The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 1, 1930 · Page 3
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Saturday, February 1, 1930
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V ?ATtraDAY, FEBRUARY 1,1030. DATUY COURIER, JTA. The Spirit and Wiages of the Kingdom "Brass Tacks" on the Sunday School Lesson I *·**.. East End United Brethren (lurch Wi)I Observe First Anniversary All Day Uuriday New Season's Mode Perfect for Street Wear "Seek jr* fir»« the kingdom of God, «nd hit riffht«ou»ne*t: Mid «U thtic* thtaga »JjaH'b« added unto you."--Matthew 6;33. J Ly DR ALVHN" E. BELL Having dealt with the nature of his k}ngdom as spiritual and not political, and then having declared the purpose ot the kingdom to bo that of trans- lorniinj and Saving the world, as and salt (transform the spheres ot their influence, and then having declared the policy of his kindom fcb- wards all that had preceeaed, as being that of J uMllling rather than nullifying the l«uw ot Moes, the King proceeds, in the fourth section of the sermon (Matthew 6:1-18) to deal with the spirit 01' bis kingdom as the spirit of slncerltv At another time he said "CJod la a spirit, ai^d they that worship bin must worship him in spirit and in truth " The king now demands this"spiilt of sincerity in Urn 1 * phases of worship, alms, prayer and fasting Sincerity In Giving, Praying:, Fasting. The 1-oxt covering all these phases of worship is: "Take heed that ya do not you? righteousness before men, W bo sen of them," else ye have no i award ·'vlth your Father in heaven." Alms given with th blowing ot the trumpet, to attiacf th^ attention of men, ha /« no merit ia God's sight. They me to be charged to the account £ adveii'blug and not to thatiof religion '"'hey ha\e received their le- .vard in the "gloi'y of men," aad are paid up in full so far as any furthei blessing of (Jod is co-new ned. It is exactly th-o tanie with those who stand ar d pray in the synagogues and In the corners ot the street, that they may be *esn ol! men" They got the publicity they seek, and have t nothing (liore coraing trorn God ^ They, v too, are paid in full, and "have rweivcd their reward." The Model Prayer. In the midst of this section the King a farm o£ prayei we call "the- ne«a«--the glory of hie name, the coming of his cingdom and the doing of his wall. And when the blessing »f dally tbread in sought, It is for others £ s well as for self, for the first person U pronouns of the prayer are all pluial, "our," "us" and "we," with not a Jingle "I," "me" or "my/' Thus the prayer is intefcessory throughout, whether it seeks bread or forgiveness, leading and deliverance from evil Tonight for Yopng People in Revival At Mill Run Cbrcl The tide of the revival at Mill Run is gradually rising with each serving, night was godd one in the series A large chorus furnished music Singing of tho children was a feature. A large audience listened attentively to the sermon by tha evan- gollitt, Dr, C. J. Fo#, whose thamo was "Bringing Back tho VeBBel8," s He mentioue-d tha Bible, prayer, so-ng, eoraafltnoBS, enthusiasm and caniie- cration as ones tho ohnroh people must bring back to raceive from God B. great revival. / r Many arc coming from a dittanoe and n, gjroat night is anticipated' to- nlg-ht when young- people's nlg|it is to bo observed Thn sormon theme will be "No Mtui Oareth ior My Soul," There will be throe srvloes Sunday. At 11 o'clock tha Uieme will be '"IB Your Light Shining?" At 2.80 women and girls will meet at the church and meu and boys at the school abuse Dr. Fox will deliver his sermon, "W^ll tho Girls and