The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 28, 1964 · Page 35
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 35

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Friday, August 28, 1964
Page 35
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Fit r"w w m if FRIDAY, AUGUST 28, IBM THE OTTAWA JOURNAL 35 jot uncus rat uu . rCnt tram Preceding CaluMt fflAMOS AND ORGAN) BAR- alnl Naw and used Leueon , Piano and Organ Centre, till Wellington Straat. opaa Friday avanlngs. 7l--t41l ' AANO' -FECIALS. OTTAWA'S largest ealeotlona. aparlmenl alsa. -aipa-ia-ta. grande, player planoo and rolla. Some new models -rad-cod 10i. Conn organs Kan Partaten Fiano. lotf St Laurani Boulevard, near tha )unway. ,SrlS-7071 PROPANE OAJI HOT WATER lank. J3 gall . Ilka naw, reason -bl. 121-1771. avanlnga. iUMmturHMVY ELE men!; 111 71I JI1I reconditioned diamond and emerald. Victorian angagtmant ring, 1300. Box E-J14. Journal BBrlGEATb7fTOV. -PIECe . living loam aat for l. SIS- 'lit- RRFRIOERATOR. WESTINO-jMsaa. 401 O'Conjiar, a-4-ISII attjf f UFM.ERATORS. VARIETY OF auee and makae. trada In on fomhinallon fre-r refrig erator Oamaatle Food larvlca, tia-llll. ifeTATvAcluUM CLEANERS I 7nonthly. rraa delivery. FA1- - MU . ntNTAL. CHAIRS? TABLES. OUT-beard motors televisions, rclrl-aeratore. -rlbe, oflie. banquet, ttoene furnishings Johnson Fur-mtur Ill Murtay. XII Bank. RENTAL Of VACOVM CLEANERS 01 Monthly, da; at Bight. TAS- REOTOLSTERINO. OIVR YOUR furniture a 'now look. Workman- -able auai-nlaad rraa aatimat, l-piecs aat. davanpori and chair tram tttM.- Cadieux and Titt- ly. Ill Montreal Read 741- 110. , SAXOPHONE TENOR. MARTIN MtM. valua MoO. Muat aall - - . v StWlNO MACHINE. AUTOMATIC Zlg-Zag. buttanholaa. w but-ton, etc balance owing Sll fasT for It by tha month. Call . 13.-7-00 anytime. SHEARED RACCOON rW COAT, matching hat, alu 14.1S. aoat a. Mil 1330 caah or will ac-aoe IM and cheeper fur coat Alao auit. dreeaea. other clothing, an 14-1 1-11. 13a-0al. SINGER SEWING MACHINE. Automatic, fancy etltchea. button, buttanholaa, regular Jt M re-poaaeaaad. balance 44 72 Take over ' payment! Call 131-700 anytime. SPACE HEATERS. SMALL COLE-h man. large Duo-Therm blower .thermoatat. good condition. - . 7I. . , STORE rrXTURES. SHOW CASES. r racRB, . avc awruw ; diauly. CE1-21M STOVE. NOROE. S" 4 BURNER, oven. ttoraga drewert. 130 713-1311 - - ' - STOVE. MOPTAT. NEW. OE wringer wether, aaa-3112. eva-. ainga. . TELEVISION RENTAL. Bl I DE- liven, option to purckate U4- TELEVISION. ALL SUES. BUY yon cent. Trad without caah. '.Hun ton, 134-13. iLEVISIONsTV' NEW. U S E 07 U weekly, no caah, with traae. U4.I2M. total TV7II-n COMBINATION AND .04 eel. iwvaaa..- -TYPEWRrTERS, ELECTRIC MO- -'tora. Vtctrol. racoroai pen" . radio. Evening SM Praatan VSEQ rURNTTURB, DESKS AND naira a wvaaw USEO' BUILD INO MATERIALS, lummum operating window. l.-4 BM eAiecallanemia brick. . ArtlftcUl ttone, block, door window, taping atone and other ' Ireme taw aumeroua to manixm 'la-tlio. waakday only, ba- l3sED RET1IOERATORs7hOUSE-hold appliancaa. linoleum and . carpet ramnant. A. 1. Fralmait LtoTwarehouae. 12 York Street. VIOLIN AND GUITAR. REASON able. 73B-34U4. I to 1- VISIT OTTAWA'S LAROEST runtitura and trade-in depart nxent. Alwere an lntratlng tour. Johnaoal ruraltav. Ill Hum). 1 WASHES AND DRYER. KEN aaar SOS. brand naw. MM Owner trattatarrad. 