The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on April 20, 1918 · Page 7
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 20, 1918
Page 7
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Page 7 article text (OCR)

SATURDAY, APRIL 20, 1918. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVILL.E. PA. PAGE SUJVJW. Cobo 1 ell Into frowning meditation, lllowlng his cigarett^ to smolder down until It bnrined^hiy'thlck fingers. He w«»r-nolT;B_-jrop«r*UUons- mipVand - he pot np^.fai;in^t2fe^mroertt«tiiral. nev-. ertheless.' he i wn^ cpjiTinced that Ms; ' ' : ' finished putting a doable edge npon the Wade, fitted a handle to It; and then a. cbrd with which to suspend It- round JrtsjneciE.': '.He showed p'Kelliy, ·and^after receiving; a;word; of. praise her crept, outdoors again and'tried to for- sereeaht was notrly.inK'*nd reference: gethow^slck he waa : Black spots were to FanebACueta -liad ; set.,his mind to MnciQg . before. Jacket's .eyes; he ei- worklng. along .strange T clfflnne!s; He', ieticed ^ is ot dliz , oess ^,3 ,,,,,,. * K£?° W K »^ P S. ' R , nd " th6 ,'^f ? l-sea during'which he dared notattempt ·tubborn^elief .in .thereils enee of that £0 walt ." He taew tl)ls mlist bc the ^ Tarona treasure hadOtfore; than, cace.- ;snlt - o£ stllrv atiou, and yet, strangely Impressed, aim.;-. He wondered now .if i- · · others Tshared-.taat faJitT/or lC,_by chance' they had discoyVrcd/a clue to the -.whereabouts of thevmoney and" ·ere "conducting a; secret search. - It waa a fantaJUe idea, nevertheless Cobo" told 1i\roself that if people were prying aboirt-those deserted premises · It was with, some object, and their actions would warrant observation. The presence^ of the woman--a woman-with the glow of phosphorus upon her face was puzzlin?, bnt the whole affair was puzzling. He determined to Investigate, After a time he murmured, "I ·honld like to see this spirit." . The sergeant shrugged. It was plain Worn'his expression that he could not ·econnt for such a desire. "Another Dight Is coming,* 1 said he. "Good! I shall visit the place, and U I see anything unusual I--well, I ,;enough, the thought of food was distasteful to ·htm.. He devoutly wished it were not necessary to climb-that hill again, for he feared he would "not have the strength to descend it. .' Luettly for the sake of the secret, Evangelina spent most of the day searching for food, while ABensio lay babbling -upon his bed, .too ill to notice the peculiar actions of his companions. It was with a strange, nightmare feeling of unreality that the trio dragged themselves upward to the ruined qninto when darkness finally f came/ They no longer talked, for conversation was a drain upon their powers, and the reaction from the day's excitement bad set in. O'Kellly lurched as he walked, his limbs were heavy, and his liveliest sensation "was one of dread at the hard work in store lor him. The forcing of that door assumed the proportions of a Herculean task. . BuL.once.he -was at..the bottom of the wall and beheld the handiwork of Sebastian, the slave, just as he had left it; his sense"of reality returned and with It a certain measure of determina- | tion. Inasmuch as he had made no visible impression upon the bulkhead ·| by his ( direct attack,-he'changed his j tactics now and undertook to loosen one of the jambs where It was wedged Into the rock at top and bottom. After a desperate struggle he succeeded In loosening the entire structure so that he conld pry It out far enough' to i squeeze his body through. j "I have it!" he cried to Hosa. Seizing I the candle, he thrust it Into the open- j Ing. He beheld what he had expected i to find, a small cavern or grotto whtch ! had evidently been pierced during the ' digging of the well. He conld appreciate now how simple hnd been the task fit sealing: It c MYTIRErFEET t · ACHED FORpz ' ~" ' ' ."· - ' let Tour Sore; Swollen, Aching; Fe«t Spread Ont in a Bath o ^B«v Just take your shoes oB and'",then. put those ^eary, shoe-crinkled^ Caching, burning;:, corn-pestered, fjunion_- tortured feet.of yours''in a "Tlz"-)ath'. 