The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 31, 1930 · Page 18
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 18

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, January 31, 1930
Page 18
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PAGE EIGHTEEN. -THE DAILY C?OURIEB, QONNELLSVIJLl.E, PA. FRIDAY, JANUARY 31, On This Pag^ You Mil Find All The CLASS! FIKD. ADVERTISINQ .'INFORMATION-All ads. are restricted 'to their proper clasaincatlon niul to the regular style or typ-e. . ThjB puoUshors resorva the rljrht to edft or rejeqt_ any claaBlnea .'l.dv.jrtlsing coiiy. K'-'rors I n advertisements should, be raported Immediately. The Courier will not bo responsible tor more- than ona Incarrept Insertion, , Charscd ads. for responsible |pai ties will oa received by telephone, 'and. It paid w i t h i n stx days, cash rales ivlll be ullo iVcd. ' ! Ailvertls'lngf ordered Jor Irregu'ltttj In- ssrtiona takes the otie time rate, i' No ad. Is taken for loss than a uaals ot' threo lines. Count the averagre wprds to U'? Una. An avarage word contaiea six Setters. Ads. ordered for .three or six times and stopped before, expiration will ttts u h a t g e d lor only t h o ' h u m b e r of times the ad. appeared, arid udiustinont made at t h o rate earned, · Sj-oclal rates ,far yearly advertising upon request. ; " ,_ ' . . Dully rate 't*er is'sis Cur consecutive insertions. ' ' ' . Charge Cash Okie Tlrno ,...' ..... .' ..... 10 ·«». Ti ireo Times ... ........ *8 ^OT S|t Times .............. W - oa \iluEN AND WHBIIE TO i YGUK AIS. T|ie ClassUled Adveitislnu Depart- met i Is situated ar Courier Plaue. ·lV Is olllce is open to receive adver- tisolnonts f i o m A. M. to 5:00 P. M duU{ . All aaa lece-lved up until 11:00 A. 'lil. will appear In- editions the same day,' ' I»li6ue Your Cla»»lBcU Ad. ' So. IS, 13 ot 41)6. Tlj e Ad Taker will gladly assist you If d.jsired, So that the copy for your ad U prepared In such « manner aa, to the gieatest results fur you, Announcements Deaths . BAKER. · . -The fiJnocalSojv John .Bajter of Nolll* Mines, nqtir Xrtfor-bllt, yrUo died o.irly yesterday, wilt be-held on Stinday afternoon. 'A Hi'fef'.servlto will be held at tho 1 ite hdme«-ot 2 o'qlock .folloyod ·by a f u l l ono at. 2:80 -o'clock at St. John's 1 toman Catholic Church on the West Side. · Rev. Father S. Moravek, pastor, v/UF officiate;' Clivterniont will be made In the church 'cemetery at Brook, vale In charse of Funeral Director French ti. Durst. AIjBBKT GWSAN. Albert Glla'an, l5S/years old, engaged in tho gn,rasre business at Cunrberlund, Md., alni e 1012, died yesterday at' Tils home at Narrows Park, Cumberland. He was horn on March 5, 1S72, th« son of Cnptoln "tt'llllam R. and Harriet A'. Harprsr Qllsan, riativoa of Somerset county, J'a. MISS MAIICTAREIT D. Miss Margaret Drusellln Hellen of U n j o n t o v n dlud Thursday at the ITnlon- town Hospital of heart trouble, ,,. , MRS. MARY H.OTI1'. ' Mrs. M a r y Hoth, formerly of Ollphant Furnace, died Thursday at her homo at Mlddletown, Conn. , ' --t'ards oi Thanks -We sincerely thank our friends- "for t h e kindness and sympathy e tendfid, us duHnjy our recent bereav )ment,, the death pt our , "Mrs,- ICatherine Olllen. · Es- .