The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on April 23, 1918 · Page 4
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 23, 1918
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR. THE DAILY COCKIER, CONNELLSVILLE, PA.' Satbj Olmtriwr. HENRY P.- SNTDEB. . , ·Founder and Editor, . THE COURIER COMPANY, . ., Publisher*. Y ;-_ ;C K. Si SNTDEB, President: JA.S. J.-DP.ISCOLL, Sfeo'y- and Treasurer, Business Manager. JOHN.jL. OAKS. . ' . Manag'-ns Editor. · WALTER S. STIMMEI* . City Editor. " . , 3IISS LTNNE B. KTNCEIiL, - Society Editor. MEMBER OF: . ' Associated Press, ·;.'·· ... · Audit Bureau of Circulation, ^Pennsylvania Associated Dailies. . _· Two cents per copy. 60c per month: »5 -per yoar by mull if paid In advance. Entered as second class matter at the postofflce. Connel'sville. Pa. TUESDAT KTEXDTG, APRIL 23,191S. ' Tfcc C'-omHkr'ii Service Flan. WII^LIAit. P. SHERMAN. Hospital Unit I-, American Ex . pedltionurv Forces. Franco. RAIiPH F. SLIGER. Company H. 319th Infantry. U. i X. A., Camp Lee, Petersburg, Va- The Associated Press Is «· * clnslvely" entitled to the -use for republlcation of all news dis- .."patcnw credited to It . or; . not^otherwise cre-Uted tn this paper and also She Ic-cal news.pubUsfced _ and also She Ic-cal i - h e r e i n . \ ABJE 1YE BT TEE3I? , Today American soldiers, the pride of loving) loyal" mothers' hearts, are offering, and for many days, months, yea years, may continue to offer their lives as a willing sacrifice .for our common country--dying Tor you, .your wife, your daughter, your babes. As they go to meet the supreme test of their loyalty and devotion, are they being cheered and nerved by the knowledge that we" continue to toady to the slackers- -military, industrial and financial--ar.d .still deal gently with spies and pro-German sympathizers who infer t our land and multiply the perils our boys must face? Are these boys--your sons and the sons of your friends and neighbor! being sustained in the solemn hour of their Belf immolation upon the altar of freedom., by an abiding faith and assurance 'that we, in -the protected haven of our homes, are Consecrating all our strength, all our powers of mind, and body, and practicing real self-denial in order to The Menace of Excessive Taxation FOR .RENT--OflCELY FORN'ISHED room. 104 East Morten. 22apr2t" v Because America is., wealthier--has i mo redact uai'tjhoney in circulation and ! by far*greater and richer'natural re- ' sources"-"to'.draw upon---than, any of our-Ally;Countries,-we have not-felt :he pinch of taxation here as they have.-abroad. We have been .able to carry Oar load so Jar without being particularly "inconvenienced,' ' Business has not been disturbed seriously. There has .beerao financial difficulty- Conditions are but a little removed rrom.;be!Dg- normal. ..This is due whplly. to the. fact that [fre people-iTave responded loyally and liberally ti both the preceding Liberty Loans; It has- had th» effect of maintaining confidence; exceptional demand in every quarter has done the rest. - · · · · But such a coucliiion will riot continue if we fall down in the coming Liberty Loan. Failure now will raean repeated failures to meet the government's loan: ."demands in future. And such -failure" wIU inevitably mean, increased and, 1 eventually, excessive taxation. England, too, has made noble re-' sponses to her different loan demands, yet even so,' with them taxation has mounted surprisingly. Especially is this so with regard to the income taxes 'which with us are extremely reasonable for the moderate earners. The lax on incomes of $1,000 in England today is 4-1-2 per cent; on incomes of $1,500 it is 6 3-4 per ccnt^and on incomes of $2,000 it is 7 7-8-;per cent. Here incomes of $1,000 are exempted even for single men. This comrtarison of taxes upon incomes of more than $3,000 for married men, is extremely interesting: England