Women Cajiae America to Fall?" t6 the gills aud"womwi The men and boys will bs under the dlrec tion of the ministers, Re-V. 0 K Wllle and Rev. F. S. Wortman. "Gi oundhog Christiaiva," the sermon Sunday eve ning, is expected to bring a large audience. Foxgrama: "Heaven is ttying to save you, eartl to beat yon and bell to land you in its awful torment." "If you don't read your Bible anc pray, church members, you will be as dried up as the Egyptian mummies.' "The Bible ia the only book 'tha shows with authority UIR way to Heaven and the way to hell." "It takes the presence of God in a church, to destroy the coldness am make that church a soul winner." "When a church gets in earnest religion that church will see so-uls saved from hell," t Tho flrsjt annftveis vry ot he dedication of th'2. Fjast Ifim United Brethren Church ^41 be fittii) |ly observed with an ail dav wrvlee 01 Sunday. Sunday Sc?((ol w«t begin ajt 9;46 A M , with Walter tlw y, superintendent in !harge, and ever 1 jperson. who can conveniently attend 8 urgjed to do ao.' The mornlne i»ervlo« In at li o'clock with spec/la! amuaio^L f fcho choir. John Winter*,, choir direc xr of the First' United ^rethmv Cln rcU of Jeaimette M'ill be in charge o£ Ui« m/unle. Ur. G. R. Strayw, j?a«tor f the Weatmont United Brethren CHu ch of Johnstown, will deliver the Herj ion, In tlie afternoon at informal service will b« liel-d ai JJ, JO o'clock' with apooliil ,mualo by thft latst Bnd Sunday iSchool Oi ohostm «D tor the dir«ctdon Of Mr. Harding of oottdole, There will bo apodal nxtii !o by the cbo4t and aoloa by John VatoTB. Ptmtorn of neaa-iby tJnitwd I*i ethren ctourohea will f ollWB . Rey. H, A, achult i, Oounolisville; Bev. J. H. Brldiirum, Mount Pleasant; Rev,.Q. B. HouBeholdtp, EJverson; Rev. Paul Morris, Centr Jl csity, ^ under whose pa»tarato a s laaff was ^r- gaiitJKed, the chiu-ch Uuilt and dedicated a yea: ago, , ier. 0, B. Shannon, Wyano, a forone pastor o-J Payette charg*; Bov. 0. K -Wille, Mill Bun, and 1 Bev J A M 11s, Scottdale. A short addiesa wil be telivered by Dr, thTee-indnli '^e oddiresaeH, as The W ages of tho Kingdom. From vertes 19 to 34 the King deals with the wa^es of the kingdom, using the text, "L'iy not up for yc-urselvea · _, T « t¥ ». A -. f,^,-* »/-%.-»« treasures uioh earth, etc, but lay up bUNDA Y SCHOOL for yoursehoa treasures in heaven, where neiib/ r moth nor rust doth consume, and where thieves do not break through nor steal." Riches are to bo kept in the position of a servant and never to be allowed to become oun? master, niUoli les« our god: "Ye cannot serve God and mammon." Worry Lord's Pi flyer," which is a perfect model for a-11 our praying. It has seven petitions, which fact is a smbol of its p«i fectlon Six. of these petitions si»ek spliltual blessings and only one material They "seek llrst the Kingdom of God and his rlghteous- over money or the tblagn it can buy for food or clothing is contrary to all the lessons of nature as taught us by the fowls of the air and the llljes of the field. The true subjects ot the kingdom wjll not sot then* hearts anxiously up m such material things, but upon the king, trusting him to supply all tneii needs. For your ATTENDANCE NOW AND YEAR AGO .Following 3s the report of attendance at the Sunday schools of the city and South Oonnellarillo laat Sunday, compared with a year ago, as compiled by the Ministerial Association: Church of Bretarea- Ohurch of God x --, Covenanter -- Plist Bantiflt,. first Christian Last Sunday 'Ago JWO 64 -.134 _ 179 first Evangelical heavenly Father krioweth that yo have nfst Methodist JE, ,,. ,.,, need of all tl