The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on April 22, 1918 · Page 7
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, April 22, 1918
Page 7
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1-HE -DAILY' COURIER, GONNELLSVTIXE. PA. f AGE SEVEN. :£3 Physical arid ^ Mental Weakness : , JnVolTOtmiJIr 3d«r»«eeIIM,r The men stared at each other silently, and of ^tbejtwo Cobo nrpeare* t»_be tne. more Intensely agitated. After a moment, bis gaze,fixed Hselt upon tto openlng'lnto the treastire. chamber-aiDd. jjittBdaiJ remained there. Aa 11 to makeentirely '.fan of what he had oierijMiard, he hereupon » limTj-'liand reacheiljforth " r . , staring- upwarflMnlc ,a"Sf«ce' «he,"hai( ' ' " grown t o . . face the n»r« memory" of "which was " " , thick-lipped, flat-fM- ' tnred. black;', ft was' «· ·car from -lip -to tenaple-nnd out of ft jdeamed a }mlr of ejres* distended, and ringed with jvhlte. like the eves of a, man insSH_.^_-. ______ t-i ____ ., _____ For an Instant Rosa made no sound ·Bd no effort to escape. The appari- tlon robbed her of breath, it paralyzed her In both mind and body.. Her first : thought -as,ttat she.' Sad goiii start; .mad, hut 'She "had felt "Obbo's hunas .stretched his .bi^dr.. farther; rapporUnf it* by hlB; outfiung.iirms, 'tb«at 'jaored :-Ms head from side to tide fdr-i bet. tcr Ttew. He teemed to rock Wer the month of the well , like a huge,. fat, black spider. He was the first l» speak. ~ An I dreamtoe? really dlxcoTered that treasuiej"; he qiierled., " ' ' . ' '· '. · -.'· 'O'Reilly's" nptnrned face wai' Costly. Be wet bis lips. He manajed to ·whisper Kosa'3 name. '*; .: ,,' : "The rjches'pf the Valerias ! What a flnd!"--Cobo'»teetb.-shonc whlte-ln the grin of afurlce. '; "Ye*, I see now -- n cavern In the rock. Well, well 1 And you are. the spirit of Sebastian, chained Jn2th«; bowels . of, Xa .:Cuinbre. :··_ Jla! These are tbe"gBostSrr:~ He began' 16' Tipon her once before and after her I chuckle, but the sound of his mnievo- . first frozen moment.of aniazemept-She ·'rettlitSd' that' shVwas 'in" her" fullest' ·enses. A shriek sprang ff her'llps," ·he tried to flght .the man off. bat her weak struggle -was 'like-,the -fi,iitfering. of a bird. , Cobo"- cro»B«l ihcr'.^dowa, ·trangling the half-altered crj-, Terror may be; so intense, so nppsl^ Kng as to be unendurable. : -In .Rosa's.. jcase a merciful oblivion overtook her.. She felt tho world grow black, .full ' ·waj;' felt herself «w.'.- throojh space. OTlellTy looked npwnn', dizzily . HeJ k««ri3 a scnfflfErof fe'et-'atiove him, but' ·eeelred no answer. "Rpsa! What frightened yoa"! Ksa !" «OT»re was a Muncnt of sickening suspense, tt.en he VVt Us shooMer to the titcbers he had JAjplaced and; with a violent fJiove, ·ocrteded to swinging thein^ba.clt Into, |0in to hoist himself upv.-ari He bad ·one but a-Uttle way, ionever, when, .without warning, his support gave iray had he fell backward;|th« rope cwne lent merriment was like the hiccough- ing of 'a' . 'TSosaT What'baVe yira done-- " Cobo ran on unheeding: "It must be · great treasure,; Indeed, from all ac-; intuits -- the ransom, of a dozen kings. That's what Cneto said, The ransom of a dozen kings!' Ibose^were Ws Very The fellow continued to sway himself back and'forth, peering «s If his eyes were about to leaw'hla head, .for a long moment or two he" utterly dlsre- .garded O'Beilly,. but finally as he gained-more self-cpritrol his gaze "shift-' "e"d and ' -h"is- 'expression altered. " He' changed Us weight to 013 Jeft arm and with his ilghi uand he drew his re- Volver.--' "What are. you doing?" Cf'Bellly cried, hoarsely. . . -_,-.-,,,, y -^ .-- -;-. ^ : - - -.j ,,' ,;Tlie . colonel seemed .Toguely sur-, place, taflnijfcoM of .the rope; toe beff pHsfed at thlrquMtloni.' ?Fool ! : Do you' expect me to share it-with you?" he in- ijQirdl.:.?".-; ' ''"".,' ; · /,·. . .- ."·Walt!': There's, enoogh--for: all 'of ns," O'Eellly feebly protested; then, as pouring 'down- upon him., "Ho:;n!"'he ne .beard the click of the cocked Called again l n ; a .roice thick froz;.