The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 31, 1930 · Page 17
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 17

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, January 31, 1930
Page 17
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FRIDAY, JANUARY 3i 3980. nil'] DAii/Y CO U K33] R. CONN QLLtSVILLE, PAGE SEVENTEEN. \ I BY ROY V1CKERS J WKIAT HAS GOtfEl BEFORft. Bi/VLTHY Alan Brennaway is in lo^e vith Shirley Dane, baaq):ifu1, soeisty £i?l, who Js afecf«tly eaigaged to Roger Koltoix Alan, lear^g that Roger is to niarrj* ShitSey, lends him $ !00,000. He taltcs as collateral shares in 4 Macedonia de- v»lopemd*it believ*d Worthies*. Aftet Sliirley and Roger arc married, Shirley. 4snorant of the loan, is incensed when Roger tells her Alan is trying to force him to gb to JLV-jedbnia. fJeceJvlhfe a tij f«m Cyaaz, shady financier, Roger visions'the reduction ol his, indobtiidness to Alan, Jealous of Alan, Roger comes to the conclusion the loon was made becanao of Shirley. V/heft Aittn Wrarns Shirley of her extravagance, she tells of bet investment in ,Corto Bellas stock. Roger 0Sera Alan $50,000 and Alan wonders where the money ia to coma from. Roger resents Alan's probing iato hie "personal" affairs, Nsxt day, the stock drops considerably, NOW GO ON WITH THE, STOEY. CHAPTER XIX. had let Alan Infer thas she w»s returning in haste to ltm*h with Rofeer. As aha ant ar her solitary nioal, she folt entity about that; she hoped that no would not appear, on some pretext r r othar, and catch htfr out ftt h*r iVioble make-beHete. That would m iau move criticism'-- "Mnroien," she said to th«S but- ··coxild not, in any ease, have been lor. "lift* tho pnper como?" "Oh, yos, wa'ftm." "Btmu 1 it here, please." Rftnrsdon brou^hi, it. The heading cang-ht her eye. "Something */ a sensation was ,ot th6 tleia$, though Wile turjri-ie in well-informed cir oJe*, » . ." Shirley was unversed in mone jitrson, ii«t she knew where t Uok fox th* ris« and faH in ai«cks She soon found what she mos wanted t» know. "Forty pdintal" she exclatrrte ftlouti, "Good heavens,* 1 what crash I I hope -- I wonder-- b«t, o course, it must rise again. We'rt euro to bo all right, really." As she laid the paper on th bla5k 66k tftbl* with art yvo*y paperknifei acfosa it, she saw acv crial Iottei3 addressed to hersali M«.rsdon itra« not too brisk ttbou things-- it might bo bett,cr to ge no moon a elsa. . . . Bills, an invitation, mtoe bills -and a letter frottt her aunt. Mrs Sibloy wa.i an active contributo to hev nto^c'e«ady volumittoii correspondence, Shirley read tin postscript first: "P. B Sir Cynas called fust as , tcu Ottrfre*; ins) tbla lettbr and I Ice I must add few words -- in fact he gave me a tndssaga for you so 1 tihouli have had to vre-opor the envelops In any case, shoulda'i I? He is raally a queer" creature, I don't think, Shirley, that I very much like him, but in a way his bigness fascinates me. He gets an impressive ef.foct jnat by being -have you evftr felt tht!" "P. P. S. H« naad quit* suddenly, while I vft^t giving hini coffee -"In Shirley') husband the greedy fool who dropped a quarter million on Corta Bollaat I told her only to put up twenty-five thousand. Ask hor wh»t Kewon's been piay- ing at.' Bttt, of coawe, Slhfrler, you're both all right, aron'it you? You coaldn'J. be al Pifaecliff if