The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on April 22, 1918 · Page 4
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, April 22, 1918
Page 4
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PAGE TOUR. THE DAILY COURIER, GONNELLSVILLE, PA. MONDAY, APRIL 22, 19i8. (fcmirirr. HENRT . ·HIUBK. VowuMr and Bdilor;;lil?-l»t;; nu coinuxii K..IL SNTDBK. PlMidnt. JA« 1 DHISCOU* ··*·*» Mi Trucunr. BotMM' Jtwi«««*. JOHN II OAK*, Editor City or K1ICCXLX, . MEMBER OV: ·Ai«ocl»t«d . ??··»,* JkMiJit Bur«o of. Cl»cu]»tlo»; '. PMUylrul* AMOcUUd D»tUM. Tw» CMU i»r copy. S»c jwr month iS*p«r J«r tgr m»ll « p»M In »!«»«» M «Mondi olm»» roatwr »t Co«n«U«Tlll«. Pa. MOTOAT ETXXIXG, AKUL,a!, IMS. Tk« CowrtaVB 9*rvlc« Fta*. , T T T I - - - i -- P. SHEKMAN.:. Ho»pitAl/-l?nit I* American Bx- Mditionary Forces. Franco. RALPH y. SLIGER. CoMpany H, 319th Infantry, . U. a N. A., CMOP I*ee. F«tenb«*. V*. ··^················f ···»»·». * - . » o e u « · · cluslvelv entitled to th» -ate tot ' republlcatlon ol »11 n«w« dls- ·· patches credited to U ol not " othtrwlH credited to tola pap«r - and alKKlh* local n»w« publlihw) r HOT lifi.KOTO Of ."JflDMCEE* "WE JiEED IX A-SEKICJL Anent the proposal to eliminate the study "of the German language · from, the.public.schools, and in: cvnfifma- tfoB, ol the views expressed in these column* Saturday, -fcali- address, by Lieutenant Governor .-Frank[ B.-.'Sic- Clain before the Philadelphia Boartf of Edacation, 1s-ol r tiincly -^interest. .Taking th*. position, that the mission i of'bur achools-'TOWl bereaf tor **;the more ,cwnp3ete' J^^canizationV ol ««nuf pwjiJe, "and'this inculc»tit?a ol ·trongirr oigijer/and better, national , »plrit/.%XI«uteiunt,Govemor ."·' - Under existing conditions -1 -naturally hate to- yive : -'tli*e Germans credit '.'·for" a single valuable Idea; bvt for -thai it was Bismarck'-wbO';-dftid."-i '·· truly, too. "Wfcat you · want to put "'Into the state you must first-put,into . ,the- school." He matched his words ·Vlth action and. by planting: the doc: -tri»e of nriRht in the ' .dally lessons ' tauvht. to the , children of Germany -Mowed th« seed ·which now is b£a.rlne fruit in the frightful stru'scle that is :'-. rockins ~,the ,-worldj. To justify; the C" German's faith In the efficiency of "mch,* plan of education or.e has to 'j;.\T»*d the red record of: the last three ;;-Vand a ball years, -which rtcoril has -.La^'been made possible by the existence : ^z throuchout the .German empire '-of ; $}+ ;nnanim1ty - of thought to-ward' th »'^:'^*t»t«, a national spirit vrhJcb has no , ·^·.counterpart since the " days of the s| ^'/Caesars, when the' hfgrh*e«t tjpe a man | .'yrcoUWhaVe -was-ihat of a Rtunan citl- T :''rv"*B ; · "-.'.. T -.,-,- -t '-for our following the · ccample ' · 'p^'.'- .wh/ich. the Germans have set in the rjr-?.^imatttr Inculcate in the hearts j - '-*'':of our children,a stronger. lis:uer tine v ;!'';vb*fter national spirit. Kot; the- Ger · *x'man . spirit that ·"raleht makes right,** :~ : S-m»t the false philosophy. and govern- j^^jnent- -with which the Prussian mill;-^.;, tarists seek to regulate civilization, ·*gj;.':but'instead th philosphy of riarlit and ^".the;spirit of "America first,"-tcf Incul- · .'5?:~'c*te· . through-.our system of" public *.^;edt(c*tion* and' semi-public education ;,iV'in the hearts of "not only our 'jCraeri- i^^-.ean-born children, ; but as -well · the .j^-"-'children of an alien parentage, ap- l-^l-preolatlon of the superior blessings 7®^'':."Which .our -form of goTernment be- :fe,'--«towa ujion those living undar the pro- tr-^.,t«'cti«i of its nag, '· " . . . " - · _ . 