The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 1, 1930 · Page 1
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 1, 1930
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' , '" ·· '. ! · ' , ' J i' i · » i 1 JLiast T-) Cidition ri p rice Connellsville's Biggest and Best Newspaper. The Be at Advertising Medium in the YougE Region VOL. 38, NO. 70. CLYDE R. WEIHE IS MADE GEN. SUPT. OF WAI5HINGTON MINES W. E. Lahiu Whoso Kesifrnation Became Affective Today. WILL .REMOVE TO STAR JUNCTION Joel Ellsworth Kvans, years, · By virtue ol thc resignation, of "W. B. ijahm, general superintendent of the Washington Coal Coke Company, Clyde- "R. 'Weihe, assistant general supeHutotident, today takes tho position v \ca_tod by Mr. Lahtn. Mr! Wei te hafi been with tho Washington Co-if , Coke Company for a number oS' years, .first as mechanical engineer In charge of all,'mechanical equipment at both Washington No. 1 and No. 2 mines. Two years ago he waa promoted to the assistant erlntondency in'.-which, capacity baa since nerved. Mr. Wclhc began his preparation for ths poltkm he now occupies when ho entered tho shop of th6 Connellss- vllle Manufacturing " Mine Supply Company fn the West'Side where he learned the machinist's trade and j ton, Ma-Ss., who became Ills wife In he CQNNELLSVIlljbE, PA., SATURDAY EVENING, FEBRUARY 1, 1930 SEVENTEENTH WIFE OF 1 16-YEAR-OIiI) RUS.31AV BEARS RON By United STALINIBAD, Bepubllc of Tadjikis- tan, U. S. S. R,, -Fp-b, 1,--A son hp just been boi a t5 one of the oldest men in this i ogioa, ;t certain beggar named Mashnun^-age, 116. Mstshnun llvea in the village of Shl'kat. He ' mftrried a t0-yar-*old woman la«t yx-ai'. She, the mother of the boy, is his 17th wife. JWl E. Evans Dies At Vanierbilt After Paralytic Stroke five months and 29 days old, prominent jbuslnesa mqn of Vandorilt, died Thurttday night at his homo, following 'a seco ul stroke of. paralysis, which came while he was^tjufl store, Mr. Ev.ans vas born near VanJdr- bllt August 1, 1863, a son, of Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan IDvans. Wnoa in his teens ho 'attended Colloge, Oberlin, Ohio, ,md while there he met Nellie Burdlo, formerly tf Bos- oth,er linos; of work associated^ with tho production ot mine machinery, Completing his trade he .becamo: mechanical engineer of the, Washington Coal Coke Company since which, time his advancement has i been steady. He qualified for the duties of mine foreman bv homo study ami taking tho examinations conducted by-tho state hoard of this district. He also became u member of the American InstHulo of Mechanical Engineers, the American Mining Congress and Conl Mining Ins ituto of America, lie been a regular attendant at tho annual meetings' of these bodied "Mr..Welh3 will retain his residence at 402 Fast Washington avenue until a f t e r the clbs» of the school year when ho -will remove to Star Junction. The iilans of Mr. Lahm for the .future have not been annouiiged. 1SS2. To the uaton six childreu were born -- five dau ihters and one sou. They are: Has:"!, wife of E» A. Hedge .of Scenery Hill; Hoy Evans of Van 1 - derbllt; Lennlc wifi of A. C. Seal of McKeespoH; I'aarl, -wife of Herbert Dia of Sharon Ijillle, wife of Slurdle McDonald of Wasontown; Eater, wife of B. T. ShallcubcrKer of Vanderbilt. Hi? is also sun|vd by seven grand 1 children, two sisters, Mrs. Mollte Ollftq'n of Vand'irbllt siiul Mrs. Althea MOTHER, FOUR SONS ENROLL AS MEMBERS OF 7ANDERBILT BAND Klvo mombcrs ol one family hav ulroady joined the nowly organized junior. band. sponsored, by -the Amei'l- cnu Legion community Baud of Vun- tlei-bllt. , v · Mrs, Temperance- Tajlor, w!