The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 7, 1938 · Page 13
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 13

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, January 7, 1938
Page 13
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FRIDAY, JANUARY 7,193S. THE DAILY COURIER. CONNEULSVILLE. PA, PAGE THIRTEEN. Notes of Farm And Home Prepared by R. B. Carter, Firm Acent; Miss Mary. Anderson. Home Economics Representative. FARM SHOW TO INCLUDE BABY BEEVES AND I/AMBS Members ol 4-H baby beef and lamb clubs arc putting the finishing touches on the animals they will exhibit at the Pennsylvania Farm Show in Harrisburg January 17 to 21. County round-ups have determined the selections for the State showing and about 50 per cent ol the baby beeves and fat lambs grown by the club members will go to Harrisburg. In the exhibit will be 100 baby beeves and 1CB fat lambs. Counties represented in the 4-H livestock classes Include Blair, Berks, Cambria, Centre, Chester, Clinton, Cumberland,'Dauphin, Fayette. Franklin, Lancaster, Lebanon, Lchigh, McKean, Mercer, MifHin, Montgomery, Northampton, a n d York. Lambs in the clubs have been on grain feed since July and the baby beeves have been on grain food since early March. Following the award of prizes these animals will be sold at auction at the Farm Show.' SCOH'S SCRAP BOOK By RJ. SCOTT COWS NEED-WATER FOR ECONOMIC PRODUCTION Milk is approximately 87 per cent water. It is evident therefore, that cows giving milk need a large supply of water daily. A good sized cow, producing a large amount of milk, will drink 150 to 300 pounds of water per day while the same cow, when dry, may t.ot drink over 50 to 70 pounds of water daily- Too often ice has to be chopped from the watering trough in winter or the cows have to go a long distance from the barn for a drink. Under these conditions a cow does not drink all the water she should have and her milk production is lowered. It is important that cattle, especially heavy-milking cows, have access to water several times a day, or at will. Individual drinking cups furnish the best system several times a day, or at will. Individual drinking cups furnish the best system lor watering cattle where water can be used in that way and the bam does not freeze. They cannot be emphasized too strongly, for the increased production of milk soon pays the original cost. Hot water added to the trough will remove the chill and cause the cattle to consume more water. Many dairymen have found this practical where the trough is located outside the barn. Cows that nre kept in a shed and are stabled for feeding and milking only will produce more milk if there is running water in the shed at all times. Water is cheap and more use should be made of it. The inexpensive things like water too often arc neglected in feeding. RESOLVE TO SAVE TIME FOR FAMILY ACTIVITIES Every Pennsylvania homemaker wonders whore to find time to do extra things. Why not resolve in 1938 to look for these extra minutes, suggests Miss Mary 'Anderson, home economics extension representative of Fayettc county. Extra minutes will give the homemaker time to read, time for community activities, time to spend with flowers or other hobbies, and most important of all more time to spend with her family and for relaxation. By eliminating unnecessary tasks, a. few minutes may be saved. Aik yourself the question, "Is it essential to the happiness of the family that I iron underwear and sheets?" , Perhaps there are tasks which may be done by other members of the family. Boys may keep the wood box filled, and girls may help to keep the house, dusted. Each child may make his own bed and keep his ARE.-THE. Mo$f. ACfTVE- OF AU_ LW1N6 £REATilRHS XMSAJKK- AS AJt E.YH- Ivt 1.OHO1-L Normalville NORMALLVILLE, Jan. 7.--Miss Aline Miller and Miss June Burk- lolder returned to California State Teachers' College alter a two week Christmas vacation. Mrs. C. H. Brooks has returned home after a few days' visit with her daughter, Mrs. E. C. Miner, of Connellsville. A New Year party was given by Miss Freda Miller Friday night, December 31. A lunch was served by HEW i o sorts AIR. VtAli. S-fAMP PERU 5Am-r O-F-THE- A.MEJUCAS f PHli-lPPWES AND -triE. 1N01ES COi^RICHT. I9M.WNC flATURtS SYNDICATt. I U J U m i n \ Boston's Mayor and His Family Seated in the mayor's chair is Boston, Mass, U Maurice J. Tobin, pic. tared after his inauguration. Grouped about him arc his family--Mrs. Tobto, «H his two daughters, Carol Anne, 3, nnd Helen Louise, i. H« miccecds Mayor Frederick V. MansHold. room in order. Study methods for doing various household duties. How many steps or motions may be eliminated by better arrangement of equipment and furniture? Because we have always done a job a certain way is no reason why it needs to be done the same way today. Perhaps the time taken to wash dishes may be cut down by scalding instead of drying all the dishes with towels. It is fun to try out new and different meth- ods. A kitchen tool or cleaning aid may help to do a task in less time. Maybe a ' rearrangement of equipment wilJ give extra minutes. Saving one hour a day means saving 15 days a year. All this extra time may mean the difference between being a good housekeeper and a good homemaker. Begin the new year with a few resolutions and plan to save bolh time and energy for your family. Safer