11^,;, ·. i f ' we are to maintain and- perpet- jlS'.'.'uat* tho great principles to which '·-fv..- this Republic Is dedicated it Is ab- · sl^jv; sclutely , essential that our children ·f^'-'bi* trained--yea, saturated--with ^ -: ·^·'' trend arid meaning of our Ideals and ~%fs". icov«rnnient. But this -will never be ^[.yosvtble until w« tring about a change 'y of method in our system, of pfablic in- fc:«truction and semi-public Instruction v *o f*r as the 'teaching- of foreign lages and- foreign traditions are '/concerned. So' long as we continue' not only to £.r«coirnize but to encourage such. prac- ^·ticerwe \rill be.sowing the seed which later 1 on is sure to blossom into a large _,crop~of American BolaheviKL And it , j ,,Tcqnirea no far vision to see the van- r i of that army of social and j economic revolutionists forming- Their 7 significance and their strength, have /.'mot-"-yet seriously attracted our at- ";tenU6ii, but wlten the present -wo _;-war'i«' over and the time has come for ^adjustment of things Social and econo- Tmic, ;from the hysteria and inflation oC t i\.th«s» feverishly excited, days to a nor- *"'xnal 'level, .and' calm, of peace, time :ourai_ I f^ar that they -will have signiflcance that -will cause us to re: fl«ct:'upon .our past libentiity in our ;i!a.turaliia,tion iaws and the kinds of £*teaching we have perm'itteJ under our ^educJiCfonal code. %..; Let, the colleges and higher inati- ^tiiti*B» of education. If they will, eqnlp ^students with the knowledge of iptn tonsrues, for their i«holars » ^liave^.passed the plastic a?e 'of youth "*n«S TjFill have reached the time of life "·whett- they^reason~for themselves and ..'the ftame Impression will not be made 'm them as would be madn on the im "ire 'and susceptible intellects of ,,.,,. _ am aware that a great many edu cator«,:; a few philosophers and some )tn*S3 men hold that the cultural ,,.,, ^_U»- of the German language antf ^Uteratare.Is Just the same as H..-CT*: war and that these are of itbo''jlfreal benefit, to us to lose. My 1* that the great benefits to ppjrhlcli th'ey .refer have been more .fan- |ci«d.'timn real Then, as am American, £T believe that we can'do without a 1 ·***' ~Vbr:* which In Its highest de'vcl- . mi slaughters babes at swa, orders khers pitilessly fciUed f .s-.ands women :fc-'rw errancTs of mercy' up afrivihst ?¥·; atone- wall to he shot, like Nurse ipxveH;-; 'a "kuHUr" which makes of *n'inhuman brutes run wUa In crime id : lechery and that civ's birth" to a .frlRhtfulness the :iko of.which tlie--worid has noy.?r Tcnown and com- kr,*«Cwith: 1 which.'the: atrocUies-of the rnn»pifekable Tark hav ^fen humane." ^p.;,Ti|torow)y .dissent'.fror-i the 'necs- "" Ity-bf'VTttiUur" of that kind, for the" tjaae -swr^this' nationl% _.. ;·. , . -' ;. ,\ , , ; I^Tft* German language 1s not itself ftnjXAUBibl^ .for the? · Vkultur'* · ffoio- . _ _ _ . ,, . ,Govcraor.SfjcCJaiit 1 ir^vifforously dissents; and in"''-which earnest Am^cans Trill Ijaringr. teen employed as rhicti. vthis/^and-. .,, _«i«!/'a» ^ttniittM* 'For God's Sake Hiirrjr Up!" H. Edmonds, Ed Itpr'.'