The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 28, 1964 · Page 30
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 30

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Friday, August 28, 1964
Page 30
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- r 30 THEY'LL DO IT Puzzle Pic who wil,l cmt Abreast OF THE PARKED CAR FIRST? CAR A-CARB-'Z; OR BOY ON BIKE ? EVERYTIME- j-ct SB I I 7TT4 I X X ON A 1 ft OARA7 BK r T MWtU V&0 M1M. I mum kmooc mm orf J ktUJL CXkH tuti wMlff-1vm Wtiva- ) THt fIDRV wt CT If 'A 30T Of fSPRXUtP 6KtH VOJ-P 98 NICS J TV By JIMMY HATLO I ANS DEAP MEAT AU. KILL ARRIVE AT SAME POINT, SAME TIME PLUS LAO AND 0O6 WHO COME OUT Of NO- " WHERE TO CROSS STREET m-n vxm Tfp 6ttawa journal Herb, look ot If thlt wxr...At least he won't be in ogoln tor onothor two wmIuI" CBO 910 KC News' S.ll Mae's Nunc too News: Talk! t S It's your City '1 00 Con tree ta la Variety 130 Peter York Mualc i 00 Amtnnnt 0 UN Baale I jo Hmn Mr Music 00 Baey to Mmtmfr (SO Chamber Music 10.00 dim Talk 10.30 Summer Stage llto IS Men Svmalng 1100 Neva IJI77 Word and the Mm! CKPM 144 KC 3 00 Ottawa Today i 40 Primarily Musi lie s-tdnlghtl CKOY 1310 KC ls What the Sear o Nit Tbna 11.10 eleventh Hour ' CBOF 1250 KC ' S.On a4to-ourna II 1 lea menaoneee d'Ulyaae l g 30 A . la ehandalla I 1 03 Radio-translator 7. i capital at travail route la can S 00 Orchestra da Vancouver 00 Muakiu da ehambra , 30 Le ban uaege du monde v it- ' . j ,I did ytw msap that? . ., lP WHO'S THE . ZtS' BLONDIE RIP KIRBY ttaf-VU tnnovovat I .' ou. Jtn0 UHNO 0t T CX& NsOttXAtTStf Trvf Mi. t4 Wrm TV tOLL ' KLL MARK TRAIL' UJip1UJ4pIlW . eawaabaasMaaaMiaawmVaaaaHV vaaaasavjawaaaaaawa U J . . y A ' ' aw . "I Y tTT ci . , m . rv. vh i Q E r MABatTBAH,. IXeSP V T ALL f IfrlOW rS MB Vr iT,Xl Zt3KfS'ma srOW.-r TBVIHfJTO Kif IXACTL V A LEFT HEOB WITH Wig ' W . A i LARRY BRANNON .aeaaaaea t - - .-- . --, , - ' Radio FRIDAY. AUGUST 18 IttO Trente mlnuua d'uilarmauona 10 30 Coquelloot 11 00- Lea menaongeo d'Uryas ll.l ftendca-voue a l'opera II 00 Badkvleurnal 1103 Chacun a aoa gout 1 00 Udio-)ournal CFRA 5R0 KC TOSi-What'e the Sooret 7 so Cempue Club M Joe Brown Show II I Music TtU Dawa CFMO FM 93.8 Meg. tin Maiodv rn. . . , ' SATURDAV, CBO 910 KC A.M. t So Morning' Shew JS MarCaba an OoU . 00 News 10 Sslurday Concert ISSO Travellers- Check 10 JO Hobby Club IMS Careers T 11. SO Tales Out ol School . cat. II 00 BBC Neem 13.13 World Churek Neat 1 1SO Saturday Farm broadcast IS .AS remtnloi Observatory rime Signal 1 00 CBC Neva I IS t.wiea la Preach ISO Prslley at the Movies S 00 Opera Tune 1.30 Bporta Data goo Nam SJB H.ire Came the CUvrna T 00 Ted HaaUil Orahaaiia ISO On the Move 00 Radio Interna ttenal IV.UO Nesra. IS O IxMig Ago Yaatarday 10.30 Dance Music 11.00 News. Sports 13.07 The aloud Is Blue 1 11 "Music Only CKOY 1310 KC A.M. S.00 Kavnvaa the Hour . SOS Vik A raven Shew 10.00 BUI Lea Show PM. - 13.43 Ted Deigle Shew s.os News: Sports SSo Nile Time Touch CBOF 1250 KC A.M. 100 Bean tamas. maavals asmps v.vw jaroui a eia SOg Lee Jeult da I'ete 30 Turlututu IS OS Miero-varletes 10.30 Passe Pa tout musical ll.Ui uouoie II P.M. S OS Image du Canada 13 SO Pete aa village 1.00 Radto-loumal 1.10 Nouvellea du Lis folklore 1.30 Concert d ate 1. 