The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 7, 1938 · Page 12
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 12

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, January 7, 1938
Page 12
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PAGE TWELVE. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNEI.LSVTLLK PA. FRIDAY; JANUARY 7, KNUDSEN HOPES SPRING WILL ' WITNESS BUSINESS COMEBACK WIFE ONLY OUT TWICE, 15_YEARS Mother and Children Say Father Ruled Home With Club. I YOUNGSTERS MADE TO BEG Sv United · r-i. FRESNO, Calif, Jan 7-- The wife and nine children of Marcas^Cadcna accuse him o£ holding "them' prison^ crs m their home their Uvcs^ He is being held -lor a'lunacy heer^" ing _ . . . Ho governed the home, with, a club and a meat cleaver, they said, and in the past 23 years, since she mimed him at the age of JS, he twicc. Those- More thc_tiraca moved from .oaCUwn_ta. another. _ Their home here was- a three-town shack, and the only outsiders that ever entered the home were tho mid- wivefwho dellvorea tho nino, children." When he left the house, he chained his young _wif e to a bed. ' __ The-childrcn,-- flve~6oys- and four girls, some of whom arc now grown, were permitted to attend school until they reached the ogcs of 12 or 13 Then they were withdrawn and sent into the streets to beg. Cadcna, now n man of 70, was held in 3ail -today. Ho was charged, with assault and battery on his wife., but a sanity hearing was ordered to determine whether he will serve 10 months In Jail or be _sent, Jo _ an asylum. The complaint was made by a daughter, Mrs Vcra Muran, 19, who said she escaped from the house and was married at Merced, Calif. She tolerated the situation after she left home, she said, until she heard this week that her" father had choked her mother ""almost into insensibility. Then she had him arrested. Mrs Cadena, now 38 years old, met her husband when she was a child of 15. She lived in Santa Kosa, N. M., and he was with the Escalinte Mexican circus which made a stop there. He was attracted by her beauty and they were married at onto Never since then, the children said, has she been free to leave her house She and the children lived in fear of the husband and father, because they believed he would attack them with the club or cleaver that he kept handy, if they dared to disobey. Ohiopyle OHIOPYLE, Jan. 7.--Mrs. Carl Lewis, admitted to the Frantz Hospital at Confluence on Monday, underwent an operation for appendicitis on Tuesday. 1 " Her husband. Carl Lewis, and foster parents, Mr. and Mrs. D. P. Collins, were at the hospital Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. John Yutscy of Garrett attended tho funeral of George Daniels at Maple Summit on Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. Both and two sons oi Tore ito, Ohio, who were here several days to attend the funeral of Mrs. Toth's mother, Mrs. George Shipley, returned to their home Monday, accompanied by Mrs. Hoth's daughter, Betty, who had made her home with her grandmother until the time of her death. Mrs. Frank Bailey, who bos been 111 for several weeks, is still reported ^i poor health. Mrs. Eosa Llnderman of Bridge -treet has gone to Berlin to spend tome time with relatives Edward XurU? accompanied his wife to McKcesport Hospital on Wednesday where she will undergo an operation. Little Billy and Maricne Wallace arc able to be about again alter an illness of grip and their mother, Mrs W. A. Wallace, is slowly convalescing from a severe attack of quinsy. X. P. Collins and Mrs. Judson Wolfe visited Mrs. Carl Lewis, a patient at the Confluence Hospital, on Wednesday. Miss Margaret Lamble has returned to her duties as student nurse at Uniontown Hospital and her Bister Miss Ruby Lambie, returned to California State Teachers College, where shells a student, alter spending vacation .with, their parents, Mr. and Mrs. James Lamble. Sun Valley Ready for Skllers. SUN VALLEY, Jan. 7.