The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 19, 1939 · Page 3
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 19, 1939
Page 3
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THURSDAY, JANUARY 19,1039. THE DAILY COURIER. CONNELLSVILLE PA. PAGE THREE. I - ! Any Wanted Color! All Heel Sizes! PUMPS - STRAPS - TIES - OXFORDS A Itvprroiiping if M'omcnN Stjlc Shoe-i AVortli 'I \\ice (he l'iu'0 We AsU. All Si/os. Leather or crepe sole*. B r o n n , blacks, preens mid ·nines, hues to 9. Children's Snow Boots Broun elk onh _ I'lnid cuff. S Children's School OXFORDS 8 / C pair n omen':?, Girls'. All ruldjcr, » Brotv n or lilnck M'/cs to 2. Group Women's Boys' Dress Boys' Heavy SHOES Double soles, clcnted or rub her IteeK. Others, Sil.4". Genuine leather s.oies. Other* --composition solo, %1.47. Little Boys'HI-TOP MEN'S DRESS BROWNS OPENING OF NEW LIBRARY IS DELAYED Mt. Pleasant Committee Chairman Makes Announcement. DESIRE MORE INFORMATION Special lo The Courier MOUNT PLEASANT, Jan. 19 -The Mount Pleasant Library Association will not take any further steps towards opening the library m the Church street school building urtil word has been received from the WPA as to how much it can be depended upon in cohductmg the place. This announcement was made by the chairman, Rev V O. Barnhart Annual Potato Day. Announcement made Wednesday that the Grand Theatre will have its annual potato day for Frick Memorial Hospital Tuesday, January 31. The schools cooperate in this movement. Bible Class Entertains The Men's Bible Class ol the Reunion Presbyterian Church entertained members of the church and friends at a social at the church Wednesday evening. A lunch was served by the men Week-End Meetings. Announcement is made of the week-end meetings of the Second Baptist Church At 7 o'clock Friday evening there will be a business mcetingat the church At 7 o'clock Saturday evening there will be a fish fry by the Gospel Chorus of the church, with Mrs I P. Moon and Mrs. Fannie Hall, the committee m charge At 10 o'clock Sunday morning Sunday school will be held and ot 7 o'clock Sundav evening a program will be presented under the Fun For The Younger Set Candy making i« fun, and its also a cood start In learning to cook. Tlials \\h Mrs Doioth} Bathetic, who will conduct three cooking classes for The Courier, Januar} 25, 2G ana 2;, will include- h fudei- recipe on one of her proCTam-s. Mic 11 EI\C easj directions for making fudge is crcinn and luscioui as an\ expert could do lull's a recipe that both children and crown-ups will enin mine. Mis Etooth} Bathgate, cooking I trouble tc iching then to m ike- c mdy expert, believes In the old .idige "as --its probnbly the first thing the} a t\vig is bent, so is the clmcd She belliA cj, tice that the younger children, and she me-ms boys as well as kills, ore taught to cook, the better Then they 11 know something about the art of cooking when the} grow up, and hi\e an appreciation of good food ' I t s really \cry easj to interest children in cooking," -UN-; Mrs Bathgate "Most of them like to hing auspices of the trustees of the boaid I around the kitchen and watch want to tr J m j*»m£ to include a fudge recipe in my progum for the third d.» of The Counei school So manj people h i \ c .iskcd me for this iccipe, md both childien nnd groun- ups lo\c fudge I know school girls and boys will be thrilled with it, * jou mothers can take OUP recipe home and let the younger set try it ' Request Program. Kudf,e )s onl one of the collection of leeipes on the p'-ogr.un for New York Court Holds Public Sckool Pupils Must Salute Old Glory By Unfed Press ALBANYJ N Y, Jan 19--The Court ol Appeals had ruled today that students In public bchools must salute the American flag, holding it did not constitute an "act of worship of any appiojch to religious observance ' The court, ho\\exci, in a ruling late yesterday, reversed a con\iction agunst the parents of Grace Sandstrom, 12, of Brookhaven, who backed her rcfusil to silute the flag for which "he was suspended The parents \\cre comicted of violitmg the education law lor failing to have the girl ittend school The Sandstorm girl, member o£ Jcho%ih's Witnesses, n religious sect, refused tp salute the ll.ig on grounds it MOlatcd her religion In an opinion, by Chief Frederick E Ciane, the court si d "Siluttng the flap is in no sense an ict of worship or a species of Idolatry, nor docs it constitute any approach to a teligious observance. 