[weapon:: "Let me out I'll p«y .you tight Followed an instant of silence;: well--make yon rich." In,desperation then he.flattenetT himself againut the atlde of the well and the breath stuck la his throat · ; Into the dim circle of radiance above i [ U n y lowering the revolver hammer. k head wa« ·thrust^-a ..ea'a. a pair'of' »y ou n re right What am I thinking about? '.There ninst he raised bis shaking hand to : dash- out the candle, but erea as he did so -the: colonel spoke, at the same time care- Srtde shoulders, and toea two arms. She figure -bent closer, and, O'ltcilly There ninst be no noise. Caramon! ' A pretty baslncssii that would be, wouldn't ItT With ray men running up here to see' wjiat It was ; all about No, no! No gunshots, no ! disturbance of any kind, xou understand what I mean, eh?" Ills face twisted into a grin, as; he It WM Ctfatt, ·;· ' » d the swarthy features of that man he had seen at the JUatanzas rall- rortd station. There "cb'jldli'e no Ooubt 'of it--It was:Cobo.X _ . ..... i tossed the revolver .aside, then .undertook to detach a Btoae..fronxthe.crum- bliog curb, "No noise !" he chuckled. "Ho noise whatever." .,,. . . . . . O'Reilly, stupefied by the sudden appearance of tliis .monstrous creature, ·stunned by the certainty of a cataa-, awoke to the:f»ct.that this man Intended to bruin him where he iitood.:. In a panic he-csst his eyes about,hlni,nlnkiig?te : ;tafceVBnelter In the trefl'aurercav.ei .butt tBatTrefreat-Vas elofjed'tOjhlm, foV'Se'! had;it p 'edged'the wooden .^.timbers -together tat · the. : flrst ^aiarni.' iHe ^wa»'inc«"a:'ratln a pit^nt- "tairly-at'the-iriercy of this mailaci --ina. Cobo wna 'a maniac at tbe.mpjnen^h'e'' had so far l««t co'ntrol of hlAscif as to allow the atone to slip oat of his grasp. It fell with a thud at O'Belliy's feet, causing the .assassin -to .lautb. .once more.'' · - · · · · ' - · - · · "Ho, hoi" he hiccoughed. "My fingers ant clumsy, eh? But there la_no Btefl^fOT baste.? ^H« stretched out his arm again, laid hold of another BilJiUe, and.straloed to loo*en It from Its bed. "Jewels!. Pearli the (die of plains!. -And I a poor- man I -I-catft beHefe It yet." Be conld not detach the atone, so he fumbled farther along th0 curb- Ing. "Pearls, Indeed I I would aeofl a dozen men to bell for one--" ^. . Oltellly bad- been atandlufr petrtfted, f h i s body forced .tightly' : aga!n»t .the .rough: sarface behind-him, following with strained fascIimtlontliB deliberate movements of the man above him; how he saw Cobo, withoat the leaat appar- ent'reason, twlit and shudder, saw Sim sUtfen If seized with a aod- den-cramp, tiw:.his 'eyes: dilate and ·; ia;--soch ; la demand for atr"en8pth.':ot--'body, qd mind,, such a or^-^Mfiction in hitaian be- t^w.^' itf*tmctlvel7 abrlnk- from axvd ha.vel'a pr*3udic'e .^cminat .physical ·weakness.'or .tnconolete. physical and. mental developm«ht:-:. We" arc 1 sci. con 1 -. atHuted : that. we admire strength or rpbualue'as' and Awhile ^wc may pity weaknes«^ we' can^TncycE''. admlrc'.fit. V.ijforons -akklth JSL.ithO; eyerlastljiff fact, -the^ truth of ·belnrxw lll S 1 '? in ?r- planted in.our idesO^.'and^'e'vcry"depart- r .ure -from ^thls ^normial;* standard'. ;ideal inay, excitw sxriipatHy; regret and pity, Tyitrlnfeviar-'cadifliration. 'Strength' and vlBTor: ctvc confidence to 'its ponsessor. They"are proofs of ability to. act,-tf achieve,' to^accompllsti, to do- things sotiefactary.- The admlrea . the person; 6f "strong,. Vital torcc, power. enercy. wihbleneHS'^xnd completeness. The- strong' aro .a. BIMICCSS. The weak are a failure and'will sooner..or later fall by the wayside- in the. 'great ·truirffle for succesilin-riile. There. IE no-reason for half the Buffering which 'exists, for if those -afflicted Vould exercise prudence in .the! selection ' of reputable-specialist.- arid;act with 1 same judgment thai they" manifest in business transactions, they:;.v."(luld. seek the experienced specialist- and get an Intelligent opinion £ and. honorable treatment..'..By. pursuing, l^such .a course time will be paved-, and-, money gained and best of-aU health" restored, FEELS DIFFERENT XOW. ' "I had .been sick tor uvc years -with x'.bad case of stomach, kidney and bladder trouble. I. went to the United Specialists for treatment, and- am now feeling in flrxt class shape. .