The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 31, 1930 · Page 20
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 20

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, January 31, 1930
Page 20
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TWENTY. THE DAILY,COURIER, CONNI LLSVTLLE, FRIDAY, JANUARY 31, J K , j W ? Chain Stores Assailed At Mass Meeting as Real enace to Community Most Mormnllrms Question Before reoiw Today, ?e .). Schalto. Kiiig Alfonso's Tropliy Chief Prij^e in Regatta ALL WILL SUFFER IN END, HE SAYS A throng which filled tho Hlglt, School Auditorium last night heard Oeorge J. Sclmlto of St. Louis. M o , sir* his version of the situa'ion in hn attack on c h a l u t a t o i r s and ihelr ·pei-'j atlon The speaker, who has been [ "on tho all" at times, pointed oui what ho de*ciibed as a mena«a l« , American liberty In the allied ( method of tha various chains i "In my opinion this subject ii the most momonfous question c o n t i o n t i n g j i he Anterlca i people today," ho t i e - j c lared in opening his address, "r h,iu i e-ference, of couise, to the chain stoi e | mena(e Th biggest problem in this issue is w h e t h e r you shall be piivi- ' 'eged to conduct your own f n t u i e 01 i bp foiced to submit to the whims and dictation or predatory business Tho question is whether \ve are going to be controlled by gigantic corporations i t h a t mean ultimately woiklng- long hours at nu nlal \vago " Tho speaker df^nrod the issue begun to Stteep the United Statej He said ttut tor a long time the people took no pait became many \ \ e i e , undeif the impression that to utta k the i bain store meant to attack the most economical institution of supply tyr the hom?s "I hope I may be able to give yon som-r lltustiahons that Will point o it deflni^ly that nil is not gold that gHtteib,' he said, launching' Into his sjunject / · Mr ychilto dutUied the chains | never gave to any lvir cause of a-ny nature, tho store manages having to apologize !r their inability to draw on the funds 1 and saying they must ' i p f e r it to the managemen", wheie it j uKlm'dtely would be dlsregauled In loeont months, he said, the chains have boguu to vealUe the £01 ce of the attacks against them and have made an effort to ameliorate the charge A pictur of what a jommunitv might be u Idor chain store operation, if th« systnin continues to grow waa painted, bhowing how lawyers, doctors, bankers and even industries would evertually suffer. Mr. Scbulte dex'lare-d the chain stores i ight now were somewhat in a nit "because of public opinion aioused against them by unfair methods." He (ailed on the community to support Us own moi chants and industiiea "Yoa have a baking plant he-re," he asserted. "Yet you retard your own welfare, y ur own childien, yont own lown beuiufae instead of buying t h a t brand you get it from somewhere else, ,tn imperial product If that bakery ( hatl to double the si/e of its plant . to take caro of the demand wouldn't , It add employes who w o u l d spend inoio money In your My ' Of course Yet tho average housewife doesn't uko those things into coiiBideratiou ( The chain store is not luteieuted in bUUdlng up your tit} It Is only in- tcreated in \vhal H takes out I don't 11H)V\ riboiit the business tho chain stores aic doing here but I v e n t u i o between $1,000,000 and $2,000,000 lb being sent out a n n u a l l y If thnl.mono-v uas rot ul nod how much more help | t h e bank, could be iu promoting I CoiinoUsville jnaUtuUona." Schulte assorted chains weie intor- (Hto-d in forcing down wages, l a t h e r than tracing \vcll, and haul their methods of operation w e i e uot to be blamed on the imUvidual managerB becaus,o tliey grtt i h e l r Intructions ' d h c c t t t o m Ueattquaiteia He saltl t h a t tnckiiy wafi resorted to in giving u h a t fcccmetl to be lower prices, and ,i(l«lel tha; in realit the chain quality \ uot tlio barne, nor t h e quantity no! tli«* fcame as that oC the indepeiid- ut. He said no ouo had to believe him, but i mild conduct a petsonal hi- u'stigatlou Mr Semite's discouihe lasted foi about on' and one-half hours He s,aid he gould contlnut- on many hours mi the same subject, re-laUiii? iacideiitfe w h i c h luue come to hit. attention fiom nil o\ei he Xatioti Music \\as fuinibhed by Kifeile's u t u ou 1 estra Miss Marcia Cass holding 1 the celebrated King of Spain Trophy, which will be competed for by entrants In the efeht-motre clan* yachts, which wdl participate i» the fourth annual Winter sailing championship, to be held at Los Angeles in 7\Iarch. The trophy was piesenteo for American competition by lime Alfonso of Spam. 1 1 (FnturimUoEn) NevsreeO 12 Men, 12 Women lake Up Personnel Of Next Grand Jray Special 6 The Courier WN. Jan. 31 -- Twelve women and 12 nen w*!!! constitute the Mifich Grand lury as drawn by the new boatd of ^UTV commissioners, in lillinB the whe^l with S.flOO namea for 19SO averagod 0 per cent men and 40 per cent tvomo i, y^l tiio first drawing tor the thr«9 v freks' term of criminal court, ·whldvi pens in March shows about dii even division it both,sexes for jury servl In that term These juron ure drawn lor both ciiuilnal and ivil crturt and one o? tho three jurtg ft will hoar civil cases at the same time, that c'rlmlnal court is In sessjon The March urarut jury consists of tho following Acho S J 1 n ion (own Adama., Mr; .Itstle, I'erryopolis, R. n Ann-ol, Mrs '.'otci, Ounbar, H 0 i, Ba^r, Mrb 1 riwIUa, 0«nnan Twp Becktol, Mif . Ruth, Uniontown " B u i t o n , Davd, Jofferson Twp t'lfarleswJitli, Wisa Martha, Ckn- H C l l 8 V i l l c | Ciow, M i o '«uJ, 0-erman Twp. Darr, Mlfch t ad(e Ue-wuan Twp. Detrault William, South' Union Twp I1' 11. Mrs J l a r i y , Gcorge.% Twp. Dilscoll, Mr* Frances, Connellsvill« tawnship Hmieyj Mllld. Lu/.Drn^ t o w n s h i p Fletcher, M b. Madeline, Redstone Twp Hardv, \ \ i i l i ^ , Biownsville township I i v t i u , Han v "Uniontown King, Mis I«nni-e, Washigton 'Fwp Ljnn, Mail Voiiflorbilt SnidM, Jacnb, O\¥eiihilalc Titus, faco'i, Owouadalc Todd, Jame . i" , Belle Vernon Tievltl, Wa ter, South ConnelHville. AVoodwdid, Mis Saial^ Counells- \ 1'e Wood, Mai (on J , Washington Tw*P Iron Bridge CHICAGO CHARITY SWAMPED AIDING ; CITY'S UNPAID t I .-.--. Apponl Broadcast to J 5,000 Persons to Come to KCMMIO Of 'iol.000 Employs. 3,600 FAMILIES ARE QARED FOR By MKRTON T Unjfced Press Staff Correspondent^ CHICAGO, Jan 1.