Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on August 13, 1972 · Page 8
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 8

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 13, 1972
Page 8
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8A--Aug. 13, 1972 Sunday Gasette-Mail Onrlwtnn, w«t Virflmi Byrd Big Gun in Senate Fight for Power RORERT BYRD Works Long, Hard By Spencer Rich The Washington Post WASHINGTON-Behind a n u n c h a n g i n g facade, major changes have been taking place in recent months in the Senate Democratic power structure. ^·Though still indisputably the boss, Majority Leader Mike Mansfield, D-Mont.. has turned over much of the responsibility for the day-to-day conduct of senate business to his assistant leader. Majority Whip Robert C. Byrd, D-W. Va. Byrd, in turn, has devoted himself conscientiously and tirelessly to the job. He is winning high marks for fairness and ability even from some Northern Democrats who completely disagree with his views on the war, civil rights and welfare. This has greatly strengthened Byrd's position to bid for the top job should Mansfield ever step down, though many of these same Northern Democrats would be loath to have him in that position as a major national spokesman for the party. p»The mild-spoken Sen. Alan Cranston, D-Calif., a first-term senator, has emerged as a sort of unofficial, voluntary whip for the Northern Democrats on a number of key issues such as Vietnam fund-cutoff legislation, the nuclear arms agreement and the end-the-draft movement. Without really being asked and without actually thrusting himself forward, Cranston has quietly volunteered his services as a vote-counter, button-holer and strategist to other senators who have taken the lead in sponsoring various proposals. "Ask Alan, he's keeping track of the vote outlook" is a phrase frequently heard around the senate chamber these I'.ays. »-Sen. John L. McClellan, D- Ark., a Southern budget-cutter, civil rights opponent and law- and-order man has moved to thel, . ,, .. chairmanship of the Senate's' Ioosenin 8 auto pollution con- most powerful committee, the.trols, though with the norther- Appropriations Committee. The ; ners on several other issues, committee, by granting ^J'jj 1 '' When he astonished the nation .... - , vari . ous . n ??" dat f' i more glamorous 3 Edward M* conditions to funds lulls, has iKennedy D . M ass., for the whip enormous influence over the; t 3I ,,, 23 severa , Norther £ character and admuns rat,ve^ emocratic sena(ors , o]d thjs operations of all federal pro-, reporler privale , y that they grams - 'feared Byrd would sifle "the McClellan is forceful when he j liberals" and use his leadership wants something and has a i p o s t to advance conservative combative streak that spurts; causes him to greater efforts to win; " . . . man with his views shouldn't be 1 tireless in notifying senators the national spokesman for the ]Wne n ligislation in which they :are interested comes to the checking with them in party." To a substantial extent, Mans-: field in recent months has dele-; r gated to Byrd the crucial power!before certain actions are taken of scheduling legislation, ar-j which might affect them and in ranging u n a n i m o u s consent, arranging for speaking time, agreements on limes to vote and working out delicate maneuvers to keep business moving forward. These powers have great influence over the outcome of legislation. The capacity to win, concessions by delaying legislation, to force a vote when onej side is better prepared and thei other is in disarray or has : heavy absenteeism, to forestall such maneuvers by the other party--these can make or break legislation. j Byrd has proved a highly [ skilled maneuverer and has; been extremely careful to pro-j tect the interests of all Demo-! cratic senators. He has been! The Cranston phenomenon has emerged in part because Cranston actually enjoys the backroom lobbying and vote-counting work that most senators despise as a vexing bore. Cranston says he's not interested in any official post--"that would make too much demand on my time." But he enjoys the legislative give-and-take, and "I like to be effective on issues that I believe in." Use Want Ads. J AMAL H. KHAN M.D. Announces The Opening Of is Office At 108 Kanawha City Medical Building 33rd MacCorkl* Av«., S.E. Charleston THORACIC, CARDIAC, VASCULAR SURGERY ENDOSCOPY By Appointment Phon* 346-4472 209 Washington St. West Shop Monday 'til 9 Tuesday-Saturday 'til 5. Free Delivery Interior Decorators Phone 343-9527 MIKE MANSFIELD Still the Boss ALAN CRANSTON Voluntary Whip What gives children great pleasure that they can enjoy when they are 70? PIANO! done Almotl onv rhlld ran mottor a D'Ono. A* rronpfmcol "*oy for you to wsl our itot*m«nt on vour child it to 0 " e RENT A PIANO lit ion in conflicts with the North- i' auu »-"'ai B ' rd era Democrats and their dozenj ex £;"f nt J? b '. , , , . ,, GOP allies over social spending. L ^f s Absolutely fair or ^Hubert H. Humphrey, I)J Northern Democrat said And Yo , tol , in$8monftly| , lu , fonoqc 0 ^_ y d o l l o r Minn., after a year of relative don l h , av « an /. fearr ^ h ? Wl11 ^iS'^.7'"'"'" b " y ' why """ ? u "° ni inactivity in the Senate while ? ea f to he fair lf elected ma ' pursuing the presidency, has!^?"^ given some hints in the last few j f,_" s GORBY'S MUSIC DHIU9-5 show s McGovcrn loses and a Mike I given auuie iiuiu, HI u,c·,«,=». 1C « | h · h . | nationall ""·* »-S THURSDAYS 9-9 days that he may turn his abun- TML"mTM ^ ?V show^ri' 2U 7 t h U L SOUTIt «HMIESTOII dant energies back to Senate !lPTM^ ma ?;^'.. n _J,..,, s _ anfl ! PHOHE744-9453 work. This could make him the Northern Democratic contender against Byrd for the leadership job if Mansfield steps down. Another possible contender would be Edmund S. Muskie of Maine. THE GROWING strength and assurance of Byrd as a leader has been evident for some time. Seemingly tireless, he stays on the floor long hours each day engineering legislative agree- \ ments and indefatigably moving i the Senate business forward. ' A member of the Ku Klux Klan in his youth, Byrd has! been a sharp opponent of welfare programs, a bitter critic of the Supreme Court and a foe of : civil rights legislation during most of his career in the Sen-! ate. He generally has supported! military projects--such as the Anti-ballistic Missile System -and opposed mandatory Vietnam fund cutoffs. On most of the major votes o[ ; recent years, he has been in conflict with the majority of his Northern D e m o c r a t i c colleagues, who hold a majority! within the Senate Democratic caucus. For example, in 1970 he! voted in favor of the '"no-knock" 1 law, in favor of confirming G. Harrold Carswell of Florida as a Supreme Court justice, in favor of the ABM and in favor of Industrial Deaths Total 17 in July The Associated Press Manufacturing and industrial accidents in We.4 Virginia were fatal to 17 workers during the month of July, the state Workmen's Compensation Fund reported Saturday. The report showed 14 of the fatal accidents occurred in the coal mining industry. Nine of the deaths were at the Blacksville No. 1 mine where fire trapped nine men July 22. The other three fatal accidents occurred in chemical manufacturing, rubber am* leather goods manufacturing, and oil and gas production and distribution. The report also showed a total of 4,610 nonfatal accidents in the state's business during July, with the largest number, 941, occurring in coal mining. The fatal accidents left. 16 widows and 37 dependent children under ;he age of 18. In July 1971. there were l« faints and 5,285 nonfatal ·wording to the re- A Complete Range! of Mechanical Drawing Artists Supplies For STUDENTS PROFESSIONALS. INSTRUMENTS TOOLS FOR ALL GRADE LEVELS FROM JUNIOR HIGH TO UNIVERSITY. pott. 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