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Ottawa, Canada
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Saturday, August 29, 1964
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IIMThe OriMi Journal, ) OTTAWA THEN a.--- iivvvj ui laiiimai acmes are acv beside the same scenes today. Satur- f day Section. ROYALTY DINED ON BEANS Harry Walker recalls the pork and beans r supper served to the future King George V when he visited Ottawa in 1901. Sat urday Section. GARDEN PAGE A 'to Fall gardening topics resumes with articles on seeding a tilizing an old one. tha World M Art Mawa and Vlewa 14 BlUy Graham . . . 41 Booka 14 Chaaa . .. 13 Churrfcee .. 40. 41 Clasaiitad Ada SS-31 Comlca 44. 43 Daily Croat word 14 Cdltartab 4 racaa at Ottawa -. . 1 financial I. Goran en BrMte ; I 30 Arrested Philadelphia Hit By Race Riot , PHILADELPHIA (AP) - Hundreds of' rioters roamed through a predominantly Negro action of North Philadelphia FHday night smashing windows, and tooting stores. Police said at least 30 per: tons were arrested. Twelve policemen war injured and required ' hospital ' treatment. Icons of other policemen and rioters, mostly Negro, , were Injured. ' No serious injuries were re- NOrttSEKlOUf .: A spokesman for St Joseph's hospital said some 20 persons including four policemen wet injured, none seriously. The policemen were treated at SL Joseph's and transferred to Philadelphia General Hospital for further observation, the spokesman said. . The spokesman said about IS or 10 injured persons, most ly Negroes, were treated at SL Joseph's and released. One nf the victims wis detained at the hospital for further ob servation, the spokesman saia. NEGRO ADULTS - The nearby Temple University Hospital said ft treated and released about a dosea Kingston Driver Dies In Stock Car Crash; f) ' KINGSTON. Ont (CPV-Tom VanKougnnett 17, of King ston was killed and another nan suffered undetermined injuries Friday night in a three-ear crash during a stock car race at the Kingston speedway. Inhtreri was Richard Woods. also of Kingston, driver of one of the two cars that rammed VanKntwhnett's racer after It had smut out on a curve and rolled over during the first lap of a consolation race. Coroner D. W. Boucher said VanKaoghnett died of a fractured skull and a broken neck. 'DOMINATING FACTION' Sep Quit Top Posts i QUEBEC (CP) Seven offi cials. Including three regional ansidanta, announced Friday! the are oulttina their poets ml Le RassemMement pour 1'Inde-j pendance Natkmale, a leading Quebec eeoaratiet organisation. .because ft Is -dominated by e. faction which Is leading it mere and mora Into an irreversible policy of revolution." The seven said in a state-Bseat that, if political Independence le necessary for Quebec, revolution would be "extremely disastrous' as a way of echlev- ' tag Its RAP LEADERS ,. The rational "residents In volved la the resignation are Dr Rene Jutrai of the Bets-1 AND NOW Sixty- full page devoted new lawn, and fer Hill Talk It KllsaUea 41 Morim 4x, U Mule aa4 Drams SS New BaconJa M Sporu iwi4 Tall Ma Why ,. Trawl TV. Radio - 4. 44 Weaken CioaawnK M , Woman Kewe ts-SO Vounf Malta Paia 44 Negro adults, mostly for bead Injuries. Police radio broadcast calls for an available officers to I converge on the area of Broad I TROOP ROTATION Showdown ji.i On Cyprus Likely? Frosa AP-stssaers -NICOSIA CP) Four Sabre-Jet lighten believed to be TurkJah reconnaissance planes -Hshrfcked aver Cyprus today as President Makarios opened talks In Egypt with President Nasser, v i ' By HAL MeCtURE ' ANKARA (AP) Turkish soldiers and officers Joined students Friday in a riotous two-hour march through Ankara streets, shouting : anti-United States slogans . and breaking windows of the Greek embassy. The United States also came in for attack m Nicosia, Cyprus, where Greek-Cypriots in . en orderly demonstration accused the U.S. end Britain of support' ing Turkish demands for the partition of Cyprus. Cypriots snooted "Makarios, Khrush chev. Nasser" and carried pis cards saying "Shame on Anglo- American imperialist murderers." It was the second dsy in a row in which Ankara crowds hsd assailed the United States, the Turks have been aroused by newspaper stories saying the VS. is trying to force Turkey to accept s solution providing for union of Cyprus with Greece. ' ' ' The Nicosia rally preceded the departure of President Archbishop Makarios for Alex andrfa and talks with Egypt's President Nasser, who 1 offered arms to Cyprus. An Informed source said laratists Francs region, Jean Garon ef