4-4fSl. WASHING MAOHIKtS AND aurea. rabullt. fuarantaad, tram ll p The Service Depot Lim ited. SM Beteerer. ceob. S FULL DISCS. HUB CAPS FOR M67 Cadillac. Beat offer eccept- ' an. 74-JJP alter a. p.m. a animnn AMD BED LAM Eta. 3: Indoor TV antenna. II M. ajobart Elaetrte. isa ni- - RECONDITIONED PIANOS $195 $299 J. I. ORME : & $ons ltd. . ,, WO BANK STREET , ... CEDAR- . - FENCE POSTS (aajuar at- rannd) v FENCE BOARDS ' , PKKETS ijim la Prlea Feat an Serrtaa HM.ZAGERMAN ' . u . h CO. LTD.' 7 1M BATVIRW ROAD , OTTAWA, ONT. " Talaphona rAMUl v SALE TEAK .FURNITURE ; w floor ., , 'jo ' , mokcase) COFFEY TABLES tNT -TABLES TJININO '" TABLES ornmo CHAIRS $15 $9, $65 $10 . ' f. ... MATINEE FURNITURE 'J. 297 A MONTREAL ROAD NOTE: Opm Every Weekday Evsninf Until 930 p.m MTKLEJ fOt SALE tram Fracodlng Columai 1 WHEEL BOX TRAILER . - 43. - ; 1 ROOMS OF BEAUTIFUL FUR-nlture. IMS. Navar uacd. muit Be aold Eaciuslv Scandinavian living room aal. l-aaatar aala and matching arm enalr. Oanmna aralnui toffee. I end taoiee, lam pa and plcturaa Rich Scandinavian atyla walnut Itnteh dlnatla table and 4 chain Bad-room aai. white and gold provincial daetgn, eoaaiflte of double drawer and framed mirror, tingle , eon-node, double bed. p r I n end maltreat get It nowl 1313 far complete 1-room grouping Convenient, termi 27 A M o n l-real RodJ 74-e-7. g MEN'S SUITS. EXCELLENT condition, tailored to fit I II , JOfl pound man PR7-I7I, lie Rial Bivd OFF IB LA WNBOY POWER mower Green Valley Lumbar. MO Montreal Road. 741-411. SS QALHOT W ATER H EATER . excellent condition t7-.t31. 103 PHILCO Hi-rt, 111 WEST End Appliancaa. toil Welllaf-tan.7lga. IM WrirELHdRSE. GARDEN tractor. IM4 Never ueed. with or without aluchmentt. Must aall. IM-IUI. stlttavilla. BICYCLES 500. NEW. (It 9 UP SECOND hand. 113 up. Bylaa and Co.. M-S07 Bank, belween MarLaran a Snmereet IiaMII. Open Friday till IB. . WILLIS AND CO. LTD. PIANOSr ALL CANADIAN WILLIS nianoa at coneiderable a v 1 n g e Ylaed and reconditioned puuloa from 7B up. unnara a piano and organ neater 1141 Wellington. 72-lM. BRADLEY Pia.NO ANB OMAN HAMMOND CHORD ORGAN WITH bench, tone cabinet, reverberation unit, complete. Mil: Hammond Spinet M3. reverberation unll and preeet. aava tao: Baldwin demonetrator. aava 300. 731-143. HIGH SCHOOL FOB DOOB rail. OBEDIENCE TRAINING tlaaaa. European trainer, au- 03- QREY WOOLLEN. SINOLR. DOU- bi neck buaca ana (utrio awaa, M. ZajMirnan and Co. Ltd.. tM Btyvlew Road, pboaa PAP-llll RUBBER MATTING Corrugated or ribbeeV in stock. 21". 36" and W wide. Black in stock. Other colon available. M. ZAGERMAN CO. LTD. 1M BAYVIEW ROAD. OTTAWA, ONT Telephone PAt-llll 3011 RAIIED AUGUST CLEARANCE SALE ON all travel trailer Buy now and aava at "Keneoa ' Trailer Sale. Snath Fall. HOLIDAY TRAVEL TRAILER Comaany. aala and rantaia. ia CarUng Avanu. 7U-47M Hall-day Travel TraUara.' ON DISPLAY AT OUR LOT. rully aauippad travel trailer par rant ana aaie. ataa your ran vation now aa booking are Coin fart Alan acctaaorle. rtchea. aide mirror, el acker larka. ate. T21-47M Holiday Travel Trailer-. ISM Carlui Avaaua; ,., ',. - TENT TRAILERS APACHE HE1- llte. Tag-a-Long. auvarnnar. Sale and rental Everything for the camper at ABC Camping Equipment. Almost. Opaa aaUy till IS p.m. TRAILER EQUIPMENT AND AC- reaaoriaa. equaiuer nncnaa. auj Slrrora, axtanaion cord. Blacker eke, etc. ISM Carllng, 722-47 olkday Travel TraUara. II FT. TRAVEL TRAILER, 00 Altar I. 733-7M7. ir COMPLETELY SELF COW talned Oaneral Travel Trailer for aala or will rant to raaponalbla private part. All available. 721-204 41 Xl . BRDROO home, fully furniahed. Winterized, earellent condition. Ineu- lated cabana. szs-ISM 302 UTiOBWilTa CAMERAS. ETTLARGERS, MICRO-j aeepea. atnoculara. aaatographlc aauipaaaaiL Gould'. 