you Weren't. "i told h m that and he gnve that queer, hoarse lagh snd said -- ' Perhaps they've tried Brenna- wn a a i n ' - ' again. explain." He simply wo-uldn't Shirley, mystified, read it all two or three times; then she took th« letter upstairs to her own room. She waa aj greatly at a loss as Mra, Sibloy. Roger could not have put mure than twenty-five thousand dollars Into Gorto Bellas for the simple reason that he had not the %.ieana of doing so without consisting her--it wag her money. It was with relief that »hf re Roger. If Rogrei had thrown in all her frtuae, that would only have .brought it to $2(.0,0(0. And Cynaz ifaad gossiped of ^230,000. She prxxeede! slowly a» the Stairs and gainer I he/ owti sitting- room. It was au octagonal tapestry Kunfc, ^rith window, hewn out of the thickness of the walls, Shirley piled one of these seats high with cushions and settled dowh at the casement'to waleh for Roger's return. There jould be no danger--ab- noklkcty rio dan? ei 1 ---about Corto Belia«. It tvaa a a insult to Roger to think othtrtfUe. For that unspoken insUlt, ahe must contrive to make amends. It was past *ttn et before Shirley awoke from the sleep that had ·fcwhen she faced it in his terrified eyes. She had lee-ped to A lamp and turned ,it. on-- she felt that iri the dark she plight ca^ch the infection of his fear. i Into the sudden glare of HffhJ; Roger -came running, 'stumbling, the marked paper in his hands. As he swung the dbofr ehnl; behind him, she saw rain on his coat, ftain-drops fell from hlfl Coat to the floor and the nfewspapdr rustled with ahem because he WM shakmt! all over. * ( "Shirley, we--I--m.y G*d!" ' "It's true, then?" She found herself shouting at him--tried to moderate her tona and could not, '"It'a true, then--what Cynafc is saying all over New York? Ypu'va lost a big 1 sUm--J-a terrible sum--^ in Corto Bellas? A stura we can never possibly repay!" In all her thoughts of him, »h« hd never dreamed that Roger could look like this. His face waa ydllow-white. y nis eyes enormous; his lipa snarled at her and all the tittle th rain fall from his sbak- -ihg anas on to the moss-cool carpet-of her room. He waa choking something out at her, ^'It's you* fault--you «et the t»ace~*-Siow did you think I could ke^p it if I didn't (speculate. Your miserable little twenty-five thousand! What use was that to us. A flabite 5 'I needed thousands-thousands--" Hte voieo cracked "I wired the* brokttrs "You've fo»t a big aurn~~a terrible sum---in Corto ** ~ , . A*_ i ,, , . «*i^ n; w i i w n n v w B«J---*vr aiJJIUSV^--'Vet XJotfted that "Uje jyi-eody fool" she waa not prepared Cor the truth thrust . the look -- look what happened plunged down upnn her. The to *ell yesterday afternoon.^ shadows In the octagonal room had "* ' " blurred together it to a sinister dusk. Outside--she glanced outside and repressed an exclamation. Rain *a!) already Wanting down against a. high wind, Above the woods, clouds were massing, purplish, black battalions of them. It «» going to be a -wild ntfeht. As slia tried her \v eight, gin'grer- y, at first on one ramped foot, hen on the other, she, she heard loffor coming up tha stairs, ( He -was coming quickly--^running, almost. She knew, then, frm the Bound of his ifunninfr, stur ibllnff haate, hat what Gynaz had t aid wa» true, toger was the "graeiiy