the Quebec City and Quebec East region and Mare Andre Bedard oucouttmi. They and the ether former of ficials criticized die leadership ef Le Raseemblement m statement for ''preaching the Importance of revolution w 1 1 h- out explaining what exactly means" or saying what would become of such a revolution. . Commenting on their resignation, Guy Pouliot of Quebec City, the general vice-president of La RassemMement, sale the seven area are seeking to beast their personal prestige and wish to ''assure themselves leader ship of the movement by anti democratic 79TH YEAR 221 Another PM SAIGON, South Viet Nam (UPI) U.S. educated Nguyen Xuan Oanh was chosen acting-premler today by the nation's military leaders. Oanh, who once taught at Harvard University, is a civil servant who was deputy premier for economic and financial affairs under former . premier Nguyen Khanh. Khanh now shares rule with two other generals, ouong van Minn ana rran JROOP CaACKDOWN Thi appointment followed a police and troop crackdown on itree gangs of Catholic and Buddhist youths. Three hundred persons were arrested and calm was restored to the city for the first time in nine days. The rioting broke out in the political vacuum crested by Khanh's " government crisis. The appointment o( Oanh was seen as 4 step toward 'restored stability Street and Columbia Avenue, the apparent focal point of the disturbances. The radio was flooded with calls for encc to officers in trouble. ".i.V: :i, f 1 i J Makarios told VS. dor Taylor G, Bekher to advise Washington be is determined to prevent Turkish troop rotation oa Cyprus at any price. A high Greek-Cypriot official said the arrival of new Turkish troops, scheduled for Monday. wouia oe opposed "even if means setting off a world war." The Turkish government maintained official silence on the Greek request to postpone tne troop rotation, a uvern- ment spokesman said an answer would be given soon. It was reported In Nicosia that unless the rotation is postponed, a troopship would sail Saturday night from the Turkish embarkation port of Isfcenderua with 335 soldiers aboard. The contingent, the reports saio. would land at the west coast port of Fsmagusta with out arms. The Turkish soldiers they are' replacing win leave their arms behind in barracks north of Nicosia and go by bus to the port. If the contingent Is prevented from Landing, the reports said, the ship will return with the troops to Iskenderun, 100 miles north of Cyprus, and Turkey will issue an ultimatum declaring rotation must take place or else." . T J As Saigon Savagery Pulled Into Passing Cor oo-l, 'A : -A B 1111s 1 V LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT " - . , josalyne uiarbonneau, a zu-veer-on Irrootreai . school teacher,, weeps with unrestrained Joy as she clings to the magnificent, chestnut f thoroughbred. . Fllghtson, presented to her by a group of friends during the Horse Show at the Ex Friday evening. " " iJawnal Pkote ay Dorolaloa Wldal GIRLS HORSE KILLED 'Ex' Pals Kick In With New One U.S. Firms Give Gov't Sales Pitch on Super Planes 1 : By GORDON DEWAR .l. ef .The Journal A series of quiet, private meetings have been and still are going on In Ottawa as a large number of U.S. aircraft manufacturers seek to seu the Canadian Government - on new fighter aircraft for the RCAF. While the ' meetings have been called by the National Defence Department in order to hasten a Government ded-sioo m the matter, the rush Is not the concern of the Gov ernment. Where l. Stand By Barry Goldwater Tkt firtt mrtlcl frtm Snir G tldwkfr't ee. "aVasre Stmnd, mppar fa fft Uttn. Ft tk VS. Aepaafcaa Prt$Htftil tumiiiutt't titwt US. Jom$lie $$ and wrld aJefrt, ser ft 17. '236-7511 OTTAWA, SATURDAY, AUGUST 29, 1964 Tiuen Kiueum. Oanh made the announce- of the change himself. He said Khanh was giving him the post because of "mental and physical" illness. Newspapermen who saw Khanh Friday noted no sign of either form of illness. FIRM FRIEND Oanh. 43. is considered a firm friend of the United States During his Harvard days, he was known as Jack .Owen, a corruption of his Vietnamese name;. Police sources said 30 of the youths were suspected of belonging to the. Communist Viet Cong and that dozens hsd no Identity cards, leading to speculation that they might be Communist agitators. The rettghme warfare that broke out Ja Saigon's streets cost at least three deaths in Its final hours, Including one Catholic boy about 10 yeais aid who was stabbed to death with a batcher kaife while soldiers watched. Until late last night,, the polios end troops seemed pow erless to stop the rioting by the rival religious gangs. Then, according to reliable sources, agreement was won from Budd hist, Catholic..