£ of "Ocovor Tiiylof of Vanderbilt, Is the tlr^t mrnii)e'. of her hex to become jfnliatm! wlt'j the new musical orgati- iKatton and pt the meeting; Friday evenias; the members elected · lie: 1 temporary ticasurcr. EJleutlon of oC- Hoers was deferred utitll n-ext week. .-Mrs. Taylor luia U!HO enrolknl four ut hor chlldnm. The boys are: Thornas, 13, Errieat. 12, ·· Robert, 10 and Chiir, eight. They play thu baritone mid trumpet while f*\rs. Taylor IB a To date jthis is the largest number ijf jiny^ono fuml^y to become affiliated with the nunk'al vuiita in the Tvi- Town Community. TUG REPORTED SUNK WITH ALL Ofl BOARD l^v'ans of Uuiontowti. His wile died March IS, 1127 and since- 'then Jlr. Kvans had coi stately mourned her idss and uppai orilly I^jst Interest In general. Tt is t h o u g h t that as the result of his lob . he suffered a 'light stroke, followed by a second one} Mr, , Kvans sp-iit the first 25 years, ot his nwrietl life at MoKecBporl, Sarah £ Seekfj TWJBLVE -PAGES. Fain, Horf o!k\ in (longress Steal UNDER 50 CENTS Booh: Assets Shrink From $,4,-1 876,586 to $2,087,442 at I Present Value. , j NO DIVIDEND BEFORE JUNE! TJNloNTCWN, Tfleh, 1,---Final proofs , ot claim notices were mailed the dc( posltors in metre than 15,000 accounts held with tho defunct OHfzcms Title Trust Company ( by feeelyi 4 V- "vV- Jackson , y$8ierlB.y. Mailing , o£ the claims accompanied the fll'lng In court of the appraisal in which the,'book of,'the bank's asset? showed a dopteclattoti -fiom $4,876,586 - to $2,Oi:7,442, the present .actual value. Four months must now elapstn' be-the' next 'stop can 'be 'taken by Receiver Jackson. 'That length ot time Is given so ''that anyone dceiriiiR to controvert the bank statement as to balsnco'vvi'll have time to take such action. .At the expiration of th,at time, wlilch would bring the matter up to June 1, the exact amount of th« 'di- vMend pro Tata is then proportioned, With deposits in excess ot $-1,000,000 and assets probably less than $2,000,000, , lha present outlook points to"a payment of less than 80 per cont when everything lias 1 been turned, over to Mrs. Sarah tc,e ,Fain, i f Norfolk, first woman member t f the Virginia. 'General Assembl t, has. an- nbuneed her intentfon' sf seeking Congressional, honpra al the forth- cominir elections in i .er "natiw State. Mrs. Glenn All im i To Be Qaestioifed On Doiohoe i nquest depositors,' this connection banking and Special to The Cov-lor. UNIONTOWN, Fob. i.- Subpoenaes were-out today for Miss AMrfred Wests 20-year-old daugb'pr of VTrs. Ilelon Hess, nilatniBS ot Iho Wonseltlcr mane ion In South "Union , towualiip, and Mrs. Glenn Al'iini of Vaahlngton, Pa These two clcvolopm n.t.8 bcc'am^ Known following yewte day's an- the holdings in event tha bank assets ! Kourtemont that D*-. 13. A, Jaltx would lej/al circles are miicli luterestedj hi question of tho'llabfl'lty of the stook- holdeis. Under the original charter .taken out by the Citizens in 1874 thc stock was non-assesaaWe and there was no clause making thc holders of stock liable for twice the amount ot the holdings in event tho, bank assets fat ed to meet tbo deposit*. ' rfsjumc his roponer'o Inqu st iflto ilio The 'Stato Banking Popartment. it death of John f, Douolvoe nest Wedia aaid, is proceeding on the theory geaday aftergomi st 1:30 'clook. that this clause of (tin bank's charter What Miss H-ess knows