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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 2

Ottawa, Canada
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Saturday, August 29, 1964
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Bergie Thornsteinsson i Eskimos Eager For Education . By RICHARD CARVER ef Tae Jeuraal Those who think they have problem in education caused by distance, lack of facilities or any other circumstance should take a .look at Bergie Thornsteinsson's job. As director of the education division in the Northern Affairs Department's Northern Administration Branch, he is responsible for 300 children spread over 1.360.000 square miles. ON THRESHOLD , , , Further.' Mr. Thornstelnstoa and hi staff are only on in threshold of education in Northern Canada. The present federal system started in I95S; before that education was uSe responsibility of the various mission ary organ itatidrtsv Many of the students are. of course. Eskimos. Mr. Thor steinsson says Eskimo parents are "most anxiousfor their chil dren to attend school." The parents will soon have greater opportunities of follow ing in their children's footsteps. "We are seeking to expand adult, education." jays Mr Thorsteinsson. At present teachers taking children's classes volunteer to teach the adults as well. SOME PROBLEMS Is there any difficulty In re cruiting teaching staff? No. be says, although there are some problems la recruiting special lets. . 1 "There is good teacher re sponse in elementary grades. Mr. Thorsteinsson points out. too, that the specialist problem exists in Southern Canada as well. The schools, spread over the vastness of the Northwest Ter rltories and Northern Quebec, Dumber (I. But despite the sheer size of the area and the distances some students have to travel some live In residences the -think tat behind education la the North Is advanced. TAKE NO RISKS Briefly it is this: leave noth ing to chance in educating a child. .- What Mr. Thorsteinsson calls , full-bodied program takes a child from the first steps In learning to graduation from unl versify. i A system of outright grants takes care of the actual educa tion and loans look after board and lodging. While the student 0. L DEROUIN 132 Mar Si 440 IMn An. m VHktd U A SONS LTD. . Opticians 232-4974 725-2727 74449SS irasen"jWMar i . ' ALEXANDRIA . ' II Mala St, . ' PIANOS - 4 tQM, UMITtB ' XU Bank Bt (at Cooper) Mtnnjtctnrirt e ; Ce)fftfltS feasts IsfMS Un RICHMOND RD. . (BeiTs Corners) ; S2S-I4S1 J. D. Sanderson ROOFINC ROOF REPAIRS SHEET(METAL WORK ' 4X7 CATHERINE ST.-CES-B34 : 2 Shop at Your Store TODAY! t 3 :' ' ' -'. - i ' ' .V. V V. -..- - - w -w r BERGIE THORNSTEINSSON is at the university tne loans are interest-free. After gradua tion or when the student leaves university the balance is paid with a low interest rate. This governmental responsi bility means the student can plan his or her future as early as possible. "It is not necessary to decide on a basis of fortune," says Mr. Thorsteinsson. Ability is the yardstick. LOANS WRITTEN OFF And if the' university gradu ate returns to the North to work for three years his -loans are written off. There . Is. of course. ' much to be done in education in the North. . But the future seems full of hop. Within about five years time, Mr. Thorsteinsson fore- BY CHARLES H. GOREN WEEKLY BRIDGE QLTX Q. 1-As South you hoU: AKJtllt VI 041 aVOIII The bidding has proceeded: West Nerth East Seat Pas , 17 Paa-J4 Pas . 1? Pass t - What do you bid new? Q. 1 As South you hold:' MZ7tT0 t)lf 1JI! The bidding ha proceeded: Nerth Cast Saeth West l INT Pass- ' Pass Dsebw Pas T What do you bid sow? . S-As South you hold: AKQ9AKUtloiet)ll Tb bidding ha proceeded: Beat West Nerth ' East IV I Pas la Pass t What do yen bid new? Q. 4-A South yen hold: At 0 AQJHtTtl eAQJI Yew partner opens with one aped. What J your response? sees many Eskimos on Canadian university campuses. BRIEFLY NOTED. CS staff association people are baffled; they cannot understand the relevance of Privy Council President Melinite's compari sons between some wsge levels of civil servants in Saskatche wan and federal employees the association people point out that the Pay Research Bureau draws its figure from national sources ... the only possible link,, u that Saskatchewan CS have collective bargaining and federal people will have it some time ... by Monday, when the staff side conference .assembly meets to bear what the Prim Minister said Friday In hi talks with association officers, the full significance of Mr. Me- Ilraith's remarks may be explained . . .the negotiating committee members looked dis tinctly unhappier after Mr. Me- Ih-alta's statement In the Com mons, rebuffing further consideration of Group B ... at the press conference after the announcement of the increase there was an air 'of pugnacity . . . meanwhile, in Miami, tal Empteyeoe President Le Heed is attending - postal clerks convention American clerks and get back to his