Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on July 27, 1975 · Page 102
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 102

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 27, 1975
Page 102
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Page 102 article text (OCR)

July 28 ^CHARLESTON WCHS-TV CBS HUNTINGTON WSAZ-TV NBC HUNTINGTON WOWK-TV ABC OAK HILL WOAY-TV ABC BLUEFIELD WHIS-TV NBC ROANOKE WDJB-TV CBS ROANOKE WSLS-TV NBC CLARKSBURG W BOY-TV NBC PARKERSBURG WTAP-TV NBC HUNTINGTON WWIUL-TV PBS-EEN GRANDVIEW WSWP-TV PBS-EEN Morning 6:30 CB Arthur Smith 0 Bible Answers CD Town Crier 09 Good News 6:45 O Morning Report 7:00 O CB ® (CD © Today 0 CD Network News 09 ® A.M. America 8:00 O CD Capt: Kangaroo 9 Sesame Street 8:30 ® Sesame Street 9:00 CB Coffee Break A.M. New Zoo Phil Donahue i Cooking CD Artie Levin 09 D.J. 9TBA 9:30 CB Romper Room O Barbara Walters S) Cartoons 3) Films 0 Galloping Gourmet CD Musical Chairs 09 New Zoo ® Hathayoga 10:00 O CB 55) © ® Celebrity Sweepstakes 0 CD Spin Off 09 Dinah CB Barbara Walters 9 Body Shop ® Making Things Grow 10:30 O CB ® © © Wheel of Fortune " 0 CD Gambit ® Rev. Adkins 9 Designing Women ® Flower Show 11:00 O CB © 38 © High Rollers 0 CD Tattletales ® Friends, Neighbors 9 TEA ® Fore 11:30 O CB ® © © Hollywood Squares Love of Life I ® Brady Bunch ® Mister Rogers ' Afternoon 09 ® $10,000 Pyramid 9 Consumer Survival ® Folk Festival 2:30 0 CD Edge of Night O CB © © © Doctors 09 ® Rhyme Reason 9 Jean Shepherd 3:00 0 CD New Price O CB © © © Another World 09 ® General Hospital 9 Feeling Good ® Antiques 3:30 0 CD Match Game Kanawha Cable Channel MONDAY Morning 9:00 "Border Saddlemates" 10:30 Bingo 11:30 Randy Mallory Noon 12:00 Elmer's Tune 2:00 "Yank In The RAF" 3:15 "Outrage" 4:30 Profile 5:00 "Manhunt" Evening 6:15 The Answer 6:45 Spruce Family 12:00 12:30 1:00 CB ® © Marble Machine Local News CD Young Restless 09 ® Show Off s 9 Mister Rogers ® Hodgepodge Lodge CB © © Jackpot ® Local News O CD Search for Tomorrow QD ® All My Children 9 ® Electric Co. O CB Local News ® Somerset ® Marble Machine © Barbara Walters 0 Phil Donahue CD Panorama 09 ® Ryan's Hope © Carrascolendas ® Firing Line 1:30 G-CB (8) © Lives O CD As World Turns 09 ® Let's Make a Deal 9 Folk Guitar 2:00 O CD Guiding Light '4s ' CHARLESTON. W.VA. MONDAY Morning: 9:00 "Cluny Brown" 11:00 Home Digest Noon: 12:00 "Jane Eyre" 2:00 "Claudia David" 4:30 "Blue, White Perfect" Evening: 6:30 Home Digest 8:00 "Lillian Russell" 10:00 Profile 10:30 "Jane Eyre" 09 QD One Life to Live CD Yoga and You 9 Man Builds, Man Destroys 4:00 O Musical Chairs O Mr. Cartoon CB © © Somerset ® Gilligan's Island CD Bonanza 09 Mike Douglas ® You Don't Say 9 (3D Sesame Street 4:30 Q Mickey Mouse O Bewitched · CB Corner Pyle © Andy Griffith © Family Affair © Bonanza ® Movie 5:00 O CD FBI 0 Lucy ® Truth or Consequences © 09 Ironside 9 ® Mister Rogers Neighborhood CB Bonanza 5:30Q Andy Griffith © Get Smart ® Tell the Truth 9 Electric Co. ® Hodgepodge Lodge Evening 6:00 O CB © ©© O CD 09 ® Local News, weather, sports 9 Jeanne Wolf ® Electric Co. 6:30 OCB®©©GICD09CD Network News 9 Body Shop ® Yoga 7:00 O © Truth or Consequences CB Porter Wagoner (J® Ironside © Wally's Workshop O What's My Line CD Klassroom Kwiz 09 Candid Camera ' CB Music Scene 9 One of a Kind ® Let's Garden 7:30 O Nashville Music © Untamed World 09 To Tell the Truth © Community Report ' 0 $25,000 Pyramid CB CD Hollywood Squares ' 9 Episode ® Martin Agronsky 8:00 0.CB © © © Baseball O Gunsmoke CD Movie 09 CB Rookies 9 ® Special 9:OOQ Maude 09 CB SWAT 9:30© Rhoda © Realidades ® Victory At Sea 10:00 9 Sinners 09 CB Caribe O CD News Special ® Family At War 'Godfather I, IF may become TV mini series By Jay Fredericks There was talk at the time NBC bought "The Godfather" for a reported $10 million and a one-time- only showing that the network had lost its corporate senses since it would be impossible to make back the initial investment on what could be