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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Tuesday, April 23, 1918
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IT 111 Daily ., .-- .-^-^-ITTT ^ A'^* Cornellsville's Biggest and Best Newspaper. Sworn Average Daily Circulation Last Week, 6,709 VOL. 16. NO. 139. CONNELLSVILLE, FA, TUESDAY EVENING, APRIIi 23, 1918. TEN PAGES. BRITISH NAVAL FORCES RAID U-BOAT BASES AT OSTEND AND ZEEBRUGGEE Reports to the Admiralty are Incomplete but Say it Met With "Reasonable Measure of Success;" Germans Desert and Blow up Craft Intended to be Used in Blocking Harbor; Dutch Cabinet in Session Considering Crisis With Berlin. tweon Lastgny and Noyon, northwest of sheims. and in the Vosges ·ware without result. Prisoners remain in oar hands." AXERICAJf FITEE IS MEAD FROM ACCIDEJiT. PAHIS, April 23.--Second Lieutenant Linsmore Ely of Chicago, 111., formerly of the LaFayette Escadrille, died Sunday from injuries received in an aeroplane accident. ? ORTY-THREE NAMESJNJJ. S. CASUALTY LIST By Associated Press. LONDON, lApril 23.--British, naval forces today raided the Jennan submarine bases of Ostend and Zeebruggee, the admir- .Ity announces. Five old cruisers which had been filled -with oncrete for use in blocking the channel were 'run aground, down up and abandoned by their crews. The admiralty reports that according to incomplete infor- oation. thus far received the raid met -with a reasonable meas- ire of success. In all probability the entrance to the Bruges canal has been 'locked effectively in consequence of the naval raid, Sir Eric Jeddes, first lord of the admiralty, announced today in the louse of Commons. While the operation was in progress, Sir Eric announced, British parties were landed to distract the enemy. The officer ?ho developed the scheme of attack was killed. The casualties to British craft, Sir Eric said, were one de- troyer and two coastal motor boats sunk and two launches oissing. Storming parties were landed on the Mole from the cruiser 'indictive. The casualties to the personnel. Sir Eric, said, were leavy in proportion to the number engaged. Two of the blockading ships were sunk and blown up at tfee ·ntrance to the Bruges canal. The piling beside the Mole at ieebroggee was blown up by an obsolete submarine filled with :XplO6JT«S. The Brnges eanal is about six miles long, running from the lity of that name to the North Sea at Zeebruggee. This canal is f great value to the Gertruuis because the principal base of the ;abmarines operating from Zeebruggee is at Bruges, where there ire extensive docks and shipbuilding yards. SOUTH AMERICAN REPUBLICS SOON XAY BE OTTir ALLIES. LONDON, April 23.--Uruguay and Argentina are expected to declare war on Germany at an early date, according to Berlin advices forwarded by the Exchange Telegraph correspondent at Amsterdam. BEITISH PORTRS DtPROTK POSITIONS. LONDON. April 23.--On the Soromc front north of Albert the British last night improved their .lines by successful local operations, it is announced officially. They toot 60 prisoners. FULL HOUSE GREETS MILITARY BAND FOR 5TH ANNUAL CONCERT Grttod .Propram is Rest tiered lender ttio Direction of Johii K. Gaster ai. High School Hall. Almost every seat in thc large auditorium of the high school was filled at the liflh annual concert of che ConneUsvillo Military Band la-it night. The band, composed of 50 pieces, presented an excellent program under the direction of John K. Gaster. Patriotic decorations prevailed and several military numbers AND EVERSON ARE REFUSED LICENS! Bolle Yernon House is A.lso De- of Bight to Sell Liquor. PRODUCES FUND OF $9,650 NEW ORES TONED DOWN ·But All Other Applicants in th? County, Jnclnilinp l(i Distilleries and \inc Breweries, Arc on Renewal List; Other Brief Jfeivs of (Jie Courts. were rendered. When the curtain rose, thc entire audience stood while the band'played "America." This was followed by "Columbia's Call." Miss Helen Bell Rush sang "Carlo Nome" (Dearest | A( . tjlc weel;Iy soss , on 0[ coor , ,,, Name) She responded to an encore ; nnkratown thiB mornillg Judge K. II. MMrVi ****hii r'liiw (""Vino.