The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 31, 1930 · Page 11
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 11

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, January 31, 1930
Page 11
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Page 11 article text (OCR)

·ft S3eond Part Pages 11 to 20 saassBssss VOL. 28, NO, 69. CONNELLSVILLE, PA*,'FRIDAY EVENING, JANUARY 31, :t V- / - MAKING RECORD INSAFEI7MOVE Have ^Reduced Accidents Steadily During: the Ist Throe Years, j , YORK COMPANY HOLDS HONOR HAR'tt JSB CJRG, Jar. , 81 .--The quarrying and non-coal mining- industries of Pennsylvania have established -now records in rodnetlon of accidents to tnlky^s, according to "a; report Electrical .Genius Wins Cold Medal Award made ti Secretary Peter-Click-of Uie Stato Department ot Labor and industry by Thomas J, Quigley, chief of thft mines and quarries section of the department. ' The tiutirryinsr and no-coal mining i'fldutttry reduced- Us v.cctftenls ; :10.2 per e-eut in 1927,' as 'compared. vitVi 1926. hi 192S it again reduced Its ac- pldent total tour "'por cent as com- ptirad with 1927. and" Again in. 1929 reduced Its accidents .10.8-per cent ;as compared with 1928. showing that ''this particular Industry has successfully ted'uced Us accidents for three consecutive years, totaling a 25.0 per cent r-odnctlon over the accidents of 1926. . .' From information secured through a ftues-tionairo seat to the quarrying .industry, employment Jiguves showed an Increase In employment in 1929 aa compared \vltu ;19,28. With an increase In employment, an increase of man-hour exposure, and a'.decrease of 10.8'per.cent In accidents,' tho quarry^ ing and non-coal m i n i n g industry has iiiad tlio most .remarkable record'ot accident prevention during tho past throe- years, officials said. ! To tho John E. Bak;r Company of York, belongs the individual honors. In 191!D, tho first lull year that this couvpany operated with a thoroughly organized'safety committee at each vt UB plants, It operated throughout the year with only 59 lost-time aocld-e-nts as compared with 307 in 1927, Tho Thomnavillo plant and the Edgar plant ot this company went through the oatire year without a · lost-time accident. To tho Penn Dixie No, 4 quarry, Nazareth, belongs the honor of having operated more than four years without a ibst-tlmo accident The last 1 accident in the- quarry ot the Penn Dixie No. 4 plant occurred October 31, 1,935. . O t h e r companies have made' exceptional records in accident proven- tljtm Include Ormrods No. 2 and No. 3 plant)! of the be-high Portland Cement Company, AHentown, which wont 5meat-atx(i" also had' a perfect record R. E. Hellmund, chief electrical engineer of the Westinghousa Electric and Manufacturing Company of East Pittsburgh, hae been awarded - the Lamme gold ';"medal "for hla contribution to thedesign and development of rotating electrical machineryJ' : The .'Award it made each year Tby the American Institute of Elgctrical.LEnEineera.'·'../ MALNOUR1SHMENT IS NOT CONFINED TOYOIJNG PEOPLE Jan. 31. --''Not so many month)! ago the American Child Health- Association made a comprehensive, investigation relative to the health''ot--children. It wa,-i thue discovered that hundreds of thousands of the nation's hopofuls wer^ suffering from eo-caH'sd malmitritloii." «ald Dr. Theodore B, : Appol, Secretary Ot Health, today. "It also appeared from ;be report that.many ^1' tho young people- were not getting'enough of toe right kind of foods, w'.tille only a comparatively smell number v i n ' tho investigated groups Jackal sufficient pi ovondr ot any type, Fortunately, with tho facie in hand, milch progress ha; been mads recently in Impn.