The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 28, 1964 · Page 25
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 25

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Friday, August 28, 1964
Page 25
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r - L YEAR-ROUND SWIMS Apartment swimming pool place new emphasu ea iwimwear the year round and new beachwear is ppearini with. Fall and Winter clothe. At left one of the neweat styles is called Ruffle Dot with an ever-so-feminine look in Arne). Al right, Sailmate from the '85 collection of new swimming apparel. By HELOISE CRUSE Dear HeMae: I Just discovered that good old soap-filled padi take all of the coffee and tea (tains from my plaatic cups. I hardly even rubbed them. - N. Ladies, I caution now, tomorrow, and always. NEVER us any type of steel wool OR household bleach on plastic cups) Every manufacturer of plastic tells m that bleach rums the -finish, steel wool take off the finish. , We all agree that it will get the plastic clean momentarily, but do you know what you are doing? You ar taking off that coat of film which you can never put back on again. You could buy new cupt lor tbt.acicl.oLa having this done professionally . . . The only tiling that is recommended by. the manufacturers of " plastic dinner-war is: One may take a toft cloth, dampen it. dip it In BAKING SODA, and scour the cup. This does not hurt the finish. And some types of UN-ABRASIVE silver cleaners will also do the work. If you will read all of Joe Blow's direction (the Joe Blow who manufactures each item), never, never, never has he said to us soap-filled pad for cleaning these plastic -cups! And, you'd better believe tt that he's got his reasons . . . HeWyts. Dear HeMse : For people who have trouble with printer Ink (from tines and newspaper) rubbing off on plastic tablecloths . . . apply cleansing cream as you would to your face to remove make-up. Rub with facial tissue or paper towel before wiping the plastic tablecloth with a damp cloth. fS3 Unbreakable Polyethylene Also, when ready to discard a plastic table cover, remove the felt lining by pulling it away from the plastic. Wash the felt lining and you have a nice soil material for polishing, etc. -Jeea. Dear HeVslse: This is a hint for those who jrake jelly and use paraffin wax to seal tt - Put the wax in a clean, empty can (a aoup can is dandy) and set the can in a pan of boiling water. No more pans to scrub . Jum throw away the can when you are finished. Marten. 1 -- Dear Hetis: I found that a plastic bowl cover make a terrific bath cap for my Utile girl. Mrs. Jean Fries. Dear Helebe: Here's a trick for those who have .trouble cleaning flour liters. I learned it from my Home Economic teacher: Just rinse the sifter under COLD water, then pop it into the oven (moderately warm) and in a few minutes take the sifter oat and it will be a good as new. Result ... no rust. Reader. . Dear HMrUi When I broil a piece of meat. I never seem to cut into the edge deep fnougn with a knife to keep the end of the meat from turning up and spattering. ' Now I simply cut the edges with a long pair of scissors. This can be done with one hand an din recor dtime. -Mr. Ed Obriea. Mr. Ed O'Brlea. (Copyright. 1M) Journal Want quick result. ' V- Ads bring Special! Ideal for Back to School Lunches mmm LUNCH BOX and THERMOS Re;. 3.69 m . . . big and roomy for all thoes sandwiches the kids eat . . and tt comes complete with a 10-ounce thermos bottle too. Bright and gay colours of Red, Green or Blue. Get one for etch of your children now at a aving of 100 each! ' THE SPORTSMAN'S LODGE. IN THE HOME . FURNISHINGS BUILDING, DOWNTOWN C AND AT BILLINGS BRIDGE Have Your Summer RE - UPHOLSTERING fei Mr I A V -.