00 Intercut asm I 1 00 Invitation a la e.w nounim aa apors 00 Radio-Journal S. IS Lea mansangaa d'Ulyaae 1.00 Radio- Journal 7 01 SI l eviattoa nt'etait contae oo Nouveauk dlequei .00 Ou bleuea at aea so iteportage ' 10.00 Trente mlnutea . d trtfcarmatlone 10.30-VUItee sua cnanaonniers 8UNDAY. CBO 910 KC Ian News, asset.. r IS MasK aa the' March ' S 30 Postaaark 'tTC . .. t to Organ Beattal 100 NsUbaerly Nevjag faf.asast it 10 Haufaa BMnaa 11.00 Sunday tsraaiaa I1J0 Recital ' P .M. ' II M BBC MstM. : 11.11 Looking Threat Patera I1S0 Stranger at SsasS- apllal 'eaort 1 30 International reettvtls 30 Churek at the Air OS CrtUcallv Saaelunt JO PlanarasaaV too venture 00 News . , . Is Living Words S 10 Taeacott aintaes ' - ' 1 00 Mantaveai I OS Ooroaetlon eg Poppea I IS 4S New: Talk ' II IS Anlhntngy ' itOO-t-Nevra. sports It IS Music Only . CKOY 1310 KC .. . II Hour nf f P lasts. 4a cnanh Newt 7 a.. Halvatoa Araay. ; itn Bible Class, t on Beet re he Mbl Hear. OO Xetropetlun Teoerneele 1 SSO Hvntn el Rope Bethel ' brriese i I00O The Bible Spoek ) M ai'.-Voice 1 tiophecy. I SO St. Johat Church Pel. I OS Parade sTtesa ,,. ,., 1 00 Storylead ' -i S.IS Nile Tim Touch IS OS City Beat IMS Bevaaat Bear -s i CBOF 1X50 KC 'i turn. '-. lour dime S OS Beau S SO Ltteura da aasiooite . t IS Meditation t SO La revue d la matsen : 10 00 Le monda en muslque . It JO LTiomme at Ma sortilege t 11.00 Reclul 1130 Un Iota t ropera . pja. . 1 It On Radio-Journal . ' IS 01 Le monde part aa - ' IS JO Jardtn Blantureux. Canada ' . iardln fleurta ' H U-No artsnaa mvtte l.oo Radlo-lournel 1.10 Nouvellea da teert t IS D un diaejua I'autre 1 JO La Sep II erne Jour seiameur t oo Bur Ouatra staoa JO La Jardln da mas chan 7 01 Michel glmon raconte Hartaanie aa a i utvranm a ifV . lZT" MIT . :1 l2 "7'lJVr !- lSri J i. .4 ' 1 to Jaaa a Parle I A rxocgl "'2 St I cmrt ''tlu''Af 'C (w. I" lioSdVui; itw'lAIwaii lVsy ri WNU 'sQ iaT I IS-ff??!?.-. 3 : V K .rlfitn aSKaaW i ? St SS.y Wit 'H .T I 1 JUDGE PARKER ,,, . ..... ... .... . . ..... s ,. . .,. , . . A , , ft SO Little Concert 1 18 CeaoeH Ball CKCH 970 KC 106 Chapelet 130 Pleats 3 00 Club S70 II 07 Coquetel ee Nuit CJET 4 IS Teen Beat 4 03 Canadian Beemdup 1.30 Beck la the Bible . g .00 Assignment ISO HiiiiiH far Monte tot Baay to Bemember ISO i Back and Ualen 10 00 News: Talks ItJS Nlgkt rilght KM ; AUGUST 89 lloO Lee fneneoneee d Vlyesa 11.13 Vlvr aa vie 1S.0S Chacua a aoa tout CFRA 680 KC IMk-Parmen Notebook 111 llootenanap 11 It Moonflow CFMO FM 919 Meg. T.OO Bright and Bury 00 Jmn Mosaic 1 1 00 Pattern ' P.M. 1.10 Stereo Workout 3 00 Folk Musis 4 s m Plesta 00 Oa Lacattaa). SOS comedy Hslf Bom , S 36 Plana Skaaitst 11.10 Dane Parts'. CKCH 970 KC AJL 00 Lee Petite Matins 10 OS Cluinsana Caaadleana 1S.SO Le Cholai da l lavita P.M. 1 00 Carrousel IS Hit Pared OS Club 70 cjet sao KC Jf. S OS The A.M. Show 10 00 High Time P.M. too Prnn C-aattar it SO New. I OS BA Hews t '. MtunUr Date Teens and Country 00 Grand 01 Opry 11 IS Night night CKPM 1440 KC ' AJt. T IS House of Caaunon Beporl 00 Ottawa and World New 19 Editorial g 17 Opinions an Ottawa S 00 News 1000 Music to Be member II 00 Must tor Ssturday P.M. It OS OtteaVa aad WarM Mewa II IS Editorial 11 S3 Ottawa Ofdnlesal 10 i Masts tar Saturday 4. 00 Ottawa and World Haws 4 SO Musi le la By . t SO Ottawa Today . IS Editorial S.00 Ottawa and WarM New SO House of Commona Report 40 Primarily Muale 00 Nancy WISmsi t oo Review ol the Haws .IS Primarily Musi I l oo Ottawa Newa la st Music till Dawn AUGUST 30 7 On Lutheran Boar ISO It Andrew's Char.. S ao Del Crarv Show Hour af Onallin II.S Mew. CFMO FM ' 93.9 Meg. - dLSL 10 Baroaee Claaels-I Maes. It 00 duadey Caaosrt 11. to United Church ttrvlea P.M. l is Prank ttytn ' 1 JO Music Oaaaubaa Araaaxi ' WarM. . 