'Tour-toes'"--win ·'wriggle witlHjoy; they'11-look.up-at you"and almostj talk : and then they'll take another dive in that "Tiz"-.bath. ·' ; " · ;. ': ·- "When your feet feel like lumps c£ lead--all' tired oat--just try. "friz." It's grand--it's "glorious. Your! feet will dance^with joy;.also you will fln'd all "pain 'gone, from corns, callouses and bunions. ·.." - There's nothing like "Tiz." "If* the only remedy that draws out-all the poisonous exudations which- puff up your feet and cause foot torture; Get'a- 25-cent box of "Tli". at any drug or department store r --don't wait. Ah! bow glad your feet-get; tow comfortable, yous shoes feel. | You can wear shoes a. slxe smaller if you desire.--Adv. '. , ' in a daze He not bis candle dowm, for his fingers -werej numb and unsteady. Cautiously, as if fearful of breaking some,spell, he stooped and-*trled to move one of the casks, but found that It resisted him as If cemented to the rock. He noted' that in head was bulged upward;.OB if by the dampness, BO he took his Iron bar and aimed a sharp blow atthe.cnine. .A hoop!gave way; another blow enabled him to pry ont the'head of the cask. He stood blinking at.the sight exposed, for the llttie barrel was lull of -coliw^-yellow coins, large and small. O'BelHy seized a handful and held them close to the candle name; among the number he noted a Spanish doubloon, ;such as young Esteban'had found. He tested the weight of the other casks and found them equally heavy. Knowing little about gold, he did not attempt to estimate the value, of .theii contents; but he judged they most represent a fortune. With throbbing pulses he next lifted the lid of the nearest chest. Within, be discovered several compartments, each stored with neatly wrapped and labeled packages of varying shapes and sizes. · The wrlt- npon the tags was almost illegible. ! of sealing It np so as to baffle ollscov- ! but the first article which O'lleilly nn- j cry. Kosa. poised'above-him'; scarcely ! wrapped proved to be a goblet of:most !,breatlied until he -straightened himself i beautiful workmanship. Time had long sprf turned tils fncb upward-ohce more. ·' since blackened It to the appearance of He tried to speak, but voiced noth- : P cwtcr or somc bnse metEl ' blit nc sn '"' ing more than n hoarse croak; the lh"t It was or solid silver. Kvidently j candle in his hanO described erratic fig-; oe nna uncovered .a, store of old Span- I ures. ' jlsh. plate, ..; -·: · j - "Wlmt'do yen see?"_the girl cried in I *" one comer of the chest he saw a | an agony of nuspense. j . "I--- It's. iiere I B-boxes, chests, I casks--everything!" i "God be praised! My father's fortune »t last!" Eosp forgot her surroundings; she metal box of the sort in which;valuable papers are kept, and after some effort i he managed to break It open. Turning back the lid,, he found first a bundle of i documents hearing Imposing, scrolls and heavy seals.- Despite the darap- Shall Visit'the: Place." bent her hands together, calling upon ' h , 688 ' tfieyjferc In -fairly go^condl- 0'P.tlily to make niste and determine ; ^ . 1? T," T "* J . ^ ^ beyond. all question that the missing ! ^ to .,' dentlfy them beyond .11 ·hirr foeliere'whst you have told me. Meanwhile, go see your priest by all means.,. It. will do-you no harm." was indeed theirs. She drew - CHAPTER XIX. .How Cobo.Stood.on ,HI« Head. All th:;t-day, «r during most-of It, at least,'Rust} 1 and Q'Roilly sat hand in hand/ oblivions of nungdf-'anB'^nitljue, impatient, for the coming of night, key"ed to the:^highest-tension. Now-thfy- wonl4'. "rejoice hyste^i'caiiy, assuring ~each~bificr of their good fortune, .again the/.T.'onld.grp'v sick" with the fear ot nisappolBtinent. Time after time they ont «f- the hut and stared np- ' question as'the missing deeds.of-patent perilously close to the well and knelt | to * he /"""« ^ands-those^^own over it like some priestess at her de- ETM 1 "? for ^*. 1 * Donna Isabel! i«d ! searched so fruitleasly. But this waa not all that the smaller box contained. votions; her "eyes were brimming with tears and there was a 'roaring In her ears. It was not strange that she failed Beneath the papers there "were nnmer- to see or to.hear the approach of . oris. leather ba^ These had Dotted; ' they cnme npttrt easily in O^eilly, 1 * great blnrred figure which ·mnterhil- ized out of the night and took station scarcely an arm's length behind her. "He · Intended It for his ^children," she.sobbed, "and providence saved-It from our wicked enemies. It was the h:md of God that Jed us here, O'Beilly. prcheiwivcly up -Uie slopes of Ln Cum- bro "to assure themselves that this was not ail -a -part 1 '- of -'aotae -fantastic itlu- lion;' nver.-lanrl oTer;-ln'-mtnutest de- J^l.