ese things But seek ye Flrgt Methodist PioleManU28 llrst his kingdom, and his righteous- .2,33 ness; and all Uvese things fehall bs addel unto y-u. (The International Uniform Lesson for February 2 Is, "PuHin® God's Kingdom Fir it," Matt. 6:5-13, 19-21, 31-33, and tht Golden Text, "Seek ye tlrst His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things, shall be add-ed unto you " Matt 6'33) (The dally Bible readings for ne-jft week's stud} arc' Monday, Matt. 7.35-23; Tuesday, Matt, 7:24-29; Wednesday Imkt 12:41-48; / Thursday, Gal. 5.16-20; Friday, Koxn. 14:13-23; Saturday, I John 3:1-12, and Sunday, Prov. 2:1-8.) Pjxssbyteilau United Brethren^-United Pieabytorian xx Greenwood M E. . Highland Baptist x .,,,,.,. jHount 2ion Baptist Payne A Ml 33 BIG BROTHER SOCIAL FOR SISTERS PROVES TO BE HAPPY EVENT Moie 200 persons gathered at the Phillip O. Cochian Memorial Church at Dawcon Thursday evening at tho secnul important social e\ejit of tne yeni when the Big "Bi oilier Association entertained the women of tho cliurc i. Tho program ot tho erentng was progressive in its ua- tuie. The guests assembled In the Sunday Sihool chapel where tho J3ran Orehostia with 25 instiuments, Re-esf ~B. Davis, dlrectot, rendered a variety of selections. The guc'ts then went in groups 6f SO to the Philathea Class room, where current event? wore discussed by R. K. Smith. After }Q to 15 minutes thoy proceeled to tho Men's Class room Hero "Amos and Andy" wore paged bv 3«nnk A Tarr and C. K Shallenbcrjci. Leaving this loom tho groups went to tho Primary Ue- pitrtmcnt, i/here under the direction of Percy STWPS, there was an et- hlbtt of antiques and heirlooms, sov- scores of interesting objects being on dlsp'av After this the people letired to the social auditorium where tha choir led In singing old popular bongs. The different mam )ers of the choir als5 sang solos or duets. A. R. and, Eugene Cooley rendered two instrumental selections An essay on 'Husbands" was iedd by Mary Esther Black Then (.here followed a little comedy ijnttthd, "Ten Years After," when "Amos «.nd Andy" reappeaied and related their experiences during this decade ( The address of, tho evening was then delivered by Rev. D. R. Graham of the First Methodlat Episcopal Church of Connellsville At the close very choice refieshments weie served. The Standard .Hearers under Mrs. W. H. Moore ass! ite committee, which was in .charge of Air, Jackson 1 U Whitmayer, piesi- dent of the association, presided The program, fiom beginning to end wa.3 pronounced by all who attended 03, one of the most unique and most delightful ever seen Bobbed Hair Taboo. liSKLIN, Fell. 1--A woman worker In a factory In Saxony who bad her h'alr bobbed wa,' publicly warn-fed tha't unless she permitted it to grovf again she would be di^mlsned, and the sums fate wis threateAed to any other workers who daied follow her ex- a mple _ Patronize thoie who advertise Duty of Parent to Child Theme of Address Monday Night by Dean Kimball Tho d'.btrlet -xecutivo committee will hold a sho' t mee-tlitg after the Miss Florwu.6 K.;mbaU, do.m of girls at the Hifh School, \i!I be thf speaker at tho monthly meeting of the Con- nellsUHe Pif tth t* Sunday School A - j Mrs II. M. C lorpeuuljig, goclation Monday evening at 7 JO tend*»nt of the pa ent training depait- o'clock at Uve rvrsl Piesbyleilan j raont, will be In charge of the pio- 81 36 65 Hocky Mountain Baptis't x... Bt. John's Grerman Lutheran 50 {Salvation Army ,, ___,, 50 O^rinity Episcopal x _ , Trinity Lutheran ____ 404 Trinity Reformed ------ 74 Trotter -Community ... -- 33 Union Baptist - ,, --- 23 x Indicates no report receiyedi i xx. Indicates not available. 