Now Mack in Canada and L n i t ed S T-te I u-ie IKL i--Them "When Indicate \ T u*-e the n e w e s t ind 1 iUst tr^at ment for Blood Disease and SI m Ois cases Profe-^or Ehr ich s (of G e e - 1 m i n ) NEOfeUA VRfeVN u 314 iheT i m p r o v e d Salia-'-in In itend of the old r**HK-d cill d i06 \co«-iHarj.ii\ ia absolutrl saf_ ind harmle'-a and irore efectK e tan SO^ and j.n ue id mtn st«?-i.d In the oFfic, pa.i iletsl\ ind . w i t h ah^olutel\ no i I f f f c c t w h a l e r "r or detention f r t m bu'dne'-*! This treat | ' men^ is fa" biiporioi to an othar cm ! plo\ecl in lie tre i t m r n t of t^iis r'rend ' ful ditea^c Sjrvptnms hpR n to di^ appear In a f ev liour^ after the ad m t n i s t r t t f o - i of tht-; rcrof^b If vou ha^e or e \ c r hn;l thi-r dis* a*e in any btaj,** 1 or 'orm do not fiit o cill an 1 i,et t h i s w o n d e r f u l trpT.tmt.nt and be re e^ed for l i f e If I treat tap chin ct n i J l he reasonable e\e r t h * n f ^ strictIj confl dentiil and t r e be-=t p =;ib e tre LL 1 emf-mber the Hpn in \ » 1 n«-h U p if T* % Onlr 9 1 If to 1 I' ·whose patronage v.ill bo ^oth oe^red and ca eroo to Mi Rome has ob- ta ned the stellir attiic ion of the Sun circuiu The company has just i returned north aTier an extended totir of three Tears ihrourcii the south whe r e it held man^ house records tho C(mpan^ is a musician and an. artist m his or her line A-nong mam other msirumcats barns T. iohn^ cornous bin D I leacures J iauu 2J u * ^^"^ ! tones ard a qua-tct of '-axaphones aitt judging rorti ^ being the onlr ^hov on the clr ception receded on Broadwar tic se- ^ ^^ ^^ of 5axa phones Three well knofvn comed ians Rube Ferns Jack Gorrons a n d , Grenttal* have a Deputation of keeping their luc'leaces in an uproar husbi nd dies and she and her son -are left penniless After months of struggle |he establishes herself in bij^ine^ and earns eBouph mone to send her *o to college ae- redemp tion finall comes through his success . Tlte story 1= beauufullj told and di Lach TMe mber rected artisticallj bj JUius Steger and Joseph A. Golden Tnis is said to b 1 the first of a series of Eveln Nes- I ries -will be awaited »i h eager ei- o tement not onlj bec-u^e of the power o£ the star s name hut alto because of tie high qualm of the productions (; ·- * IBCA»E THF 4 TRF. On 'V.ednesdaj the \icade theatre The compani caines special scenerv and man changes of beautiful wardrobe The opening bill i^ 1 liughable creation of Mr 3^ erns called The ixcliisne Atjcnts for Senlj Tuftless Mattresses Glolie H crnicke TJooktasesi M ilson Hair llattrpsses Strndnara PliouograpJbs Z RUGS "The Bjg Store Near The Bridge." STOVES LIBERTY BONDS Are a Good Buy For You and Good-bye to the Kaiser Ivenue.bucccssots Leonard lurnitnre Co. Connellsville and vicinity is surely awake to the value giving of the New Store for it seems everybody is coming here for their new furniture, rugs and stoves, it pays to visit the "Big Store Near the Bridge" before buying, not only from the standpoint of savings, but because you will find EVERYTHING NEW HERE. Pretty Styles In Tables L A M P S \Ve are ncro showing some of the cleverest ideas jet designed in Table Lamps and welcome your eailv inspection while the stock is complete Solid Oak Art Leather Seat Dining Chairs The Hew Cedar Cliests Are