- " ' I i RepperL handed down the liquor license list granting license- for shoj^n- suing year u 54 of the 57 applicants for retail license and to all of tbe J6 distilleries and the nine breweries which have tit-en engaged in business. .License was refused the Central TUJILOCGHS EVrDUSCE ALLIES -IKE ?TOT WOREIED. PARIS. April 23.--"The best proof that there is no cause for anxiety is that General Petain has decided to Srant furloughs for the first time since the German offensive began," said Premier Cleroeneoau to Marcel Hutin, editor of the Echo de "Paris, on bis return to Paris from a long visit to tie French and British fronts. Chin A clarinet duet, "The Two Little Bullfinches." was given by Charles Schmidt and John Foerncr, members of thc band. Their niimDor was Eoi- lowed by "Keep the Home Fires Burning." As an encore to this number Kelao Atkins and Paul I*arnbertson, I boys, one dressed in. the uniform of a sailor and tho other in khaki, played a flute-cornet duet. . During, a short intermission Attorney John. Duggan. Jr., made a Four- Minute talk, pleading with all to purchase a .Liberty Bond or bonds. Mrs. Helen itarkeli Knox sang "God Be "With Our Boys TonigJiL" As an encore Mrs. Knox sang 4 The Battle Hymn of the Republic." A popular number was a. saxaphone solo, by Charles Schmidt, accompanied by the fflTCHMAN CASE AGAINST MINERS' UNION DROPPED TFIUHlrawa) of Proceedings In SB- prrne Court Announced Ycsler- *T s m ' band. His number was by April 23.-- Upon motion of itloj-ricys 'for the Hitchman Coal , Coke company of Waeel- ing, W. Va., contempt proceedings in- CiXAI)IAN HEAJDQTJ.\KTERS -IN FRANCE, April 23.-- |.«J*«ted ;by t^o company against : c ^ - seven peaces, dashed HAJOCEB ATTAY AT BOCHES. jEJBtly ' IfrCBSai3UO!i»M*clU/gaUM y ^lld^eiTraFgBetfs7['i a the Supreme court wens todeff Mm by special artillery shots,' swept his trenches- withdrawn.. vitli machine-guns~ and ri5e bullets and hammered his'frontj. The Hltchmn company accused the ines with.""trench, mortars. (-labor leaders .ot violating injunctions a "characteristic trombone smear," .in which five trombone players did some "jazzin*." The number scored and an encore was called for. iliss Rush ^ave a second vocal number, "The Dream of a Soldier Boy," which received much applause. She sang "Sweet Little Buttercup" as an. encore, ^rs. Knox sang Lbree additional verses that have bo«a written to the air of "America" in the form of a prayer-for tbe boye "over there." The iast nnmber on tbo program. "The Star Spangled Banner," was played by the band and sung by Mrs. Knox and Miss Rush as a duet. As hotel. Dawson; tho EureKa House at ISveraon. and the Lang hotel at Belle Vftrnon. All new applications fnr hotel license were refused but thai, of thi? proprietors of tiie Summit Hotel which hatl been withdrawn. Judge 3. Q. Van Ssvcaringtm Discharged a rulii to have set aside service on the defendants in the case of George Patter.-jon against C. P. Harkless and L. .\. Harkiess of Phtsburg. The men are charged with embezzlement, WMle they were atetnding civil court in Uniontovn service was secured on them but they put up tbe contention that they wore immune ·while in attendance at court. Judge Van Swearingcn overruled the contention, A ne^ r trial was refused in Ihe case of Alfred C. Black and Margaret A. Black against the executor of the estate of John W. Black and judgment was ordered to be entered. The caso involed U;e settlement of "in estate. Judge Van. Swearingon. discharged a rule to open judgment in the caso o' Searigbt K«?lly against. William J'. D, Kelly in which in? application was VK1WTESDAY, UAT J, JS ONLY !UY TO KKGIKTKR FOR FRDtARY, MAT 21 Republicans of