The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on April 23, 1918 · Page 3
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 23, 1918
Page 3
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TUESDAY, APRIL u, 191S - THE DAILY COLRIER CONNELLSVILLE PA. FAGB^THREE. 1 ; 4 NEWS OF THE DAY AT MT. PLEASANT BRIEFLY REATEfr Albert Rlbel is Mysteriously Beaten at His Far- f ittown Home. BIS SKULL IS FRACTURED r Surgeons DiwoTer rhis When They Operate at Hospital to Determine Aatnre 01 the Uaa's Injnries; Has Been in a Dozed Condition tor Bars. Spec at to TfiA Courier ITT PLEASANT^ April 23--On last 'Wednesday friends of Albert Ribel found him at its yarfttto-yrn home m a dazed condition He had evidently been, beaten about the head Dr J V, Shelaf »i» calkd and going to bis home found no person there but Ribel Ribel walked from the house to Dr Shelars automobile and from the automobile to -he hospital He cad sev eral verv ted lacerations and stitches ·were used o draw them together Soon alter going to the hospital it was noticeo that he was m a dazed condition ard the best of care and at tention did not seem to help him any SestetdavDrj _\L \\ -Homer andJOr. Shelar operated and found a very bad ftactuve o{ th8 sfcull. There, is .no clue as to who might have beaten Ribol Concert Tickets on Sale. Ticke's have been placed on sale with the students (or the concert that will be given b the Orchestral and Chora! cljl« of the Institute the proceeds of which will go to the Red 'Cross T'lis cdhcert will be given Ma 7 in the Grand, ope-a house '»9fh' XnnfterwirT. On Fnda) night the. Odd Fellows will celeb ate their 09Ji anniversan at the I O 0 F hall There will be a good n usical program 411 Odd Fellows and their friends and fam ili' k s are invited to attend Other Jiotes. Mrs G T Mcish has returned from Fort Oglethdrpe where she has been with Dr McNish Sam "U Her ot Terre. Haute Ind, sp«at Sunday -with Mever Barron 20 YEARS YOIJNGER ASSERTS : WOMAN Re- coiery Throus* Lste? H«ster~ yiiara.-voiing£r.'~aad: ~ sleep 1ike"a~logrwhtn I go-to beff, 1 saif Mri~ Marie -^chuU, of Graot^ ba n ·, r ei s'ortii Side, Pittsburgh Pa. since I began to take Tanlai _ I had suttereff-tor a iong time With rneumaLsm gas in *Tny stomach shortness ol breath and my bowels were always giving me trouble I often went tor das at a time without sleeptng H«5a*se ter" rible ne-vo"us condition So I got a bottle I had no idea. I would ,,et such quick relief ~.~af I had taken at out half a bottle the rheuma ic pains left m 1 mbs -M stomach got =o good that I could eat my me^ls and neer feel bad after ward \ly bowels got regular When I w o u l n - l i e dcmnr zt- night my head would tardly touch tbe nillcn* until I wontd lefasr asleep When~ 1 awakened m the morning I felt rested and could birdly believe it was myoelt Since I oave been iating Tanlac I havs not been troubled with gas pre'sm-; up against nx heart, I eat what I I go out among the neighbf rs and visit them and my f-ieuds and if I want to go lo a the atr° I go and have a nice time I never am afraid oj being sick any more Tarl ic is now so d here by the Con nellsvi le Drug Co Tanlac can also be secured in Duubar at D C Evans Drug Store--Adv- Dawson. Kaltex Furniture \prtl 22--Mr and Mrs J L Thomas^ wer« -over Sundav guests of their~daughter Mrs TVil- inm -Shannon, Ifoungstown O Theodore 'van Horn" t»ho has been In training at Camp Gordon and lately trai sterred to Brooklyn after a fe^ daV 'Urlough returned- Co join"his company today Mrs Anna Ober and daughter Miss Maudt of Scottdale,- spent Sunday nere vnth friends and relatives I At he congregational meeting 01 the Pre*?bjtenai church held Fndav evening jn_the- Gochrarr-bancruet hall George "Moore-tendered-his resignation i» financial secretary after servirg eight leara He will be sue ceedei bv J Roy Rear) Mr "uoor was^ rese.nte.d^bj ta trustees of the church with" a beautiful electnc lamp Charles Edwaro" Jones of Glassport was -be guest of friends Sunday Harry Foreman of sgast Daw-son visited his mother at Glasspori Sun dav «he being critically ill with preu mom i MV; louise Mong. ha a accepted" i po^iton^ as stenographer with the Yough Coal coropanv m Dawson Mr^ ttevellyn Townsend who ua 5 been on the sick lut jthe past few week-! is convajescent M^ Thomas "Urtntyre spent Sun day »iii friends and relatives in Leist nr ng IVink \nsell is ill at his hotr- oa Ra Iroad street with an attack c f ju( u n onia. _ ^ ^ Th Off'^ee-McOliTr^ conijsiii} s