The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 28, 1964 · Page 41
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 41

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Friday, August 28, 1964
Page 41
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Page 41 article text (OCR)

'Ml FRIDAY. AUGUST 21, 1964 s. DEFENCE - CONSTRUCTION (1951) LIMITED RrUBCTt CenetriK-tlon of fire Fumphouee and pond. Ottawa Wlreiaas Station, Leitrim. On. terta. Tttt: MS-Lb-i SEALED TENDERS. nirM uwiwm wau i u w m unaar-ilgrted will ha rooelved iuiUI J 00 p.m. E.D.T. J - TUESDAY, hamnM at. 1SS4. ' Plana. eoeeltlcatiooe and tender m will be an Ttw at BulMers' exchangee bi Ottawa. Kingston and OCV Toronto Branca Ofrtoa and may b obtain ad bv Prima Contractor ontv from DCL Plana Seo-tfon. at Mia address below an de sw, ns w'vv-w pereuie - is we (anea Canatruetlon HMD Limited. security deposit aa called lor In tha Tender Documents muet ae ny tendera. M. J. SUITM Eeenetare. th Floor, Keneon Building. . 1M Metcelfa Street, . Ottawa 4. Ontario. - TENDER , f. ASPHALT REPAIRS STRATHCONA HEIGHTS . , OTTAWA. ONTARIO "CfatTRAt, MORTOAOE A WO KDllinU CUrU-UHATJOrt KALCD TENDERS plainly mark, od aa to eontant and addreeaad to tha undersigned, will ba received up to II o'clock noon. EDST, Wednesday. September , jees I or aspnert rapmira to roaas. chain Un7 fencing at stratlieona Heights, Mann Avenue, Ottawa. Plana, apaelflcatlona and forma of tandar required can ba obtatnad by contractors at tha addraaa snawn ejeiow, ana ere evsitanie for tnrpectkm. at tha nma office nil - Ottawa nuuasra laments by a 10 eseurity dapoalt luoti II il ifMlnall h hUIuiI by Central Mortgage and Houatng vorporation 10 anaura quo pan a anea of tha contract. Caah, a ear titled cheque, bearer or negotiable Dominion of Canada Bands will be accepted aa aaeurity depoatt on wee outer lorma of eecumy ere authnrtaad hv the Chief Engineer. AD cheques muet be made parable to the order of Central Mortgage and Houatng Corporal Ian. The lowest or any leader Pot necessarily accentM. It. L. MERSEY, Manager. Central Mortgage and Houatng Corporation. Hampton Park Plana, Carllng and Xlrkwood P.O. Box 1, Station "C", Ottawa a, Ontario. LONG LIFE A III buuranct company hag tewed th result of ..-country surrey: persons of if may expect to Itv another is yean ta India to B n Norway. Journal Want Ada brlna quick results, , DOWNTOWN - 101 U8AL NOTICE Of STOPPING UP v AND SELLINO THE SOIL AND FREEHOLD OF A PART OF A HIGHWAY NAMELY PART OF THE FOURTH CONCESSION LINE OF THE TOWNSHIP OF HUNTLEY WHEREAS by the Municipal Act of the Province of Ontario SaTle .sated In the council of every munlcl polity to peaa by-law lor stopping un any highway or pert of a highway or aelllng tha golf and freehold of a stopped up highway or part m a highway. . L AND WHEREAS s by-lew has been submitted to the Municipal Council of tna Townanip oi rjun,-ley lor stopping up part of i highway In the said Townahlp known sa tha fourth eoneeeelon line of the Townahlo of Huntley as hereinafter particularly deacrlbed and for celling the soil and freehold of the part so stopped up by nubile leader. NOW THEREFORE pursuant to Section of the Municipal An (Ontario) R.S.O; lt Chop. TA. notice la hereby given to Whom It may concern that aitor publication at least once a week for eeuuve wiasa, ana arjer ing In parson- or ny ne sal. or solicitor or sgent at on o'clock In the afternoon of tha ttth day of September. Alt less, at tne councu i-namwer the Vlllase