those eou- wa 3 vitiated some y^ars aero when tho ; nertwl with the coVoiier'e utaff have b a r k sought and reseivoft permission | not divulged but H'·!» in icatod later Taking up bis residence at fron the department to conduct 8 j will bo questioned eoncorr nj? certain Scenery Ufll. l , c moved 1 5 years ago · · · · - to VatulerbUt Me was ouo -of moat wldaly known and highly nien (o! the couiniuuity the lie was an ardent i 'hristlan. Ho was ut Ono time a member ot' the Klatwo4di Baptist Church. Ijater he and his wifo united w i f h tbe Church of Vniitl'Tbilt. fie Itia n^Koiberdbtp unill d*atS'. ' The axHldtns neath' of Mr. came as a «hock to his many reltlvoa and friends at ^andorbilt and com- munlty. Ho ope at?d a store at Van- durbilt for niaiiv years Tlie funeral « i'vic3 will bo h«»!i Sunday aftcruoo-i/ at 2 o'clock at tilt? Presbyterian Ch'irch 'of 'VariderbiH, ·with Rev. S. W Mitchell, pantor o£ lh« Flatwoodn Jiapti-it Church, otti- oiating, liitorn^* nt will bo made In Uniqn Cemetery at J'lokerspn H u n . ROCKWOOD 8. £ 0. MAN RETIRES AFTER 40 YEARS OF SERVICE discount business. Such a basinets ' win permissible 0»1 f under thc new ban kin;.; act, mak- Inp the holders o£ stock llablo for twl.'cj the value of their stock and would bring owners of t h e institution onbrely -under ihi Tipwer act, the no' «nd ·.n tbo Wottsi tier homo preceding and up o the* nme of the murder, The young dau^ta »r find tail as yet figured as n wltns s In the .ease. Mrs. GJOJIB A J l u i n ta at other new in thsj prolw?, Tho « umilpatlon caw will fiiirioubtocij ' go fu flit' CHICAGO GUNMEN ASSASSINATE CRIME COMMISSION AGENT 'ANCIENT GALLBV RISEN A30VH LAKE JJE1HI AS PUMPS DRAIN 1USI1V Julins .Rosenhehn j|h6t Down In Street by Two Men Who Escape In Car. ACTIVITY MADE MANY ENEMIES , ' By TTtrttad 3?rtjffS. CHICAGO, Feb. ' 1.--Julius I?.oseu- hetm, crime commisS'ion tr-vestigator, today was assassinated by two gunmen who 'speeded away in the morning tog. Rosenhelm's body was found in a North- 'Side street with two' bullets through the head. Witnesses said two men descended from an automobile and shot him aa he walked, along the street" Rosenhedm wae\ employed by ,the special crime commission as ,'an investigator In gang affairs and as such Blade scores of en^oiies in the under- .world. ' ' ' TAXIGAB STRIKE BREAKER WOUNDED IN FIRST GUN, PLAY By t5n!tod Proas, 'PJTTSBURQ, Feh. 1. --- The first shoolinR of the Plttsburg taslrab drivers' strike, occurred today just two hours before representatives of tlm striking: drivers and of (he Parma loo Transportation Company, op- orators of Clreen and Yellow were to meet in/ another' peace acemn Spproma Court will affairs of Ibe insliliidon arc finally woiuid up, SMOCK STORE IS ROBBED, FIRED; LOSS IS $1,200 !: ^ ____ U( ,,,,,, ^ , SUOO w o r t h ,,f fn'fiss have airisadi* c p p f i t K! !n? Do««ho* w-r: rldlt g iogci ier In »!if Dfniolio? sedan m l : l , t o'rl ipk on tho uwrtiin% of U mn -di /, lo 8 i\\nn an hour or two byforc (ho v, tlim waa j brutally raAucd on ibc fifvu u n d (bftii The tirohablliiy tHa; Jaf,* b will altio bo called f r p w s Swaiipy Is K|U?KW! to h«vi said lie would not talk it callt-d, in the Btaitd. nccs 1v ve »o fair cropped oat haw eve-, ttsa.! t is prob- saw rotjl optirafor may IJP , , r , ^ k h , tf Cloth ns an.l other i»ore).*ndi» from | mth lc ,\ cv( , rytl , ing lvs kw WB . :r H^rs^rV.' 'rr r «»r: TM h * TM ;h v owr the storj of (Wfirw »« m to ihc one tartA Btoro b »nllu* I. a a U r t Gillian C. Mill, r of Itockwood has rounded out .for i y'.ynai*a "of,'uorvfce with the Baltimore , Ohio HalJread C«:npan.