desk Monday . . . Claade Edwards, CSF president and chairman ef the staff side confer ence, gets back from Lsaasn, Eag Sent. . He ha been visiting CSF - member there . . and a final grim note maple syrup production this year is down from IM3, says PBS. ; . Goren on Bridge . (-As South yon hold: - Tll?AKlOAJsT.TSl Tb bidding ha proceeded: teeth West Nerth East Pas Pas leV ' - Pas t - ''-o- IrlMtdoyeusaew? ti-t-As SonttT you bold: ' AAt)J17l1(IOeAI The bidding hu proceeded: East Saath West Nerth Pea 19 ' Pas 0 Pas t7 Pas 1 Pate T What do you bid now? Q. T-As SouA you bold: t OKMIglllt ei Tte bidding hu proceeded: West' Nerth East Seeta 1 NT t Pass t What do you bid? .s-A South you bold: ' Jlt 91(1 Oltll (III The bidding ha proceeded: Nerth ' East ' Seeth West I i i rim , INT Pass Pas t What do yen bid new? 'Leek jer esitwera afsaifay t I, druggists ISTEVEHSOirS flPFI ' DRUG STORE Y witn Free City-Wide Delivery ) I Sunday, C J I Aft ' ELGIN and WAVER LEY t-r Mg.3) 232-7366 AiiEA&rrs KOLors ; s : DRUG STORE - ,. PHARMACY LTD. . ' ofbm SUNDAY it- . . McARTHUR PLAZA . Delivery i onn sundav only ' ; 717 Soaaertet St. W. ' ' 235-2200 745-1596 v XJJ-XXWI WE DELIVER CARVER'S : TET.TF LETOII . DRUG STORE '" v ' : PHARMACY ! v 1114 WeOiagtaei St. orax atmnay u-t p.m. mi sonday ' Soaasreet St. E. ' is noon . t pj. - Sandy HOI DestYerp - j sserYecp aerviea 7284724 1 233-1179 pM BLYW . f - .-' ' DRUG. STORK . ) 11 '.'. L r OTY-WIDB DEUVERt ." - Opn This Sunday, 12 Noon to 9 p.m. BILLINGS BRIDGE '- - 7339144 i i Michael By W. Q. KETCHUM, One of Ottawa's outstanding' educators. Michael (Mike) McHugh. started an illustrious career in Ottawa when he came to Glebe Collegiate from the Ontario College of Education in 1131. Since IS6J he has been vice-principal of Fisher Park High School. A son of Joseph and Winni-fred (Dunn) McHugh, Mr. Mc-Hugh's parents came to Canada from County Leitrim, Ireland. He recalls with nostalgia bis father's XM-acra farm at Tillsonburg near London, Ont. He had . three idlsters srd a brother, and all 'shared in farm chores. . .', ' HONORS Mike graduated with an honors degree from the University of Western Ontario, going on to the Ontario College of Education to obtain specialist's certificate in English and history. When be Joined the' teaching staff of Glebe W. 0. T. Atkin son was the principal. He later became head of the history end geography department. ' While at Glee he was chair man of an Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Committee that in co-operation with Dr. F. G. Patten and Dr. Harry Pullen instituted the "Ottawa Experiment" In curriculum revision. Mr. McHugh also collaborat ed . In the preparation of a geography , text book that was recommended for use by sev eral departments of education and was widely used m Canadian schools. ACTING PRINCIPAL He acted a principal ef Summer court in teaching method for teacher ef history and geography at London and Lakofield under sponsorship of the Ontario Department of Edu cation. In addition for t year he was principal of the Department of Education Sum mer courses in Grade Xllf sub- sJ. Of e Mai prasieliHaa nr. lee esTere glsssii bast aaMai lr eye oesafort and aaweaf aaee. Uae Our Easy Credit Plan JACK SL'OIV JEWELLERS 112 Sparks St., Omwa' ' tl Chuskns St, aaaltaa Pans ' r. MB I fi'l PI II Hill I Ml IUI I MICHAEL McHUGH jecu held at Glebe as well as the Summer school course conducted by the Coilegiate Institute Board. ' In 1960 -he co-operated with former Ambassador Kenneth Kirtrwood and Dt John Mc-Leuth in conducting a seminar on "The Teaching of Interna tional Relations" at Carleton University. The project was sponsored by the United Nations Association in Canada in conjunction with Canadian Na tional Commission for UNESCO. The activity resulted in the more effective teaching of international affair in Cana dian schools. Mr. McHugh recall with pleasure hi ' clot association for some year in the Glebe physical education department with R. D. Campbell who was regarded by many a the greatest Canadian coach of hi day. This writer first met" Mike McHugh in the genial atmos phere of the Kinsmen Club ofi Ottawa, in the peat two year hi fellow Kinsmen awarded him the Bruce Hervey Award as the outstanding Kinsman of the year and made him e life mem UK Slum Youths Form Peace Corps By CAROL KENNEDY - ' LONDON ' (CP Two ef Brit- am' greatest problems the loneliness of oM age and the violent boredom ef youth that produces tb "mod" and rocker" gangs ere . being tackled by a young London barrister who believe If you bring the two problems together they will Cancel out. For nearly five years Anthony Steen, 24. and a group of his friends have devoted their spar time to mustering teenager In mod tough youth club to help old folk In tb neighbor hood. The help I essentially practical .visiting lonely old- age pensioners for an hour ek, mending a radio or paint ing a room, doing odd job for those unable to get about easily. Now. with a network of J.MN