The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 29, 1964 · Page 7
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 7

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 29, 1964
Page 7
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SATURDAY, AUGUST 29, 1064 (L 1 1 1 r i carry i mort c wetoht ant ante if tAry art Mantd. But If th nrittft nam is disclose: to th editors tkt atey publish, luttrt over sxn-namsj, tha best Utter it KiHollv th short Utter 29 wort should be tUin$J mm -i i- innnnnjjunii Mr. Cowan Got Sirs: In your edition of Aug. M, you bay quoted II aome length ctrUin remarks of the Member of Parliament lor York . Humber. Theie words were ihe subject of editorial comment. "Interesting." Beeaus the speaker it a member of .the Liberal cau l cut, you have given his words ar ur or authority and re-' sponsibility that they do not , deserve. Mr. Cowan (MP for York - Humber) has every right to bold different views than other Liberal caucus members regarding his per- .tonal choice of a suitable distinctive flag lor Canada. la expressing his views during the course of the flag de bate, w can only assume that Mr. Cowan got carried away on the flood of hTs own oratory. From his words you hava assumed that the Liberal caucus had no opportunity to discuss the flag and its design. This assumption is wrong. i. At all times caucus has had Love of Talk Sirs: There once was a politician called Baulk. Who Just loved to hear himself talk, He nattered, and chattered, and Jabbered all day, Gad what a pity, be d nothing to say) Speaking Conservatively, ! would say that the debate taking place In th House of Commons at present suffers from an over-abundanc of politicians who. . like Mr. Baulk, love nothing more than th sound of their own voices. - A. K. CAMPBELL. - i Roundhay Drive, Ottawa. Injustice Sirs: The throwing of a carton from the Public Gallery of the House of Commons' onto th carpet Mow has started a "bloody" mess fat mora "senses than one! Th perpetrator of this act has certainly achieved his objective by Informing th public that he feels aa injustice ha htm don, to on Macdonald said to bay bean employed by- the RCMP as undercover Communist agent, i The least toe RCMP can do whilst Mill maintaining their policy of never Identifying their sndercover agents is to stat publicly that to their knowledge Macdonald la not a Communist and as far as they know a reputable Canadian citizen. This would afford him a chance to obtain work for which he might be qualified but denied by th RCMP who -.refuse, lo com- . This case is on more argu-wient la favor of Canada adopting th Scandinavian ombudsmen where a govern-: ment official ia available to deal effectively with personal grievances or iajestlce against a citisea by the government In office. H. R. ALLEN. M Mailes Avenue, Ottawa. Discrimination Sirs: la local news report of the awarding of Ontario Scholarships, f was astounded to read the following: "St Patrick's College: , John Curley, Deschene. Que. tS per cent, five firsts (Because Mr. Curley live In Quebec be does not qualify for. the Ontario Scholarship)." Discrimination in any field by anyone is abhorrent; discrimination in th field f academic excellence by the Government of th Province of Onatio Is unbelievable. These Ontario Scholarships ar part of our Grade XIII examination system; anyone who ia entitled to writ the Grade XIII examinations should b HgibM to receive saw nition and benefit of aa Ontario Scholarship. . The Ottawa area should b particularly eniitrv to thht sort of thing tine asm of our dormitory, communities ar bow In th Province of Quebec. With this kind of leadership from th province, should w be) surprised that lb City of Ottawa rcntty pasted bylaw making rest- WVUM . - ment ef cl1e emptoymentT i dence in uoawa raquiiw- Will InTJE mUt-B VIUGIrVSJ we parochialism at th provincial level encourage thoee who believe that education should be federal matter? Some responsible member of th On tario Government snouts, see to It that Mr. Curley gats his scholarship and his $4M and quick, i V . G. J. O'NEILL. "M Sparks Street. Ottawa. 1 . . THE OTTAWA JOURNAL. Carried Away? lull knowledge of and given full support to (very move the Prime Minister has made as the flag issue has evolved. Besides being a topic of full discussion at our regular caucus meetings, there have been special caucuses held for the specific purpose of free and open discussion in connection with the flag and its design. For over a year various suggestions and ideas concerning the flag have been the subject of many discussions at caucuses and between various members. By the time th airline Minister had appeared atthe Canadian Legion function on May IS. H was general knowledge not only in the Liberal caucus but throughout th country that th theme of the Government's proposal for a distinctive Canadian flag was the three 'maple leaf design adapted from the Canadian Coat of Arms as approved by King George V in 