Equipment For Mining Being Used Everywhere An important step forward in the cause of safety In coal mining in the recent adoption by prominent manufacturers of coal-minini; machinery of the policy of producing and marketing types of equipment which have been approved by the Bureau of Mines, Department ol the Interior, at the same price as equipment not bearing such approval and which in the past hat been marketed »t lower prices. Recently .T prominent builder ol coal cutting machines has advisee the Bureau of Alines that in me future several types of Government- approved coal cutting machines will be sold at the same price ns the less safe non-approved equipment, thus doing away with substantial price differential that formerly existed much to the detriment of the introduction of Govornmcnt-approvec equipment In gassy minus. Also, a manufacturer of loading machines has advised the Bureau that the policy of his company is so to plan its work as to make none but Government-approved types Their present price on Government- approved machines is so near that of the unapprovcd types that there is very little incentive for the purchase of the less safe type. The Bureau of Mines has been investigating coal machines for more than twenty-five years in order that coal operators may have equipment available that Is not apt to ignite mine cas and cause a mine disaster. Therefore, these progressive steps in the interest of safer mine equipment ore appreciated anc commended. The future safety of mechanized mining depends to large extent upon the use and adequate maintenance of Govenrment- approvcd machines. It is hoped that other mining machine manufacturers will take simular steps to eliminate any price differentials now existing between unsafe and Government-approved equipment. Becomes Breakfast Table TALK OF THE TOWN · It's new, 2estful and welcome as the morning sun. Crisp, toasted, malt-flavored morsels waiting to put new life into morning appetites. No wonder everybody loves this grand hite size cereal! No wonder everybody's talking about it. For a happier, tastier breakfast... try Shredded Ralston in ihe red, while and blue checkerboard-package! the hostess. Mr. and Mrs. Husscll Miner of Connellsville visited Mr. Miner's parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Miner, over the week-end. Miss Katheryn Brooks of Cleveland, Ohio, visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Brooks, over the holidays.'' j Blaine Channing has returned 'to the CjCC camp after spending his Christmas vacation at his home here. Mr.) and Mrs. S. P. Miller and Mr. and Mrs. Robert Miller and family visitad friends at Scoltdale over Sunday.) , ; . Mr. and Mrs. S. T. Steele have returned home-after attending the funeral of their son-in-law, Eugene Heam, of Richwood, W. Va. ' Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Miner of Connellsville visited Mr. and Mrs. Carl C. Brooks over Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Jessie Hall'ot Ohiopyle visited Mr. and Mrs. Carl C. Brooks Sunday. Mrs. Hazel Fullem was a business caller in Connellsville Thursday. ° )h «' Fr*th toasted wary day and ipt*d*d ttt your nearby AP Food Slor* where it !i ground before~your «yai iho "3-lb way you want it ground, retaining all th* rich flavor and Bag ' ' " ' aroma. Mor* people buy I O'Cloek than any irld. Try " . . . . '» "·· «« younalf--today. 43 Slngl* Pound I5« There U no b*tfar evaporated milk than Whrte Houi*--it U r««t milk wlth met* th»n half of Hi natural water ramovad. Ui« it ganarously in cream* Ing v»g«tab|ei, mating puddfngt,. and fn many oth«r wayi. AcctpUd by Amiriean Madicsl AIIO- eiation Committee en Foodi. J ·V ·" Cant Red Go*t Towel* * Pacific K 6 * lona Corn 3 lona Tomaioe* *J Kidney Beant IW.K 2 Apple Sauce » 3 S Sauerkraut *« 2 '? Plain Olives ~.~ Daily Dog Froth Bread ·* 10c Pork Beans . _ _ lona Brand--Wifh Tom*t* Save* Baby Lima B«an$ « 25C laia Brand no Red Beans . Sultana Brand r - 15c Kidney Beans . U 25c SuMtn li ** A Mackerel · · Ready, to Serve 25 Yellow Commea! !£ 5c ~ 5c * E 5c £ 5c 19 5e Mat. Your Own Minh Our Own Blend Tea Turn to TM ToJ.y-- Fw Vrtiltty 6ks$vi fabk ftteis- Chili Con Came Hot Tamaies Corned Beef Hash Beef Hoodies A, Veal Noodles A, Beef Stew *-- w 10c Lamb Stew "T 10c Mush Bacon *--·, M 10c '±15c Roast Bsef «.. '» 15c Corned Boef ,, ;':;' 15c Pink Salmon ^ 2 «r f 9c Tuna Fish WWAHA «. 15c Lux Toilet Soap 4c.v.,25c SPRY Th. Compkiion So.j. of B..utiful Worn... 7^, Trfpl. Cr««m»d~ Sh Ufebuoy Soap 3 20c % 53e 2 21c Th« R.J H.«lth Soap ' _______ Lux Flakes . . '3?23c For Laundering Fin« Clotfm I mill plgi, I9 . Rinsp For SUNNYFIELD FAMILY FLOUR 65c k Sale of DREFT w.ji u » Sto (« Buy on* Larg* Paclaq* of Draff »l regular pcic* and gat * Small Pcctaga for le Extra. from CilllornU-- fait fteid IrtnJ t.«9«r SIM, doi 2?c f c * **' Bananas . . . «, 5c Large Yellow Ripe FrvH TOf Spaghetti Macaroni U k , 25c f , ANN PACK O l"9« O C Lattup SHADE A 2 n t v z O c Mushrooms . . Tender and Fresh Maine Potatoes U. S. Sov.rnment Gr.d. He. I 25c In AP Meat Markets, PORK LOIN ROAST CHUCK ROAST Meaty End Cuts, 14c II). SUGAR CUJIEJ) SMOKED CALLAS Half Choice Cuts ·1B.17C Ib.l8c Ib. 15c PURE PORK SAUSAGE L S rL ;?'.rib. 23c CERTIFIED OR PURITAN SKINNED HAMS Whole or Sliiink Hull' SKINLESS WIENERS Tender, Juicy Ib. 23c Ib. 23c

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