young people m the London area marshalled and directed by eight "counsellors" la their Ms, the movement has gained government recognition and a , m.W) grant from the department of education. From Oct. 1 It will expand and inten sify Its operations as "Task Force '(4" a kind of domestic British peace corps, j FIRST STEP HARD , Winning the confidence of the slum-bred youngsters, the first lata in the chain of service, was hard task. They distrusted Steen' - "counsellors," . young upper middle - class mat) girls, university educated. smartly dressed, cpeakinc a different language from the ar got of the east end streets. Steen Impressed his own phi nphy on hit friend what these kids really want Is to be accepted Into our world, thouah they pretend to despise It. Make tnem feel accepted. Once he took a party of leather jacketed toughs to a concert at the Royal Festival Hall, They greeted the prospect of two hour of classical musk with horror ended up by buy ing tickets for another concert. Recently a group volunteered to decorate an old lady's apart- nt in 4t hours. They each brought then- own paint and an the job was done, i wall was green, on mauve, one orange and one pink. Fortu nately the old lady was lighted. - . "She said it was modern and what she'd slways wanted." Tunnel Project Revived SANTIAGO. Chile fRaut.r.1 A proposal to build a new it.k oetweea the Atlantic and Pa. clfic oceans by drilling a tunnel through MM feet of rock under the Cost Rican Moun tains nas been revived by I Chilean engineers. The runnel would eccommo- oate aotft ship and land traf- nc. .- great advantage wolld be to provta a strategic link between the oceans which would not a vulnerable to atomic at tack at Is the Panama Canal It would also take laraer ehins and eliminate the ' botilanarir protrtems of the Panama Canal. . in plea wa actually auh. mltted to the United State Con gress eom time ago after U.S. Army engineer had pro- nouncee-ji leatlDI. . i-h. ' Strained relations between Panama and the United State arlier this year led the Chilean engineer. Jon Conines i Roberta Gomex, to bring up the pia again. Britain lost l.m.lM workin. days due to strikes and Indus trial dispute fat ISO the low est total since 1191. . ' RENTAI IRNITUgg CeaiaMa amtsilt raraMuswa T la eajr, wek. aseata at yaw. t sww taraHan, vlait t aaak (mat stm at sat Baak, tll-isee. Far tn4a lasallase, vtatt wt Mam? tiMt steee a III Martajf, lu-SIS1. - - i G. tL JOHNSON'S FUtWTUR! LiMiraa .. - ' PtM Parkks at SMI Stent J THE OTTAWA JOURNAL SATURDAY, AUGUST 20, 19M McHugh car of the association. In 1B63 the Queenaway Kinsmen Club gave him an honorary member ship. GREAT CONTRIBUTION The Kinsmen contribution to the well being of Ottawa and beyond has been outstanding, ranging from-Milk to Britain In the Second World War to Christmas Seals, man chest X-ray surveys, university scholarships and support of the Ottawa Boy' Club and the Good Companion. Mr, McHugh it a trustee of the Royal Ottawa Sanatorium. Hit unflagging interest in world history and geography stimulated hit desire to travel. He and hi wife, the former Audrey, Smith who died in I94J, and his daughter Marilyn travelled extensively together. Mr. McHugh taught one year on exchange near the Bristol Channel in South Wale and the family during that period visited .14 European countries. UNUSUAL MEETING He ha just returned with his daughter from a visit to South Africa. While a guest of hi unci, Jsmes McHugh, a retired newspaperman . in Johannesburg, he met Mr. and Mrs. David Keefler and their three daughters. Mrs. Keefler is the former June Lowrey, daughter of Mr: and Mrs. T. G. Lowrey. He also met Ted Nicholson, brother of Col. G. W. L. Nicholson, the wldely-known hiitori-an of the Canadian Army in the Second World War. the former, who head the English department of the High School of Commerce m Ottawa, was taking color picture of big game in Nairobi. Mr. McHugh said that ha felt many white South African re apprehensive of the future owing to the problem arising from apartheid. He and his daughter were also in Lisbon, Cairo, Jerusalem, Tl Aviv, Athens, RonSa, London and Dublin. 'I PAPER SWITCHES BACKING OCALA, Fla. (AP)-For the first time m It M-year history. the Ocala Star-Banner has en dorsed a Republican candidal for president. The- newspaper editorially endorsed S e e t e r Barry Goldwaier Thursday as "the man for the Job" of president ' '; ,f ,, .1 ESCAPE ' Cttn UUASM . WAIHAt'S. West Germany (Reuters) Two men drove heavy truck through the three Czechoslovak -border barriers here to West Germany early to-day under a barrage of machine gun fire from Ctecnolovk border guards, but reached West Germany uninjured, police said. CLOSE TO Hearing Aido On of Hit NEWEST. MOST COMPREHENSIVE LINES of HEARING AIDS IN CANADA! 3 Make an appointment to see Mr. Peter Keller. . EATON'S Hearing Aid Consultant who will be in the Otuwt are on Monday, August 31, 1964. 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