1 SO Bouquet at Wr'vaa tlS Snaday Otara) CKCH 970 KC ji 1 00- Las Pettta Matlae 10 01 -Meledtee Peamlelrea Il.tS- Oletra dee Mat tree P.M I. 00 Carrousel 7 0S Vie Crotaaant 00 La reuta eacbantee II. 13 Mlcroei iiana s assess CJET 30KC ' AM 1 00 Maste tor Sunday 1 43 Heb-ew Chrtstten ffouf otei Beejaria t oo Sunday M ssu Olad Ttdln Maralag Mat slue ing Tsoarnacia 43 Bible Lavere Peuesnhla II. 00- Maralng Charah Bsasatt PJBL It So Bynvt Tnas i no Been to me leee 1J0 Light and lit , 1 03 CJITs Sunday - ' 4 So Hour at Daelsio 7 00 Church a the Air 730 Capital lUport l.ttACBC Sunday Might 1 030 Venture 11 JO Charch New . , CKPM .' 1449 KC an Ottawa and WarM Newe Sla asaaanusll t JO Church New too Conuaunll 10 OO Ottawa New UOO Muaae tor Sunday . - PJs. I1SO News IS IS Music for Bandar '. 1 00 The BUI la Review t SO Music tor Ottawa , toe News 100 Primarily Music too Camclot t oo Bay Connktt 10 00 The anew Oooae Wins Fifth Round In Princess Contest TORONTO (CP) - June Kor- chynski. II, of RR 1, Shelberae, representing Dufferia , County, the fifth preliminsry On tario Dairy Princess competition at the Canadian National Exhibition Thursday night She defeated Donna Rae Leach. IT. of RR S. Cobden. representing Renfrew County, Mary Rae Marshall. II, of RR Caledonia, representing rlal- dimand County: Joaa Slsde, II, ot RR S, Kincardine, represent ing Bruce County; and Margaret Pot, 21, ot RR 2. Smith-ville. representing Line el a County. -;-t:!' n:n;M:.S i ' - : j FRIDAY. AlloUST 28, 1904 r Bf SANDY GAROfNER' ll't lira lo tskt a look at CTV's naw show offering, lor lha Fall and lor a start tbt network bat flvt new programs that appear, on tht turlact, llkt good, viewing. Flippenr is a half-hour animal sdvaTilurei strie mads by tht produears of "Sea Hunt" and based on the character which has been success-tuJ-hnwo movies. i Luke Halpin, who starred in the films as Flipper's pal. wiD also have a leading role in the ntw program which hat been filmed on location In the Bahamas and Florida. It will make Its debut Sunday Sept Jt). "It's Yew Move", is a new game show which feature stih dio participants acting put charades for prises which will. Increase in value as the program buildt up. Paul . Hanover will be the MC and the show will emanate from Montreal. It will be seen locally on Monday to Friday in the afternoons. . "Bewitched.- which will be tcreened later In the season, is one of three new comedy capers specially produced for the samll tcreen. Elisabeth Montgomery, Dick York, and Agnes Moorhaad are the stars of the half-hour seriea based on the problems of a young advertising executive who discovers his wife has knack and Inclination to perform mpematural wonders. Add to the fact that he has - to deal with a witch mother m law and it could be hilarious botch - potch. "The Can WUIiajns Shawls alto along the humor line and. start Cara WUIiamt and Fred Aletter as a young couple who work m an office with rigid enforcement against employment of married sou-pies. v Imagine the situations that could arise when Miss Wilton and Mr. Bridges secretly married try to carry on working without giving tnem-sevels away. It will make Its TV bow on Monday September II. V "The Baileys af BsuVae" is another situation comedy centred errand Sam Bailey, the owner of aa Island la a plush yacting community who face opposition from the snooty set who want to get rid of him. ' Paul Ford stars as Sam Bailey , with Lea Brown Jr. playing his son Jim.'This Is another half hour . show set for Thursday, September 14. On paper It looks and sounds good. A month from now the public and myself trill have made a decision. But