The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 6, 1938 · Page 7
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 6, 1938
Page 7
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Page 7 article text (OCR)

THURSDAY, JANUARY G, 1938. THE DAILY COURIER. CONNELLSVILLTD. PA. SJSVjrurr. NEARLY 2,000 UNEMPLOYED /CLAIMS FILED DAY IN WASHINGTON ' BY DAVID LAWRENCE Office in Weihe Building Handles Three- Day Rush. WILL BE LOCATED HERE PERMANENTLY Nearly 2,000 persons filed claims with the State Employment office in | Business men say "confidence" has, the Weihc building during the three ! broken down. The Administration days it has been open. i says prices have been "fixed." The Hundreds ot others arc being j alibi factories aic working overtime Continued from. P-ige Four, income wil| not bland still or even break down as it did in 1031 mid 1037 when i tuxes, get to tho danger point, it means high puces so as to absorb the taxes, and the result is consumer resistance and finally business stagnation. Already the buicciu of agricultural economics of the Department of Agriculture has revealed that no increase in national income is expected in 1038 over 1937. This means that something has happened to the mechanism which causes the national income to rise steadily. What has happened? POLICE COLLECT $305 IN FINES DURING MONTH Fort oils and fines duung December aggregated $305, the monthly rc- powcr can bo increased if ways and means are devised for increasing and then utilizing our pioduction. poit o£ Chief of Police Andrew W. Thomas revealed today. The were 67 arrests of which 35 paid fines, 20 were discharged, seven released and five comittcd. Arrests were made on these counts: Public dnmHencss, 25; drunk and ctkcudcrly, thice; clisioidorly conduct. 12; suspicious persons, three; gambling, 18; larceny, two; maintaining disorderly house, one; passing worthless check, one, and malicious mis- chief, two, Police received 39 complaints, performed eight requests for assistance, performed special duty 10 times, investigated eight automobile accidents, recovered four stolen automobiles, two ot which had been pilfered here. The police car patrol covered 950 miles and the motorcycle 82 miles. Looking for IlargalnsT If so, read tho advertising columns NOVEMBER IDLE INCREASE PLACED AT 723,000 PERSONS By United Prcsa ! WASHINGTON, Jun. 6, -- The [ American Federation o( Labor re- j ported today that 723,000 pcvaons lost I their jobs during November. "Trade union reports," Hie tedont- tion snld, "show a severe increase in unemployment among union members." interviewed daily as the force of workers under the supervision ot S Frank Reynolds, senior interviewer, compiled the necessary information. The office is to be permanent. It is being fully equipped with furniture and at present consists of seven large interviewing booths, ono file room, one reception room and two waiting rooms. Branch offices ot the ConncKsville district hnve been opened at Fayette City and Perryopolis and people are nsked to register at the nearest office. It is very important that each applicant for compensation have with them their social security card and know the date of the last day on which they worked for wages. Griffin Chairman Couniy Agriculture Conservation Group G. M. Griffin, farmer, of Smock, Pa., has been elected chairman of the Fayette County Agricultural Conservation Committee to serve during the coming year. The election took place at a meeting of the board of directors ot tho county agricultural conservation association held in the county ofilco at -Uniontown. In addition to Chairman Griffin, other members and olllccrs of the committee for 1038 were elected as follows: Jesse B. King of Scottdale, vice- chairman; Earl Langley of Uniontown, R. D. No. 4, committeeman, and T, H. Kern of Normalville, alternate member. C. E. Moycr of Uniontown, \vaa elected as treasurer and Emily J. Thomas of Smlthfleld, secretary. The board of directors of the county agricultural conservation committee is composed of the chairmen of the various community