\ and upon his retirement WBt. highly eomniendt"! by Vlce-Praaldeut C. W. Galloway on his flno record. Mr. Milier apeni his customary time as flremun an'd w is thofi promoted to ttu engineer. H* worked nearly ail of his 'M years of service oil the Bom^ oi'set Cambria branch of tho Con- ncilavilie Division, lie has spent virtually till his 11!t at Koekwood. Th-e Brotherhood of L-icomotlvo Mromen and IStigjmvers ga-e him a handsome and suitably eupr.ived forty-yoar service modal- The tires-eiitation speech was made by M a n y Livingston df thu Connollsvill« Dlvi don, at a "banquet KtV'eii recently in Honor ot Mr. Miller. to ccvor up their crime and thpu mado i a chan getaway uatng a 1 lrnt-k to haul the loot, U Its believed Tlio Jlro was extinguished by J. W, Sparrow,'owner of a nearby garage, wllb tb3 aid of Frlck pollocmea without much damage to the building. Mr Bortz Ilvos in Unionfown and j cond icta hfa atoro at Smock, handling j ever) line of merchandise, He uati- [ inatei bis Joss at about tl,*!00. i By U n l t e i j Press. I'tJliT A R T H U K . Tex., Feb. i,--A t.iwi(t yacht, the Versa, put out from here today to a point about 70 milen at neu where the tug Edgar TontFy te reported to gone down "vvl'h all .hands aboard." . . / The tug carried a crew of li ofUcere and bands. The yacht Maamed out soon after the Standard Oil Tanker Liebrl pUHSeil through this port and" .Captuiu *;V-si.eVon o£ the tankei' continued a previoiw wireless n4«ijsage tha'. the barge had sunk. 'Ciiptahi Wef teren was loM of the disaster kite l-'riday aftor he sighted i , , , 7". ,., tho !ar* Oil .Imrgo which tho t« B i ^IONTO\VN, F, b. l-Twepty cases Bdgor S. Tone/ was reported to 4 « w - 1 woro "ported to oroner fa. A, Ball* Ing at Hie tUao it aunk. AH ho d r e w ! d »»'' n s Jonufti-y, J t a report for the nlongdldo tho stranded torgo, the i monUl ^^/f?"; f*TM JJJ?, OM « u l -' barge captain nhouted the tug had' e "' 6 " y TWO AUTO FATALITIES IN COUNTY LAST MONTH S c on tho mornini! of July 3 when a grange Htxliia bfirked in o him aiid! otu* of thrn.! wu'ii ;hrew \ broken baseball bat out, (he sM« of thw car. All wltuoisi'.» anc in iw on 1:30 nr? r*- pn mpily a BROOKHART PUTS UP SMEDLEY BUTLER AS DRY CHIEFTAIN Will He See His Shadow? ' J3y -Vnlted Prejas, } WASHINGTON, Feb. I.--A dpraand that Brlgudier Cenoral KnjvdU'y Sutler, the Marine Corps' famous dry champion, be Installed nij prolilbiUon commissioner waa made · today by Senat-)r Droolthari, Independent lie- pub^can, ot Iowa. goao down and none of the crosv w;w siived. No explanation was given. TREATMENT carbolic a(;W) oll ° f utomoblle ttccWent and one automowllt -train accidezit. Nino died from iiatuwl causes and live deatho wero'tku to mine accidents. VERY ROUGH SPRING MAKERS' MERGER BENEFIT TO PITTSBURG I i.o The Courier. UNIO.N'TOAVN. Keb. l.~Mrs. Minnie ·Deever of Soutli Brownsville llle'd a libel in divovco today against William P0tv«r of Lock 't. Wasliingtou county. They were married in lt2i at Lu- OciviHle, Cia. On November ^S, 11)28. Mrs, IH«vi.'r saiii her huslmtul beat her with Ilia t'1-Ht.-i on the face und body and | hi Jitly, .11)2!), In- l)r«!; A hor t h u m b , tn By HTTSBURG, Tt'ub J.