for the sake of TV viewing, let's hope It's good. ' w ' ' BETWEEN THE - LINESt Remember - "No Time for Sergeants.' the movie. starring Andy Griffith? Now It has been tnade Into a TV aeries with Sammy Jackson, Paul Smith, Laurie Sibbald and Harry Hie-kos. The halt hour show will Start m Ottawa on CJOH Wednesday, September It . . . CTV plans to Increase Its NHL coverage next season with more - Wsnnesday night games than H had last season . ; CBC't "Great Movie" on Saturday. September I is STUDENTS! SPEQAl DISCOUNTS TOR SCHOOt OPENING Come to Wallack't for aU your ' Art Materials and Drafting Instruments. Water Colour Sets Pastel awl Crayon Seta Wslercoioajr Fapers Tempera Seta Ol Seta ' CoeMtnKtlosi paper Paatal Paper , Ctareoal Paper CDCCf LETTERING PEN AND HOLDER. Bit. .eatae tic, wMh every purchase at I at a, asee . . ., , while aaaatrty beta. ' ' VALLACICS 203 BANK STREET OPEN FRIDAY . Free Parking at "Somt Came Running' .with Frank Sinatra. Dean Martin and Shirley MacLaine ... At 11. J p.m. on Friday, September II. CJOH will show s playback of tht Ottawa-Vancouver game of September I ... If Jack Pear fans would like a treat, stay up late on September II end with a little luck you'll apot him on ;the late night war movie, "Den Among the Sheltering Palms" . . . Rhonda Fleming will be esV'Ex" star Rod - Skelton't guest on Monday, September T . . . "Suspense Theatre'' will have an all star cast on September when Lee Mir'.. vm. Vera Milts snd Brad Dill-man team up m "The Case. Against PauLRyker" ... On the same night. "Censors West" will lake another Ionic at "Clrcles'-ot Power" and recreate a witchcraft trial in Salem, Mass., in IS92. . Radio Highlights MS CFMO-FM Concert HaH, Overture of Iphlgenie in Aulide. Cluck: Flute Concerto in D major No. J, Mosart; Lav Temple de la Paix suite, Lilly:' Quartet for guitar, violin, viola and 'cello, Haydn; - Symphony No. 1, Weber. I.M CBO Chamber Music From Toronto, the Canadian String Quartet. Quartet No. ), Borodin. ' ' - U.1 CBO Speaking Per. eaaalty. Dr. John Hsxdit cf Pine Hill Divinity Hall In Halifax .. chaoses three books 'or Igloo - reading during the six-month Arctic night IMt CBO CBC Sanuner Stage. The Love Song of Hanni bal Ftynch. by James G. Har ris. . HJt CBO Sixteen Men Swinging. The Ken Campbell or- - chestra and vocalist Paitt Lewis present music of the big band era. ' DAM'S LAKE Work on the South Saikatch-' ewan Dam will be so advanced by fall. INS, that filling tin). loo-mile-long lake behind it will begiaV , '-...... a. WANTED USED PIANOS W will pa cant tor .Tour plana or take It In trade on any mer-chandbve tn our atnree. : St !fb 9. (trtattwMd QMpptgj Ul Id. 23MSSI M illim Drafting n4jiirnents Rulers . ' Drawing Boards Set Squares T-Sqaaraa - . Brwshea af AO Types Crjfoortdl Peact Sets Pads of An Typee ART SHOP U.;.-v.. 23M309 EVFS TILL PJN. rear at aar Btea,-vt .. t .; i lll7'Ty " - - ' , I L -1 K - - - ' "1 aaaa. ilii aaiiaii laps I iai, v-w - - asanaaa as iwasssseaa in n . . . a . ........... . I ' TFmmKmczZ3nmama rrMM Twouwj.eurv.' i cviT we Cant r.PBtMAP mot.. but eww ml . np OF3 ITT ' i ' SSI J dwHtJxfi. i f m tMMt! H6 tvt rm vo.ev from yon. i pont vant him x . aAipj coutP ao DYTV -V j t r v r i I tr If l?n SVT1 . t&iaV I 17 IsA'NlJi tl IUIL0ING MATERIALS n - , 1 ' W f-- ; - iVVaJ : iC y$f ? i FAINT-TOOLS r . , '! fet lrfaJ 1714 BASTREEtJ I . - ' ' S ' ' W-.jTanJr,,xAirjAr:V"aJ m e"- '.m fjTf- O a j ' t t ataB.ah .an a M'a ale a. a aa, ,n ash.'a a, aava.m . a 'aaaaaaaaantaaam

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