fool." Rpgrer--but how hfta Roger ever managed to do it? She knew all-^r almost--yet ^ day momingr* Forty points down- to an hour-- it's a qparter million 8^ne into Che. gutter-- -all -youi- fortune and wore -- " He waa trying. She saw it With disg-ust as she forced him into e chair, loOucned hia collar, poured him out a stiff brands-, put tiha glasa into hla stricken hand. He was crying Iika a terror-stricken and ha conld not-- or would the question she asked him tvgain and yet again. "I only hnd f 200 t OOO, Eo, . How did you get hoid of the other T l f t V * . i^^flBAtH i^J..^ ^. _____ I fifty \» answer met How did you ger, you munt chehta' of the other fifty oftey?" To Be ContinueiJ Tomorrow. vif '-'*.. by Kov Vl^XBrii Klui Feature. STndlcu*. 6Y IULU HUHT PltERS,K D, AUTHOR Of "DIC.T AHO H£ACTH''AH'01tt Receives Air Trophy Will Of.trAlion llelpf,* IX)CT OK: Please send mo th«i Tumi iy Ton exercise 1 ?, J tun Peteroizing, and tboro Is no diet like It; you can eat what you like. but Just count j ouc calories, and you rethid i 1 am 3S years old, weigh U23 pounds (l s h o u I il weigh U3 ) i have un a\v fully Inr/rti Jib- do::i.iti, and flCKh 1 i K o an apron over niv thtuttf Do you tliitik nn oiioia- tion would help ' That skin will always Uo tuoio, ' v . o t i t I t ? T h e doi-ito? told me 1 Ijtilu l u n t "jf-jiuld lm\e Wen Pbters, i\ 1 gH'en a d v i c e about taking oaro 3f my aWc'nen when wiy ftfat clUUl waii horn. "All my at lit on l-ny bmt and itonincl), bu I liava n thin fnco. Will a slow loitui tion show on my face? "MlIS .K" Tirst, I rmmt crn;mrnt on tho fnci that ycur ffi, aciug n timber of 'al- o IPS must c i t c i n t))o foundation diet A f t e r til 9, ou i n n \vhat j o u Itlta ao loni «« the total numbe. of ralorli'i --intl ulng tho foundation d i e t -- i i tha redt c ng number H reilly w t r n t the prejrnnnclea that mala yout tbdonien so laige, h« excess fat--(11- *lth your doctor should luue been on ovoiclRo nnd a!»o h a v e tneHni- »ln In weight ex- MM. K . it thoujyh I agri'8 w hen he Btvya yo given tnmruclloil fore That v.oul cd ndvlca not to cc5ih ely. Wheru ther« Is c great apron of f«t Bituh fta you I vo. It may be nd- *(il means, for t U iloubiful tlmt -tftor f o t l v tln» lit itched skin would ·ftrarl so there w uld bB no deform- iy Hut J would adv lfi« .,011 to re- !ut» coijsidembly r«t so as to l« In bcttsr Condition ft c at\ o t c r n t U i n , If j uii doclrio lo J.i\ it. Don't woiry ftbo t your face*, Afra 1^ it ma Jfet B nj« thlnnor, nHjl j o u mt»v looh Ura\i n w h i l e redtu Inp I tit tvhen o u Ket o not inn t n«U go l lump up rntnuh He pel are I for t i n nrt\err,fl oonimcnu of jour on reducing and gaining, »r Turnmy Ten exarciaea roa^ hava thetc Dy observing column 1 rules. « » * ,, Pesgry: You arc quite evidently very much under par, Moth physically ttrtd mentally Your physical state may account for your mental state. and your taorttal staUi undoubtedly makes yoiif physical tot lltion much woiso. Ho thot'e tfl u irlt 1 )ua etrclo. You really noed I n n t l t .tlotml w h u r ' our fllot, cxor^iilt , bntlts and oven *· null activities \^UI be regu- liltcti Meanwhile, sio t|i it you set a well balanced diet ( I ' itegcst you send for otir aitlclo ou t 10 subject), take a cold bath every rtn rniiiK, wikli a bflalc rubdawn with n T iklsli towel afterwards, lake