The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 31, 1930 · Page 12
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 12

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Friday, January 31, 1930
Page 12
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PAG IB TWELVES. Basketball W. P. I. A. LEAGUE SWING IN ACTION Division Is on Schedule For Circuit Contests This Evening. eOKERS GO TO GREENSBURG -·rise 15 eeetlonfi in the Western Pennsylvania Interscholastjc Athletic Lear;uo will swing Into action again tonij'ht "without a single division in Idleness. This la the eecond time this woe); that thie taking place. The elaborate program follows: Section I at Fn-eport, Parnassus, at Ha r'-jBuck. gprlngdale at Ktnsington. / Section H 'Lf«UJcUde at Sewickley. Avalon at Ben Avon. Ambrldg* at BeUevue. "-; Section IU' Mars at New Castle, :jlienopte at Butler. \ 13mne City tit Ell wood City. : Section IY Beaver at Beaver-Falls. i Freedom at New Brighton. Allqulppa at Rochester. Midland at Monaca. Section T West Newton. Qliarleroi at Donora. at TIIB DAILY COURIER, OONNBLiqsvrLtjBJ, FA. Section Y! Apollo at Leechburg. Ki tanning at Vandergrift. Diiyton at Ford City. Uectlon Vir Elizabeth a't Homestead, Clairton at puquesne. Munhall at McKeesport. Section Bust Pittsburg at North Braddock. Norwin at Braddoek. Pitcairn 'at Rankin, Tr«fford at Turtle Creek. Section E£ Crnftou at' Brldgeville, Stowo at Mount Lebanon. Coraopolls at Carnegie. Bormont at McKeqs Rocks. Section X at Jeannette. at Grflenuburg. Monnt Pleasant at Unlontown, Section XI Swiasvale at Etna. Wllkinsburg at Aaplnwall. ' Vorona at ibdgswood. Section XII Bolle Venton at Sewickley Township East Huntingdon at Dunbar. Porry at Hurat, ! Section XIITL Ggrmen at Brownsvljle. Point Marion at South Union. Gnrmlcliaola at Redstone. North Union at Georges. Section X1Y , ; McDonald at Oakdalo, . . . . . Hickory at 'Cecil.'"-' · Section- XY Trinity at Canonsburg. Ba«t Washington at "VVayneshurg. V, aehington at Clayavllle. Biuclu Gimper (keara Park Five In Fast Contest SCOTTDAUB, Jan. 81v--The Scottdale Buicks came throilgh with fly-'i ing colors last night, defeating the highly t nited Ocean Park cage «5nir binatioa by a two to ouo eouriY be-, fore -H 1 ilr sized crowd at tho Slate 1 iiory. The final count waa 46 to -22. /ith ihe most formidable array of local taJf«it on hand for the "grudge" buttle, ttie Buicks went after *ue in.- vadtra in tho first quarter and con,- tinued to hammer away at the cage with BU h regularity that when the final gun was sounded a total of 20 field got-is w*re marked down in the cfliclarrocords. Red Kirkman and Jerry Huntsn-an, Scottdal" - and East Huntingdon scholastic mentors, were on the floor- Ii was tlie first time this tea- son thai both had appeared in ute samo lineup and they proved to oe the bad boue of the Millars offensive, the pai7 chalking up 15 of the 20 : double deckers. Tho Park--29 Gu TOn Zaff y Substitutions r-- Zlmmeimin for Kirkmar , Brookman for Fuller, (3ol- lina for Marlin, T. Cafforty for Turk, Turk for puntsman, Kirkman for Turk, S lyder for Komig, McCann for Guynn, |h-a.ffor fpr ZaJfy. Field :?oals-- Kirkman 8, Hunfcanian 7, Fuller 2, 'Turk 2, T» Cafferty, Ai- wine 2, ^Iooro 1 Romig, Snyder, Gujnn, J. Zaffy 3. Fouls- -Kirkman, 3 out of 3; Huntsman, 2 nit of 6; Turk, 1 out of 2; MarJJn, missed 1' Alwju, 2 out of ,75 Mooro, 1 out of 1; Snyd^r, missed 1: Ouynn, jrtiaoed 8; McCann, 1 out of t; iJaffy, miged 1. Seorerw-Nowaskey. The 8'iore by quarters: Scottda!" -- . -- ,7 is 11 10--46 Ocetin 3 'ark -- 3 S 6 5--33 C SPOUTS j Tae High School