The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 7, 1938 · Page 15
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 15

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, January 7, 1938
Page 15
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Page 15 article text (OCR)

\ · V FRIDAY, JANUARY 7,1938. THE DAILY COURIER. CONNELLSVTLt/E, JA. PAGE FIFTEEN. BRITAIN DRAWS UP PLANS TO OU/TWIT ENEMY AIR RAIDERS Projected Balloon Barrages Would Harry Raiders By Forcing Them to Unprecedented r ihts. By CHARLES A. SMITH International NCV.S Service Staff Correspondent. LONDON, Jan 7 --Secrets of British plans to outwit enemy air raiders by means of balloon barrages were p-irtially ducloscd in a lecture here by Air Commodore J. C. Hcarson, export commanding the Balloon Barrage Group of the Royal Air Force. In the event of Britain being invaded by enemy bombers, Hearson lore- cast, the raiders would be compelled to fly ,at unprecedented heights to escape the barrage--a height so great that accurate bombing would be impossible. The cable., by which the balloons' will be moored will be rendered "lethal" by a secret process, and the balloons will bo flxed so closely to- fiether In the barrage area that raiders will have less than one chance in four of getting through without mishap, Heirson declared. Lime and Legumes Again imporlant In AAA Soil Plan success in the World War. balloons will be attached to The barrage, he revealed, will not be Jn "apron" foim, the technical name for a mesh network of cables suspended from balloons, which was used with only mediocre The the ground by single cables only. British experts feel this is a more practicable scheme and more likely to meet with success Hearson pointed out the balloon barrage scheme was being improved weekly, and prophesied the time was not far distant when the barrage would become the main feature of air defense, and the fighter airplane, the anti-aircraft gun, and the searchlight only auxiliary to it Barrages, he said, would force bombers to great heights, where they could be successfully tackled faster fighting machines 'by Incidentally, Hearson revealed the British Royal Air Force was developing plans to circumvent enemy barrages He believed the outcome of these plans would be a scheme whereby airplanes would fly in line astern, led by an enormously strong, powerfully equipped plane capable of taking the first shocks. Convicts Produce "The Fish." SAN QUENTIN, Cal, Jan. 7 -"The Fish" was the name of a skit written and enacted by inmates of San Quentin penitentiary. The play dramatized the agonies of newly arrived inmates Tells of Job Loss Lime snd legume again stand high on the list of good farming practices encouraged by the agricultural conservation program, according to G. M Griffin, chairman of the Fayctle County Agricultural Conservation committee Last fall all soil-building practices on which payments will be offered in the 1S38 program were listed In the national program. State committees have gone over the national list to select the practices which will be useful in conserving and approving soil in their particular states Although the official State list at practices has not yet been announced, it Is certain that liming pasture and hay land, and making new seed- ings of legumes -will have places as important in the new State program as they had in two previous conservation programs. Planting forest trees, improving farm woodland, and applying fertilizers to grosses and legumes also appear sure to be included. This year, payments in connection with soil-building practices will be based on how well a farmer meets the requirements of his soil-building goal rather than on any flat rates on acreage treatod or the amount of material used Every farm taking part in the program will have a soil- building goal consisting of a certain number of units. Each acre of each practice will count so many units toward the goal However, a farmer who earned amount for usmg the same practices $75 for using a set of the practices last year would eirn about tho same this year. When the units of credit of the diffircnt practices arc translated into their approximate dollars and cents value, many of the rates arc the some as they were hi 1937 program. Isadora I*ubln Armed with his charts, Isadore Lubln, of tho U. S. bureau of labor itatistics, appears before the special senate committee investigating unemployment, relief