--A merger ol Ihi'oe plauti! iminut.icturing railroad und Industrial api'bu s which It iy said STMY SHOT ENDANGER GIBSONAVENUEHOHE A .i'2 calibre bullet wljlch 'stluck the iifirth side of the' home- of Mrs. Clara W, Campbell pf'410 Wast Gib$1011 avenue knocked plaster off tho wall and scattered it over a room, Accordipg to a police report Friday ovoniji,^. The Incident wa;a said tf have icccurrad midilight Thursday. v J t U bolievod by officers that a stray fib ot. fir od by some person hit tho building. WALL BEGINS HIS DUTIES AS CHIEF will result in, a Ifti'Efo Kharo .'of, t.h j-lii-lnii business nt (lie country i-omntg { ~ """ to. tiie Pltl»bni'if l i i s t r i o l was a n - j · ]l ' ln f -'- " a t ' l!lis niornina f o i m u l l y hlac-ktMi l o t h her" ejt's.' Mlt Mioum-ed loiUy. ' , assTMneil his (lulled as rhiet or police. Other aim nllfi .«U^ w i l l ' r e l a t e in : Tlio throe C O I H I M I tc* involved nr? i M' 1 . Wall, bis vvi£o and litlk' duuftli- !'or( ( J K t Sprti K f u m n a n y , t h o , lot 1 ''^ movud i n f o un a p a r t m e n t fit r Spring Mm ut'ucturing Com- Wo '' Crawford avonue, y ami the spring department Ot Hie There wus no police M«ld. her tlivuvtH?Must.-iiiotiy. rain Sunday clmtey. Sttcji is tbe outloo); fop 0 ountfhog Day, tomorrow February 2. Ov«t" at Gobblers itnob, c i , near Panxaula-vriey, tl e nre jntfttluK i sady for the app*aranc« Of Bv'«r (Irmn dhog to- morrftw mornfiig, I 1 ' ihe- ? d*s are Weak or if lh« snn glilucK t e.v will, porhaite. liavft pn eass tagk. If there shouUl be- light r'lotvls, wit) uiwier- tainty as to wh^tlxvr tho maa- not wltt sco his »!iado^y ant} take fr jhl, tlio woather wlso'jri.ty h(tv- tnorc-' iifiliJuUy forecasting, . , , ' , I Anyhow, tiKyjsaty u 'Ur'er 3rou ; n'd- Mog BC-OS his shadow and scnn ea to hl« den thow will ie six ·winter, if not, aprirtg ji ».t hai d. HENRY CLAY GIVEN PERMIT TO RAIS i ROABTAX10!«LLS TNIONTOWN, Fob, l.--Hon y Clay' township'aupcrviisors were gh ui permission by lha c o u r t tHle inor u'tig to levy ai,i extra tax. oC 10 rallla 1 .r road purposes,, bouauee of (lie wicl 'spread of dirt James floone, 23, a strlke-br^aktr of Draddock, was taken to West Pcnn Ho-spital with a bullet wound In ,hn vlghl foot, polloa »ald. The shooUm?, to police, occurred at tho Pennsylvania Railroad station. Raymond Johnson, 40, a special deputy employed by tb.0 Yelloyy Gab Company, tyas -arrested. Police said JobnHon was sill lag in !he cab be- Boon? with an automatic pistol in hi'S hand. TIio gun was discharged in some manner. , Another deputy guard was arrested, with bavins at- .sun and-n ai rt i stot!' ch titled *ftli i-ar- K tOHded' rfvo!v«r. Spijrta! deuuties mnploye*! as t-ab gnarda havp forbidden to carry BUUH bv po- by police tempted to third KENDALL UNABLE TO ATTEND V. F. W. BANQUET TONICHI Thomas A. Bailey, ' comanaador eif K. Brown Post, Veterans of Warn, rec«lv«d a" telegram today from Congreaaman ammi*l A, Kouda.ll that because ot tb* condition of tho lattie-r's arm and hand, injured when he fell this week on an icy atreoi. in WafPhiiiKton. ho would be unable to attend the annual banquet tonight markinpr t.h« anniversary of tho outbreak of th« Philippine !n*urrjjotkjn. The cons cows man has not one of the · p »(jerans' events in ROM®, Fob. 1.