- I i - . -rfr-JJ jj j J jj I Furniture Recovered Now and Enjoy a Brand New in Your Living Room This aaa ' . .-v .anisw " i . ri .aar mi Look SiaQ: S Fall ... and do tt for to little. Choose from over 4.000 yard of Tapestries. Brocade. BrocauHet, Matelaues, textured fabric; tone-on-tones, plain and all-over print . . . certainly one to suit your taste awl your decor. Lot us re-cover - your furniture now at these special summer price. ALL SETS WILL BE RE-UPHOLSTERED AND RETURNED BEFORE THE END OF OCTOBER Any standard set using from 17 to 22 yard accepted. ATI sets stripped and re-covered . . minor defect repaired without .charge. Major repair will be charged for separately, such a broken frames or new seats. . All sets will be finished in rotation based on date of order. Extra large set will be priced according to yardage required. Two-Piece Suites $158 Three-Piece Suites $108 UPHOLSTERING, SECOND FLOOR, IN THE HOME FURNISHINGS BUILDING, DOWNTOWN AND AT BILLINGS BRIDGE Special! "Lady Louise" Dacron Marquisette CURTAINS Each curtain Is 40 inches wide by 00 inches long. " White Marquisette net curtains of 100 Dacron . . . Polyester yarn provide aaiy to wash, quick drying, no shrinking. long wearing. little or no ironing ... all this . . . and now at new low price. Pick up several pair of theft curtains for any room In your home. Specially Priced 4 CURTAINS, HOME FURNISHINGS BUILDING. DOWNTOWN ONLY 111 - 1 i ! W JLU:Uted .95 pr. Factor, . .' Clearance! Colonial CHAIRS SPECIAL ' .1 1 With AHractHr) "Candlelight" Finish " " ... not only would tt be a lovely ' addition to any bom ... but It' a "convtTMUon" piece loo. -Beautifully etylfd In the . -Colonial'' manner with aa ttraettv eevwtnt ta Ookt. ' - - Natural, Brova or Orn nntNTTURC, DOWNSTAIHS. IN THE HOME FURNISHINGS BUILDING, DOWNTOWN AND AT v . ' . BILUNGS BBJDCE STORES .. 1 only, x 11 Bel Canad lane Or. S224 1 only, a a 11 ' Beie Corvonne. .. Or, silt a I only, .wood I only. x It Manocany I only. x 11 ' I only. x II e, 1 onlv viaiwea. I only. x II Turojuoaa Tweed. Or. Mt I onlv x II Brawn Tweed or. tM $322 $129 $149 I only. I x II Ooeakln Canadian CI Or. s:is ?! i I only. Vaclona Or, sir I only. Slit i U Pearl Grey $99 $J28 t x in Sandal- or. Ml I only. i 1J Bel Vlacoee or, tt I only, t x 10 Green Hurricane or. at house. Or M I only. x 11 Hremley Wheat. Or, st $63 47.40 $59 $39 $15 $99 $48 $54 $49 Il l X I t Green Super Kaahmln. $325 I only. It It x Roe Bete guper i enery Or. UH I only. l x 1 10 Roe Super BtrhU Or. MM . $298 $316 m"m jm mrm a a jee lea i V ' 1 . CI J FRIDAY, AUGUST 28. J964 . TOff OTTAWA JOURNAL 25 ECS? SHOP TONIGHT1UNTIL 9 P.M. and ALL DAY SATURDAY Save on Quality RUGS DOWNTOWN 236-4341 WEST END . 236-4662 BILLINGS BRIDGE 236-368 1 Group Includes: INDIAN AUBUSSON WOOL-DOMESTIC WOOL BR0ADL00M-DOMESTIC VISCOSE RUGS ... we are offering a selection of various qualities in rugs that will provide for any of wear required. Select Luxury Rugs for your Main Rooms ... or lesser qualities for rooms that do not have heavy traffic. Select them NOW from 6givy's and SAVE! THE RUGS LISTED BELOW AVAILABLE IN OUR DOWNTOWN STORE ONLY - liv S O Hru Or. SSI I only. 10 x tt R4 Gnjtp i Or. SSI 1 only. S 10 x 12 4 Red Mahal Or, lata 1 only, si x U Mamadan Or sS cinnamon Kaan-mlrl. or. SIS . $630 $755 $470 $730 I only. 711 X 10 Beie -Nivana Aubuaaon. IO Or. SIS r- I only. x 1 Plain Ivory Wvidm Or. SM4 $176 I only. T il x 10 Plain Jn $232 1 only; I t x S II Cinnamon Kuper aUmla O'tfi noral. Ord s4 9dt I only. S I x II Plain Roec Nanda Or. SI41 PERSIAN RUGS I only, ail x A Red Borchalou Or. i I only S 3 x ST Red - Heritor. SOS I onl Hill Ruat Shiiax Or. Hfi 1 only. 4 5 x fl S Red Sarouk Or. siM 1 only, s II x lis Ivory Nanda or. S41S I only t i Bete Simla. Or. SJtl I only. I0 a Super Mullra Or. SS4S $460 $340 $360 $330 INDIAN RUGS $318 13 Floral $412 111 Beige $344 1 only. x II 10 Roae Super bimla Aubuaaon Qi) Or. S4SS 7UOa 1 nnly.'Ox II Plain Martini Nanda Or. Ilia I only I Poreat Hill Or. SZtt I only i Brincreel ilr s:t I only x IS Gold Wilcreal Or. SISt I only n II Roae Yocktwiet Or. SISt $242 WOOL RUGS 1 only. x 11 Honeyauckl Velvedere. CQQ Or S1S1 a?OS 11 Cold $182 II TurquoiM $230 $199 $156 VISCOSE RUGS a I only, x 11 Groan Rlppletuft. Or. MS $46 1 only. B x IT Green Belatt. ffl Or. SIT tpldea I only. x 1110 Cinnamon Penthouaa. 