?Man4f4atui)6rs JUwjrd. le ', Trust Cohijjany of Western Pennsylvania, Ibcated'at Conncllaville, Pa,, at tht! .close of business April 16, - - ' ' U « krate tad ilttecled joxt wife ud BBidered \iome of your eUUreo, we«14 7^1, will* Us kuda Siere drippJuif red witji te blwd of yonr '.loved OMS, talk rtfft with Unl If snch » fitird waited to dla- eau ftMce terms with yon wUle itBl aUacklag joar daughters, Wo«U T»I flfit, wMh all tic power Out God gare yon, tw throttle tke :bea»^ '·r.'wMId" y»B: parley: back and forth aad unggent tk«t tie antltr might be wUIed on nme basis which Iftt tue raylit and anirjerer nnpanteked and tree to take all the lo«t of which Be eoald T»tT»Br honsel On the hattlefields of Enrope ·nr lorpd ·ao a're bohsg . rirar- dered-- for renember Germnay'B war Is a deinite war ol mvrtrr and entnige-- and cvcrj electric *jaxk which sweeps aerosj the AtlanU* from the treadles 1» Trance will brlag an etCTthicreasi Ing list o/ these nirdered men who liare gone not to save as from the attack of . the mardere'r ' ' . . - ·- Onr Allies, who for learlr fOBr yean, wit* snperb.herolsai' and at · 'fearful cost of men,«»d'.iBa»cx, 'have "stood :*«twceii'ns and Hell, : art eidUnir to us, "For God's sake, harrj- «p," ere K he ererlastlnglr ·too late".- -".."Bat we talk about peace, when there Is no possible peace except the^pMee of ileiith to n» or death ^t« 6erM«ny*s fearial hell-begottea power; : ' . . · · · $eae : m«n. and women do not jet coapreliend the meaning of "tils war, dome are jro-GernuiBS, some are German sales, s»»r are cowards who disgrace the mothers who gave them Wrth, : and some arc simply plain everyday foolt who 'should go oat and root and UTP wtth the swiae of the field nntil the appointed Urae to ·be killed for : tt.e good.of manldml. . r«-aee! -There canine no peace -betveea Heaven and Hell, between Cod aad Satan! Peace with the unrepentant, un- hang rapists and atarjem-j! . : ·: ?·»·« wltk the vfle»t erhaJaids -who ^«ver Ulackened .the" records ..-of 'iriiiVniitorT! ..'·:-."''' _ '·'· r«iee wtth tho oitrager nf Tour wife and daughter' an yon look on! Peace with'- the etdd-hlcoded bntchen who ainrder .yonr beloved son and the sons of millions and mDllens of others! ; , If there anything on earth so craven, so bereft of seal that H We dissent decidedly from the view of Lieutenant Roeder that the sh of German in the schools of .t country is essential to keeping pace with scientific development -arid 'progress. This is but andthe'r'of f the ;mls- takeii conceptions of so-callfid German efficiency, and conceding to German claims which do not rightly belong to her. French; Italian. English and -American. · scientists' ^and^Jnvestlgto .have,achieved .more .through .origin research than have, the Germans, but tHt.'latter, quielt tdV-'avail themselves of^the . fruits,ol th« ^labors of others, -haVe appropriated and. Germanized the 'discoveries 'made'' in' other, .land.s;; just as they have Germanized the coun- trifjs they -have conquered an4 Trill continue to do if victorious in this war. If we. master the. French language, and" familiarize ourselves with ; ; its .-literature, -we .-will- have a1 our command 1 Infinitely richer fields o; scientific and technical 1 . knowledge than we will in the German language and preserve ourselves free from the poisonons taints of Materialism and "kultnr," to disseminate which is' the ill-concealed ..purpose of Germany In extending- the use ol Its language in other cpuritr.ies. It is all-very .-well to, contemplate, the era ol prosperity we will Have after the war hut we'must Brst dpvote our energies to. winning the waK .Otherwise we will need s6me other term than prosperity to define our state when the war closes. ' . .