basketball team (.ravels to Green aburg tonight for a battle in the W. P. I. A. Loiigue. T!l6 Uokors won thoir llrst", engagement- wlti. tho Westmoreland couutyseat ctub, » * * .Considerable interest Jn a Section Tw«^lve batti'e, is centered -at Hurst HlgU School, tonight, where Mount Plensant township will entertain the Perry Township 'High riuintot.' Porry and Duubai- Township are staging a great battle for first place, « . . : * * D;iu E. Daly, a featherweight flght- nr it 40 yoars ago, died In -obscurity yestorday at- St. ' · · Louis, He had «t- tragi.-d iu a . !).l-round dra^v.with Tom^ my Whitd at South Omaha, Neb. 4 un Docomber 6, 1S90 and received $137 for the battle. .In tho 'acrap the hands of both nien were broken and was so badly brutsed 1 that weeks'. required for thoJr ^ornpleto re- covc-ry. . · - * _ * _ .* ; ROHCOO R. Koch, deputy attorney ·general, yesterday ruled it Is a vlo- kitiou of the child labor laws to am- nloy boys under 14 yam's of ago OB KOif caddies. « * * Pi brio Caruern, huge ItalluB fighter, tnw.s Elzear RIoux at Chicago- tonight. it is rumorod tho giant man's only worry was how long It would -lak« him to sock his opponent into. unconsciousness. * * * Jack Sharkcy, speaking yostorduy after his workout in preparation foils is bout iu Florida next- month wlfch Phil Scott, Injected some ;satlr» iuto ; hia lemarks when he said li» wouldn't' "hit him below the chin so there will: bo uo chanco for him to holler foul." SMITB FULLER IS PRESENTED D. S, C. IN SIMPLE RITES UNIONTOWN, Jan. 31.~-Smith (lah) I^Her, torinor sergeant of Company u, Ijoth Infantry, 28th'Division, '»ft3 given th'J Distinguished Service QWQ,; the higliest posslblo hwor, oE Ujo United F tates War repartnioiit Thursday aigj't in a simple, yet impre«i}'v*e ceremonv at the Oallatln Gardeps The c tatlcm wa« lor esstmordlnary herotem and bmvery while under flre in tho s.ctop north of the Vosle Itt^er,, France, Inly 21, 1918; Colontl Th«inaa W. Pamih, chiaS o£ statt," TJiird Corps Area, and one of Sergeanl Puller's former commencing ofilcera, mado the prpaentation, Ifovmti- Sergeant Alfred W. Davis, one of IMll-w'ti companions, gr»v« a resume f tho action lending up to tlie time of Sergeant FijllO! J 6 act of bravery, Coroner S. A. Baltz presided, over the roeo( ing, Dni'in,; the introduction, of aln- tlngui9b--^d guests present the follow- ing-'werp named by Dr. Ealtz: Colonel b. P. Arensburg, L. L.' Smitiey anil Tod Campbell, three Civil War veter- aiiH; S. Flay Shelby, public serrtce cpinmiwioBer; S. A, Kendall, ,cpn- greesraau;. S. John Morrow, judg»'ot layette county'courte; Dr. H. J, ISell, nlate senator; Thomas Aubrey, sheriff; John Q. Adams, county treaau-er; Captain Warren Burchinal, dlstriol attorney, \Vash)ngtpn cpunty; Brigadier General Edward Martin, Col-cmo! Par- rail and many coiumanders and past comraanUere o£ both the American Legion and Vetorang of Ktoroigji War.-3 y£ various cities o£ the county and NG WORLD FRIDAY,, JANUARY 31. California's Crew In First Spring Practice Baseball While pU'«r parts o£ the nation are shivering: ae the i .«r?ury in the thermometer bowre around the *ero mark, ng crew nrftotico is under way at the tmiyowvity of t aUforaia, on the Oakland eatnary. Photo ahowa tho men training for the first bi* race of the year, which will be !u April, Lett to right, Ooxawotn Jam«« Logan, Thor- ·wald ^acobeon, Hubert Oaldwell, James Workmaa, Bill O .lly, Jack Brtock, William Woodward, Kobert Smith and JUarvey Granger. Inset ia at Ky Hbrlght, coach of the CK «, ' * Western 'Pennsylvania's Greatest Basketball Team, Duquesne, Will Play at Scottdale Tomorrow Night STARS _ _ YESTERDAY foil Kecorrt BroJfen. ORIS'J'OBAL, Jan. 31.