The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on April 20, 1918 · Page 4
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 20, 1918
Page 4
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PJiGE FOtiR. .THE DAILY COURIER..; CONNELLSVTIJLE. PA. SATURDAY, APRIL, 20, 1913. F«ua*«r and Editor.: 1I1» . K. St. . Pr«»tdent-:-. . JAi J, DRISCO1J* * Xnantrer. Bu*iK»s» · ' ' '·· ·,,. . .- JOHN L: OANj£ ._:" i-'-V-Vv ·': Managing Editor-..:--.,;,..-.. v · WALTER S- STOOlEli / ' · ' " City f i a l t o r . . : ' - KISS LTTNKE B; KENCEU* ... Society Editor. ~ ; ' - · '· '-.-MEMBER OE: . . - - . - -- . ·; " ' " ' '-'AMOdateil Press. - · · : - : Audit Bureau of Clrculatlpz, ·- · v Transylvania As»o«tat«a Dallies, · .Tw"* cents per copy. 50c per month; U pit year by mall « paid In advance. ' 'j«»t«rt« u ncond class matt«r at th« : postoafn. Connellavlll*, Pa. "*' - Tk. CMBtar'i S«r»lee Flac. " W1LUAM P. SHEI:MA!!. Hospital Unit L. American Ex ptdltlomuy Forces, France. RALPH P. SLIOSE, r H, 31»th Iiifantrr, B. S. N. A.. · u, : Poterjbnrs-, :Va. -....,..-^.' ... -- ora present indications the lilbcr- r Fairatt«'- ti-ijnore ^rapldlyvapproachine. the'zormec^tlMui th'i'Seeorid Cityfis ap- proachlnr ;ther tetter:' ..' . . " : . · " : '.' ^oo. bad"that al better' use cannot,be found 'for-good:i?iaterlal'^waste tar and feathers, in-.making the latest style of pro-German costumes.'.. *' .The''nreihen*don't-preach patriotism. Tfc.e$,.practlce.Jt_eyery .day and 'every tinie^a Mberty-Xoan::'conies around?;. - The loafers, Idlers .and other slackers w-ill be* rounded up ^yet even If H la- taking some.round about ^methods to brins this- to pasff. · r · The ;Huns have -not yet recovered from. the.-effect of "Connellsville's big; loyalty, drive:'· We .don't Intend that they shall, either. . Going to church 'tomorrow is just as'much your duty as -was buying Liberty Bonds any day in the week. Both are-tests- of loyalty. " feS ft TlM Auo«lU4 fnm*. Auocltcd Press It '.*· .ntitl«a to Uie Tit* tor i rtpub]lo»t1on ol Ml «ew» 41»- - patches cr«41ted to it . or not .". oUMTWiu credited In thil'papai; and «l«o tilt local new. published ' CVT Ot!X THE GEBHAff. The school board should^ neither hesitate nor delay taking action tb- wajd^ eliminating German Irom -'the ,;. course of study^in pur schools, substituting therefor French and Spanish. ;·; -It is true that we".are apt/.at'.war K with- a lan»T»fe,:,nor"::with ; at|-people,. ' : ;btit weC^ar.iWith;' the ^mosfejty- ·' rannical,^Tarbitrary' - antf"^ autocratic goyemnien.j.fe fie .world.'. The.langu- -; age ot "the^people'who/ . p'ermftfed ..·themselves 'to"' governedVby'-, that system; against the extenjibn of which the /ree nations o; the earth are. at · war, haa- neen ;the: medium,;, through ; which the r pernier6us, vicious and;dan- : serous doctrine of Prarsiacism,' and , .the glorification of might, have"«been · propagated ln. ; all/quarters,, ; : Wherever vth'e German language has 'been used by , any considerable number of people, there has been" established a center ·from which.has radiated the insidious :' aitd poisonous influences of the pro- f German propaganda. - . ... ' As pursued:ln bur schools and col- . leges the study of the German langu- , age'ani literature waa designed, by our educators to,have a culture value and · as a means b£gi;rin£ access tp'^the '· vast stores of'scientific and technical knowledge of,the German scientists aid' invesUgatprs. Not 'cpntent^with ·· this use'-of their:language in foreisn- teTriTfof world domination have sought, bjt the many influences of which...they have proven themselves to be masters, to ; Vlso make agency for the dis- Is semination of the dogmas of Kultur; "' "-While there may be a certain prac: tieal value to be derived from the study ot the German language for in- 9 . dii*txi*i\ aad commercial purposes, it · isf' so lajgely cpunferacted' by the f:^bineful nse-Germans have made Ij.vth'elr language In'countries other than their.own, that the retention of it in : f~' school curricula cannot reasonably be considered: a. subject for detiate. 'When _ the war. is over Germany will^be in I 'such a state of : industrial, scientific and "commercial decline that the world wijtlihare no need to go to her to add to'-its knowledge in these realms.. In fiet,^ Genaany will be obliged to be- coiie a student of tl/e higher develop- mient Wall lines of human endeavor which the preservation of the national loul and honor and ideals and morals will' enable other nations to far out- ;£'strip Germany.for the next 1.00 years 'f» to'^'come. Moreover, as part expia- ittOB; for her unspenkable crimes against Christianity aad Civilization, |i; Criraiany should by ev*ry means pos'* "siole^be made to feel tliat she has-be- colbe a national outcast. ; *lien the work of rebuilding after _;' .the war has begun, America will have ^ no-part in the undertaking in the lim- jtte* ^territory the Allies will finally i;co««ent shall remain under German g'cqiitrol. Our country ·will have lUarge part In the rehabiiitation oJ tie ,'of Prance arid Belgium and oni .'commercial relations with those fnaSfions will be of vastly more im5: portance than similar relations with, ({Gtrnoaij. Ia the,successful conduct ': ;of^commerce with ^thcse countries a : ; knpwledge of. the French language ^iwlp.'be essential. Further, art, lit- iJermiare and science in' France, as. itltSeV'wUl take on a new vigor and de- |i.»diopment when the w:ur ends, will he richer than- any , field Ger- whose ideals and scientific at- ytatamenls have' been perverte'd to the cnd», can offer. · E;-Thro«gh the French language we .keep: abreast of scientic dev-elpp- ii and in close relations with JcaUy as many prople in Europe -Vwe could through the German iguage, while, in extending our coin- 'ffaince in South America Spanish, will lf '*--'--"-- more useful than the Teuton When-the war ia over .the V--T,- .of everything German .will be iio^universal throughout the earth that ItSeJiiecessity will rest uppa Germany ; to Itirn .tb*. language of. -other: coun- IJtrUi -rather.'- than for these countries ibiearh German. , ? \Bhiit from( the;, more important ;cpn- fiideration of creating within our owe a 'nationalism .that 'knows, no l and no diviueu allegiance, but ·'American to the: core -and In 'all I, !· language, thought hopes and igiratlons, we should-;resolutely stop l.eyerythiiigi ikatr-wilt'tend ^'^4lk^Hift^.