1121. These facts as we know them refute completely your editorial comment as well as Mr. Cowan's' Inference that the Liberal caucus has not given its approval to the three maple leaf flag. fn the interest ' of good Journalism whose purpose we have always understood to be the presentation of truth, w ask that this letter be given .ml mriliiMM 7. -mrt-i Guy Rouleau, chairman of a a t i e a a I caucus; Grant Deachman, vice-chairman of British Columbia caucus; James McNulty, chairman of Ontario - caucus; Albert Bechard, chairman of Quebec caucus; Charles R. Granger, chairman of Maritime' caucus and James E. Walker, chief government whip. House of Commons. Edit ere' Net: It is nice to hear from these six gentlemen but perhaps they should write Mr. Cowan, or, better still, rise ja th Commons to say their piece, if they- do they might clarify ' whether Mr. Pearson presented "details of this fiat" to caucus and did caucus approve the details before they appeared in Votes and Proceedings May IT. Mr. Cowan ways that neither happened and wr don't see that his sis colleagues contradict him. Ridiculous Sirs: This is la reference to a Mr,' N. C.'s letter (Journal. Aug. ). He said and I quote ."that awful flag Mr. Pearson is pushing through regardless of what th majority of Canadians want." My philosophy is that an opinion, such as that of Mr. N.C.. which has been based on emotion and not reason. It not considered valid. Polls taken ia Canada's Bin largest cities clearly indicate that mora than U per cent support th distinctive flag. Also it was mad known by th Liberals that their platform consisted of a new flag for Canada. How does he explain th reduction of the.Conservatlves from 204 to M seat in th House of Commons? How does he account for the Liberal victory under the leadership ef L. B. Pearson? Or doe he? He also states that should toe Issue result in a general election that Mr. Pearson and his French friends would be shocked. This is without a doubt a most ridiculous state-' ment. Should U b taken to th polls, th support shown by Canadian patriots towards the adoptioa of a new flag would prove to be disgraceful as well as degrading for th Red Ensign and it supporters. Y Mr. N. C. refers to Canadians of French origin a Just plain Frenchmen. Is this attitude aalv or ts it not? Jest -la case he, feels there are; several nationalities here. I would Just like ta point out for his benefit that there is but one Canadianism. How can he expect Canadians, especially . those of French descent to submit to the Red Ensign which is ia my ': opinion, a mild case of British ' Imperialism and foreign domination. No proud Canadian would consent to the adoptioa of a symbol such as the en HIW1WO, H a miMcyi anil . U(ioa tni should not be given Involved. It is a mlsrepresen-. recognition. RICHARD TAtLLEFER. Ottawa. Acknowledgments ' The Journal wishes to so knowledge letters of thanks re- ceived from the following or- sanitation: . ) uttawa Branch, Caruffis. muumuaii yuvmy, . Ottawa Welfare Council. ' Hypocrisy Sirs: - I understand that there ar people whose duty is ta protect this society from filthy publications or films such as "The Bitter Ash" which was snatched from the Carleton University student and many magazines. These people have a name moral-ity officers. Have they ever been to the Central Canada Exhibition et all? I am not opposed to having morality officers; neither am I opposed to censorship of pornographic publications. But being an outsider (I am not a Canadian) I think I am in a better position to point out some of the contradictions in your society. I completely fail to grasp the reason why "strip-teasing" Is preferable to movies tike that taken from the Carleton students or books like Fanny Hill. If the fact that' women ar allowed to strip-tease In an exhibition where thousands of people not to mention children com is not a sign of incompetence on the part of the Morality officers, then It is hypocrisy. . A. OKELLO. Grove Avenue, Ottaws. 1. Bumps Sirs: Are they waiting un- i " nfr L til a Colonial or OTC coach. a truck or a private car Is oouncwi nil uw """"" I -..1 M .1.- Wltl Street viaduct befor they re- pair the hug bumps to th east at the top? The car, ahead of us yes-, lerday flew two or three - yards) We were going slowly, so we Just bumped," fore and aft. E.S. Inside Politics ; Love is not overflowing In Ottawa, least of all between our major leaders. Lov as th tales tell it leads lo rivalry whan two men love the same object One could assume that the antipathy of Lester Pearson to John Diefenbaker which Is so haughily reciprocated, is related to their wooing of the same fickle mistress, the public. I have noted another love affair which Is Just as interesting and in some ways even mora significant From that least . romantic of Canadian cities. Winnipeg, com two members of parliament who worship the same object. Parliament itself. Gordon Churchill is the Conservative House Leader, Stanley Knowles, th New Democrat