America " P . C. P. C. income of $3,000. ... .14 2-3 "C 1 Income af $5.000 1C 1 Vi Income ot" SI0,000 2n 3V-j Income of $15.000 -5 5 Americans want no such taxation here. Yet it threatens proportionately to the manner in which we fail to meet the government's loan demands. And this is but one of the phases of taxation possibilities. There are many other avenues open to Uncle Sam as a last resort. It will be far bettor to buy Liberty Bonds at a fair Interest rale than to stand to lose from five to 20 per cent of our incomes later in direct taxation. And heaven knows vre want none of that So read your Bible, but buy a bond. Ponder the one.and treasure'the other. They are both good for your peace of mind. They are satisfying to the soul. Bibles and bonds are a potent twaia just now. WOCT.D SATE EXDIAXS FRO-H 15JU1UOCS It is the Orangemen, not tho Irishmen, who have cause for complain^ i as to the color of the piitnt used by ] the loyal Lake Erie shopmen at Pick- | eraon ~ R u n in putting tho slacker's j badg-e on the Austrian who refused to buy Liberty Bonds. Eat spurts. If the country residents who have been t-roujrht u n d e r a. h y p n o t i c spoil ^ by our -Sunday bond boosting evantjr- : lists wprc not already patriotic, it · might be F-atd of them that t h e y were subscribing; as a meapuro ot -·* 1 - fensc. Eat more spud*. C o n n r l l p v i i l e if becoming- u n s a f e , resort Cor out of town slackers. The Connellsville bond, booster? mu not take "the lull In the campaiffn · th?it Unlontown will not mflko mean thut uniontcrwn wui not TUSKI » . vigorous drive to recover tho Around | lost during the first -w«k. Tho Second City of Fa.yett« has had some speed- i way practice. j "What an efficient force of prayor- meoting- leaders the Sunday b o n d boosting earoipaiim Is developing? pastern are maklnff careful note of this. Did you do more yesterday to help win the -war than you dW the day be- By placing- the sarrx; restriction* up- ; female as upon male enemy aliens ; Presiflent Wilson ha help equip, provision and clothe onr j ^.^ultt-Se* 1 soldiers; to lighten, their burdens and to insure their ccmfqrt and well-being while-thejv-bat.U9-with-the Beast of Prussianism ? ~ · ' ' It" we are failing in our duty, or' siveo proof tha a-3 w e l l offending in the least of these things, can. we look, any manly, clear-eyed, -khaki-clad boy s-quarely in the face, as he comes tome for a last furlough before going "Over There," or we meet a mother who has learned the cost of -son's vicarious sacrifice, · and say without a'burning blush of ""Boost "for every new Improvement. t " . . . _ , - ' _. Booat the man Cor whom you labor; shame giving the lie to our words, "W-e are by you?" SAFETY FOE DEMOCRATS. Much comfort is being experienced in certain Democratic circles from the fact 1 that the office of the Alien Property Custodian, presided over by A. Mitchell Palmer, not unknown to lame as the one time candidate lor United States Senator from Pennsylvania, is furnishing some rare oppor- for rewarding Deserving Democrats. A'recent case in point is the' taking over of four German-owned -woolen mills in New Jersey.- It was found necessary to appoint a representative of the government to manage each of these properties. Singularly enough a prominent Democrat Tvas found, out of the few unplaced ones who are left. whose term as 'udge is about to expire. He was jiiven one of these managerial jobs and the* other three were given to other Democrats whom .the exigencies of politics demaiid that they be well placed. Mitch responsibility attaches to these offices, and efficiency in their management requires technical knowledge and experience. The lack of these qualifications in the appointees, of course, count*. br.t little alongside the extreme .necessity for making the .country safe for Democrats, 7 - KOJI/KS itffl BO-YDS. Nearly every ,iome in the United States-owns a Bible. It is one of the ·essentials to the family peace of mind,. About iU mere presence is societhrng instin tively reassuring; a sense of protection so to speaK. To the "devout familj it is a never-ending fount of comfort. Even to the. irreverent it is a sort of talisman of se.