^n^i 7 ,tO';isksk*^Aq- By" Cora' 1 Harris, author of "The t . .Circuit Rider's Wile." 1 - " I r was-sent-.abroad by the Saturday yeniflg^ppat jujseptenaber of 19H;to report the* " conditioji '..of- women , 'and children-ill'. the war'zone. ""'* "' "*I, .was Paris just after the Ger* mans cme so. near, taking that city. The'streets were^ deserted. The people had fled.' The hanSs were closed. There was no business, ' nothing but silence ~aifd desalatloi., Into this great ioaib- the -Troznen and children from Belgium and northern France came by the-, tens* of : thousands,- starved - a n d mad with tcr^or-of the .Germans who had driven them from their homes. I. understo.od .then what. many people say, but do not realize,, that the safety. of. women "and children, the protection of .the home, and the preservation.' of property depends directly upon the safety of the nation. There is no : such thing as property, or tiomes or personal security in. a country; 7 . menaced by a terrible and rtith- ' ' ' , _ . _ _ ·? In thii-cpiintry'riFeMaiow what peace Is^butVwe^do'not know what war is; wfr'.have;na; conception of how an Invading atmy-iweeps away every foundation upod, which we. stand and every secutitjr.' . J3ut nothing^.- can save. us frqm.rthis^itnowledge : except .a -victorious ar-my'of American soldiers in France, and no such army can be sent there, nor maintained there, without enormous-expense. This fs why every American woman should .^buy or at least share in .the purchase -of Liberty Loan Bonds. She buys them to support her soldier son in 'France, who alone can prptect her from the fate »f those starving and de*spairJsg;nHthers .1 .saw flying from Lens and Antwerp.. · ,POR RENT^r-BXniiDING. CAN BE used for H table,' garage or · storage room. · 307 Eaat: Cedar. :. . 17apr4t F'OR- RENTrr-POUR ROOM FLAT/ centrally 'locawcL Inquire J. L.' PERRUS, 111 Weaf Crawford avenue. . ' . . . ISaprSt FOB RENT--FRONT OEFICES ON ocond-.floor- of Dunn i Evans _build- Qf. ' Jnqujro ofHABRT DUNN.' -,-:·: -· -··/ ,:·-··'· ·· SJan-tM .Tor Sftle. FOR SALE--1917 FOH,T TON ^KUCIC internal gear drive." 30G. Hill street. Tri-State phone 112-2. . !Sapr6t* FOR SALE--TWO HEAD HORSJSS, harness and wagon.' CHARLES HARMON, Snydertown, Fa. 'J.9apr3t* FOR SALE--TWO SNUG SEAT display top tables at very law. flgure. Call Tri-Statc 22, Rine 2, Dunbar, Pa. 6apr-t£-sata FOR SAIjE---STUDEBAKKR TEX paasengrer bua, side seata. Good con-- dition. Address . "STUDEBAKEH," care Courier .office^ ^Oaprlt" . FOR SAX-E--OXE 1914 OVERLAID tourlne car, all eood tires; will sell cheap. Address or call ALLEN SHAL- LKNBERGER, Owensdale, Pa. FOR . SALE--GUARANTEED 14 acres 7 to 9 foot vein Pittsburg coal on rivar and railroad for J25,OQ0. B. F. DeWITT, BeJl 299-J. Scottdalc, Pa. 20aprlt "" FOR SALE--SEVEN PASSENGER Packard L910' model, perfect condition! "Will demonstrate any time; Rl SIMMS. Scottdale. Phone 193-R. ISapr-tfd '.FOR SALE--ONE SHETL,AN T D PONT, broken for family or mine use; on« seven passenger Davis automobile; one five passenprer Reo. - Bargains for quick buyers. JOSEPH BOV33, Smithton, Pa. 36apr3teod FOR' BALE--APRIL- 24. 1918. OKIE mare^ Oliver chill .plow, 20 bushels rye, one stack.of,:rye straw, one stack of hay, one sot harness, spring 1 t'ooth harrow, JiTcCormdck mowing machine, ms. ALICE LOGAN. Known as Reiner Farm. " 20aprlt FOR SALE--FARM OF L 220 ACHES about 1 mile from Brownsville, near brick ron-d. underlaid with small vein of coal and 'valuable limestone, front- ins o» Monongahcla river and railroad; brick 'dwelling: house; stream of mountain water; splendid property for stock raisins or tannin*, with llrst- clasg market for grarden .products, "adjacent to Brownsville city limits and .town IiSt plan; owner engraeod in other business and offers' a bargnaln; price JlOO'per acre, on eood terms. J. DONALD PORTER, P. O. Box 672,- Con- nellsvUK Pa. . . . 