The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on April 22, 1918 · Page 6
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, April 22, 1918
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

TBE .DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVXLLBi, MONDAY, APRIL 22, 1918. -THE SHELL Metro feature, in which ' len, the exquisite screen star, is seen ,'Jn the leodinf role, is being presented today. Miss Wehlen is supported -by Henry. Koelker, one of the best inowij actors." on the American stage.. ''The Shell.Game" is a picturization.of Ken* neth L. Roberts Saturday. Evening Post story, "Good Will and Almond Shells." It has both serious arid light moments. : It gives the starVdi opportunity to display both her'woii- d«rful artistry and her .exquisite iowns. "Exquisite Emmy "Web len" ..without a l'ter's;las't : b'attle,i, arid.-is-' historically reason. The story is- iC ligfit an'aV ; fen-'!.iv--roct. '"it 'was -Made by the United. 5fmy "and" tfie'orlgiiia!' prints" full .'of mtense: 'inter"estj: tertaining one.- It ,1s the : theory ;pp~,.~ "Silk" -wmins that everybody, is seo- :timental around Christmas' time, aiul, · 'In scheming to profit by this fact, .'ie', t. 0 Action being rapid. It is replete '..eiperimenla-irith i V - wealthy: " " '" "' · · - - · - · · - -· ··- .Lawrence Gray: ·" In a seeming; burst: ' of confidence Gray states .he .lost lit! ' wife and daughter many years before in a flood. "Wllldns finally; proceedi: (a flnd a daughter lor -him, using'fbi: this purpose a girl .whom he rescued from committing=suicide.;Emmy Wei--. len Is attractive as the girl. in.. the { case, and Mr. Koelker gives, a fine impersonation of Lawrence" Gray. A 1 selected comedy- is included" l in : the program:" Tomorrow ."Little Red De-; cides," a Triangle feature, will beipre^ : sented, and on Wednesday. rjGarmel , Myers, will be.starred;in_"yae-...Wine GirU .-Thursday, Ethel Clayton, the screen favorite, will. appear i»" "The "Witch'."Woman,", a "World attraction. : 3;Eirelyn:VNesBlt.'ainJ .her. son, Russell ·reserved in Washington;. ^erT-7rhaC-.Jni.JjiIiiis'.:"Sleger:s production. and'deeds of daring by soldiers, cow: boys and. brave women. Edward Ar- dek.'was seen: in- person ,in tils play years ago at the old Newmyer opera house. To all Connellsville: theatre^ : goers.whp love the wild west:lor "itsT adventure, he had remoined'.-an idol ever-stnce. *···'·· ·- .., .HnntlBg; Bargain 1;t ;: You will'find.them in. our ad.'columns. for Itching Torture PICTCKES AT THE AECABBl At the Arcade today and tomorrow pictures only will prevail.. There, will be .no musical show. Edwin , Arden,, the famous romantic. nctor,. supported by Rbm'aine" fielding; iwill be in' this greatest picture e«r. made of the west, "The Eagle's Nest." It -is" a", ro^ xnantic tale of the pioiieer days when It is"a delightful Therejs one remedy that seldom fails to stop'ltching torture and:relrevc atin irritatiocr and that makes the skiu soft. clear and healthy.. ..... - Any druggist can supply you with team, wJiich generally overcomes all ikin.diseases. Acne, eczema, itch, pimples; rashes, blackheads, in roost cases -·--·---»-·"·--'--"· Frequently, minor ,, disappear overnight."' Itching usual]?: stops instantly. Zemo is a safe, antiseptic liquid,, dean, easy to use and dependable. It costs only Soc; «n extra large i bol:tle,'$1.00. It will not."stain,'.is !not greasy or sticky and is positively safe for tender, sensitive skins. ' » TllcE.W.Rase Co., CcTeiaad. O .THE SOISSOX. ^Redemp'tiori/'^.will be" seen at'lilie !,.,,. . v - ..^...-j'Soissbn^UieatYe^toaaT,.tomorrow. Jani^ ··ill-horsemanship" iW^TOsaay.--"-'·-This attraction', which. " ·""" because of its'novelty and sensation has attracted- country-wide- attention, will/prove' the .surprise of the year: For weeks the Cohan theatre in- New York was . packed to.-.' overflowing; hundreds were: turned .away dally and the: Vast/audiences .were moved to tears as : the.-story .was unfolded, reel by'jreel.