of Carp. Ontario, any person who claims that hU land will ba sreSudWially affected by by-law above and hreefter mentioned, and who applies to be heard, the sold Municipal Council of the Corporation of tha Townahlp of Uuntlay will proceed to consider and may thereafter flnaUy pass such by-lsw for stopping up and sailing the sou and freehold of the said part at the said Fourth concession oi in Township of Huntley described as follows: - -iv Being rnet portion or tne Pourth Concession of the Town-shin of Huntley measuring 0 feet in length and go fast In width brine ooooslle Lot Number XT in rhe rourth Coneeoslon of the' ssld Townahlp of Huntley end extend Ina from the Town Une being the boundary between the Tswnshlos of Pltxroy snd Huntley to the Develop-, sent Rood. AND Notice is nerebv further ibM the eatd Munlcraal r-Minell n the Townahln of Hunt ley to prepared to beer to person or oy nie eonneel, ani rant any person who elehne-thet hla land win be preludidany effected bv the said by-law. end im .nni I m he beard. rATT thte nth day of July. AS lies. . L W. JOHNSTON. Clerk of the Townahhs of Huntley. ' UKRAINIAN UNCOLN Ukrainian pott and patriot Tarat Shtvchenko, who ditd in axite In Siberia s in IMt, hag 'beta called the "Abraham Lin- cola of the Ukalne.', . FOR SALE Urwium m um i dbawabe aysue OTTAWA, ONTARIO ' Bobieet ta prior ssle or wlthdrewel In whole or part. - Cereca an lavttad tor tha above menlionad property. Ckdnf iih) br Itctlpl U OfliBr- SWDCa f. 1964 Par detolls. including Cendttlons at Baa and permlaaioaV CROWN ASSETS DISPOSAL CORPOKATION ' F.O. BOX 451, OTTAWA 2, ONTARIO , - A44 Ma. S4tt 901 UU1I0TKB PUBLIC NOTICE STREET CLOSING Notice at hereby given that Tha Corporation of the City of Ottawa Intends to stop up its cneracier ea a ct an ana parcel ' or treat eg eeprrve ef i nu bile hlghwsy ALL AND SINGULAR that carta ia vemieas sltuste, lying and being n tha Townahlp of Giauraoter. ss the County of Carletoa, and Province of Ontario, and now withes tha limits of the City of Ottawa; and BE1NO COMPOSED OP a part of the original road allowance between Lata It and II Junction Gore, of the ssld Townahlp of Gloucester I now known aa the Tremble Road), the aaM port, of the said road allowance being deacrlbed aa follows: COMMENCING st a point In the northerly boundary of the said road allow ance,, the aaM point being dlatant elghty-eUt and alnetyrons ono-hun-dradtha teat (ggjl'l westerly. measured along tna northerly boundary of the ssld rand allowance from the westerly boundary of St. Laurent Boulevard; THENCE R. at 10 WW., along tha northerly boeaslary of tha said reed allowance a dhnenea at three nun- rfred end ftftv-three end thtrtV- seven Ona-hundrsds feet rSM IT'l to a standera iron nsri imnn S. 7S- at W E, a aleunce of two hundred feat and ten ena-him- dredtha feet IXOO.ia'l ta tha aoutherly boundary of tha gald road allowance; THENCE If. aa iriri., along ins sontasriy boundary of tna as' snco. a distance end eleMv-three I aaM road allow-nf oaehumdred and nmeteee one- hundredths feet (; THENCE U . wu,Mr .... tv-eleht end sccty-ons one-hun- dredthe foot (apsi'i to a standard anmaaramant of thai deecrtptlon The Board eg Control baa a Committee of CHy CounelL ehall hear to person or by hie counsel, aolieunr or asent any parson who rlalma that his land will ba prel-udlclally affected by tha bylaw and wna appuaa to na naara. Such soolfcattona to ba sub mitted to the underslcned an or before tha lath day at Ssplaiahsr. ipsa. DATED at Ottawa this gist day August, 1SS4. 