-.-dO-wc thank t h o staff of the ?^'State Hospltfl.1'- J a n d - those vho donated cars. Tho OUlen .family . f j ' t ' Oocds Classification Index Ttio ludjvidui^l udvurUseinButB uudei the toUu'wintc claaslttcatlon ttrti 'ac- i a n « o a in AlwPtiAUllSi'lCAJj, foi reftreuue, i-i. -Uuids of Thanks 3- -- In Kiemoriam , ·J--- ITloWuis and Mottrnlng ^---Funeral Lirectora U--- Jduuuuieiua uuU Cemetery 7-- fersonals 8--- K e l i u i u u s and Social Kvctua U--SouiuUUb aud 1U--- atrayed, 'l,U8t, . -- A--Aulumoolle Agencies 11--- Automobiles lor. bale iU-- AuiiU Trucks, 'jL-ruciura, Traliera lU--Auto Accoasortea, Tiroa, i*arta li-.-Uuragos -- AULOS for Wire, - T a x i ii-.-Motoruyolea atxi lilcycles lo--nepairjni4 -- bevvlce i j. _ W d a U d -- AVjiwu l»-.-isuslnetia faervice Oft'orod 18-H -- vVuete lo Wine iS-li -- uaroering, ' .Beauty Parlors and Contracting . ao-- -Cleanmu, uyuiut;, ami 'Millinery iumouiB, iwouug and iuruiy BujiJa U j-'-Axuviiiii, Ti ucklntj. Storage 3U- "i'aujliiiti, faperiug, JJecorutlng u"U au-.s, -- AWutiiKS aiiU ·M Tailoring ai»a Pr*)»atnjf l-- Female \yantBd -- Aialu UO-- VV airi»a : Ajjunts .M«ue Oppprtunltlea ' , JJoncta ·4U-.t-ilon«y lo i u - i t , -- i aiully To iiorrow Couraea. ·Ju- 4-1- -il.uali.-al, Ijuiiuiatf, Uramatlo ·io-- ' F r i v a t B liiatruc-tioa .jj. ( -- jS'rivjito liisu'ucUan-- Aluaic 40-- Wiintud I n a t i - u c t i u n ·t7-.;UOBs, Cut,B, Other lo-- u^iJ'-ai, culttu, dthur -- WilU LUti-- 4^1 V Ol--Ai-tii;i«» fur. Ol-o. -- ijui-ior aad Exchange u/id tiuiiuuiij caa and u m c j j5 -- i'u,i'ji» uncl uairy JfroductB uj-i -- iarin Kq 00-- ~Futl, Feud, u7~-Uood TuiiiKs to Kat, . Oa -- liumumaito Til uo-- -Jowttlry, VV'au;iiei, Ul -- .Macninory and Tools 02-- -.Musical .dm unamlluo U^-u -- -Katllo i!liuipmoiit ua--oo«da, Pianta, i'lowara Kl- ; puolala u t the Apparel To .Buy lS AJM-U UOAlll) -01-- -Uoonu WUix lioiua OS-- -Itooins, \ V H n o u t OU-- -Uoonis. for , Huusekooping 7U -- vacation .Jfi?,cojs 71 -- Wliet'e to liat Ti -- VVhuru to ytup in Tosvn 7a~-Wante r J-- Ko*.ms or UKAI. 1JMTATE KOH 7-1 -- Apartaienta uuii i;'lat.a 70~- -llUHin«ss .flabes 1'ur llont 7U -- K u r m a and Lands fur Uent 77 -- lloiiaea for Kent 7a -- oifico arid Desk XiooMi 7U-- Shore, Mountain. J^ake for itoat HO--- K u L u r b a n , C o u n t r y for Kent . si! -- Wanted -- To Uolit fUOAt. KS'J'A'l'lS t'OH SAX.*: -11 -- ^Brokers In Heal listato V,~i -- Buslnusa Property for Sale tU -- Karma and land for Sale fs5 -- L,ola for SO -- Shoro, Mountain, Lake ior SaJe i7 -- Suburban for Sale (y -- 1' 0 Kxi;hant;o -- Real 8U-- Wantoci- AUCTJtOA* 5M)-- , A action «qrs, til--.- Lagul Notices Altli i'OU ONE of tho satisli'ed money snvera Who use the. classillud t h r l f l sorvlct ? THERE'S 'SATISFACTION for both a d v e r t s * ) ' and I'euiler in every cUussl- / -- And funor«l destgn,-i ,a,t reasonable prices. Alpha "Flora,! Cpi^pany. .PltJrisfs.