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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Monday, April 22, 1918
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Connellsville'* Biggest and Best Newspaper. Sworn Average Daily Circulation Last Week,/ 6,709 VOL 16, NO. 138. CONNELISVILLE, PA., 'MONDAY EVENING, APRIL 22, 1918. EIGHT PAGES. IRITISH PUSH BACK THE GERMANS ON BOTH BATTLE FRONTS DURING THE NIGHT euton Attack North of Albert is Repulsed After Sharp Fight; Artillery Hammers British Positions Astride the Somme; Ten Americans Killed, Five Die. of Wounds, Latest List Discloses. JSSIA'S AMBASSADOR ENROUTE TO BERLIN By Associated Press. '. '-LONDON, April 22.--The British advanced their lines slight- last night in local operations on; both of the principal battle ·nts, the war office announces. . . A strong local attack by the Germans on the front north.of ert .was repulsed, after the enemy had captured one of "the itish-advanced posts; . : The statement follows: "Early in the night a strong local attack, accompanied, by ivy shelling, was made by the enemy against our positions in -· neighborhood of Mesnil, north of Albert. After sharp fight;, in the course of which the enemy succeeded in capturing one our advanced posts, the attack was repulsed. . "A number of successful raids were carried out by us at dis- it points south and north of Lens, resulting in the capture of soners and machine guns. "There has been considerable artillery activity on both. e's on different sectors of the British front. The enemy shell; has been directed chiefly against our positions astride the mme and Ancre rivers in the Lens sector in the neighborhood Fastubert and in the Nieppe forest." , . VT HEPABT31EXT BEDUCLNU SOFT SXAPS. WASHINGTON. April. 22.--The Navy jartment has followed the ex- pie set by the various bureaus of War Department in ordering that abstantlal cut be made ia the.num: of -reserve officers of draft age as- ned to duty in Washington, inactions have just been issued by 1 bureau, ot navigation limitiug the ;6re service" of meraburs of tbe ;'al reserve to six months trales- ; which tlae United States builds ships STAYTON ADDRESS Wm COVER NEW FEATURES OF WAR Officer Corainc Wednesday Jflpcnt X'nder 'avy Ltaane Auspices; 5ot . t o Talk of Its Horrors. ' Several hundred .thousand American lives depend upon the speed with isual circumstances necessitate an ension. Vacancies will be filled as · aa posible' with-women or.with 15 ACT105 ' C. S. LIST SHOWS. VASHINGTO.N", April 22.--The cai- .ty list today contains 71 names, ided as follows: ailed m action, 10; died of wounds, ; died-of accidents, or.e; died of. .ease, four; -'other causes, two; u'nded severely, seven; wounded Shtly. 42. · ! .'he men ki\led ia action are all .vates. Lieutenant Stanley Hudea: died of accident, and Lieutenants rland C. Hobbs, George Peck, Arlie in . tne n(art year, according to Captain, wuiiarn .H.'-.Slaytop, many' years; an officer in the United States .."--·· -I'.-- -.--*;-~.^.- - ·- J .»-7-^-a-^J- 8.30 .o'clock Wednesday nlghtv Cap- red Schardt and Edward' B. Wil- 1 facts : were slightly wounded. The list lows: 'ailed in Action.-- Privates Herbert Afcroyd. Elmer G. Dawley. Ray D. aager, John J. Lackin. Manuel Mar- George H. »3rsigian, Herman ner. John S. Slaton, Charles Wal- '·nV Bugler Grover K. Taaner. Med of Wounds.-- Corporal, Frank Amaral, Privates Emery. J. Bergar- Walker . Hammett, Charles nry and Leroy S. Wells. ' tain Stayton; who 'will, come' to .Connellsville under the auspices of the Navy League, is 'making a . plea for the people .to awake .to the seriousness of .the war, and to«peed up the most vital work to be done/shipbuidling. L. J. .Smith, field secretary of tb(! Navy League is here today nuking arrangements for the meeting 'Wednesday night. "Captain Stayton is not a war lecturer," said Mr. Smythv. ."He Js not talking about'the horrors of the . . . . . . trenches, but he brings a message that j o t Rochester, Pa., this morning, is the eitreme.. He teTls ' Sanders -had. loitered around MARKLETON HAVEN FOR SOLDIERS WITH TW8 Is Indicated by ArriTml of First Lot of 41 There on Saturday . ' : Xomlng. · That Markleton sanitorlum is to be used as an Institution for the treatment of soldiers who fair victims. of tuberculosis is .indicated by the first lot. of 41 who arrived there Saturday morning, part from France, part from American army camps. All are suffering from lung .affection, though somfr have been engaged in action in France and are suffering from the effects of gas. The initial arrivals were 20 white men, of whom 15. had been in France, and 20 blacks. : One .of the men from the battle zone is sutterlng'from slight wounds said to have been inflicted by a fragment of a bomb dropped from a" German aeroplane, back ot the lines. He was in the hospital service. A dozen or more nurses are in attendance at the sanitarium, wliicb. is under a guard of soldiers. Repairs and improvements to the building are proceeding satisfactorily. FAREWELL AT 3tO\ABCIf FOB CATALBl'-BECRVIT. " A most enjoyable party was given at ·the home of Mrs^ C. W. Keffer of near Monarch, Wednesday, April 17,. in honor of her brother, Arthur McConkey, who enlisted in tbe 'cavalry branch of the 'army last Monday. He left Thursday, morning for Pittsburg and will .go to Columbus, Ohio. The Monarch band rendered patriotic, music. Dancing and playing games were the main features ot..the evening. At a late hour .lunch was: ; served by tne hostess. Mr. McCorikey was the recipient of many suitable gifts.. including a' watch bracelet. CLAUDE JO5CKBS- BETORSS TO CAST. · Claudo Meckes has returned ,to C u ,_after. ;Sg~'a'six-'day .furlough with hfs parents,".Mr. and Mrs. Frank Meckes, and his wife. Mrs. Meckes has re- "(Contlnued on Fagro Two.) American know -- facts the people -people should ..must CIAXIST JOiW BUSS AMBASSADOB TO GEBMANT. IOSCOW r , Tuesday,. April 16. -- olph Joffe. has been named . Rus:n ambassador to Germany and is "vlng Moscow tonight with^ His ·ff. On fits way .to Berlin he .will et Count ' von ' ilirbacli.' German bassador to Russia. ,Ir. Joffe was chai'nnau of the first : ssian peace delegation ' at Bre^t- Jovsk'. He is only 34 years old and a Bolsneviki Socialist. He' spent ong term in Siberia and at one time jd in Germany. . ( . MOBS GEB3LAX ; . A\IATOR KILLED. LONDON, April 22^CaptaIn Baron \ Richthosen; the famous German ! ator. has been killed. Renter's cor- ipondent at British headquarters re- s-ts. The captain was brought down i'the Somme valley. HU body was Covered and will be. buried today h military honors. VOTERS MAY RECJSTER ;lls Wll be Open S 1. for That Purpose. . Republican voters are urged to reg- ar at the polling places May 1, the V registration day, in order to par- [fpate in the primary elections to I held May 21. The registration is beiug. held to ·roll voters. who may liave failed to yster heretofore for thu benefit of ;jse who may have changed wards ^ce the last registration )DEER CHASERS KILLED -;r*e Canines FmU Before Tun yard »j Hollow Man Snn'tlAr ·rttree dogs that- were - chasing a '^r in · Tanyard kdHorr ivere killed 'iterday by George Shaw, who-lives |that localitv iCliree others escaped. * Trett«r Hms 100 Pej Ceat. S' of the Trp'-ter v schools know, if they realize the-seriousness of the war situation.' .The a plea to speed :up shipbuilding, to drive more-rivets -every day, for alter all-tie building of ships is figured in terms of .the number of rivets driven per day. , TEN ARE CONFIRMED CommniilRR and Coanrmtttlon Services Conducted at Reforaed '.. Chinch: ':'·' .Communion .and 'confirmation' services were held at the. Trinity Reformed church---yesterday morning, with. Rev. James : M. Mullan' of Baltimore, Md., ·-superintendent of * Home Missions·;Department' .of 'the East, preaching and'havlng charge of the communron: " Dr;'. A;. J.' "Heller' lof Greensburg,. a former pastor of the local'church; had charge of'the con^ firmation and assisted in '.the-communion services. -.; ,-. ' . . . - ' · ' . ' '. . Four now! members" were confirmed, three wer^' united by-;eertiflcate an'd three by renewal of- professtoi : The; evening services were'also conducted by Rev. .Afullan. . - -' - - . A large .'flag was presented to the congregation by pne^ of the Sunday school classes, and another, class-presented a. service flag'containing-three HUNDRED TENTH MOVES ConnellsTllle Bojs Beportcd O i War to Embarkation Cunip. - ". It is .