The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 28, 1964 · Page 28
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 28

Ottawa, Canada
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Friday, August 28, 1964
Page 28
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L s I. 38 I " TEE Grant Orchestras $245,000 Canada Council grants lotah ling S24S.M0 have been awarded to II tymphony nnhestras tn cities across Canada (or (he IttMS season. The (ranti ranged from lit. set to Toronto and Montreal symphony orchestra down to fl.OM to Re(ia Orchestral So ciety. 4fKAYI R0O2T TRAVEL --t AAaaxBxaWawanwaTa BajswmA,! L Entertainment DIRECTORY MOVIE TIME KHEDUli AUddta v Tom Ion": "A Woman Like Satan". Box offtc epena f p m Show starts at dusk Aau say T Days in Msy"; "Hunnint Man"-. Box office open S p m -anoKJ'irwLJLauts r- Bnuaata . , "A Herd Day's Nljhl"; . "Gun Tlrhl al Comanche Creek". Box offtc opens at S o Show etarta at eusk. tapiwl Kobln and th 1 Hooda". 11 1S-I.m - J - 1 00 1 20. Last show 03 Center -La Sabre at It Flache". U4J-s M-s 40-1 M: -Cordon ail Voue Malt", i KO- 1S-S M. I ben. 1 "The Masque of tbe'aej Daerti-. t SO-4 10 -T OS-OSS: "The Devil at Hand". 11 IS . SM-a S Last show Ota. - - . Ctseass de Paris -TralMuanta da Blisrki '. 0 40 SSI. "Ctna Millions Cema-tant ". e.21. Last eaanalate show at set. Etsale "Bedtime Sery" 1 SA-J )4-l M-T U-S44. test ekww JO. , Biaiai ' ' The New Interna". - It U us . s ie - t js - 0 4a. Llttla una -The Silence". ! ' I SO S SOUS - 0.40 Lladea T Ways to Sundown". 1 sV - s 45 to OS: -Boys of the City-. Ill 7)9. Tama's S ChaK teneere". 4.40 - X Leal show ; .''.,. f Mayfalr -X the 'Man With the X-ftay Eves". 100 - 400 - 7 10 1010; -Child ra at aha Damnad". ISO-SJ5-SJ0. Last aha JO. ' The Empty Canvas" Monday thru rrtaar. Two thowt i(hlly. 7 SO-0 SO. Saturday. Banday and Holidays at 1 J4- M-SJO-t SJ-SJS -Prom Kiissla Win Lava-. Ona Mans Way". Box off lea opens at T so a ss. Show staru at duak. , ; Baffal "Fllppar't New Adventare". 11 lo-j Jo-a so- 40 -Cold lor the Caesars", I SO-S.OO-O 10 ' bast show o.os. . . . . ,-- .- " '. Bialte ; " .; i -Hv mortal Win .Travel-.. J ttS-SJO-IO.lS: "Hold That Hieno-; Mat". S 40 7 Si; "Ma and Pa I ' Kettle at Waklkl-. t. oensJa-tUO, I ' , Bldaaa ' I t -A Herd Day's Nlht i.t0.4a- ' 4 4S-O.SO4JO-10.00. 1 I our Toe iV" j i Wonder World at' Brothera: Ortmnl-'i 'TtixXananny Hoot". Box ., i offtea apana at S p in Show starts ; at dusk, -t 1 ; saaieraat - -Bedtime Story", t SO -' S 54 t I JO 1 41 0 40. Last anew 010.' Dancing rtooe. V. i CHATEAU LAtmref) Oanetno ouhtly. antartaianrans at 0 paa ; ao4 10 pas. ,. , ; BEIXf ' tXAmi tntaatalswuaat troos t pas. - ... .i, x . CHE2 tinntt (Susie ut'tkw Balea i 4 Or Entartatament. ( v OATINtAO CLUB - Dancmg and twe floor shows aliaily i HCrlCL DUVERNAT Oanctns and antertLiainent nlehtlv la ffirha-ttoa Letntse and Baaeutrva Peat- . twrrnoitovmciAL hotel. Dtnlae aaa d.ntlno alaktly : OTTAWA HOUSE Muaw la tke Ojrttt. - j- ; ST. LOOTS HOTCL. Daaetnr' ' - STANDIBHALL' DaneaM end ' anvartainmant aKktly ' i I TAU8MAM Eetertainmaa I . ailhtly Oanetns! rrntajr and Saturday nights . - TOwn HOUSE MOTEL - Eh tor" j laUunaat ajfhuy trass S00. ' EE STCCCES 1 iiSSfffStl Other grants were to Halifax. Quebec City and New Brunswick symphonies. 