The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on April 22, 1918 · Page 3
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, April 22, 1918
Page 3
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i: S»ONDAX, APRIL 22,1918. THE DAILY COURIEB., CONNELLSVTLLE, PA. »AGB THHBHL WHATS HAPPENING IN THE MILL TOWN JParKHjage : ,at Paradise: In Cbnrie^of Erection . Blown Over. iUO SCHOOi STUDENTS PICNIC Cuvatier Arrated f«r Httt*'*attj Mm- Mt ·-i.SefflBg IVittwrt Lfce-se; Cfciel of P»Ike P-t» Q-iet»s en Be JwrU Ske is Maa In If mum's Barb. Special to Th« cottrlcj 1 . ' SCOTTDALE,. April 22.--Miss Lucy achool, Bullskin township, gave a picf- ·xtic.7at-'lh» ichool 02 Jr?id_?--i!t*8bsefY*' ^ance of-the .closing of the. school. .-"· 3b'ss:"!_3ib«rB,--who" hafiSarke.^ the registration at women from this .neighborhood, made this her. registration 'day, and when the mothers 'and .older .sisters came .wlth the children to te'picnic they were there"to'rejps- ter. . . - , Pano»afe-Bl«w» Orer. The Paradise BvanKelical church' i» - -ai the. Mud school house, and jor some time "th e" people there hav e "been considering building a parsonage for the pastor, the Rev. Mr. Bishop. Friday the . house, was raised ready for the , weatherboarding and. roof..; During Friday night's · heavy mountain storm . It was ;blDwn,-ojer. and. »t least J: damage was done the buildin.. :". - yire_M_ to-KIre a-««. - · - _ · The Krenon volunteer Fire De- -"· pirtinenV"-wiH- gire a-tlanee-inrthe^Ty- rone hall, Everson, Tuesday evening, April-30. from 8. until 12. Kiferle's orchestra wilf furnish the music. The ;. committee in charge is Albert W'haley, Ben atallk"and Ray elites;" .'· " .,- .. , lUte. Tttmij tn O-tiigs- / . ' ~ r ' The committee ~in~ charge : of the summer home of the First; Presbyterian church in the Indian creek val- lay making »n_appeal to persons "·"'eleaningj.^house^ .npt. to ^.forget.._ .the things that they need at the summer horn*. They have announced M and t*. as the price pepr week, to be charged, for L boudins.. the coming summer, bnt' state'that thii is for war rations which tfier 'inten'd'to'-serve,"" - . T h e meeting at the W. C. T. U. on 'Tuesday evening will be heM at tbe George street born* ot Mia. E. I. Mc- Oee. ' -- _ Scottdale-sellr ing 'toilet articles. She was reputed to ~ke rath»r. mascultae looking -and -.talkea in iuch a manner to the iouse- ~wiTe»' that they would almost^always ; : b«y'io be rid other. 'Che matter was reported to Cnief of Ppliee.jriinlr X -"Ccadtn, who located "hcTienmsstng downtown a«d he arrefted£Ber;,and - brought let to 'the BoioigHilKlUdJnr, where tB«lw» to*;»Kr»r7ai»b;rtir-' ' ly eo*l»tt;-i«d itated ihat,Ul«r» wll BO truth- fii . that : »tory OT7 JK-one io ''' the draftees to Camp L^e a short"ttee _ a«o._ hii. be«o retunwd "irom camp. Mr,'.SIcLau«-Sin-:w_»_ turned down: after an examination in camp. '·'.:. Good bby/'to'wbik In store lo'r.g' "eral wort'"^-!!! be-"15 of-16 "yeara; Apply. S. Wenner. Furniture Store AdT.---2anr6t---:-.-': Bw4er Ii tJ. B." Ckirekl · - Umter : the· au-tlce. of.the Woman's Third Llbetty V«" .cpmmittee,;.-lien- tenant George H-'Roeder will give a lecture in.the United Brethren church instead, of .the Arottdale theatre, as was announced. ! 'in'addltkm'-td an 1n- hlm six:army;ttai:-» 'of waifmatelSals and fquipnieatjBithered by Um while "in "serriceV" "A - sUTefotfeHng^wril' be taken. · -· ·'':- ; -'-' ;i '.