·,,· · -. "DAVID SPRUH.L. .. "K. P: 3,'.3,- GtreenBburff, Pa." TIO'W GI.AD SHE IS BETTKK. "For nine months I had suffered almost constantly with a-wful Revere back-ache'. At times I would be BO bad X could hardly move. "Was also troubled with smothering:, spells,-while, at rest, dizziness, nervousness. Could r.ot sleep R-ood. .1 took up'treatment -with the United Specialists and my back leela entirety yreU. Also the-rest ot the conditions I complained of. "MRS. A.XXIE FERTIG, "Third and Market Streets. "Belle Vernon, Pa." CO.VXEI.LjrVII.I'E PATfEjrT SPKAKS. "For three years I had been troubled -with shortness ol breath. I would net so bad 1 at night, I could not sleep 1-y- inj:: down. I would have to sit up with pillows behind me. I felt nil weak and run down and did. not teem to have any strength and together with my ape, thought my time for 'thiff world was short, - I called upon the United Medical Specialists, and after a month and a half treatment I am feeling fine and wofklniy every day. ' "'(Signed) -'MR I. N. PATTKRSON", "Gibson Avc., B, Conncllsvilie. Pa." The UnltedSpccialists Tuesday every week, 9 A. JL to 8 PM. Baltimore House, near B. O. station, room second floor. Every Wednesday and Saturday at Exchange Hotel. Uniontown. heard him neave a deep; whistling sigh. OTleilly conld not Imagine what aliert the fellow. Tor on eternltr, so II seemed. Cobo remained leaning upon his outspread' arms, fixed In tlijit sntne attitude of paralysis--It looked almost ai If he hnS been startled by some sound close by. But manifestly that was not the cause of his hesitation, lor his face became -convulsed and an expression of blank and utter afitonlsh- ment was stamped upon U. The tuen stared flindly at each other, O'Bellly with his head tlirorrn back, Cobo with bis body propped rigidly upon .wooden arms and that piscullar shocked" Inquiry la his glorlng eyes. But slowly this expression ctitnjed; the colonel bent iii If beneath a Rreat weight, his heart TO** and turned back upon Ills neck, he ;fil!ed_-hls Itmgs with another m^ieczln^ ;Sjh. ; , His teeth gronad together, his 'head began to wag upon his nhoulders; It-.dropped lower and lower;' ona hanu flipped from Its hold and he.lurched ·forward. An instant he hnng'.s^ispcntl- 1 ed from tho waist; then he appeared to let go limply as all resistance .went out of his big. body. There came a'warnlng rattle.of dirt and msrtor and pebbles; the. next .Instant, he slipped, .into the well and plunged headlong down upon OHellly, »n avalanche of ISlclcss flesh. ...Johnnie shielded blmselfwlth his np- fiunt* arms, but-he. was driven to his 1trie«i,~and* when, he icramDled to his f eet,-half-.stunned.-It-was to find himself- In utter darkness. There was a heavy weight against hi* legs. With a strength-born of horror and-revulsion he freed'himself ;^ then* hearing no sound »nd ; feeling-';no- movement, be fnmbled for tlbe-eanale and with clumsy fingers ·managed -to,relight; It Even after the flame had leaped out and he saw. what shared tbVplt with him he could barely credit his senses. The nature of. his deliverance,w«a uncunny,' rapernatnral-^-lt 'left him dazed. He, had beheld death stamped upon Cobo's writhing: face . efen while the fellow .braced himself to.keep from falling, Grafonola end Columbia Records "Ask all the questions you wish" You are to have the phonograph in your home. You and your family will listen to the music. You know the instrument that plays music the way you want it played. You are the judge and jury. You are the one to be satisfied. So we want you to go the limit and "ask ail the questions you wish." Learn the joy of buying a phonograph, the Columbia way. No hurry. No rush. Listen to as many records of your own selection as you. wish. If you wish we will be glad Co send the Columbia Griicmob to your home on .triiU : : COMPANY but what force had effected the phenomenon, what unseen hand had stricken him, Johnnie was at a loss to comprehend. It seemed a miracle. Indeed, until be looked closer. Then, he understood. Cobo* lay lu a formless, boneless heap; he seemed 1 to be all arms and legs: his face was hidden, but between his shoulders there protruded the crude wooden