3 . Beak Straat, ELECTRIC FIREPLACE. BUTT- able far recreation roam. 722- 7MS. IOHEST PRICES PAID. USED office furniture, ByPeawrltara. ataal Sling aabtnat. du pi lea tore. sn-iisi. MEDICAL STUDENT . REQUIRES waacuiar mlcroecopa aripa mov ing atage. rna-uaa. avaniag PIANO, GRAND OR UPRIGHT. urgently needed avaaiaga. . eaak. 777-2001. PIANO. OOpD CONDITION. 323- PIANO WANTED, IMMEDIATELY Caah. 721-142 PIANOS. ANY MAKE. ANY SIEE. tor eaan. 0110.7071. RALPH'S FORNITURB PAYS caea ror aouaenar rurarrarft, appliancaa 1344717. SCHOOL BOOKS. YE OLDB BOOK at TWIN CARRIAGE. GOOD CONDI-thm. Apply Ron Devlin, telephone 101 Carletoa Place. Ont. WANTED. OLD CARS FOR JUNK. wiU tow away, aa coat. tWMa 301 I0AIS AND MUltt B CLASS HYDROPLANE, MER-rary Mark lOr-H. aulck aUvar, lower aalt. Tl-ee. - CARIN CRUISER. S3 PT.. 10 FT. beam, fully equipped with 117 eu. Inch Chev. V- motor, auto-matle bilg pump), blower, etc. Priced for aulck lain Phone x7-3T, porta, ont. CAR-TOP BOAT, CONSTRUCTED or marm plywood, every joint aealed with marine atu and bald . together with ever is grata . eauntanank braa craw. Ap- Rroximataiy 11 real rang ay ' . wWa. Raaal V bottom. Idaal far 1 adulta Aaklna S3 an Lv for quick tela, phona T77-M47 INBOARD CABIN CRUISER. 13 X e n. beam, camphne with aaad. electric windshield wiper, ehar, fir aqulpmeat, bilge 1 1 auma end Mawar. Larg galley, ltnae. horn, aeeroh lurht. Slawr aiaatar ateorlng powered by Interceptor marine angina. Bo tit 1P01. flbra-. Rlaaa over at Inch wruve pry-wnod. Slaaaa I. Braadlaom, awr-lalne. ate. ComBleta UJOI. Call Arnprior, -, after I, or m-anm, nuatnom aoun. Lakkfutu), . le-rooT..1 cedar atria and Balnraaa, te a.p. Sloe. PR1-0I NEW I SHEPHERD SUNLINER crufaar. z ft.. Ill ho Holiday Marina Sale Ltd., taclualva . dealm fnr Shepherd Crulaat In tha OHawa Valley, MerrtcHvllle - ill ISIS. ' " icnntlniiad aa Neat Column! 301 ICanl,- 303 IWIJ W6 MAIIW (Coat from P.acading column i OUTBOARD MOTORS FOR. SALE - Johnaoo Furnltura. Ill Murray. SS-147 Peterborough motor boat. completely equlppdd.. 40 h.p. electric atari Johnaon. Tee-Nee trailer, outfit naw over 12,000; will accept neareet oiler (1 .000 7ia-4g4 IMS CRESTLINERBOAT.' fully equipped, 1P4I3 Johnaoo motor with alaoarle atan.JttNM trailer. Pricca reaaonahla Marrlckvllla. "A. " II FOOT CHESTNUT. JS ELEC-tric. wlndthleld, controlal ' ataer-liul. bilge pump, anchor, chrome fittlnga, pr4aarvara. M4-4224 II S3 BUYS HYDROPLANE A N 01 motor. 1-7, 121-453 1964 SHEPHERD Sunliner Cruiier, 26 it., 210 h p. (new) Holiday Marine Sales Ltd. Merrickville 269-4939 Exclusive Dealers for Shepherd Cruiserl in the Ottawa Valley. 304 FUN IMPIMITS JOHN DEERE. NO. M rTO.COM- bln. 7 R. cut. grin tan ana Scour - Kleen Davldaon Equipment. Manotick. Ont. MASSEY FERGUSON DtESEL tractor and loeaer. 73-0471. ' Evening. 3M mm usm EXCEL STORES PLAZA GINGERALE OR PLAZA COLA 7 so oi, ri ' bottles P.' RED and WHITE FOOD STORES EXTRA SPECIALS AT OUR NEWEST .' RED AND WHITE 7M ST. JOSEPH BLVD., HULL. QUEBEC Open Every Evening Till p.m. ; RICHMELW ICECREAM Halt Gillon 890 DOMINION STORES LIMITED , golden Ripe large size bananas st Your ALLIED FOOD MARKET STEINBERG . t STORES TO SERVE YOU Flirts Wfl PiSES ': ' 2I4S Ctriini Ave. - Billing Bridge Plus Weitgite Shopping Centre Esitview Shopping Centre Elmvale Shopping Centre SSS Montresl Road ,. IS Ledue Street. Hull White, rink, Uvender '' SYMPHONY ?: Facial Tissue - Dominion Stores Limited FOOD STORE FANCY ' RASPBERRIES , SPECIAL "PJt LOW, LOW PRICES AT LOBUVVS Clover Leaf Fey White Meat Maa Pineapple Tart. nA . S4 nam pks.' it. I Morton Fraaaa Meat - v. Was, S as- far ' r ' 307 Ninon ACTIVE, - HEALTHY ' LABRADOR Retriever puppies, tfcrae month, ragiitaraa, -. . ADORARLE POODLE PUPPIES amill uneard. blua-black, and arawn, raaaonaoia. i-kh431. BUDGIES, movma , 1701 ASSORTED COLORS BIO. 71- " -J-A-Si-bA 4 307- W ST0C1 I Cent fraap Piwcadlag cauimnl DALMATIAN PUPPIES. REOlS- tarad, ahaw and companion Block, North Oowar 4IS-M 1L FOR SALE. PUREB'RSD WHITE German ahepherd, twa yaara old. Eacellent watchdog. David Moore. MR No. I. Smitha Falla Telephone 21.0440. 