-'lOS West , CraWfordf -avenue. . Phope 1155. I '· ^ r *f ,. ^ . Strayed, Lost, Ponn^ , ^ 10 ST.OI-13N, JJANDSOMlfl REWARD--,W1U bekglvi rj^to flncler, Studpbaker tour- Ing car, »wlth*" s license' -No,, .23SHA-O, was stolen QJI Friday ntgfl^t, January 24th, at 7:30. IBngrlne No, 4^053; maTiufucturer's No, 8043002. Notify Connel'svillo Police or C. Pore, 380 North Vrch street. Automotive Automobiles For Solo IT WILL PAT--You to see us first bo- fore buying that Used Car. Evnna Motor Service, West Crawford Ave, , Phono 1834. · · - ' CREATJIR VALUES -- LOWER COtiT DBl'BNDABtB USISD Buy New While Prices Are "W e Will atore iTuur Car UJitit Spring. 1027 Chr: aler "§2" 4-door Sedan--$250. 10-'U Modi I "A" Ford. Tudor Sedan--$;li!5 1UJ7 Mpd il "T" Ford, 1-tpn Truck with, 7 - , , , 1828 Uh*vi«oUt · %rton~"rruols:, with sore i( aides-- ?a75/' 1020 Mod )1 "A" Ford KoadSter -- $800. 11)27 Mod -1 "T" Ji'ord Fordor Sedin, with ruxsteli axle~¥l00. 1027 PoniUic Cuupe-- $100, IT'S FOB YOIJtt D1SNKFIT -- Our Easy ent l'l/*n, A small down pt.y- a id nxottthly paymetita. HE1 ZEL-X'OUNG MOTOR CO. ' , A u t h o r i z e d Fojd Agency, SCOTTD^ LE, P A , ' PHONE'470, .*-- A NEW "CAR BARGAIN HAS NEVER BEEN UJ^IVJSN K6SEX TOWN SEDAN---Wjll deliver to you ror |7Ui5; A Havings of $100, y can't g wrong, tuko advantage of this oft.;r how! Automotive For Sale 11 JUST WHAT'YOU WANT--Is just what we hnev, Bxcclient Used Cars In excellent,condition. All are priced for quick, .sivles. t'cmnellBvlUs-Qldsniobile Co,mpany, JEaat I Applet St. Phono 074 Aato 'AccesB(jrl6», TlreB, Purls 18 OALLBY DUCO AND BODY SHOP-- We arc fxilly equipped 1 to completely reptilr or rebuild your wrecked car, under one roof With 'only onfl proflt. Phono JOTS, i i' WB B!AVJK--And alWays will ha\'e, any jinrt you may need for your car or truck. W do and always will, save you m o n e y on any part.' Fayetto Auto 1 Wrecking; Co, "The Home of a {Million Auto Parts." McCormlck N aveuue, Phone 98. Stations OTJAHANTBBO AUTO KEPAIU WORK , A Trial Will Convince You. AVAIL TCHJfl^ELF-- Of this weather to have your, car conditioned for spring. We ha,ve .the,.most cofnpl^to and up- to-dato llna (% of repair equipment that 'can be foundianywhere. Vjjiry reason- 'ablo prices, aiiU'every Job'absolutely guaranteed,' f . , " r '' HVANS Ht)TOsl COMPANT s. CRAWFORD'AVENUE, PHONE 77, * SATISFACTION GUARANTEED ; ' ' I '"We Aim To Please" REASONABLE BATHS ! MODERN EQUIPMENT ADVICE Prompt And Courteous "Service, " ; ]X)U'BLE 'CHECK IIBREI ' Oaajor .Oil-- .tOreasc. BuUirles'^orif-- Battery Service, Car Washed -- Polished. Tires -- Tubeit. Our o. Is--"21." FIRESTONE SERVICE STOUB, INC. W. APPLE ST., I'COU, MEADOW LANE H. C, iL|LiloCK. q,BAT THIS OFFER! Your Chabats Qreasod And Body and (Chassis Tighlened, ABSOLtltTELY NO CliAIlOE MAKE THl'S OFFER -- For thoJIo w a n t tIKltr car o v e r h a u l e d fc-r Valves grou'nd, carbon uleuned, your i m o t o r t u n e d up. ' FLAT llATJBS-)t*'-6t for "I" cyllndets uud $10 tor Sf^es, "We Euaratiteu satisfaction.' ! EARY KEiSSJ^AR'S GARAGE RE5AR HHOD11SS MOTOR CQitl'ANT 15 W. CHAVV|H31iD