-"' In these-times when everybody- i~ is busy, or getting ready to be butfy; helping to lick the Kaiser, tife candidates are going to have, a- ;yery -lonesome time ol It during the campaign. If you attended . church; yesterday you are in the right frame'ol'mind to attend' to -your duty to your, country today. Buy a bond to^.proved it.. There js just as much;-sharne,in being- a slacker in the kitchen' as 1 there is being a .slacker in th'e'-'dralt,-:' ' ;. : --.- - . ' v A training or' experience.: in · Connellsville helps everybody, even ministers, to make good wherever they go. Reaching our goal OTT'I/iberty. Bond subscriptions, will s^mply-Tmake -it certain that Uncle Sam's boys will get the Kaiser's goat. . . '.:-": : : ..' By Walt Uuon. THE PROJ'ITEKBf ;-·; -; I hope the end . o£*-war i . is'-nearing; and when the ; peace, bells chime, the men.enriched by proteerinE.'-'will have a, beastly ttme. "Just how,'in-air the hurly "burly, - they niay- 'pnt.. v , things across; by- profiteering late-;and .-.early; stack- up a. lot of dross. \ , Juat; 'now* they'" may be* undetected, we.'have. *tib much on han-d .with.countless problems, unexpected to solve -and understand.: We are so.busy ch'aafne/traitor's, un- earthlns 'evil; spies; weVe -wearing- out our" Sunday-' gaiters,- " and. '-skip.' the" cheaper" grays; - But soon or late they'll all be, spotted, ho man can be"; exempt; and they'll b beaten down and swatted by honest men's contempt. The open'foe may' be forgiven, but'pardon rherc'Il. be none " tor .htm whose'bar- grains all /were driven to .help out Xurober .One.. -"Wie .may forffire, the spy whose/labors -were 'fay .tils' king: 6r- dain»d;ithe-]ivork-;.of.-one.rwho. bilka.Jais ieighbors can never . be .. explained.: When '.-war Is" done, and clouds..have Ifted, and · Iifars has sunk- to sleep, ^e,'iy-,s_e.e jthat^aUzthe^goiLts^are 'sifted: ind sorted" from j.f.'-tJi'e" -'.sheep. Then" happier the ·raised Ivpanper^.iwlthout-a Coin In:.handr" ; than '"any'·'than 'who* thought 'it prAper;' to.cheat his native and. · '··'·'. "-'-'V* ·"' Sees Two Deer. ; ; Two deer, bptli, i i3oes, were, he fields'on';the^..'Wnison..faTni"'. near ·nm'oreVmiii Festerdoy ' '.by" Frank Workman,.; who approached :close to would claim to be a nan and yet be willing to parley with these ac- enised linntereni and worse, led iy "Vflliimi;.the accursedJ" "I» life .so deai or peace so sweet" that we are willing U jier- ·ilt any word of peace to lie altered until we hare throttled the aeaioo and fought hlmi to a finish! And lien, when he crie« for mercy, let-there be nu mercy except inch as he gave (o Belgium and France, BO mercy except mercy to all cMlksation lor all the centHrle* to come, txprcs! ed thrpngh the gaUows as 1 tliese foul Wots on aamkinfl, the Kaiser anil all I.t assoc'iates, pay the just penalty for their unspeakable "sins.' '" ' ;', : '· :· Then and not nntil -then should we haye oae word more to say to Genauuii or (o Germany. Sow OIIT supreme duty 1§ t» fight, fight to till, till until these krates realiie. that a mightier power than theirs has been sent by fiod to do His work In their otter destruction. They arc murdering, onr loved ones. Every day brings flic toll of "tenth nnd every day for months and perhap* for years we must jnffcr tbe awfal agonies which onr Allies have endured, and there Is BO power to lessen this toll of onr innocent loved ones, except we kill and kill and keep on killing the anrrderors who Uke-wfld bettsis are seeking to destroy the world. This Is onr task. let us forget all else, let its aiake sore that no word or thoaght of peace shall be attered in land; let » deter- create the mightiest fight- . ing ·achinr ever ballt by man and. to drive it wtth all the power of one hundred million freemen who seek to we onrselTes and the world from the'.destrmctioa of HclPs most active workers. If Fnaldent "Wilson and Secretary MeAdoo want .to make the Ijberty loan go with a rush, If they wart to naickea with super- harnan power the energies of this country, let them call the nafion to the .straggle-on-this definite hauls and on the basis of death to every German spy and life imprisonment lo every pro-6ennan and say that no*, a word of peace shall be uttered in America, not a word of pnrleyinzr, nireefly or indirectly, shall be held with any of those red-handed mnraerets-- then the nation, will leap forward to war and to Treasurer's checks « WANTED -- TOUR business. .RENDISE'S. BABBERINO . tt- WANTED--GSRI/ FOB GENT2RAI. housework. 304 East Fayette; !2svpr3t* WANTED--COLORED ' WAITER AT TOUGH HOUSE RESTAUTIANT. 23apr2t WIANTEC--GIKL, ' POR- housework. ELPEHITS, 4o4 South Plttsburg street. 22apr-tCd WANTED--STENOGRAPHER; AP- ply In own . handwriting: to STENOGRAPHER, .care Courier. 19apr3t WANTED--SECOND HAND TTPB- wriler. Call Bell 13-R, or Tri-State S-'W, Mount Pleasant. 2Sfebtl WANTED -- GIR1S TO WRAP bread at TEMFf^ETOX'S BAKERT, S89 East Fall-view avenue. 20aprtfd. : WANTBD-iBOTS ANT) GIRLS OVER 16 years of age. Paid while learning. CONNELljSVILLE SILK MIU.,. ·/ ·'-·· - . . . . - '· 12aprtfd' ^-WANTEH--BRIGHT BOY OVER 16 years of age to'learn job printing. Inquire "JOB DEPAROTIENT, Courier. " . 16apr-tl : ' WNTED--OITD FAtSE! . TEETH. Don't matter-if broken. -."I r pay" J2.00 ; .to J15.06 -per ,set- .Send by parcel. post and receive" check, by return maiL I* MAZER, 2007 South Fifth street, Philadelphia; Pa.. : - t . llaprSSt* WANTED--A NUMBER' OP STRONG young men' to' learn telephone ..line work. Good-wages to-start and rapid advancement.' Apply In.-person' .at CENTRAL DISTRICT TELEPHONE COSfPAJfT'S. office, fifth floor Title Trust building, Connellsyllle, Pa.... .. . :' ^ 8apr-eod-4weeks WANTED--ANT KIND OF PRK'i'i'- g, whether It is a.calling card.-uiile bill .or..the- finest engraved .weddir,^ Invitation or announcement. We .print anything--everything--do. it promptly, and. 3o. It right: Call the man al.TH2 COURIER omce, Both phone.. J7-tl, .Banlc Stntemcnt. ,, 1818. .-KESOURCES. Reserve Fu»d: · Cat?h, specie and. ' notes » 45,367.00 Due from ; ap- · proved reserve agent's. .-..L.'.. 104,109.27 Nickels .and cents Checks and cash Items.... Due from banks, trust conipanles, excluding reserve Commercial paper purchased: Upon one name '.. Commercial paper purchased: Upon .two or more names ^:^r r ,... ·.;./.:(.'...,.;.-.. . Time --ioana: 'with..'-co'llatbral Bonds, stocks..- eta [ .'"....; Mortgaeea. .anff judbments of. record ; IT....... Omcc building and 'lot,... Otn'er real estate Furniture and. fixtures ....Overdrafts H9.46K27 86.02 3,494.64 I 3,572.89 70,868.26 Total 102,375.00 104.441.42 HI.143.57 i 10,383.77 I .8,864.07 4SB.15 ., JJ,174,887.76 LIABILITIES. Capital. stock $ Surplus fund Fndirided profits, less ex. penae« and . taxes 1 paid.. Deposits subject to check,, Demand certificates of do- Time certificates ol deposit Special time deposits ____ Savings fnnd deposits ..;.. Dividends unpaid ......... ,- Total ...'... ---- . ..... . ..Jl,174,887.76 Trust Funds: -- 250,000.00 150,000.00 .7,239.53 400,127.13 . 22,600.00 2.426.95 36,750.50 1, SSI. 08; 303.887.57 · 105.00 . ----Other investments, etc... 7.412-2C Cash balance .......... 