--A new record for toll in cma day for one-dfcec- i lion traitlc through the Panama Cte.nal ' was shewn last night with the announcement that on Tuesday 14 vessels had .Atlantic $86,224. patct ?8fl,665 to go to the The previous record was University of PiUsburg's basketball tpjim, without a blemish on its record, gats .off on its eastern tour tomarrp?,', opening with yyraousei. That club may 'be a bar to "a' perfect season. patroi'tee those who Advertise. BY TpKESIPJPTT E. S. BAKNAIID'8 JL effort* to shorten American league garoea recalls some really brief nine-Inning ball game* of othei years. On Bept 24, t904, the Atlanta and Shrovaport cjulw of the Southern Jeagruo played *ull nln« Innings in 44, jphU set a rocord which 47 minutes, sot by tha Daytoa arid Ironton clubs In a league pame, Sept. 39. 1J84. a** 47-wlnuta record waa -tied In the Paciao Cpa«t Ifsasruo by Oakland and Ban Francisco on Nov. », 1803, (i'Ue Oonat BOIVWH has nJwaya laatud bayorfd eaatorri ncUeaulfls,) Ttea« old records woro nectdenta. Not so the record game which i occurred on the Jast day of the Southern kasruo reason between tho Atlanta and Moallo clUbs, Sopt 19, 1910. Th«so t^o teams w«rs reaHy tryiny for a record. Whan the "play ball!" b U rotijf tbo teams rttn out on th» fleW and at tlie last out they ran off JIB qu(cWy «» possible, Th« remilt wo4i that the nino-lnnlng contest was finished In S3 tntnutea, beating all previous marlui. Apparently no effort wn« qiado to place hits, nil players conceritrfttlns on speeding up tljo paatlma. Mobllo players made S3 assists and Atlanta, men 13, ... ..... .... v . *· - »· '··-. · - . . · Baxter v SparW«' : 'U'. a iiamo that not adorn the Wu« boplt pf pig baseball' reconte, but be waa really one fit baaeball's brifffct rial's -- II Just! for a, season. · Pltchtng lor YOKOSJ Cfty, Miisa., to the Delta leatrue, Sparks hurled SI straight wins, IncluciinK t»re« shut- otitH and one no-hit contest. occurred in BaU'lcs Hare And Onmd o *· Season. HUNTSMLA N TO BE IN UNEUP ,Hn, of th« oasoB for both, the dals Bulcki and he fans of Westmoreland tounty, a.a well aa sports in adjaemt Fayette county will be p ayed on Satwdfcy u}ght at tlvf Stale j rmory here, Tha Dnqfle«Tift LaFayettas, the cream o£ the Uleghany Oounty Leag-ue and the ou standing IndiaiMMWi- ent elub at Wes erp Peansylvanla, will b« opponent tor tbo Buicto, Thfc garas is sc le^uletl for 8:30 o'clock at the, ne / arrtory butloliig and Uio laig««t t}j 'ong oi the »ia»oa ia auUclpa!c4. W en famous basket- oers IHco those w »o ap-poar ifl tho IiaFfcyetto Un.»-i*p appear, it i» the signal for packel houses. Ifla8mufih, tt 8t-a,tH muy be ai i preaiium toaor» row iftYoaln? the dt ars will open early. ThW* will be a p« aliminary to t»iu tho early arr mis. The JJaFayetteu held the title in 19JC and in 1927, 1Q28 1929 won the cl ttnspionahip o| the Allegheny Cotmty Usagua. Tfe» .team haa been going bt tter than ever this year. Jt ha play e - most o* the American Luague proft isional clubo and bus wou firom t«a) IH in four states, ItJnniclt, jrc^gardcd aa Pitt*-- ^ burg'e most versa lie boakoteera and the high" light o£ the . -couJaty ' league^ Sfc. Louis Bans Radio Broadcast ojF Games .' By Unitod Press, 9T. liOUIS, Jari; 31 . holdsi down oac fo ward \pofiition the ch).l anrt oppo -.ite him is "Toots" Whitehoad, a prod ict of tho MeKeesr port High SchooL Jen-y WunderUc i, former Pitt Btar and captain of the IDBff club, la juron- jn^; center tor the crack combination. The f{ii1ntet is rounded out -with Joo