20aprtfd t h b - t i u m Vf five ddHars ($5.00) per set. . T h e propoSLils, to.: be submitted in duplicate Cone . copy to each office) with a certified check drawn on a. National Bank or Trust Company in good credit in Pennaylvania equal to 10 percent (109c) ° c t!ie amount of the proposal, to bo deposited with either of the proposals, the same made payable \ to. the. Treasurer of the county. The 'right to reject any or all proposals is expr*ssly reserved. HARRY KISIN 7 G13R County Controller. 30mar4t-sat Notice to Contractor*. SEALED PJiOPOSALS WILL 'BE RE- ceived by the County Controlinr of Fayette county, Pennsylvania, at his office in the Court House, Unloatown, Pen nay Ivan hi, y n t i l 2 o'clock P. At., Monday, April p9, 1918, for thci construction of a double 20 foot span re- ! inforced coricrete bridge over GeorEes j Creek in Falrchance borough. j Plans, proposals and specifications ; Cor the above bridge can be secured at the 'office of the County Road and Bridge Engineer, Court House, Uniontown, Pennsylvania, .for the sura of nvc dollars (*5,00) per'net. £ach proposal must be accompanied by a certified check drawn, on a bank i n . Pennsylvania equal to 10 per cent (10%) of the amount of the proposal. The ri£ht to reject any or aJ 1 proposals is exprossly reserved. HARRY KISINGER County Controller. SOmar-it-sa-t Trust Hank Statement. REPORT OF THE CONDITION OF Title . Trust Company of Western · Pennsylvania, located at Connsllsville, [ Pa., at the close of business A p r i l - 13, . 19}8. ' | .RESOURCES. Reserve Fund: Cash, specie a,nd notoa 5 -15,357.00 Due from approved reRerve agents 104,109.27 Nickels and cents ......... Chocks and cash items Due from banks, trust companies, excluding reserve Commercial paper purchased: Upon one name Commercial paper, purchased: Upon two or . more names Time loans wlf.h collateral Bonds, stochK, etc, mortgages and judgments of record ', Oflice building and lot.... Other real estate Furniture and fixtures .... Overdrafts , 149.-UiG.27 BG.02 3,424.64 3,572.50 70,808.26 376,749,15 ] .112.493.64 I 102,376.00 · 194,441.42 j 141,143.57 ! 10.303.77 S,8G4.07 ·129.15 i Total £1,174,887.76 250,000.00 150,000.01) ! LOST--THURSDAY . AFTERNOON between Seventh street, "West Side, and Carnegie Library, one ladies' cameo pin. Liberal reward if left at Courier office, 19apr2t*. ,Mtrj In Lint. INABILITIES. Capital 5tock $ Surplus ' f u n d Undivided profits, less ex-. pen sea and taxes n a t d . . Deposits subject to check.. 400,127.13; Demand jcertifloates of deposit Treasurer's checks outstanding" TJme certlfica-tes ,of deposit. Special lime deposits .... Savings f u n d deposits .... Dividends unpaid Wed in CumbcrtaJwL ^ Peter Georgakes · and' Josephine Prnskin, both, of .ConneUsville,' -wero granted a license "to wed In Cumberland. ' - ' . - · - . : ." ' . ' - :^.. - ·"·' . IVwit -Help! "1 Then use our classified column. Results -will follow. - · · · , , ,. WANTED -- TOUR buainess. RENDINE'S. BARBBRINO tf ·WANTED--GIRLS FOR FACTORY work. Apply TRI-STATE CANDY. CO. · 4aprtfd WANTED--STENOGRAPHER.