·repbrfed n«e.that"the.;UOth Regiment,.stationed, at. Camp; Hancock, Augusta,^ Gai.'.since September, har. left for, an embarkation caiap.. ·Telesrams to. that;.effect .were received here' by,. relatives and friends of the Connellsviile. ..boys .who are members of Company p.. . - - : . More to Country. CONFLUENCE. April 22.--Prof, and Mrs; B. T. Frazee have moved to their farm--at Geist, Md., iwnere they will reside during the summer. Prof. Fra- ec has again been elected- principal of the Cbnfluenee schools for the ensuing term.. Din of Jack Dunham,. three years old. son of Mr and Mrs Howard Dunham died of pneumonia yesterday at Eer rropolia. The funeral will be TUM" - - - - - - - SLACKER ARRESTED Man From liochester S'ahbed at VT«st ; Penn Power Plant. I.-F. Hornbeck, a'guardsman at.the WestV-Penn power: plant, was. instrumental in rounding 'up . a .colored slacker, Virgil Sanders,.'23.years bid. the BOARD 2 CHOOSES 22MENTOGOTO CAMPLEEAPR.28 Will Assemble at the Armory For Roll Call in Morning. TRAIN LEAVES AT 6.25 Comfort Kite An to Tie Supplied to tie Boys by the Members at the Bed Cross, M'kile Ked Cross Canteen Committee mil Provide Luncheon. Draft Board for District No, 2 has sent out orders to 22 draftees to appear, at the armory Sunday morning BROAD FORD NEST OFELEGEDPRO- GERMANS RAIDED Officers Make Prisoners of Two Said to Be the Ringleaders. FIND A PRINTING PRESS Socialist literature Is Confiscated and Brought ,to This City Along With Other Articles; Seiifflous Talk and Obstructing the Jr»rt Is Charged. William and Chris Hoag'of Broad Ford, charged with making seditious utterances and obstructing the draft, at 10 olclock for the roll call, prior to ; were arrested Saturday afternoon by LIBERTY LOAN TOTAL HERE $625,000, NOT INCLUDING PLEDGES MADE ON SUNDAY LARGER USE OF POTATOES' IS BEING URGED BY THE FOOD ADMINISTRATION The Vast Stores in Growers' Hands Must Be Xoved or They Will Be a Total Loss. The Food .Administratio'n, through County Administrator Davidson, is carrying on a campaign to increase the consumption of potatoes. A thorough survey of the state, completed about a month ago, showed that there were 10.000,000 bushels o£ last year's crop still In the hands of the growers. Good Results Obtained From Canvass of Country Sunday entralnment at 6.25 that evening Jor i Constable Martin Gerke, "Patrolman ! Unless these are moved within tie Camp Lee.. The men will assemble i Rendine and City Detective J. W. next six weeks the planting for this with those from; District No.. $. and j Mitchell. They are being held in the I year's crop will be comparatively leave on a special train over the Baltimore Ohio railroad. The draftees will be dismissed after the morning roll cali .until In the afternoon. Comfort kits will'be supplied by .the. Red Cross .and the . canteen committee of the Hed Cross Trill provide theinen with lunches. . f The men called for Sunday are: Curtis L. Lowman. Scottdale. George 'William Brunner, Stauffer. ^Albert Noschese. Connellaville. Louts Delissio, Connellsvllle.. John Baslle. New Alexander, Henry Robert Cole, ConneUsville. Fred William Pearson. Pittsburg. .John Joseph Fealy, Connellsville. Alfred U KeM, Connellsville. Arlie L. Gooding, Terra Alta,.W. Va, Gencrro DiLella, ConneUsville. Joseph Petko, ConnellsvHle. Joseph Thomas Biller, Broadford. Stanley Hiechart, Bverson. .John F. Smith, CoanellsvUle. Louis H. Huey, Connellsville. James G. Swink, Connellsvllle. C. .Reed "Wingrove, Connellsville. Norman Keffer, Connellsville. Lovi Griflele. Adah. . Joseph Msistreppctto. Connellsville. Morris J. Grodzin, Tulsa, Okla. BAND CONCERT TONIGHT Good Program for Ananal. Event