Oubby, who it ajated as 'the beat guard lu Western vanift, aiic Andy lenqdict, a brotliar of "Gauzy," lajnoui JluaueBne Btar, Uo la a "natural ban " guard. Charles Ai'lUurs, foraier Pitt center, . of baseball games «t Sporijsman's Park Joe Mtuniek, who i i described as "Jiist on Saturday's Sundays and holidays anoUier Minniclc," likl Weinbergcir of baa been banned by the CardiwJe end McKeeeport High School fame and 10 HAS HO BIGBRE MSTEJT TO OF ·V7BSTON, W. Va., Jan. 3L-- A team btks no rigbt to listen to an opponent's huddle |n baafcetbaU. Oenrald Tower, ohainnao of the oommitte«v In a gnam stated that it te IDce condofit, In a recent gejne between ' and Buokitarujon, a Bnckhnnon player woajd go to tho lmdUe w«! Iloteo, A protest vi# made to t|i« jrefereo w»o ^rnled that no violation ha4 been nw/le. A wire to Tower brought the Harass Racing At Dawson Park September 17-19 Keagy Corner Is ; Engaged Tonight With IPerryopolis All firemen will bo guest's of the Keagy Corner basketball team this evening w-hen that club raeet» 'the team repreaeating the Perry Town- chip.Volunteer Fire Department at the State Armory at,8:15 o'clock. ! Tbc South Side aggregation ta endeavoring to ttop out juet a little into the semi-pro .fteld this owning; and although ft rlahy venture, hao Invited ajl flremeh to attenwl as ffue«rt»i The Perry team to ^brought here by If. D. Blair, *ho was a ,"baAkflt-gettei for the Perry IndenendenfiB -whan'that' club participated In the · Jrtay-Weat League. The Corner line-up ia anxious to annex another victory. The club has lost one game this Beaspn and since ite remarkable record ia beginning to attract attaution, the club te desir- one of taking on well known opposition. There wjll be a preliminary at 7:15 o'clock. EDDIE DYER WITH Scotfdale HUlille A t l a n t i c League Pilot Is Veteran But Youngr In Year*, BAD ARM KEPT HIM FROM TOP SOMHBEf COUNTY FAIR WENS AUG. 19; OTHER DATES NAMED The Some* Jet Qownty Fair win po held at Meynradale hetweoD August 19 wad 28, act ·ordlng to the date« mad« public by tia PennsySronia Stato The dates of the fairs, except those embraced in the Keystone Snort Ship Crcuit foltowi; Dayton Co'inty S**ir, Dayton, Attjs» tut 6--S; BuUer Exposition, Butler. 19---2 i; (Somerset County Fair, August 19--22; IdOTris- County Fair, Ixxwhrtown, Angtwt 18--34; CHarion Cownty W Beavqr, Sepfcnn'per 10-^13; County Fair, EbenBburR, McKeait bounty Far, Snwihport, 6; Clerfleld County September 9^--12; Mercer, August Mercer C«»ntnU. SO-HBeptember t;' Indiana County VO.IT, one week after Wheeling Kx- Mahonlns Connty Iteir; Can-. CHiio* August M-- -September fc. PENN STATE TO OFFER CODRSE.-»' COAOflNG The aumival Fayotbe C30twty Jf\a$r at fch« Dawson Driving P»T,k wlU be beld on September 17, 18 and 19, it was de- sid«d yesterday at the mooting of the members ot the Keystone Sihoit Olrcuit in Pitttaburg at which the dates for the h«rn«ss racing In th« circuit w*ro appjroved. Wayn«»burg wiil toangnrate the 1D30 calendar -on Auguet 20 and the looj) will follow tne regular order it the fairs that has been in voguo for a number of aeasons and provides seven weelcs of baraess racing. At jive of ttoe tr,TiG^s wtil be staged, early closing evonite, including thTee-yissar- old trotting aud pacing ©vents. None of Uio morahera indicated that Uiey would stage two-year-old events, lut State College, Jan. Hf-The Senate of the Pennsylvania State College has approved a touree to athletic coach- log iijhiflU, wiy be added to the carri- cnlnm next (aim This conree, which vrlU consist of two hours' lecture a ·week and tow Hours on tho playing