fonnellBville wbo v-'crf not registered last fall or wbo have losi 'Jheir right ot franchise by removal from one ward to another or into the city from some other locality have the opportunity to qualify for tbe primary election'on .May '21 by appearing before the registrar's in person on Wednesday, -May 1, and registering. This is the only day yet aside for that purpose in advance of the p r i - mary. The registrars w i l l be ai the regular polling places to enroll voters between the hours of 8 a., m. and ] p. m., '2 and 6 p. m. and 7 and .10 p. in. Take along your tax receipt, and if naturalized your naturalization papers. Nominees for important offices _ arc to be cuosen and it therefore behooves every patriotic Republican to prepare to exercLse his right of franchise. This Represents SroaU Part of Contributions by That Nationality BANK CLERKS Are Far Behind in Computations of the Detailed Figures. CAMPAIGN GOES BUSILE ON Reports YVill be Made Asain at Jleot- incr Tomornnv at Xoon at the 3Sn- sonic Temple; Court Urges Investment of Funds in Liberty Bonds. B.0. VETERANS TO HOLD THEIR ANNUAL BANQUET TONIGHT Elaborate Program for Entertainment in" MeinJiers and Guests at Gather- in the .ILaceabees Hall. The Baltimore Ohio Veterans' Association of Conaellsvillf-, which em- ConnollsviUe's Liberty Loan total is still growing although no change has been made in the big clock which is indicating the progress, of the campaign in the city. The canvassing teams will report tomorrow at a dinner at the Masonic Temple, and also on the two days following. Although tie clock indicates 5625,000 there is much more than that subscribed in tte district which has not been turned in. The Italian canvassing committee which covered the city on Sunday has turned in the results of its efforts to the banks. The report «hows that the iast verse of thcjiational air waa ; made by the wife or the defendant sung. Miss Rush u n f u r l e d a small j who alleged that an effort was be.ini; American flag, drawn from a bouq uet j made to defraud her of her dower ' $9,650 was subscribed. Every Italian resident of the city was visited on. Sunday and in HJOST instances a bond was taen. Tbe banks are far behind in the the boad sales and t the ihe Maccabees ball this j ^ VrVo^a^ypsierday'amoiuii.ed 10 515-4,450. At a meeting held at Poplar Grove . , , . i Siradav bv MTK G. "\V. Buckncr. J. U ; musical select,TM*, readings and other K t l r ,./ a n j .,_ A . A r m s l r o n E bc , KeoI1 features, ha ; , beco prodded for tbe i ,,_ n braces in iu membership practically ! com , mt3lion O f the bond sales every former employe in this vicinity eTerv clerk is bard at work A t who , s m i l hold its annual Fj NaU , bank th ^ to ; evening. An 13labors to program, inchiding} of roses. From dnsy until dawn the whole front has been lively and south of Lens. The ceaseless rumble of our heavies ichich are neutralizing hostile batteries by calculated and con- dnuons gas shelling has been accompanied by the sharper jhorns .of our field artillery carrying out a particularly harass- ng fire program. Regularly the Boche.,lines have been lit up with scores of lares, betraying the nervousness which has been produced impng the enemy by such activity as he has. not known on his j-ont for weeks. The enemy has been forced to fire his guns ander gas clonds and in gas masks. »CTCH FEAK GERMAN AGGBESSIOX. restraining them from attempting to organize employes of the company. Injunctions wore Issued in 1DQ7 by Federal Judge Dayton of West Virginia, wfco in a sweeping opinion declared the miners' union to b« au illegal organization and forbade union solicitation by picketing, peaceful argument or persuasion, o[ the com- right in an estaw. .Lester Lee, colored, pleaded guilty to a charge of false pretense iji coi- lectinf; money in CoD.nellsvi!le lor l-Ki tus in jail. I How much money tie secured was not WASHINGTON' leariled Hf - had 'le«royed his record. naiwu.i.vjivn,, prank cjjfjsp flk , d a llbe v i n divorce against Bessie Chrise. They PERSHINO REPORT rt-*^.