The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 28, 1964 · Page 26
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 26

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Friday, August 28, 1964
Page 26
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7" we" yrT' w wt nmi I ' '. 'a 5 THE OTTAWA JOURNAL i FRIDAY, AUGUST 28, J964 Royalty Means Unstinting Devotion For QueeWrAun the Princess Royal 1 a epasaWS m & m . . . a mcmmcbbbbw I 1 1 j i RECEPTION AT CEYLON HIGH COMMISSION Delegates to the Third Commonwealth Education Conference were entertained Thursday evening at a reception held by the High Commissioner for Ceylon and Lady Gunewardene. The "head of the British delegation. Sir Edward Boyle, centre, ' who is Minister of State for Education and Science in Britain, is seen talking to the High Commissioner and Lady Gunewardene. The event was held at the Ceylon High Commissioner's residence. 28 Range Road. ' Mourns! Photo hy Dominion Wtd COOKING COLUMN Homemade Fruit Conserves By NORAH CHERRY Conserves are made from two or more fruits . sometimes with raisins and nuts added. They are cooked until thick, then poured and paraffined like jam. Conserves, make a fine spread for toast or other hot breads at breakfast and the tea hour. Walnuts will sometime sometimes turn a conserve dark. To avoid this, blanch the nuts in boiling water for five minutes, then cool in ice water. Dry. well before adding . to fruit mixture. Almonds should be blanched and chopped. Save' these conserves Cfcipei because not quite all. . tin fruits are in season now but will be shortly. Cantaloupes, peaches, pears are JfcJittol, IZJ TheChina Hall ot Ottawa j 267 tatk St. 54 Bits. Ci SHOPPING IS A PLEASURE, AT hfsi. CmImii Psrktaf 147 RIDEAU ST.- Q'E'U rarvATt dept. stoaa 'mytmmiit tmnrn 1460 Merit tea. 72S-I44I . . (at BjutUa . -' YA m it i; ffij , BUY YOUR ? BACK-TO-SCHOOL ; SUPPLIES AND "CHARCE-IT 3 CREDIT PLANS! mm AUGUST FUR SALE 1 readily available but plums and grapes for preserving are not here yet. PLUM CONSERVE I lb. Mae plums 41b. sugar Ift lbs. seeded raisins I ranges Juice ef 1 Itmeas Wash plums; remove pits. Place in preserving kettle. Add sugar, washed raistns, diced, peeled oranges- and lemon juice. Bring to boil slowly. Cook slowly to thickness of Jam, about 40 minutes. Stir frequently to prevent sticking. Ladle into sterilized Jelly glasses. Yield: eight to II glasses. .PEACH CONSERVE ' ; 1 mag . 1 MS) wstt-dralaed crushed 1 cope sliced poaches I eaos sugar tp class eked clmsadt Grate rind of orange into preserving kettle. Peef off white portion of orange; dice. Place orange, pineapple and peaches in kettle. Bring to boil: simmer M minutes. Add sugar; bring to boil. Boil a minutes, stirring frequency to prevent stcking. Add almonds; bring to boil. Remove from heat Ladle into sterilised glasses. Cover with layer of melted paraffin. When cold attach metal lids. Yield: about eight glasses. DE LUXE CONSERVE I cape chapped trash I caps raspberries CB i ofi wtimit intuaft; at &umcM PERFECT GIFT FOR . DOTING GRANDMAS . . . , x ' FROM YVEUINE OF PARIS AND OURS ALONE ' " Enchanting little Paris frocks for vary young ladies ... by one of the most f array designers of children's fashions In the world. In pink or. blue hand loomed wool delicately detailed, in white intarsia. Sizes to fjt 2 to 6x. We've sketched just one .from a very French collection. 29.98 and 35.00.: Y'trtiman't ChUirtn't Wtar, A v Strttt floor, Wtttgatt ? : ... Alii V4 cup slivered blanched al mends Combine fruits and sugar.' Let stand IS minutes. Bring to boiling point slowly; cook until thick and . clear, about M to 40 minutes. Stir frequently. Add nuts. Bring to boil. Ladle into sterilized glasses.. Cover with melted paraffin. When cold, attach metal lids. Yield: six glasses. TOMATO CONSERVE 4 lbs. tomatoes I batea H cup chopped preserved ginger I cups sugar Plunge tomatoes into boiling water for 30 seconds. Place in cold water. Remove skins. Slice; drain off any Juice. Grate rind of lemon; squeeze out Juice. Stir in rind and Juice. Add ginger and sugar. Bring to boil over low heat Cook for one hour or until thickened. Ladle into sterilized jars. Cover with layer of netted paraffin. When cold attach metal lids. Yield: six aut-eunce Jan. GRAPE CONSERVE . t kss. Csacerd grapes H cup water Grated rial ef eae leaaea U cup states Juice Mm. seedle. T caps eager 1 cap lately chapped H battle noauj trait pectia Stem grapes and wash. Crush grapes in preserving kettle. Add water. Simmer 30 minutes. Press through sieve. Measure grape pulp. If accessary add water, to make four cups. Place In preserving kettle. Stir in lemon rind, juice, ; washed i raisins, sugar and nuts. Mix well. Bring to full rolling boil, stirring constant-. ly. Boil bard for one minute. Third floor, Dovntovm By HELEN CATHCART We salute the Queen's