The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 31, 1930 · Page 6
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, January 31, 1930
Page 6
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;· t PAGE SIX. cotrarHR, P E R S O N A L MiSNTION ***** JVs. John. H. Work and son, John, add Miss Margaret' Lytle of Nortli IMtu.Vurtc street, are spending 1 tho vrcok-ontl in BronrusyUle. . · , Ohio Wesley-?:;'Concert Club afc the! ,nm RL E. Church tonight at 8 o'ckek. Admission 50 cents.*-Adver- ti3etri«hlj.--Sljan-lt.. , "ITho condition of Marjorio Loo Swr, ·Htllo daughter of ,Atr«. ElecftJr Lee H w t k n ,4Vif Jefferson .street, wlio is ill at thfAhonwj oE "her-grandmother, Mrs. ' CHa sTfilwagon o£ Joffersori street^ la not Improved, it was Bald. She is still nor "bed, ' .J Condition ot Paul , Munseyfj mftnua.1 training .teacher at ,Uio HljSU 'Sc-hool, who la dt the Hospital Wijth piio'imcmla, was reported improved to!ay Ho had beijtt delirious tor sy- n'ul days-1-but Jiocame rational Ja$t ull t, Jt 1ra sail , ., I Miss JSlitti Show o?' .East IPrajiMjW .tivouuo spent today at Mount Pleasant. Mrs. Cathorini Shorrlclc oC Confluence is -visiting Uor sister, Mrs. F. G, Iloao ot N'orth Plttsbufg street, . M,-s v John PaMek, Sr., IB 111 at her i homo fn North Sixth street, Weot Side.!, Mrs. Arnold, Biased p£: Vine street' has roturaecl homo irora Hazelwooa, iifte.- visiting her mother, Mrs. Ada Scott, .and slater, Mrs. Flora Garlllz, M ·. and Mrs. Joan Youukin ol Race fetrejt and MraAJ. Frank Shelkey, 1 raol'ier ogf Mrs. You,nk!n, sp«.nt the day in Pittsburgh Mr. YoUttWu, AYho ib crojjloyca by" tiio Pitlalmrg "\Yoo4 Pros.-ervlns Company at Adielalde, Iodised ttU6r busiiifibsi' in oounfcotiou \vitt hia work. r , 3i ck Plet'co, who is a patleat, 'at Mer^y Iloupital, PlUstmrg, for trafit- mcnt of injurluJ buffered in au. clunt, is Improved, MvSt, Jonulo Carlson at btro-n was tho guest ol! Miss Yaullc-y at (Juioutovrn Tuesday. M; and iMrs. T. U l)oorliy moved from Fnyette a treat, tov/u, to Liaont, where Mr. Dodrley it. bapeittaUUtUMU ot tho H. 0^ tfrlck l)I~Lt. I Mrs. Allco Chamlberlaln, wh6 if* ill, oi.' comttlicullouij oC dlaeuuoa" at the l)on o ut liei' J»on aiid dtui(?hter-'Ui-4Kwi ) riti. und Mri. Charles Chartobpytain'oil i!l)j NCWth PKWlJCCt Htl'OWt, lH DlDt Im-iv pro\ eL SUe la cunflned to her befl, IJi-b. W. H. Cunningham oi Mast \\"ut UiUfUm aveauu wtult to Witsburg tint, morning,' , ,, Mri. S.'Kaufman is KpemUnit «V fw tlaii, in Unioiitown as th^a gu«w oH her tou-lu-luw and ktUjg^ter, Mr, and Mrs. liar -y INTEREST REPORTED,. . GROWING IN REVIVAL AT M1HRUN CHURCH I..Hit evening was another very in- ng ou« in the union revlvsd at Hun, Tha aarly prayer* 6«rvioe i«i idulltf and th« oni for young, peo» :ploi aro tttlructiu.? -larger nurribera jwtcli night. Kvungeli»t O. J. * is lulling the young yeoulo before'pray- er oi d noted lUJin ae haa toot Jn Ms travels ovor'tho world. All rtay long tho iKHjyio aro vratciilx to iu-rtto othei.M. to the ni-eetiugs and line work ia l=i,ug tioue from this angle. Tlio S'rinon them-e tonigtot '-is ''Bnugiug Sack. th« Vessels." fcrunuay will b6 a great day. Thro w-oil IH» a iiiiion pr©a«Wn£ service at ·II A. M. It th-e t*o. coagregn-tiona can early enough 0r, Kox hae/jproin- to tell at tha beginning of the serviod '£ the biilldiing.oJ the largest Bililo sohool in th© world. Thxi.'intffcn- jug soriuon siibjec't will be "la Your ·1'jigtxt ShirilngV" Thoro will be a aiaaa meeting tor giTla and women at 3:30 V. A(., witih men and Ixjys meeting at pciKfOl building at same hour, w.ith-t;ho Tjaators directing. Tfie thomo for the girls' tneetiug will b« '"Will the Girls 4nd Wonven Cause America to FaU?" 