- AP- ply In own 'handwriting to STENOGRAPHER,, care Courier. 19apr"3t -WANTED--SECOND HAND TTFE- writer. CaU Bell 1S-R, or TH-State 9S-W, Mount Pleasant. 2f«btf WANTED -- GIRLS TO - WRAP bread, at TEMPLETON'S- BAKERY, 289 Eaet Falrview*avenue. . 2aprtfd WANT311V-BOYS --AND : GIRLS ; 6yER 16 years of age. Paid while learning:. CONNELLSVTLLE SILK MILL. ISaprtfd WANTED -- GENERAL^ HOUSE- cleaning. and clean ins iiKa-and. carpets.' WM. H. BRANGH^Bell-138-W. ' ' ' - - * ' WANTED--BRIGHT' years of ape t o learn j o . ' . - qulre -JOB'.DEPARTMENT Courier.. ; ' " " ' " WANTED.--Millwright)* a'ndj machine repair men. Plant located. in a pood city with finrt-;cla«3 living- conditions. Address "B -C, l ';The. Couri«r,. 13- apr 6t WANTED -- TWO --/ RELtABLE maids. (5ne" m.u,Tt. be experienced co'ok. Position .open at once. Apjly. 1JRS.-W. F. STAUFFER, §04 ' Lpuckff '"'lavenae, Scottdalc, .Pa. -^ · · ^ ; ;;,.-;18apr3t 1 / --J2.50 PBR»- DAY'..PAID one lady in 'each towa';^ti6',.^dls'trrbuto. free circulars for concentrated 1 -'flavor- 1 inff In tubestT Permanont- position. S 1 .' E. BARR CO., Chicago. ".;.", : .: SOanrlt" . time. - oig: spring- Dusmess. -jaxperiencc unnecessary. INTERNATiONAl* MlLTjS. Norristown, Pa. - '.I^J^Oaprlt* ' -WANTED--aiEN tsed nursery* stook/·· Sest*'term's. .Cash weekly. Start TK?W, ; . all., or" part' Uinei. Yftluable" "outfit" supplied. 'CENTRAL NEW YORK NURSERIES, .-.Geneva;" N. '.'.' -. - :'. .. -.'. ' '· - !-';(-20aprli*' WNTBD-- OLD. ... FALSE;, \ .TEETH. Don't matter if broken. I pay;|2.00 to 515.00... per set.. Send by .parcel post and-" receive check 'by · return' maiL L: MA2J3H, 2007 South Filth atreet, Phfla- delphta, Pa. . . Ilapr23t* WANTBD--ANY KIND OF PRINT-. Insr. 'whether it Is a calling* card., sals bill "or the. finest .engraved weddinr Invitation or 'annoBiioeniant, We print anything--^everything's--do'--!! 'promptly and do. it Tipht AC*Ifc,the jnari at TITS COURIER .office. Both phones. ;"S7-tC FOR' BENT-4-THREE' : .TJNFURNISH-- ed rboma. 501 South Arch street, . : 'V ·-"* ' ' . ' · -·" · ' ' - - * . ··;:". : ''.'' 20a.pir2t OR'j .RENT^-STpRE . -ROOM. 505 "West Crawford aTenue. GEORGE A. MARKLE. .. - . . . - ' -12aprtfd FOR.RENT--28 ACRES _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ a-'year" ren . ^. WAGONER'; A EJCPLOY SPAP.E TLVE TO EARN big pay. Easy, pleasant work, writing- jippJicationy, collecting- premiums, sick, accident inKUranee. No experience required. -NATIONAL RELIEF ASSURANCE CO., 106 South Fourth street, Philadelphia. - 17-20-apr-* FOR S A E T W O SINGER." JIA- chince a.t $6.00;. other machines at 110.00 and up. . These machines arc guaranteed to be in first class condition. WHITE SEWING MACHINE CO.. 129 South Pittsburer, street, Con- nellsvllle. Pa. . . · .I»apr2t» THE SCHOOL BOARD OF PERRT township will receive applications for grade schools until 12 o'clock' Saturday, 'May 4th, at which -time schools' will bo let. The sarao date bids will be/ received for s-uppliea Bids will also 'be received oh the above datfe for palntlnp UIR wood -work o f ' t h e Ptirry Township High School building, outside: plaster walls insfde and varnishing the food Work inside. 