- "With tho receding of La}r? iStemi'a waters, th« structure of Caligula's seco ad pleasure galle'y has beguri to emerge from its muddy bed, and today wu i more than fl foot above the sx;rface. Five months more work will, be- required before 'Ij^e Nemi has beeji suDicj'ently drained to release: the entire c.raft to the eyes of :atu dents, magniflcen of the ancient .bark, which was the scene of some of tho Roman emperor's wildcat diversions, -hag largely d 1 ^appeared beneath a hrtavy coating of mud. ' The galley IS appcoxlmafcely !!3E feet long and 75 feet wMe. / "'· l^ake Nemi has been reduced to one- llfth of it« orlgrlnal sizo by the engineering process, ani its level must be reduced further by between six and eight feet. i Teacher's Success Lies in Inspiration -* - · i She Can Give Child One of the most interesting ' talks presented to teacher? of the Connellsville, city and Dunbar township school distrtcta, attending tho annual institute In '.progress , at the High School auditorium, was presented this morning by Miss Mary Tt, Lewia of tho Horace Mann Schocl, Columbia University. gave a different slant on teaching and declare! that tins 'Success of tfto teacher lies In tho inspiration H la possible- to give the child. Mi«a f-KvwiB su-batl luted on tho program for Dr. B. C. l r artwell, superintendent of schools ;.t Buffalo, N. Y-, who was suddenly culled home, "You've got to provide an Inspiration in tho clasrooia," sh« declared, ''and we teachers are responsible. 1 belktve the art of teaching Is Inspiring. If you can get the child to want to do something, to be ambitious, the bluest Tart of jour job is over. Creating a desire Is your job/' , · The Sipeaker suggested correspondence with students cf similar grades in another part of th country and an exchange or products of those districts' aa one ^neana of t:r- iting interest In school work. Sbo a bo inserted sh didn't Ijjpik'.vp chlldri « wore gtv«n credit «noui;h for thi things they do welt. , "It is !a good thing to encourage a .·child' to 'corn*, to sch ol and ask for help," tliie -young.. Instructor declared. "There. in no excuse fcr boys'aaid gkla not IJ'kin.g arithmetic if it is properly taught," she coniinuer;. Lewis said the reaction of the dinner will post rooms. served in ih« COSCROVE AGAIN HEADS BANK AT VANDERBILT W, A, CoBgroyo was ns-e!e:le4 President of the Fir«t National Bank a.t Vandorbilt at · the ' reorgauizatlon meeting ot the board of directors on Thursday. John F. Black was again named vlco president and Miss Qarrle Dull re-elected cashlrar. The members of th board are '|Jr. Cosgrove, Mr, Blokj Emerson 18. Arnold, Cu'rta C, Collins, C. 8. Harper, John A. Gutter and Robert Norris. SNOW OR RAIN WEEfC'S OUTLOOK ri«' The Weather Sloi-m VVblp.'i rAfUSt Fob. .'i--Ckjj.u("rt-iHe- sliippins i ier. and optnition .t "lnhinis lit-els w e r e ' Stuel Ctiv ''onipany of But- l?y United WASHINGTON, Feb. 1.-- Weather outlook for period February 3 to 8, in- oluslv^i . - | ·Middle AUanlfle States, i a period of pnowa ov-or north and snows or rain over south portion about Tuesday and a period of rain Thursday, or Friday. Cold' over the '.north and moderate temperature over the south portion the. Href half and above normal tem- jo-eraUirefi Uia latter half of tho week. ntuil^nts toward th^ t choo! In their was un indication of the measure of siieeofts the teai-her was paying. "If your chlldrfen^gu home ttred with SPORTSMEN OPEN .DRIVE FOR SOO MEMBERS HEBE February 28 Fixed by ConneHs- vllle Loeiil as Time Shall Be Beached. COMMITTEE ON TROUT NURSERY Conn«ni»vill« Local of the Fay« te County Pish Gamo Protective · A s- socjation. has opened vigorous me»i- berpbjp campaign' wltft a v febel of no less than GOO membera"before SYiaey. February'-28, 'when It will be closixl with the showing of a fine motion pjcfure of th«-outdoors; ' Although the campaign has bw-n ·unofficially-under, way for .the past ^0 days, it began in earnest today, following a, very interesting meeting ot the