- curity, say? the Liberty Loan committee. Very rarely is it ignored or flouted. The average m rtal is just as inherently inclined to reverence- as he Is instinctively patr-.otlc. .Both are bred in the bone. And jus t as -' ve ry hom« has i ts Bible so should ^very hone have iis Liberty Bond. The pne -stands for p n i t u a l comfort; the other for our material welfare. Both are ossential to our peace of ulnd. For If the Kaiser's blod-niaddenert, plundering legions ever ovrrnra America there will be no. place for Bibles. There will be l i t t l e ' l e f t of Uie religions of our father.?. Dominant instead w i l l be that peculiar c eed of the Ka ser's whitii permits him to claim partnership with the ·Lord .of Hosts in the most stupendous world has ever- j £nown. Sating more potatoes means lei-s -wheat, and saving wheat is to-heJp-wio. the .war. . ' . . - .1 . Boosting- the Booster. . . Detroit Free Press. Boost your city, boost" y o u r friend; Boost ths church that you attend, Boost the street on ·which you're - dwelling. Boost the goods that you are jwlllnc. Boost the people 'round abont you, They cur* along: without you. Bnt success will quicker find t h e m If they Itnow th-at you're b e h i n d them Boost- for -every f o r w a r d - movement; " " Boost the stnuificr and tho" neighbor. Ceaffe t«i bo a chronic knocker; Cease to be a projrress-blocker. If you'cl make your city better, Booflt It to the final letter, 'By 'Wall Mason. THE 1TAR, . The triflJns: t n f n g ia trifling still, thoufih gifted men defend I t ; , there's just one thing that filln the bU3--Lo win tho war and end it. To end the ione drawn Prussian crime is aJl that, ia, and If you waste your precious time on lesser.- things, you'd ortn't. Your p i f f l i n g talk of politics, of oiBces you're seeking, 'of vote raa^ chiniiH and ca,tnjxi"Kn tricks, with sel- flshnesi! is reeking-. You talk ot art and 'hooks and sons', but silence-"would he wiser u n t i l -we rifi-ht tho .-world's creat wrong: and can the killins'"kaia- er. Of mars^n, prolit. coat- and -price, the ma.n of commerce chattcru; but ail such doodads cut no ice^--the war is all that matters. Do you ffti 11-chase the sordid yen wherever you'.may, .find It, while war is eating living- men, - a n d strewir.s 1 bones behind it?...Are you for foolish frames and sports " - w i t h \ pery zeal a-trerruble, while . in Valhalla's silent- courts the murdered .hosts assemble? So lonp as Prussian .eagles scream, and k«.'ltur blasts and -shatters, there's only nne Important theme, and w a r is all that matters. AND IiAXHK. I'm standing at my lathe a l l ' d a y . And this i» what I hear it say: "The bent ot you. th« best of me, Are needed now .icross the aea. We do not hear tlie eannona roar, .Vo aeroplane comes nailing: o'er Our heads, and y«t from day to day V~c two aro soldiers? in the fray. "Oil hand that guides mo now be true, A m i p h t y task ui mine .to do. "Pis m i n e to shape and cut th« atocl. W i t h every turninff of my wheel I'm building- for that beter day "When tyranny s^ali pa»s away. Speed up! Speed up! this thing- I maka 5Ia.y tfava a thousand jfvee at stake." I whisper to my lathe: "Be strong-, · We toi: today to r!gh,t a wrone. Some of us imtrch to fifft and drum, My music is your busy hum And this the hynwi y o u . nine to me Always: 'My Country "Tis ef Thee/ This very day, this very h o u r We'll ierve the Flag wiili a.11 o u r power. "Oh UUhe of mine, across the sea They n*ed the work of you and me! They wil! be n n e if we be true, Thcy'H hold the line, if we hut do This task that now t o . u a is set, Lei's