3. R. MARTIN,' President," Perryopolis, Pa. W. L. KISBECK, Secretary, Star Junction. Pa, - 19-20-2S-27-april SEALED PROPOSALS WILL BE RE- celved by the County Controller of Feyette county, Pennsylvania, at his office in the Court. House, TJniontown, Pennsylvania, until -2 o'clock P. M., Monday, April. .29,' 1318, ;for the construction p ' f - a ' S O foot 'span reinforced concrete bridge over Meadow Run near' Farmington on the .'road leading from "Farmington to Obiopyle. Plans, proposals and specifications for the above bridge can be secured at the office of th'e County Road " and Bridge Engineer,' Court House,.. tJn Ion town,' Pehnsylvan^ia,. for. the sura of five dollars (15.00) per set. - -· . Each proposaltnust be accompanied by a certified* ch'eck drawn on a bank n Pennsylvania, equal to 10 per cent 2.42G.D 3G.750.5C ,' 1,ssi.08: ,103.SS7.5'( 106,00 ToUU n, 174.887.70 Trust Funds:-- OLher Investments, etc... 7.412.^(1 Cash .balance 3.011,00 Overdrafts _... 5-4.St! Total trust f u n d s 9 {,-i ] g, 0 CORPORATE TRUSTS. Total amount (i. e, face · value) of trusts under deeds of trust, or mortgages executed by corporation? to the company as trustee to secure issues of corporate bonds, including equipment trusty , 325,000.0') i State of Pennsylvania, county,of fay- etto, as: I, EDW. K. DICK, Trnasurer of the above named company, do sotomnly swear that tha above statement is true to the beat of my knowledge and belief. ' j ED\V. K. DICK Treasurer. Subscribed and sworn to before me this 3 9 t h day of April, 1DIS. EDtTH HARRIS. Notary Public. Correct--'Attest: "L. F. RUTH. R. MARIETTA, HARRY DUNN, JMrectors. ONE AT ONCE LINOTYPE OPERATOR AT THE- ·DAILY COURIER OFFICE 1776 1913 We Have Organized a Liberty Bond Club We believe that every man, woman and child in Connellsville should own a Liberty Bond--not merely one bond but as many bonds as they are able to buy. It is better to invest your money with Uncle Sam NOW, than let Germany take it away from you later. THE LIBERTY BOND CLUB makes the buying of a bond a simple matter for everybody. We buy the bonds for you and you pay for them in easy weekly installments. $! down and $ 1 for 49 weeks pays for a .$50 Bond. .. . . . . . $2 down and $2 for 49 weeks pays for a $100 Bond. :.-. * $5 down and $5 for 49 weeks pays for a $250 Bond. ' . ' $ 10 down and $ 10 for 49 weeks pays for a $500 Bond. Under this plan, even if you haven't saved a cent you can buy a bond. All you need to do is totake a dollar out of your next pay for the first installment and a dollar a week thereafter until the bond is paid for. PATRIOTISM AND SELF PROTECTION Buying bonds just now is a patriotic duty. It is also a matter of self-protection. . Uncle Sam needs our help. It is our battle he is fighting. If we do not furnish the money he cannot win the war. Isn't it better to lend to Uncle Sam, at good interest rates, than pay Germany a huge indemnity? Wonldn't you rather-lend Uncle Sam your last dollar than pay the Kaiser one cent! Of course jou would, so-. . - · · · · · Come in today and enter ''_:''' your subscription for---.-. , Liberty Bonds, *-. First National Bank The Bank That Does Things For Yotu . - " - . ' CONNELLSVILLE, P A . - DQOOOGGCXXXXXCOOOO^^ | Patronize Those Who Advertise in This Paper. | 5 QQOOGQCOQQOOQOCCGtt^^ , (10%) of the. amount of the proposal. .The. rTghU" to reject any ^or' all pro- 1 posals! Is expressly reserved. 