AVJ3. PUONE SHi38 Of Thrifty Buying And Selling ? a most valuable* state of* 'mind A( s it results in increased savings and sure s itisfaction. These classified ads make up 1 a % eal guide to the practice 'of senjsiBle thrift. See how they can teach'-you 'to save! Always Different--In Opportunity ; Tie A-B-C- Classified Ads Alvvays the Same--In Service Service o-LOTFJSirr ir-s · ;c lon;j ^llalanco. · ^ N8FI8R--Local and , jj P.;-Arlington Hotel. ; H*il ence """ ""-- "" ai d-JftressJns 80 Merchandise S[)«clnlH at tbe Stores -64 IfAItDWATLB COMPANY-"Everything In Hardware," We save you dollars. See Us (trst. 184 Crftwtord avenue. Phone 104. Jit CLOTHE 3--All 122.60. Sold only '|||r jSlinona Cash and Carry. Phonlj "·"·"' * " i. male, in latest styles and 'jMttei'lje., PI il. Citizens Bank Bldij.i Phone 714.- v Ul '^Emblo yrment WAN'JJaX)--A mlddl i aged woman for hou4fi\wd*k £0r . family ,ot two eklerjjf people.' W 11 pay every week. Banlfti WhtpHey, i aln street, IJBorty. litln, 11.) , S Slltitalions W mted--MiUo 37 WAK'rm--Steady J b by mlddlo whlto' man, w i t h 'anilly. Good me- ehanlfi and etui do moat any kind of work, Write Box 25, caro Final iciai Family Loans 40-A NEED HDNl-lt ^ttaiCLY?--Coma in, write br /phone, t you need up to |:]tKl. l^uli k, cou'r OOUH Hcrvloe, Per- BoiiBl Ilifinanca Coi ipuny,, 112 · 'West Crtiwfiwd n.vt!iiuo. Jftipoe 34. ·»' I antru ction I'rilffite Instrui tlon--Music 4-A ON liAJi|JO -- Plat 0, Mandolin sjld ,t3ultar, ''Prl.vute li structlon, Gibson Studio, |Beliora s Ar ide. Phone 080. lave iitock MOTOR COMPANY WEST CltA-WKOillJ AVfj. PHONiS 1XJ. You'll Profit 4T ' Uy Coming To Mason's J A N U A R Y - CLEAIIANCE SALE OF BETTBH OSl.ap;CAUS tVo Will Kotatefuso Any Bea#onai)lo Offer, 1028 (Tw ) Chevrolet Coaches. 1U»£ C ^ ^ ^ r o l y E Coupe. 1U~U Cues ruiet Cu.i/1'tolct. 1U--y C ^ t e v r u l u l . Cuixuti. lU^a C n e v f o J ^ e t IVis-ton Xiuck. lU^T I'^rU, Tucior ^tidu.n. 10^8 Chev rolet Cabrioi«i. ' lUtt'I I t u p i i o U l l o Couoh, iyy t i (j.'tKj inU coupe. ; lO-'ii Che roleit 1^-ton Truck, with Hear "" 102S CilJiVnOLKT TItUCK---One-ten, In «.\e« l u r i t goaditlon, Jian f u u r sjjeods-- fbi-warU iranamisBlon. l'OU CAN BUT--Any car on the flour, tlirtugh uur Ettay^ Paymout i'iun. MASOH MOTOH COMPANY Trade '--Open Sundays--To:nn», WEST A1TL1S STHBKT. i'HONE 1W. [ Let Us Show Y|U Th. Best Buys I n ' f r o w n , ' COM1S J N TOUA1"! Will' WAIT? A'HIDH WILL CONVINCE tou. Many O t h e r Values, Not Listed. CARS 1020. Model "A" Tudor Sednn, iiiyft £lodel W A' Sport Coupo. \ Coacll,, 1UUQ-Chevrolet Coupe. 10^5 Mudel "T" Iford Coupe. lliai^c; .crolot Coach. 10U4. »u.del »X"-jrord Caupo. 1 r ^ TRUCKS 1023 C^ie ,-rolet Truck--Screen Sides. 1 . 