Here Well made solid oak Dining Chairs with long wealing art leathei beats Compaiej them w i t h store s $4 00 values With the advanced cost of woolens the need of a Cedar Chest becomes more pronounced--thev are positive insurance against moth damages and TV ill sa\e tbeir cost over and o\er The stv!es,we haie just received are truly handsome The Vital Suction Cleaner No Electricity Needed The Vital Suction Cleaner makes vour home sparkle ever} da picks up dirt lint threads and hail Runs ea5\ alwajs read^ -no electricity needed it has no motor to get out of order, no trouble or care and nothing to wear out Come in and let us demonstrate this \\onderful suction cleaner a.nd sweeper to ou SoM !·} the Zimmerman M i l d Company The Celebrated BELBER Trunks, Bags and Suitcases On Sale Here Tho Be'bei Luggage is ad- \eitised. in nearly all magazines cf national circulation It is guaranteed both b\ the rrakers and In oiinseh es See Our Special Bugs .mil Suitcases $1.75 Per Set. lour 'I aiile Top and Gtt a feet Tomorrow See Our Big Window Display of Beautiful New loom Htsgs ConneDsville s prettiest patterns in Room Rugs are to be found at the Zimmer- u an-Wild store A hint of ·\\hats here is to be seen m our display window this This Big Coach, Special $22.50 Handsome big Art Leather Couches -ver\ substant alh concerted Everv tuft clinched in place and springs well supported Compare it nith ?30 lalues elsewhere IniMt Itnnfc Three Married Men ·will oper under the in lagement of I vaudeville act 1= bj The feature Crenwalt and S J Rome ·Aith hi^h pictures, and irusici c JB'-pecial attention n ih ' £i\eTi to tho -entertainment ct lauies and children Let Cuticura Soothe Your Itching Skin Vothmg purer effecm e for r; swee'er or more rashes itthingsandir ntaiions Bathe with C uticaraSoap and hot water to free the pores of imparities and follow with a gerule application of Cuticura Ointment to soothe and hea! \\ hen use"d for everv day toilet purposes Cuti cura Soap not only cleanses pun fies and beaunfies r but it pre\ ents ma-n httlc si in troub es if assisted bv occasional useofC-nticuraOir* rrcit to soothe and heal the first si*ns of skin troubles. Absolutely no hing better *" Sample Each Free by Mail With32i» bookontheski AddressiX)5t card "Cuhcor* Dept.5T Bantoa Sold everywhere. Soap2Sc Oulment25tnd50c, Low r * a nottlt'v nnis a! ind talk ing act closing with a Scotch dance bi Mits Lowry ^n c it re change of program is of'ered Fridav There w i l l he a special feature ptctuie RKPOIIT OJ Title , Trust I n c i s y l v i n n 1 i I i_ a-t vht. (-lost 1018 THI- CCMHTIOS Of- Compin of V "*tf*rn ic-U cl in Connt Usi illc ORFHbOl \rilE, nnu S 4a j f r o m p r o ^ c d -- Features \\ il I at ems liira S Han m the io'e of a ranch I N ickeJ*. ind «' CORPOR \1 r TRl STfa *«t tl i m o u n t i e f i ** v i l u e j e tru^t i un If r d«eH of rust r niort bi-^es t x ^ m t c d b onri r atio*jw to t L o i n j n^ tru-ilcc t strut-* 1 [i u K o( c n o r lie bondi nu u d m p e q u i p m e n t t r u s t 3. St U of P t n n s 1 iin C L t C 1h J bDW 1C DJtlv a l o \ f nAT*il L O n p it I 1r man and a sort of king of tie nilrt j ^^^ desert cou"tn He pourays a suong comp grmi silent man quick on the trig i serve ger terrible in lui w rath and bitter I tonimerciai caper pi oci i pon one