115.000, Winnipeg and Vancouver phonies, JJJ.0OO. Edmonton and Calgary symphonies llt.OOt; and Victoria Symphony. $7,000. coming from? -Thisytajrthe JUJQhnAmj bulance post is doing a record business in what it lists on its records as "bee stings." People 4ave been stung on Ohe "Ex" THE ACADEUY AWARD iVilNNER! eSTLPICTUrtr f ' ?n-S 7he$ch0le om : i ones: tMTNlftCtlM lis ill" v. aaMtaa- j. jl2ilLlli.l.lJi,ii;iir.i....1 centratioit of "the limited .Can ada Council funds on the country's larger orchestral. Council statement said. Th Council also announced that any additional funds It might make available for sym phony orchestras wilt, in future, The grants, up from previous i be concentrated on orchestras years, can be expected to mark I In Halifax. Montreal, Winnipeg, a trend towards greater con-1 Edmonton and Vancouver. Fairgoers Stung By Insects Exhibition organizers have a! A St John spokesman said small mystery on their hands he 1 believed the stings were this year. What are doing all actually 'caused"" by wasps' the stinging and where art they grounds every day during this ! possibility Exhibition, with as many as IS in one day. SSI Bt'BT LANCASTER !, DOUGLAS ., - AVA CABONSB ' M7 DAYS IN MAY" LAUBBNCB BABVIT ' LIB BEMll'K "RUNNING ' MAN" (Adaltl Cater .Pill Thew Irt allrM-tMl In trA I and many of our sting cases come froin the open air restaurants." j There are no bees being exhibited this year ruling out the escapees. of dangerous hive So far, no one has been able , and her career. "Not Since IT 9 , Ifs tea Eest Ccmcdy Ince ciUeh of KinST ...Vv Cunning ton Men whtf fleeced " "1 the sSccicst Chicks f i '1 Comfortably AU" Conditioned AMPLE PARKING NEXT DOOR TO ; SOMERSET THEATRE ' oniheRlvicra.a.;:f?i MARLON o MY FAIR LADY HAVE WE SEEN SCCH A BEAUTIFULLY ' i - " " STAGED SHOW-LOS ANGELES MANAGER OF THE GREEK THEATRE "VIENNA LIFE" i WIENER BLUT Of JOHANN STRAUSS . COMPANY OF SS ORCHESTRA . CHORUS ; CORPS DE BALLET - '. STARS OF VIENNA'S MUSICAL THEATRE : NEXT- TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY ' , . CAMTOl THEATRE - tM fM. " ' t : i TICKETS - XS0 - S.SO-as.SO S.00 . On Sale at AB I DAVIS AGENCY STORES' ' ' a - rf" CABLINOWOODwMI Bill tNC !! I1J.JU a-v rAiVaJ mtwwmiiKiBtmaiim. - THK-OTTAWA JOURNAL RLDAY, AUGUST. 28, rPK4 PLAYING AT NELSON THE stan-tig By CLYDE GIUrXHj . Bette Davis or rathe'r MISS Bette Davis, as she is grandly designated in the of ficial hilling of The Empty Canvas has acquired the reputation in recent years of being en extremely shrewd and force ful business - woman of the screen. Sheis. jre'vf " often read and heard, an actress who cannot he either bullied or toft -soaped into doing anything she doesn't want to do. and she bluntly refects any role offered to her unless it is "lust right" for her to pin down the cause, or the; SucB rePorl- however. 