by ' · · · Military Band. . , : · . ,'. power-plant all night, but his ·prcs- ifaie'.was hot discovered by. the guards until the-whistle: blew this morning. Stating he was from Rochester. Sanders applied for work. His queer action caused- Hornbeck to become suspicious .of him,.and while be was detained by. guardsmen at.tbe plant, em- ployes got in touch with the draft board w at Rochester," Pa., arid discovered:'that Sanders disappf.areri from Rochester, immediately after' being summoned to leave for military service. The local draft'board was notified and Sanders" was-placed under arrest and brought to the local police station by a West Penn policeman. concert of the Coan«llaville Alilitary band seemed to "be assured by the advance seat sale today. The concert, in the high school auditorium,- vill begin at 8.30 o'clock. There will be 50 pieces fn the band. The program follows: . "America." ' · - · I--"Columbia's Call .,..Robert "Wyman 2--Overture--"Piqua Iamc"... . Suppe 3--"ThC'-Drcam of a Soldier Boy." Misy'Rush with band accompruilmont. _ _ -- 4--Selection--Jack Q'L,antern. a COlo'red j 5--Clarinet DUCL: "The Two .Little .BuJftnches" .; '., -H, Klinff - CharleH Schmidt and John Koerner. · 6--A Patriotic Patrol--"Spirit-. of America." . ..J. .S, Zamccnifc 7--"Keep' the Home Fires Burn" ins Till'the Boys Come Home'.' Ksleo Atkins and Taut Lambflrt3on. SHORT INTERMISSION. "THE MR" APPEARS High School Smnber trill.-be-found · ·· ,on Another Page .of This Issue. , -;· On another.-page of-The .Courier-today-appears for the first time a space devoted to high school 1 news, under the heading of "The Tiger." The news is. written, by students of, the nigh school, 1 and the. space 5n this paper is given oncer'each week" for the publication of items which are. of interest in-"the- sch'ool and.,to parents and friends o£ the students." Future-numbers' -of "The" Tiger" Four-Miautc Talk by John Duegrvn, Jr. 8 -- -A Suite . in Four Paris: . "Don Quixote" ...... . ,V. F. Sanfranck No.'!-- A Spanish Village. No. 2-- Sancho Punna... No. · .3 -- Dulclneal No. '4 -- Don Quix- · otc. · · ' · · . - ' 9 -- Soprano Snjo. "God. Be With . Our · · Boys .Tonight." ....... ", .· ....... -rrs, Helen MarkeJI Knox. 10 -- From the itost Continent: (a)" -- "A Court Function;" (b)- -"I Love. Thee": "(Thc 'Prldce " and' - . · · · H -- Saxaphonc Solo .......... Selected · Mr. Schmidt. 12 -- Characteristic Trombone Smear: "SHm Trombone" ........ Filmore IS -- Soprano Solo: "Carlo- Nome" '· (Dearest Name }from iRlROlet- . ' to ....... ; ............. . .... Verdi · Miss .Helen Bell Rush. 14 -- Over tha Top. . . · · . "The. Star Spangled Banner." ,. city hail here until the .arrival of an j light and a siioriage in next winter's agent o£ the Department of Justice. · j supply will result Moreover, if Uia The men have been under surveil- va -st store now on band is not con- lance f o r . some time, and yesterday ; sumed it will be a total loss,'as it can- they were taken at their home. Chris I not be kept over for another season's remarked . to one of the' officers that j consumption. County Food Administrator JDavid- he .would rather be shot here than agbt against the Kaiser. His broth-| son, in er escaped iatp a pit when the officers made their raid, but he was picked up later in the .day. In their home a printing press was discovered, .a charter of the Socialist Party, "Workers of the World, and much literature. The men are charged with distributing this . propaganda, Tbe'prmc shop equipment is meagre. 