an air nth In itie nude foi* 15 to 20 n j l n u es. and bo out of IOOHI all tlhv long, If you tliti. in the sun 2art ot th« Mne, anti In tho frt-Blralr all Of the t. no Uo to bed caily, and try to s [ 6lKht to nine h o u i a of Bit-op. Also read Jackson's "O itwlnintf Your iSefvas," IOJT eorao mental holji, * j Mrs H : Th«i combination of thftt "oiavliiH" apiteiUa, incllgcstion. ton- stlpation and cvctwelgltt iliowa thft.t jou coitalfily aj't. n6t Uinmg bai- ajjced diet, Mra. II Vcs, o u r lieatt symptoms cnn bo caused by BUS and bloatlni ou c-om- ntaln of, i think you ia.oull got much liolp from going oti a so entlila re- ihiclnff diet, and 1 hope you n l l l sond for our pamphlet on the- mibjet't Ask nlso for our article an Constipation. Natuiiilly 1 n\UHt advlsfe y t u to havo a chock-up by a competent physician A n n - All youi iilr^tlona ar« Answered in our jirtlclu on Aen? and Thytold Disturbances Si « column rules for obtaining thona. "rfflor'* Note: Or ifpter-H cnnnot diagno^a nor glyo person ii advice. Your qvicstionn. 1? of sranerol Interest, will b« anawored In the f ) ! u m n In their turn Itaquest« tor i rticlen or on luitid nuibt l e nccom- hv a f n i l v aelf-.i Captain Albert W. Stevens, army air Corp'!, I'dceiVeB thc'Mnckay trophy for 1929, f6r the most meritorious fllgl^ during the year. On February 27, -with LloUtfenani Hatry Johnson as pilot, ho ascended 3.5,611 feet; on Mardh 8 he made night photos of the capitol, and on Aug. 13, during a 14,000-mile aotlat photographic tour, he photographed Mt. Rainier, Washington, from a distance , of 227 miles BLACK; SrfEEPS GOLD by Beatrice, er» Copyr|ffht Hugh* Co, «Jj VftfU Harries lrj *I^ small clini«a to li«lp co\cc cost of j n l n t l n u find liandllns 1 'of ««·' aitlcle wailteil, t w o ^pntH In po'n; for each pamnhlet ten c.-nt« in 'oln Tli« a co ll«it\teltitt n u n (J«l»iiff. II omen. Kill irj/ and -nnifiji Add ex* Or in fiirp "f t l l» r"U'e- V \ i i t e m 1 i ' n\ v "00 u rc!« across the visions of gold, gold and more gold, that b!az cl on my inner sight, carne wonderful! elowty, as come lovely thingB, a plo are that outshone all other jflorlos, 1 rom the hoj-lsson the clouds of eiirty tfternoon were Shredding Jiw^y. S]owl », stead- jly, the veils werq withdrawn mnhlntf bare t« my siljht ibn fjir, h g h ( j ice- blue peaks of the Pin Laurie r tango. "I'vo seen It," I thought, a icl as it a sacrament had been ce obratn!, Bplendtdly, before me. "It's here," I thought; and in the same noment "It's .herself," ·the son fra» westeHnjr! It #t to' possible b» flesu'end i|ito the jit i'linto day, \f ith^ pity X rt'Bu»nibei 3d how Grace und ^acbaon, KtoTTlng, »lck« »t the end of ttteV rosourcas, hi 3 stood where I stood uwtr, looking, Uk 'MoseA* «t«f ft ProajiM^il iahd on wh! :h they never were to set foot If it wns Jhard foe m« to wait nntl! ne» morning only, what must It' have toon to them to see all this, know *hat it meant, and leftvo It behlhfl? 