--Five^Austrian ski Instructors have been engaged for this winter's skiing season here. SEMI-ANNUAL REDUCTIONS! :Bay Quality '-Merchandise At Greatly Reduced Prices! A Complete line ot fou's nnd Boys' IVenr nt H. WARSHAL Ontfltters /or Men and Boys. 131 '. Fittsbarg Street. Simple Foods Make Company Meals By Untied Prcsj; I WASHINGTON, Jan. 7--Willinrn S Knudscn, president of Genera! ulolora, testified before the Senate Unemployment Committee that he loped for a "business comeback in the spring" that would make current labor lay-alls temporary. "Naturally, I have hopes of a come-back in the sprins," Knudson told tho committee, inquiring into cases and extent of unemployment 'I hope that the layoffs will bi temporary," he said. "We don't want to lay people olf \Vc can't make money that way." Asserting that heavy decrease in used car sales had been the greatest problem, Kuudscn said the corporation experienced the sharpest sales drop in history late in 1037--a drop that was "unexpected and beyond our control." ~ A planVcd steak xumtshcd with potatoes, tomatoes and onions, and broiled to ft turn it one of the dishes you will admire and learn to prepare at The Courier cooklni school. ._Mrs._Dorothy_ Bathgate, who is coining to ConnellsviUe, January Ifl, 20 and 21 to conduct a three day school, is a food enthusiast In. fact, she enjoys cooking qnd talking about it so much that her audience Is sure to catch some of her enthusiasm. T^We.have to cat," says Mrs. Bath- .gatc, "so we might as well make it as. exciting as possible Too much fuss has al'vays been made about how much work It Is to prepare the regular 'three a day' and, indeed, most women make it n very sad chore Actually, it should be a pleasure. It's always a satisfaction to do things Welt whether you are painting a masterpiece or making a beef stew. "Cooking is resU* a simple Job today with our modern equipment, prepared foods and canned goods. Our modern recipes are a help, too, for they are so simple and explicit, so well tested and accurate, that the most inexperienced cook can follow them. "Simple foodi especially prepared and seasoned are always the best--a little p'.anning and Imagination arc all that are" needed to make them fit for any company. I always urge my ·mdienccs to make It a point to visit their local markets, especially those fascinating outdoor markets that have such a man clous variety of fruits and vegetables Or If there aro any foreign markets in your neighborhood, don't overlook their possibilities for new ideas. Sometimes a chat with the proprietor will give you an idea for a dish that will 'make' your reputation as a cook. "Tho planked steak we arc doing at one of our classes of The Courier cooking, school is a grand example of how foods we all know can be turned into a company meal. Steak, potatoes, tomatoes and onions arc certainly common enough foods, but when they arc broiled to a turn, seasoned and arranged on one ot those special oak planks, they make a masterpiece of color and flavor that will call forth cheers. Indeed, Kitten Portrait Done in Stitchery Quick CriM Crow Stitches Make Appealing Pillow or Picture PATTERN 5789 Hard to believe that Just simple 6-to-the-mch crosses and a bit of outline stitch can make a kitten that looks so real you want to stroke his soft, fluffy fur. But here's proof--embroider him on a pillow or picture. Make him in beautifully blended shades of wool, silk or cotton floss! In pattern 5789 you will find a transfer pattern of a kitten 10^4xliy Inches, n color chart and key, material requirements, illustrations o£ nil stitches used To obtain this pattern send 10 cents in stamps or coin (coin preferred) to The Courier Household Arts Dcpt, 259 W 14th Street, New York, N. Y. Be sure to' write plainly your NAME, ADDRESS and PATTERN NUMBER when we first prepared this meal in our testing kitchen last summer, we simply stood around and admired it. We couldn't wait to show it to our cooking school audiences. "Broiling a whole meal like this is really very easy with a modern electric range or roaster. And by the way, we are going to talk especially about broiling this year and do complete broiler meal In the roaster as well as the range You can get grand results cither way--and there will be no spattering grease or fumes to soil the kitchen and ruin your temper." Having had an advance peck nt the program for The Courier cook- Ing school, we can assure you thai broiling Is one of the features But it's only one of them, for the three day program