charged for commercials during the televised showing of the film. Reports later were that NBC had recouped only a little over half of its investment--although it had given Paramount uncounted millions worth of publicity since the timing of the televised showing of "The Godfather" coincided with the release of the sequel, "Godfather II." However, things are not always what they seem to be. A holder of some RCA stock recently showed me a report he had received on the latest stockholder's meeting of NBC's parent corporation where obviously "The Godfather" business was much on the mind of shareholders. One of them, a Mrs. Rogers, had risen to ask Julian Goodman, NBC board chairman, if the story was true--had NBC paid $10 million to telecast "The Godfather" and received only $6.3 million in return? Not so, replied Mr. Goodman. The quoted price was not correct, he said, adding "that it would be competitively disadvantageous to disclose actual figures, that the price paid was calculated to achieve certain results and that the results achieved were highly profitable and exceeded NBC's expectations." Sunday Solo 11 :00 O CB © © © O CD 09 ® Lo- Cal news, weather, sports 33 Captioned News 11:30 OS)®)©© Tonight O CD Movie 09 ® Wide World 9 Janaki 1 : 00 Tomorrow The "certain results" NBC was looking for. obviously, was a ratings boost that would put them in front of CBS. Increased ratings mean a higher price can be charged for commercial time. Other sources report that while the $10 million purchase price figure was prominently bandied about, that actual sum didn't change hands. Because "The Godfather" was shown in conjunction with the release of :; Godiaiher II, NBC got a hefty downward price adjustment. But $10 million is an impressive figure to publicize. Francis Ford Coppola, who made both the original Godfather and the sequel, is talking about combining both movies and adding some turn of the century "Little Italy" footage he was forced to cut, because of running time, from "Godfather II" and showing the whole thing on television over several nights as a sort of eight or nine hour blockbusting mini series. There's no question that such an offering would gel large numbers of viewers, but Coppola's asking price might be something stupendous. It is known, however, that Coppola was pained when the film dealing with the early 1900 immigrant life in New York had to be cut and he's anxious for it to be seen since he thinks it makes his film "more complete." GUNSMOKE'. ( R e p e a t ) . "Manolo." A young man is shamed in the eyes of his people when he refuses to fight his father in the Basque custom to prove one's manhood. Nehemiah Persoff guest stars. 8 p.Tn. CBS. O tion of all parties responsible for his conviction. 9 p.m. ABC. QD ® RHODA. Rhoda's mother decides to become a "now" woman by launching a new career. 9:30 p.m. CBS. O MAUDE. (Repeat). When bankruptcy threatens Walter, he claims that he would rather lose his business than allow Maude to mortgage the house. 9 p.m. CBS. O SWAT. (Repeat). "Coven of Killers." An escaped killer reassembles his followers to plan the execu- Movles Monday CARIBE. (Repeat). "Counterfeit Killer." Logan and Walters are challenged by a daring counterfeit scheme involving a former U.S. Navy commander. 10 p.m. ABC OD WIDE WORLD (Repeat). "The House and the Brain." The tale of a man with satanic powers who controls the life and distiny of a young woman. Kurd Hatfield and Carl Williard star. 11:30 p.m. ABC. 03 "WHERE WERE YOU WHEN THE LIGHTS WENT OUT?" (1968) *, 11:30 p.m., O CD. Someone was bound to make a film based on the big Eastern Seaboard power blackout of 1965, and it's been turned into another vapid Doris Day comedy. It's a bedroom farce With everyone running around and mugging outrageously. TERMITES SWARMING? FREE INSPECTION CALL 925-6624 STANDARD EXTERMINATING COMPANY, INC. 5619MacCoiMeA\ii.S.E. July27:1975; Sunday Gazette-Mail

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