^^^a«.!fiSiSUKbnjt, Jie hod. geeh'''^. the ''bottom" of '^the' well. He" Tell me, what do-you fiee now?' : Johnnie.- had wormed his way into j the (Jninp chamber arid a slim rectangle o( light was projected against the op- iuldTtot.7for.the' ·moment 'he."Closed 1 *his""he found himself back thore In thnt.plt upon the ridge's, crest^ ..straining at those! stub- ·born rocks arid slippery tlra7»ers." This' Inartloa wai: niaddetilng/ his-fntlgtie rendcred-hlm feverish and irritable. Jacket; too,-fi!lt the'strnin, : and after^ several sleep he^ rose-and-went out into-ithe. sanshlngV where he-fell'.tp Ayhettin'g. his Snlfe. He posrte. f[de ot the .well. Rosa could hear him talking and moving about! Toa Esteban Varona's. subterranean hiding-pluce was large "enbugrt'to store flngers,- dlspldyins- n miscellaneous sortment of unset gems--somejot them j at. Brst «leht looked like;blpod, otherg like drops of popest wat»r.-They ·were. the. rubles and the diamonds which had brought Isabel to her death; OTlelliy waited .to:?«$e, no-more. Candle in .hand, he crept out'-Into the well to apprise Hosa of .th trnth.; "We've got it! There's gold'by tlie barrel'abd the deeds to yoarOana. Ye»; nrfd the jewels, too--a qnart of them, I guess. .-I--I can't believe .my eyes." He- showed her a hahdfbl of.coInV.: ; "Loblc at that! Doubloon*, emglesI .There.ap- ' * " ' - · · " perhaps, ten-feet in"len'gth",'with' a roof Juiga. enough;to- accbramodEte.'a '.tin man. "A't'th'e far'tEer end wetf- ranged «everal small wooden chests: bound with iron and fitted-with haiips ; and staples, nlnniron*" side was a; row of diminutly;casks,. the fort used to con : . tain choice wlne» or iiquorsj o»ii all was a thick; corering of slime and mold. Thei iron was.;deply rutted and the- -piace''luielj-nndligd abeiiiiably. ^»t»ie/ ',,;...;....;-. ; .; ; . ?.,'?. ··'.'.. you ! re the-r|phe»t girt In Cuba. ItnblM, diamonds--yes, and pe«rl«, too, I" dare gny^-" He choked anil begfm-toPiaugh weakly.-'hysterlcolly. _ ; j- ~, . "I've heard about those pearls,"-Hosa cried, shrilly.- "Pearli.from the 3arib-. bean,-as large as plums.~Isabel;os*d to babble about,them In her sleep.". '·I found.tKo»e deeds'trie nrst;thlng. The plantations are yoors now, beyond ·»ny'auestlon; 1 '. ·_.- ;_·."...;·.· '··'{.!'.',." ..i" ' 8 ,.'.'.... .": TO BE COrfBHOBij^ ;.,- -^v ' ""'""" "|""'··"·' 1 Ff The Final Proof of Quality In these days a man must exercise intelligent judgment in the administration of hi personal affairs. When he buys shoes, he must buy good shoes --for the very simple reason that .poor shoes are frightfully extravagant When he buysamotor car, he must buy agoodcar--for the same reason. If you care to make a little investigation of the used car markets; you wiD dis* cover the final proof of Paige quality. For it is a matter of record in - fifteen of the principal cities that Paige used cars bring a ktgh«r pricfc-- proportionate to first cost--than any other American automobiles. PAIGE-DETROIT MOTOR CAR COMPANY, DETROIT, MICHIGAN- AGENT, JOHN RHODES WEST SIDE CONNELLSVILLE Purposeful Formula SenmcoV formula ii not "jntt · Utti* Of tola and » littl» of %ftt." l ' : \ :'. .- . . . , ' · ' . It'WM d«Tled witB » definite olrject In Tlew. .The .object, was to produce a tooth paste poMesBlnc m»dltin«l u well as cleansing propertlei--* real cleanser that could be depanded npon to rernov* tartar and keep, mouth and gutni healthy. The ideal denned, our laboratories sot abont to determine the proper combination.' to produce it. "Senrecd is the result! It h»a heen. tr|ed, tested and pronounced .gobii ^ by hundreds of the procession. Try a tube." A. single tube will -proTO . ·rerjr claim. Will show whj. thou- .Bands, today, use and demand Senf recb---arid"are- satisfied with nothing lesa.' All. drucgista and toilet counters. Large 2 or; tube--25c- SENRECO--Cincinnati OOOOOOOOOOCOOOOOOOCOOCXXJOO J. B; KURTZ, NOTARV PUBLIC AND HEAL EtTATK. ·. H ««utli Miadvw ocxiooQopocooobobdooocopooc WEST PEM SERYICE Mr. Business Man: " You would not think of renting any office that was not lighted by elec- tricity, as 'it would not be modern. Why .then '. wilTyou have your wife work in a home that is not modern? Think this over and call our . e.- « nearest office for our, ·i · t- ' ·· house - wiring propo- sition. West Penn Power Company MOBOBIf'S GOT IfOTHISG O5 "CAP"

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