«m.»«««i^-"-S**Wi^^^^ H ' mr - fr " uE " CO ' 0r TM ~°' i8f TTTLE ttfiz [**·· «*»«»·"* i ° si * TM n REA $350 and $400 was subscribed. ·WASHINGTON, April K.--General Pershing's first report on tbo German aasauit upon the American and Preach forces in the Tool sector Saturday, is understood' to Indicate that the Amer- married at Markieysburg on Chri.Tt- ! "O mas Day 1901, and .lived there for 21 years. Desertion ts alleged. A decree of divorce has been grant- Tn^uTp^Ss*' ""^Ij"- to be heldnext Sunday. **,- BuKic call. ;i n e "America" n (dents of Acme want a meeting hcid '.'...' !..B. o. B.-uid|it! the Mount Zion church there and Mi*«i n::r.rtet selected old time ; Bear Kock residents are also calling HavUnnd i j or a. committee, A rousing meeting Miss Lindsay j day evening. No committees to make o. Band the trips have been decided on as yet. I Acldrnrf.s 1 Solo . . . ' Address Solo Bo 11. H. Broug-hUn H a r r y lxKidt;n Ten Boys THE HAGUE, April 23. n extraordinary session. The Dutch cabinet met yesterday The British foreign ouice; according to the London Daily has learned that the relations bet-ween Holland and Ger- court's decision but the Supreme court upheld Judge Dayton witli some modlGca lions. The company claimed that because of intimidation and threats of labor leaders since the injunction was issued the operation of its property had been curtailed and the tonnage reduced. ; many are very strained. Officials and diplomatic circles in Lon- ""president Hayes and the other de- Ion were reported to look upon the situation with uneasiness, i fondants, in a reply -sled on March 4, Rumors were that something in the nature of an ultimatum had ' 3(«n delivered to Holland by Germany. The Handelsblad of Amsterdam on Monday expressed the vlief that Germany -would not hesitate to use communication :brough Holland, even at the risk of war, if she believed that by ioing so victory could be obtained on the western front. It -was ·eported recently that Germany looked with disfavor upon Hbl- and's attitude toward the seizure by the United States aad Great Britiin of Dutch tonnage in American and British ports. ed Florence Howard Gibson from leans sustained more than 300 casual- j Oeorge Gibson. ties, and to estimate the German loss- j Heirs of Elian W. Gault of Lower es at between three and four hundred. (Tyrone township, purchased a monu- It was learned last night that the re- j ment for the deceased following t b e ; port'bid been received,-but Wai- De- | Bling of the final account, in the es- ] ' tale' atid petitioned the court to de- * duct the cost, $210. from the amount j reports about the department concern- i scheduled for distribution. Tbe c o u r t ! ing its contents. | affirmed the petition yesterday ap- ! Secretary Baker is understood to be j proving tho account ot Administrator . awaiting more details before making i R - T - Hntchinson and directing Ihe an announcement, though he prab- i distribution of 5874.15. ably will lay the information received ! Continuances in the sale of the es- betore the House Military commiuec ; tatcs of Daniel H. Pershing and when he appears today to tell of his I George M. Martin were also granled trip abroad. n ' Judge Work. No complete returns have been made by any of the canvassing committees "ii'B a Lons Wit;.- to Berlin But We j in tbe outside territory. When rc- Gct There" B. O. Band ] turri ,; a o begin to come in it is expected that the amount subscribed in tbo ConnellsFille district will t a k e . a MAY HAVE PICTURES m ACTION BBFOBT SHOWS. (J, April 23,---The eas- lalty list today contained 43, Ih-ided as follows: Killed in action, two; died of one; died of disease, tour; I the size of the army, Chairman Pent and his. colleagues -were curious as to tbe secretary's view along this line and were disposed to accept his recommendation. The secretary's recommendation will be made soon and the department -already -is preparing wounded j them. Representative L.:ec- Shallenberger of Nebraska has prepared a bill to ei- tend the draft age from 31 to 40 bnt has deferred pressing It until he can ascertain the secretary's views. severely, nine: slightly. 