10J3 I»"ty I, Model "T" 'l-ton kuay, T ij-monw--Trades--Terms/ WJSSr' 41DE MOTOll COUP AN JT 101 VV. Crn w f o r d Ava, Ph^ne 407 40H. AUTHORIZED FORD AGENCY. IF ITS SlE'WJt^-Wo can w*ld It. ConnetlBVlUs Industrial Welding Co., 1001 W. Crawford Ave. Phone IUSU-J, Bimneus Service Buslnos$ Service Olfirotl IS YOUR 3Y8TEM ItAX NOT BE-"-Glvin# you staiafactlon _ at, this timei of tho year. If BO, let rrio'pay you 11, visit. My advlco COSIB .y.Ou nothlnjc, ' . A. K, WARM A I R jt.llflATl.Nq PHONE 301 OyohiK, tteuovatlug , 2JI ANNOUNCING ji"TWp PRiCB'V 1NU -- EconoijniC clen-jiititf for thrifty perjnj.ii and DaLuxtt Cle for Uie pttrtliiufar }iernon. Phone Cloauera und t h e Fa I PlH ci;ilo cs, Cattle, Other Stoci ' 48 UERNSEY. COW--Third calf. Lh, Prlttstc wn, (ConneHavillo- |,8ant Roat,) Phono Scott(5-K-22., A-rtlcles I » 8»ie WARM A. SKCOKtJ HAND--W tv new radiator, for Eftl!i|' Xftrsa'en tuffh to heat a six roczu hoiyoc. 1'rlco easonabla. Inquire A., R. B" 'YB1R PHONE 802. IJ.A-BSHR HAIR t 1.00. I'M South f str^ei. a and DnJ 7 Products 55 C~J3 iona -Vlfalla Hay. Mar- Van l.erbllt, Pa, i-liel, t'oed,, i. COAL--Bxtiy WivShlnj ton Run coal at ARK YOU H riPUa itOZBN?-- II so, Juat ptiohe 1710 and Uo'll Its ther^ promptly, Reaaunabie rates. Cyphar and Sun, NO^LU tjecuud streoU FtFUWACJOSJ- Ropalrod, and cleaned. All mak«a. "l*rom White It's Jtil^hu" 11JO South l j ittsbur« St. For aorvlcu, p h u n o 018-J, WILLIAM S1W4J3RS CO-- ·i Q u a l i t y plumbing- and heating. South PltfMjure 1 street, l-'houe B4U. Vrouipt; uervlce, I t) n ad humj maURANCK--'"\Vt write It right." All kinds. Cu,Dk a n d ' I/auRhllu. Inc., Insurance, I1UU Klrai NiillOtial Hank ' Building. P h o n e uliU. a--Al'| kinds, exaeptlng life, Bertha Cunnlitigham. In0,, N o t a r y Public, 4WJ 1,1'lrat National Bank 435. K6H, lOOa-11, INSURANCE] -- REAL ESTATE We have bodi. . Real Ifstate .for r e n t or sajo. Insurance, all kinds, (.xceptliug life, Ou\- ad»' Vleo'c'oqtc/' y n u ' n a t h i i i g r . SftO'Jua, first, layette Reully Company, Sellers Arca.(J«. I'hune IBtfi. » PROFITS T O ^ B ' t H T of thorn';;profits to,left oC't' le '"i piloUts In f r o n t Ot th^m. --classified rwidern find o p p o r t u n i t i e s for prodt on all siites. THE CLASSIF11SU SECTION you a dally ccono'my aorvioa. gives KEEP IN TOUlDH w i t h opportunity. Read the olaMsllled ads every day. prl Screi-nc( ISo bu. ij Coal Cn ie* by trui It load, doljvered. ooal ISo ju. , Run of lack coal I -o bu. fnone C K.INQ COAl^--13o Uc ut the mine. W»«t Side Nil tii etrlet, cornor L,til»t.crl,iig avenue, Phone 197D.' jHonsehold Goods COAL RAJ \QK--·Ge.n range; Slmmonu bed; ttdt|lut: inachl ws; ^ea-l.her living rouni »ul ; !0tnblna Ion ran/jo; dining rooiii fiJ| lo; htu.tln r stove; and a, lot of otliiiK u s e f u l artlcloa, lull's Storage, laa Ea-t t Peach street. PhoneVjO, FOR SALE--Singer lewiatltohlne ma.- chhic. Pet tout oo idltion. Bargain. Phone O o n n s H s v i l i c 60U. W V^Hfillt--Heatrola and refrigerator 1 n- sale. Phono 1720- M. OLII^T-FAST--Wall paper. Guaranteed not to lade. M. Bernardo, 5 lOo Wall l a p e r Co. West Apple Btreet. "THIii SATISFACTION" -- In tiuylnjf hardware from "LOl!