-sshij} up n pare-nts, both in the cities and In thi rural districts, the necessity of . i- so-called balanced ration for their offspring. Incidentally, the information thus given and .Applied has reached in many cases In the parents themt elves being jmore particular "eon'ccrnin?; their own food habile. ; "However, there yet rersain many thousands of adults in P ^nnttylvania to whom the''term under-j-mivitthtmtnt merely to oo children ar Sand Cement Company, Bvansvillo; BQBjpcmer Cemont Corporation, Bea- smeT,; .Hercules Ce-mont Corporation, N,ais|areth; Lebigh Portland Cement O.Otnpany, Ormoda; Ixno Star Cement dbm'pnuj, 'Nazaretb 1 , and Medusa Portland Cement Company, York. -pthor quarries in Pennsylvania that operated throughout 1929 without a !osjt-Umo accident are Baker Stono Company oE Blopmsburg; the Trap Kock plant of the J o h n ' T. Uyer Quarry Company, which had a perfect record in 192S and 1923; the Rock Hill (tuan'y of the General Crushed Stono v .'Company in Bucks county. Bridgeport BRIDGEPORT, Jan. -31--Mrs. M. P. McClelland of Youngwoort was. visiting ? her r»nrente, Mr and Mrs. Bmanuol ; Bakef on Sunday. : ? -.vMr. and Mrs. C. - G. Ctausner and children, Eleanor, Ma.iory and Charles ; : ot'Pt'ttsburg spent thu "week-end with M|-6. Cl'ausner's eistc-r, Mrs. Eliza Boyer. 'Charles Cluuener remained \ for e. visit with his aunty. ; .Mr, and Mrs, Ray'McCI'cy'aud family · were in Connellsville Sunday after- 1 noon. JVJrs. Belle Boye-r and daughter, Hazol, and daughter-in-law, Mrs. ;' Galen Boyer and tho latter'e daughter, i ' Wanda, of Homestead wero hero attending the-' funeral of tho former's nephew, Karl Boyor. :Mr, and Mrs. J. H. Bolllnger and dauphta-v, Myrn Jem, ot Mount -Plena-. *\ ant pont Saturday evening with Mrs, · Bellinger's brother, William Morgan and family. ' The Order ot Independent Americans and Carnation Council, Sons and Daughters of Uborty attended church services in a body at tho Evangelical Chui'ch on .. Thurfiday -eveiilng. Rev. W. M. Mlnord of Valencia, who te «8sl*iting tho pastor, Jlov. 3. 0. Bfehop, With the revival inoctlng being held, "^ dclivcrwl the sermon. 'Rev. A. U Kenyon. pastor of (ho United Proeby- to-rtun Church of 'Mount, Pleasant was present and di-llvcred ;i prayer. There vivd? (i|(!i:lii) oi'i.'lii'sMvi Jinisiu under the i l l r c t ' t l o n ;' 1'*. !'\ McCioy of Scott- :«!!. FuiansviHe {.'I'.'N'NSV'lLr.K. ..Ian. H I - .NUri« Suo Me-iiiui atteiuliMi cliurch Sunday morning at t h e SiMtidak; ('[literi Brethren Church. M*. It. 0. liatrd it on th« wick list witti tonsllltiM Mrs, J. II. Nick low who has Vnen in t/niontown l"°r nom« time !s visitliiK friends Hh;a week. ,1. M. H i i t f i l i l ! «iii Mr.". K u f h fl«c'i were h\ S t o i f - I a l c WRdeRee-flay ylslllug at t h o lionu* of Mr, «n,i Mrs ( WYdfi the fact that they themselves may bo fluttering from the same a! m«tt, "For example, only rec ntly a man was -waiting for a friend i n tho lobby of ono 'of tho popular at Mictii; etubs in a,. large city. 'For "an-hour he '/irefully scrutinized each of the many men who passed him. And "he waa surprised* to discover that tho general average did not preeent i-'i their ap- piKirancd.'