The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on April 20, 1918 · Page 3
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 20, 1918
Page 3
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Page 3 article text (OCR)

fv SATlrkpAJY APRIL 20, 1918. THE DAILY COtTRIER; CONNELLSVTLLE, PA. ffi$ffiWi^.^Sfa s i TO BE A WORKER AT HOME S THEME A HOME SPENBER 34*O9» every dollar that got* out of Coniellsville for. things that might *e bou s hUn r ConneUsviUe was. spent In CoafteHstnie. many more-men In ComrtllptlTieJii:6jiia.haTe job*. '. . . THD«C;*BOU!r THAT-^u; I spend ray-"dollars out of Conoellsville end you VapOTd your dollars out of Con- nelisyirie and'alK-the-people .spend their dollars' out of ConneUsrille, what "will heroine of : Cono«ll5Ville? · THINK'ABOOTtTttAT-^H. yon want your dollar to remain at home,' work at home, live at home and Aboard at the same place, then spend it at home. TiHNK ABOUT IT--The fellow who ha»:BOC«o*i_"Trfirdj for :hii home town. «c'ltU.Ti4lilcu3lduitries 'and_Homc merchants reminds one 6C- the man. de-in the following:, ^up^aVH'h'i ·alarin of'.a-Con- clock, buUons -his Chicago, Hspeaders to DetroipoveraiU; "puts on'a-pair at cSwVfd£sho«sit»5.ned: 1 n Massachusetts; shaves Trith a Michigan, razor sharpened. OIL :a.'Penns'yl- Tania strop, and dries on a. .cotton tow-. IN THIRD LIBERTY LOANNOW$42S,$00 Thorj8iu]d* ; ::J0ln: in Great PARI Seeds »l Oc SatUa Expialaea^hf Jmige Cat**} aid Otben; W Svhoeiitos «MW; Oi Coke · ___ Drawer F«ts ia $; Otter Jiotea. · ?. . . f *.*· ~- -"· - -; COTirl«r.- -r'scorpprxirE, pii 20:-- Eight thour; i*and persons were in Scottdale last .. evening" to witness the big' liberty loan parade" that, took place. ei made in I+ew Hampshire; sits down to a r iJamestown table, butters his Boeheater bread, made of Mineapolia flour, with a FrtnklinTille knife and eats' 'Kansas' City· bacon and'Indiana "grits, fried in Omaha', lard,"j cooked on \a-St.- Lou/s store; . buys-, canned fruit put, up' in California, seasoned : with Bhpde Island-spice; slipe.into'a raincoat bought in Buffalo, clasps on a wool, hat purchased in Philadelphia, harnesses his Kentucky .bay; 1 fed on Nebraska corn, with a Vermont harness and drives out to his farm,, covered with an Ohio mortgage, in a Canadian wagon;: After wis Ling do urn his supper, with, a Buffalo brew, put iip"iS"New-5Jer»eyl»"-bS£tlei, -:-'he, sits r down before his fireplace Jbuilt of Bradford brick-and smokes his briar · GttiU: -Finally,.he crawls .into ajGrahd^RaDids ;bed and;ls kept awake by local 'dogs, the'only home product.:on-:thGVplace.;.':.then ;he' won7 .ders why he keeps poor--why. 'money is scirce In h ! ls 'community--why jobs". ;; lion's -business before - the Tneetinf: The ,_dis.trict. .they. .coyer, is -Everson. Btillskin 'township' ana Unper ; Tyrone .township..". : :.;r.-.^'- ~. :, ' '' First Class washing machine, rery ch'eap. Elmer Morrow, pianct dealar, .Pittiburg street, ScottdaJei-- Adr. -' ' ' " ..... '". . . Otfcer Xtt*3. \: ' ' · Jiiss Hazel -Mniyhjr [ bu .