and tho business recession. Lubln told of tho unemployment gain and added an assertion that -some firms, which in tho ear7 days of tho depression ·uhlch began In 1029 followed a policy of spreading work by shortening the work week of each employe, were not doing so now. Another witness, Marrincr Eccles, chairman of tho Federal Reserve Board, told tho commutes that immediate re- *umptlon of large-scale government spending would "turn tho tide" of tho business recession Music Festival Somerset Forensic Program Feature Special to Th« Courier. SOMERSET, Jan. 7 --Somerse county high school contests will be conducted as in former years under the auspices of the Pennsylvania Forensic MUMC League, with the exception of the music events, which have teen eliminated. A music festival, a substitute affair, will be held in May. A. B Cober, assistant county superintendent of schools, vho has been serving as county director for the State league for a number of years, has arranged, with the approval of the Somerset County Principals Association, the following tentative schedule of forensic events. Declamation contest, February 0; poetry reading, February 23; Shakespeare reading, March 9; original oration, March 23, and extempore speaking, April 6 Sites lor the contests will be announced in the near future. No cash pnzcs will be given to winners, but certificates will be issued by the county superintcndcm to those winning first, second anc third places The Somerset county essay contest, which is not a part of the league events, also will be held. Tho winning cway in each high school IE to be forwarded to the ofllcc of the county superintendent for gtading not later than February 25. Conneilsviile Fruit Mkt 136 North Pittsburg Street We Deliver! _ . _ Phone 106 * The Best In Fruits Vegetables WEEK-END SPECIALS F R U I T S California Suukist Oranges (guaranteed suect) ca. 1c Tangerines __ ___ _______ . 2 do/. 25e Florida Tree Ripened Oranges (not artificially colored) _ ____ __ _____ _ ___ _ . _doy. 15c Texas Seedless Grapefruit ...... . eitcli 3c Staj man's Mincmtp or Delicious Apples . « Ibs. 2,"c Bushel --- _ ,,_. .,, ..... $1,39 V E G E T A B L E S Hot House Tomatoes. -- ____ _ _,, _ , . Id. 15e Genuine Pascal Color,} Hearts. _. ,, .2 bunches 25c Green Toppers -------- ----- 3 for lOc; do/en 35c Lima Beans, Green 1'eas, Stringless Beans __ - Ibs. 2'Jc Fancy Broccoli, large bunches ----- _ _ bunch 15c Brnssoll Sprouts, extra fanc -- ,, ,, _ quart 15c Also: French Endhe, Rhubarb, Cucumbers, Radishes, Green Onious, Mushrooms. Avocado--, Straiibcrrlcs Endho Spinach, Leaf or Head Lettuce, a n d mum others. M-:K OUR U'n DrlMcr. BEFOHE BUM Plume IIH, Holds Family in Canyon Wilds for "World's End" Murk, loft, held Becky and Joe SlIvGrmiui in canyon A religious fanatic, who preached tho world was coming to on end Christmas eve, held his mother, brother and clstcr-in-law captive In tho wilds of tho San Gabriel canyon near Los Angeles for days --preparing his family for the "end'. This strange story wn« told by the mother, who was set free because tho rigors ot mountain life was ruining her health. The fanatic, Mark Eilvcrman, is shown left, with his brother Joe and Joe's wife Becky, following rescue by pou.j. --Central Pros Planning G. O. P. Program Miss Jane Todd, Assemblywoman from Wcstcncstcr County, n shown ·with William S Murray, Republican State chairman, discussing tho vnrj ens aspects of tho legislative profrram to be considered by the Republican State Committee in Albany, N. Y. They were snapped as they awaitca the opcniDC of tho 1938 session of tho stato legislature. (Central Prat) MOTHER AND DAUGHTER NELLY DONS Two generations see eye-+o-eye on this problem of 'what's to bo wornl' Both select Nolly Don's *Ne!da Crepe (Enka Rayon) because it's smart, tubbable, and designed to fit with precision. For daughter's small figure, a *Donjenu with dainty buckles and rows of stitching. For mother, a flattering print in soft becoming linos. Each ...... And Others 2.94 to 14.94 UKJOMTOWN'S BEST I'ltt lias Fine Kccord* PHILADELPHIA, Jan. 7--Pittsburgh, ch impion of the Eastern Conference for four of the five seasons the loop Ins been in existence, not only has the beit winning percentage, 783, but has scored moie points 1,054 and permitted less markers to iti opponents, 1,160 The Panther' also are the only aggregation to register better thin a .500 average m a\v ay-from-homc