3.011.00 Overdrafts ......... ----- 524.86 . Total trust funds _____ 34,118.46 . CORPORATE TROSTS. .Total amount . (j. e, face , ~ value) of -trustai - -under deeds 'of. trust or mort- ; g4ges executed by corpor- .. aclonff to tho comiMuty as trustee to secure Issues of corporate bonds. Including equipment trusts 325,006.00 State of Pennsylvania, county ol Fay- ettc, SR: I, EDW. K. DICK: Tnramrer of the above nanied company, do solemnly swear that the above statement la true to the bent of my Jcnowledga and belief. EDW. K. DICK, Treasurer. . Subscribed and sworn to before me this lath day of April, 1S18, EDITH HARRIS. N'oUry Public. Correct--Attest: ^ F. RUTH, " R. MARIETTA, HARRY DUNN, Directors. TEY OTJE CLASSIFIED ABLETS. ONE AT ONCE .LINOTYPE OPERATOR · AT THE DAILY COTJHIER OFFICE 1776 1918 Join Our Liberty Loan Bond Club It's the easiest and simplest way to get on the home firing line--to strike a body blow at the Kaiser. Under the LIBERTY LOAN BOND. CLUB plan, anybody can buy a $50 bond by paying a dollar down and a dollar a week until the bond is paid for. $100, $200, $300, $500 worth of bonds may be paid for in similar proportionate installments. These bonds are the safest investment in the -world today. All the resources of the U. S. Government are back of them. Don't let anything keep you away from this double opportunity. An opportunity for safe and profitable investment. An opportunity to help win the war. - THEY OFFER THEIR.LIVES FOR YOU Your sons "and your neighbors' sons, perhaps, are now fighting in France or will be "over, there" very soon. They offer their lives for us. Can we do less than offer our money to supply them with food, guns and ammunition? , No; it is our plain duty to buy as many Liberty Bonds as we possibly can. It is the least that we can do for the brave boys at the front. And there is really no sacrifice connected with it, for every bond is as good as gold--better than gold--for the bonds pay 4 1 -4 per cent interest. Come in today and join the Liberty Bond Club. The First National Bank , The Bank That Does Things For You. * CONNELLSVILLE, PA. Shoes It's footwear that women beliere in, as we have for 30 years, if you buy them. 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TrlrState phone 112-2, . 13apT6t* j · .HEAD .HORSKS, n-ag-on. CHARI/ES JiAR- MON, Snyctertowu; Pa.-" . .. .".,19apfSt" ; _. FOR SALE-r-PTANO. CHEAP · TO quick buyer, account of "leaving- 'town. US'West Crawford'avenue.' : " ' ' ' .FOR SALE^NpW F'QRD. TOURING, car. run about' ISO.-'mlles." 1 ' Price J475 cash. .Address "FORD," care Courier; ·.-·.-·- -.j-*-:'»**''·"' - "..-"'· -' : ?2aprl-t*"7. 'FOR SIJE-^-SINGIjE' COMB V?:HITE jegrhorn .baby/', ; ch'icka| ·.·i2" : cents : eacli^ * Wv : NISTVCpte^; R. : ».',.ll. Connelis t '; *l at POPLAR GROVE .*J-m.l| .-···;'ijhese BcmarbaWj: Tvow Trices: I,ots on Pitisburg,Street, $125; lots on ^J^%Lt, Poi'l'T Street, $125; Lots on ITa^rtliorne Street, $100; Lots on Carson Street, For Further Information Ask M). City IVoter. CnSU or on Easy Payments. C. B. McCOEMICK, Agent, P. 0. Box Ui, Connellsville, Pa. . JFOH. SALE--SEVEN'.': EXSSBNGER Packard 1310 ;model, in perfect condition. ' "Will" derhonEtra^e «',hy tiirie.'.- E'. .B.,.SIMiIS. Scoltdale, Phone 190-B. . ' . ' :'".. -.^ ... .'"... ' . , . 16a.»r-ttd"" · FOB SALE--SIX I^OTS witli- coal. Good barsitiri, ' for quick buyer. Inquire Mrs. J. P.- .MORRIS, Reidmore road, SouCh ConuellsyUle ;' '22aprlt* FOR . SALB-'KINJ5 ROOM: .BEICK liouse. South Cohneilsvlll^, "good condition, SMOO, 5400 down,-bal-ance-;313.5E monthly. -Corner . Allegheny '.avenue and .