- Evelyn-Nesbit is known, the world over, and she has proved her- .self not only an exceptional screen subject, but an emotional actress "of really great ability. There [ are heart throbs-that -bring, tears-to the truth in the story to amply justify the .theme, and above : all, -It makes one feel deeply mother live. Here and there are touches of comedy to relieve the tense dramatic situation, the result being an almost perfect nhotodrama. Julius Steger arid Joseph A. Golden directed the pro^ duction, and they ha» given it eveir advantage in the way of a competent cast. trays a.' patriotic youngster of the middle "west', who,""with 1 the help of ai number of worn-out old veterans of: the-"0ivil war, sav'es. his*.-town tfoni" German spies who aVtempt'-to blow up a-mine and W^ho lal'so · have incited, a'- strike.;- The production is-, an interesting: -'(Hie.' Tomorrow William S. Hart is featured in "Wolf Lowry." The ^story 1 circles around the one' love adventure of a solitary man's life, love that .ends in self-sacrifice and.'rer linquishTTient. i; I I l i t t ;; SIR THOMAS LIPTOtf ;; STIliL AFTER THE CUP ;; '.',.. -Slr'ThoniBs Upton, .personal }'. | J J : challenger. ;for the America's · · '·' cup, consistent .loser nnd good I ' . \ ^.sportsman,,::has".not:iabandoned · · ; i.fjiope, .6t'.,ey.entnolly ;.."cftptaring"!'. J.'.'lhe.famouB .trofths;;.'.,^ ,i . . *·· ":lii 'ifttct,, .:Oie'.:;Britlsh.' yachts^ ', J"riian"-:nlrea"dy l8"lsyliisf : .'pliiiis : to' |' ^."schd'tShamrocS'^rTvTrhJtor the ,'. '.', 'cpvete'tf prize as soon' as the J ; ·' .war" ends."."-"". '.'... . ~".\"2'. ' · · % '· "Cnpt. Walter .11. Marks, Sir | \ | J Thotnos' rcpreK'entative, 'arrived » · ^ ! In : nh American port 'recently ',', \ '· r wlth InBtrnctlbna to Inspect the ' + - cnp; challenger, irhieh has been I'. '. !;.i»W'iup : 'n the Erie" basin since · · i-the.Spostponement of the races ! ! ';'i-ftf-.-iswi Captain Murks Is t o - ; ; r -report to the owner as, to her ,. '.', condition. : ' W*1 M Itl III 1111 f II »»· · OBPHETJX THEATRE. -"THE.SPIRIT-OF ;iT".is the latest of L Jack Hickford's pictures-, and 'por- · Jee Kelly In Clan AI. Joe Kelly, Brave outfielder, who was with the Cubs fnr n short time, Is In class i in the draft j Wesleyan Ueader. EnlisU. Howard Y. 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Under God, I hope it will not end antil that time." Fifty-fear yean ago when many people wen , - wking, aoome are asking to-day, what w*» the UM of the war, Abraham Lincoln "replied in the above* ·drring wonis. . . The voice of Lmcoln can be heard in America . · today. Hit appeal a for us to iseep up the ·truggle until the object: of the war i» obtained and the world a made safe ibr democracy. Every penon in thii cocntry run a M*i*rr. share to do and YOUR ahare is to buy LIBERTY BONDS to provide the United States Government with the necessary money foe carrying era the war, to a McceuI end. The more Bond* you buy, the quicker wiffi , the war end and the more American soldiers will return home safe and sound. . . 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Lyric Vocal Quintet 2C32'i~Keep tne Homo Fires Bnrninf; (Norallo), 76c IVhcn the Great Red Dawn is Shining (Sharpc), University Quartet 'Royal Dadmim MS16--The Darktown Str'ntters' Ball '(Brooks), " . . ' . . : ;5c '' , · I 4 r th ur pields, Tenor Accordion Accompaniment In the Land 0' Tamo Tamo (McCarthy-Fischer), ; Arthur Fields, Tenor, Accordion Accompaniment "20S2i--jly Sireetie" (Snyder-Loais-Toung), Medley Foi Trot,. Intro. "Meet Me at tie. ' J5c Station Dear" ' Boudini Brotfiers, Accordionists A Scotch High-Ball (Arr. by'Boudinl.BroihersjJ-MeiKey. One_ St«p, Intro. .1. "Bagpipes." 2. "Annie Laurie." 3'.. "Blue Bells,'of ·'Scotland.". 4.. "Auld Lang Syne." . ., Accordionists-. 2031S--Wisconsin Forward rorerer (Sousa), March :';":.:.American: Kepnblic Band 75c Jiaral Eescrre March (Sousa),- ' · ;t_:. American. Republic Band. Pathephone Department, Main f/Floor. 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