3L had befin reliably reported that pictures of the Kaiser and Hindenburg bad been hanging in the room' but they were taken down before the oflk cors arrived. If the Department of Justice takes a hand the local authorities will be entirely relieved of the matter. If the men are not prosecuted, however, they will be Riven physical examinations by the local board of District No. 2 and Inducted into tbe.selective service. furtherance o£ a plan to increase consumption of potatoes, has sent tbe following notice to all ho- FIGURES ARE NOT KNOWB Enthusiasm ^Reported at Points in the Indian Creek Valley. SLATS SUBSCBJGBE $2,80fl Poles of Wnst Side Come Forward to Uie Tnne of $2,200 at Bousing Sleeting; Total is Swelled at Meetings Held in "Various Communities. tels, restaurants and other places in the county: "Because the existing Although many thousands of dollars worth of Liberty Bonds were subscribed through different channels over Sunday the figures for the cits which stood at $625,000 at the close have made it absolutely necessary for the conservation of food, the Federal Food Administration asks you to do eating · °f the banks on .Saturday remained j unchanged today as the new subscrip- conditions tions had not been computed. The canvassing teams are still at work today and when their reports are made after the dinner to be served at your utmost in the conservation o f ) the 'Masonic Temple on Wednesday, it wheat,, in . the increased consumption j is 'expected that a tremendous jump of potatoes during the next six weeks. During this time tie wheat situation must be solved, and the vast store of potatoes, now in the growers' hands, · must be moved, or they will be a total loss. · · - · "In view of the above statement, every American citizen is urged to give his hearty cooperation. - "Quantities of potates," says Administrator Davidson, "in this county are not very great, but in eastern counties they have as high as 50 per cent of last year's crops still in growers' hands. Berks county, one of the smallest counties in the state, has 300,000 bushels.of potatoes. FEMALE ALIEN ENEMIES Will Be Keqnired to Register Same as Mal^s, S»TS President's Order. . WASHINGTON,- April 22.--By pro- "The greater part of thes£jotaloeE. .cJa^Uon:,Qi.,tho--:Erestdent--.\GermaTr|-hav^^ in* tbe j party traveled about "300 miles" over and Austrian women in the United; hope of a' Itigher price, but on account roundabout roads to avoid sUckins States have been -placed under the-of tbe season, it becomes absolutely | in jj, e mut i_ . in the city total will be made. Several out of town meetings were held yesterday, and requests are already being made by the outside districts to have speakers out for next Sunday. The activity of the bond workers is not decreasing in the least, although they have been on a steady canvass for a week. . A committee composed of Robert N'orris, E. T. Norton, J. W. McClaren, W. O. Adrian, R. S. Matthews, W; L. Wright and T. S. Earner went into the mountains in tie Buchanan and Clinton school. districts and around Dayte- town yesterday, leaving here, at ' S o'clock in the morning and returning : 2.ujMock afiis mDnring..~i- : Tire ; SCHEDULE ARRANGED same restrictions as have been pro-! necessary that they be used, and this vided for male enemy aliens. They · must be done soon or they will be a will be required to register with the i total .loss." police or postmasters on some date to! be announced. They are forbidden to; enter barred zones about water fronts! and warehouses without special permits.. . ; · German women must leave the District of Columbia by. ..midnight tonight, it -they are transients, or by ilay 5, If they have lived in the district siiice. war .was declared. enter the district. None may | Four-JIJnote Men IVill Speak on Four Sights of This Week. Four-Minute Men will make addresses on four days this week, to- j night, Wednesday, Thursday and Sal-! urday. The following schedule has j Goldsmith at the PERCY PLANT SOLD .West Virginia Men BUT Johnson Fuel Holdings for $100,000. ,pno hundred thousand dollars was paid Saturday 'for an. operating coal plant IK'. Percy when the Johnson Fuel company disposed of its hoMirigs at Percy to a party of .Morgantqwa, W. Va;, men. In the tract are 326 acres of the Sewickley vein of coal. · Heading the buyers are John L. Hatfield, prominent Morgantowu law* yer and former · state senator, and Professor R. L. Morris, of the department of engineering of "West Virginia university. D. J. Johnson and C. W. Johnson of Uniontown, were associated