field, will b i incorporated in the Education and AtWetica 'when or- ganised, designed pftrtionJar^y for atadente who expect to enter teaching afUr gnwiuation and who may b* required to devote Home time* to atUJetlca ?s a part of their work. Instructions » the various branches ·will follow tine intercollegiate eporta calendar rather eloaely with filtball, cross country running and" soccer in the fall mouths and the others in their-respectfive seasqas. At present it ip plannoc to h$ve th^ varnlty coaches conduct tho classes in their respective fie'ds. Mie« Slasman has returned to her home in _ ___ __ __ if the demami te made several of ttw ! Boott Haven after apentfing" a "month juvenile events on the tho card. The following are the dates for the Keystone loop: 'Wynesbur£, August 20-29; Wheeling, W. Va., Sop-teniber 2-5; Indiana, 10-12; ae the and sister, JCr. and Mrs. GarfleW Geyor. Mujr IB oooflned to his bed at the home oil IVJr. and Mrs, "William Browns e agreement between j Joe the two clubs and the two broadcasting station s^ who have been putting the games on the a!r, comes ae a compromise after club owners threatened as .an exceptional complete the rosier, j II tho Buicks ai a able to defeat on stay even, it will be quite a feather lu their "bonnet," The Scottaale 1 ne-up will be.-featured by the pr*s noe of both Kirk- to stop broadcasting altogether, ieel- man a|ld }i untS j a , n , two of tlie re- ing that the advertising warrant the resultant gained did not K i oa : s outstanding stars. The fact drop in frtten- j,] m t Huntsman, w! o ouce playo4 with claries, figures on Saturday , a ml Sun- (,h e Unity .Pratern ty in OouneUsvMe, dyti during the coBjl4ff season; with -will bo in a«tlou wiU ds'aw raftny those of previoiifi year's to determine spectators from tl at fegloo, Whether broadcasting tends to "eweli" gate, or holds ^t down. Floor Outfit Defend Top Position In Section This Evening The Bt.urcly warriors of the DunHar is -.known tci alwuw be at its best when Townsh p High School wlU.jnake- an- opposing ,the, Dunbaritea and a hectic other 'sitund to fleJeud their possltion at 'floor struggle i anticipated. , the top lu Section 12, W. P. 1. A. t Perry Township, runner-up to Bim- UHO CltiBsIfiOf! Ads. Cc«t In email. Rce4dta aa-e biff. League, tonight,when East Huntingdon Township High travels to the Lolsenriug No. 1 gymuasituti. ..Mentor Bruce Shearer's proteges are hotelIrtg the crest by a single rtocr- gin a.-i.d one slip may mean the loss of S.lK?-"( hn-ni'Dionship to the Red "and Black t'3»ers who have been goto;; at u boaatiful clip In chalking up eight couMiCUi ive trinnnphs' in ' as many starts. While Alverton cannot be oonaiitor- ·d a "deadly" foe the Huntsman Uan bar, goes to I-furst High of Mount. Pleasant Township wMie Sowiakl-ey Township, entrenched In third poBi- tion, iiveetB,; Belle. V-ernon -at the HerrhInie edurtK... .· : ' ; ·-. ' , Wliile thi3j.teams ; hol(ling the upper- ·moist'"positions'iii the division are expected to come, through with tidy ra- turus, it has been felt that too '.-much '·cannot-be taken 'for granted and;;'If tho favorites uhould hold the opposing quintet lightly; trouhie may de- velon, . '··' . . . . , , , CHIUSHAN CAGERS SCOIIE CD )SE TALLY OVERI SANK JUNIORS The Second' Nal lonal Junior^ woro defeated bythe Ciirietiena, 26' to 24, yesterday at the Christian Church gymiiastam, 4n e {tra period was re- quinxi toibreak U e deadlock of 24-84 at the end o£ the ·egulatkm tlm'e, The line-up; '*· Charles worth ? -- Bitapk '·" Sparks ., ' ·Iie'yn6i(ls" : -;:-J.._l,..-. 1^.--... Klnsburaky Bowlin ...-..-,..- !.