10 p.m. 'OX TERRIER PUPfll othera. I Arlington Pbi AND GERMAN purabra SHEPHERDS. PUPS. , 111, month. U4- HUNTINO ThOUNDS. CUARAN-ta for hunting. Sacrllxe, very cheap. 7U-1SM. I LABRADOR RETRIEVER fru. pie, regiatered. rable. Manatlch. 2-oo. . . POODLE. SILVER MiWIATURE", ' femala. I year. SIM. 733-333 RCGISTEREO GERMAN S"h"e P-kerd pup. ' nvantn.. accorn-modatlon unauitable. muat aall. 3M-M. . SIAMESE KITTENS. PUREBRED. aealpotnt. 73-Taia. annr a. rtTavif.l.K KENNEL. PETS Bad. aliased end boarafra. aatnaa. eiipp All tr of puavie All type ev ia itaa walllnalc vetiibEinn. faa- IJIS. atlttavill 131. Complete Una of pet auppiiea. TOVrrPOODLES. TINY TOY 1 11, 1- naiirlaa ready to ao. glred by Aanerican Champion Silver Showman. Chnpon una. all color available. Mra. Courtney. Dareourl Kennel. 134-4tl. . . TOY FOX TERRIER PUPPIES. r stereo am-w- WANTED HOME FOR BLACK and white aula klttaa, trained ISe-laaS. kittens looking for oooo home. 71- "boaroinb bbnnbls . PETS BOARDED. RATH ED. CLIF- DM ano groomoo. w "" Wrons Mr. Hajm. 743-3v WAKEFIELD KENNELS PET BOARDING, OOOD FOOD, individual attention, aepsrta, .lun asarctaa run. Wkenld 4i-I2l Ccavanumt delivery, pickup at a aatra aoat at Tha Pet Shop. ISO Bank Straat. Graamlna and auppli avail able Championship Dog -Show OVER 300 DOGS, 70 BREEDS SUNDAY, AUGUST 30, 12.30 P.M. HULL ARMORIES Adults 50c Children 25c 301 UVESTOCI - MKRT DAIRY COWS SOLD ON TIME. no down paymont. a aaontn 10 pay. Phona 11 Embrun. ar write 19. xarlbarougn. Ottawa. HEREFORD HERD FOR SALE. 10 caw. II calve. 4 Hereford and I bull. 133-34X3. WANTED RIDING BOOTS. LA- dlea' 7 and 7a; mane is ar IP's 73S-1I. . , 1400 BALES MIXED CLOVER and alfalfa hay. caotea quality AU conditioned. Everett Ha an Wolfe Island, pal. Kingston 11 J- ai . 309A STANK A (OIIS OTTAWA COINS WANTS SILVER tollers, ipsa. lae. ip7 ana iva- Alao need 142. 111. I4 proof Baa aala and dollars. ni-Tiaa SEE OUR GREAT SPECIALS ON Mama and cola, also Kennady halt dolltr at aur.g booths at the Ottawa Central Exhibition. Manufacturer'a Arnian Building Cain Centre of Canada. I3S-MII 400 MKOUU ASE ON AND AFTER THIS data I win gladly aa responsioie for all debts contracted In my nam by my wile providing rt is for a Com Orgs from Kaa Pariaien Piano's Ltd. Signed Aba. A. M DOVS MUSICAL SERVICES. puaaa tuned, repaired, insttna. tloa an band and archestra la etrumenta. New pienae and musical 732-451 ALL YOU-. IRONING BEAUTt- funy aon ary aam. -12-ycaa. CARD AND MIND READING, aiao saa leave reea. Tza-uv ii. CROCHET-D HATS WOOL TAR- tan ain aatrta. aana aa. 73- DISCARDB FROM YOUR HOME amvide work and waiae for tha handicapped and needy at the onawa HrignMrnoo aervice Warkabop. 721-1727 DRIVING TO SIOUX LOOKOUT via ran winiant, won Arthur Leaving Bept is. Wlncheeter .111. ask far Jack. FLOORS BEAUTIFULLY CLEAN- ad. wsxen siv palish ed Ttlo-phona 111777. . FREE ROOM. BOARD OFFERED ta elderly gentlemen with car Talaphona colloct. M McDonald a Comer. Mr. Cousin. . , GRATEFUL THANKS TO T Jud for favor received Agnes HAVING TROUBLE WITH YOUR washer 7 ror rraa aattmataa. 233- 1314. L MAURICE FREDERICK TAYLOR ar ae anttany DMn, Ottawa will not b repoalhl far any deh-i contracted In my nam by anyone aa and after , una data. Aug. SI, 1PMT MIND CHILDREN. MY NOME, Exhibition week, OMt vicinity, CI7-102. MOVING7 FOR LOWEST RATTA and apndbi aervice nail Capital. Fully Inaured. 