/CKS," _ 18 that prices are the same every day-of the weak. Louoks Hardware Company, 1S4 W. Crawford avenue. Phone 135. Wanted--1'f)' Buy (Hi CLEAN W.HITJB RAOS--^Wanted. Will pay So per pound. Courier Company. WANTED TO BUY--Flat tap . typewriter desk w i t h typewriter oom- partnjeot at side. ^ Call Business Uttice, Courier, Rooms and Board Itooins IViUtoui, Jiourd FOR R13NT--Heated bedroom and htfat- pd grarasea. , Reasonable rent. BOO North Plttsburg: street. itooins ol'or llousckecping (!9 P^TTKHSON AVBNUB, WEST, ,'Two furnished housekfusplng' ro^ms, | Call between 0 and U P, At } SIXTH STHEK'1% NOiWH, 2GK--^Two I'urnlalioU light housekeeping 1 rooms. ' No children, i i Real jfclatate For Rent and i'luts 74 FAYKTTJB STREJET--Cojner Ogden B t reel, just one block from attcot car .stop. Apartment of live rooms and bath. Hot a i r , heat. Reasonable i rent. Also ut .220 guecn striuet, six 'iroom liousa with bath, for rent.' In-" quire A. C. Berwick, Wost Crawford and Fifth, Pit one MS. j ON0, NORTH WH-JDSOi* -- Apijlrtment fo'r rent. Third lloor. Inqujr-*. Jonn Davis, South i-MUuuurg street, buata 1 CoinieUoviUo. PUano POM'S PLAN 'FOR ENFORCEMENT UP ON SATURDAY Ueprosental ive "Williamson to Offer Treasury-Justice in House. tor Kent 4PARTMBNTS, HOUSES, ilSTOKJS- KQOMta ANO GAKAUWd--InQiHlrn 1 "Went Peach atroeil. Pjione 4Tt. FOR RlSNT-^-Slx rooms, bath,, pantry and furnace,' Mr. James 3iU North Arch street. HOUSES WITH H'EATEIIIS. Ninth stroetj Bast avenue; South ' Eighth street and Bast i''(iyotto atreo't. Kejua '.are reasonable. 'Inquire i A. a. · Wagoner and Son, VJOt) ,Woal. Cr^w- ! t ford avouue. Phone US. ', Real Estate For Sale fur bale AVENUE, S16--Six room houae, prfte reasonable, all convbnl- enooa, R, V, llendino. i*hontt 200-K. HOMES FOR SAU5 ^ACIiAIUAS HOME--On Normalvllle Improved lioad. A f r a i n u houee uf aovon rooms and bath. Hardwood fliilah, steam boat, cleutrlcHj, wator and large porch. About ono aero of land. Grape vines and ?rouj{ig fruit trees. Price ?4,BOO. Ternia. ' SOXITH 81D3S--Frame houae of six :, raomB and. bath, Hot air Illurnace, oleetrlolty.j gas and water. Prlcrf" 1 $2.600. ROJ3KH.T NOKHIS i Office, Hooper . Long Shoi Store PHONE BOB. itadiy E«iti 6iJA BOSCH HAJJIO--Bo oen-Qrld. Free idemonstration. Kad o Service Co,, las H u u t h Pltiaburgr el eet, Piion* 1703. EDISON ANU PHILCJ--Httdlos, , dcmoaau'utloi.s. L 1 ho man j, lia Wetit ApjUo ati aet, · fhone jfree NEW ilAJBSTI'l RADIO -- Como In and hear H. Uol lo Tire and Hudlo Co., Kant C r a w f o r d ivenue, Phono 10. UAD1O SALES AND SERVICE--Phone 1528, ' THJ3 WORLD'S CIlA MPION" IvADIO-- The new ytewai -Warner Audio, "The Sot W i t h "Th i Punch," Wo seivlce all nuikoa it radios. A, A. ClurUe's Unit? S t a r . North Plttuburs: Phone 10-i. PKOPJ-.IO Wild RE VD tha olassinud ads k n o w h o w , w h o i and whoro to spend money most pi olltably, PROFIT i 8 well ilia Interest In tho ;la«sHiid news A VITALITY JllPO WANT part Of ovoiy day s n j wa Is i c u n d In the classl- ilcd mis, · - i A FEW MINUTES spent with the Clasblnod Sectlotr wll .show you more w o r t h w h i l e barralns than a. tlresojrie walk ai-ound tha shop ilns dl»tr}ct, , Luta for 8iuo 86 NOW--In buying 1 at an eccQptloit(Uly low prigo. Corner lol, iFjranklin ' a n d Pentt St., 40x145 ft., fllako an offer, ,Willi con- tra'oo on new Frigrldalrci, In- Iro K!