1 et they bad done right. ,The lesqe^ ,v»s alj at two thouenad feet, th* -outitrj rocky HK dlfflcntt ; 6r»ce and . aok^on and the wretched femtWiht c · their boys, even if they hail HUPCCI ded In getting down ta that tllstan hole, Would Certainly never haf« found strength to climb up bgsln. Th t route throuch the llmeatoa* counti r Md bocn their destructtoa. No o ic, as- aureaiyl wotild *Ver go th«.t wa; --now that I haB thown ftnotht On this, I rem« inhere*! whdt, o? the wotnont, had entirely «ecapcd \f r 1(3 tnd -- the Splcer expedliloni f had I totjglifr much o? it t the ln«t few da) i, RnrJ wondefed where it was !Trac( i \tt a party ahcart had vaaislied *om i ilme before; but that WftS »o Hertot i puiK- ale; a wery HttU- deviation frcai the I followed might explain It, I be^tn safe, tiiwev*ir, that I mould C dr hear eom«thlag of them when arrived at the Pit Tt interned the/ wer* not there. end to end, there Was A sign of life. I could not tmderstaod t h i i ; H looked like trouble of some b nd, I thought -- but even »o, t?hnt bu ilnes ot rainp wns any trowblo o? Sp :er's? He and his tflend had nndo tho5 * o*» bett 5 let them He on IL Wot toov th^te the Signs of gotd--wcaUft, too, V caltli such as no one in Pnnia had ever lrearncd of, mayi)e; for no o ie in Pnp«n ha^l ever «ecn such » 1 irmn- tlon In gold bparlnff country. Xou ratty he sure- there wns no lying Inte Bbid for anyone next mo nlngr. I hnC tho bojst ni at four *'i ock; their food s^as cooUed anfl eaten, 'amp struck, ami every one ready to Start before the first mystf-rloUs Rray I egan to *how above the basin's fa tiier Mm, Progress Wi» fhcrcdlWy 'low; st(ll wo kept on at It, dets-rmln d 16 reach the bottom of l!i» pit b for« dtirk. No midday halt ivns even thought of; through the hrnt o the Hfty, foodlesdf without rest, we plunged and strngglod on. Am we hnd our rewtml. It wns not nore than unit (last four, by my witch, when we topped a ridge ot strut gely heuped, wild rocks thftt for a ^ h!!e hart barred our view, and svt, so leur tlmt \VQ could nlmot, 1 !: htve taki a a long leap Into it, the )i'H. ' I left the carrleru there on tha rim «f the little flnt, ntid pltsngefl di wn- wnrd. We httfl floruit a hnrd t \fs work, but I took tu»6 rocks, t ose Bti-etchca of eloping sflnd and gn vel, fs a fnlry-tnle weiirer of leven-l^i gue boots might have dona j It was dl Ing rnther tlmn descpnrtlnjj, I look a oss at the very last, and rfime doi*n vlth hnnils nnd fc«t outeptl'ad tike a t ar- fish.ion a bed of gravel thnt cut my palms, and torfe the Utwes bt-my tt u«- ej's. t raised mySulff tip ; I wa in't h(irt, dcrntched mpri'ty, b\)t niy ha nla and my knees wens nil over biood nd gravel . . . firtA tfOKU The thing wrts clorui 'and won, he long flgfit over, 5 1 wt hnrtdftiU Of «o!lon grnvel had changed my wo Id. "1 nm Bluek Shcsp «o mocc," i -ns tiie ftrat thoiitht I enn renifember, it wns M.\pt entirely plBAflUrttblo. Tlj ire Rro aweet paataros for blnck, iftild «lieepi ant! for thfera «pl,?. * , ^' 11* ftold dlaoovti-y-- I dUt not doitbt or minimise Its value j ! knew too mltch M that-- -mpant no mtjnll fortune, no quiet, comfortnble fluHUiiSnfj'j It mot n- perhaps niilHortB, mmS whnt mlllkas bronshf w i t h thopu Bisclc Sheep 10 more. Wanderer rip ti\ine. The w Id plftiipB no moro, lU*iw tbuld n ihnn of millions llv In -wiiat ffln-Slltig b id eanJtUctilly teraiofl "Ji bolo In t to lni«,h"t I went to sUpnGr 1 , n\\§ to rent l r !r t, hrtwov'or, I wt'whil trtfa rty httrtdK t 10 »|!rt nnd blood and '.iold -- fliet B J I I - boKoali Irmej/nrnbte mroo-- esnmln' d tho Bold with care, an- l{ aceped o tha bottom of tM ertftrtidil^ hasln, IK d f(Hin5 Its amount, n,ntl rijmllty, Btirprli- Ing, "There's 'been nolhing I lie a it - tliaro hover will be, Hj.'lij/h,' 1 5 lliouql ", "And U's thnt ptnoh |i' yellow, ft' I an j thing I urn or mlf/lu bo, tlmt lit a rmulo me worthy of ((·« MI|R Vjilendi 1 plrl on ciiith. A mart wnpldV my ma - tors i" i Tim ntnl.