27. Thre« officers are named. ·.eiiant-Bernaid F. McMeel -was 3d severely and Lieutenant Thomas tf. Holmes and Harry D. McNeil were yotraded slightly. The list of-Jclllad follows: Killed in action, Private Prank G. Ssoe and Saraael L. McGafflgan. Died, of -wotrnds;. Private Winford Plnos. IMe-d of disease. Cool- Homer !Day- ae**-. Private James Frederick Coiirt- aey. George Lycth and Joe. Payne. BAKEE BEFORE HOCSE 3QUTAXV COJDnTTSE. WASHINGTON, Aju-U 23.--S«-re- lary Baker gave the House Military ' f °TM of a French soldier, a German committee today a confidential report j was arrested in the streets of Paris on nis trip^to the battle front. | yesterday, jje told the authorities "You can say," he announced as ho ; he was born in Alsace and had de- TFTLSOX APFBOTES SABOTAGE Bill. TVASH1NGTON, April 23.--President Wilson today signed'the sabotage bill carrying penalties, of ?10,000 and 30 years imprisonment for destruction of war materials or interference with war industries. asserted that any reduction in tonnage was not due to labor difficulties. The Hitchrnzn Coal Coke company is composed in part of Mount Pleasant. Pa., men. W. J. Hitchman. its bead is a member of the J. V. Thompson Creditors' committee. IN CONTJEMPTOF COURT I). 0. Engineer Cited for Faflnrc to to Pay Alimony. In tbo case of Mrs. Charles M. Vance against her husband, a Baltimore Ohio engineer, for divorce the respondent was this morning declared by .the court, in -Uniontown to be in contempt for failure to pay his wife $30 per month and counsel fees pending disposition of the 'Mrs. Imogene Jobes of Connellsvllle today filed suit In divorce in Uniontown against W. Scott Jobes of Franklin township. Cruel treatment is alleged. DR. COMJIISSIOXED SOLDIER IS HELD Dr. Thomas Irving Cotton), son o f j j , . A _ , Va | U , rs ,,,- Mm i vi ||e. Is Wanted r. and Mrs. A. W. Collom of Union-j , u G rpensoiirir fur Ponrery. M town, has been commissioned a captain in Ihe Medical Officers Reserve and is stationed a!. Baoc Hos- Ercnnsn Solo Mrp. LyUe Addrojis . . Consrrespman E. F. Sterling Miirch---"On tlie Square".. B. A- O. Band i good Ica-p. ^idrM^ 1 " 1 TM" i' H s V 1 Lv«ri ^ ii ' e lhe dinners for the Liberty : -Star'simnBi'ud"BHr.n«V"'.'.B." o. Band j Bond canvassers have been suspcnd- F o u r - M i n u n Spcccli.;s. ; ed for tbe first tvo days of this week. i | the workers are still covering their ; districts, and in mosi cases they have been completed. It is expected thai rhe employes o'f l ESort bidf to Baic Captain Stayton ] tlie Baltimore Ohio railroad here | Illustrate Lecture. j w i i l subscribe at least.5100,000 if not I Tbe splendid work of the Comforts i m o r e - On Thursday thc total was an- eommitteeol tie Navy League in COD-i noun ' od as ? G3 - 25n and by tomorrow Hiellsvillc, and the a/Tiivity o t tie Ed-' ' l m!1 ' h a v e P assed ' h ! goal of 5100,I win S. Porter branch in war w o r k ! I has resulted in securing for this c i t y ' The You sh Tent Nn. 359. Knights one of thc beat informed and most j * ^ -Maccabees, have subscribed lo I n l e r o s t i n g ' speakers on war work. | *:'_' 000 '" _r° n '.. Thc Maccaheos ;oo!i: | The high school auditorium is expect- H. A. Wallers, a member of thc 35lh [ 1'lngineers, locator! ut aa eraharkation ed to lie filled to capacity tomorrow i n i g h t when Capta-in William H. Stay- pltal No. H. Camp Oglethoi-pc. Clip-', tain Oottom is a son-in-law of Mr. and | Mrs. P. A. Uniontown. ! Camt ' n ° w ° a n . was ^ost- out a subscription of $1.000 in the present loan hut it has been increased Tbe bonds were paid for FKRfCH I-OLICE TAKE ALLEGED ITUX SPT. PARIS, April 23.