1 now source of the insect attack. nnd rriby '" "Wlievt source, oi tne insect atucks. (r t through this mads- Treble Clef prtientt: TONIGHT , tBl Suetdsy ; . Directed ky Ttss Baad. . Curtain at Messhan tlJe Oswsta si sa S portal student Bates Sunday Le Hibou . MB BAJ STREET . in Italy. English-dialogue sex-melodrama. Miss Davis appears as a rich .and vulgar American widow from the Deep South, living in her villa near Rome with her !ary. seV cen red beatnik sob Dino. an artist who bo longer consider anything in the world worth painting.. He intends to Ottawa Dogs .Win Prijes in NB Show An Ottawa dog breeder has picked up two wins at the Fred ertcton Kennel Club Allbreed championship dog shows held hi FredenctOn. NB KUilay's 'Kubla Khan, a IT- month - old brown miniature poodle, be'onging to Mrs. D. C. Flusimmons. 1111 Minnetonka Road, was declared the best , Canadian bred in the show. He was Judged by E. B. Raid of Stittsville. : A three - year old miniature poodle, called Toptrill TopflHa. ' was awarded first m the non-sporting group: and ales was named best ef his breed. Med 007T U niitririBidtriU V i i MsUfitrpsRial 1 I atkitttttfc) - ' 1 - BUtrsfiailtlO?f f- , ' V.sV-1 .- v ' ;whonbHt ft v i , IK z':..:3 a-sJi: . "l ' l. iumWi III 1 I'l - ? -to I Homii W v . SHIRLEY. (ONES Bedtime Story coiox MEET THE NEW MARLON BRANDO AT 1.39 -3.JI ' 5. 38 7.42 and 9.46 p.m. Somerset and Elmdale So'(i IN Tm lO.. S aeet ft..:i r.uzmi;Tni tea - ADDED FEATURE - "on Kim wir less f 4S4I4I DOORS . OPEN AT IMf - DAILY. mrzmm - - - - - ksnaXeWM - HELD OVER rr-r r The Empty Canvas' Not Bette at Best EMPTY CANVAS Bene Davis. Herat a a d Catherine Spaak. New pUywsg at the Netes Theatre. bequeath le humanity, as en- with, other' admirers. Dino at tirely blank 'canvas as.- his supreme contribution to the 20th century. . BRIBES FROM MAMA ' The young man, bored and footloose.' is forever wanderlni away and establishing separate domicile. Mama keeps bringing him back "with gifts of cash and sports-cars . . i, and bv staffing her household with shapely Italian maids. . Suddenly the son Is enmesh ed in a torrid, intensely physical affair with a 17-year-old . model named Cecilia who has fewer moral scruples than a m I a k. She poses in the nude (or him. even tbeugh he isn't painting. Once, 'in. an effort to monoDoliie her TaVors. D I a o even coven her bare flesh with banknotes from head to tee and lets her keep the money. But she still gslHvants around tempts suicide, but survives un-scarred: end at the and ho and Mama have achieved a sort of surly tjfuce In their lifelong war of Insults and accusations. Conceivably, In other .and more gifted hands, such s sloo- bish tale might have given the audience o few sour but pene trating insighia into the lives of the spiritually bankrupt in today's International Dolce Vita fraternity.