The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 28, 1964 · Page 31
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 31

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Friday, August 28, 1964
Page 31
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Page 31 article text (OCR)

FRIDAY, AUGUST 28, 1964 THE OTTAWA JOURNAL Journal Cross-Word Puzzle BROTHER JUNIPER " : ACROSS I Mm Muck. Carttia takes. 10 SiQ. U Meeetaiai Praia. It Seartea ear-1 Spaaieh jer. IT Ueal Maltar. IS Fifnralmlr. Aim nut 2 wards. 20 Balaam 2 . 12 Histarie ull Isaet 2 words. . JS A Unlet Sp. 14 Rica. 23 I'll" csnluiloB. 27 Marnina ptrX, ' " 2S Tarluia city. 32 EaerwMd. tl .VUaHiMe er nuilla. M Ufl IooUmO , mroeavar. Si Prertr. 36 Qotntl: 2 ank. St Fleuraa. .. 39 Cawed asVdsl. 41 lmfular: Ahbr. 42 CMiulitt. 43 Fella. 44 HmMehnM aeei 43 Soeae Etratiaas, 46 Sid. 41 Aauase laeua. Ukas htm. St Ttnnn. 4i Mikwi i ameaaa. 37 Yeteukle. St Oaiaa. b9 Onxiaatar f ' L0. Mt. M Aaerta ruts. l Junbla. 62 Cat. 63 Septe-her: Ahbr. DOWN 1 Una at a ay. 2 Meaty aes. I tnare' jmijiv atraia: 2 ataa.i lU hastily: cmw 5 Al Ope creeUoa. 6 Hae pirt, . 7 Ererriaiag. PapuUr taack. 9 EarUMirt. 10 .Sail 2 werds. II Laropua lanqaure, 12 Field al tea. 13 Tm'i fire well. apparent of Tonga, came primarily to see the livestock and farm machinery on display. "I am very interested in the agricultural side of the exhibition." be said. Prince Tupouto Is In Ottawa at delegate to the fourth Com monwealth Education C o nfer- eaca. Ha ht minster of educa Mea la Tonia. . The year-old prmce Is also Drime minister, and minister nf foreign affairs, agriculture and worm. Ha said Tonga would like to sell to Canada, but that his visit was not concerned with trade. 1M ISLANDS Tonga, a protected state of the British Commonwealth in the South Pacific, comprises some 15 islands, with a population of 71.600. The prince said Industry is expanding conslderabhr In country, which has several Joint Investment plans with the U.S. This is the prince's sixth visit to Canada. Ha was mmi round the "Ex" by Frank Ryan wf to ntenous nrnif " ? s ? ?Tf?T? 9 s i 9 vi Elllri' " tri'-r!'-fT 71 JUilii i IB I BK2 1 flit i A" Mil Sim i rTT Tm !illHrmm 100 PIANOS mm iMMiDiimT FOR CASH KEN PARISIEN PIANOS 745-7071 Turnwrncrmrn' rga;wsil ifaia St, til Sparks St. at OXotmor . . i ' i.'. ' . '-...V-.ivvA''- '";: i , i A A-S.-L i - a. i FlaettaB, 21 Amy aealt Abbr. 24 Trt al hah-. 23 Darin. 36 Reiafe. 27 Praudaatia! ' eieaaarae. 2 PaaaUr faraish: ' 2 w-aa. . M liaaee. 31 Hhm a t sort. 53 ap. S Prrrira. 3 Aal'r eauaae. 37 Swaditk ear, 1 U. Iraftu. 42 AbaadaaL -44 lahtM rr. 43 Tnabr. 47 Oruia Swilse. a rraeUaa. 49 Hrda Park vehicle. SO'Maata" aria, -U SI PnantrM aaara. 51 Reader. 33 Ubi tarrUn. 54 Iraaiaa Tart 50 Df uaaaan 2 wards . - .-. , ,9 :1 . - "HtI". 24 ja ill P" : 3 JO 31 EII.lII3l"II- J" IS" 51 "" -.2. !3 M T " ZZZ Solution ol thU puizie wTll be publiahed tomorrow, Livestock Exhibits Appeal to Prince Tht "Ex" certainly draws after bin welcomed by Aider' unusual viiltori one w hoi men Howard Henry, CCEA came Thursday wai a prince, president. Prince Tupouto A-Tunf i, heir "Well, here we go off to another disastrous road trip.' fectious hapatitis. This jinala- injection produces 'temporary immunity. Since the dArtsarts. so -pre valent in certain areas of Southeast' Asia."" the Army takes for granted that exposure may very likely occur VTN10. YOUR HEALTH . By Lester L. Colemari, MD HEPATITIS Hepatitis, the devitalising time and energy - consuming inflammation ol the liver, Is under attack by the United Slates Army. While scientists art concentrating on the causative viruses of hepatites, the Army is firing a "double-barreled" shot to prevent the disease. All Army and civilian personnel assigned to duty in Korea or Viet Nona receive two doses of gemma globulin to prevent hepatitis. Usually, a single dose of gamma globulin is given, and only after a person is known to have been exposed to In and administers the serum as a routine precaution. ' Five' months after the first shot, the second one is given. The .two-injection technique seems to provide a much longer