The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on April 20, 1918 · Page 6
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 20, 1918
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

,, FACE SIX. ,-JFTE DAILY COURIER. CONNELLSVIIXE. PA. SATURDAY. APRIL 20, 1918. ti.: .baby, of. 'w-jPIBST PBBSBrrSBUiN CBJLTRCH ·J---T-J.'L. Proudnti" partor. Sabbath ·aeiiool at 9.45. Mornine service a; 11; · jfttljjict o£ sermon, "J«us- : (jBiy;jr : ·ICveBms service at 7.30; subject;The fteUiiWItii the Drawn Sword." Chris- jfeff!: Endeavor at 6.30. Wednesday toenfaj prayer meeting at 7.45. it CljRJSTIAN CHUBCH.--Preaching · and evening by Slri. Vary P. l«r. ."Jonjing subject, "Universal - - ' «Tening subject, "Doing jSijjirt, Bal." Sunday school'.at "" " -- - · · : Endeavor at 6.3ff. - diSSEtITT LUTHERAN CBTJBCH.^ ·MifZ'E1U» B. Bnrgess. pastor; i This B-lne School will meet promptly lit 10; ·'i-lSt The Lather League will meet ·jkdus P. M. Divine seryJc^s.'-wjUJai iondoeted by the paster at U'A^', .. aadS^O'P. H. Strangers-are wMcome; afc-iijH serricea. --.V.; ..",-- - S. Vance, M. C; Stuck,_ Joseph Hoon,. C, H. Ewing, C. rJTJones and'other members (.of "CiaJlatinModge. No.' 517, I. O. Ox jr.,io£^this;pl!ice,'.attended 'the meet- iagr-pfvthe-Past'Grahds'association 61. Faye(te..and-" Wfe'tindrolana' counties, which' met .with -Lodge ' ..No.' · 51.. ' af Brownsville -Thursday Anight--- -The meeting was;one'of the'Dest^heW [hy the association slil^e U» ar^aniiarion.- Ol.cimrse Daniel Dulaney'pr;-No;.-51s w»i there^ .I(o 3=sociatioir3neeti!;£;of; Odd Pelloirs" would; be complete' in J*yette: county.:.wjthout him, "He is 87" yottng/and 'as:s'"'a.'boy, .ot ·I;'.He contributed:'hfe; fair ·--Koracr M O U N T A I N . a tajeei. 11 A. M., cDTtnant meeting:- 3;3t5t3C, Sunday school; 3 P-. -^». Iqitttehiiig by Rev. £pps, D. D.-:All i iS*t;rdi»lly invited. Her. --""-'· .. . UMUJltCH. -- ;S. B. , tter. Sabbath school at 10 iSSi Prwkchtog service at 11 o'cloclc; : ti5*e. of lenaon to Sabbath school '36** 1 ' ITnit.'* JBrenSBg s*nrrlc* at "?-,aj£ topic, "The Coming ot the KJng- JJSiWr Topic of C. T. P. TJ, "Baghth - Prayer meeting. on. erentog at T:30; .leader, mUSt Jajmei. : : v.VS;?.. -- , ., · · L - ' · - '·^UJUtltlD HKKUHfcEN CBEDBCH. -- Ki».VJ. S. Sboarets, p«rtor. Snndar ·dtobi at 9.46 o'clock. /Preaching at ygSUoai Her. S; O. Stortr-ot ;West- 1NH. HI, wffl OCCUPT :', the ptrtprt. ^··Wac at TJO o'eloefc to-tttpa^ :P»OTESTAOT Apple street. ; J. H. Lanibert- i*tcr. Claaa meeting; S .-A. If; school, -9.«r*rJfc . aior4ii«. H A. M..;, *n)»J*ctj ^ "' - ~ . . . ie. "How and .-What to Read." evening »*» -«· :»""£ ^T" 1 . an ewng»itatic .erinon. fol- te»K«r»«rTlc««. prayer meet- Jn Wednesday erenmr .'fit 750 * JW*tor. will preside. ilr*tST BAPTKT CHUKOT, i iS^forg street -mtbar N « l , 'lbij,, L iionDay school at 9.45 A. M. ^Sgaic worship at 11 a. TO. and 7.30 P. 