- o- But most of the time. The Empty Canvas is ss faceless and frustrating as its title. , Newcomer Catherine Spaak (niece of Belgian, foreign minister Paul-Henri Spaak) Is, undeniably I voluptuous, but her acting as the fickle Cecilia is bland and vacuous throughout. The German actor Horst Buck-noli, as Dino, is almost ludicrously wooden. Dtrnierc Fob. cc Solr en Couleurs ' "Le Sabre et La Fleche- En Plus "CORDON S IL-VOUS PLAIT f A L'ABIche Itael Mardl Solr ,; '.f Deax ritaas an Tecnnlcalor i, . ."BEACH PARTY" Atrec tlobert Cummirrjrs , "GOLIATH AND THE BARBARIANS" Ave Steve REEYTS--Cbera ALONZO V Prasraanaa fonr Tanta la raaaine sane I'limBUitet pout . lotrr vvniiirs; ' i saxr. p j . " tnaial.aO.'4 i in a EsnMswaafB UNTIL MONDAY ! (a!. , U " ' t .1 ras3'waM Eataaljae ' Use ws've tawsn the) Hohln Hood loQana e merwrva turwl...Usuiswtth , iltR FiK I3ARBARA RUSH SSS 1-3 fcl7ii - -VmRawl S Doors Open 11.45 ' . .Last Show B.OB !a .4 ature 1115, ise, 4.45, 1.00,, 9.20 ' ' ChUtlrra 33$ Anytime ' " - . StudenU i ' ' . AdulU ; MmL .7 Ere. 1.00 - Mst 1.00 Ere. XS ttANK and QUEEN 8TS, vtattrYtrrnninr 232 1579 IHHBH:H.lrmi.M)ll 0i I. aUUVaTl . H ur5enM 1WJII HI IEATLE FANS! GET YOUR FREE PHOTO Of THE BEATirS TODAY 711 SAT. PKrtl "CHILDREN OF THE DAMNED" Beware lite Eyes That Paralyte r V. , . IAn3 as (or MISS Bette Davis. J she really is fussy about her assignments and took the role of Ditto's, drawling gargoyle of a mother because she thought she'd be well advised to leave ah future decisions to her agent LaturoaitTt Nftrvty Clair Um tf. KIbI FREE LIST . SUSPENDED , ttfl WEEKLY BOMBED . JACKSON. Miss. (AP),- A bomb exploded Thursday dight at the offjees of the korthside Reporter,' a weekly ' newspaper published by Pulitter Prize winner Hezel Brannon Smith. Mrs Smith was in Atlantic City far the Democratic convention. She has been frequently criticized in this race-censcious state for the liberal editorial policies of her weekly newspepet jt na fnttnni WiSQ Tot TONIGHTI SHOW STARTS AT OUSKf Mmwm lllllniivodii'iii 3 Musical everif mTV '"nj. I i'" I mm m S 6BrantlNaw I Sonea Blue vour t J V Beetle favorites) I WTCFRID brambell El ALWAYS A COLOR. CARTOON ... v ws This film undoubtedly is Kt most tartiing that you will ovr so. WhX ,1 w'W rvf-;y f-: I nw --afcair 1 J-. VI Jt . I ' - 1 Villi r nsjti -oy I Iff i l I W j. TR , "1 III - J I PfSRP HUS "GOLD fOR I f leO C THE CAESARS- TTi -,1 V ' r Banaa.d..-.g .n TKitniclor , " ffiWO.;, BWSSaSSSnBJ t I sanaual muoal . ci.saas MONDAY thru FRIDAY S SHOWS NIGHTLY at 1M an (. SAT, SUN.' and HOLIDAYS, IJJ US I JS 7.2J tS DaUy (IncL Sunday) at 1.30 - 3.30 -5.30 7.35 - 9.49 (f ( r Fi::riEEKT r ! 1 1'4 j t v'.' TJT rhlif.. : niianoos.acuon'pcKea tiimt : taJKsnmi BrtlaaaU e ' I wAJEk SHtHSON ALUN OWEN RICHARD LESTER 5 ARTJSJ5I I ! - NO RESERVED SEATS 1SU0 TLMQ AIWCONOHTIONEO Orlva-4a rl cux nc3T SECOND EXPLOSIVE WEEK ! t l.jui ...and their nmw lavas I WLfVV ...and their nam hvasl ADULT ENTERTAINMENT TIT mum !.jt Monday thra Satarday att A, e. es-aVJ a a e

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