committees who were chosen recently by the farmers throughout tho county who intend to participate in the X03B Agricultural Conservation Program. At their, meeting the board of directors, likewise, discussed plans for administering.the 3938 Agricultural Conservation Program in the county, and, in view of tho fact that, under the now program, both county and community committeemen have increased duties and responsibilities, the board hua sent recommbndations for efficient operation of the program to the State office in Harrlsburg for consideration ot the State Agricultural Conservation Committee. The new J038 program takes on additional significance both for the farmer and the consumer. While, as in past programs, it contains provisions for the carrying out of farm practices designed to restore fertility to depleted farm land, it has as additional objectives, in increabing farm income and stabilizing of farm, production in order to maintain sufficient, but not wasteful, crops of food and flbrc, thus assuring a fair price both to the farmer and the consumer. inside nnd outside the Government. Nobody is willing to nccept any blame, not even Congreis, which passed the laws, or the Piesident, who recommended them. Maybe Old Man Human Nature was the rent culprit. Governor Ecclcs told the Byrnes committee on Tuesday that the bonus spending in 1036 caused an artificial situation. It created an illusion o( permanent demand for goods bought with the spending txnyer put Into tho hands of he public by the Government. Mr. £cclcs sdtd he wished it had come in 1934. The truth is the Adminlstra- :ion did no planning. It didn't heed :he warnings given in June, 1830, in .he press, including emphasis in hcse dispatches on the point that the bonus spending called for the greatest i possible caution in government policy so that private capital and private business would be ready to ake up the slack. "Pump-priming" by puihc funds was overdone and private "pump-priming" was nog- ected or frustrated. Today tho Administration is gutting ready to do some of the very planning that it should have done in 1935 and 1930 ind he encouraging factor is that the lowers that be understand now that and private operations m the leld of recovery must work together and that there must be a meshing of effort iilong practical lines. From this very fact, the outlook for the year 1038 may be considered today lo bo much brighter than it was a month ugo, when perplexity was dominant. Today there is more direction to government policy and more recognition generally in the country of the fact that purchasing Confluence CONFLUENCE, Jan, 6.--Mrs. T, R. Edgar Is slowly improving from a long illness. Frank Anderson of Listonburg was ·n recent business visitor. Mrs. Fred Marquart continues to improve from a severe illness. F. R, Havncr was called to Con- ncllsvillc yesterday on account of the illness of his daughter, Mrs. Margaret Beal. Miss Myrtle Hopwood, a teacher in the Hooversville schools, was a recent visitor with her parents, Dr. and Mrs. G. B. Hopwood. J. W. Mitchell of Cumberland was a recent visitor here with his family Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Burnworth were recent visitors with friends in Cumberland. I CAN CUT DOWN THE N U M B E R OF HOURS YOU SPEND DOING HOUSEWORK LADIES-LET ME PROVE IT! Says REDDY KILOWATT "Your Willing Servant" "I COOK complete meal* while you're out shopping, bring better light to speed up your mending or other work---and do just 'scores of jobs to save your time. Only modest wages asked, too!" WEST PENN POWER CO. i Announcing THE RE-OPENING OF 703 WEST CRAWFORD AVE. 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Htno nonnlus on ovcry Hem (Jot tho West Side Market hnlilt and maku a little go a ways on your 1038 food budget- Shortening, 4-lb. bucket.... Rice, loose, 4 Ibs. .. ...... . ........... Shredded Wheat. 