1. A. E. LEMIEUX Deputy City Clerk. PUBLIC NOTICE STREET CLOSING Notice Is hereby given that Tna Corporation of the cur Intends to stop-up and deprive of tta character aa a aubUe highway. ALL AND SINGULAR that certain parcel or tract of- land and premises, situate, tying and being in tha Township at w within the limits of the City of Ottawa. County of Carleton and Province of Ontario, and BEING COMPOSED OP pert of Lot Set m tK- wMtarlv limit of Booth Street aa shown on a plan ragja-terad In the Reglatry Office lor tha Registry Division ef the City of Ottawa as Number IS, and which part of said tot Is more particularly deacrlbed as follows: CO MM ENCINGtlt the north. artor ly angle of ssidTLal tea: THENCE MBbZle elona the northerly limit of the said lot, a distance at 100 feet to the northwesterly a a gl s thereof; thence aoutneriy uon tha waawriy limit as sees sea. a distance of 44.S fast more or leas to a point, dlatant t net norther ly thereon from the eouthwestert mnrlm V eakt Lot Sep: TH1NC northsaatarly In a straight Una. a distance of ioa.43 feet mora or ia to the' mwnt eS 1 iiinai .wiMit The Board at Central aa a Com mittee of city council m person or ay solicitor or agent any parson wha delate that hta lend wlU be prej udicially affected ay tna or law and wha appuaa as oa neara. Such applieettona to be aab-mttted to the esidarslgrnad an ar set ore na lata oey at last. DATED at Ottawa thia Slat day at AUeTuat, laea. , t. A. E. LEMITOX, -- Deputy CHy Clerk. 901 ll&U THE CORPORATION OF THE TOWNSHIP OF ' NEPEAN .. Teastbrs tar CnpngTTarfioai ef MaadowhtBSg Drtva Eaat (CaTBg BtM pgigeaaaiO SEALED Taadar sard at Tiuiltsa, Ottawa Civic Hospital wlU ba reualved by the underetsTvad until 1 noon (Ot tawa Ttenai THusHMi, umrrtM- srs i Tin. teas. - Baecitleatleaa. Plans ana Tender THE OTTAWA JOURNAL 41 1 TENDERS -marked or ConatrucUen of Drive leet" will be by tha anderelensd until 1S.OS o'clock noon llocel tint si. Prlday. Snlimtir.dth. lnga. Porma eg tender and aaeeulea- ttona auy bh, obtained bom Ins The Col potation does not bind Itself to accept the lowest or any ?AVID JfOBBS. ownahlp Clerk. Municipal Otflcea. ass Richmond Road, Ottawa IS. OaL TENDERS OTTAWA CIVIC HOSPITAL Reeled Tsudore stir mad to trass 'assy ba obtained tram the ! office of she Purcbeelnd Aaent. Ot tawa Ci vie Hospital. The lowest or aot 1. CANNED GOODS CONTRACT a. SNOW RaatWAL CONTRACT X. MiaCDXANEOUS IQVtP. MENT Shelving riling 4. TO SUPPLT AND TrTSTALL ) CONDUCTIVE TTLS PLOOR-INO rO CANCER CLINIC OPERATING ROOM. DOUGLAS BV PEART. UCm., DBA. Secretary. Board ef Tiuslaaa. Ottawa Civic Hospital. NOTICE Tha leet day for payment of taa aa la tha Township of Torbalton will s Monday. Beotember l. leas. After that date a penalty of win be aooeo m accarasnes with tha Townahlp By-Law. aba nearest at tna raw Of ij at l is per month eemmenrliuj January 1. lets. By ardor ef the Council D. C. DAVIS DEPARTMENT OP PUBLIC ' WORKS OP CANADA TENDERS BVALU TENDERS add raw ad to ""Office Manager. Ottawa District mce. Deportment of Public Works. Idle Soma reel St. W.. Ottawa 4, Ont," and endorsed TENDER POR GENERAL ALTERATIONS, NO. S TEMPORARY BUILDING, OTTA WA ONTARIO." win I an til lea p m on Thaiaday, earn bar 10. let. Plana an epectflcatlene toresa ef Nadir eaa be aat eaa be obtelaed thrwueh: W. M. DICKa. rnnnt Bulldinaa. Pipaitnisnl of Pub He Works, loie Ssanaraat air aat west, Ottawa. Ontarle. Ta ba ssnsldstit each Tandar test be mass an the printed farms suppnaa ny