keep the faith and not forg-et! Speed up! Speed up! Across the aea jDur soldiers"wait o n - y o u . a n d me.". ·Mrs. Gertrude Bonnin. a highly e caied Sioux whose Indian name sig fies "Red Bird." Is in Washington attempting 10 secure legislation which will prevent tho sale of peyote, a drug made from a siircies of cactus, to the Indians. The tiruff is a narcotic whose effects resemble those of opium, and has become widely used with Ac- inevitable result of nvental and phya- Ical degeneracy. Mrs. Eonnin's bus- band, who ij of French and Indian rlescent, "is a lieutenant in the United States army. Mrs. Bonn in Is a cor.- irfbuwr to magazines and is an accomplished violinist, pianist and public speaker. 1?OR RUNT--STABLE SUITABLE) for frariLpe. ,'ContraMv located. A p p l y j 221 Ssist Peach strftet'F* FOR RENT--FRONT OFFICES ON second floor of Dunn Evans build- Ing. Inquire of HABHY DUNN*. Sjan-ttd Var Sale SA1*E--1917 FORD TON TRUCK nl ge:ir drive. 30C. + ,\\ street. phono 1111-2. . ilKiprBt' FOR SALE--FOLDING f?o-cart, $5.00. Iron folding bod c n u t ; h , | ?5.00. 312 Kast Fnycttc. 2:in.pr2L' j FOR SALE:--PIANO CHEAP TO j quick buyer, account of I K swine town. ; 815 West Crawlo/d. avenue. i FOR SALE--SINGTjE COM2 VPHtTB Leg-horn baby chicks, 12 ocnts cauli. G. W. NK^'COMSIi, II. D. 1, Connclls- llc. Pa. 22apr2t* FOR SALE--SIX LOTS U N : I 3 R L A I I ? with coa!. Good bargain for q u i c k j buyer. I n q u i r e Mrs. J. T. AIOTUUS. ! Reio\more rDad, South C o n n e l l K v i l l e - t FOR SALE--SEED CORN. EAKL Ohio, E i p h t Row-oil. Also seed pota.- t toes. I n q u i r e It. S. Pierce, S o u t h Connellsville, Uaat Gibson avenue. FOR SALE--NINE ROOM BRTCI' Uouse, South Conncllhrvillo, good c o n d t - = t i o n , $1,400, S400 down, bilanro 515.50 monthly. Corner Allegheny a v ^ n u o and Second street. Six room house f with bath, Jurtiace, two lots with %'·*·*- agre and stable. Ccnv?ni w a l k ; only ' 53,500. on paved street :n h i l l district. J, A. MLASON, Second National Bank building. 22apr^t FOR SALE--FARM OF 220 ACRKS about 1 milo from Brown a vine, nca-r brick road, underlaid w i t h small vein of coal and valuable limestone, f r o n t - '. Ing- on Mononc-a-liela r i v e r and r a i t - rond; brick dwrillinf.r hous* 1 : stream of m o u n t a i n water; splendid property for stock raising- or farm ins:, w i t h P.rst- class market Cor grarden products, nd- jncent to lirownsville c i t y l i m i t s n-nd town lot plan; owner enprapod in other ^r«J olTorp a bargain; price t 3100 por ncro, on good terms. J. DOX- AJ^D PORTKR, P. O. Box 67;, f'on- THE COS-SKLLKVILLE NJW SBC- ond Hand F u r n i t u r e Store. No. 1^.') South Plttr-burjC street, will bfi op*r. for husint^:i Patiiriluj*. April 27, with n f u l l l i n e of jrooJs. F u r n i t u r p of all kimls boitciit. sold a n d exchanged. R c f i n l s h i n g and uphol slur inn" ^ SPPC- to nepnbllean. Votrrn. RKi'T'BijiCAX VOTKRS OF CON- n o l L - J V i l i e , Pa,, w i l l ta'rft* n o t i c e t h a t \Vfidno.-Klay. May I H U If 1 IS. is ih^ only day Tor rftRitttration in o r d n r to he t-n- tn lir hold on Tuesday. M^y :'l^i. J 9 1 S . Th«T^ w i l l h* « contest for tli? n o m i - to several i m p o r t a n t oflloes. inc i u d t n f , - State. Congressional a iil I.ei;- Ir.laitv. Every RcTiublican in the city sh'Mili-] be ropifUfrrcd on Tu^^day, May '.jit. I S I S . Take yonr tax receipt co in* poliP. TiiAHT A. KIKKP^R, Cbftlr- m a u R e p u b l i c a n County C o m m i t t e e . apr-22-2.1-29-30 TTTO SEXtf TO JAO*. Mayor Dniegan Hands Ont30 Day Sentences to Drunks. Mayor John Duggan handed out two P0 day jail-sentences this raorning. .loha Walsh, ftrrestod after he had run away from the chain gang yesterday got one of the saltj" doses, and Rush Cover the other. John Hetzei, arrested for - being drunk was given five days in the city jail. Olive Haonan of Untontown arrested for street waiting was taken to her home by Probation Officer -Miea Anne "WTiUe today. DIv M. J. I,fiponsky, ALtorn«y. G GORGE FEttEXCY VS. A X N I K I^f.