contains a thrilling variety of practical and easy suggestions for cooking that family and friends, alike, will rave about. There wilt be a printed program of recipes each day--a grand addition to your recipe file Revenue Freight Loadings Last Year increased Over 1936 By United Press. WASHINGTON, Jan. 7--The Association of American Railroads reported lotdlngs of revenue frclghi totaled 37,982,028 cars during 1937. This was an increase o£ 1,930,2(3 cars, or 5 4 per cent, compared with 1036 but a decrease of 7,885,046 cars or 172 per cent, compared with the so-called "normal" year 1030. Eliminating less than carload lo freight v.hich docs not fluctuate to the samo extent an carload traffic carloadings in the first quarter o. 1837 were 17 per cent greater than in the corresponding period of 1036 In the second quarter there was an Increase of 15 7 per cent compared with the same period the previous year. In the third quarter the increase was 8 7 per cent In the fourth hov-cver, cirloadlngs dropped 109 per cent below the comparable period of 1936. The association reported 460,36' cars of revenue freight were loadci during the week ending December 25. This was a decrease of 142,925 cirs, or 23 7 per cent, compared with the preceding week and a decrease of 302211 or 182 per cent comparec with the same period the previous ycnr. HM-M-- IT-SAYS TWERB THAT SKIRTS ARE. SHORTER. AND STRAIGHTER NEVER MIND ABOUT TT4AT- LISTEN T5 THIS NEWS- A THREE COOK1N6 SCHOOU COMINO1 ftf Ft I 9 News Flash! WATCH FOR THE CONNELLSVILLE COURIER COOKING SCHOOL Wednesday, Thursday, Friday-Jan. 19, 20 21 9:30-11:30 A. M.-ORPHEUM THEATRE A different program each day- new recipes and equipment- modern cooking methods and ideas Y O U R E L E C T R I C A L A P P L I A N C E D E A L E R S The beauty who also knows her cooking f Is the kind of sirl who STAYS good-looking TO A MAN THE "BALANCED" FLOUR--MAKES GOOD BAKING BETTER STOCK UPON THESE VITAMIN-RICH PRUNES 4 onoiCR APRICOTS «* I9c Hortdr la Color--P«n la »"].»or ciioicn PEACHES 2^25c ttrrY* Them lor Ur«nkrn*t for Variety RAISINS 214S CLOVER PAn «--Seeded »T COFFEE cr,o\ PICKLES Frails ore wonderful this year,-- both the fresh stock ond the canned or packaged, qtve you a vitamin brigade of outstanding heolthfu!ness_and deliciousness. L v » l l I-irr. Can 15c C L O t K K PAHM 3Oc alve* Im Jnr 01 F-VDALE--Din exovisn FARM F L O U R ·Si?-95c Prunes 2 at 29c CT-OVCR PARH--Prrak-- Packed Wkole Cherries '- 33c - CIXHTBR FARM -- L*m Ror» Ann. S»rk Guaranteed S P I C E S s. 0 ,,- 9c CIOVKR PAJIM--All Vnrlrtln Peaches -'2Oc CLOVER PAAM -- LmHon Halm In Srrap CIOVKIt PAJIM -- All Vnrlrtln S ^^ POPCORN 'r.- ice I Grapefruit TM I5c CI.OVKR PARK CtOVKR PARK--Metr. Wkole Hemrtita JACK FROST SUGAR «? 52c CRISCO a I*. Can BIO vovn FLAKES for GvMernl Utility Worit 33c Molasses £.· 25 c fil FTOAI.E Cocoanut Oxydol ice Vanilla *.r IOc nolHO-- run VitnllU · Flour 2 CI/OVBH FAHM -- Pun Flour 2 «««· I9c CLOVER VARX -- Oveltwlmt HI.DE none VAIUKTT 19c 3-l3c r 2 m B " · l i e CRKA.T HORTHED.N CLOVKR FAlUt Nola Flakes r. 25c Oxydol 2 r I9c 3 8ml. Flue*. !·« Ivory Soap 2 "«· I7c Lam Ivory Soap 25?.'. He P6-G Soap 4«"»l5c Bowl Cleaner CM I9c Vcff* tables. Ort-nlN. I*ranM, flenn* B^*tM. C»irotM, Spinach. Pen* Sclrn- tfHrallr Prepared find ncoomm«nd*4 hr tfc* Ameerican Medical AMO«U 3 CY.OVBI1 JMHSI CXOVEIl PARK MEAT SPECIALS y Prepared Hr Poter* Pmefctnc C«. rtUGA-IX NUT 9TLICT3D DRIED BEEF ..... 3 oz. pkg. IOc OU FASHIONED nKARTH BAKED LOAF ...... , ..... Ib. 2Sc SUNSHINE .. _ __ SCRAPPLE ..... ... - . . .2 Ib. 25c KJUMT CRACKERS RCA.CAH.OOX BJU1 COOKIES iv- IL* m fKBtrr Six 10« I9c Tomatoes 4 * 25c i 1TAVDAKD--Red ttlpe Peas 2 £,," OI RMAt.K--Enrl? Jnnr Beets 2 Vo!£ OCf C Cnn- ^53*» C. t C. B !nt Hominy Kn- CLOVBH PAIIH Succotash c"n" CIOVBIt PtUM B Beans 2 ?",: 29c | IOc | 17c | PAHM--Cu SlrInBlcn« g Pork-Beans '£« IOc g BEVERAGES 3!,^ 25c GI.BNDAI.U PI,. »,,!. Btl. SALAD DRESSING ^ 29c Ol*O"\ PR FARM APPLE BUTTER 2 S!S? 35c CfcOX FK FARM PEANUT BUTTER J« 29c CLOVEH PARK PICKLES 2'iy OI,ETIAI K--Crnufnv DIIU WHEAT FLAKES 2««. 19c CI OVHR PA KM RICE PUFFS 2 «·* 19c CLOVBB FAlUtt KPKPC'tTVB vnarK mcniwinxn mioAT. jTAfUAnr 7.

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