80 BS 189 14T 16-5 331 231 297 285 1-23 04 42 45 30 406 64 30 30 SPECIAL OFFERING FOR PARSONAGE DEBT ATM. P. CHURCH SUNDAY V _ f A'sJe2lal offei'ing will be taken in theAjMethodlst IProtestunt Church to- mor^ow in an effort to pay off a note of $300 outstanding against the parsonage, i When this, note is paut the "West street congregation, which this year celebrates its 100th anniversary, wjill be- debt-free. XJse our classified adrerUsementa. Tho evening wrvic will, 'begin at 7:30 o'c Jock There will bo special j music by the choir. £r. 'Waters will i sOng a solo aad Dr Strayei 'wlllj preach, Tho IJast End V ilted Brethren Church wag organize! about a year and a half ago in th Lodge Hall at Moyer, with a metnbe ship oZ 73. Th memiborsihip h is sine* grown to 127 At the .same time a Sunday School was also orgarlewd wl h approximately the siatne anember hip arid today that group hatt aa on oiment of !KK) Includjpi; hom« depart dent and cradle roll the total pnroUa jut Is 2S2 and the average olteadanc a for the past three mouths has I en 130. The average oflerin? In Su »day aclwol tor the year lias been $ 2,25, Of thtis money $725 was pale into building fund. Since the date c ( the organisa- tion the Sunday scho 1 It has paid Into building fund ov ir ?l,2 | tM). AHer the c.iTaniaatl a o^ the class services weie held in 1 edge Hall, but steps we-i-o'-(minediatelj taken to build a church and iby the ist Sunday in January, 1922, the ne t church was ready for ation. The structure cost 312,000 anfi to clat the indebfced^ ness Jias been reduced to |4,200, An effort wlJI tx made Si aday to again reduce ihls amount. The church also ha 1 a splendid Ladies' Aid Societj of 4 members and they have paid into cln rch debt fitud during past year the w m of $faf)0. A apleudld. Oh Hail an Hut eavor Society with dtS members Is a go doing fine work witli an average attendance at their meellugs of at f«a£ 2G. It might be of interest to kno f that this chutch hag jald Eon all 1 purposes during past y-sar 'tht sum of $8,200. The of the cnu -ch is "watch us grow," and already c is becomUng too smallt ior k eiadenl fork, ao that doubtle.«iB by the ttme it is out of debt ateps for enlarge inent n 111 have to be laken. Bev. H H Aindt Is QM presettl pastor, takln/j charge of tho wank on October 1, 1920. There will be no preo ohing eervico at Mount Olive Unit id Brethren Church Sunday on accoi nt of the an ulversaiy services at Ba. t Bnd. FIRST CHRHT1AN, South Pltteburg etrcet, Bev. Eugene N. Duty, minister --0:80 A. M, C lurch school, Walter S, Stimmel, wupoilntendant OUvusps for all ag«a. 10:40 A. M , communion and worship; aubjoot, "Tho Challenge to Higher Levels." 6 30 P, M., Senior and Intermediate Gin-Mian Bndenor. 7.30 P. M., worship; subject, "Tho Ideal Life," "Wednea lay prayer-meeting at 7 30 P. M. A mid- week pauee to think I of Owl. A frier dly church invited you to all of its ser/lces, -FIRST EVANGELICAL, South Con- uoJlsvillo, M H Tyson, pastor -- 0-80 A. M., Sunday t school ; Mrs. O. Shu- j ranker, superintendent 10*45 A. H., day of prayer aorvloe in charge of the W. M. S. 6.46 P. M., IS. L, C.; Mrs. M. H. Tyson, leader. 7" 30 P M preaching by the pae!«r. Wednesday, 7:30 P. M., prayer-m eting. FIRST UNITED PRESBYTERIAN, South Pittsburg and West Morton eve- nue, G. R Krupp, pastor -- Sunday e-chool at 9 '45; Oharlea E. Oarson, Jr., superintendent Worship, 11 A. M. Communion. Ehening worship, 7 30 P. M ; "More Than Conqueror," In- j termediate V, P. 0. U , 6 30 P. M, | Senior Y. P. C. U., 6-45 P. M. Wednesday evening, !; 16, service of prayer Short sleeves tor street irew--ft one of the outstanding iaaOvatioas of the season'* mnny modes. Tb* frock is a combination of beige tad brown *atin. The bodice i* i ioag and lorm fitting.