-rcnry. tn th- Cdart of Common Plr-as of F.tyotip county. I'a.. No. 123, March Tori:i, [ 3 I S . To Aonio Fercncy. that t l i R 8';hpoe:ia and ahuei aubporna j In i h l a caH' l i a v y bnen roturned "Non est «nv«ntu3." yon are t h e r r f o r e rc.~ t j u i r e d to tippoar In the Court of Common Pleas of Fuyettr county,"Pa,, on tbe xftoomi Monday of Mp.y oC said Court, A, i. 118, "to a n s w e r t h « libel and compin tnt filed · theroin, and sho-w caiiiie. If any y»u h n v c , -,vliy a divorce from the b o n d s of matrimony should no: he frr.'tntcd the H h e l l a n i above narr^d. THOM-AS L. HOWARD. Sheriff. Sheriff y Office, April 5, 191S. Try our classified advertisements. "WANTED -- YOUR business. RE BAHBERINO - tf · TTAJS'TED--HGTRU FOR GENERAL housework. 30-t East Fayette. "WANTBD--COLORED "WAITER AT YQFjGH HOUSE RiCSTAUHAXT: "WANTED--GIRL . FOR GENERAL ·houaowork. -EL.rKRN'S, 404 South Piltsburg street. · 22apr-tfd - WA-NTED--SECOND HAND writer. Call Bell 13-R, or Tri-State 98-W,- Sfount Pleoaant. ., · 23Cebtf- i If. G. May. Attorney. HAZKU tiLiRK MORRIS \"S. RALPH Kmoraijii iiorriy. In the Court of Conumjn Pleafi of Fayette county. Pa.. No. 324, December 'Term, 1917. To Ralph Enurson Morris. R u s p o n d f t n t : You a,rc hereby n o t i f i e d that the subpoena and alias subpoena in this case have boen r e t u r n e d "Non est Jnvntus." you arb therefore required to appear in tho Court of Common, Pleas ot Faycttc countr, ra.. on the second M o n d a y of May of srald Court. A. "D. 1918. Lo answer the l i b e l and compln.InL filed tli^f*- in, and show taiu^e, if any you have, why a divorce from the brmde of matrimony should, not be granted the l i b e l Ian t above namod. THOMAS Jj. HOWARD, Sheriff. Sheriff's Office, April S, 1918. - - FT. G. May, Attorney. CLARA MAY FIRST VS. THOMAS J. FIRST. In the Court of Common Picon of FayfcUe county.-Pa., No. -22-1, March T e r m , 1P1S. To Thomas J. First, R o s p o n d e n t : You aro hern by n o t i f i e d that the subpoena and alias .subpoena in this case have been returned "Non 'est inventus." you arc thorn fore rc- j quirod to appear I n . t h e Court o f ' C o m . mop Pleiis of Payetie county. Pa., on i the second Monday of M a y of said : Court, A. O. 1918, to unstver the libe! | and com : pialni filed therein, and-, nhow '· caUHO. if any you have, why a divorce ! from the bonds o£- matrimony should not be err anted the libellant above i named. "THOMAS L. HOWARD. Sher- Iff. Sheriffs Office; April S, 19IS. TUESDAY, APRIL 23, 1918. 1776 We Have O a Liberty We believe that every man, -woman and child in Connellsville should own a Liberty Bond--not merely one bond but as many bonds as they are able to buy. It is better to invest your money with Uncle Sam NOW, than let Germany take it away from you later. THE LIBERTY BOND CLUB makes the buying of a bond a simple matter for everybody. We buy the bonds for you and you pay for them in easy weekly installments. $i down and $1 for 49 weeks pays for a $50 Bond. $2 down and $2 for 49 weeks pays for a $100 Bond. $5 down and $5 for 49 weeks pays for a $250 Bond. $ 1 0 down and $ 1 0 for 49 weeks pays for a $500 Bond. Under this plan, even if you haven't saved a cent you can buy a bond. All you need to do is totake a dollar out of your next pay for the first installment and a dollar a week thereafter until the bond is paid for. PATRIOTISM AND SELF PROTECTION Buying bonds just now is a patriotic duty. It is also a matter of self-protection. Uncle Sam needs our help. It is our battle he is fighting. If we do not furnish the money he* cannot win the war. Isn't it better to lend to Uncle Sam, at good interest rates, than pay Germany a huge indemnity? Wouldn't you rather lend Uncle Sam your last dollar than pay the Kaiser one cent? Of coarse you wonJd, so-Come in today and enter your subscription for Liberty Bonds. First National Bank The Bank That Does Things For You. CONNELLSVILLE, PA. WAMTBD.