'HC /'Morning -sermon topic, "^he.Bs- Re!lg««iu''-. and VanderbiH. Cr- ApTfl 2*. -- Mrs -- H. : C. Will«eJm ot Dickerson Son hilt · g»r,tar*weH- surprise p«fr tor u«r T - ' b«n»,,on-. . p - . . ·mjbyable wrenlng wa» spent in game*. Bay MoCHntoek rendered »everal. vocal s«lo». At 10JJO refreshment! w«re Mrred iy airs. Wilhelia, aasuit; ·4 by 3C3S Gr*c« "Wilielm and Boavnrie Kathburn, The otrt of - towa gaesU were: MiMea Jessie .SUrttn and Eleanor Senor, John Benor, Harry Cpncer and Jesse Moore oJ Dimbar; : Mh»es Mabel Bnr- k«y, Jnll* Dnffy and .Margaret Calvery of Trotter rMls» Beniadette Mc- Glo«gaji,. tnillMn Adams and Prank O'Laagnlin of Leiaecring; Alex Eaet- on of Conjwllwmie; .Baymor Seals aad Bay Mat3Hntoek of J«m«*a. : Pri- ·nU Johns !«·»*· Smday morning for : Cainp Hancock, where le^ is stattoaft. with Company ^D" ''"·'"" r : i B. Headeraon h*s returned home from JtorUni. Jerry, ?*«» »· Ta« his Mber, Hngh-Btadenon. and ·brother, John Headersoo. : W. A. OoBgxnf, wa«.a.Mtng» call r , er In Pitbrtmrg'on lYMay. -" - "- ·- J · Th» B«d Cross entertainment wfll b« h«id this evminsj in the .Prssby- tsrtesr emuet.' drocs reeeipis- ar« tor th»ben«M of £h« VsadecWH bnoKh- ot 'tfce Bad Cross. . .' -- ' ..... : . , a B . Harper'ttd T. D/ SefcifjWr : were business eaDcn In PWzborg yesterday. . ..... . ;;,... v.,,.. ..... OhiopyJe. OOMVYXE, April 20.-- MiM Mildred Bailey is the gntvt ot friends in Con- neU»*ille. -- - ""- :~ ·-'. · .Mrs. Mary Usdennut at BiAreJl, spent Tridsy shopping in town. Miss Eden Bofctason of TJrsma, is spending a few days here with relatives. . . .Joist Bon JCctttoi is soitiewbat-lni- CoffineUsrUle on business. A meeting 'y»s "help church, last evening lo Loan campaign. ' the Baptist the Liberty W. Va.,-18 -rii'iting'. her iarects, and : MX" John* NlcnblsonV^iereT. icld. able''"iu»"ft ·««...· Uncle .·pa.vo.Vas'-h'e' is: familiarly '-Vcalted -'-by-' ^^ ··"everybbdy J -"-in' . - m - ,,,. .._,, -.^ 'jurfender'eci aoma fine s'elejhions, his soni accpm: pmylog- him on" the. pianp. __ He has keen secretary_of ;Msr iodge for. more thai 50 years, was never sick a day Jn " no use for. glasses,,is~ap' ju«su#wy-Mjiyal American ot English parenHig» iid-tirtn and ot a ilnd and: forgrrtnE^Saioriitoward all people, except Kaiser BUCYor. whom-he, has no word ta bis voeabnlary that would express 1 hta contempt, ; Mrs. Tjesli.9 Buckley" and son, who t is rat home on a furlougi from Camp; Lee, motored through from the White': Hons*. ]?ridar t-o Tork.Bun; where; they spent t^e day. with' relatives. j .-.'·,.: Dunbar. DTJKBAR, April 20.--B. 'K." Hoffman _; W. Va.. spent a few hours Friday looking after-busicess.In- terests. - , . - · i'-^'-- ·'·· . . ' . . . . . - . Anna. Qioero is. spending a'few e'eks^in'New York witK'^ler grarid- C.~B. Ho!t was a business caller in . _ ... _ ' 1: -N. Coldreh- of 'TJniontoTm, was looking after business interests here Friday. A ^sorprise and miscellaneous sh'ow- Vwip "held Thursday .jiight .at the home of llrs.' Ed.McLau^hlui: .Those present-'were; . Misses Jessie Baker,: ifargsret 'Smttl'ey, Eeine' Carroll, Tillie Lowry,. Jano Kearns, Oarnet Kearns, Mrs.' J. R. Foliz, Pearl Baker, Maria SchiTely.^Ail _;were conveyed " ' ' " '" '~ ' . _ ·Mrs.' i 'W:''C.-. Ga'ddis.' was -shopping in Connellsvllle yesterday. Perryopolw. . PBRRYOPOIJS, April 19.