·'·'·'····.-·· '·~ : -. Agate · !*·». · ; oar :p*troo4 Jlinrt.'Staniji* all .day' Saturday with~eirer3rpurch»»»:lBipro-. portion 4o 10. f«r. c«nt. .of the : our- cbase -to eabKiEajcer sarifigs and^help the. gb»«niii»-t' We" will continue doiDg »o o» Jfcnaay-IK). Come tn" and it* oitr ·»; · ·i'il'?lj;;aa»ortjp«nt, of _ 1 act »veiyUn»i a Vomajf. child .or in- faat w*ara at barcain prices · lower «l«»»liei« ta..tlte., two conntles.' It tor,yt)ur»elf. liroadway La-. «·*· Store,. Scottdale. Pa. :A»,-you ' ' daughter, c. , . n sprat' Saturday ta MtttBr,«."; ': : . .., .. Joh» Byrnt bf lit;ordn*ne« d»part- m«t of .the tTniTeiiJry of KUjbOTg, Sm*ay "'irtui' : Sli' : pwrenis, -Mr. ' ' ' ' ,,'. VAXTMatMLT, April 2:1.-- Mrs. Earl Rlley and chliaren of Scottdale, spent Sunday with -the -forioer's parents, . Jlrans. . . ·. lieutenant Paul .W. Dunn of Fort - Jfott, N. .Adolph -Uershherg of . _CpHnellsville; and j: Earle Roberts of -BrownsvlHe, visited Mr. noherts'^par- .' ents. Dr. and' Mrs.'. G. B. Riihef is,, on Saturday evening; . . · .'. . '.'.'. . . . Mr. and Mrs.- "Robert Jfoore and ch'ildren of FIorence-'--Mines. . visited : ''a-parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. CASTOR IA ": v . T*r Id-E-tai aail Cafliren · I* MM For Ovw3O Years ··--······rniE BEST PLACE^ TO SHOr, AFTEB : lay Your Liberty Bonds NOW 's Monthly Sale FROM APRIL 22ND TOAPRJL 30TH '··"-.-· News of Special Interest to All Wearers of Shoes . - . Brownell fnaugurates a Monthly Sale . ,, . . , , . - . . . 'The Brownell Shoe Company has decided to devote 8 days ou,t of everyj,month to Special.Selling and Bargain Offerings. Every ounce;o£ energy and thought that this live bunch can put across in. Spetaal: Purchases," Quick Buys and Snappy Styles will be lined up t or 'these events.,''--.. · . . ."..'- ..'/·'."··· '·· -. . . ._ ;.. Remember--Eight, month. This::month it starts April 22nd and runs: until April 30th. . ·.·/".·'.·.'.'.'·"". ; : : :;:-'. --WATCH FOR IT! WAir'.FOR/IT! PREPARE FOR IT. ' " " . . . ' ' ';."·"' ::' .'.'.". it W ;H pay^roufliidpliars and .cents: Each evetit of timely.interest to every one, and will record tie Greatest'Value'Givingthis old town fiasJtnown for some time. " ~ ~ ^ THE BALL ROLLING And for thSs^rthe InitialrOpening--as .to:style and price. ·._.;· See them in-pur ShbwlTOindpws].-:Ijbok over the listLb.eio.w.. W:e;have .-mentioned.a few items to give'you an- idea.'"of the real values we ire off Sri rig;: -We ··have Special Prices ." iii olV 4J_na i^frtiYa «'_·'_! "/\F^ "Trfon*-* 'l\Xtfvm£.-n t a'.'4fnr\ f~*\*\\Avtn/\ 'a'HVirtOc 1T» Fai^t" all RriT'in o' onrl RiiTYiTn AT* in all=departments'of..Men's i '^om;6n's 'and Children's^ styles will be" jut: in this 1 sale. - - ' : , ; ' ' . -iri fact all Spring.and Summer ACT^UICK AS;THE : 'TIME ISBHORT--ONLY EIGHT;DATS. .. . . - , ' · " ' Women's ,Grey Kid Lace Boots' with · ' wing tip.-'and low military heel, · ; · ' regular p.rice:^5.6 . . (PC rn - . . . . . '. ; ' aU.3U . ' · ' . -Women.'*, Darlt · Brown Kid Lace . · : ; (Boots, 9-inch cloth top, leather-'Lonis -. - ", : " heel,, regular, price J8.QO, ' (PC Of" " Misses'and. Children's Shoes, all .styles and kinds In this sale at remarkably l o w p r i c e s . , . , . Women's Artillery. Grey Lace Boots, 9 inch- cloth ,top, leather Louis heel, regular price $8.00. . 