740-7111 NEEDY FAMILY WANTS STOVE washer, bed. twin otratkrr. 134- 0337. ORGAN AND PIANO LESDONS - Toronto Canaarvatnry. popular , ana pointer .vtam,- now rrgie-tering Ken Prllen Plan Stu dio. 741-7.7!! PIANO TUNINO OR REPAIRS BY expert. Your pleao will I ! . longer and retain Its valua HTi properly maintained. Phona I . Rrtnartaoa, Plngle and T 1 1 1 e y - Ltd.. 31 Spark Itreet, 131-151 PRINTING, LETTERHEADS OR envelooee. ill thousand, earns fort' 7. nyara St, t-sah print, 712- -t- PROTESTANT WIDOWER. UOHT farming, waul Ilka ta at woman. 40 to BO. aaad heal relelble. reeaeetahtc. aaad house- keeper, aen meha. nan -drink er. WrHa Boa SM Crayon. ) tAWLEIGH PRODUCTS. DEUV. v and. Pliana 1-2-110. ROOM, BOARD. AND CARS FOR elderly people, naaeonabl rata. 7K-I131, IClENTlriC INTRODUCTION Centre, SO Avenue Road, . Ta. rant I. On. as aaai. . IL'notlnued on Meat Columnl ..-.I a.,A.a.- aue h-liilt MBJat Uamf nag laeapanalf 1 lattar m tha Maakvau-aab farm varUcnlb and hirtaintai-krT iV asaaa ward anrf awed and no proper navan arpluraJ leee. tkaa S atttara and ara am aam bn ,a. "TOtCaT' aaar taf la I at. tar ward "TV aava S at, tar ware "ICR " MAXIMUM wuMMt or ponrrs P7(R LTNH IS rrVK. T aaatat you. w have aaaartad a raw aMttaaal lattar. ; - XL. 1 Bl rrs QQQQQ L yJ " KOMNGt ymm Mnft.'.-J S7liRrTrr- ,TZ.ZH' sL. D . ' UHai l-kew w. .1 at. yfrttTflf aMPJ.f TOTAL 44- ih, jw Miaamg. ErXa gynairatl. 400 KWW leant. From Prodlng Ca-iuanl aiLKSCREEN rarNTTN- ANO art work: Caahprlttt. Teiepone 7ia-eie.. SIN0-JI. UN ATTACH SC JOIN rrlendahlp Club, Introduca poo-pll aT load eharactaT. all ages. Out-of-town inquiries welcoml Confldentlel Talephane 227-1171. Baa ' D-702. Jauraal. SINGLE GENTLEMAN, II. INTER- asven meruns sins is laov, com-panlenahip. Sox E-SSI. Journal. SPONSOR WANTED FOB INTEL- ligent Rare working group In- vaitrao in important aa-sneai Cijeayt for Canada' aantanttiai a E-417. Journal. . STDIttNT DSJVINa TO CDMOK- tan aaaaaiar is. sruera arivlSf. tU-7io THANKS TO THE BLKSSED VIR-gla and St. Th erase far fsvors received. Dorothy oieaaaa. TRUCK. I'i -TON, REMOVE R treble-, clean yard, basement. 12- 4110 TYPEWRITERS. ' RENTALS ' Re pair. Evening Salivary. 74I-0IM UPHOLSTERED FURNITURE SE- covered. slipcovers, rep ire, kitchen chairs r soever ed 4llty matariau. Law arte. 7t 7t7t WENTWORTH HEALTH STUDIO, maaaag and etaam. operated by Sraduat maiaiiiiii Phone glass) WHY NOT RENT AN ECONO-CAR for your vacation? No travel ro- atrlctlona and weekly rata Ue srpin you tntni. All car air -ma tic, insurance, aeat belt, radio. Telepbona 74.-141 YARD. CELLARS AND OARAOCl cleaned and hauled away, re pairs, Mintlnf, amall carpentry werk, lawn car and a a at aat work. -3-aal7. YES IT HAPPENED! II A WEEK for dancing lemon and be a member of an exclusive club. ba Hkiaau trt ateve ana . Norma School of Dancing. Apply in person, no phone call! YOUNO OtL WANTS OENTLE- man anm-anlon to manaae and help rinanor relate the l was loft her Boa E-aoi. jaumal ATTENTION BtTltNRII OWNERS! ACCOUNTING. BOOKKEEPING. . financial aUteaunU. raturna- Moderat fees. 71I-A17I. after DELldlOUS WAY TO KEEP REGULAR! If vou're traubssd ay nation and lak ar raaularlty. try NABISCO 100. BRAN th only braa canal flavored with fruit julceet Braa at an aeay. pleasant way la get th natural . bulk you need tar regularity. And NABISCO 100 RRAN la th enjy bran cereel that uanl-up each crisp, toe sty ara morsel vrtth tha rreeh flavor of fruit luicaa. Oat a packaga today at your 501 MILE Kit WAITD) snevswna wrajy. church and adyainind neH writ giving aye. rxperls-c and rafer- encea fa rivperiy vnarrman Westminster Praabytarlaa Church 470 Roosevelt Avenue CHAUFFEUR REQUIRED FOR Australian Ambaeaador ta thi UnHad Nation In Naw York ' Salary Uaoo-MJoe ear annum Applications In writing only tn AuatralUn High Communion, po Spark Straat. Ottawa Part af tn coat af tn rsre ta new rors can be ream bu raad after II months eatlafectorv erlca. CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT'S office raauyraa inter meoisie or aenlor CA studsnt ar recent graduate Mac-aod. Cosnrl (nd Company. I3-IUI. , ' ' CLERK, JR.. AGE 17-11. 