1 ,. HARRY ' KISJNGER-. County Controller. "· '-.'J '·'· ' "-·'.· '· ";-i . ;· . - ...-"30mar4t-sat '...:'··,Notice t*"Revive Daniel Stu'rg-fioh, Attorney.. IN THE COURT'OF COMMON,PLEAS o f - Kayette. -county, Pennsylvania, at- No. 18-t June Term, 1PIS. Mary V. Donaho versus Mary L. McClain, acl- min16tratrlx:',oC..the-;^state- of John H; Bigelow,/ deceaaod, and'.. Mary IA Me- Clain,. Bella. Bl^clow, ; Joseph Vlct'qr 'Big-'elo-w and-" H. : :W.. Biffolow, -- nieces a'nid.nephews,and,'next of kin of Jolin H. '-SiffeloMff deceased; To- Mary Ij-' McCIain,,"-Eclla'. Bigolow," Joseph Victor ."fii'srielovp..'^!!. ."W; BIgelow: Notice is 'hereby-gi'vEn -that.jthere has been - is- j sued',iaJ..w'ri't""pf- 1 Sclre.;'Fflcia5 .to: r'eytv^.f a'judgment of.Mary V.-Donaho ag-ainst Mary.. U ' McClaliv- administratrix' :'ol ;the .estate" b.fv;7ohn' 'H; 'Bigelow;' deceased,, at No.' 388 March Term; 1018, in, the Court of ...Common Pleas of Fay- otte county,. "Peniia.; and to- continue the: Ji'cn* pf -the, "same -asralnst the real estate otJ'aaid- John H., Blgelow, de-' ceased, aii-d 1 . to. .shovr cause why -the plaintiff should 'not have judgment and..o^ecution.agralnst said real estate' ,and. said defendants; writ returnable .to'v the." first'-".Monday- of Tiine,".' 19181 THO'S. L.'HOWARD; She rift. Notice to Contractor*. H ' SEAt*EDPROPOSA]^S "WILL BE R3S- celved by the. 1 . County . - C o n t r o l l e r - o£ Paytitte courjtyi Pennsylvania, at his office in the CouriTHousre, Uniontown, Pennsylvania,, and by the County Controller of "Westmoreland county,' at-his ifflcc. In the Court House, Greensburg, Pennsylvania," until ; 2 o'clock P, M., Monday, April-29, 1918,. and to. be opened .In the offlnefof the County'Com- misalbnersV'bf Fayette county, Union- toWn; FenrisylvariJa, at 2 o'clock P. M,, Tueaday, April 30, ..1918, for the construction of,'a doublV 26 foot span reinforced :cprtcr«te : floor system with, pier · for--th'e.-brideeXover Jacobs Creek known as":.White;Bridge, and the con-, struct ion="'of; the!^necessary approaches.! between. Fayette and Westmoreland ] counties -aboutvone and- one-half miles ! northeast of .Bridgeport .on the Moun-! .tain Kad -leading^ from Connellaville to Mount Pleasant. * Plans, ; proposals and spectQcatiohs toi-yjihe aboye"bridgre can be-secured'.at- ·ibX'j'offlce'spf.; the'.'County ; Roa-d; and. B-rldse"--Engineer, 'Court : .House, '.Union- , town,' FenuBylyania^or aCthe office oft.- + kA~J'-rin.»«4^r~ : _t^ u ,*A. . - 't^rtr,'-- - ~-''- ' -- ' ' '· - It's footwear, that ·women believe in,, as .we. have for. .SO.years,'buyithem.'-, .".-.. . . ' . . . . . · : ' : . Everything new that's good is here'for.-your..'chob's-'- . i n §- . . . . -. .'.," .. . ' -.'.' . .. .' : : : ' ·. '" : , : .'..-.:· '".. Black, White, Grey and Brown. " ' ' . " : ' ' : Shoes--Pumps--Oxfords. YOUGH TRUST COMPANY at Iliese EemarkaWy low Prices: lots on Pittsourg Street, $125; Lots on Poplar:Street, S125; lots on HaTvtliorue Street, SJOO; Lots oa Carson Street, $80. City Tfater.v Cash or ou JEasy. I'ayments.... ;· : FOR SALE Lots at : O^Box 144; Coimellsville, C.B. MeCOBMICK,lgeu^ For, Farther Information Ask

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