--Mrs. M. E. Hinnbaugb was a recent visitor to Hazelwood: -. ~ '· .Miss-iio'rinr'Slsley is ill with ton- silitis. . ' . . . . ' B. S. Luce, Mrs. Elizabeth Luce, 3*rs..Cora Blair," Mr. and Mrs. Howard Adams and'Bert Duff attended the funeral of David Larimer at West Newton Thursday. Harry Sisley has moved his family to Maxwell, Pa. -- Mrs. "Walter Byers and Mrs. 3. Snyder were 'ConnelJsville callers Thursday. : ::^Mrs;-jJ. R. Martfa visited relatives at Vanderbilt Thursday. ! Rev. and Mrs. V. J. Law went to .PittBbtrrg Wednesday, where Mrs. Law will enter a hospital for an operation. TSVUlard Duff has been, ill the past few days. Mr. Slfflwagon of CoBnellsrnie, M- baaiasst-trsmsftor her.£riday.. BuMell Chislm has returned from -finr days'.visit spent wiUi relatives. H. T. Kitenoor spent 7»terday In l^HENDUTY CALLS 'Every Soldier knows ·what the bugle call means and gives quick response. It is the ·'dnty at every citizen to purchase Third Lib- :;erty Loan Bond£ They are issued in amounts of $50 and -iap, and^Eiiy * 1-4%' interest. '"Subscribe through us.- · ·-·-··- ' '.. ·; ; .".rr.It;is the right time now to be doing your ···· -.-spring.'Shopping. · We are almost safe inguaran- V teeing good weather, and ftverj' woman is safe in .; making; her -spring plans and doing her-spring - buying; every minute counts now. BJease re- -_· --meniber- that there is going to be a scarcity of .--.: goods: -There is a great scarcity now qf;popular 1 lines of material for women, misses, ana · · drefi, ac'd"they are getting scarcer ever;-', day. Many, staple-lines we can not duplicate now, and we repeat again--every minnte counts".'-' If you . want to be sure of getting goods and sure" of get- ·ting what you want, buy now, for after -^hile it will not be a question of what you want but a matter of what you can get. There will-be no choice lines--you will have to take, what you can get. Conditions are growing worse daily; prices are getting higher dally, goods are getting scarcer daily, but people fail to realize just how serious the situation is. If you can make your old clothes do over this summer and feel that your fall outfit is pretty good, you should not buy any clothing at all--invest your money in Liberty Bonds. The Government needs it. ·3 Idtrsre Department Stores, .ousted Sn Fayette, Westmoreland and ^Allegheny Counties. Help Win the War With COAL P RACTICALLY every consumer of coal is engaged in war work of some kind. They need coal in large and regular shipments. This company has been appointed agents to purchase the requirements of a, .large number of important industries. We appeal^to coal pro. ducers to advise us wha* coal they can ship to take care of these very pressing -needs. Government price paid. ; Prompt settlements guaranteed. MOORECOMPANY, WCOKPORATE1) 'Land Title Bufldinp, PHttADEtPHlA, PA. Commercial Prutiiig of all kinds Done at SX? Courier. Job Printing Office;- ^ PATBONIZE HOME MEECHAinPS WHO ADVERTISE IN THIS PAPER. NfJV» WEMAVE OOR HOinE ' FURNiSHED AND WE A«£ 9O(T SATISFIED, BECAUSE WE SOUGHT EVERYTHING HAPPINESS FOLLOWS THE RIGHT START Iri direct contrast to the couple tbat furnishes