in the ownership and operation, of the Johnson Fuel company. -Meetings were held at Jones Mills, at Davistown, and other places · in, that section. · Messrs. A'orton, Earner and McClaren conducted a meeting at the Buchanan school house, while Messrs. Norris, Adrian, Matthews and Wright held another at tbe Zion Baptist church. At Davistown a joint meeting -was held, all seven men being present at it. It was an enthusiastic gathering and a committee to have charge oC lie drive in that district wa was : anti R. S. Matthews at the Soisson. Thursday -- Mayor Dugsan will speak at the Arcade, John Davis ,at the Ornbeum, Attorney Duggan at the Paramo ant Soisson. and- S. P. Ashe at the IVlio jflefuses to Bpy Bonds liose-i ,Tob Also, is B«port. ,yor refusing to* buy liberty Bond.? and letting it be known 1 that.ibe. intended U) save his money and return to his native home after, the/ war, Yasko .Minko, an Austrian, employed the .Pittsburg Lake Erie shop's Will appear in Saturday editions. E.'Keagy and" N. S. Floto, both members of the Senior class, are editors of -"The tiger: "- "The Tiger"- is being published weekly on account of the tack of a school paper in the local institution. Prof. Frederick Smith is 'censor" of, the. schooLnews..., ( ??J!, jat IMckerson Run, was taken from QUAKE DAMAGE $150,000 Califcmia Towns in Bnins From . · . Earth Tremors. LOS · ANGELES,;'April -22.--More than one. third 'of 'the business .district of San Jacinto and a^ smaller_proportion, of that .of Hemet, both in Riverside county, -about 70 miles : east of here, were in riiin£ today, and scores of residences-in the' two -towns were ..wrecked ' by. a -: series of- earthquake shacks which' caused all-of southern California to tremble late yesterday afternoon. ·The · property damage is estimated at .from $100,000. to- $150,000.:. in. 'the two places. Kephart Sember BeUrement IS(Kird. State Treasurer'S. . : M.'. Kepnairt has been .selected as a member of the State Teachers Retirement Fund Board whick passes upon the applica tions of teachers who have reached tbcafe-enutling them to become baw the plant.Saturday by the men, strip- p e d - t o the waist and painted with yellow paint from the waist to the top of his head and then discharged. ° BACCALVUE1EATE Sermon IVlil Bo, Preached Kert Sunday Evening by Bev. McLaugUJn; Tho baccalaureate services of Gibson high School' will be held at the Evangelical church at South Connellsville, on Sunday;'evening,-April. 28j at 8 o'clock, the sermon will be preached by Rev. M..B. McLaughlin. The local choir will furnish suitable music, for the occasion, Teachers, .directors and students'iire expected to march from the school house.'at 7.45. The general public is invited. . .. rectors and high.schoolare'expected Probably cloudy..tonight and-Tuesday; not much change in -temperature, is the noon weather^orecast for. Western Pennsylvania Tcmperahirc Eecord. : 1918 ; 1917 M«Trimnm RS : 53 Minimum ___42 48 Mean 55 59 The Yougi river rose, during the " 4.90 feet to 5" 50 feet W ?°" SEEK RELATIVES Ifonc Knrfwn Here of Man Who Dies . a t t h e Hospital. Efforts are being made to 'locate relatives, it tiere ate any,. of Mike Kosko, 34 years old, who died this mmorning at Cottage: State hospital o£ pneumonia. Kosko, when admitted to tlle'bospital on April 13, said-his home Tvas at Carpentertown and. that he had no relatives. According to a paper lound on his person Kosko had worked in the mines at Bltner. several days of this month. The body was removed to Funeral Director J. L. 'Stader's parlors and prepared for burial.' 