--TWO OR THRKK UN- furnlshed rooms' Cor light* housekeeping 1 . 230 'Ease Fairview iivRnue. H. M. Carroll .Attorney. LAVA DA H. SVTLIGJSRT, VS. SAM- | uel T. Swigert. In the Court of Com- ] j mon Pleas of Fayotte county, P:u, No. j I ICC. September T«rm, 191". To Samuel j T. Switrert. Rt'ppondpnt: You are here- I by r.otiftcd that the eubpoona and alias subpoena. In whii* case have bpen returned "N'on e«t Inventus," you ur; Lliarofore - r e q u i r e d to' ».pDear in t h e Court of Coirnnon Plas of Kay^cte County, Fa,, on the second Monday iif May ( of said Court. A. 0. 10.18,.to answer the . libel and complaint ftlrd therein^ a n d } show CfUis*\, If any you h a v e , why a; divorce from the bonds of, matrimony i should not hi; Rranted the J i b e U a n t above nanrl. THOS. U HOWAKD. . Shcri. Sheriff's Office, April 5, J?3?. j Chan. "W. Baer, Attorney. j JOE CSASZAR VS. J'JJ-IA CSAS- ; KAR. Tn the C o u r t o? Ocmmon P l f a ? ; of Kayottp county. Pa., No. 143 March j Term, 1918. To J u l i a Csasnar. KCP-*! p e n d e n t . You are hereby notilied t l i a t ; the- subpoena, and altos subpoena in this J case have been returned "Non nsl in- j veiitua," you ar - therefore required, to J appear in the Court of Common Pleas -. of Fn.V'ettQ county. Pa., on th» second Monday of My of said Court, A. D. I 1P1S. to answer the libel and complaint!/; filtd t h e r e i n , and show cause, if any j you have, why a divorce f r o m the- obnds ' of m a t r i m o n y should nol he granted ; t h e l i b e l l a n t a b o v e n a m e d . THOS. I*' HOW ATin, Short ft. Sheriff'-: Omce, ! April 5. 191S. 1 I C a p r i t - t u c S i TWO HOLIES LINOLTCU.M BETWEEN VANDERBIUT AND 'LA.VTON. LIBERAL RI-TWARD ·IP RITTITRNKD.- CALL COUR- IER ON EITHER PHONE. AT ONCE ONE LINOTYPE OPERATOR AT THE DAILY COURIER OFFICE Of AH Kinds i not the cheap kind j but the ! good kind done here WANTED--BOYS AND G-IKbS ^. u.*^. 16. years, of aRO- -Paid, -rvhiie learning-, ««xr».-«r T TMr-r r TM SILtK M J J ^ .. .. . ' " iiaprtid . ..WANTED--HEIGHT . BOT OVER 16 jrcars-of'aee-to Searn job printingr. In- quire--JOB--DEPAJITMENT, Caarier. . .' '_..'. . '.. .',..,.'.".'." rBapr-tf. "WrfTED--=-OI«D-, ' FAI^SE" . TEETH. Don't matter If broken. l m pRy'52.00 to SI5.00 per set. Send " b y parcel post ,-tnd receive check b y ' r e t u r n mail. lj. MAZER, 2007 South Fifth street. Philadelphia, Pa. .IlaprUSt" WANTED--"VTOOD TANK, NEW O'R jiocfihcl hand, tn have a capacity of :iti r OOO to 50,000 gallon. REPUBLIC IRON STBrO, COMPANY/ No. 820 Ifiryt Xationftl Bank building; Uniontown. Pa. · ' · 2Sa.pr6t "WAXTEU--ANY KIND OF PBWi 1 - iny, whether it is a calling card, sala bill or the nnest engraved weddine- invitation or announcement. We print anything--everything:--do it promct?.y and do tt right. CaU the man at THS COURIER ofHce. Both phones. 27-tf WANT BT5--MAL.E CLERK FOU keeping form records. One who can operate typewriter prcforred. 1C of m i l i t a r y ape must show reasons Cor not being: In the service. Slate salary i-xpected. Address "CLKRK," care The Courier. 23apr-tC . It's footwear that women believe in, as we have for 30 years, if you buy them. i Everything new that's good is here for your choosing. Black, White, Grey and Brown, Shoes--Pumps--Oxfords STar FOR RENT--SIX ROOM HOHSE ! w i t h bath ,targe lot. y'25 n month.' Nine , r o o m house, in good c o n d i t i o n , SI8.00. i-'our room house, jlrt.GG. Large flat, i in C o u r i e r PI nee and West M a i n , $50.00 '. I Ten acres g r o u n d w i t h house on It, · I M u s t End, §10.00 jior ttioiuli. J. A. MA; | SOX. SecurLd Nationjil B a n k liui'.dinjj ' YOUGH TRUST COMPANY

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