CCAFUjENCE _ April 23 -- Rev lu«v cieartnj away Qte di'tirls /roin Baker of enviburg college recently,, the" poent ftre at the -^afo'i~ in o'- i elected pastor of the Lutheran church fice ml 'eraporarv shed will be built ' preathed tit cicciHu-eate sfrmon to at f* ice- " ^* 1 ^ e nl Sh school graduating class in Anert roIheS'3-iis a. Pittsnurg bu,- i the Lutheran church Sundiv nignt in»" canef Satufdav | Bliss the little son of Mrs C R. Connellsvillc's lieliable Housefurnishers Since 1891 The Home of Nationally Advertised Merchandise The exclusiveTines of merchandise--advertised in all the leading magazines--the kind that have qualitjrbuiltTight into them--the kind that will give life-long satisfaction--you'll find them all right here at Aaron's. * There are Whittall Rugs, Hoosier Kitchen Cabinets, Universal Combination Ranges, New Process Gas Ranges, Wild's Linoleums, Leonard Cleanable Refrigerators, Pullman Davenports, Kaltex Furniture, Pathe Pathephones, Karpen's Upholstered Furniture and a great many others, And due to the immense buying-power of the four large Aaron stores coupled with our Merchandising policy, we are able to offer you these exclusive, high-grade, quality lines at lower prices than you will have to pay for just the ordinary lands in other stores. Convenient Credit, If Desired. g Here is that Famous Refrigerator with the j§ H seamless, dish-like lining--the genuine-- m | Leonard Cleanable | | Superb Porcelain Lined J Iff \n in one piece--with rounded corners brought jj| fH clear to the front =g jj= The Pride of every Housekeeper Don't con- H| fuse this wonderful sanitary lining vith paint or .= enamel or with porcelain lining put on in sheets =g= and the joints filled with cement If We will give you Free a sample of the Leonard g| Poieel un that will quickly show ou the difference ==. \on can't scratch it e%en with a knife. It is ever- Jp lasting, easih Kept sweet and clean Look for II the trade mark LEO Is ARD CLE4JS \BLE to avoid == imitation^ Just call and sec it, that's all we ask == ~=5 £E:SE H Prices from as low as $8.50 Upward. H HOOSIE Jl A K I T C H E N C A B I N E T | Perfected by Many j if Experts The Hoosier Cabinet is a 20 \ear development It embodies all the best j itcho i shoit-cuts KHOVUI to kitchen srjonce The Hoosier Compain has tested m p~\ imj nnement H has re ected an use es^ Unrigs So this cibmct is not cluttered n im wa Al! Hoosier inventions are practicable and helpful And Hoosier s ("VjunciJ of Knchcn Scientists include he most la ten ted ex pens m America The\ ire -no-king constantly to find new improvement^ If a better cat 1 met co ild bp biult the Hoosier Con panv w o u J f build jt Money-Back Guarantee Pvcrj Hoos cr -? sold on the famous guarantee Your raone a 1 ! back lE ou arc not del gbtfii A small pavment brings von this lifetime k tchen helpei Then \ih-v dcla-*' "^ ou can afford a trifling; deposit now tb well as ater But von cannot aflorc. to work withou Hooier longei Conto see the ne» models. H jo i K ci M 1\ t n U hi l o fec c n t id ( n-.uHa.nt, n i M r her of " ounc 1 o.f ^ ie tiJt u hi r k j j J K f on-Uirt IK tli -I o er J \] rt 1 ro 1,--Tlie Mr "I KiichLn i.qu p obligation whatever. Prices from as low as $26,50 Upward. We "have al"w ays takea particular pride in the Rugs arid "Carpets t£at we sell Whatever you buv here must g!vefcu at least one hundred cents "worth of value for -finery 1 dollar of its cost That's wh we sell Whittall Rugs And u e have them in a]] sizes--patterns a uitable for e\erv room In ^hem are reproduced the mabterjneces of Oriental ^oa\ing with, true regard tor the beautv of their de*ign and colorings--and they are just as durable as thev are beauUfuL "\\hutill Rugs contain, but ^er little sentiment--th it s 'wbv the last so long* and cost so little I t s the quality of "tthittal Rugs that ·determine their price--their^"wonderful beauty costs you nothing And right now you can buv Whittall Rugs at saungs of a least So^c--because ^e contracted tor them o\er 6 months ago ifOU get the benefit o£ the low prices tbat prevailed then Come to our big Second Floor Rug Department and see the many pleasing designs w e re showing m "SVhUtall Rugs "iou re just as ^vel come whether you come to purchase or just to look around See the !K12 fthittall Bags that *we're offtringr at ^-- $45.00 Wild's Linoleums "^\e are also featuring man new designs and patterns in. Linoleums that o' 11 enjoj seeing Do Your Bit! Back up the Boys in the Trenches! This Massive Three-Piece Pullman Living £ Room Suite. An Exceptional Value at ^- One of he new -nodels just received Frames a-e »olid oak The spring c-on^lnfuon is of he very he i and the .suite is upholstered in the best grade of black imitation leathei 1 mrsncd m a beautiful SO'dt,n oak \t t^is price it s a \alue -v JU can t afford to o% erlool The Talking Machine You Will Eventually Buy! Pathephone --the only standard Phonograph designed to plav all Records' --No Needles to Change' --No Records to wear out' Patbe Accords B5c to $4.00 FathcpJiones $30 to "5223. This Pathephone Outfit $100.00 Model and G Record!.