^ecortd street. -SIx. : .room · house Svitli bathv^furnaCe; two lots' witli 'garage and -stable. Cement 'walk; only '$3,500. .on payed. : street - i n - ' h i l l .'district. J.'-A. SIASON, Second National ' jacent -to Brownsville tiity liniits' and 'town .lot'pian;.owner engaged. In other business, and · offers -a bargain; 'price ?100 per acre; on good terwis. J. PONALD PORTER,. P. O. Box 67!. Con- nellsTille, -PR,.'· ' .'. · " SOnjirtM ._· ·; POB.-SALE--FAJIM OF 220 ACRES about.i mile from Brownsville, near brick road, and«rlaid..iFJt^ small vejn of coal 'and -VEUuaole: linVe^toiie/ Iront- -inff "on,.RCon'onira.he'la..-rfyer arid -rail- ro"ad;--brick dwelling, house: stream of .mountain, -vater;..splendid .'property for stock,.·.ralsln^.-,or.:farmipe..-~w.ith,.. first-' . Administratrix's'Netfe H. D. l.eorin.ra, AtHtorney. ESTATE OP MARCMHET ANN Kern, deceased, late of. the borough of South Connellsvilie.iPc.. Letters of administration on tile estate ot above named (Ic'ce.dent having .been granted to- the unctsrslg-ned, notice IB hereby Sfveii -to the per59fnBvindc-bted to the sai'd-estate .to''make in-.rr.ediate payment,, iiinq those.having clalina. against the same to'presErit them properly authenticated tor settlement. GEOR- I GIANTfA K13KK SHIPLET, -Adminis- tratrix, C. T.'A., Hostoffice South Con- neUsvllle. Pa. - Japr6t-mpn 'Co?b'e held on Tuesday, May 21tft, 1938. There will be a contest for the nomi- natoin to several important bfiices. Including State, Congressional und Legislative. Evtry Republican in the city sjjouitl be registered on Tuesday, May iHt, 1918. Take your tax receipt to Iho polls. MART A. KIEFER, Chairman^ Republican County Committee. , JVotice *o Republican VotcM, ,nR^UBMCAN;^TOTS?rop7cO^ nellsville, Pa;, .will take notice that "Wednesflay, May-,1st,''-'.101S,.is the only dayrfor reel»tra-tipn-W ordocvtOjbe- en- \ltleri-to -vote." at' the -primary ;electioa STATEMEMT OF CIRCULATION. State of Pennsylvania, County of Fay- ecte. ss . ' Before ms. the subscriber, a Kotary Public within and for said County-end State,' perso'iVally. appeared ' J.' 'AVylie .Driscoll, who being duly sworn according to law, did depose and say: ' That he is Assistant Manager of Circulation- of The Courier, a dallj-' newspaper published in Connelisville. Pa,, and that 'the number of papers printed during tte week ending Saturday, April 20; 1318. wa3 as follovrs: April 15 S.05C April IS 0,736 : April 16..;.0,652 . April 19;...6,7-IS April 1" 6,604 April 2 0 . . , . 6,859 j . That the daily circulation by months ] Cor the year ISIS to date was as fol- i lows: ' j 191 8 Month. Daily Av. ! January 175,96:1 6 5°0 I February ISO.] 03 6,'so7 ! March .- 170,73'2 C 567 That the daily circulation by montba for the year 1917 t o aa t e waa ^ fol _ lows: 1917 January .;.. February March *.. April May June July " A.ugust,.:..-..· September ,. October *. Xpvember ... Iocen:ber .,, MonUi, Daily Av. 5,824 6,453 5,534 C.567 5,5^4 5.446 6.143 $.133 6,167 6,155 C.127 ..157,261 ...130,852 ,.-148,481 ...139,180 :..H9.1C2- . .-153.S76 ...,105^536 ..154.193-". -.106,233 -.153,192 ' . .155,848 Total. ,; :; -l..~» :;:-"..;.;r,.:;;.';."., ,%.v40,256 Dally averagre. . ,^. -- .'. '....: G.709 Total 151,343 5.S5S And further sayeth. not. . . '. .. · J- WYLIE DRISCOLL.' -Sworn^to and subscribed- before ,me I this :oth day of April, 1315 ' , J. E-KURTZ.,N. P.

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