--Wearing the uni- IXSPECT ROADS. County Commissioners View -Work Between Coalbrook and SInyer. Cocnty ConamiESioners Logan Rush and George P. Hoover and County Engineer John P. Gephart, Jr., and others were in Connellsville this morning oa a tour of county roads. The officials viewed thc wort on the Coalbrook-Pennsville road. coi,osEr, I ' PATS nsiT no,HK.| '. Lieutenant Colonel JJoyd G. .Mo j Crum. who was recently appointe.'i by ; tie War manager of the j great arsenal manufacturing plants at j Rock Island, III., and commissioned second in, command, is visiting bis parents, Mr. and Mrs. S. R. McCrum, of Uniontowu. DAVIDSON TOOTH A.RRIYES ES FRAJTCE. TVor'd has been received by Mr. and Mrs. H. Rigger that their son, Jesse Rigger, has arrived safely in France. Mr. Rigger left here for Camp Ijx with the second contingent of the draft. Hjs father is stable boss for the H. C. Friek Coke company at Davidson works. Curtail Pleasure Cars. ·WASHINGTON, April 23.--A ftrr- emered the committed room, "tha: I j sertc-d from tie German army after j ther curtailment of the manufacture am here just for an iiiforaaJ talk on | being brougit to the western front of pleasure automobiles was indi- ibe conditions as I 'found them in from Galicia. The police are of the | cated'today as the outcome' of a con- Frscce. I am not going to bring up opinion that the prisoner is a German j farencc held by the fuel administra- the question oC 'the sir.e of the army or extension of 'the draft age. You can go as far as : you like la the matter of'unified control ; of the allied and in the sanguine and confident belief in the success of the war." Members of the coiannittee w^re present in force as it was the first me*-tins of tlle secretary with tny congressional committee since his re- officer. AETILLEliT ACTITE 0\ TBT. sojntE FBOST. PAH1S, April 23.--Active artillery operations on the Somme . front and east of Rheims are reported in today's official communication. The statement folows: "Rather spirited artillery engage- tun. Despite bis announced intjn- j ments occurred on the Somme front HOT not .to bring up tl* onesrion ol' and east-ol Rheims. German- raids be- tion and the war industries board with representatives of the antomobile industry. od here last nig'it by Patrolman Elonry Hctxel and was taken to Greensburg today by tile stau? police. HP is said to be wanted tbnre for forgery. Walters says he changfvl the name of a bank on a check so ho could get it cashed. When arrested herf^ a revolver was found on him. He is in uniform but wears a small hat. of Scottish type that just fits over his bead. His home is in Meadville. He was arrested here about 3 o'clock last night, only a lev tninutfis after a call had been received from Greensburg to have him picked up. in ca?rh. Reports yesterday by H. N.. Boyd of the Jiiirnborn district, boosted the total for German district to $51.000. [ ton, f o r m e r l y ttn officer of. ihe U n i t e d j States navy. .spcak.= on what is being ! done 10 win tb' 1 war, aad tells the · peoplo of this city iiow and what the? . . can do to give morn practical aid t o i . r h r ^'"niown Ministerial assor.ia- Ihi- government in its immense task. K " 1 .TM ptEir nay issueo a suicmont urg- Capu-un Stayton w i l l make an cspc- ' 1IB ' h r P l l r r h a E I "' l.fttrtr Bond?, clal appeal to awi.t the shipping /^V' " Work ' as P^idTM, oC ! board, to not only have confidence m j ' h e °T hans conn, issued an appeal So Drill Tonifcht, On account oC the policeman's ball that is being held at the_ armory tonight, there will be no d r i l l of Company G. Pennsylvania Reserve Militia. Tbe next drill will ' night and Captain i t . but lo stand ready to do any active ' work needed to drive more rivets every day in Jic building of ships. U .1. Smyth, field secrMary of the Ic.igae, who was here