4 YEARS aiaa acnooi, gnri attic auttee with pro'aesional firm. Apply ta person, rfl taiiiBir au-eei. COOK. MUST BE EXPERIENCED n ninina roam wora. m nw rencaa. Apply in peraon, Th Butler Motor Hotel. Ill Montreal Road RESEARCH TECHNICIAN For the Biology end Heeltb Phytic Division to esiiit with it-die of the effects of irradiation on colli, tiseuei snd whole orgsniims. Prefer- tnce to applicants with edu-cstionsl background ' in biology, with training at ex peri-nee In genetlci end hhrtolo- gy; Quote file number snd include full detail of educstlon snd experience In first letter to C-'ttLE.T-l-l v)?' 'r ' ' "ATOMIC ENERGY ' OF CANADA LIMITED CHALK RIVER, ONTARIO k Mtl'- . ff ta, SOt W W WAITO (Cent tram Praeading Column 1 EXPERIENCED OIL BURNER ear-vice man far full tun oav R layman!. Apply in person to ubert Stove and Furrier Ltd . 101 Pinhoy Straat , EXPERIENCED BUTCHER AND counterman leaded immediately Glebe Meal Market, 33-M EXPERIENCED. MARRIED-SIN- Sla maa for dairy farm North lower. 411-1103. EXPERIENCED SERVICE STA-tlan attendanl. Texaco Service Station, 131 Smyth Raad EXPERIENCED 'TELEPHONE salesmen wanted Apply sr Murdoch . 722-24. UCE.NSED MECHANIC. TUNE UP aten. Boa E-544. Jouraa iinirr pick .UP AND DE- Irverlee. ftulteble or retire gentleman; eatery and car ax-pmia BQ l-14, Journal. LOCAL ARCHITECT'S OFFICE requires th servtoea at oomoinao printing machine operator, messenger, and drawing til clerk. Raplv eta ting aalary eirpectod. nd refer one ea Baa E-S00. iaur- MORNINO PAPER ROUTES available Call H3-I14I EXPERIENCED HAIRSTYLIST MALE or FEMALE AVinted. Silsry depending on expeHence. For spnointment call 74-li-B KEN SEYMOUR MOTORS KEMPTVILLE, ONTARIO 2oS-235 25.-3020 TRUCK SALESMAN Top wsgei, ell benefits, silsry and commitsion. Must be experienced, only top men. BILINGUAL DRAFTSAAAN r Engtneerin and Architecturll Stsrting Salsries to $5 S0, DEPARTMENT OP , PUBLIC WORKS. OTTAWA A ENGINEERING I pra- pare layouts and flmrhad eivU englrvsarlnp drawing for highway and Ran oral engine ring (rajacai. B APXHITBVJTURAL to pro-par layout, finished draw-tnga and dtagna- far prelects relating ta addition altera tl ana and raaalra t buUdlnga. QUAUFICATIOr-l: . A'worklng knowledge af both En Us ana rrnen , Secendary achoal graduation Irtclud-Uj atturma. auea and pyte . A aumbr of yaan epri-ana a a rftine esTtce Apply IMMEDIATELY to the CIVIL SERVICE COMMISSION Or CANADA ( Otuws 4 ' Refer ta: twelaaOrtas Cnmpe tittoal B4-11C0. Aychltcturl . Competition 14-uie '. EXPERIENCED SALESMEN WANTED. TRAIN FOR GREAT CAREER. REAL ESTATE. WE ARE EXPANDING ALL' DEPARTMENTS NOW. PLAN NOW. DRAW ON COMMISSIONS WHILE TRAINING. CONnD-CTIAL INTERVIEW. BOB GENCHER. 