--(1J Sciechons)-- $1O4.5O On caM, coincnicnt Credit ftnus, Karpen Upholstered Furniture- An inspection of this F-irniture -\vill confirm our assertion that it is the most comfortable and the best built Furniture ever offered at such moderate prices Careful -workmanship combined \\ith proper construction gives the cushions in ever\ piece the utmost comfort And all pieces ha\e removable spring cushions on deep spring seats and soft spring back --which is distinc- tivelj Karpen Marshall spring construction used throughout This Sturdy Kaltex Rocker $4.25 This Comfortable Kaltex Kocker $7.25 An etceptioral value at the price Verv substantial^ built to give \ears ot service A real rest giving Rocker Has separate cushions and spring seats Ijpholstered in fine cretonne This Stur dy Dresser Very beautifully designed and solidly built Has large roomy draw e-o and full si/e plate mirror Finished n Golden Oak SIMPLEX UNIVERSAL Stove Department--Basement Sec (Jie Spetial Aet\ Froicss Gns -f Q Range hat «e're offering .it «|) JL«7« Universal Combination Range Its the highest grade and best niade combination range on the market Burns coal and gas or both fuels at the same time without one inteifermg \\itli the other A wonderful baker and cooker Keeps the Kitchen cool in summer and warm in winter Cone in and see it demonstrated The New Process Gas Range The ^cv Process "Korks ··a isfactorilv \ nder all conaitiou of gas piessu-e Equnppd \\i patenied lighter Has lv.r- piece burners ind their «cie. tific aiiangcment saves 25"r o' voui f u e l bills _ Confluence. Neville was a. recent business caller In. UnientoTrn-- - If so. re»d our »d»ertimis colnmni. Pichtner who has been il! for severai weeks, is r^wrted better \fr and Vrs J L. Bnrn worth and two sons v'sited .the former's motoer and brother at Johnson. Chvel Satur- y night and Sunday Rev W M Eincken pastoi of the £! church lef for Johnstou n yed terdaj near which ulace "he is billed for a two weeks evangelistic cam paign Mrs L Minder lias, -eturned from the home of her sou John at Euclid Pa. where she spent the Winter She will occupy the Thomas Bomar house on the West Side Some of tne mam friends of Mrs H P Burnworth ot Johnson Chapel treated tier to an. old fashioned birth- day surprise part) Saturday evening A large number w e r e preaint jnd a verj eTjjo"a£ e time vvai, spent ux all Miss Mao bulliviu o' Pit ibn g who is _n invalid was brought to the borne of her mother Sa urdav in hopes he change w o ild lipn^ft her ^ G C-ahb? of Hj-nd-ian is v sit ing his 513 er U s , John · and familv here Mi and Mrs John Crouse and bata of ConncHsvill? vibited Mrs Grouse s parents here over Sunday Hark Nol£. who iias been sawing lumJbet for he TV ndlll Lumbei com panv a Dunbar on S C for s t v t r a l mouths c-itoie here last w^ek arui 'us faraiU t h e v le'unied to Dun hanon ebierday ihe func-al of Mr 1 - H C beau \ \ i l i take place V Ehe lion e Vi ednes »T 32 noon in charg' of hei p stor RL% 'ft "\ Bracken Internn.ui at Addi son Pa Bi liij, E C r ' U N S II You Are Hunting .Bargains Read the adverUseing columns of The Daily Courier. You will ind tirazi. NAPOLEON ONCE SAID ,, 'OOIBO e \r I r t - A n A r n v IJslf Vctetteii ' M e n i n U u 1 ROa I B in L-nuU nme t la in ino Army ju d Navy putUr from i ItKrrs nnd c TV Bpouoolbctrfee F^ctr I oi\t r t K U thotilU the unHwptic pooler to shake 1-uolb* Bhowi- UfmhennLhollred »chinc smnrtluc '«t wid heals blisters and eore tpots The I atoburc Ciunn MRTIQRI ftdripcc men tn in nine to tn*t« dulf o*e of jroot-£ft«. Sold crerrfThcrc, WB. INVALUABLE FOR COLDS Tf ik i n il-i t i l s f I I i o »Dound IP F n ) -5 k o* hront tl.roa.1 lunc tTjubl VI th»- r^J «J ai an 1 toil quai- lii*"« r on I ·*·! n ihli Calcluit coiu- l*ound v o umiuV dry s Tri them to- 50 cents a box, including war tai tJiose who adverttM,

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