« /f tliw flu f r l b r i i ' r r n n g , fur f n l r j liliu" la t l t e IDJH indntt niooi , looki d iliiwi! upnn fuii ui I; i,l«(iL CHAPTER « lil w li 10 »· lnii ( ' In Ills niornin ; fnr jit'(i|iii' r!o «l tne, a n d Ofio m,i Ur j ni' c n n i » t sni! I wprp fit Ihrs pnd of i) 'ong ir! We had laft tbe other c p r n e r n bus nnf! ofefo" the'lfttTlrTngfil 'wttlT us pick, fihorel, peg*, prospecting dish, and long steel measuring tape, worked about a bit among tue "fifties" mde by half stittken rock*, nod taken sand nnd gravel from promising «p6ts. 1 had washed out a few dishes, nnd found them go something like three ounces ot fine gold t6 a dish, wkh nuggets to Bpafe, ovet ftlnS above; on nB average, about fifteen pounds worth to every dish we washed, , it wa^j a ·veritable Jewelers' Bhop; i'otSli wuld kick the sad up with your toes nnd Bfo it glitter. , 1 l?aa a right, as discoverer for (Sface ftni hl p^Wner had neVqr kdtu- ally fonnd gold) to peg out for myself one area of a hundred tect by fifty, and ti prospecting claim due to me h« dtfccof erer of A neia 'forty ifeltes from any .other -- of thirty farther ctaimsi ' This left little f6r any one 'else \vho might aHirhb alongi i . . "My tronbtesl" I salfl. "Let them wait, they meAnt to let me." Some of the ground, judged by what we washed, was a little richer than the rest, I picked thdt, measured, pegged, Miled up mj* Aotlcc, nd Wa'a ( adbe. 'The tvferden of the field, when ap- polutedi would have to check and confirm the work; bat 16k all practical ·purtfesos, I bad aiy ground secure. The sun was high now, and down in the airless bottom of th« pit, it had grown lidt; so hot that the sweat ran In streams down my arms, and dripped salty from my fovfehead Iriio my mouth. "Smofce-oh," I said to Og6, contemplating with pleasure the seat white pegs that mftrkfed orf Jay fortune. ' ( 'We \can get llg^ In plenty, for f food," I told hlin, tfnftlng! at a welcome dg- nrette. "We'll sh6ot alt you tike. Going t* stop here, a we*V." froi- I WK* telndct! tb leifl^l ft ciirrter Tbr two with g6W; they Werk traveling light now, having eaten up a great part of their loiflSh Ogo drew at his bamboo pipe; he WaS happy, at eAae^ resting from tedious and unnecessnry wotk. I watched lilin, as I sat perched on a rock, toy face toward!) the long hard way hy wnlch We had clfmbed down, the day before. Ogo wn« looking up the east side of the basin, toward the ranges. A change came ov«r bin face. , It come very quickly; it seemed, in ttft instant, to set his features stiff, like water frozen by an Icy wfmj. "Whttt do ydtt see, dg6" 1 ftbked him, not tnfning my head. .- "TnubadB," he answered, sitting up on the sand. "Mo see two. white men, TO CONTINUED. Controller $ Report TNTKr" Continued fnm PKNANOK OF ;no vrs Mq'CJlellandtown Boad . . OrltltlBtono t t o u d . . . i / . Whitton Furnaeo Uo id ., Ji\UIWahkif ttdiul i , W d i n u t I l l l l Road . ...... Kieiiter RoaU i Road inn City-Belle Vtrhon ·I'M) 80 7 TO nn 1,10330 OM.OO S7280 D2r 00 200 7! 