'The fl.if, his nothing to do with religion and In all the history of this count} it Ins stood for just the con- trarj, n imcH the principle that people m i v worship as thcj please or need not worship at tt\ ' Crane sjid thero no justification for the action against the parents lie s ud they had repeated!} sent the girl hick to school nftcr the} had been sent home for refusing to silute the dig with Arthur Coles chairrmn On Many Committees Dr. John R Madden arrived home Wednesday morning from Harnsburg' be discouiagcd, even though it m.i mother or ha\ c a little piece of the third d.iy ot the school dough to play with and pretend they are making a pie The/ shouldn t where he had attended the opening session o£ the Legislatuic He has been appointed on the following committees. Agriculture, second class cities, counties townships, mines and mining, fisheries and professional li censure. Reads Scientific Paper. Dr William H Robinson read a - scientific paper at the regular meft- ang oi the Frick Memorial Hospital staff Wednesday at noon Lunch \vas served following the meeting Firemen to Dine. The Hook and Ladder Company of the Mount Pleasant Fire Department at a meeting Tuesday fl'ed Saturday, February 4, as the date lor its annual supper Men's Class Meets. The Men's Bible Class of the Methodist Episcopal Church held its regular business and social meeting at the church Tuesday evening. FALSE TEETH That loosen ccd Xot Embarrass Many wearers ot Jilse teeth have suf- - fercd real embarrassment bcciusc their pUtc dropped, slipped or wabbled at just the wronff time Do not live in fear of this happening to you Just sprinkle i "little FASTEETH. the alkaline (non-ncld) "powder, on your plates Holds false teeth more firm!} 50 they feel more comfortable Does* not sour Checks 'plate odor' (denture breath) Get FASTEFTH at any drug store --Advertisement. Discounts Murder Storj. HARRISBUBG, Jan. 10 --State Motor Police Commissioner Percy W. Footc said he believed a statement by a man held bj police at New York City that he killed a girl near Kingston, Pa last December was a "phoney ' Foote said he was told by New York state authorities that Frank Mozda, 34, held on an assault charge, was "saying cs to anything " Police Ouster Rescinded. Ligomer Council, in special session, rescinded an earlier action in which Policeman Charles McLean was ousted and Russell Beil of New Florence named to his position, effective January 10. |PRESTONEgal.$2.69| nrotor on 79c 2 Gat. AH Car Cliiilns I 1/3 Off Inspection Needs JLincd Brake Shoes 22c] [Brake Lining, ft. 19c SBushing Sets 98c| JRed Flags 20c {Reflectors 49c! JFIares $2.79 jMarker Lense 7c jTaillite Globes 4c You Name It-We Have It! Storiii;e Butteries $3.39 Exchange Kust Proof | Alcohol 69c Gal. GOLDE TIRE RADIO 12C E. Crawford A^ert. Plioiio 10. seem like a nuisance to answer theii questions, fol its in casv \ \ a j for them to learn "As soon as they nre old enough to reach the top oof the range, let them try a few simple recipes and learn to make them well Thej won't have any difficulty learning to operate one of the modern electric ranges --it's so easj and safe to rCRulite the heat by simply turning a s\Mtch "Of course you never ha\ c much ftnil be mado up Thib of numbei of recipes \\hich Mrs B.ith- gite's luiiie-nccs h i\ e- nsked tor from time to time °-o -.he \cry nppiopn- atel cilK it 'Recipes by Request ' There -Kill be cake 1 ; Italian spn- ghetti. Swedish beet ring, German panc.ikes, noodle ring .md many other dishc« ou \ e aUv aj included Clasbc 1 ! will be held in the Orphcum Theitrc Jnnu*\r\ 25 26 and 27 from 8 till H o clock cnch mornms Man of the recipes « anted arc sure to be A Three Days' Cough Is Your Danger Signal No mittcr how many medicines you have tried for jour common cough, chest cold, or bronchial irritation, YOU rnay get relief now with Crcomulslon. Serious trouble may bobrcwing'andjou cannot afford to take a chance with any remedy less potent