The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 31, 1930 · Page 9
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 9

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, January 31, 1930
Page 9
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ITRIDAY, JANUARY 31, 193Q. ·THE DAILY COURIER, COf WHLLSVILIiB!, PA. a i i Everybody 121 N. Pittsburgh St. RDAY . \ In Our Big Underselling Shoe Department Final Clearance Women's Novelty SHOES . $ For the benefit Q£ the ^ omen of ConnellHvSlle. and rlcinit'y we are continuing this clearance ot ouap- ny new footwear, so 'take adva:i- .ge ot this clearance tqi··totnor- :vr, Saturday, is the last day for you to sharo in these grjat Bav- ings. and $2.50 Boys' $8.4 4-B\ickle Arctics $2.00 Women's Ne Arctics $1.00 Work Shoes $1.87 Women's and Chil- flren'.s Moccasins 20c Final Clearance Boys', Girls' and Children's Sturdy Shoes and Oxfords ' Buy Now--Yon Snv 50c (d $1.00 Per 1'aJr! Here is a big ojiportunlty for you to savo on ' 'oys' and girls' new 'footwear. ,tyle and leather Imaginable. Included in this event la Every pair guaranteed, All ; xm Whichever Side Yon Look at It ' » Aladdin Keroaeta« Mantle Lamp LIGHT Air ten onHaiay iaitaotlr and buroa witit osit «lor, nai*e. maobe, danger or trouble, abso- Saved from Death in MineTrap Create rt Improvement Ever Made in a Mantle Lamp N OW for the first time in homey where kerosene oil is used for lighting, oiie may enjoy · all the comforts and blessings of a perfectly lighted home. The; new Instant-light Aladdin gives a light just like sunlight atid even better in quality thai a electricity. It will flood a big raom with the oofteot. Mellowest, .brightest light--a delight to (he eye* of the aged--an assurance againot ruinn .ion of the eyei of the voting. No tongtr need a kerosene ligh ted Jiome 1 e gloomv and ehtcrleaa lifter nightfall. Beautiful hnxf'decor- ated giaia and parcbmeat shade* too. Fair Sale by LOUCKS Hardware Co. 118 West Crawford Ar«. CLEANUP LAST YEARS BILLS- Resolvo now to have no money worries during 1930. Pay all your outstanding ob llgatlons with ait, confidential loon obtained h^re. ¥00 can bor row up to $300.00 on your own personal responsibility without outsido iiifjncrs. t'ay us back In smiUl wisj -to-mcct payments Ottod to your income. . Start the New Year right. . let ns tell yon about; our dignified loaning plan without obligation and our service whlth extends over 19 years in Grcensburg. Inquire about our Bonus Plan. "-' " ; , Call, Write OT PHONi; 1-84-3 PutrJck McAndi«w, in hia bed in the State Hospital at Soranton, Pa., where he is recovering from a broken 'hi,3 sustained when he was trapped in a mine crash and given up foi- lost. A Catholic priest, Father Edmund Langan, of the Church of the Sacked Hewt of Mary, of Jermyn, Pa., risked hist ovrn life to eajry the Sacrament t« tho apparently doomed matt, who waa ultimately rescued. Three other men lost their lives. Many Organized Class as in Daws w District A. largo · 8ittonda.ilco te orpocWd this evening et thel Bryan M thodistj Episcopal Church, jfor the r aiy of. tho organized Bislo'idaeeee in DawRoit District'No. IpJ'Payette C-ainty Sunday School ABBOdiatkm, at which 'Rev. BVmer