2fi S'-J 'Women's Dark Brown Lace Boots, 814 inch top,. Neolin soles,"low mill-. tary heel and wing tip, regu- ( lar jirlce, J6.QO," now . "Women's' Dark Brown. :Lace Oxfords, military heel and wing tip, regular price $4.50, now : ·. .' " Women's Black Calf Lace Oxfords, -Cuban heel, regular price ?6.DO, now Women's "White Canvas Lace Boots, military heel and white ivory sole. regular price $3.50,' now , QQ f»fl ,fl) ftf" Men's and Boys' Shoes of every description with the price cut to the core. Come in and see them. ·· ···'·'··- REMEMBER!'·'Nothing, but hew, up-to-date Spring styles in this Sale and they are ^leading the, f i e l d f o r their reasonable price. . . . . . . ; · · .X/C6me'"i'nJwtJpnceu Get the habit of attending these Monthly Sales and note the : differe"nc.e in yonr-year's-Shoe Bill . -Bfcownell Shoe Company ~^..~X · -' - ' ' · : ' ? · · - ' . - . , , ' . . . .' . · . · · · *^ · .ar|.ji- ·": · " ." 15 STORES--AX1 BUSY " '" 145 r W««-Crawford Avenue 145 West Crawford Avenue ··.····^·······.··.^^HE BKSI rUCE TO^SHQXN Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets Get at the C^use and Remove It Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets, the sobs_- tute (or calomel, act gently on the bowels and positively do the work. I Ppopie afflicted with bad breath find ! quick relief through Dr. Edwards' ! Olive Tablets. The pleasant, sasar- i coated tablets are taken lor bad breath j by all who-know-them. I . Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets act gently I but firmly on. the bowels. and liver; : stimnUting them to natural action, dealing the blood and gently purifying the entire system. They do that which dangerous calomel does without any of the bad aftereffect*-, AH the benefits of nasty; sickening,griping cathartics are derived from Dr. Edwards'Olive Tablets without griping, pain 01 any disagreeable effects. Dr. F. M. Edwards discovered the formula after .seventeen years of practice among patients 'afflicted with towel and liver complaint; with the i attendant bad breath. : ' Dr. Edwards'Olive Tablets _re ; purel7 i a vegetable compound mixed with olive oil; you wilt' know them by their olive color;- Take one or two every night for a week and note the effect. lOc and 25c per bat Ail druggists. . This is Leonard Week-April 22 to 2? 'Take thit opportunity to learn all aboat-rsfrigeratars. Make it a point to come to oar -tore--tee oar tpecial ditplay and let. a* tell you all the advantages of the famous Leonard Cleanable. F OR the benefit of our customers, we set aside this week to make a special display of Leonard Refrigerators. It will be your opportunity to get the inside facts about refrigerators and refrigerator construction. We take a ;special pleasure in explaining the features of the Leonard Cleanable to pur customers. Its many points of superiority are easy to demonstrate and to understand. Leonard Cleanable Refrigerators have a one-piece porcelain lining made of three coats of the finest porcelain lining on a basis of Annco Rust-Resisting iron. It can not break, crack or chip. It has inside rounded front corners--an exclusive, patented Leonard-feature. Ten walls save your ice. The Leonard Cleanable has ten insulated walls to keep the heat out and the cold in. You will note the saving in your ice" bills with this refrigerator. Moreover, the perfect circulation of air is worked out on a strictly scientific basis. The air-tight Iqckf make the door practically self-closing. A permanent investment A properly built refrigerator should last you a life-time. For this reason it is economy to select a refrigerator that has been made with all.