- student,' and government leaders to crack down before further killing resulted.' RIOT POLICE ' ' Infantrymen and paratroops Joined ) riot police in -charges against the rioters last night and early this morning, and as day broke,, the streets were quiet':-: ---ii Tans to Page S ANOTHER Nobby Breaks Nose TORONTO CP) Nobby Wlrkowsld decided to put his nose to the grindstone Friday to see just what was wrong with his ailing Toronto Argonauts. . '' i " " One faked handoff and a half pirouette later Wirkow-ski discovered be bad stuck his nose In the wrong place it was broken. , Wirkowski. coach of the floundering Eastern Football Conference Argot, had decided it was time to investigate the Inaccurate timing that was short-circuiting the Club's offence. .: A former Argo quarterback, Wirkowski moved into the pivot spot, without a helmet, and faked a handoff to George Hughley. As be turned, Ron Hatcher's shoulder connected with the coach's The industry itself has made it known to the Government that some urgency Is involved probably' "that related to pro- uucuou programs ana ineir related ecooomice. . , Defence Minister Hellyeri said K will be lata September before "a series of studies" is completed and some time after that .before any . decision . Is msdc.-..v. .A ?'-.t " "A far as we (the Government) are concerned, wo could go oa for some time, but the Industry Is waiting for a decision," he said. Typical of the meetings are two planned for next Monday and Tuesday by the Northrop Aviation Company at the Chateau Lauriar. They will be luncheon meetings ta large privets suites.' complete - with b..: . ....... - DIRECT SUPPORT - " J This Is typical o? ell the meetings, which involve pres entation to the Government of eight different planes which By RICK MACKIE ; ef The Journal ' . , For the pssl few days Joaa-lyne Ckarbonneau. n, had been feeling "m' able,, just plsin misersble." ..... But today she Is probably the happiest, girl In Ottawa. A week ago Thursday Joaa-lyne't pet horse, which she was bringing to the Ex ta enter in the Horse Show, was killed m s traffic accident. HEARTBROKEN A friend says, "she was heartbroken. She really loved might meet Government requirements, v I ' Those requirements were set out last March In the White Paper which Mr. ' Hellyer tabled la the Commons. It ststed: '- , Turn to Page I NEW 'Spied BARRIE (CP . end UPI), Calvin Macdonald, who claims; be worked as sn undercover j agent for the RCMP for 10 V4 years, said Friday ha spied on M. J. Coldwell former federal CCF leader, in 1960. , , In. the second of his crosscountry speeches, .Macdonald said 'm -a -street-corner Speech that Ernest Cerrlgaa, a corporal n the RCMP!a f"A" squad- mm J K aanirltlfia lnwasltsa. lions branch, ordered him to collect facts tor ai dossier on Mr. Coldwell VS., Abdiacftedl mat horse and ell she had been able to thine, about we entering her in the shew at the Ex.- ; . ' , Denise St. Louis, who had been travelling to 0 1 1 a w a from Montreal with Joaatyne, and several of herether friends with entries So t a e Horse Show decided to do something to cheer her up. - Without letting Joaalyne know what they were doing they collected enough money fM to buy a three-year-old thoroughbred from Jacques Feriand, who towered the price to that figure from S58S. In a presentation ceremony during the Horse Show Friday they gave her the lovely chestnut animal. It was a complete surprise to Jeea-tyne. . Tears glistened fat her' eyes end she sobbed 'with unrestrained Joy when she realised the thoroughbred was hers. . "I had ridden him once end loved him ' so much ' that 1 kept away from him so 1 wouldn't become too attached to him." Josalyne said. ' 1 "It's hnt too, toe wonderful." - " : ' ': on Coldwell'-Macdbnald Mr. Macdonald says be is making his croea-country tour and exposes to attempt to force the RCMP to acknowledge that he became a Communist party member on their behalf and acted as an undercover agent CANT FIND JOB U He says ha la listed by the Department of Veterans Af fairs as a Communist and Is unable to find a job Decease of this... ,j I r r His cause ' is being cham pioned by David Cowlishaw of I Vancouver, orgenlter of " 10 CENTS A short, two-block walk home from a corner store ended in a terrifying nightmare on a lonely country road for a 17-year-old Ottawa South girl Friday night. The girl was grabbed, kicking and