'Hie theme for Sunday night ' is, ·'Oroundhog Christians." Many aro ·wondaring as to this sermon "and* a dowl-od' house"ia anticipated. . . H-jro are more."Foxgrams:" '"J'ho driig-your-foet church nvembor who won't win any souls to Christ i» a constant hindrance to the * sinner Who knows his lite." "Many a stnn-er would. E«-k God at once if somo church m-omber' woulrf rnovo ovor out of his way." '; "1C you piny tag with th-o will soon say, 'You're if and he'll stamp his label on you." "Old gosaipper, cut out wiggling your llttla instrntn^nt tor the old -hap and hand* it over to God for hard use right away." "?in never stops -working and God t»l!5 every Chrlfltlftn to be iust aa working for Hlnv." , Aunt Het , «'Y aouKsmc, "Don t never ask a man for money until you gt him in a. good humor by a skin' £01 ladvice." Cope Blushed At Books I?'Said, to .Have .Soldi;,' According to all traditions of th« Folica Department, it take* quite s lilt to bring the embarrassed pirf* tings if a blush to the face* of hardened police and detectives, but even ihey wore forced to admit they b usncri at some of, th$ torrid books md pictures alleged to havj» been S'ild by Horace P. Townseni) (shown above), ns he was ar- j-ulglie^ 1 . for questioning prior to being charge'd with sale and pos- sessibn of iarifcent llteraturo it Pa. of Paul Metis, seven -months old, Jon of N, S. and Violet Mettti, died WcdnCiday* at tho family home at Jp-rotio ot pneumotffa. Funoral se-rv- trc A-aa held this afternoon. ( In^er- Bieni, was }n Addison-Ocnxftterjr; Cluaslflod AdTcrtl«om«nt8 Brin; results \rbcU''p!ac«d to th« columns of Tho Dally. Oourtcr. I'ctronize those who advertise. Are Fat Excess fat has been disappearing fast in late years. So fast that excess fat is Uie isceplion now. You see'that in every circle, ® . . . 5 Thnt change is largely due to the dis- covjrythntexcessfatis largely the result o£ n tjland weakness. A gland whoso secretion helps turn food to fuel. So moitera physicians, in treating obesity, eeel; to combat this cause. 'f lieir method is embodied in Marmola "proi.cription tablets. People have used 'them for 23 years--millions of boxes of «hern. Now almost everyone has slender friends to show them the results. Go do what they did--try Marmola. All druggists supply it nt |I a box, ami « IT-ok in each box tells you how and wtg it acta, IRS. II M. STAUFFER DIES UNEXPECTEDLY; JRP OF FEW MONTHS SCOTTDALE, Jan., 31.--Mrs. Graoo H. Jarreit Sttvuffer, 21 yoara and n'lie months old,.. wilo," ' of.' vilichard ,M. StautCer, formerly of Scottdale, died suddenly last night at midnight at her bom3 in Chicago. Mrs. Staulter was lxT-,i in Scottdulo 21 yoars ago last April, a daughter oi George C. and Emily Jarrett of 606, Arthur avenue, arid resided! here JinUl.iior mar- rlare A u g u ' t 33, last, at Wa-yaesburfi to Mr S'ai-iiJ?r, a"$m o£ Mr.,and MrB. Charlc 1 ?' \V"f?tautfer o'f Market sj.r«ct. She wa ,j j;raluaj.6d from Scoltdalo High Scho'ol audvlator attmsdod -ho Carnogii -InstitufS" of Technology, Pitt^bttr;',«f°r rhToe tci-ins. Since her marrlagf' ^eho.