106HT AGEKT RESIGNS. Saturday--John Davis at tho Arcade. S. P. Ashe'at the Orpheum, Rev. J. L. ''Proudflt at th'e Paramount and S. K. Goldsmith at the Soisson. SOLDIERSjSSuRCH Three IteceiTed'Into M. E. Congregation in Two IVeeks. Great audiences attended the revival emetings at the M. E. "cBurch yesterday. Evangelist Westiall preached two powerful sermons. "Walter Sliger, home on a furlough from. Camp Upton, New York, before going over, .was received into the church witli six other persons. Corporal 1 Sliger is the third soldier' boy received into church ia two weeks. The revival meetings will continue i D. C. Kalp, Miles Hamilton and Harry Ka!p, . . .For the Buchanan district the following were named: Charle? i5.owcry, itoery .Flack, Cyj-us -Wfa'te, Edgar White, Samuel White,- Irving White. Samuel Echard 'and 'John H.. Layman. The -Clinton, district committee is: Sylvester Pulton, .Irrin Coffman, Spurgeon White, James Mowery, Frank Keslar, Benjamin Miller, Margaret Coffman, Louis Keslar. A meeting was held at the St.. John's Slovak chu/ch on the West ?ide yesterday afternoon at which Mayor TJuggan, and M\ Dtrencia' secured approximately $2,300. At the. Polish church on the West Side, J. M. Young, C..W. Downs, Alex B. Hood and F. E. Younkin secured subscriptions amounting to $2,200. On Saturdsj' afternoon C. W. Downs' team went to Broad Ford and canvassed the Overholt distillery workers. Every girl and man .employed there took eitier one or two bonds; with the exception of one man until Wednesday night Dr. J. J. Hill, j His financial cfflvUtioii p-ohibited him district superintendent of the Jfc-1 f r o m subscribing.. The amount col- Keesport district, will preach neit lected there has not been computed. ' Sunday morning. 'William Price. Pittsburg philanthropist and banker, will be with the Methodists on the morning of May 5, and will deliver his famous address on "My Partner and I." AGENT FINED Herbert Shaw Xew Man at B. 0. Station. Sherman. Huey has resigned as j Costs Scwinff IHaehine Man S127 for night ticket agent at the Baltimore Attacking Woman. Ohio station and has returned-as E. J. Quinn, agents for the Singer agent at the Pennsylvania, station, Sewing Machine company in Con- where he was' employed previous to nellsville, .was fined ?2i) and costs ia entering the service of the Baltimore Ohio. . , He has been succeeded at the Baltimore. Ohio station by Herbert Shaw. Albert . Tressler of .South Connellsville, is a new assistant to' Hay E. Shaw, day ticket agen-£; : " ·'· Boeder Proceeds. $410:50. The: handsome sum 'of ?410.50 was realized for the Connellsville Red Cross from the lecture given Friday night: in "the new.high school auditorium by. Lieutenant George H. Rceder. llentenant JeffreyrCaptnred. -Lientenant.- Robert. H. Jeffrey, i physician' .r.e'portedvMnissiig after a raid ot tie Germans. court in Uniontown this morning for an-assault on.Mrs. Sadie Ritenour near Connellsville when she resisted the removal of a sewing machine Jrom her home. The costs were $127. The court dealt leniently with the agent because he has been in ill health. Able to Be Out. Mrs. S. R. Sisley of Youngwood who has been ill at tie home of Mrs.! J. Fred Kurtz, F. W. Wright and J. Kirk Renner conducted a meeting in Paradise church yesterday afternoon with good success. An address was made to employes of the West Penn 'Railways company at the shops on the West Side ai 11.30 o'clock today by Attorney John Duggan. Jr.. At -2 o'clock this afternoon Rev. J. L. Proudfit spoke on Liberty Bonds in the crew room at the" street car station. B. B. Smith also spoke at the crew room at 4 o'clock. At all the meetings solicitors ot the Liberty Bonds were present aad quite a number of subscriptions taken. ,The Liberty Loan dinners -will be served next week' by committees of women from the following churches: Wednesday, Christian church; Thursday, Trinity Lutheran church, and Friday.. .Uctbodist Protestant church and United Brethren church. Automobile is Recovered. An a-utomdbile stolen from the gar-- ,, ( _ , iti «.u k uuj«t/nv; a i,v it 11 LiUlu. UlC Ear-Elizabeth Stillwagon, her grandmotn-' age of J. J. MeCarty of South Coner. at Broad Ford, is able to be about j nellsville yesterday, was reported to. the police last night vo be standing by. the road in Snydertown. 'ew Bockwood Coal Company. . : The Rpckwood- Coal - company The machine was discovered by John-Barnes.. The cjir had a West Virginia license ff: "A

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