the home 'witt the. shoddy, poorly constructed-and unattractive offerings of the mail order house is the couple'that has sought trie confidence of the home merchant, bought' from a stock arranged for inspection and thus has acquired satisfactiori. Quality within the home is a guarantee of satisfaction and ; comfort when compared with the cheaply assembled and unattractive "proffucts of We maii-drder houses in the homes of friends and neighbors. Then, too, there is additional satisfaction in the knowledge that the money earned in the home community aad spent there is/started on jts way back to the patron of the home enterprise. ". : . '·"· /;:·' MORAL:--Satisfaction and: home buy-ing go hand in hand- :; , :...:./·" A Great Combined Movement by Great People Will Secure a Phenomenal Boost for Yourself3 and THESE MERCHANTS. ZIJOIEBSLtN-WILB COMPASY Fnrnltare, Encs, Stoves · 154-15S TV, Craitford Are. . . V. S. LEOEGE Dry Goods 128 liT. Crawford Ave, ' THE HOBMEE COMPANY Meo's Wear 106 IV, Cnnvford Avc. COLOiNIAI, NATIONA3G BA3TK Cerncr rittsburg Street and Crairford Avenue. JttcBOKALD MUSIC AND ELECTRIC CQ. Boyaa'Hotel Block ,. . .K. Tittsburg.St ' H. KOBACKEE £ SONS -The Big Store" K. Fittsburg St . C. W. DOWNS Footwear for Everybody 127 S. Pittsbnrg St COSSELJLSVIU.E MAICKET AND NORTH END MARKET leading Groccjy Stores 136 and 313 '. Pitfsburg St ANDEKSON-loiilCKS'HARDWARE CO. 'HardYrare . I1C IV; Crawford Ave. ' ' CHAKEES T. GDLEIS . Jeweler HI West Crawford AT*. BROWNEti, SHOE COMPANY Slioen IVost Crawford ATB. CONNEttSTTLlE DBUG COMPANY Drtgs ISO IVest Crawford Aye. PETER R. WEBIER Pfanos and Phondjjraplis 127-129Enst Crawford ATB. A. W. BISHOP ' Jpirebry . - lOJOVcst Crawforfl- ATB. THE AARON CO; "Homo Builder" : - v 143 N. PittsbnrE St CROWLEY-MESTREZAT CO. .' Shoes for the IVholc Hamily 113 IV. Crawford Arel ART3HAN WORK China and Wall Paper 147-151 W. Crawford AT*. THE CENTRAL STORE Dry Goods · 211 W. Crawford ATO. .. tadies' Suits and Coats ' 130 S. Pittsburg St FIVE AND TEN CENT WAXL PAPER CO. Wall Pnper 103 W. Apple St WE1LS-30LLS MOTOR CAR CO. ' Agents for lYilta-Knight, Overland Cars, Accessories WERTHEESER BROS. Jlen's Store 124 y. Pitteburg St CONNELLSVELLE LAUNDRY -Snow "O'lutfi IVort" 129 Baldwin Are. COiUSTBIA HOTEL . John Dnggao IVest .Side FRISBEE HARDWARE CO. . Hardware ' »V Crawford A«. WRIGHT-aiETZLEE CO. Bepartment Store, IV. Crawford Are, LATJGHREY DRUG COMPANY 112 S. PittSbnrg St RAPPORT-EEATHERMAN CO. Sou Can Do Better Here.- J. Ni Trump HITE W TRANSFER MOTOR TBWC1I 'tmi , WAGON MOVIKC AMD llOIIITJKa nANQ» A «paciAi.T*.-' nfllrc lot 10. 8mp« Ailvr. A 3SATIOS THRB'ES THROUGH ITS PEOPLE'S THRIFT. It has been well said that "A nation can thrive only through the .thrift of. its .people." Now is the time, when it is es- ,, pecially important for everyone 'to be -··· thrifty. : · .... .., CONNEUSVIILE R4 Buy Third Liber ty Loan Bonds now (WESTSIBE)' through' us in amounts of $50 and'up, which pay 4 1-4 % interest. UNION NATIONAL BANK PETTY DDTK--Thank Goodness!--Without the Breeches By C.'A. VOIGHT

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