Whip. SUBTLE FORM While they have a great self-interest in Parliament (Isn't there an epigram, that "Love is the most subtle form of self-interest"?) none of us who watch them within and around the Commons' context doubt their passion. Not only art they serious about Parliament, they view each other's sentiments with scepticism, even derision. ' They watch each other warily. . ; .. Each argues learnedly th true beauties and form of his mistress. Each can go beyond this to th kind of mawkish reinterstion on gets from an adolescent lover,, some-1 1 m s fretful, sometime Impatient with those who doubt the true nature of ' .his-love. ; ' There Is no question about the genuine quality ef the love these gentlemen bear for Parliament. Each Is ever ready to interpret the beloved for those who are less , sure of Parliament's worth. . These are hard days lor Messrs. Knowles and Church-ill. v :- 7 . f. .. ... ... , Parliament Is under stuck from without and within. Scoffer and captious critics' abound,. At th cor of the reaction of each man b th rock Ilk faith of th truly NOT MUCH WRONG There Is not much -wrong with Parliament Tboa who teqr'at her do not understand her. But their (tout defence hardlv brims the two aentle- men taw league with ach other.. , . 111 could symhotit-th matter with a mor corporeal example, ' Mr. Knowles tends to be the Arthur Miller hi his A Humiliated Sirs: During a visit to th Parliament Buildings on Sunday, Aug. 23, a friend and mysell became separated from the regular tour through the buildings and wandered up a stairway at the far western end of the lower floor. When w reached the top of the stairs a very important man shouted abusively at us Why Bury the Past? Sirs: In recent years there seems to be a trend to tear up and do away with everything that is old or has any national heritage to it. We are continually plagued with the planners who are in a so-called dream world and think everything can be changed into a Utopia. Usually this line of thinking ends up. not as planned and results in a downward- trend costing the people W the country loss of world prestige and Increased .taxes at home. . Other countries have lost these things and with them their freedom. We in Canada seem to have taken these things for granted for so long that we tend to become Indifferent . and. fail to protect our cherished rights. This is where the danger lies. Do awsy with our flag iU.m v. Mu. u f-M 1-,. . III. II MIV Wills, Kill IWII.MItV line, next the crown, then the Commonwealth and finally, our parliamentary system of government. Canada has nothing to be ashamed, of. Why try and bury the past? PETER GAMBLE. 152 Hazeldell Avenue. Winnipeg. Man. Rivals in Love Classic Tale .By Douglas Fisher, MP approach, tender but analytical, positive but prolix, where- . as Mr. Churchill is more th Jo DiMaggio, less suggestive and articulate but dourly certain. , The abounding concern with Parliament's frailties brought th creation this session of a committee, headed by Speaker Macnaughton, to examine and recommend changes to improve Parliament Perhaps fittingly the more active lover, Mr. Know lea was on the committee, whereas Mr. Churchill followed Ms work, obviously with keenness from a distance. A committee spawns sub-committees like rabbit and the lean New Democrat emerged very properly w all thought, as chairman of the sub-committee on procedure end rules. , . He was delighted with his group, not least with two affable, constructive Tories, Gerald Baldwin and Gordon Falrweather. A fair unanimity developed to support changes, particularly on which would act limits to th length of debate by previous discussion and arrangement STRIDING ENERGY With that striding energy which strikes aw in most of us. Mr. Knowles circled th party leaders. Including Mr. Diefenbaker, and seemed to have won approval of the proposed limitations. , Then, so the story goes (and It did not get this from Mr. I Knowles) his Winnipeg rival, ever watchful, came into it through other Tories within the committee as a whole. The unanimity of Mr. Knowles sub-committee was unable to get the recommendations on limitation past the committee and so the recommendations which were tabled ia th House a week or so ago were much less drastic than they would have been, . Mr. knowles took other steps to bring attention to the modicum of reform be felt was needed. He addressed an open letter to th perry leaders setting out suggestions for prearranged limitation of debates. Last Tuesday b published the replies, after introducing the topic In th House under whet Mr. Churchill felt was the phoney guise of a "question: of privilege. " 7 Jn a nutshell, the Knowles suggestions were sunk by th Conservative refusal to accept hm. Th other party leaders welcomed them. Mr. Diefen- baker's reply ts a masterpiece. ; On sentence is both vintage ... .. . .