aunt, closer to royal history for longer than any other woman in the world . . . that modest, thendly lady. HRH the Princess Royal. With the illness of the Queen Mother and the coming of (our royal -babies the hat become the ' first working lady of the Commonwealth. One Summer day a eamtra-man was summoned to stalely Harewood House, near Leeds, to photograph the Princess Royal, her two daughterr-in-law and her four grandchildren. He knew that he would find a veteran Princess of regal bearing with a marked resemblance to her mother. Queen Mary. What he did not anticipate was her immediate sense ol fun. From first to last the Princess competently and tactfully supervised the charming family group photographs. She seemed to know precisely what backgrounds would prove photogenic and which groupings would have most sppral. After all, she has been experienced in royal technique lor longer than any other close member of the Royal Family. At (7 she is steeped in . family serenity. And yet ISM is proving one of the busiest years of her life. FOUR ROYAL BABIES With four royal babies causing retirement, she has been showered with royal duties. When the Queen Mother fell ill. the Princess Royal's first offer was. "What can I. do?" The Princess Royal is, of course, the Queen's aunt . . . and an ever sympathetic "Aunt Mary", to Princess Margaret and Princess Alexandra, to the young Gloucester princes and the Duke and Duchess of Kent, who particularly found her a willing ally during their Yorkshire romance. . Princess Mary as she Is still often called Is also the Duke of Windsor's affectionate only sister. Few people realize thai they meat whenever he is in London and she sits down nearly every week Remove from beat. Stir in pectin. Skim and stir by turns for five minutes. Udle into sterilized Jelly glasses. Cover with melted paraffin. Attach metal lids when cold. Yield: about 11 six-ounca glasses. MEDLEY CONSERVE . 4 capa summed currants 5 caps gaulebenks , IV, eaaa Mack raspberries T it Wash currants; top and tail gooseberries; wash. Pick over barries. Combine fruits. Add sugar. Cook 40 minutes or until thickened. Add walnuts. Cook three minutes longer. Ladle Into sterilized glasses. Cover with melted paraffin. When cold attach metal lids., Yield: 10 six . ounce CANTALOUPE AND PEACH -' CONSERVE I capa peeled, diced " rsarsleepe ": I cape peeled, diced ' s peaches IS capa eagar ; v ; 1 1 eraagec W- wf ' Place cantaloupe and peaches in preserving kettle. Add sugar, grated rind and Juice of oranges. Lot stand until augar is dissolved, about one hour. Bring to boil, boil uncovered n Jam stage, about 30 minutes.- Ladle Into sterilized Jelly glasses. Let stand 10 minutes, coer with thin layer melted paraffin. When cold, attach metal lids. Yield: about eight six-ounce glasses. e ... i : , t FANTASTIC y VALUES! j Ckat) at AW-CieiMsatC Cwalert IT? M ' II i ' THE PRINCESS ROYAL at her flat-topped working table to write him a long letter of family news. She has , ties, indeed, with almost every other royal person ia Europe. ' BROKEN BOTTLES It's a!' the stranger to find her picking up broken bottles end litter after some of Hare-wood's half-crown visitors, "the hard core of indifferent people who spoU things for the many," as she isys.-Wiih an array of state rooms decorated by the Adam brothers and furnished by Chippendale, the Harewood ancestral home is among the greatest show-places of the north. The Princess Royal makes her own home in a private wing, but there damask chairs jtand on aubusson carpets, and the Chippendale chairs In her small dining-room are part of the set from the State Din-Ing Room. ' A f i , When her son. the Earl of ' Harewood. decided that the house would have to earn ' ita keep in the cutely homes business, the Princess's prac-tical instincts came immediately to the fore and she be-gsjL enquiries about transparent plastic covers for the heirloom chairs, plastic "protectors" for the heavy curtains, foam rubber carpet underlay and even, smooth gliders for the heavy fumi-T turc v . Yet she Is still so accus-, tomed to an equerry or a ' lady -in. waiting that when' the went shopping tmaccom - -panied one day. she return-ed in triumphal excitement, . Tve been all by myself!" This Is the "predestined Princess' who acid long ego, when she began training to be c Red Cross nurse, "Of ; course I can do IL A nurse Is always on duty and I'm " always on duty, too!" " -MEMORY Similarly, her secretary once estimated that she bad visited 290 different hospitals within five years, always 1 with searching gazA and intent interest. There has been , no example of royal memory more remarkable than the :;iSORtllER!l r,.U5KI.AI BACK liUAId 1 , (Dyed) la Mink Shcdee CHINA MINK K r JACKETS Princess's demonstration irt en ATS canteen. I'l think we've met before?" khe said, , recognizing c cooki