than Crcomulslon, which goes right totho scat of the trouble and aids nature to soothe and heal thelnflamcd mucousmcmbranesand to loosen and expel germ-laden phlegm. E\en If other medicine has failed, don't bo discouraged, try CreojnuLslon Your druggist is authorized to refund jour money it you ore not thoroughly satisfied with the benefits obtained from cither trial or large size. Crcomulslon is one word, cik tor it plainly, sec that the. name on the bottle is Crcomulslon, and you'll get the genuine product and the relief jou I wont. (Adv.) Rallman Gets Promotion. CUMBERLAND, Md , Jan 19--C Edwatd Buscy, traveling freight agent of the Western Maryland Kail- \vay here for the past six years, has been promoted to commcicial freighv agent at Baltimore His succfssor is R A Dennis, promoted from chief clerk of the general agent's office in Philadelphia. W J. Dclorcy Dead SOMERSET, J,m IS--William J. Delorcy, 59, veteran employe of the Consolidation Coil Company, died Saturday at his home at Jenners of pi umonia "My Skin Was Full of Pimples and Blemishes from Constipation" ·tiys Vcrna Schlcpp ' SHcc using Adlcr- Ika the pimples are done My skin Is smooth and clous v.rfh health AdlerlXa washes BOTH bowels nnd relieves con- ·ulpntlon that GO often aggravitcs a bad complexion Union Drug Company, and Burns Pruff Store --Ad\ crtHcmcnt We have the kind you want! 9 U. Connc!ls\Ille Screened Coking Coal Pittsburgh Gns Conl, nil sl/es. Spcclnll} Prepared Ons, Moker Coal, oil treated If desired. CoXe, nil si/es. STONE WORK Phone 1700 UcCormlck Aenue. Phone 15 South Arch Street. EYE OPENER! With alt III oxlra value, Ihic Buick sedan lists at $51 /ess 'hem a year ago! NO OTHER CAR IN THE WO RID HAS Alt THESE MATURES * OYNAJLASHVALVE-IN HCADSTRAIOHT EIGHT ENGINE * BUICOIL TOXQUE FREE 3FRINCINO * CHEATER V1SIUUTY X HANDISHIFT TRANS. MISSIOM * ROOMIER UNISTEEl tODY BY FISHER * TORQUE-TUBE DRIVE if TIPTOE HYDBAUUC BKAKES^CROWN SPKMO CtUTCH^"CATWAlK. COOUNO '*OPTIONAtREARAXtEOEAIIFATIOI FLASH'WAY DIRECTION SIGNAL ie SELF. BANKINO KNEE-ACTION fRONI 5PXINGINO -when the frost nips through the sunshine and there's tingle in the air! Fay on the eye--faty to but--on Central MotorJ tcrmil iAKEitoutonacIear.crispday even on winter's slippery roads. 1 You'll brace yourself for a rut or bump --only to discover that BuiCoil springing has already ironed it out. You'll look out over the wide horizon--nnd know winter's beauties better through windows thntletyou sec! In short, you'll have fun! All- winter fun! Fun unspoiled by the fussing and fretting it takes Put if up against a long pull-- a brief, brisk dash -- a twisting, winding trail! We want to show you, mister, how much fun winter could be-if only you had a Buick to make your going sure and carefree! You'll press on the treadle -- _ and find the thrill of the ski- run in the burst of ready power from the barely \\ hts- pering, great eight engine. You'll swing around a curve -- andfindthepoisedsureness of the figure-skater in the way this Buick answers, ABIEST OP THE EIGHTS 1. ibli nlrtir Bokk DmiB Vllfc in H«d 5ir» itt Eljfat with B cyclone in each cj ladcr 10 Kiueeze full power from crerr drop ol fuel. to keep an old car running. You'll start when you want to start, stop when you want to stop. You'll have a car that's new, and Jit, and sound; batteries, brakes, engine, tires--they'll all be at their best at the time you need them most! Why not enjoy this winter for a change? This Buick, you know, is easy to buy^--costs less than a $ear ago, less than you'd expect, less even than some sixet. And, we might add, it's easier to got deliveries now than it will be later when the rush is on. We hope we'll be seeing you--very, very soon! EXEMrUt or GENERAl MOTOK VAUII YOUGH MOTOR COMPANY 372 Sout/i Pittsburg Street Phone 8 Connellsville. Pa. pr. r : pr. I i ^n nogfiv | 77 · ' ' pr. $ : pr. A shoo lor mi) tjpe of work. Leather boles,, rubber holes, leutlier JieeN, rublici* lit'cls, clentcd Kccl.s. Any stjle in unj sl/c. Men's Hi-Top Boots as low as $2.87 Women's Felt Slippers Children's White Rubbers Boys' Heavy Work Shoes Men's Work or Dress Socks 29c pr. 87c pr. $1.47 pr. lOcpr.

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