-returned from a visit "pajd- Wilkinsburg'frienfls. Mrs. -Clifford Brpthers Returned home, last eretrjnifZrom Gretnsbmg,. where she visited friends thi*rweek. ,. ^ rMIss Laura Jean 'Jarrett jett' last "evening for PitUhurgi whereVihe'will ^pend the- week-end: * .' r '- " . · ·' Sirs. John Wenstler is in- Oreens- ·bcrgr, .where she is the guect-0f ^Ir£. H Harry Wenstler. ; . . . . RKDJ1EFTIOS COMHG. Tirelra 5«bitt aad Sn In firea* Flay afterno6n the town .took on y-' patriotic' looiihg dress, as" all fit the business .. bouse: . and homes ilong Pittsburg and .the leading .a^reeta decorated their alaces of busi- |nasV .anJ iorne*. In thi parade : were ' ; t h e G:'A.'R.;'the Ital- Ian and the colored band, the school children, represemtt«iTes.-of,~Uie 'R«d Cross, the J. Oi?tg* 1 s^BiSr ; McTe»t: ' " " .Theatre. ' "Redemption." in which Evelyn I bitt and her 1 son. Russell Thaw, star, j will be presented at. the Soiison theatre three days next; week, beginning Monday. .The picture has .taken r. place as one of the most elaborate .of motion picture play". . : i Evelyn NesJritt.. whose history is 'th« 'world over; haa proved ross, e flremen _ mi»y ; citiiiens'rWlic. «s«;~ Critics of' the flbn were in (their- praise, not "because NeBblu-is the featured player, hot be-, cause'Erelyn Neabitt-has proven her- .are boosting the-ihlrdililfTiJC : lo **r" ; f. seltran .actreea of remarkable depth- The processionfniarch'edito 3xucks ant-technique, and becauae .th« ; pUj; lark, where therjK:;ira'r'^TMW!^^ hiJ.whlc! she so anipiciontly make* Sir screen debnt is hig and mercileas- ly.'true;.'" . . ' . · " ' · ' '-"'"'; «tngins'and '»ms of Allegheij : i'cuiity,"aLiia:tJiidge- herself a most versatile acreea 'act- R. E. Umbel -Walter P. local commi 'tions of J425,OOOS'*£»ffi"g^t)iatrtliis.fn-.1 eluded a aubscrijflimioljifSO.OOO-Irom -one man and ^6g^iat^oae:moaixa-.-' She grammar gjaaeir; of · the-schoote. had sold. JS.OOO, :hic;sMv.- JIc- also told of a one- armed'coke: drawer; who. isj lemployed at CenJral;'.'aad;.who^has.ftTe supp6rt;;bilt?he;tpbti.50( worth of bonds. vThiswaalbne.^!: the most · successful anoZi'. enthusiastic meetings that ew Scittdale"ljSar'-"' War Savings Slajiiw ·tnnmioo' ~f Jio aj onqi pug in* All To help you save more savings etamps and to aid yon to accumulate ^them into Thrift CertiScates in order to lend more to our government, -we Vill give -you ·free-- with every · purchase tof |10.00 one dollar's worth of "War Savings Stamps. On , larger or smaller purchases in . same proportion. ;This:shonId,helii\tlie kiddies fill. -up their cardSiQiiicMyt-'" Considering the alreadyrWelU^fewJC-Tdwriprices, quoted on the'.largest and, most com- .--plete stocks ol ladies 1 ., coats, '· suils, ' " ·.furnishings a n d - . full, assortments, of children's .and in; ' Hants':' "wearing' ' a'pparell ·'hosiery. · 'glovesv-iinderweaiy.'etc.,- at- bargain '.prices' always! It ; will pay yon, well "to "see- us :before" : buying- elsewhere. Broadway , Ladies'.^ .Store, v.Scottdfrle, ]Pa"' As you' get off'tha'car.'-- Adv.' · -"' · ' . . · ; - - FOR.SAI.B. · ^*. Good clean,' 9h«rp bull.dinv- ·and. also moulding sand. Bank First' street, We»t Side. Trl- · : Stalc-53B. CHAS. II. EXLSLBT, ril):.North First "street. W««t. . Slde,.'Conn«Hsrin«. Pa.' Mrs. Joseph .Steinec gave a linen shower for Miss Jane O'Neil at h«r -home her*,.