^^yeaided in Chicago, She vljii'ecf ttej; parents ^and f oyv relatives Ji«re during th« ChriSOnaa holiday? ' · · '· · Beside i her husband and paronta, she is i urrivod by a 'brother, Lawrence, aitd'a slJter/Dorotliy, at tto Mrs. fitftuffcr'a death came at n. groat^ shock to t h e ciotamnnHy. O'ho telegram did not 'give dotalis, A night It tter received previously by her pare (its stated that gJie waa suffering fiom a aovcre cold. * Tho b dy -xvlU b^ brought hqro end removed tp tho hoino dPjfhe pareitU, Announc -fnout of furifcral will be nude later. ' ' Clrv.nfflofl Advcrtlaomcuts Brtog l^evulfts w*lien placed in tlw columns of Tnt* Daily Courier. , Wu'ii 3ion Want Something U»e tho CSasaiflfe^l Ad^^ertisem^nta. Anioicau Honored! Japanese Emperor Miss 1'imrna ICaafmann, ol, ttia Tokio Y. W. C. A., has been honored by Emparor Ilh'ohito in recognition of her services in the irite eatp of social welfare. Tho American wurker was presented with a k»ad»c a« stiver When are upset JBaby ills and ailments seem twice as serious at night. A sudden cry may mean colic. Or 'a sudden attack of diarrhea--a. con- dftion^it is alwayk jirfportdn't to check "quickly, l How would Vou meet this ^emergency--tonight? Have you a bottle of Castoria ready? There is nothing that can take the pjace of this harmless but effective remedy for children *, nothing that acts (Juite ' Lie same, or has quite the same couifortinff effect on them. For the protection of 'yo\it wee one--for yo«l- own peace of mind --·keep this old, reliable* prepara- PA. tion always on ha id. But don't keep it just for ci lergencies; let Jt be an everyday id. Its gentle influence; will ea? ind soothe the v infant who cannc.. leep, Its mild regulation will help an older child wnr'S'i tongue is cos ted because of sluggish bowels. All druggists have Castoria; the genuine bears Chas. IT. Fletcher' signature on the wrapper. .At the Paramount i ,'Warner 'tiros, did wn in fleeting "Heafta In 12*11*" for i^o fair Colored Costelfo. Ij, is'the first tijno she jaas In the rote o( a. Buseiian girl and Jior , piir!onn;aneo proves, tha(, w slio is ono ot tho .taoAt veraatilo o£ screen actresses. The picture la an exciting 'story o£ love and heartbreak, laid« midat djt the of toaco ( w aij'd thV %r^sftt'-icji th« ib^rii.ii'prteiia caanpa.' Hearts In 13sil'4" ^dio leading at- at tii^ Paramount, shows What gre^t Btrid«8 tli« ,Vl,taij5fhono hao mad^ .sincA tho advent ot talking .pictures, Th^ .^ountt effects are portecL You ^car tho Ijovtlioff of tU» wind in fho desolate, icy.conntry, the babble of tho flh peddler's along th« waturfirojit,' of Moscow, and the gay slijftS; and of the'Bohmiian poasante. Coatello piveo a truly itno per- as tho little Ilusalan who is torn between tnftrrylng peasant lover or tno grand Born t Riis.solls.