* The skirt is pleated sad beaded with blown. A brown felt b»t and sables are the completing aoies ot fh* cot- tome. Death Toll 'Alps Climbers Rises By United Frews, GENEVA, Feb. 1 -- Switzerland' national paattme of Alpine climbinj has become so dangerous, that statie tics here after will be kept on the number of accidents and the numbe of doad. At the present ttme the averegi number of tilled per year Is about 50 The staiJBiirs show that the num ber of dead usually exceeds the num her of accident*,. This is due to the fact'that in mountain olimblng half i CHRISTIAN SCIEN( I FREE LECTURE NEXT FRIDAY EVENING The public is cordial) r invited to attend a free public lecti re on dhrls- lan Science Friday eye ing at .15 o'clock at the Stato An iory f Wash- ngton avenue Jinn Dies in MJII NEW BEDFORD, Ma Ona man was killed and 'Ire. . , Feb. 1.-Jire others eriously burned, two per taps fatally, n a fire in a texiilo mil here.-.' The rio were burned trying to save the man Wiled. dozen persons or more are roped together and a single aceiden may cost anywhere from one to six lives. Tho death toll in winter aleo greatly exceeds that in «ummer, owing to the rapid development ol skiing. Aya- lanches)anl terrific snow storms are the principal e,nemiea of those on akis. For the three year period of 1926 to 1928 inclusive a total of 150 accidents was registered with a total of 185 deaths This la a marked increase over the preceding three-year period o£ 1923 to 1925 inclusive when the total number ot accidents was only 112 witti 138 cteathe. While the statistics hold uieiskii responsible for the majority of winter accidents, Alpine flowers are the cause of th6 great majority ot, summer accidents. It is trying to pick some raro Woseom on tho odg^a of a precipice on top of a, peak that the average summer Alpine- climber falls to his death Face Food Shortage. SANDUSKY, Ohio, Feb 1- te food and fuel shortages due to ice barriers were le-ported among the residents of tha l/ake Eri island region last night, including- Put-in-Bay, Middle and North Babe Islands, Kellys Island aad Pelce Island Miners Killed. BONNEH.S FJ3RRY, Idaho, Feb. 1 ^ John Skahn, 25, and Heiman Her berg, 89, were killed late last lught ia a mine explosion q,t Lfeonia, Idaluo, 25 miles froin here. i \ ice-Pre^dent Curtis in New Role Church lie subject w i l l be Tlio of tho Parent to thu C'hihl " President nouaued L G. Hoo\ei and praise. iee' Missionary Society meets Thursday afternoon at 2 o'clock SALVATION A RMY, corner of South Pittsburg street and Galls tin aVenue, Captain C,. J Pot, officer in charge -Services all day Sundey. Holiness meeting, 11 A. IK, Sunday ecbool, 3 -30 P M, Young People's meeting, i.OO P. M. Oj en-air service, 7 30 P; M. Evening sy vices, S P. M Week night services ou Tuesday and Thure- day night of each week at S Everybody \\elco3ne. P. M. CHURCH OF THB BRETHREN, Vino and Newmyir, Ralph B. Shober, minister--Bible SJhool at 9'45, Mra. Paul V. Lepley, superintendent. At 11 o'clock there will be a sermonette for the children on tho eiibjejet, "What Broke Mother's Htcher?" followed by the sermon on "Anointing." Y. P D. at 7, Alice Ridg vay, preaident. Sermon at 7:30 on " leligious Education" by Rev. W. J. HEI nilton of Rockwood, field worker for the Western. District of Pennsylvania Prayer meeting Wednesday evening at 7'30. Ladies' Aid will meet Thursday at 2 P. M in tho church. TRINITY