local Jaet night k at the Baltimoja Ohio Y. M. C. A. Although no place for showing r the-picture · was fixed, committees. t o arrange for tho evetit wove named and the finest presentation pj outdoor life ever witnessed her w i l l b e "fio- cured. A new interest in th© sportsmen's organization eeome apparent this season. The work done streams supplied with. In · keepin j fish and tba an ititeM«t in, schbot you can be pretty sure you are doiiiR n £O»d job, I like to know what tho ch'ld takes borne FHWARH K a n d , * always aak tbe-lp fatheru and , B|; " ARU «" ttiothors what they saj about schxx)!." j Jlofcrrlng to the a t t i t u d e of teachers i 8ho d«;Iared it was ' oaay to bo an autocra't Any adult can do that but it takoa am artintie teacher to guide from tbo background rind st mulate the ln- terewt of students. 'I'b it Is tho art o'. teaching." The morning session wn^ opened bj' Dr, W. H. );!rtrlck. pa ifor of Trinity Church. ' What Do Wo was the subject ol art !v»'tel'oist- ing cHacours« by Or. B. K. Fre'-w-ell of Colombia University. woods arid fields with game ie .winning proper recognition for the association and thoae who have started the mem · berehip canvaos report little or no difficulty in enrolling members. No, only^are- anglers and.nimrodi Decora- ing'aseo'ciafecl w'itb' tTae'eportemen, bir. also persons who" enjoy the Woode ant wild life. Admission to the motion picture wil, be on presentation of membershlr cards- Every member is Invited t;o bring his family as guests. 1 Boj Scojits arc inylted to attend in a body as gueetn of the local. "The matter of establishing trout liuraeries. was given conadde.ra.tkm ,atid a committee compoaeU'of'Roy'B. Otto, Tweed Stafford, John D. .Frlebee and "Victor Ftvhr wa« named to investigate the possibilities. The sportsmen have been assured of a supply of all tile trout they 'care to handle if the nur- sorioe aru provided/ Sufficient support of thte organization in the form of aiemberehipis will make tho establleh- ,ment'o'f nurseries possible. On Friday, February ^21, a. meet inn, will be hold for a. ebeek-up on tht» campaign and ail arrangements lov the closjng the following week will bo completed, Tho; committee in charge o1! arranging for the picture )s Ralph B. Uyall, Jame» Banning and Joha:D, Frisbee,' Speakers; wil! be provided by ] p rod Koher^li. L. Krepps Und,R, S. Cooper.' A publicity ronimittee Is composed of James M. Driscoll and, Henry. Allen: AS TREASURER TITLE AND TRUST COMPANK provided by slucien s and i;i teacher of the Connellsville Uigh School, Qllv-ia 'Ostorwlao.' autl EleauCit Dou- Biidio sang a duet auii Alisu ipaullne Hombach, a tuachur he;i, plaied vlo- \i\\ ssolos. 'i Tlio SnstituUt closed v 1th this afver- progran 1 STATE BANKERS MEET AT ATLANTIC CITY SHAHClN, T'ob, 1.--H. B. McDowell, president'of tho i'ennryl"a.nln Bankers AasoaiHtion and vicri-pr/'sident of tha j McDowell^ National Bank, announced] today (,bo date for the annual meeting of 'the aK«Qeiatlon, j ThB -BOffatOiu.H- will bo held May 21, j 22 and 2jj at- the Trayniore HoUj] at Atlantic 'City. K. Dick hap resigned as secretary and treasurer of- the Title Trust Company of Western Pennsylvania effective today. Joseph C. Brenuan of Pittcburg has been elected by the board of directors to fill thu vacancy and wilj assume his new duties next, Monday, Mr. Dick was desirous of being relieved of his duties at annual meeting on January 14, but ..wag prevailed upon to remain until his successor could take charge, Mr. Dick will associate himself in business with his son, Paul B. Dick. Mr. Brennan has been engaged as a^tax eonsultant for the past 11 yearg, prior to wlitch.lime he was employed by the Revenue Pepartmeitt for the period of about five years. He Is a married man with one child about sevoti years old and Is well known to q u i t e ' a number of the citizens of Oonnellsville. He will move hlB family here within a short time. iijrtnm WJl*3l BABE SWALLOWS PIN FOUR PERSONS PERISH IN FIRE AT J8RADDOCK lly Untlaa l'vo,t,. BHA0UOCK. JiV-b. 1.