- -- Rush Field goals--Ch irlesworth, .., Shank ·lor 17-flLD Oarndcitaels, Septombor 24-26, and BeUord, October 1-3. ' Ttoe eecrotarie^ o£ the epeed de- parlaneata of the; ti-aok® indicate theiir choice in. tho matter of atake events to bo staged, subject to revision at a meeting to be iheld later, WaynesbuTg stake events, a 3-year- old trot, 3:34 trot; 2:18 trot and 2:20 pace; value, of purses, ?60! to $1,000, Washington, !5-yoar-old trot, 2:14 trot, 2:38 trot, 2:24 trot, 2; 18 pace and #:2^ t paoe; $600 to ?1,0X). Indiana, 3- year-ld twt, 2:18 trot, 2:24 trot, 2:J20 pace and 3-year-old pace; $GOO to $1,000. The Dawson program win be about the 0ame ae the other meetings. i Rconlta 1 Etora I \V5uen you uw AdB. tn Tbe Dally Courier, le ennaH, rosulte ore big, The cost H'te many frlendfi wleb him a speedy recovery. Among thf- victime of meaalee in Eyereon are Mies Blteabeth Olerick, Mr. and Mre. Emaniiel Malik, : Mr. and Mi6. E. S. Tbomafi have ro- turned to tbelr homo, at Confluence after spending several daye here ae the gueata of their Bone. . William Hodgkiea of Kingvtew was a .business culler here on Wednesday. Mr. and MIS/Charles Bemaley spent the week-end with Pltteburg friends, Mrs. Edward A. Flora who was ; a patient Jn -tl e Mount Pleasant Memorial -Hospital for several weeks . ha« been removed to the home .of her parente, Mr, and Mrs. J. R. Byrne. SCOTTDALB, Jan. 31--BVr tl» tn- torniatlon of those who might have forgotten a little of the background, ojf the · baseball career of Edwin Hawl^y Dyer, manager of the Idttlo Car- diuala in the Middl« Atlantic League Uwt year and agevln chosen for the tciain in 1930, Tn« Courier to rorlew- ,lng hie brief "bat remarkable experience in the nattonal past me. Just what EMdie did last sooeon in, the Middle Atlantic circuit vaa pre- seated in theae columns "WobieadBy, What' happened before^ that time ·will be fully explained in the following: Dyers career a« player and )nanag i er in organized bail has been epent air most entirely with clubs ot the Breadon-Kickey chain. He 1 plteh«J for the Cardinals, for the Syracuse Stars, tor 'the Houston Buffe, and he roan- aged TopeJta to 192S «nd would have pitched then) only that an ann iuJuiT received Ja Syrwawe th« yea'r before prevented Jilnrfroro doing eo. Brancb Rickey nays that Dyer is ono of the beet men there Is fh the bueteeaa in handling young: playera and ea Scott- dal« fa going to have a team mad* op almost entirely of invent!** who nave only recently qualified as vo'.em( or who havent qualified) Eddie has op-- portnuity to take up the prc-mls^ory notes his behalf by "R, R." Before be became a, professional in , Dyer w«6 a taro-ous football And baseball player at Rice Institute at Houston, Among the men he pitched against (and beat) in hit? collnge days wa* Ted Wonp of Ue While Box, m«jor lo^BH^ir to roteftBO a po-run gan«. ^. Dyw wae tiBed ae a rcHef pitcher and as a pinch hitter and pitch run- nor by the Czxrdinaln after reporting to them In Juxus, 1622, arid tlum s«ut to Syracuse of the Inter national t«ague "on option, tlie president o£ the Stars at that time being P. G. Bartetme, who haa made several vislta to ScotMale ae Mr. Rickey's assistant. Dyer crashed Into th« In- ternfttipnal with it, tidy win over th*e Newark Bears at old Federal JJeague Faxk in Harrison, N, J., wd when he got back to the National in September Rickey started htm for the fl ret time agaJnat th6 Qnbs, JSddie laetod this gftme and blanked the ' . _^_^-,T _..^ WT _.,, - . . _ , ^ . ;.".