- Mr. and Mra. Oh srlecs Itiisefrll, Jr., ot 20;; Kset Fairvii w avenu« are, receiving; congrtttulafi BB on tho' birth of thair first v,«n, Jamja Nolson, Thursday afterno«m 4 at 1 :20 O'etpcJc. The other ci'lld is a gi 1. irfrs. Jlueaell, who will bo reraemb rcd as Miss Kdith VanBueklrk, and sc a arc reported to bo getting dJong nH ly. / fltir clasaiHtit OHI0PYLE PEOPIE COMMUNITT, j CHAIR FU?tt Ohio_py!e \vhe"I r · t(i Jiave a commulilty To rals tinids' for 'the Ohiopylo Dramafic (Hub present A play, "How the SVory on Tuesday evening, ITobruary, 11. Along will), (lie play Icnjal talent svfil pc reproscn'lPd in sony, dialogue and readings. ^UH!U will be provided by the Ohiopylo Orchestra, \ 'REVIVAL 'SERVICES AT BUTE- CHURCH are being held this wee-k at B'.itc 1 Presbyterian Chui-ch at Leisenrmg No. 2 by Itev, William Hamilton,; Attendance- and Interest havobcen ppleruliti. An orchestra has played every oVening. Tho choir ha? also provided special scleotiotiK each evening. Last' night a quartet made u p ; p £ Mrs. Barbara Boring, Mrs,..Eita Flahor, Hov. Hamilton and Joseph Fisher sang "The Homo Land." Tho sermon theme was. "Weighed anil Found Wanting.' Tonight the children o£ the public solip-ql will attend 1 in a body. The theme Of tho sermon will he "DanieJ liio Good Captive," · Therewlll 'be no service Saturday evening. Sunday morning 'at 9:45 .o'clock there will bo Sunday',school. In the evening at 7 o'clock H-ev. Hamilton will speak on '*Points from tho Prodigal," · Thlsj topic has been requested. Mrs.. Barbara Boring will sing. At Lrfjlsenrlng No, ,1 Sunday school Will be at 9:46 and Broaching at 11 o'clock. Homes t you will find bornea and sites advertised in our ciaesl- fljed colttmna^-raad thorn over. Baron Pnlma. She marries tho Baton and, naturally a triangle forma that reaches a dratatte climax in the droary sotting Of Siberia Grant Withers gives splwaddd aup- port aa the »tar'» leading nan. Other niembers ot the cast include James Kirkwood, G«orgo Fawcett, David Tor- ronoe, OHv« Tell, Tom Dugan, William Irving and Rose Dlone, M"loha*I Our- tlz directed. Many of the arenos which occur in it deal with the wedding frt Mi8« Costello, as a peasant girl, and James I£irkwo0d/ as th- Buseiait nobleman, Baron Sergo Pal ma. JsJlghty siagsra, dresaod in th0 national r co£tunij o£ the country, chant Russian hymns while tho pair aro united according to tho colorful core- mony ot th« drdek Church, and the wholo forma a sequence of unusual Ihteroat. Airother leaturo is the first episode oi; an interectlng serial, "iWistn th*s' Tiger." A Vltphono act, Grace Johnson and the Indiana Five, IB also i being shown. Tho featuro picture for Monday, Tueeday and Wednesday IB J "Paria," starring Irene Bordoni. The. Orpheiim Joan Crawtord is ono of thoB« very, rare actresses who can produce their own teai'B wiihout tho aid of tho glycerine bottle, For a v-ery dramatic scene ot "Untamed," all-talking picture which is now at tho L Orpheum 'Theatre. Miss Crawford turned h-or back to tho company a moment, and whon the faced ,a_bout, her Cheeks wero atroaming with tears. The ability to produce tears naturally ia one of the rarest things, in the field ot Uie theatre. "Untamed," an all-talking .picture, is a now and interesting story oE "young America" in tu-e process of adjusting itself. W-6n Joan*Crawford falls in love at first sigrht with Bo-burl Montgomery n a boat enroute up Irom the Jungles of Central America, sbe ae^B no good reason why there should be'suoli a'bother about thetr marriage But 1 thero Is,' and many dramatic