The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 31, 1930 · Page 5
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, January 31, 1930
Page 5
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FRIDAY, JANUARY 31, 1930, HOAD3UILD1N6TO i GET NEW IMPETUS i . -- Highway Officials Mpke , Plans ia Line WitH Pre»- j ident's Program. v ,Br 3*m«a w. Brooktt-rrtrMter, Ara«rl- ( «w» Hl«hi«iy Educational nureau.) ! Impelled "ay forces now getting behind public wortt of ever? character, and especially under the" leadership of .Prealdent Hoover, plani are In the : making for Increased activity In road : building KB ona -of the mart far-reach, tag and constructive agencies In na- jtlonal progress. j In preparation for tfcia objectlre, and for the consideration of other m»t- ,ters concerning highway Improvement, I members of the American Association of State Highway Officials have juat Iheld their regular annual meeting at San Antonio, Texas. This body Is composed exclusively of highway officials who ropresent every sti»te fa th« ^n'on, and who also co-operate closely i with the fefioral government In the ad- minlBtratlor, of federal aid. At this meeting, legislative and financial needa in highway work for the Immediate tutor* were discussed and a resolution was passed recommending to congress that the federal aid appropriation be increased to $125,000,000. , Federal Aid Project ! 'In carrying on tlftir part of the nation's work, highway officials are stressing the importance of complet-' ing the rufdn federal aid project ns originally' planned. This plan,'. It will be recalled, was to complete state and interstate routes.first In order to save motor vehicle revenues from the drala of oicesslvo repair costs where roads are not built sufficiently strong In tha first Instance to sustain heavy traffic. As to the wisdom of proceeding with increased activity on the-original program, those In highway leadership, assert that they are In line with,President Hoover's. engineering views on such mattei-s. These views were expressed in one of his pre-election speeches at St. Louis and again on his ' recent visit to Cincinnati and Ixjuti- vllle In connection with waterway improvement. Tersely stated, it was the President's expressed judgment · that trunk line waterways should* be Improved first, and \hlghway officials In their recent conferences at San Antonio have again attested to the soundness, of that principle as a means of conserving and making the safest possible use .of highway construction capital. lisa of Highways. Tatting the country as a whole, the «ge of public highways Is Increasing at an amazing rate, likewise motor vehicle operating waste is 'Increasing where highways . 1mve not, yet been brought up to modern standards In construction. This situation may be' taken as a lesson that not only should thare he no let up in road building, especially on routes that are heavily traveled, but that pufc'.ic work of this character should be Intensified. It |nay ( be taken also ns a reminder that there should be no evasion of the obligation doe to motorists who have acquiesced In gasoline tax levies in the various attUes upon the assurance that the .M'.iln traffic channels of the country would bo pressed to completion as early as possible and thus taUe cara of between T5 and 85 per cent of tha country's traffic before attempting to stretch the federal, aid principle bo- yon d Its present scope. "With the Initiative which President Hoover/if taking in 'all Internal Improvement runttora. It is expectc-d that Highway building soon will be greatly Increased and thereafter maintained at a speed that will insure not only sus- telmTd employment in that particular Held, but b'roat profit to the country. Shortage of Motor Car Fuel Supply Not Feared For the next 50,000 years, at any rate, American Motorists may feel assured of an ample' fuel supply for cars, boats, airplanes, and whatnots. Nor will It bo necewary to carry a tank full oi* TNT or nttroglycerin In the car to ;;et us there and bring us back. Thus one great national worry was laid at rest, when Thomas A. Boyd, fuel technologist, recently talked to th«»annd!an section of the Society of Automotive Engineers meeting' at Toronto. Mr. .Bs,vd cited, the known quantity of petroieoin, crude petroleum, petroleum sands and shale deposits and described three way's of converting c6al Into liquid S'ueL These are pyroiyslti, or coking at high and low temperatures; hydrogenatlon and gaalncatlon. 