H. Ste-vgns, pastoi o£ tho Con- :rieilsvni-e Baptist Church will deliver ;the principal address on 'The Sunday School, the Best Place i' r the Young Folks." ' . · ' ' ' . . ' · ' · ' y AH claescs arc 63cpeo':e 1 to send as many delegates ;aa posfti 4e. . A roll call will be In order and ill delegates will bo counted. ' -' . , Th© organized Bthle.'eln ;ues In .Dawson District are a« follow 3; Bryan 'Methodist Spleoo al Church-Willing Worlcora, J. H. 1+ .ndenberser, '·'teacher;'John Wesley,-"Ft ink Giltjert, teacher; Frances. Willard A. S. Bottom, teacher, and Bryan } rogreesives, A. N. Strlckler, teacher. Dawson Baptist C2iur th--Helping Hand, A. M^ Kimmol, · te vcher, and Willing Workons, Mrs. "VS. A. Wood, teacher Dawson Presbyterian ' Ttrarch~;-Dr. Bell'Bible CJafitf, -Dr. H. .1. Bell, teacher, and Naomi Bible Class S. J. ; Parsons, teaen-er. East Lberty Presfoytorfaa Church, Vanderbilt--Men'n Bible C lase, O 8. 'Oglevoo,' teaoh-or; Altra ian Bible Claas, Mrs, 33. F. McManu i, teach-or; Smile Class, Mrn. R, I . Earner, teacher, and Willing Wor' era, R, B. Burner, teacher*' Hickory Square Church-- ?"alth V)ew CIas«, Mr. Rich tor, leachxr; Young , (Wen's Clues, Mr. King:, tea-her; Brer Faithful Claae, ,, Sirs. F e d Zorn, teacher, and Willing Y/o'rl ere, 'Mrs, Bessie. Junk, teacher, Jamea Cochrait MftnvoriaJ SVTottiodist Episcopal Church, VanclerW t--Barnes. Clasa, W, : C. Jldudliii, teach *·;" Jwoyal ·Juniors, Mrs. Hazel Men-it, t.ettcher; Junior Sunljoamw, Mre. Este'la Robertson, teacher; Tawaiifca, Mr . Thomas BottomJoy, teaehor; Kndeat r Ctoee, Wi,8 Bese Dunlap, t'wichpr, Philathea Olaas, Dr. G. B. Bobe-He, teacher; ; Eureka Class, B. S. Meanu, teacher, ! ajid Enlro Noas, M'w Car i« Doll, teacher, Philip G; Ooehran Meroorte 1 Methodist Bpiflcopai Obureh, Daws, n--Men's Bible C1.V88, U, 1C Smith, teacher; Philatbea- Cla«a, Albert 7anBorn, teacher; Storah R, Cochra i Class, Margaret. Snyder, tcncher;" ai d Beatty Clais«. Mre. 33. ,J. Beatty, tea her. Tyrone Presnyt.erlti.n Chu ch--Per- sia, Walter Cotton,' trache ; Wide Awake, Frank Zorn, teachor, and Wilting Workers, Mrs J, ii H igorman, teweher. J.,e-iBenring PTeflbytortan rhurch^-- No report, VanderblH Christian Ohur -h--Key- stone Bible ClasH, H. I). Khalli nberger, teacher- ATen'fl t BOUe Olfl*s, J B Cunningham, toarher, ind F*althful [ Frlenda... U. C. Hiair, teacher. PAGBNINB. COLLECTORS ORDERED TAXES BY FEBRUARY 1 PENNSY OPPOSES P. W. VA. LINE IN DONORA FIELD liy the Scat* Open S to CttO -- Sat. B «o S. UNION LOAN CO. First JVationa! Batik BUlg. Koom 204 -- Sc«onl l''lor, GREENSBLJRG, PA. .«JH«'« I i«n your fHmlnatiTe o?- ;cti tha tirir.*-: Ttf MR lttjt«oI of ta tea 1 ft, tvtlt TJjstabl t-- ll drenbli, oiili 21* /·fflTi X./A"S/4 »7£ZJW, TAKS T WASHINGTON,. Jan.,31--The application of the PittslM rg - West Virginia Railroad to oouatruct. a six-mile biench from the Councilsvil)e extension to tap the etool districts around ^lonesB-en and DOIKV i, Pa , wua vig- oiously opposed by counsel for tho Pennsylvania Railroad at a Wednesday before the Interstate Commerce Commietilon. The branch -would extend from a point on the. new Conueitevilte extension, now under coi qtructfon, at a coat of ?r!S,000,000, d