00 Or. Its . 7S i only, is x l ii Spare Oak Bay. Or, tut I only. II x l't $92 Mulll Candy-Bar C9Q Or, til WOOL RUGS 1 ouiy. S x 15 Quarts ureen Canadian Or. SISt . ?4Uil 1 only . S x IS Cinnamon I rlexe CICQ Or. SIM aplwa 1 only. x II Amber lra 4-anaoian. Or, lilt I only. x It Groan Pluen MyloR Or. sis $158 I only . x It Roar Beurt t Betcc Brtntwiet. or, sis $138 VISCOSE RUGS $93 I only. x It Mulll Candy Bar 0OQ Or. SSI Oi I only. x I JK Green Sunaet. 5 1 only. ( x IS Mahoxany Tweed Vlacoee 0Q Or. (15 ep-xl INDIAN RUGS I only. II x Green and Bet Super Mullra or. (411 ? 1 only. 110 x T il Cinnamon Super Simla. C94Q Or. (IM 9&3 1 only. 1 10 x 15 Scire and Cinnamon Super 4f10 Multra or. SJJt epOOaa . s.'' h . M ak A lw II tk. Aei. 4 .. .a . tm t. A A 'aV t ix A a . . - ..L ' -5W. w , at, av av m r am Ba Sx mm K k. m K w.'Tk "V .. m m m B Model 869 I only. S 11 Blue Kaahmlrt- ur. S41S type 1 only x 10 ul Ardebu Do tar 97C Or lilt . . ? i 0 1 only. 17x11 Ivory Kir man COfl Oi li: QiiO) I onlv J'lo x 5 1 r.r.VJh", $130 I only. II i 11 Blue Ardibel iarnim Or. $45 11 It Plain $302 I only, e x ll'l Cinnamon Uuper Mullra Aubuaaon. 07il or. S4 V I I only S x It Btie Super Mullra Aubuaaon. tfQ4n Or, tilt ap.MU I only. S 11 x It'll Gold Tloral Super Simla (IIF Or. StIS I only. ' x It'll Belie Nirvana Aubuaaon. e4A Or, ssis 4DU l only. Il l x It J rtoae nuper Arra Aubua aon Or. SSIS $610 I only. IJ x 30 Bel Wee tern star. MCC Or S2t 100 I only. Ii x 15 Sandal-wood AlUpice (MO Or (114 - ei04 I only. H x II I Btacult Velvedere. IQ Or. StIS jl4o I only. II x 15 Peacock paletle FQ Or, art lw9 I only. 1 x lt'1 Sandalwood Tudor. COflQ Or, ties . aTJaaUo 1 onlv. 1j x rj'l Lietrl Bel Canadlana. i)1C' Or silt ' i?-10 1 only 11 x 15 II Tinejuata wanaoian Biar. Or. SIM I only. 11 x IS Green Rlppletuft. Or. SIM I only. 11 x It Maple Oak Bay. Or. SIM I only. II x I Blue -Nylon. I only. II x I Maple Oak Bay. Or. SIM $194 ,$69 $89 $198 $143 AH Rues Subject to Prior Sale FLOOR COVERINGS. SECOND FLOOR TN THE HOME FURNISHINGS BUILDING. DOWNTOWN ONLY , THE RUGS LISTED BELOW AT BILLINGS BRIDGE ONLY 1 only. II bupertwial Or. Sltl I only. 11 15 Cinnamon $227 rnanex Or. SIS only. II a It'll Mandarin rnextox Or. ISM I only. x l Bronte Canadlana. Or. ni $198 $186 $171 i I only, t x 11 Gold Western Star o or (1(1 ,.. epo- 1 i only. ii Aqua Canadlana Or, lit I only. x 15 Gold Rlppletuft Or. SM I only. It x ISIS Nylon Canadian Star. Or. I1M $162 I only. x II Brown Velvedere. ff M Or Sift tplOaa t only. x It Ltht Bel Brlntwlat. Or. (IM . pl $59 $221 e 1 only, It x II MulU Candy Bar. C Or (Its 0J 1 only. I ll x 11 tt Cmrurmen Nirvana. Or. MIS $460 t wily. Il l s IS 10 Rom and Oreen luper Jffg jtT or. Ml V All Rugs Subject to Prior Sale FLOOR COVERINGS. BILLINGS BRIDGE ONLY Sale! Mir-- J) HOOVER CONSTELLATIONS 49 .95 . . . the famous Hoover ' . - Constenatroa that litaralty walk on air. Built with all the " famou features found fit U 1 Hoover . . , really getting th Job don . , . and done well. Now tt can be yours at this special low price. Comes complete with a set of tools, too! -, ; HOOVERS. SECOND FLOOR IN THE. , HOME FURNISHINGS UTU)tNG, ' AND IN OUR BILLINGS BRIDGE ' AND WEST END STORES

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