BPISCJOPAL, Canno, L. H Burn--Church School, 10 A. M. Morn- Ing prayer and se) mon, 11 A. M. PAYNE A M. ii. West Side, W. [3. Amos, minister--S inday school at 0 45 W. P. Thompson, euperlntendent. Woi- Bhlp at 10'45. Bvet ing woiship at 7 30 o'clock.. Young people's meeting, 6 SO P, M., Gladys Marl la, president. OHRJUSTIAN SS13NCB MeCrc-ry Building--Sunday service at 10:45 ai d Sunday sehoxI ftt 0:30. Wednofaday evening testimonial meeting at 8 o'cloc t Reading room is open dally except Sundays aud holidays from 3 to 4, where all authorized Christian Science liteiature may bo read or borrowed "JUve" is the subject of the lesson-sermon to be read Sunday, February i'. The Golden Text is, "The I/ord Will Command His Loving Kindness ia tie Daylight, aad in the Night His Sonp Shall be Wifii Me, anil My Prayer Unto the God oC my Life" The public is Invited to attend our services, and also the reading room TRINITY LUTHERAN, Fairview avenue, Rev. W, II He trick, D D , pastor--Class in catechism at 9 A M Sunday school, 10 o'clock, "Putting God's Kingdom First" Morning woi- Bhlp at 11, sermon by Rev. J B Lambert of St. Paul's Ohurch, Scottdale, subject, "Evangelibia" Luther League J 40 P. M ; "How May Young People Jrusade ~Wth Curia 9 "; loader, Martin Geike Evening worshio at 7'30, sermon by tho pastor, "The Jewel of the Desert" METHODIST EPISCOPAL, Dunbar, ilfiny Humbert, oastor -- Sunday .{Ohool, fl:45 A. M. Morning service at 11. Epworth League, 0.45 P M Evening servic^i at 7:30. FIHST METHOLIBT PROTESTANT, West Apple street, 3, H. Lamjrteon, minister--Clasp meeting, 9 /L M., leader, George Swallop. Sunday achool ^t 9.45, T. H. Means superintendent. Morning worship, 11; subject, "The Lot of the Righteous" Junior C, EJ. 3 P, M. Intermediate C. B. 6, leader, Billy Shaw. Senior C. E. prayer meeting, 6:45, topic, "How Ma? Endeavors Crusade With Christ?" In the evening at 7:30 the pastor will bring i a meeoage especially applicebte to young people as this Sunday s observed ae Christian Endeavor Day. The three C. B. Societies will attend thi-» service in a body. Special nraeic by the three ^societies will be a f«.Uira of thte meeting. Regular Wednesday evening srvic at 7:30 o'clock, ^'oung and old are invited to all the ae -vices ot the Lord's Bay. FIRST CHURCH OF THE UNWED BRETHREN IN CHRIST, Llacolu avenue at Race street, Elmo * A. Sclrultz, minister -- Church school, 9.45 A. M j Harry C. Witt, general superintendent. Divine worship at 11; special music; (sermon, "Show Us the Father." Senior Clmstia.ii Endeavor Society, 6:30 P. M ; opic, "How May Endeavor-trs Crusade With Christ," leader Melburn Stoner Junior Christian Endeavor Society, 6 30; topic, "Junior C, E. Crusaders Around the World;" leader, Darl Kuhns. Evening service, 7:30; special program by Christian ISndtavov Socle-ties, speaker, Bon lam It S. Davis, secretary Blckerson Run Y, M. C. A Mid-week hervice Wednesday ,.t 7:20 P M. FIRST PRESBYTERIAN, Rev. T. L. Proud'llt, Minister--Sunday school at 9,30 A. M., H. W. McRobble, auporin- tendent. Morning service, 11 o'c ock. Young people's meeting, 6:30 P, M. Evening service, 7:30. Luther Mar- Donald of the Western Theolocical Seminary will preach a-t both services. Wednesday rneetng, 7:45, avenng pr Iyer FIRST BAPTIST, K. H, Stevens, minister--Church school, 9:45, lestjon, "Putting First Things First." Morning 'worehip, 10:45, eermon, "Jt«us said, 'Ye Shall Be My Witness"' Junior meeting Sunday afternoon it 2 o'clock., Evening worship, 7:30, sor- mon, "Seed Time and Harvest." FIRST METHODIST EPISCOPAL, D R. Graham, D. D., minister--13 A. M , sermoa subject, "The Originality of Jesus." 