-'tlie vlgo^ 1 ,' yitall'y and flu«h of health which ho was naturally expecting to find. . "Indeed, in this connection, one is not compelled to limit i the investigation to any particular group. To ob- s«rvo the people, one 'meets on the strcete to note a .large.number of persons who are fiub-standi'fd a« to weight and color, And all Vhis, In tho face ot the craze for reduction! - "Mainourishment'lfi not a children's disease alone. It is a general ;com- pialnt. In adults, as in youngsters, its' causes are numerous ant tho same, including lack ot 'sunshiny fi'osh air, Qxerckne and 'im'prop'er 01 inadeciuate fowl and lack of siee-p. "A malnouriehed body is an inefficient one, whether "cauBecl by consuming 'appetite--wreckers at odd tlmea, engaging in- hectic pleasures, ; liidxiig- i'ng in over-work, under-.ileeplng or being guilty of sundry excessea. "Tho antidotes for mal nourishment iro to bo found in tho fundamental living r«le«. If you are in the great army'bf the undernourish id adult, gat out and get out quickly. There; is no victory to be had by romiilntng in it," J Emigration From Ireland Declines DUBLIN, Jan, 31--Eml;;rati-on from Ireland'has 1 '-been declining steadily for the last flve^yenrs. · For the 10 monllM ended October last there hart boon a very notcenblo decrease in, tho uumber of pereons emigrating from the Irlah Free State aa comjoured w i t h ' t h e s i m i l a r . ' p e r i o d ' o E previous-years.' In'192. r .the- - lotni emigrants was 27,"f47; ench following in 19liS- and in I!t2!) to IS.021. The United-State's, us usual, clainifl I he largest n u m b e r of emigrants, but up to J u l y of last year, when tlio reduced quota caino.-. I n t o "force, tho o r l f t l i t a l quota of 2S,OMi'' far .from (op Bitfft ilm J ' Read th advonlBsmsnts la Coariar. IBflHBHHi V VRHMMpMBBBHi Grocery 0 0 R P O R A T E D rWENTY PAGES, Saturday Matches, 6 large boxes 19c Ivory Soap, 10 bars *9c Lrag^rH Walnuts, 3 Ibs 79c Shelled Almonds, Ib 79c Shredded Wheat, pkg. --IQc Heinz Sweet Pickles, doz. 19c Start today to buy the Penn Store way. Join the many thrifty people who come from miles arouM to buy their groceries at wholesale. If you waiit to save bring your 01 dts to the Penn Stores-r-Lowet Price Grocery Stores. : ; .·; ... FRANKLIN SUG CREAM % OMAMA -KANSAS CITY-JDES MO1NES $ ' Best Butter in America can fetiy Cheaper Butter but Yon Cannot Bny Better Butter at Any Price! m We Just Received a Large Shipment from the Factory, MAXWELL HOUSE COFFEE, 2 ibs. 89c WtUMHMMMMVMHHMIIIMMMNMMIMniRBMM MM! 9^BHKtt^l^lKWKIiltfiVUMKllHVttliilHKtHU8tlOISltnUKHSSUSUnfi Caimpbeil's Baked Beangi, 1 0 cans 79c OLD DUTCH CLEANSE R,4cans'29c CHOCOLATE CANDY, i box 89c OLEOMARGARINE- NATIONAL NATIONAL Special * Special Sale \ biscuit UNlEEDASl2for 49e SODAS, 3 Lb. box 446 PREIV91UM FLAKES 17e Butter Wafers, can 33e C O F F E E ^n4 ^te^ a B fiatB mom t Mrs, Xorthcross,. cooking school exjM'rt, selected Pcrin. CoiYeo in preference to all H oHtor coft'ees. If .Urs. Northcross says that Fenu Coffee is the )!st coffee iu Connellsville you cirn be assured that it is. C Mansion of ae UnderworH In J u l y t lie revised qiiola of lS.OOOi ; I n t o -forje, a n d aiuco t h e n I l i o : r. of tmilgnmle leaving t h o ; country up to O c t o b e r - l i m t - w a s 7,SS(),! a figure, t h a t suggests i i i a t oven" Lha | reduced 1 quota w i l l not Uo exhausted j by the {Mid 'of next .time. .' i e," the palatinl raansioTi of .Mit-hae) J. "Mickey" Duffy, alleged gang leader .and long an outstanding- figure'.in. tho "Quaker -. City's un tier- world. The house in Spanish mission in it architecturnl classification (ind I s - s a i d to have cost ?6,000, which Duffy paid in full in $1,000 bills. The ir with »harp a trnstinu color Ings are bel throughout t "iViick'oy" Dm terior is ultra-modern in design, igles ant! broken circles in con- schemes. Its elaborate furniah- svcd to be unrivaled .jmywhero IB world,. (Inset) .Michael J. Not Serve the Best?" by All Independent Grocers Patronize - the Hom-3 Merchant Who Advertises in The Daily Courier^

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