nir~ Commercial paper pi td 1 pon two or 86 °- . to tht, bcs 3 9 4 b l l k f ' o b -, enemies Hi an^,er rises when lie hears tbat some on* ba* darefl to I take up a claim m the \alley and he i immediitely seta o'f to dn\e the m- f t-ucler out The settler turns out to ! be quite tne pretie't gi"l he e\er saw and a w a r m friendship strikes up be- ! iv,een the two Tomorrow Peggy Hland. stars in the Fox photodrama The Debt oC Honor ixcludlnt r«. ore SubbCrib d ind FDTTH i Correct-- \ttf H ourer of th_ p i n i do sol(* n n l j c Bt i t p f n t u t in t r u o kno\v}Pil(jo ana be OICR, Trfaaur*»r \v i n t heforc T* \ p n 1 J 3 R . I1JS S o t u y Public- Time loans with coliatertl Bonds stocks etc MortffHE, 6 "* ind judgments ot record Oflice b illdlrg 1 tnd lot O t h e r r c i l estate Furniture and KfLros O\ erc.r tfts Tota.1 5 376 749 I D 11S493 ei 102 1"6 00 194 14142 141 113 57 10 SO? 77 8 8 G 4 0 T 4 J15 r r p t r f r H M Mill T T \ H A l R\ D L N N .Directors ORRINE DESTROYS LIQUOR HABIT Keen Interest in Orrme the «=cien tific treatment foi the drink habit now on sale at our stoic continues unabated Ornne his saved thousands , dnnHug men and is sold iinder j LI VBLLITIES Capita! stou. t 5 SurjiJu f u n d "Lpdi\idect profits lesa e\ ion*-es and ta\es pa d Deposits subjcc to t-heck Dcmai d certificates of dc LIBERTY LOAN HONOR FLAG guarantee to iefund the purchase price if after u tr al it fa Is o benefit. Ornne \o I sc?cret treatment Or- nne No 2 \olunUtrytredtment Costs I only ?1 00 a bo\ Ask for booklet I Connellsville DrJg Company "\Vest [Cravrford Aveuue--Adv [IOSK Treasurer's check i outfitand in l, Of f Time ce^^ of deposit a Special Lime depoai Trt our c!abjiSed advertisements Su% ni(,s fund l e p o f j i t s Divldf nc.5 unpaid - a O 000 00 151) 000 O G 5- oOO 00 2 4 T 35 3G-50 oO 1 851 OS 303 SS~ '1 105 00 Trust F u n d i -Mortar fLgeJ? Other i n v e s t m e n t s C-i'-h balance O v e r d r a f t s Tot il trust funds ?1 1-4 887 "C 7 432 -'H i Oil 00 6"l 81 0 4 1 S 16 A Quicker Response leans Quicker Peace .ov, is the time to subscribe to TlintI Libei tv Loan Bonds issued in amounts of $50 and up and paA ing 4 1-4 /c inte' est The afford you the safest investment on earth , Subscuptions leceiv- ed for these Bonds s-- CONNELISV1LLE (WESTSJDE) It Requires Mciaey for big guns shells, rifles and a m'-ii also for ships and submarine deJt clothing food anu materials for the anm and nav\ \ou can do \our bit b\ brining oui dolldis to the front and bimng Third Libert Loan Bonds which pa\ 41-4 r interest UNION NATIONAL BANK* Commercial Printing' o/ all Rinds Done at ££6«? Courier Job Printing' Office. LEFS WIN ONE ' FOR CONNbLLSVILLE U will take ju.tafew moments toutep 11 and «k us what our expenci ce h-u been in tht, w a j of prnteful tus amc-* witli U c soaUnnfr w»sb or oils O D D S5c «nv. and $1 00 Four money AtwJt unless be first botUe relieves ou Aalc todav LONG DISTANCE MOVING Save Money on Long Trips By Making Arrangements One Week in Advance. Get Rates. P. B. KESSLER. 613 McCormick Ave., Connellsville, Pa. Tri-State Phone 404. Bell Phone 234. KETEY D I N K -- V Bee Often Holds a Grudge B? C. A. VOIGHT fJr ] POKCP tous: CAME u A- I DoiaT HURTT-iKt*-- ) t ) / -- HOW / I TO \ I-MOW \ AmT MO,O

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