'Che speaker dealt at some length with the Burgesa hydrogenation process. Speaking of the relativ« amount of (tower contained in gasoline, Mr. Boyd stated that this hydrocarbon contains 1£,100 British thermal units; TNT ha* 6,500; nlL-oglycerin. 8,200; dynamite, 2,500; and black powder, 1,200. Elir.iinatei C-o*ing* The bridge division oi the New Mexico highway department la work- Ing overtime ou plans and · specifications for grade crossing elimination which wlil ft.-catly increase the safety of the highways. I-aat year four grade separations were built at ,tUe crossing, which has been the scene of automobile tragedies. Three more eliminations are now In the plan stage, to be commenced and pushed through tills year. Carbon May Be Pre»enJ Use of high volatility. nntlKnocking jtns may remove thp noise traditionally associated with the presence of carbon In the engine, bus it do^es not always mean that carbon Is absent. Particularly after a winter of frequent choke use, there Is likely to be carbon even If It Is not caiftsing the familiar old knoeK. *t sliould be removed If inspection repeals (in excess. Why'oot test tl.e vul r-e springs at the *aniu lime? PrrseCUtetS Mala Thi- w a y s H i n t serve n man to h u r t , A ttiuudry'i- f u v o r wins. ll Hi Ami - outt'ins off h!a shirt full *t ' CO CUTER, CCJNN PO 5211 Ad 83 y P ecause it is w-p ... /'STANDARD" Gasoline., refined by ihe latest and . ' V"" ' ' · " , ' . · ' * f best methods... gives every car owner startling performance records...f quicker starting and pickup, smoother power, less knocking ,,.. a high-test GASOLINE AT NO ADVANCE IN PRICE JSTANEMVRP1 \CRES AND ACRES of glonf towart ·xduitvely devoted to producing Hii* full-rich, high-te » gajolino. Beeauio of the newprocosud "Standard" Gasoline'! Instant popular!^, lh« plant gaes full bias? day and night. . ^ -· (\A/ HAT 3re ^ e specifications and "extra" refinements of the new-processed "Standard" Gaso^ VV line? There's no stronger phrase than "quicker starting." If there were, we would apply it to tliis nevv fuel--to the manner nr which, cold weather, or not,, it starts the engine roaring with power. Pickup, the best ever. Smoother power, one more result of the new cracking process. .less knoccing, too. Maximum mileage, fn brief, a high-test gasoline at no advance in price--the kind you lave always wanted. \ Other popular-priced gasolines may have one or some of the qualities we have named, but only the new-proa ssed "Standard" Gasoline has them all---because it is refined by this new patented process. Try the n )W-processed "Standard" Gasoline TODAY. Test H today in any way you choose--then let your motor tell its own story of more efficient performance. On sale everywhere. At no advance in price. Startin G A S O L I N E ME W-P ESS ED HIGH : TEST Mfflio aaire Kid Held in Miami Sftld to be 4MM of the ftve bandlta who .participated in the ¥300,000 pre-nuptial alnner In the homo of John L. Carson in Buffalo, N. Y. Stanley PrzyUyl has been captured in sn apartment at Miami, Fla. I Przybyl is kcown tn Buffalo as the "millionaire kid" and is said t« !h»»e been IHng with Sthel Masoa CE MABTY -BY- Wertlieimer Motor Co., W. Crawford Avenue. E-e BUTTHIS wPIO-ON CM 6o/T5AY ceftTimt-Y KNEW HIS STUFF If) POT.EH sifi-NS liM H K T O U WER.THEIMER MDTORCO, - BUT HOW f W THE WOI?UP COUUO see 1028'Essex 1|)27 Hudson ( onch 1925 Dodge Touring The only thing in the world we're, vjealous of is oxir reputation for integrity, so we've 1 never given folks cause to question it. 1927 Hudson 7-Puss. Sedan. J028 Hudson 5-Fnss. Sedan, 1027 Studebaker Com. Coupo/ If the steam from the leaka on your potSshert flooi a gray spot, wrinj: a clot! dry, from warm wiiter, ac!( three drops ot hou.'iobold a rub the spot for a few n then pollali 'with (soft cloth. ·uillaior leaving nearly two or nmontu, oments, That is the expression we hear from hundreds who use our Classified Columns. The cost is moderate and the results big. Use our Classified Columns. 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