handle of a homemade knife to watch a loop of cord was tied. O'Reilly stared stupidly ot tho weapon; then he raised his cyea. Peei^ Ing down at him oot of the night was another face, an Impertinent; beardless, youthful face. ^ He uttered Jacket's name, and the boy answered -with a smile. "Bring my knife with yon when, you come," the latter .directed. "You I" The American's rolce was weak and shaky. "I thoucht--" He set the candle down und covered his eyes momentarily.. "ThHt's a good knife, all right, and sharp, too. The fellow died In a hurry, eh? Who does he happen to be7" "Don't you know? It--it's Cobo." ^Cobol Cobo, the baby-killer!" Jacket breathed an oath.. "Oh, that blessed knife!" The boy craned his small body forward until he vrns In danger of following his victim. "Now, this Is gtwd luck Indeed! And to think that he died just like any other man." ."Boaal VThere Is shel" O'Rellly inquired In a new agony of apprehension. "Oh, she Is here," Jacket assured him, carelessly. "I think she has fainted." "Help me out, quick! Here, catch. this rope." 'Johnnie fling' the coll within reach of Ills HU!e fricni! and a moment later he hntl hoisted hlmseU Irom that pit ot Irng'cdy. TO BE CONTINUED. Just One Thing Better Than Buying A Liberty Bond- Buy Two Or toree or four or as many as you possibly can. Every bond you buy Is a direct blow- ut Lbe Kaiser -- another shell hurled Into tho ranks of the enemy. And besides you. make a. mighty safe and profitable investment. Bonds may be bought on the Installment Plan at this bank. IVnn to Patronize. . Merchants who advertiao their good? The Daily Courier. BLISS N A T I V E H E R B TABLETS Recoffnlied for thIrty years AS thc only standard herb remedy for CONSTIPATION Disordered Stomach. BlUousneira. 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Borne mnooth *nd grmmy, torn* «a«u«d with xn»t*Ulci powders aad ooo» In * -while yon wftl AM on* th*t i» dwncn- ·trattan of tntelU* ooc» ^ froci trcr? point of Tlew. *n»e artdr te-roay, tbo skin la cfear mnd nnooUu *** pomi «r* arafcU Kod op«a. Uw powder decs tiot «how OB the firm Ylforcras akin. woman can AKT* a rood cam- « »hc wiU oalr;U9r Itttle jdimcretiojk. ff you wouU aoouire nal jbwtuty, th« b«autr of p*rf»ct health. iToa mn*t r*pleiilali your j.worn -oat ·nwrres with lecithin. Na.taro'8 own n«rre restorer, and put Into your 'blood the Invigorating Iroo. wotch Nature Intended, it. 1o . have for i health. Jtn aiost.df the..mbdern foods ;th«B» and other YltUaftur olcsmenta 'ho-rs be«n l*reeli' - eliminated. Tet to be b»*ltti7 and. be»utifnl the syn- |t*m mnat h»T» '-·«»«».'- They ore .founfl In BJo~/erejV.hbt' only In' prop- ;«r pjoporUons to re«t*ra weaut(»a«d. Tltaltty but 3n such form BJ tho'nr*- jtem con b**it oaidzntbiU th«n- ' A tr*ftt£o:BAt of Icdthm *nd fron J!* ooiaMnttt hi Bto-turett . . , *nd invlcomtea the pitient. And Blo-rftren In lu pellet tonn Is Iron" dteeolomlion. ot Out teeth, »· iinpleaajLDt taste.. There In no socret about Bfo-feren. Doctonr ' it rcsnlariy hecnuse they know actty what It contain* aa w«n *· ·what it Trlil do and ttiey know th«r could not forzntUate bett«rkuM building tonic. The notion of Blo-foren onTth* rnstetn is BO beneficial, we are s* sure of its tfvlnir you postttve h*aJtk and Ttror. prorldtny. of coma*, tb«n» 'is no lerioutt, chronic tlm*nt ·nfe aa cancer, toberculoBla. etc., thmt w« on3y aeU it on tb« condition that you agree to return, in* empty pmckj** and accept refund of your money unlesi-you an entirely satisfied. There it- a» uac. waJUttp for Dealth and b«c*ty. It Is better to do thing* today than tomorrow. Go to your Phywiclaii teday-^dcht now-- he will ad^lae Bio-feren, Then start tsJtlnc u at once- as 'he advises or aa directions on ,tha package, call tor. Tb« protects -your money. Jtt- booklet my be hid for tie Lsnco padcaee fi.00 at aU drusacwfl or direct If your druntat Cftu. not 'Supply you.. 'The BentmneJ . JflemwUos . CO...ID.. Commercial Printing' of all Kinds Done at U/ Courier Job Printing Office. 'CAP"STUBBS THE TOBEENTS Jt\EJ) AJLBIGUX. By EBTTDfA HOW.-WELL SAKlMy "RECITES! THAT TIECE .ABOUT TT UA64N TORRENTS, BOB MliSUS

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