yesterday to assist in arrangement for the meeting, last "ighi wired to VTashingtou to Captain Stayton, askfr.g if ho could bring to Connel!svi!le some motion pictures of executors, administrators and. guardians to invest trust funds in the- third loan bonds. Connellrrille Students at State Colleco. Acquainted irjfh Jean Baird. Miss Jean Katherine Bairi. dean ot be held Friday Frar.fc Cox requests that every member of t"ae company turn out As many draftees as W 5 s h t. 0 i eara t n e rudiments Harry McCrmr Home. J. Harry llcGraw. who lias been at | o£ drilling are also asked to be at the Cresson for the past, two years, has armory, returned to his home here. the navy and slices showing h'.c o f , Beaver colleg.?. wbo committed sni- the boys at soa. An answer is e.\pect- j ci( j e b? . taking poison Sunday was etl from Washington today. The pro- j well ^ aovn to ao Connellsville slu- gr,.ja for tie evening will begin at | dents who were hi attendance at Penn- I S.30 with patriotic songs by the High I syi Tania . Stato col!gB during tho ! Scbool chorus. Miss -Vary McCon-| years 1915 and 19)6. JHss Baird pur- noil will sing "bibeny Bell," accom- j sued a spc .i al cours e at that instiui- , pt-cied by Miss Pearl Keck. i t j on a u r ing those years. | j Ainong Miss Bajrd's writing was a i PRO-GERMANS HELD ! ? orics or 5torics which was pub!isl!Cd "Dawson lion 111. Frank Ansell is seriously ill of pneumonia at his home at Dawson. [. .Iniitice Mcstrczjit "o Better. PHILADELPHIA, April 23.--The coiulitioii of Justice S. Leslie Mestre- zat, of tie Pennsylvania Supreme Court, who hao been seriously ill at ' a hotel hero for more than a week, ! Chris imd 'trilliiuii Unas! nf M orpin · lU'iuse to bt.' Kxiiminvd. ! Chj-is and V V i l l i y t t i Hoag, refusing ' I to allovv thtmselveh: to be examined , i by Dr. J. French Kerr, e x a m i n i n g : physician, of Ixtcal Draft Board for ' ! District No. 2. have beeu locked up ' ' until tho arrival of an agent 01 the ; in the Sunday school pdper u?Pd by the adul: classes in the Sunday school of the Connellsville Christian church. NF.Vi 31.0N.V1M - .H MA.XAC.KG. j Deparunent of Justice. The brothers ; 0. S-i.sman Sticwerts C. W. IJIXHT at l : ninn Supply Store. .1. O. Soxiran is :i uew store mana- ; gcr y im zrf}., sm-ceeding C. SAJ! More Shocks Felt JACINTO, Cal.. April 23.- Three more earthquake shocks during the night and early today made San. Jacinto and Hemet shiver, but added nothing to the destruction of the Sunday afternoon tremors which half wrecked the business district. Probably sbovrers tonight and Wed| nesday is the noon weather forecast ! for Western Pennsylvania. i .Temperatnre .Record. l ia.18 1917 Marimum : 76 74 Minimum _: 50 -18 .Mean : 63 61 The Yough river fell during the nignt from. -5.00 .feet to 4.60 feet. Teachers Get Pay. Pay day for the teachers of the Connellsville school district marked tie close of the seventh month of school today. j w e r e arrested Saturday charged with j Jx-erbower. Mr. Soxma:i v . - a s f o r - b u i u g pro-Gerr.ituns and Urafl evaders. '· mer ly stnrt! manasrc-r at T-eiFen-ing The men were to have beeu e:i-|N 0 . 2. Kn has moved his family into airJned ytstcvilay 1ml they declared i the fcon?e vacated by Mr Beerbower j l h e y would rather be shot now than j a n d family. .Mr. Beerbower has taken j fight. Both men filed their question- j a position at Castle Shannon naires but neither appeared for ex- Sickness is Reported. One case of measles and one t of diphtheria were reported to the Board of Health this morning. amination when called. Schools fo Close. Xyt Improves. Thc condition of Earl Nye of Souti Cnnnelisriile. wbo is at the Cottage Next Tuesday will mark the elos- State hospital for treatment of a bul- |ing of the Upper Tyrone township j let wound, is improved today and tie schools. patient is resting easily.

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