7.30 P. M., a speiial musical program including violin numbers by Miss Pauline Homb ich of tho High Schoool faculty. Bvani el- ifatic message, "Know Thyself." WAKBFIBLD CHAPEL, Betholboro Methodist Episcopal, H«rry Humbert, pastor--Sunday School, 2 P. M, Preaching 3 P. M. Commencing n i xt Monday evening special services will be held throughout the week otartmg each evening at 7:30. At the SUIK ay ,, afternoon srevice and at each eveaing service, Rev. W. S. Hamilton, pasior of the Dunbar Methodist Proteet; ut church will preach. -f Evidence Was All On the Inside By United Press. WBYMOUTH, Mass", Fob. t.--F r tome Urns local police- Had contemplated i aiding an alleged speakea y but as policemen weie well known they found it difficult to secure e\ l- dence Finallv a citizen was found wl o consented to enter the establishment and make a purchase. Before he wei t. in he was handed two dollars Siv officers concealed themselves outsid ',' i eady and eager to do their duty when thoir scout emerged with the ovidnci. In bitter cold they waited, stern mo i bound by duty to wait As they waite 1 they thought of nice things to say t their trlpnd when he came out. Thl i wanned them somewhat Then he came out. They pickeil him up fiom'the sidewalk where h» had fallen aud took him to the station house. He was locked up charged with drunkennefeb Classified Advert!»ement» Bring results. Try them. Scientist Living Crusoe Life on Pacific Island With Another's Wife Vice-President Charles Curtis distributing dipiorras to the graduates of the Pierce School of Business Administration following hia addiess on world peace at the commencement exercises ^in the Academy of Musii, pjul^delphia, Psu (Left to right) Virginia, Smith, Margaret Dinsmore, Mary Smith, Florence Koch, Mayor Mack y, Vice-President Curtis and Louis B. Moffa t, director of the schooL ]3y United Press BKIlblN, Feb l-Ili!de Koerwln, (j-ytar-old wife of .1 Berlin 'school ia tha woman who gave up ivtlUation--and her husband -- to an txppiimonld back-Uj-natuic \lbtcnoe with 0r Karl RUler on a an an island of the Galupagob Identity of f h a ch isen companion of the Berlin sclcntit t in his adven- tiiTt wlt'i raw l!fo in the Pacific Ocean was revealed t xlay Discovery of the pair bv Commander JSugene F. Mac0onalcj, Chicago sportsman, brought to' light lurther details o£ R tier's theories add life ia Berlin before he decided to abandon human fcocfoty--except ior Mrs Koerwin · For years the pbytician led, as closely* as posbible, (he life of a Robinson Cruboc, even though lie was in the heait of the (icrmaii capital. His residence was a tiny flat, in which he made all his own clothing In he raised the oats that went into his porridge--bis piinclpjj diet * Some time ago Mrb Koonvin, who was one of his patients--became interested in his tileries, and iiualJy a tliselplo of his simple life teachings, rinally sne decider! Jo join Rltter in his GaUpapos experiment, evct though It entailed leaving her schoolmaster husband at home RUter was fixtromujy methodical in his preparations for existence on tho Island. He not only gathered iu- laimerablo instruments for studying the physiological effects of his intended life, but--having had all hip teeth removed--bought a set of stainless steel teeth which will realst tho effects of tropical climate. Mrs Ko*r\vln had bean leportetl drowned when a sailing boat capsized near Charles Island, and MacDonald's discovery that Hitter and his associate were both alive came aa a surprise to Berha fnecds of Uia cowpla. · ^

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