-the skill and care of a fine piece of furniture. In brief, make your refrigerator purchase a permanent investment. Don't fail to. come in some time during the week' and see the Leonard Cleanable and other models. Ever though you are not planning to buy a refrigerator right now--this is your chance to see all the models and plan just what kind you need. Leonard C 1 e a n a b 1 e "Made in Grand JSopuis, Mich/ Prices from as low as $8.50 up Connellsville's Reliable Homefurnishers Since 1891. NEAR DEATH! Saved by a Miracle C. Moore, over Sunday. .:,... . Charles Bailey and, Ira H.. Bailey of Eiisha, spent Sunday, with their grandparent*. Mr. and Mrs. W." H. Bailey. - · - . - . .-.-'·.'· .--.- -··:-· ' ' '··"' ; Mr. and Mrs. Alra Seals and baby of Juniata, yirited M-ii.Beals' .parents. Mr. and;. Mrs., .Joel ;:Eyans,.';pver the Week-end.- .,.. , . ' . . · .'-. X-·.:"'--..'..-.' -Mr- and Mrs; Edward.Dnnlap and daughter Bess, Mr..and.Irs...Carl-arc'-" Comtek, Mrs. Andrew banner; Misses Mary Henderson, -Anna Hazlett and ' ' " " ' TV.. E. ' Kelly/ and daughter,- Ester" ..Cpsgrpve,..Mr».-. Mrsi' b*vi_ HeiWick. Anna Ixm, were callers in ConDells- Till e on Saturday. Ohiopyle. OmOPYlJE, April 22;--Miss Helen Robinson of Ursina, .who ' has been visiting here,- spet Saturday th'e guest o f 1 Coniiellsyiiie'friends.. . WeaVer-.spent;Saturday.-" and Sunday the gnert ot friends near :Uniontown; · .- · . . .... . . . . - " - ·-.- i ^V r .; S..Rafferty_and''- family spent. i Sunday :arternboa". if'Ohiopyle!' relatives. : \ .; ...::.'.. ?;·. V.' . . , ' .;.-'. i Mrs.-R^(X-,HoItUaiid daughter, Miss ^ JteS' ~«mong",.ihV5'Gonnellsynie Kurtz, John MeNair and 'R. V. Hlte- ndur. -. ,. . '-.'V.:....: ...· .'.. T - .V , . John Sailor "of Greeii Brier Vas greeting friends :fo Ohiopyle^-Satur'^ .i '. ..': ··:·,,;:.' '...- . " ' ' · · ' . ^Ernest Jimmerson. apent. Saturday, evening in Connellsville on; business. , Mia» .Gladys. Davis' Is-visiting relatives .in Warren,,.O. . ' ; v . . Srnithfield. A-pril showers wash and.clean .old mother Eirth .of .Winter's.,germs -and Impurities. Holiister's, Rocky Mountain Tea does the same thing for your stomach, bowels, blood--purifies, cleans you through and through, a Ihoroughly Spring remedy, 35c. Tea or Tablets. ConneUsville Drug Co.-Adv. - · . ' . . ' ; ·'. ·· . ·. '· ' IF TOU H M J f c NECK M LONQ *· THIS FELLOW, AND.HAD SORE THRO AT T O N S I L I H E ^,' shoppers .andj callers Saturday.. . SMITHPIELD, April. .22.--Smith- tteld has not hail . enough bouses houses to supply ihe demand for tenements. 0 .Franlt Stuck; .who--, recently, mo /ed here from- Kockwood- to- accept a position in. the B. .O. yards, rented a;two room, shack Cthe-hest he could do)." .The ncit day after moving into.- It he "received a notice from bis landlord that -he-, would. Bave to vacate .the' house, as the owner bad sold it. . D..H. Bai-e has accepted a position with the Consumers' Supply stor^ as delivery clerk., ° .. Buy a Liberty/Bond and get jour dollars into .uniform.'. LIBERTY LOAN HONOR FLAG LETS WIN^ONE LIHDEK HAU,, ' PA.