games One Black Friday For Superstitious During the Year Supcibtitioub people will get o break during 1938--there is only one | Black Fiidiy--the 13th--In tne | whole year The year 1937 also had but one "3ms" day but in 1939 theie will be two of them. This years comes in May while the two days shunned by.the supeistitioub will be in Janu 11 y and Oclobci Gioundhog Da}, I'cbiuaiy 2, comes on Wednesday, Lincoln's birthday, Fcbiuiiy 12, on Saturday,] St Valentines day the following] Monday and Washington'!, birthday, 1 rcbiunry 22, on Tucsdny March C is the first Sunday in Lent St Patuck's day, March 17, is on Thursday, and spring arrives at 1 43 A M March 21 The first of Apul puts All Tools' day on Friday Film Sunday is April 10 and Caster Sunday on Apul 17. Eclipse In Ma; An eclipse of the moon is partially visible at 4 44 A M , May 14 Mcmonal Day, May 30, is on Monday, giving a double holiday Flag ipay, June 14, is on Tuesday, and bummer airwcb at 9 04 P M , June 21. Another double holiday comes "in July as a result of Independence D ly being on Monday August is a vacition month, even for the c ilendar and almanac, no special events being listed Autumn ,u rives precisely at noon, September 23 Columbus Diy, Octobei 12, is on Wcdncbdiy ind Hallowe en on Mon- dny, Octobei Jl A tolil eclipse of the moon will be paitly visible at 5 26 P M , November 7, and election dny u November 6 Aimistice Day, No\ ember 11, is on Friday, and Thanksgiving is on November 24 Christmas next year comes on Sunday. The following Sunday sees the arrival of 1939 I,ons Noxcls Irk I'alkncr. OXFORD, Misb, Jan 7--William Falkner, the no\ ehst, says he has not read "Gone With the Wind' or "Anthony Adverse ' because they arc "entirely too long for any story " "No story takes .1,000 pages to tell," Falkner snd Use Our Classified Ails , They bring results. Cost is small. Mrs. W.H.Myers Colinty Director Of A s s i s t a n c e Continued from Page One of the jmergency iclicC division under the former admimstiation, will continue his duties in the general issisUncc part of the piogram for the present He is one of the vct- eian icllet (now called ' issistincc') executives in Fayettc county Mis Myeis estimated there aic approximately 7,100 general assistance cases on the rolls today, with another 3,000 receiving old-age, mothers' assistance and blind pensions The total may aggregate 11,000, at least, she said. Mrs Myers was executive secretary of the former Mothers' Assistance Board and blind and old-age pension departments from 1935 to the close of 1937. From early in 1934 until 1935 she was a \isitor in the emergency relief department in the county Until consolidation of the old and new deportments in Fayette county s completed, Mrs Myers said she ivould continue her offices m the bureau of Mothers' Assistance in the courthouse Meanwhile, the other relief \vork agencies, investigators and administrative employes will report to North Gallatin a\enuc headquarters Changes in the State administration may be followed by personnel changes, hcic," Mrs Myers indicated. She added, however, that every em- ploye must p^s a cuil service examination, the schedule of which stirb Saturday at Giccnsbuig. The tests will follow on January 15 and January 22, .is designated by the State Board of Public Assistance in Harusburg Marked increase m the number of applicants for relief and other assistance has been recorded at the county headquarters since December^ 1 Enlargement of the admimstra-' tive staff here is paramount, it was officially stated yesterday. \ Tallest Policeman to Be Flier. LONDON, Jan 7 --The tallest man in London's police force, Roger Hunter, 23, has retired to take up a commission in the Royal Air Force. He is 6 feet, 8 inches tall and was heavyweight boxing champion of the force. Stock Marketla China! 1 -' Spain//' Interesting News...But Here is the Outstanding NewsToday Oppenheim's Annual Clearance All Wool and Leather Sport Coats 1/4 OFF Boys' Suits and Overcoats Reduced 25% Our only excuse for tKese radical reductions is to clear our racks quickly of all fall and winter suits and overcoats. A choice selection of the season's smartest styles and colors are embraced in this sale, in single and double breasted models. Sizes for every man. Suits and O'coats Reduced 25% Oppenheim's i'ASIHOJfS FOR MO J17 A o r l h rittsburjr Mrccl. 1'hone 20S7.

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