733-733. MERVIN GREENBERG LTD. REALTOR 33S-UII ' Medical Sales Representative Reaulred lor Ottawa an Valley araa by top 'ranking har-maceuticel bourn ta call aa doctor, drug ttoraa. bospttats Ptef-ienr. given la ftpplieantt with a mlalmum at ana ar twa , years' untvarilty training la related eeleace. Be lee aarperianc praferred. but aat aattl. BaM alary ptu lnaanttve B-evu plan, oomp ny ear. ttb-aral insursnc and haepitaliaa-tlaa bene fl as. ratltaawat plan. AppllcanM with aala tltud and daatr far rew-rding work tat a profe sal anal rial ara hv ttae t apply, stating -t-mtlmu and tale phona nuaa-har, ta JOHN WYETH 4 BROTHER (Cenids) UJ 175 Delmeede Road, Bos ,2130, St Lsurent, Que. Government Depeiment ' ,' Requires for Northern " .' Powerllne ConsU-Ction Project for Month Period. , TWO LINEMEN Minimum I year B-parlenee burtallaUoa 1100414 oe s phase ey stems an transfarmare, ma foremen expertenc preferrod. - Rlaeu-iciena with powwrUn aon-tructtoa erparien alaa McaatabH)., .. ' Contact aaaraal " . '. UNEMPLOYMENT . INSURANCE OFFICE ', far . rt-rtbr Retail. '', ' tut j a m J L 501 m m witTLt ICaM. fram PracedliuJ Caluma PRINTINO PRESSMAN ' LETT git -preael. I -I years eaparlence required goad advancement Ap- Ely la person Molmberg Prtntar Id . Ill BraatahUI Avenue. SECOND COOK APPLY THE Or-lamat. 1 Montcalm, Hull. 1 to ifHOE SALESMAN. TOP aalariaa and besvafita. experience naceasary. bilingual preferred Shoe Box. IM Spark. TAXI DUVERS. OVER St YEARS of age. Apply loot) Wellington mm aanwrvna lis n rfTI J r sfruab for' willing worker 132-! 1U1 UPPER SCHOOL GRADUATES RE-' quired by Ottawa turn of char-tared accountant. Minimum re-autrament include 44 ' average, on Grad 13 paper. Apply Baa I - -0l swnsi . WANTED. MAN YEARS, OR over to run raad aid t-r at, Arnprior nppiy givui m--"" i ration ta Amart B. Hmdmi. It King Straat Wet. arocaviue. j Ont. YOUNO MEN TO TRAIN AS RE-llef roam clerks whll feting aa ball b. Muat have Ord s. he neat and pleeaent Apply tn peraon at deck after P m Alexandra MataL 341 Bank. YOUNG MEN W AJITBD FOR FULL and pan tim worm, ssuai t ia appearance end willing to team, ajueni anguan a n-v -elty. Ill weekly guaranteed Far appointment all'' Mr Sicker ui-iiie. i YOUNG" MAN FOB GENERAL! dutta In aenall erf ice. Junior i matrtcmauon requiraq a-s-eea INDCLASS EKOINntER WANTED far Ottawa VaUay Farm Ltd . ComwBU, Ont Bo aid PAPER BOX MAKERS rwy-nreNC0 l COLOR PRtVT- ing praaaman. ai up men ror call auahln. FZ an atraujht Una lluer. Hatdelbura ana. Mlhl eutterf Cann-antlgl r-i Sax E-SU Journal I TAB MACHINE OPERATOR Experienced eperiter for Tsbulsting Depertment of an Induitrial Plant In Cornwall, Ontario. - Initsllition conuini two 407. mschinei with suxilisry equipment Good opportunity for ed vsncement m the future to computer operstioni. REPLY TO BOX E-601, JOURNAL PART-TIME TELEPHONE SOLICITORS y-' Here ii sn opportunity to lub-idize your present earning snd gsin eiperience in selling by telephone. Binlinguiliim en met. Good ulsry end commiition. EVENING EMPLOYMENT 6 p.m. (o 9 p.m. MONDAY THROUGH FRIDAY CALL 23B-S1S. 6 P.M. TO P.M. ONLY C. A, STUDENTS Twa Northern Omarv Chartered Aocau ntante raautra Junior and intermediate atu-denu and a senior atudant or aa esnploea af aemor uuaont rallbra Eneulri front R Comma and atuoenta who hava writtaa final welcomed Ad-ruu aalary for ma triad atudant No travelling ar Over-base ranuirad. Box E-564, Joorrtetl OFFICE BOY BRIGHT -YOUNG MAN REQUIRED FOR ACCOUNTING OFFICE. Preference wilt be given M spplicsnt with Grade XII edo-cetion or better. ' All employee beyyafiti. TELEPHONE 234-7511 ExteniifHi 234 MR. N. A. MORPHY . PROJEa , ENGINEERS Mechanical -nginaer. with da- J vviop v n r v mm r m perience ertth anvail s ryei in-tarnal cnmbuatlon ivurine. Snrien-s with th and devalepment af arceaaniies for chain w, ayela. rana nvae-bvary , ate. Onurva lloeplUI. BBX. srau Saury rang 147 a . KM 71 aajiUiiy. . Forward ampit inunl ta P-rsonnel Departrnenl OUTBOARD MARINE CORPORATION OP CANADA LTD. Peter-oreugh, Ontario V mm is.sinsi a am a. as sot mm wAim (Cant trap prasadlM Caluauii TsUNKINB BP lELUMWr THEN WHY NOT SELL HAL Estate - everybadv naeda aur product It ufytng. Bnda-pendent career and with Thomaa Shtpman Ltd. Rl-tor." you can large ahead with Ottawa prograaaiv. dyad mar company Why not call 0 Barge Thomas. Bales Manager aaw? 13-231. 