aamplatoS aa moinana aat O. ttJAtfOREAtr. OsTlaa PITTSBURGH Almost M par cent of the cement hi the U.S. U the poftland variety. TO CONTROL SUPPLIES start. Emergency Wa r Agency Set U p (It The CP) Ptannini is Bearing eompietion (or a na- tlonally-orfanUed agtncy that would take over control of prio- Inf. distributing snd rationing essential supply items in she Canada. of s nuclear assault on G. E. Woodside, acting direc tor of the emergency supply planning branch, said Thursday standby groups hare been selected in every major city ready to be called in should such an emergency arise. STARTED IN 'U The branch, part of the de, fence production department, hag been working on the organization of this agency since 1959, when en order-in-council directed the department to ar range war supplies control. It now )g virtually complete et the provincial and ions levels. Mr. Woodsiot said M tones have been set up. Each has a group of five to 2S persona, de pending on population, assigned to take on the task should war He stressed that no action would be taken until proclama tion of the War Measures Act. A dreft order-in-council exists that would be passed .imme diately to give the agency and Ml lEGil. BANKRUPTCY SALE Par sale, carpenter's aeutantent. tndudlns lle-aew. bsnd-ssw. drills. radlel-eaw, grinders, etc. 1 lass beerotet, Itee Chevrolet pioeup. Sealed tenders with 10 deposit muet be at Trustees office by aooa September 4. leaf. PIBHSUB BBUuin, Trnecee, Office; os Dalhouate St.. Ottawa t. Ootarla. MS-T7SS. . its comraitteet authority to take - Mr. Fabbro, given the list of control of as sentisl foods, cloth-1 names on hii return from a ing, fuel and equipment. CITY, PROVINCE In addition to tone organiza tions,' there ia a committee for each major city and a supervising group for each province. Menwers of the committees are drawn from business. In dustry snd local government. Provincial snd municipal au thorities co-operated in selecting ahem. Mr. Woodside said the com mittees have no activity or purpose at present. They would be called to meet only if a war emergency arose. They have not been assigned a disaster role. SUDBURY (CP) M s y o r Joseph Fabbro refused Thursday to reveal names of IS businessmen given authority . by the federal government over prices and distribution of rationed goods in the event of nuclear war. Court News ASSAULTED LIFEGUARD George Ivancic, 23, of 113 Daly Avenue, Thursday was Aned $13 and costs in Police Court for assaulting a lifeguard at Brantwood Beach July 6. ' Ivancic, who pleaded guilty, was playing with an inflated ball at the beach and was told inflated toys were not allowed. When s lifeguard attempted to take it away, Ivancic slapped him. ! Notice to contractors Sealed tandem addressed to tha anerratgeed ta enrtlores preMdad by Tha at. Lewrenet Seaway Asthoflty which are awsed "TSMDEa run oon- TnACT HO. US" which sra vita respect lo MODIFICATION AND RECONSTRUCTION AT UPPER END OP EXISTING LOCK 1. WELLAND CANAL IW1NNINO PROJECT, - TBS SaV LAWRENCE SRAWAT I will ee reaetved at the off Me of The St. Lawranee Seaway hemy. ,u elastic : BeiMuis. aM Cooper street, Ottawa 4, aatu set an. SDT, Thsraoay. Oeptember If. ISSt. ' naaa. apeeiacaueue, ren m iwbw, " " Contract assy to ehtalaed ky appUeetlaa W the eClce ef tee chief Bnsiaear. land Caaal Twine leg Project, MS St. Peel Sirast, et, Cathanaes. Oouno, Building. Ml Cooper street. Ottawa 4. Oalerte. or tha Prelect director. Wsl-SUS Perrlar Street, tth Pleer. Maatreal. P.. or tha