things* happen before- Piroc- 'tor Jack doaway brings Uxia jlot«ir« to a striking close. Others in the cast in-alue Ernest Tc-rfence, Don Terry, Gwen Lxo, I-Iolnves Herbert, John Mil- Jan, EddJo Nugent aiid'Oraco Cunard, Millions of admirers i will welcome tho return to pictures o 1 Miss Cunard, tho world-ranious berk 1 star.' Miss Cunard, heroine ot thoi Bands ot hair raising wiroen adventures, plays a very difficult character role. An all-talking coiiiody, movietone twi-t and nowe reel are rtlso being shown. (AMWVWIM^MVWWIIW \ i Paramount Theatre Today and Tomorrow Vitephore / r A\l Talkie DRAMA OF GLORIOUS SACRIFICE i^EVEAUNd DOI.ORES COSTELLO AS A GREAT EMOTIOrtAL ACTRESS ', /s ' Yiteiphone Act: . ·, . Grace Johnson and the Indiana Fivb Firs! Episode "Tarzan the Tiger" - - · - - - - - - - - ^ - - T - · * ^ * , Admission--Matinee lOc and J^5cj JSfiglit 15c and «0o Mon«:tij', Tuesday, Wednosdaj^, Tlniradnj" ^ Irene Bordoni in "Paris."" " Bloctrio Light Chaina In ordt'r In nnd Uie*(lrojp chain on electric bulbs und the buttons on the switch In the dnrk, pnlrit tlie^end ot the clinln flod tlie buttons with a luminous paint. '·,, , ELKS 11'Al.Ti Saturday Night, February 1, 1930 i). tJ, I'rovnnce's Orchestra ir .Woloome. 'ALL TALKING Wi k Robert Montgomery and 1 '' , , - Ernest Torrettce -, J t s, Abo All-Talking Comedy Movietone Act and Sound News ID [aj rii 7RTDAY, JANUARY 31, 1930. J30 Krtith Pittsbnrtf Street. ran I Phone 1216 At Amazingly New Low Pnkes! Almost the entire stock of remaining Ladles' Winter Drastically Redfuced* for Quick Disposal. $20, $40, $60 Values All Slznsl Many Stouts! $ 95 That will astound you for Real Valued Every Drew Brand New. Right at the beginning of the season we offer , the newest in better Spring ' DRESSES For Lower Price*! · i , · . · -^^ ( Mwwte Canton Crepes Satins - Georgettes '1 Prints Combinations Plerty o£ Blacks Newest SStades New Greens! New Blues! New Reds! New Prints! New Dahlias! Black, Navy! Finest of Furs S Sizes 12 to 54, Don't Miss This! 35 -.Ladies' Fine COAT3 Sizes 14 to 44. ]JroadclotIi Sports Coats Chinchillas Values to $11.95 S of Sty'tesI Glosmg Out Girls'-Ladies* Winter Hats 50c Just Received! 1150 Brand SPRING FEUS New ihistel Shades! Jfetv Straw Trims! New Swart Styles! . At a New Low Price! Entire Stbfck of Girls' ^ _-.' Coats Reduced Below $2.95 tO S f - 9 5 /^^»«4- £n*» T* »imr»»"»»r»TAr ' HSU H Cost for Tomorrow FOR SALE U, C, FitlC^ CUKK t'OMl'ANI Houses ! Ilome Sitet Factory 'Sites' l'«cm Lauds '· Used JJlueluaefyj, Shop Tools, Buildiug uud Mine Supplies Muuu oi t a s property for oajo is advautaecouBiy locutod witt ro- spcct to ' water aal eicotria j suppllee. railroad sldlnjcs and ed roaUs. For lull Information In regard to prices and urma, apply to Superintendent ot ueurem Mine or Scott- dalo Office. H. (J. Frjc 1 * Coke Company, Scott lule, Pennu. Use Our Classified AcU* Dustiess Try a. load of pur ran. of mine or lump coal treated at. our yard so that It will' be absolutely dustless. No dust when being unloaded vor flring furnace, stove or grate. When. · ordering specify dustleiss coal. Consolidated Coal Supply Co. Yards: -- Arch Street, a ad Corner Gibson and McCormiok Avenues. Phono 1700. Try Our Wsint Adi,

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