--Thousands of appeals ·went out today to tbio glittering hotels and mansions of the Gold Coast and the south Lafc$ Shore district begging charity^ ofcsli to tide needy familtes of city and tounty -eiu- plojes over Chicago's financial stringency, Jcel D. Hunter, general superintendent of the United Charities, Bounded the call for additional finances when he found himself confronted -with "heavier demands that we hare had to Dwet in j'eaTi* '* he- broadcast a genera! appeal to 13,000 person^ With more than 40,000'"public employs unpaid for almost two montflis, taxs held up tor 20 months by litigation and reassfesm-fintfi' and budgets rendered impotent bv lade of cash to fulfill them, appeals fo^ charity rolled In i,o fast that the United, pharitiea was haid prtiml to meet them ICvSotlon Into snow-bound streets witi,i the teniiperature below the freezing nwia'k every day threatened wortc- ot a who have fail-ed to pay their re-nt, food, eoal cind shelter have become problems w i t h no solution la sight until the c'ty's debts arc straightened out Savings of many families already ha\e dwindler away and in m'any cases their credit is extiaus^d Those gone, the workers' only hope for existence Jles in f -chaiitv and loans, t h t latter often at high rate* of inter* e^t The United Gtuuities is caring for moie than 3,600 families, a new record for January, always one of the pe ik months ' The emergency which thousands of Chicago's needy families face owing to the condition of the city and county tlnaiices continues serious," Hunter announced "We are sending out H5,(H0 more appeals." Three more moves to relieve the city's financial dilemma were thrust info public notice. Governor Emraerson, has Called the tadUE bodies of Cook county together Jo- a conference today He was reported ready to demand action in collecting taxes so th-6 state will be re- lifved o£ embarrassmeait resulting lack of revenue from Chicago (Jock county, the richest section ·of the state and which provides ap- pioximately half its reveiuie, H. "Wallace Oaldwell, president of the school board, who IB facing stoppage of tho educational syHtcm for 500,000 chlldien, called a mooting oE suburban ba-nkers to talk ovei moas- urek to extend credit to school em- pi ojes u n t i l ?[W,000,000 or more la raised to pay teachers buy coal «md kqep up repairs, Silas Strawti and his "rescue com,- rnittee" had t before it an appeal for $V,000,000 for l u n e n t expenses of the countv but hart taken 010 action. IKON' BRIDGE, Jan U--Mra M a t y Tanjotiek and daughter M3s6 Agnes, wetfe In JMount Ploswant Suniay visiting Mis. T.imarok's son, Albert ami "FreiK li ItHte Redticefl. PARIS, .fan lit--Copmenting on th-e i eduction in tlie bunk rate by the Bank of France, I he aiuinal Indus^ trtolle doclar«s (hat the policy of easy money,1s at present ne^essaiy in, France, and that the step taken yes/ torday confoims to th-^ policy of the Tardleu government i r Mrs Oyde Ci.ibtiee and y^onng t,on hpent Titeerfnj with Mrs CiabtregVi mother, Mrs. JSva Camersori, near I'onnBvltie. Mre. Harvey McConnell and young daugHfon, Edith anil Betty, wero in Mount Pleasant Monday shopping anl calling on frlende. Mrs Lizzie Karne was a Scottdale shopper on Monday. Mr. and Mre. John Pylo and children of Scottdale were recent guests of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Faith. Mrs. Jijunlo Drammer has returned homo from several weeks visit w i t h Hazel wood friends. Mr and Mr«. George Mlchcielu and son, Eujpne, ot GrwiwburB were here Sunday with their ft lends, Mr. and Mrs. Cl!