252.00 ilM 8,} 442 70 General Obuhty of 7,324 58 22.00 and and RuppHeB v ..... Supplies and Repairs to Retail Supplies and Hep.a!rfl to UU- ttiotoilea and Trucks . . . . of Dodg-o Ton ring 1 (JHotor Squarb aiagrc-) of JToMson Ti-itoi% Molar Co.) .... ihsiiranoo ort A u t o and ' Harry Strickler, Road Tn' »peetor ...... , ..... Harry Rush, Road Foreman Robert Scene, Road Foreman J 1 . P Itordlrii Ro«tct Foreman ROAJD BNOIMJSBH'S OFJTtCBt ID L. CK-mmer, Jload and tJria'c J3nelip6dr . . . . E L. Clemmor, Biptens-Wt. . , H. R Blackfo/d, /ast. . . Jt. B.. Blcktprd, KxpetMP* C 8. SMenhlkon, CMIef Braftfchian ,. ..., ..... Harry Sprlngrcr, Trafti)nan V Quay Btiah, ^Trdn si 1 1 nan John II tavfdsoo, Tianalt- man ,, ...... ,, ......... , 3. B Alexrtnlj?ri CSmlniiian Austin, Chulntnan ,. John Hlbben, Ctialnman .. Kathryn V Meaon, / Steno- 534 93 ,, M»T BO ~6».135 77 IJOO.OO 53000 10* GO C2C 00 7,100 (M5iOO 45000 4 278,00 UO.ttl coo oo 0500 Traveling Employes , ... General Office SUppllos AYE-PTS COUNTY BOAI' T1ON CAMP; 'Construction 6t HAydtn- tawn-Iej* Ferry Head, 45000 420.00 700,00 370 00 103.33 1,0000 1,60000 llB.OO 2T8 IJ9 ......... Pay of Prison lAbor ott ttoad it 2{ic $kc day . i medical AUotillOh ti InlB- phers ............ HVSfeh A. Oai-ley, S u p t 33,2130ii jJ.S41.SO ,'220 so 70(1.00 - J o h n T Byors, Supt Camp . . . t , ,tohn T Bvcrs, 13xpenfie»..i riuarcls at Camp and Stono Quarry ...- . ._...-.. .^. OOU99 674,1:0 smoo Insurance on Buildings ami Machinery . · » · · · ' Grocprlos, Mettfe ami rro- vlblons 6,506.70 Jj OF iNUlttMNT Civil W»r ..... ,,..... *. ·World War ,',. ,..»..».. Soldiers' WldO'wa Ta/idstoncq for Soldiers' ' * " " " " 800.00 X650 00 Memorial Day I?6ndt2on6 to tb P0nna, Na~ 203.SO S,«0fi SO lldhal Guard Total ...... .' ....... 4- ..... ? 12,00600 1,RS7,00 ACOOtTNT. S3T COUiNTT: Rocorder'a Oflltte Prothonotaiys Office *.* Clorjc of Courts' OtndA .... 34,«501,8« Sh*rin?» OfltCe .... ........ 16.882 St, Coroner's OfBco , ....... · B*ccs, Coats aiid Ex' 2,178.8'J 11.00 State Tax on Writs ........ Refunded Cotirt Co«ts ...... ^ Jiunca Cra-Vottl, ssttlfetncnt for IJatnag-es, County BJdg 1 . 1,000.00 Neal an! Holcrt 6afdnttr, R^Ulfement for "Ia.BiajTCi», County Rldg-. ............ W 00 Damasro CJaln, BUntala Coon et-al va Ftty^tti 4 Coufaty, No 906 June, 1920, verdWt and interest . . , ,, .......... Advance Premluttt on CorA- C ponsatjon Policy tor IDiO. 951.70 Bfpwises for 3328 a»a 1SKO Tnp. Suporvtsors Convention ..... ............. .... 20820 Appropriation to JPayotte County IAW WVirary, 182$. 7,*00.00 ApproprlAtion to FayetU Co Farm Extension Assocla- tioii ..................... 3)800.00 Appropriation to farm and Poultry Al*soefatlon ...... , 160.00 Advertising- and Storago on Uiiuor Cars .4 T60 30 Tdtal ......$ 01,450.70 State of Pennaylvunfo, Countyof Fttyotts, as: VerBonally appeared 1 eforo me, Worrell W Smiley, Prothonotary in and for the CoUMy 6( Fayettft, Alex R Duilcan, Controller of Favette County, Penn- feylvanin, who, bolnsr duly worn, doth depose and say t h a t the foregoing? state- m e n t of the fiscal nltairs of the c o u n t y of Fayotle, as tt appears frotfi the several books on t?ie fourl^ day of lanUary, A. D 1030, in t h e O/Uce of the Cdnti'oll^r, ]·· tnio uhd fhorrect to the best o£ his Icnowldgo and belief. AL.EX R ZUNCAN, T o u n l y Controller Bv.'nrn rind subsci'Ibed before Ine thl-j ,'JOtli day ot January, A U. K i n f t t c e n kundrcd Thirty. NV. SAttr^Eiy, ProlhoitoUtry. THE OLD HOME TOWN HAND FULL. OF ^IN^S^ O 1 "tHE COUNTER RACKET STOfSE^ SVAS CAUQHT TBfeEE. BEFORE HE V A L H 6 OUT OF THE Charlotte Riisse, /the Home-Made Ki|tid, Is Different--and Good C O a t 9 ways A thin tube df. Hponjra cnU,P, sot in a oArdboard cafco, with a spiral of wh,pp*ii oresum ..,_,...,, \\oy\y Il-om th« top. In fact, not alwaiy* doe« It Includo whlppnd cre4tm. 