2 boxes ............. Cream Corn Starch, 2 boxes ...... Ginger Snaps, per Ib .......... ,, .......... Heinz Tomato Juice, 4 cans ..... Bisquick, large package ..... Peanut Butter, loose, 2 Ibs. --------Dill Pickles, loose, 3 for _ ......... Jackson's; Red Kidney Boalls 2 cans ___________ OLEO 2 Ibs. 27c _ Strictly Fresh EGGS Doz. 35c \ Oven Fresh KriSpy Crackers Ifa. Box 18c 53c 25c 25c 19c lOc 29c 29c 25c lOc Kidney 19c Uootl T.uck OLEO 2lbs.39c Van Camp's MILK 3 cans 20c Table Salt 3--l}i ID Ijxs lOc 10 III. 19c TOMATOES 3 Small 91* Cans ... fciOC 29c Kox Yellow Cling O Q _ Peaches, 2 cans O3C Medical Toilet Paper, 5 rolls -- Plllsbury P r e p a r e d Buckwheat Flour, 4 Ibs.. Dried Lima : fancy, 3 ibs. _.._ II. of L. Salad Dressing, 26-oz jr / R e d Devil S c o u r i n g Cleanser, 8 cans Johnson Glo Coat Floor Wax, ni- pt. E5c--qt. HOC Young a n d T e n d e r Gvoon Beana, 1 A 2 cans .,, IIIC Bout FLOUR i 24}£ II). Sack -- Dilworth't, Green Circle COFFEE I'cr 17., I · C flniiiulntetl Pure Cane SUGAR 2."iOb. Sack BRAUN'S CAKE Black I^iycr Walnut -- ...Cuko FLOUR Gold 24U II). Modal . 99c B A N A N A S Sib-25 ... 25c Goldmi Ripe Table Grapes, OC,, 3 Ibs. _.._. ..... 6«uC Maine Potatoes, 15-lb. bag Head Lettuce, 3 large heads Sweet Potatoes, large, No. 1, 6 Ibs. California Oranges Size 288, 2 Do*. 29c TANGERINES 2 Doz. 29c Slnymiui IVincsap FANCY APPLES Per bu. 95e Florida Oranges, large size, doz GREEN PEPPERS Doz. 35c Roman Beauty Apples, 10 Ibs. _ Fresh Cranberries. Ib. Stayraan Wlnesap Apples, 8 Ibs -- Onions, 10-lb, sack Calif. Celery, 3 bunches _...~~TM. Button Radishes, 3 bunches , 25c 19c 25c 29c 25c lOc 25c 33c 25c 25c 15c Spinach, Parsnips, Turnips, Fresh Peas, Parsley, N e w Cabbage, G r e e n Boons, Colery Cabbage, Green Onions, Brnsscl Sprouts, Broccoli, etc. California Carrots, 4 bunches .,,.4«. ......... Idaho Baking Potatoes, 10 Ib. .... Leaf Lettuce, 3 ibs. ... Grape Fruit, Seedless, 5 for ,,__ Fresh Tomatoes, Ib. Government Inspected Finest Quality Cudahy's Branded Yearling Beef Fresh Beef nralns. i /\ nn«r o t» « ., i H « » o--* Fresh Beef Brains, per Ib. ,,_ ,, Rump Roast, Ib. Rib Roast, short cut, Ib. Chuck Roast, center cuts, Ib. ..... lOc 22c 22c 17c Beet S h o u l d e r Roast, center cuts, Ib. ,,. , 17c 15c HAMBURG 2 Ibs. 25c Boneless Rib Roast, Ib. _ 22c Beef Shank or Neck, Ib Plato Boil, ib. :, Tenderloin and Sir-' loin Roasts, Ib. Voal, Pork and CjO, Beef, ground, 3 Ibs. «JuC Tenderloin Sirloin, Cube, Hound, Swiss Fresh Spare Ribs, Ib i Pure Pork Sausage, link, Ib, Pork Loin Roast, rib end, 11) -Pork Shoulder, whole, Ib , Pork Liver, 17c 23c 17c IGc 25c Pork Shoulder, calla style, 5 to G Ib. average, -j Q IOC JfOllV PITT Whole or Half, honvlor live., ib. 25c 15c 2 Ibs. ,_ Pork Butts, 4 to 17 5 Ib. pieces, Ib. ..... 11 C Mixed Pork Chops, pound _..__. ,,._..... Pork Chops, center *)f* cuts, Ib /3C Pressed Ham, Ib. , Pure Pork Sausage, loose, Ib, ,, Canadian Sliced Bacon, Ib. Nock Bones, S Ibs . Fresh Hanife, whole or string half, 10 to 12 Ib. average, Ib. Honey* Brand String Half Whole or Veal Loin or Rump I |J Roast, Ib. JL./C Veal Shoulder Chops, Ib. Voal Chops, rib or Loin, Ib. -Veal Shoulder center cuts, Cottage Cheese, 2 Ibs. 25c Veal Steak, Ib. ,, ,, Smoked Sausage, Ib. ,, 20c 25c Roast-- 15c 30c 25c Swift's Premium HAMS I,ur(?er Average, Ib. 25c Cresent Hams, whole or string half, 20-lb. 1 Q average, Ib " JLI/C Lamb Shoulder 4 or 5 Ib. In a piece, Ib. Genuine Spring Leg of Lamb, Ib Lamb, Rib Chops, Ib Lamb Shoulder Chops, Ib. Lamb Breast, 3 Ibs ,,._. Home Made Liver Pudding, per Ib. Roast, 20c 23c 35c 30c 25c 15c Swift's Premium Sliced .35c LEAF LARD per Ib. lOc Small Wloners, Ib. Club Wieners, 11). _ Skinless Wieners, Ib Forty Fathom Fish, 91* fresh, ib ««? Frying and Stewing Oysters. Halibut, Kctl Salmon 23c 17c 25c Fresh Pig Poet, · 3 Ibs. Smoked Bcel Tongues, cooked, Ib Spiced Lunch Ham, Ib. Sliced Corned Beef, Ib. ,, Sliced Dried Beet, Ib. Jumbo Minced Ham, Ib Ring or Long Bologna, Ib. 25c 30c 35c 35c 35c 18c 18c Bacmi Squares, Ib Swift's Premium Bacon, Ib. package _...,,_. Sweltzer Cheese, Ib. Pure Rendered ' Lard, 2 Ibs Surupple, S Ibs. ,,._ 15c Sliced 35c 35c 25c 25c 1002 West Crawford Avenue PHONE 62O Connelisville, Pa.

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