o w n the Pigeon Crook Vfllley to a eonnnectlon with the Doiiora Southern Railroad noar the Monongahola Railroad ut a station to ho known at B ilrd, 1'a. Tho hearing was upon tho proposed report of Assistant Finance Director 0. V. Buinald« i ('commending tho grunting of the- applic tron. In commission chclet the opposition o£ tho Pennsylvania o uisioned borne surprise in view ot recent reports that the Pennrond Corp. ration, a holding company ally of th Pennsylvania, hart acquired control 6i'?the Pitts-burg West Virginia from }·'. K. Tatfltn. at Cleveland, and his aascu kites. The piopouod ^xten ion, however, would permit the Pitt burg S. W^nt Vhglnia to compete iiii ^ctly w i t h t h e PeniibylVtiHld main I f i t o Hi t K e ^ I o n i f a en otae! disti lit "W S lUousoti, conn rl loi th! l-'lttsburg A Weirt V i r g i n i a , argued that, ilenial of tho apnUc.Ul-uu wtmld rhut (Hit'the road from one o; the principal soaccea o£ traffic tho i ew C-onneUK- | ville branc.h was do/sign ^.ip^^erYe. . ! '·'Aibert"Ward,' counsel 'or'tJi-e" Ponii- y i v a n i a , conte.ndwl t h a i Uio Peiui- vlvoniii inaiii line via Connellrfvillo Jrwidy. "offore the- *h«rust route bo-; poB«ra and oiuu-erii points, siioli i Baltimore. Ktt iiiKO iakl t.liat t h e ' additional'industriee dceire. to locate at Done fa. New opposition to th» aiplicatloa at tne Baltimore Ohfo for authority to acquire the B. R. P., one of tho oar- liera required for ite proposed Now York-Clilcago' short line proje-el, was vuiBcd In a memorandum tiled with the commission by H. i T. Newcomh, general counsel for' the' ^Delaware- Hudson, which, In euppojl of tl»o el- project of L J". !Lor«, ite UN I ONTO WN. Jan 31--TS*iea tlio tax collectors ot l''uyc tt* touity ap- peured In rourt for the seco id time this year tiotoro 1 resident Judge Thomas"'H. Hudson they wei jjivan addlUonal Information rngard ns; the collflctioii o£ taxes The court ordered ttie colle. tors to Have all o£ tlujlr 1828 tn.S retun a made by February 1-- tomorrow. t Tvah ainfihi3iZ6(i n tho (ollectore t| it they must mafca an effort to *oll ct tho taxes mci uses legal prorxjcdlng- they lira SFYEEE COUOHIHG SP Bl/LS QUICKLY El PE? IhatresBiag oougha cannot t3"o out and weaken you this winter £ you take Foley's Honey and Tar Compound reach duse g irrleg iho ci railvo balBatnU' vlrtiies ot pure pin tar, fresh rt\,tmileowt h'jjiey, with other valuible cois^h heulUt, ltig,ie'lents, 'nto dire-f (·o.nt^c'i with tho lr) llatel throat surfaces, rovorine thorn .ith a . .healing, aoottnm; cc-uHn?, eiuln g tho chairman, has consistently fought th* d)8t ,easing ooush. ita cjulck mm ieinal eft'orte 01 the flaltlnioro Ohto to do-| u c f l o n 1A n ot itiude.rod bv opiatt j nor High (Duality Price Hart Schaffner and Mrx, Kuppenheimer, fashion Park and Other Fine Tailored Greatly Reduced Up jto $40.00 SUITS $26.50 · $ Up to$5S.OO UITS One Lot Suits Yoimg Mein's Suits Up to $50.00 Values Odds and Ends $'1 Q.75 jm== Smartly Styled Up to $37.50 Values Up to $29.50 Overcoats $17.75 j. i == Up to $40.00 Overcoats Up to $50.00 Overcoats- TOPO3ATS REDUCED 25% lip to $2.00 Children's Headwear :;..,,. $1.00 leather Helmets _.65c hoiring J veJop ita ahort line, He contended