Jhind ' the counter. "Don't tell me 4et me guessf. - ' HRH correctly remembered ' thst they bed met. briefly, in a canteen kitchen in Boulogne in 1918. The Princess set a prece-' dent when she placed affection above royal rank end married the then Viscount Lascelles. later Earl of Here-wood. Though he was 19 years her senior, their marriage waa deeply happy until his death, only three mopths after their silver wedding anniversary. Her brother. George VI, wes then King. And it seemed a . unique situation when ber elder son. Lord Harewood. to d ber of his wish to marry Marion Stein, daughter of a Jewish refugee from Austria - who worked for a Bond Street musical firm. Prejudices of aristocratic lineage and social position, however, no longer weighed with the Princess Royal. , She found Miss Stein charming, pretty, beautiful, intelligent and musical. Queen Mary was readily won to her view and there were no further obstacles to .the happiness of the present Earl and Countess of Harewood, Romantic history then repeated itself when the Princess Royal's younger son, Ceroid Lascelles, fell In love with the actress Angela Dow. ding.' The Princess sew thst, in spite of some opposition, they were Just right for one another. ' MEWS COTTAGE The young couple were content to live In c mews cot-Use. But after they had a Ginger Spices : Hamburger Shape two pounds ground beef into six- patties. Broil or pan-broil until done to desired degree. Season. Spread 6 split round ham burger buns with Ginger Cream Spread. Slip a hot hamburger Into each and serve ct once. Makes six servings. t GINGER CREAM SPREAD ,'H cs Vt cap mayonnaise S tap. Worcestershire sauce 1 tap. wine vinegar ( I tsp. ground -ginger . . Blend together sour cream snd mayonnaise. Add Worcestershire, vinegar and ginger. Combine well. Makes cup. ; MacArthur Clan Mr. cad Mrs. C P. Mac Arthur were honored by members of the MacArthur Clan, of Glengarry, at C dinner end presentation held ct Moosehecd Inn, Lancaster, on the occasion of their 40th wedding anniversary. ..i Out-of-town guests who attended Included Mr. end Mrs. Howard MacArthur, of Chatham. Mr. and Mrs. Rob. ' ert MacArthur, London, Lieut, and Mrs. Peter Mac C Arthur, Halifax. - and Dr. end Mrs. Gerald Wilson, of i Long SaulL -, WIN CNE PRIZES TORONTO (CP) - Brant County Fruit and Vegetable orowerr . Association, Brent ford, was swarded first prize inursdcy lor showing the best commercial exhibit of vegetables ct the Canadian National Exhibition. . t ! 199 ' ft ,; '-' '"'"""' , -YOUR WEST END FURRIER ; ; WASERWAN FURS LTD. 177 RICHMOND ROAD (corner Kkkwood Ave.) -'"'HONt 722-6529 OTEN MONDAY TO SATURDAY AM. TO tM. FRIDAYS UlmL P.M. baby son the Princess palled family strings end acquiied the grace-cnd-favor lease of Fort Belvedere, the Duke of Windsor's old country home. Today there is no happier family group than when the Harewoods and Lascelles are at Harewood House. And stilt ' there is no busier Princess, . cs ber seventies elbow into sight, than Victoria Alexandra Alice Mary, the Princess Royal herself.. " . She enjoys totting up records, such cc being the first member of the Royal Family to fly across the North Pole. (No doubt she knitted over the Arctic cs she does everywhere In trains end cars.) In the Princess's suite in St James's Palace, the sedate ticking clock., the clct-eering typewriters end the Tenierc paintings are three . important clues to her per- . sonality. , For the clock was a gift from an Australian regiment of which she is Colonel-In-Chief. The paintings are rep- licas such as you might find in any home, hung because they give the Princess keen enjoyment. The busy typewriters cope with the correspondence of an unremitting schedule of engagements. . The Princess Royal has served three generations of the Royal Family, and she finds the reward of ' her life's work In an irrepressible family of her own. Ms Sm as for the modern miss . . . rmstrong - v r BY SAVAGE :- High fashion In Low Heels seta the pace lor Fall gay casuals, beautifully made to keep their pert shape. - 4 CblMrmt ' ft QK LeaUHtCHUal O.." g eiid vassp -PARKIH" at ce . AT ALL THREE STORES tZmlXOHQ wTatel y 19 Sparks Street ' " " v BllUnp Genuine "OOKPIKS" now on sale from 1.93 I 118 Bank; Street 232-2628 muti TssHetJOOf FlM lep. AND brpotJa, 114 BUS St. t)t-IS41 KKT J. A SWING MACHINE BY THE WEEK FROM YOUR SINGER wine conca , it's A Vision, of Radiant Beauty gowned In snowy white.. T serene end happy knowing that ahe and. her maids wear the season's loveliest . wedding f unions from Caplan's Bridal Balon: Gowns 69.95 , Others MM to 0110 , cTurrrrxooR Caplan's . . . Rideau Street 1 n r 1 ichcxdccn iid. presents ; eaastsaaal ....8.95 Carlinrwood Plata Bridge rtaa ' M 4' i v f wsWi bjhiaaj(Jr av ) Q d it r- m o ir i, , ' m v s s s I

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