««tt J. Weaver Mrs. William Howard was the guost of KrotUiulc Irlemto on Thur«d«y Mr unl Wis. Klmoi Dllling-cr unit luniily v wo af ytauff-or Uuruluy wUn Mt DilllitKer's father. Itouiy Ptllingwr. Mi aid Mrh l l a n y Ctn'iici of JUakvtoinl spent tlio week-sad Ut x ^« MM C'ramor'a cousin, Mi «ml Gn n t Kefer, Bunk C««« Ka«. J.i» 31 - Th* H a n k of H* r e l l s r f t u n ( i no Coin pun} Chnnffcs ?fftiue. DANVILLE , Pa , Jan. 31 --The Danville Slrwtu -al Kteel Company will be known hencefot'tlt ag the Danville plant of the Steeltou branch c-f the Bethle-hom SI eel C'ompanv, it was announced last night. "For two years the works has bi en owned personally by Charles M S hwab. Holross to $f»0MM0 CHICAGO, Jan. 31,--Mrs, Welge, 01, hi Iresg to an estdto valued at $EOO,000, was found asphyxiated late last nltht under clrcimBlanccs which indies ted she had/ taken liar own life Tjie body w a n / f o u n d by a cousin, -with whom she had been living I'luno PLYMOUTH, Hug, Jan. 31 -- TJiie linei 1'jirls e u-ounterod bad slot inn ou Us Hi it earn bound trip H l n t « H (Kunugod hj flie Mountainous) thook the- \ ca«ol, lining ,onsl(tinii)le damaya to f i i i n i i u i t i in ilm new ii.tnc- iiii? s.ilon t'hn piano was wroi lu 1 (t i S\\TIAC}), Chile, Jan 'U Conla ip-poiteil to Western Penna. Y. M. C. A. Meet At Greensburg GKIOBNSBURG, Jan 31--Preparations tor the second annual "Western pennfiyUanja Youne Men's Conteretiep, to be held In the Greensburg Y on February 21, 22 and 23, have" been started and Jocal groups are alma-dy making arrangements to name their delieates, A. W Flath, general secretary, announced today. , Approximately 150 delegates Irom 35 Y. M. C. A.'s wll attend the conference lor young men here ne month, at least the- local Y secretary Jias^ be-en informed that that many associations are planning to send about that many delegates Mr, SMath ajd arrangements will be made to house the- delegates in Greensburg honi6 during the conference. Associations to be represented at iho conference- arr Connellavllle, New Castle, Erie, Butler, Oil City, Tarentum, New Kensington, Washington, Wilmerding, Uniontown, Scottdale, Youngwood, Johnetown, and the Easf Liberty, Downtown, and Allegheny Branch associations from Pifrtflburg. Tho first Young Men's Conference was hold In Tarntum last March, and eight associations wore represented bv 97 young men, Socretary Flkth said The conference "will open on Friday, February 2i, tt 8:30 o'cWck In th# e-Tening, whe-n a dinner, to be followed by a fellowealp meeting, will bo given In the Y. auditorium.' ,On Saturday morning the delegates will be divided into three groups arid sessions will b held throughout tho day. One group, to consider leader"ship, will be composed of association, officiate and club advteore) a second will consider club programs; and a third will deal with community ser- vloo, Spealtors and group leaders will bo obtained. '" Ottltora will be «U-olel at a general ft8seml)ly an Saturday moi utng at 9 o'clock A ruligimia omtihutsKi iiriK«ini will be carried out on Uunday morning ami tli« conftr«nc,o · w i l l cloa« w i t h a d i n - ner In tho u n d i t o i l u m at noun. Ivoen done,, n s r \ ( ? i e ra!n, \ \ i n d and Poland t 1 ; In hp t ) l t i h u e tli* TV horrtrr i c f of trwno pr^-Ppritons ia«nlated a largo area, of the cia\v Frniirp h a u r « ondcc] lated. MiUrers K i a n c e , Jan, 31-- A stilke ot tho h l o u m p r He II" 1 rttlayed iln vostol n antl the linci oUrcl Tho strikers Saturday! A Beautiful Material^ Canton C repes · Chiffons, Satins Georget lies Fishne.s ^ Printed C *epes Beautiful New Combina ions Plen ty of New ui t tes. Charmingly Enchai iced With ! Tiny Turks, "ict Skirts, Jahoi Effects, J) pping Ilem- Ilncs* Higher Waistlines, Shirring:, EraK)i*ilfleiTj Collars, Flares, jtace, tuid Various Other 1 emails. Sale SES Afad the New Spring Colors: Ko matter what type of dross yoji may near It's here in YOUR SIZE. Wetfnea's* 86 to 46. Misses'. 