that tlie r ommissloii baned trom coneldernton of Ita complto mil consolidation plan In connection with the Baltimore Ohio appllcaltou to acquire the Buffajo, nocheetv Pitteburg because the rail plan Imd not beea announced at th« timo tho h0urings were conclude.! In the Buffalo, Rochester Pitt«burj application. Tlio rail plan asslgnel tho load (o UK Baltimore Ohio lib ·suggested that the pioper coursft .vould he the lojectkm of the uppilca- tion, ,wtth leavo to renew it at a later time. JACOBSCREEK FERRY PROTESTS i AGAINST BRIDGE JIAHIUSBURG, Ian 31--The Jacobs C*ieuk F e t i y Company of Jacobs (Ji-eek illtvl a complaint w i t h the Public Sei vice Commisblon ugdlnst "\V II. \MIllum«, dojnf, biusmei.^ ab the .laoobft C . t f k Tun lovcmiont Aisoui ilion, alleging- he Is. operating a foot-brid,g« across' tiie / -.Youj;hibg ; Aony Rivor ,al ·lacobs Criv;k w i t h o u t the author!ty..or piTiiiission of tho Public Service Commission. ...A ,, . . . . . .'. : ,... ., . " .,'.;.. The""conijiluliianC'' 'etiiteti "the i'er'ry company was .Incorporated in 18U2 w i t h a 99-y«ir .'prp'vleiotr no other f e r r y or brWgo "ahould'· TJG -op'e-ratetl within .one mile ot ; · the ' terry. The jiresenee ol .the footbridge;- tlie cpm- Of ohlorototm is mlluh laxative, f| il kly tsepeiuUble f o t LC uglis, tliroat, lo»fsoiiobu, c oupy and nroiK-hial coughs, t i o i ; b l some night oouglis. Alii tor Ji'oloy'g Jioyy and Tai. For salt by C Roy het/.el, Wool'vo'th Bklg--·Advoitlaemei) . Perryopolia PJSRUY01 OLIS, Jan 31--Mr« John Burte of·'Moheseen who «p«nt 'several week* w i t h her inothei, Mis Joan Wllkee, h a s - r e t u r n e d ^to lier I ome. Mrs. Whito oi Pitlsburg ^·h() als^ h«U been vlfltlng with M i a SVllHcd has r«-lurlied home. The ! adiea' Aid Society ot th« Methodiwt Bpiacopal Church hel I hn all-day meeting at the chinch on \Vedueadaj. Elizabeth Hankie a groxlnaU ot j the Ppirj- High, Olaaa of J028, wl I go In training tor a uurau F c b r u a i y 3 at the Unloiitoiisn llospitul IJsile M a i f i h a l l , « Btudent ol I J r i j High, has been ill f o i o e v o i u l daj-i at his home M i s Dudley B u U e r m - m t w h o ban bet,u i l l , . f o r .the. pi : .t.. \seelc, has low jnue uion . .50 Knox Hats $5.00 Up to $3.00 Shirts : _4H.29 $L50 Union Suits _«.95c $1.50 Spaide Shirts : 85c $1.00 Holeproof Hose ^.65c Men's Dress Pants $1.00 Neckwear 55e: V..·~·/.:;-.'?^W! c ^^·^^^r^v.v;..^. 25% 2 for $1.00 Men's Work Pants ..... ll.$ 1.001 Every Item in'the Store Greatly Reduced ' \ . . . . . . . :;.^. · _ ; · · ; : - _ ·; - ^ , · - · ; Oppenheim-Glgllotti Go. 124 North Pittsburg Street VWWMVWtV*^^ HesnVts AUs, follow, nuRylvauia had ample- »i*aoc on Us i. Plaint .stated, injured the business tracke for the ase of whatever 'the terry company .: (s u iirescriptiiiu I'or Colds, UrJpjJLvFiu, Bilious I f1 ev«r and It la Ute most- siieedy reuicay kuo rn. Ex-President Calvin Coolidge is genuinely-pleased as Miss Ruth Snyder, festival .queen, presents him with a choke cluster of erai'pfvuit. Mra. Coolidgi is h o l d i n g ' a n · orange which'."was pr»» ssented to her at the citriis festival. Tlie are v)Ma\Uoning in Mt. Dora.

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