--Mr. and Mrs. James Wolford a n d - t ' a t M r two small children woro faltallj I'Uvned -today when an explosion, followed by firo, wrecked their home. School Director ^farJ?aret Jeannle Reed, nln«» months old, daughter of,Mr. aud Mrs. Robert Used,of West Leiseurlng, narrowly escaped death by strangulation Thursday^ afternoon. The child succeeded in removing a safety phi from, her stocking about 3 p'clpck that aftei'iioou and swal- io\\lEd It,. Her parents noticed that shol was ; ltot -feeling w«H and ru«hed her to the Presbylorian Hoapital, Pittsburg, where Or. Bllcft Pnttersou rcuioved thq open bafety pin. Thu child remained la the hospital ovr- . night but was removed to her home (yesterday apparently none thc worse for her trying experience, Wflrte, With (JlHSvport Pupcr. KJiBNSBURO, Feb. 1. -On peUuon ' v W.,, T. WerU, Cofwoi'ly of Soottrisvle D E ollUens of Donegjl asidng for the ' GEORGIA MOB ulepuudenl-OI^HOfver, Is editor and | a p p o i n t m e n t ol a perion to f i l l thc j ,, ^/-ik.T^.» »T^«-« rvtr'/~« r»^-\ NEGRO Indep general manager ol' Uie niassporl j vacancy ou (.he sciiOcil board, caused Times, which made its first appear- by the expiration of (he u rm of Slier- Tile Ji'ort Pitt ,todn\ b} .1 MM-CIV aiorm in ' cninpnnifs are lot 1 : toe! at tho J5Bpi:j-h Che mid a l o n g t h u j K o c k s . Thcsp coin 1 ' -UP arc D u p r Spring Atlantic .oa.v. l-'ifiltcrnifti iilong Uif VfnU'c 'coast we'-e forvvd u put into con. in t h e manufacture* · f ooil and olipti- c;il sprtDRs for ra Iroad purposes, Uactors, ctevatorr- an 1 Industrial uses. nigiit. DJ'U'harired From Hospitnl. Christine of llcldmorp T«- ast ^veiling from I h e Cnn- M a t e Jfosttal, whom he un- anct yesterday. H la n weekly pap«'i- f · man llaugw, .J)id?,e Will am T. Horn \ or ILL 4. t!u Fob 1 i -. i l l i u fli'sl of a group t h a t will bi? j y^sU'nlay appointed iMtw. I l n t t i c Ger- noKV n "\\-\R iviifliAd hv U l i S ; Clouny an.1 bllgHlly warma , with U t a r U n l b y Mr. \YerU. , ' luu-t, _ ( ^ JaTtir'ullegem" aiUcWng and ./iii r«"r-i~ r« , '"· t5 -yaar-old white girl. K He* Mfale at flork. , Tha negro waa beate , b avail- Oakley llay_Houta, B V y t u r s u I d , aon| o n a bonflre . TI5a bod ' y ^ mornltif, no a r r e s t s boiug made over- j light rain or .snow touiht; Sunday cloudy Is (lie noon wcatlici 1 ' f for'" Western Pennsylvania, Tenipei'ature Jtqrnrdt 1IWO KANSAS CITY, PVb! derwent treatment, for two weaks, Minimum Meau :it IS is . ttblp flfo JlKhllrig appAi'aiua eal-ly tl|ls I of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Houle of , ban god -from a treV- near the- o.-enr* morning was uombating ihr flamon or ConUnHit«l No. 1, \\as f a t a l l y injured y lfi crimp. ' wa« of the Pcltznian Bottliiig Works, whole- gale ditillery. F'lames reathuig 50 feet threatened otlxer propcrLies. while al work W'cdjxefitlny nr CoW- writer, Mlpli. tic was a v«krun oC ,i the World' War, i d«Uji,' rviiie is said

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