and stronger immunizing effect. While development of the body's own natural defence mechanisms is stimulat ed from active exposure to the disease, the gamma globulin injections prevent the infectious virus from gaining a foothold. This important advance in' preventive medicine is a sig-nifcant conlrbution of the United States Army Medical Corps. " TIMELESS EDIFICES Ancient Peruvian masons created buildings that have defied time and earthquakes, and their walls required no. cement so perfectly were the bricks fitted. let's talk "cents uIaSI 4 55 about entertaining! Nearly ererybody like to entertain. And everybody wants to be considered a good host or hostess. Problem Is that a by income budgeted for mortgaje, car payment, insurance and other fixed expense won't stand big entertainment bills. It doesn't make economic, sense. So what to do when you know that among your guests some prefer gin, others rye, vodka, rum, sherry or beer end your budget won't stand such an assortment? Hera's the tolatlon that will delight everyone and keep your entertainment cost at a ftimrmTI Boy Jolt 000 liqnort A special brand of extra light rum. Its name: TROPICANA. Made by Woods, who have been distilling fine rums for over 75 years . . . And what's special about TROPICANA? It't SO versatile it's practically a onbrmiarl Besides being a superior light rum by itself, your guests will enjoy it in any rum drink imaginable. It Bakes delightful versions ofalmost any drink you can name! Just try TROPICANA with three or four quite different mixes. . Youll realize you're on to something good I TropI-COla, for instance! Lots of people have already dis-f . covered Tropi-cola. They win be delighted with your Tropica na and Ginger, Tropica na and Tonic, Tropicana and Bitter Lemon, or what will you have! 'A refreshing change" .. ."a delightful idea". . ."mighty satisfying". . . With TROPICANA ' your reputation is esublished... and your budget saved ! WOODS TROPICANA RJOZVI i ARCHIE ' . 31 ; r : 1 : TRUDY MR. TWEEDY byN.dRidd'e Tmm, I cant AFFORD to save any mora money 1" HI AND LOIS --m--- TTUS VVWOLB WTD6 WtJKLP'S VWT1N4 FOR ME CUT THERE. Z CAN HEAR fT TALKING A sTDAiA PTS SAVING, TWX!EX ( TRWIE .' COWS OUT. TWOS r COME ON OUT ANP W &af PO THINS.1 rrx l "Never mind) tfie white bowling ball. I've coma to tea ioma of your wort." af get into akt -s i m ru& rt --anri? , I . . -JK. v JcO AVIttOf MX) MVE TO LEH i UlYf WMV M LZ 151 MfM, ) THEVBB KAAAV OUT to IT STOPPINQT. IT V V I SUWCN'T l RUN W . OCT TVC MASS Hwtf 1 . S WWAfS Ns. r 1 KV1RRY DRAKE , I t I T .Y A r ON WHO HO IN TMAT OOST AW LIZ, S6T. DRAKE.' y(Sr.TVk-PKCMOTE AmT rT ' r-T -rHTT'lFir 3j to o f fZ'WUGr n r J ; a-w ETT1 REX MORGAN, MD lr-mimr'nirniiT 1 ruooNursV V TxeYooTacouPLf f lajevm XT whok(ow5?ywj T r" "sy 50UOFOR A 1 I IN THIS TOWN a LAKES AROUND HERE KSHfcDIN H IOHTN0rr0aj V I WKf A n T0WHA Wtf K...T6fVtNTY I IN A WEEK k THEY SAY THE I5HIN5 II I WrURv WNT1IAN DASJVVje" I I HAD ROCKS IN MY J PERCENT OF THE 1 WtTHOCIT 0000 M GO00 11 K "V.. i' I HEAD LtTTIN' YOU V HOUSE 0OWT f . CMEV PUBi-IOTY TO GET 1 7rcria- ?7 TAfly 7CEEZE AT IT fe: JULIET JONES APARTMENT 3-G - I . . 71 I see somssoov 71 Kweu.. maw hutin. 1 1 tu sJ I i wnttotai: to f VL(! A wu know, -J im roe aivMS any h rr-Ana-1 ( you latea, acoelNYou t,juli. r VViSj-1 SXTTtN AMT fJ" RUMRATTHerVOIrKSI V . CA1 . f aaENTVCfi JMINO SfTTINO HEM rlwr "V jf p-aSycaAiw XT-ltS I A MYSTEROU9 i f HAVE COfTU M UWAy'J 6ARTH HOSJ AriOE ELSE ABOUT f- W Y I jE I . PATE AND TOWMIE P-. 'l OUR LITTLE ME t TING, MISS MAGCT.' IT " 5,.Lr l TOOK A WALK.' SHEU. w I' 7 ft Sf 7 ' ra EXCta YOU TO 6ET l TOUCX , -i TOMMI6 'V1 I Bfc MCXflOONf JJ M'l U?l& AOSNRAL.' L WITH ME EVERY FIW 0S ANO WFOr X'R STEVE RCPER II 1 II l-r "liUrtHS LAWE wtteT-1" isaa- iri , gi m)ac,..HIOM ( SAME HEBf, 1 wtwfoa, ntf GfHTUMEw-. V. viitHDtY with tmrci ouEews" ' J TlKTl . . AAAan-,ajLA4A- M FACT, tit MVC TtMa TTMrVBCW KM TTINe- a L k. tOE CM NOW. OfVTlEMtM.'-YOU DONT TWNK a HCST WOULC CLIAN i tvttn r-wif k a sooAt e .' xxrve Uk7THMa so sry about lk-Lii I a-. 4 : I ... , l ' ' i . ' '

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