|ltnor'a Cook Storei 1^3 oat A p p ' a Btroot. 'Phone !2-Si|tt. l«/iKU JlMlY while tho s u n u h l n e s -- . ttcj; ,nt oncsi w h e n you sou an otfor In t h « j ClassUled Section t h a t l 1SD ADS do a great dttftl lo the \voii' away from m a n y dooru. LWT o p p o r t u n i t i e s pass iby.l, 1 Ij0ok,v|vcr tiie ClaaslHed evo'tiy day, 1 ' , it.. . ._ * ____________ . _ , you THAT if you k n o w what we' jcnow ttjbput tho a t r v l c o given by olauslfled twlii- you certainly make Sure of liCnowinE" |abovit all the opportunitlea they, offer cifidi day. T,HS M-OJ»E IJRTAIliS you tell, 1 , in a t h e moro -attonllon your 'ofta'r will rdi'elve. '"·qjjiia cr/AjswFHSD SECTION /[a a f r l j i n d 'it\ nyCi.1 to hundred!] of pbople ov^jrly day. ' ' " iD AJJS offer y.bu blgf savings] In money and time. tlie *« i-Jme hy ANTIS WILL HAVE MINORITY REPORT WASHINGTON, Jan. 31.--ProMM- lion issu-os of every sort were coming; to a b/ead in Congress today, to breah; jforth in legls'atlvo, political and administrative moves within the nwc(. £e-w daya whkh will keep tho subject, vory /tn'U-ch to tli« forefront, Ghalrman V/llliamson of Iho Hous^i Expenditures Gom'mlttee, la preparing; a report on th j first m«a8tti'e of Pr«ui- dent Hoover'g program--the bill fo'r' transfer o£ ·enforcement agencies £rriii tlie Tre^aaury to the Justice Department--in whlfh he will set forth, tho general arguments to be used wheu the bill is brought before thfe Homse, WilliantBon expects to present to the House tomorrow the report on this measure, wlii'h- his committee approved yesterday. v Chairmau Ssaell at the Rules Coiomittee, which determines bhe pr-xiedfMice "of legislation, has protoised to bring it up the last 'o£ next week. ' * , Representative Cochran, Jemocrat,' Mlssooitl, a wt, will subonit a .minor- · Ity report, sdngHng out particularly the amendment adopted by the committee, 10 to i, which/ gives the Attorney GenenUL virtual veto power over alcohol jermlt9, though leaving the alcohol permit section under the Treasury. He says he is against any law which gives one Cabinet officer the right to dictate to another. House members will listen with keen Interest -oday to an hour's prohibition speech by Representative Franklin Fort, Reipuiblican, New Jersey, because ho ia regarded as one o£ President Hoover's spokesmen in the House. Fort resigned recently as secretary to the Republican National Ooftnmlttee. , The Senate's attention, meanwhile, is centered upon charges against en- foi cement pertonnel and new charges by Senator Brooktaart, Republican, Iowa, about drinking among rich New York clubmen. * Senator Borah, Republican, Idaho, the leading »iokesman for Senate drya, Is waiting for an answer from Prohibition Commissioner Doran to his letter demanding that Dpran either remove from offlco' or 'exonerate' John F, 0. Herbert, prohibition administrator/ for Idaho and Montana. The charges were riade by Borah and Senator W'heeler, Democrat, Montana. Another personnel problem 'was confronting* President Hoover. Tile term