14 to 20. Larger Women's, 43% to 50. 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Boys' and Girls' "Buster Brown" Shoes 97C VALUES' PI J*7 ALL SIZES S3, S4, S5 i p l . i l SHOES and OXFORDS i t i MWWMWWWWWWWMMMftftf^^ $1.95 "Fiancee" Face f owder Flesh, Bach- 'He, TJlanclie Spc 3ial E GIVE "4£ GREEN SIAM1P Women's New Spring Neckwear Lace panels, jabots. Collar and Cutf Sets and Berthas SOcto $1 Farm Calendar TJincly ( I t c m l n d c Tho 1 e n n s y i v a n i a S a From ate College Tost Garden ot doubtful viability 01 ' fiom last H p i i n u 'jhonl | f o j o iii-uithiff 1" tost | IOU seed 4 iiiUi platii inoWt clollirt 01 tilottp , (liih (oyorwl b\ diiothf dnys hi a warm temp I wo'«t, the -\lable ^^etls I the ikrcenittge of gen j determined i h « MwK 'funu V holhgrt- ]H(o U ilrink . Hv?f,loeii j i r e ( ( r w n n ciiUc a»(t n'Milh} w I i inaJ. pi-oduUiaa 1C pro seeds left ovei 1 be tented, bong, count 20 to Uvfrm between i In a eltalkny r llsh After a ·raturc, it kept will sprout fliiir! liiiation can lw it)-r -- tco water but maintain nor- \vith wat«r of tho correct temperature. Save Flower Bulbs,--Dahlia bulbs should be examined to eee if yiey art; keeping well. 1£ they are shriveling, cover them with sand. If they show signs o£ starting growth, keep them In o, cooler place. VYhnt Milk Powdey IS--Dry fclnm- mllk of milk powder, is nothing mojc t h a n fresh, sweet HkimmlUC nom which the watci hafl been driven oft by henf, leaving a fine, w!i|lo pouder, whlrli w i l l keep sweet ft'lojig time and can be shipped great dlatancefi Trmnit Pig Anemia--Pigs of t h i e e to six we^ke ot ag« that aie i.ijneil IntlociiH are most subjjcct to aneml.i SupplenienLing the sow's milk wifh a.n lion f / j l t or -inch a srtlt carrying 1m- p u r i t i e s «E cnpppi l« Rfild by 1 n \ ( f t l - tMiora to be ( h n o n l y way of pie'rtnt- jftg th« cHse-aso in suckling plf?R i Preiciit Sllag-e trom rieezliur--Cov- ering silage with Ijlankels or Imilap and preventing cucuUtion OC air In the silo tti-e ways to keep silage irpm freezing in severely cok! weather. Kei'p in Toucl)--Eeach Monday al noon timely farm and garden suggestion^ ui broadcast i'roin the Pebn- s-ylvania State College radio Station Vk PSC. Each of tiiohe programs be- g-ui'5 at 12 o'ckiclc Tho fitaUon opeiates on a IteCiuency ol 12JO kilojcle. lO.vcli Surirlay i h f rolloge cliai( k l s ; V K O is l)ioalHt «l H o'clock NEW CHARLEROI HOSPITAL X-RAY FILMS, ON ROOF UIARLKROI, Inn 31 A f e a l u r p of Fobruarv 15, is a pent houso on the ioo£ oC the building w h i c h lias baeu especially prepared tor tho storage of X-ray fllms--such as. produced tho ·deadly lumes in the Cleveland Clvnic dihastor last fcummerA Officials believe tf)e airangecient w i l l «llmiii!tlo danf;i ironi g mes ^ h i c h took sudi a toll ol I l l o in the CK-veldiMl iiie Kliould lite bie»tk out in the buiMing tho IiliiiH will be si»i»nat«tl fiom the m a i n pan of tho s t n u U u u m sm b a w a y tb.iL Hie pokoirous Ktu,m \\jtild i ol n i e i Die hoeiJlal Woik I I U H progii'Hs.'cl r.iplrHy on the ?,550,000 project .inJ piittior H a i i y \V Scott ha» .iiinouncwl th it it will be Lomnlctcl bj the- niMdJo of to be opened foi jiuhlic Jnpccliou i«fju)ts. IJTJ tlwia.

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