Secretary. Mslestla ea the peyaunt ef ana handrad dallara fglSSMi whuk will to relanded epos lae retara et the above eenuaeata In seed areer with la thirty days at. the dele used above far tne retara ef landers. If aat returned wltala the stove perled tha deposit wlU ba lerfelted. . Tea err depeau far a saw et net less thee sea per eaat lei of the taadar ertaa mast to provided la aninrSasas with the terma af Uia Perw ef Taadar: ar. la Ilea o( a Teaeer' Deposit, a Bid Bead a tha aaunmt ef is af the Tender, conditional upon eatry law a forawl contract ta the tern eshlktted with tha tender aeesmeiita aad apaa aralehlas aeranty eeaaptakla to the Aatherlty. abaU ba piwvlead. Only leaden astoaiitad la aiiatdaati with ear aynlSismas win to asaaideres. " . . ' The amaenty aea aat bum neaa ss seeapa ma aewi w eny leeww. I E. TWR ST. LAWRENCE SEAWAY AUTBORITT. OTTAWA, Aagast II. ISM. - . SALE! 100 OHLY . . . HEII'S BETTER SUITS FROM OUR MAI.I FLOOR. CLOTIIIIIG DEPARTMENT rtaJifcttl to on low prteo Open t.J8 a.m. to p.m. Dally (Friday, M a.m, to ff f.m. -1 a.. A.a-. m , m u s ,A , . BRsuraay, ".ns. e S.rr. . . . , j PARK EAST AT fREIMAN'S PAJUUNQ CENTUM , Reduced for cleArance, 100 only . . . you'll have to be quick: to take advsnUge of the urines. Quality worsted fabrics, tailored details. Blue, grey and brown In sizes 85 to 44, sjiort, Kgular aad tall ;' SALE! HISSES AND VOLIEII FUR COATS : Muskrat or Kolinsky' collars In shawl, ring or Peter Pan styles. Plush, boucle, faille, wool ; and wool blends in full or fitted shapes, some are belted. Green, taupe, blue, grey, brown and black; sizes 8 to 18 and half sizes. W f iv- 'V'' Prrman'l Rsdfdf I sseiri ant, ' 8rrei Pleer, Wutgat WESTGATE convention in London, Ont., said he had promised retired Air Commodore Martin Cos-tello, en emergency supply planning officer for the department of defence production, that the names would never be made public or released lb anyone. . 1 , The mayor described the men on the list as persons of high calibre, more man capable of fulfilling their responsibilities if called upon. CAPITAL InTMIiticltlltl Prictkal Ecmmi Mr. Fabbro said be expects to meet D. f. Knapp. regienai director for Ontario of the da-partment's emergency supply planning branch, today. Mr. Knapp Is frying to Sudbury to meet civic efficisls who say they have never heard of the group of businessmen. City council representatives -on the Emergency Measures urgantzaiion nave oeen aifcoa to meet Mr. Knapp privately today. They said Wednesday they had never heard of Mr. Cos-tello or the group. OlstlKthiSltiplletty ALL CLASSES cr,3 low pricQ SINGLE VISION i BIFOCALS 'If W coMftnt with mt, trusts m aa The Cary ia the latest aarlltien ta aw Una af neaatifsllr errlad Mdtos' frsmss. Tha aeh lanarieai celers blaadlaf fraaa dark St li(ht in tha one tnuae, ceapled with the nattering, aash-alag alenas. nuke h a Jay to behold s thrill ta wear. S OTHIR tTYUS, SHAPU A COIOM TO CHOOSI rtOM AT (SMI ONI LOW PIKI WESCRIPTIOI SUnGUSSQ AT SAME LOW NICE e UOKEN flAMES Mr AIRED OR KtflACH) WHU YOU WAIT O OCUIIWS PKSCKIfTIONS FIUED AT SAMI LOW rCK NO APPOINTMENT NECESSARY. Booth Bldg., , SiiiU 316 165 Sparks St. Hours. 9 us. to I pjB. DaUy ItKloding Satewdsy - Opea Wednesday TO 11M Noes) Phont: 232-4758 ! FinniiiiiiKiiiiHi u ; , 11 vv- . . v . mm Open 9.30 a.m. to s p.m. Daily "(Friday, 9.30 a.m. to 9 p.m. ' Saturday, 9 a.m. to p.m.) EVERT ADVERTISED ITEM AT BOTH STORES (unless tpeclfted)

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