screaming, by two young men on Belmont Avenue, hurled into the back seat of a car, and driven to Ramsayvllle. TOSSED ON TO ROAD After being held for more than an hour the men threw her on to the road, and drove off. She made her way to a near-! by home and called a relative in Ottawa who drove to Ram-sayville and brought her hack to Civic Hospital She was examined and released aftnr treatment for shock. Hospital authorities described the girl as being "hysterical" when she entered the gency ward. They said no external signs i of a beating were found. Police declined to say whether the girl has been criminally asaulted. TWO IN CAR Police said the girt was ab ducted at . I SO p.m, by two men in a car as she strolled along dimly lit Belmont Ave nue near Bank Street. Residents oa the, street told police they could hear the girl's frantic screams for help. but were unable to halt the pair : as they fled -with, the la the girl's desperate strug gle for eer purse and sweater oa the sidewalk. Residents told police they managed to get a description of .the car1 a light blue com pact automobile. Immediately, all police . in Ottawa and the area were warned by radio broadcast to be on the lockout for a car matching this description. Flag By the United Frees later- party negotiations aimed at resolving the deed-lock over' the Government's three maple leaf flag resolution faUed again Friday but the Ave House leaders agreed to make another attempt Monday. , . Government . House Leader Guy Favreau reported an "amicable "one-hour meeting to discuss his three-point proposal to devote Mondays to legislation, extend sitting hours Tuesdays. Wednesdays and Thursdays so no time will be lost' on the flag providing the debate is concluded by Sept 30. The flag debate currently occupies four days a week. Sources close to the meeting said the only hopeful sign about the session was that alt. . including Tory House Leader Gordon Churchirj. agreed to meet again Monday: group called Underdog. Mr Cowlishaw tnrew a mua con tainer of animal blood on the! floor of the. House of Com mons Monday to gain publicity for Macdonalds cause. Mr. Macdonald said here be met Mr. Cold wen at , social affairs at the Russian embassy. He said he saw him there at least three times after he (Mac donald) was contacted by the RCMP. : -r "I turned in a report on each occasion on Mr. ColdwelTs remarks and on what known SIXTY-TWO PAGES Ends New 'Ex' Record In the Bag Fair Gunning For Magic 700,000 Mark ATTENDANCE I tat Friday . . . U.4M ItMt- Saturday . 71.514 11121 Monday .. IISJS7 tUSI Tuesday . Sa.417 M.7B7 Wednesday assist 7U . Thursday . 7S.7SS ,WO Friday ....TXslI 443U A new attendance record for the Central Canada Ex-, hibition appears to be a .certainty. . Only 24.757 visitors have to pass through the hard-worked turnstiles, today for attendance figures to surpass the 602,493 record set last year. AIM FOR 7taVMe CCEA officials are not wor ried about setting the record. but are hoping to break the 700.000 mark. A record 72.025 persons visited the Ex Friday, 23.793 more than were there on the same day last year. The turnout boosted total attendance to 577.637, close to 41,000 ahead of 1963. The biggest part of Friday's record crowd passed through the gates after p-m. . ,. . An elderly woman, who suffered a heart attack during the evening grandstand show, was treated by SL John Ambulance and then taken to hospital. ' ' ' i SUFFERS BURNS -'.'.C A young cook at. one of the restaurant stands In the .midway was treated for super-ficial hand burns suffered while trying to extinguish a Bra in the stand's awning. The Boy Scout lost ' and found ' tent handled only 78 youngsters during the day. but tt was far more than the 22 children lost on the same day last year, tt brought the total number of fast persons for the seven days to 1.366., FIND BODIES GENEVA (Reuters): The bodies of three Italian climbers whq disappeared Sunday have, been found on the Swiss slopes of the 12.000-foot high Mont Dolent. which stands an the frontiers of Switzerland. France and lUty. It was learned here Friday. ' Communists ,hd spoken him," Mr. Macdonald saieW EVEN AN MP He added that Mr. Coldwell was most certainly not a Communist"''"" ' '' ' ",' ., "But Otis Show (hat even s member of Parliament and leader of a political party Is suspected by the RCMP." . Mr. Macdonald said ha reported to the RCMP oa Mr. Coldwell for mora than a year. : He also charged that known Communists are allowed free I Tmw .te Page) a SPIED

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