'IHer« af* several wnyiJ In whksh this common American delicacy IB prepared Thij commercial vnr(«ty Is uuuajly ·whipped cream stiffened a trifle by the addition of nome gelatin. But it can alno be made without gelatin, and many prefer !t rhat way. The cream U then much Mffhter, also ishable, If only whipped used, then the ctikeA rnwst consumed a few minutes sftor prtparation Another, and less u*ruru method, In to u*«s B cuflturd fllllnir. Churtotte TUmise is a very «A»y do«Bart tt prepare--enpeclully n.» It Is only B. geml-homo-madc cake. Either uponBO cako or lady tSngerg can be uued Bponga enlto IB more dapcrldn.- bl«, a* ohe r«r»ly can obtoi" lady flnffera perfectly frosh--««« when l«m than that they nr« not partlc- RUSB33 Isn't ol-4-roll and tuok (naide the covew. CTh«s6 covers OILH bo ob talned at a. confectioner's, c r o t h e i wise th* cuke can bo us*£ to line a shcrtwt glass ) Plain Charlotte l',i cups heavy cream. V4 tablespoon jj^latin. 1 tablespoon sugar. y* teaspoon vanilla litidy fingers or spouse cako Soak tho ifer In H cup of raid then set tho dish to · let the in ho! ularly For Chiiriotte tlutiao «0ft the eaks 'llnlngr should b? fiponfte cake rnav h out Into or Into thin Kllcos of «. ahmpa wi»y to whipped frpam. Line the sherbet cups with 8p*nfr» ealtfe or \\ ily fin gars and fill tho center r/onvs Jn a t flngem or nllveni tf cdld piece u n t i l rcudv to use which pm j n the r c f t i g p i a i o r may bo »t«vertt) houifl Inter liour« If desired n etrone roffee noltitlon may bo added instead of vii ill .1 a flavoring Quick Obnr!ot» Rn*«it Line rtiorbet cup« with Imly fthitom or »tonff'' cako, Pit* th* r j n i r n t H with «tlfny bc«t««ft whippxl r i e n m w i t h vnnlllit. melted i ho o The Home KUchert By ALICE LYNN BARRY FiniH CharloHo 1 clip heavy rrrnfn. 1 teaspoon gelatin. 3 tablcBpooni eoitl *iri I cup any canned tyult. sugar Place the yMatlh In cold water td soften then let dissolve hv placJog in n dit.h of hot W n t f r , or doubH boiler Anv f r u i t ron b« usrJ--j cunnpd ppathe*, raapben li»s, rhPrrle«, apricots, and th«' u p f u l udded should Include hoth the p u l p nn 1 ! ths Jules, p r p,-.r ( i t h r o u g h n r j p v n . AB noon as thi golnilrs le dls'ioivofl let htancl 'iri u old fclnpr nnd whpn fOlghtlv ftnrdeni'd ndi) tho t u p ct fruit nnd julr* r»nd !a« tlio bpalcn errant 1'MfB In the f^; of she! bH cU|ia llnod W'th I s r.ik" fof a A n o t h t f tnined by ftdd'nji err mi th" s d f l H b-n Iwu f ^ s (jirtf liefou 1 the hh"i hi l i iipji Pi jit f n n i i n t l f nn» In nii\rn if II IH ul'oweil lo to th" whl|i|ip1 -nlPti w l i l t i y of pruirl'i); into tt- lmirn\pi\ late, coffp* nnd »w»olcneil, ) ui a bi-fiui' I 1Mb I'litn of !j»li li fcliiiin* 1 I" tlJt' iit^l bsnulWel bBbevfaan set'tfaii ol the UU ntfinilts walk frain "IJtiitibloue Cuviiei," B, fi. MB66natI«K, Bus :JJ, wlU plve A ft«itiittut« farther rW», a

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