--" Two years ago ray baefc began to got.weak and..pain, but I didn't pay i any- a t t e n t i o n , ' thinking it would \ soon get all right \ again. . But in- i stead-I got worse,; and I called the', doctor. He gavo mo some medicine and I. got worse. I went to bed. Some,^ rr . times "he gave me pilUj . then', powdcrSj then liquid .medi- -.-__ m%.,_ --i on j 0 , e ig n t moritns. gono and my weight tdroppod from 190 to. 130.. T could not 'sleep only when, forced by. an opiate.- I was up and down. Sometimes my- wator would look like-spring water, .then like blood, then like mill:, and pained mo. We sent for a trial'package of Anurie. I took them, and the pain let up. I got two more bottles and waa up and around the house, and'after using two more I went to work again. Doctor .Pierce'« Anuric'Tablets alone life. .One day J plainly asked my physician if I was going, to. die:, He pointed to an i apple .hanging outside my bedroom win- ' dow.and said my life was. like the apple --no telling when it would drop. Just the:a tbe'trial box of the AnurJc Tablets "came, and a great change .with them. ?cank God.and Dr. Pierce for restoring my health.''---Asttifw- C. SMITH, Box. 10. FADI Hopr, PA.--"-I hereby teatify that I used Dr. Pierce's Auurio Tablets for kidney trouble, and they have done me. so. much good .that"I would like for. all other people who aro bothered with iadney trouble -to use them, I have used tt.great-many kinds of medicine but nona Kas or has done me as.much good as Anuric. J *^~MKS. Asifjut W£L. LIAMS, Fair Hope,. Pa. Join Pennsylvania's New Army o f ' Poultry Producers ' Pledge C-rd . Campaign for more Poultry conducted by Department of Agriculture; Harrisburg.'Pa., Pennsylvania "War Poultry Commission, Pennsylvania State Poultry Association, and Department of Agriculture, Washington,-D.C. 1VJU, YOU JK 1'OUK SHARE! Check items which fit your case for guidance of War Commission. I agree to set one or more settings of eggs, or purchase baby chicks, or ' breeding stock to produce same to help the food supply of the Nation. ) I can afford to invest ^~--: . and am interested in 1st 2nd. '. (Name breed preferred). feet available. . I have __ --_ square --. chickens at this time. (Deserving cases "will have special attention). I -irould be willing to become a producer of poultry meat, if after proper investigation you find my application for hatching eggs worthy of such consideration. I cannot afford, to purchase chicks or hatching eggs. 1 will gladly report to proper authorities the success of my hatch when demanded. I desire to-reeeive list of caicks and eggs for sale, and such free information in the v.-ay of bulletins or other literature that will give me such information as to enable me to obtain the maximum results with the minimum expense. Signed _ , _____ _____________ j ______ ' P. 0. Address ____ 1 ___ ____ ' ___ . Express Office or R. F. D. Route ... Penna, Want Ads--1 Cent a Word. Homer's aoting Bell Phone 150. fitli St. TKA5SFEK COMPASS General, Light and Heavy Haul. ing. · Local and Long. Distance Moving. .TAMES TV- STBAXCE , Cea) »nd Coke. ConnensrlUe. J. N. frump W I HITE LIN] TRANSFER i MOTOR TBUCK ««d WAGO.1 1IOVINO PIANOS D HOISTIHO «PKCi*.I,TT, . Office 1O3 E. Grap« \Uti lllr P. B. R. ftfrmt. Bot-

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