233-1073 Rea1.eitXiTopbninb Laag kstaklished office -Ask Oliver" WITH SELLING EXPERTXNCB v can do wail with us Un imttad eppartunity for etntwra energetl person EducatMnal framing and other benefits Our decadee of honeet dealing. I a real asset for you. Ernaat 1 O tvcr EaalUea Ltd . 'Realtor. ' E33-I4SI. for sppouitment a , -ssvais wnsraw . EXPERIENCED. GOOD WAGES Apply in peraon Sherry s Re- ta-rcnt, spark at O Connor - -- - LAM 4717 TSCHNICIAyi IS REQUIRED BY NATIONAL EEs-arch Council t perform labor. atory duties that wmild tnclud j collecting of data and minor ervicing of tra dlaTraetiaa units Preference will Be grven to ppUcante having Bit ta Physical -ciancaa naariasraUon will be given t -to with las-formal education E-prine In dark room technleuo and eloo tricltv would be advanugaau Initial aalary up ta 43 300 per nnum dpnd-ig up an aualuV c-ana Apply slating age and all deuila of ad -cation and . Pnno ta the Employment Officer. National Smirch Coun-HI. 100 S-san Drive Ottawa l Quote Competition number -Ml LOCAL OFFICE Of Large Orgsataistsa WITH BRACR-3 COAST TO coast raajiura I bay 70 ta 11 ta train far sales earner. 4 t men the mining period at -xad aalary. Apply Bos E-ll, Journal INSURANCE UNDERWRITER E-oellent opportunity for yung man 11-24 to assume a position af responsibilitv at th Ottawa-Hull nrTiaa af Mad-ins board company. Ability tn Seal knewladgeably with all clsssss af tenors! insurance after auitabl trairlng AppJ leant must b Mlutgual end have minimum of years' insuranc experience TELEPHONE 232-45. Bonking ACCOUNTANT LEADING NATIONAL FINANCIAL iNSTTT-TIOM Re iutm es pi iansd aggraa-sive manager with ajkanklas background ta manasa it v-btg department in. an af u large branche Fraaent atatus af' spplleant aauat be eauivalent ta that of atniar bank BecoanV. nt r aeaistant manager Ago at la H Competitive salary and hene-ftt program plus splendid opportunity far advancement Knwldg - at Fraaah tmpr-taat but aat necoseartly aaam-til Our stsf hava baaa - tnormad of thi vrthwment Reply BOX E-558 JOURNAL SALES PERSONNEL Rambler ii back home igain si Wiverley Motor. Thii meani e complete re-orginiution of our isles department requiring the 19 pointment of e fully qualified Seles Manager who knorn values snd ess epprsiss used rsrs. We will slso require (4) four -tleaman to gervics our tm-bler. Jaguar and Renault clientele. These must be men of integrity who sre prepared to strive for e high ttandird of eermngs. If you ere looking for s ground floor opportunity this ii your chines. Cell MR. R. S. ROSS ' for ipirrtrnent st . 2S--350I sou ura -niton TBOS. IMIPMAN LTB- RSALTOB NEW BRANCH OFFICES SE-Ruira aaleamen aa train la real estate Upper We erne bracJurt axtiUkl. The real aststa la. duetrv kt vital t - Ottawa future-' Laarn tt naw I Can-f utenul appointmant. call Gear Thomaa. Sal Manager. 1 lia-iaei. avanuspa UKaOH YOUNG WOMAN JrVith proven isles sbility snd sdminuitritive experience st the executive level, is de from of becoming asociste-with sa Qttswe fimv Minimum salary liXM per ennum. ' A complote reiume Is svsil ible by writing to BOX -605, JOURNAL NEW SUBSTANCE Norwegian tcienttits Per La-land end Jens - D-dich-a have diBcnrercd 'S new organic suV taace, Uisotyion, -satated front Itver, which , appears re cure types of ihingles, - , aan -s ,i.a .-

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