of office of Customs Coavptroller A, P. Foran o' New York, whose re- anpointment is opposed by New Jersey Anti-Saloon L'Wgue officials expires today. The President, however, has made no decision in the case, and It was said that Foran would continue in office until-a Baccessor is named. Treasury ofilclala now. are r Investigating charge that Forau kept a bar: and gambling,vniachiiiee in his New Jersey hu:i'ting lodge. He Is sup- Sue* for Divorce Although mo^ie fame*has rome to Maria Corda alnct she left her native Hungary for ElpHywoodshe is unhappy. Because she charge* her husband, Alexan ier, a director,'has a "sullen delneanor" and is "extremely jealous 1 ' she IB suing' · him for divorce in Hioa Angulea. ported by. both N«w, Jt rsey Senators., Kean and Balrd, Republicans, Brookjiart, who told t jie Sena. * sev-s. oral weeks ago o£ a senatorial drinking party at a local ho el, has turned his attention, again to those who drink. This time he d« Sailed a story, which was brought to him in a letter, of ','real gin cocktails" t bing sorred at monthly dinners o£ the Centura Oub in New York City, TJio Se-n ate continued ivorfc upon the tariff bill, while the House wai con- sld^ring a bill to tax but ,«r substitutes whtch enter the countr , principally from th© Pfl'!l!ppine», to icompetai with the American dairy indt stry. , Looking for Bat rains ? If BO, road the ad'rart ttAng columns of Thie Daily ,Oouri«r. i WfHO WftNT IT- I wtbur L 'T ·--'^IKiilt ( 4i^* Memoes., Today's Cross Word Puzzle n 31 ·44 18 -45 ·ass 50 ·36 30 sS4 ACROSS 1 A mischievous person 4. Wjerd ol' a Gounod .opera S A di:cp hole It A d(! c P *ow is A roibbcc on the j biffti fie is ' 15 Skill 16 Famous 17 Reserved 19 Dry 20 A chlhli'nn'a Kame 23 A s«'ttl.;d habit 24 The larvno of the saw flV 2B Hlghi tcblelanU 26 Prlnller'a mcuuuro 2 T - A portlun 28 Having: a moral 29 Of iliferlor rank 31 Comiradas ' 33 'Erudition 34 Syinlbol for tantalum 35 A vloltm .18 Mud 37' Bristle-like ap- pendlliCT of certain I3T8S8C3 38 Twlqs (Ivo 39 Solid flrure taper- Ing from circular base to il point'_ 40 Narrow opening 41 A harsh and loud noise 43 A 'frnit 44 LI tho 46 Tho stuily Of plants 49 The sun ' CO Sum of 2 and 1 £1 A lixivium DOWN 1 Exists 2 A college tlegrco (abbr.) j 3 To *rald 4 Obcae ^' 5 Before noon ] (abbr.) 0 A'shoot ' 7 Fastened 1 ' I 8 Model' 8 Nominative »f impersonal Vertts Antweir to ' Proviout 1C 10 Symbol for tel+ lurlum i: Pdrt of th; bo^r 1-i Sun god IS Horrid 17 To approptiata' beforehand 18 [To progreaijj fast 19 'A girl's naiihie 21 Masculine i:mma 22 Chivalrous ' ^ 24 Cries 25 Greater In amount 27 A Chinese .Hsh 28 Nothing bwt , · 29 Thin sheet,!w|tlx cut pattern .1 SO Rent j 32 A land meoieDro 54 A cardinal autmber 30 A twelfth ptot of a year ' 37 Pertalnlnar o chlofophyl pianta 89 · Hypocritical talk 40 To rest i ) ·42 A southern state (abbr.) | ( srj 43 An enemy Upi 44 An addition to a *· letter (abbr,) 1 ! G Behold ** 40 A, substantis-e vort x 47 One of the United States (abbr.) ' 48 A Biblical

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