-· Because of bin aMlity to hit tcxi run, Dyer was converted into an mt- fielder in 1333 and neat to Houston so ho could be played regularly. In tho flnst game ft»ia Texas Leagm) Btibor- bante be hit a home run the firat tlm.o up, a triple the eeoond and a stngte, the third. Houston had more ont- fleAders than it could digest ·* this time and Wichita Falls, in tlve Btnae loop, dWnt ha,W Kay to B^eafc of, eo Dyer wap Joan«d to that club. Returning to the Cardinal i, Dyor pitched, pinched and ouMo!4ed for them until Jt(ne of 192$, irhea Horntfby, then the .Red BirdVi leader, and never very strong for let him go oat on option to for the sfloond tim«. Kddie oi?naU»ed his retorn to the Internatk nal by beating Jereey CSty. Re pitched a two hit game, according to the Syta- cuso war eorreejKtadeots Imt tb« ofllcial aoorer in Skoetvillo £m the Feeta six blow*. This waa ore of the few occasions when Dyor w«us hear to moan. The Stars bad Dywr again to 1827 and he hurt hie arm after he had woa iMght oat of nino gamoa : f o ? tbem. That arm Injury kept him from ptt«h- :lng after July of 1927 ejnd kejt Syra- fluee out of a flag. Br«uich. Rickey gavo Djw One Topeka club to handle in lD2f; and he finished second In tho Westein. Aeso- ; elation race, having a lot of young i Use Cfesslfled Ads. i Cost ia mall. BesoWs are i big. Caseys Score Victory Over Murdochs atLatrabe31-23 Tho Caaey Club annexed another leaclev of tains the to sc'ore waa 31-23. Tho line-up: who now cap- Latrobe combination, was McCleary, Murdocks--23,- Harvey for 1 ates. Field goais--Schining, Brown 6, Phillips 2,. JDocIomenti 4, McCleary,, Crowe 2, Lacker, Maaeua, Harvey, Can-oil 2, Skitba 3. Foul goale--Brown, 2 o u t ' of 2; 2, Sparks 3,,-Reya-o d-s 2, Bowl In-2, Gor- ' Ciweys--81. uon"-5, Clarke 2, B mvii, -'Kin-s.burs'ky 3.-g c iiinirig ....-- '.'.-_ F..._...-; Crowe FOU.IK-- ' Chri8tia'iiHi:f".:6;. · - ot»t whose guarding was ex-ceiplioual. Tho Phillips, 1 at 2; McOleary, 0 out ~' ~" of 1; Crowe. 3 out of 3. Referee--Emory. In a prellailna'ry game the Light- i Brown ...... F. ....,,,,,,, Lucker iiing Juniors of Connelluvill.e wer de- Socond National. J iniom, '2 : ;6iit'of 12.'Phillips ,,..,, C _.~ Yates j feated ; by the Latrobe-Dwry team. Referee---Soiasoi I Declemeu-ti McCleary Uee tie Claseifl- A Adveptioiiiento. Substitutions. ... G-, ,,- Carroll I Kiiieibursk}-'and/Carson were tho -- G. -- Skuba j outstanding lightning stars,: ·Masena, tor Luckor T ' out of a. Charley Iffilchnert dfeoonwy named. Delkar, who now is rtth toe Cardiriala giving Vru Hainey^ and Andy High a battle, for the third base assignment. Dyer, besides managing, taa bod other «a;jHrieuca in haodlirg men or boys, for during three off eeaeone , he coached football teams at Texa»s ooljegee and coached them 'with eae- COBB. . Sdwin Tlttwloy Dyer, as odl before, in tb'B name ot the SciotMalo rmnagvr,, He was bom in Morgan City, La, on October 11. ItHX), Tha vital ftatistics »n him am ae follows: Batfi and throve loft haniod. but doesa't think that way; weights 173 pounds, stands S feet 11 JnchoB to,his stocking feet Lewis town G. A. R, Post is Abandoned LBWISTQN, Pa., Jan. 31--The local poet of the G.' A. R. JH fully dia- banded. Wiion-.tho last commander of Colonel Hulings Post, .No. 378, «ent the two charters and tlie two descriptive booke ot the post to Assistant Adjutanti General of the State G. A, R,, Samuel P. Town, the disbandment of the Lewistown organization. vaa complete. · i ' - . ' ' · Only 10 members of the post are still alive. Relics',' flags and volumes dealing with' tlie Civil W»-r wore turned oer to tb,e Mlfllin County Historical Society, ,

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