-last'- «ening. Very nice · refreshmeh'fe"' !we"re. served·· and!'a .'very pleasant"evening"spenl.' ; Hiss O'Nefl is a daughter-of-Mrs. Mary-'O'Neil.ot Eyerson,: and : : her-wedding wiU be an event- of -next ^vTednesday. ^ · *;; Iaf»r»a! Baace. The senior clasi of'. Scottdale .has Invitations'out for an informal dance ' j,0»at ·wJUl-M.l'fW to th,e Reid, hall on Friday, Aprii 26 Kiferles orchestra .twin furnfiBi'the nmtJCV.Onrilre; corn- jnittea are Emanuel Morris Prefl Tiske, MerTe"-Waugatnan .'and" 1 Clyde Parlcer. Far Sale. ~-Sight;roo* Tiouae t «onTer lot, to A«4 "conditioir^iMderm in every-,-re~ apcct On Mulberry street for »4 000 $2,000 down land balance to-suit pur- e.IB^flWWttt Scottdale, Pa.-- ·. jtl : ^51rs. Albert. BaTr~" r snertainea""tne' Ladies' AW ^ loolety-. .of-- thej-Baptist church at'lier Garfleid avenue home on Thu^sdaj, ereninE. There;was a ^rery:int««aU«s mosical-and.;iit«rary- and follomnc this refresh \ were served. B«lld Holih SmaiiMi. Miss Lydia Titterxngton of -Muiberrj:; ' street entertained tho: members ofThe -.5Cor4d':'TCuie. guild at her home last " evening." On 'he program nas a dia logluj'ln-whleli Elsi "BrentlseJ-AUce- Keagy and Kuth Logan .took par.t ^. ^j.-His6 rLucy Clarkson sang a solo and *""·'-- VBana Mae TFsribel bad charge he^hotne^departraent work e Me*. Brme and Be the Four- and ' |i!TM»n».;.»1liln« x public maetng ''"" " "^shouU noUly maj ¥· H«r Do« YosrBick Acbe? TV YOU Bod it dJtkaHio U bold up you head and do TOOT woikf DisttMsinc irmp- too» cauatd by unhMltby eon. · · dhiona ; OMMcaQy DO ntdkiiM it nqoh-td, mtnif local ap- * . .' pUcaooo at Puo-a. TablMa, a " · ".nhiabl* healing naMdy with _ . uuiMptic, utrit(wt and took -- iff»l» almpU in tenon and~ " and n- Th» 'tun* fa. Ha* foannttM aada- P n THE FISO COMPANY SMFbilMc. Manhattam Cafe --THE-- I1ESTMJSSAHT EVERYTHING COOKED LIKE "AT HOME. Strictly Freih, Clean and Pure. ASK-FOIt : OUR"SPECIAL CLUB JBREATAST "AND SDNDAY DrNrfER. "Our Pas'tiies Are Delicious Because Th"ey_ Arc Homemade NEXT BOOS TO WEST PENN - -WAltJNQ-ROOJI. Yough House RESTAURANT Imdrr Sen 3IaBaacent A Clean Quiet Place for Your Let Us Knew W»t Ton tram and How You Want.It SOOD: SERVICE.' ,' mn. C. 1. JinactiMA To You Who Have Gome to America! Many of you people who are Americans today and who ate enjoying all the privileges and opportunities of America were, not born in this country. , . America has freely placed at your disposal, on an equal footing with her own people, the opportunity to avail yourselves of everything she has to offer. Are these opportunities worth anything to you? Are they worth doing anything to uphold? If you feel that YOU have derived any benefit from coming to America, if you feel that you want to continue to live here, then surely the least you can do is to co-operate with the United States Government in protecting and making permanent American liberty arid American institutions. The way you can do this is to lend your money to Government by buying LIBERTY BONDS. You are not asked to GIVE anything. You are simply asked! to INVEST your money in LIBERTY BONDS which pay liberal interest and afford absolute safety because they are guaranteed by the richest nation in the world. NOW is your opportunity to do something for the country that has done so much for you. BUY LIBERTY BONDS AND BUY THEM NOW FROM ANY BANK LIBERTY LOAN ADVERTISEMENT has been contributed by Yough Brewing Company J s a patriotic contribution ·wards winning the war

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