-. $ ... . -r, ') ' r 1 V to turn around and gn back down. We did. When we reached the ground floor we were again treated with the utmost contempt end rudeness, and we were not able to explain our error. And as if this was not impolite enough, a second guard posted pompously in front of the line of people waiting to enter the building . also, entered the L fair, speaking so that not one person could fail to overhear his imperious rudeness. It was utterly humiliating. It is not pleasant to slink out of your country's Parliament like a miserable dog with his tail tucked under his legs. JOHN THOMPSON. Assistant Editor, Lake of Two Mountains Gazette. , ' Hudson, Que. The Flag Sirs: Sorry indeed will be the day, if Canada's "flag-wavers" bent on scrapping Canada's Red Ensign, in favor of a flag of convenience, overcome the wishes of Canadians desirous of retaining our emblem. The Red Ensign with its blazonry and Union Jack has long ceased to glorify other than Canada's own historijc birthright and future promise: We see not ties with motherland or colonialism. We see only bulwark against intolerant, selfish and unscrupulous enemies of our way of life. - r. A. MILLER. PS.D. (Dr.) 3509 Victoria Avenue, Regina, Sask. Diefenbaker and obdur a t Churchill: "Be that as U may. I can say with complete candor that the goal of making Parliament more effective while still retaining the historic rights of members has been my constant endeavor throughout my years in Parliament." But the answer was still an effective negative. Mr. Churchill rebutted Mr. Knowles in a letter to The Ottawa Journal. His position was truly conservative. What was all this talk of arranging limitation of debates? It already existed. ' It was the practice, after debates had commenced, after it became apparent through debate what was involved In th matter. DEVOTED CONCEPT There th matter rest end, to far as one can foresee, if will remain so. so long as Mr. Churchill is around to protect his devoted concept of Parliament. Some members, myself among them, more impatient less loving than Mr. Knowles, feel he has been too patient and careful in his approach to reform. Now we must look to Mr. Pearson for a stronger lead or to another! Parliament In which Mr. Churchill may not have his present Influence. Neither prospect Is bright In the mearftime, the rivalry and struggle 6T th two from Winnipeg who worship Parliament beyond the rest of us goes on from day to day In many ways. , , Greene Replies Sirs: I am writing 4n respect to a ietier return address, .regarding my campaign for the leadership of the Ontario Liberal Party which was published in your newspaper (Aug. 12). 1 do not normally acknowledge such "poison pen" letters but I think, in fairness to myself and your readers, that the "facta should be set ' straight. To this end I invite a study of the record which will iridicate both my attendance t Ottawa and my attention to the business of my constituents. 1 agree that this is my prime concern and I have made it such. The fact that this letter was sent to all papers in the province indicates that some party is concerned about the success yof my endeavors in the leadership campaign. J. J. GREENE, Renfrew South. MP. Greed for Money Sirs: It looks as though we in Canada have misinterpreted the Scriptures and th reason why for' living. Our .present Agriculture Minister predicts slums on farms not realizing slums and slump are caused by the greed of those who manoeuvre even rob for high places. It's even considered smart now to create 'a craving through education to get, not an Eden, but more money for themselves; as though money, not a paradise for all were the ideal aim. If the Liberal Government allowed counterfeit money as they allowed, counterfeit butter they'd be, and business too, In slum, slumps and dumps also. Th real Christian aim is more abundant life. Love of money is immoral. E. J. SHEARER. Indian River, Ont. Desecration Sirs: I am thoroughly disgusted with the outcome of th incident that occurred in our House of Commons the other day. If a young boy or girl in this country is convicted of a very small felony, such as a petty theft or taking an automobile tor a "Joy ride." they are given from six months to two years in Jail and are "marked" for life by RCMP (ilea. What Coulishaw did was I think a despicable crime to desccrite our system of democracy. He being. Van-couverll leave me with the sam impression of British Columbia as I have of Texas, with their fanatical sects and societies. We cannot make martyrs out of people like him but we do have to balance the scales of Justice. J. 0. J. FITZGERALD. Ottawa. 1 Council Sheltered GRIFFYDAM. England (UP!) The local council which spent 60 ($168) putting up a new concrete bus stop shelter, say It will have to spend another 120 (S56) to move It because It was misplaced far sway from any bus rout. "Th puzzling' thing." a council spokesman said, "is that while th shelter was being built no villager thought to toll us that w were putting it up in -the wrong place." 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