The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on April 20, 1918 · Page 2
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 2

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 20, 1918
Page 2
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"" PAGB TWO THE DAILY COtTRIER,: CONNELLSVILI^E, PA SATURDAY, APRIL 20, 191! St: Patrick's Cathedral in.. Augusta, OS,, wasrfhe scene of a pretty wedding ' thisTrtflriiing at 10 o'clock when Miss MarBuerite Kennedy,, daughter of Mr. ·anCMW- 'M-. J- Kennedy ,of Scottdale, aad:2tdhur I* Byrne, «on of Mr. and Mrs. .'John. R. Byrne of -Eyerson, wera united. ,in marriage. JTlie ceremony wiiViKtoesied by only; 'immediate raeiriirs of the two families. The given in. marriage by her ftth*f and had as, her .'attendants her ~~ Bister, Miss IJUlan Kenned jv and Miss Hilda Pjrnf, a.'»ister:qf the 'bride" , . i.". Other meinlSers of "the bridal ji^-irtre JUeui«nanf John J^ -Ken- aSi- Edward Kennedy. The bride is ar prominent member of the young- l*r Mcial.iet of Scottdale and has a lumb*r,.of friends here. She attend- ie4,.St Joseph's Academy -at Seton Hill,-, and later urns graduated from Jtti :imin«cul«t academy . .^'.' C. ^Before .eilistli^ii 'the' Iservfc* the bridegroom!/whoLisjfi the .Supply company, Camp, Hancock, was a prominent practising j»tto»ptT, with offices'; in. Uniontows.' j(iv*ji* 'graduated in-'law from. the. ;Geor»etown University, and .is. a 'brother'Of Mrs. John Duggan,. Jr., "of the "West Side. This," is ^he-second ·wcddiiif In the family of Mf. ; and"Hcs. Byrm»;- ; to be solemnized :'in; "Augusta, ,sincrth« soldiers went I'io'irajning '·there!- Their daughter, {iliss Mary; was united in roarriage" to John^JT.'. TTnrti OB New Year's "Tiiy; IFqllow^' ing a-brief weddliig trip 'Mr, -mi. Mrs: By-rne will return to Camp.Hancock. Urs^ Byrne .will remain" with'her hua- band until a* leaves for "Over There.*' 'Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Kennedy and family and Mr. und Mrs. Byrne and family attended, the wedding." *. " At the aemi-monthly meeting 'ot.ihe i*dle»,'.Aid socicicy of the-_First tjsi'.churcfl, held last; evening Staaie, la Will's road, ; witti Mrs.' JV11-. bur Nelson hostess, -the society'dwild-, ii Tn" chatge .of the preaching and «d. to. pflrchase a 1100 Liberty Bond. The attendance was tinusuall/ 'large and. ib* -Meeting was the best held for Tsbmer time. Following a short business -session, a patriotic program was ·delightfully carried out. A. feature was a pretty exercise "Salute to the 'Flag/.vjiven by Theodore, Marian, Lanr* : a«d Wilbur Nelson, Jr., and 'Dc»r«Uiy;Forter. with Rev. Wilbur Nel- ton.ptuidingat the piano. The exercise was opened and closed by Theodore Neiwn. The little girls appeared in : . dainty dresses of red, white and blae.'^E*ch carried a small ag. The refjunder of the- program was as follows;; Piano solo, Lola Semones; vocal solo, "Over There," J*lugeiie Stickel^. reading, Helen Mitchell r~Tcical lolo. JOaa Dorothy Jackson, with. Miss LtSailFHeavener presldffig atrtHe : ll- aao^TiiuetTDorothy Jackson and Miss Heavjner; piano solo, Miss Hcare'n- «r; piano solo, Lola Semones; reading Lnella Peart 'Haffleld^tdo; Grace M r tUf»T~ Dorothy Jactson ;ind "Sev. NaiiSii '. with Miss Heavener presid- -ini; at'the-piano; "Star : Spangled Banner" iind " America," by all. At the conclusion of the program a dainty la^chebtt,' marked by /patriotic.. ap- pofftttttit*, was scrreA._ The t silt ass. : -Mrs. -Neison ' "wai ; a«tf»t«l in entertaining .'by mem- heri^J her Sunday school/class. ".The ,nert' : meeting will be-held .Thursday evening. May 2,"at th^ Borne;bf,Mrs.- B. Ti;Sh«rrick, in East Fairri'ew ave- nw».''"' .'·' last night appointed danc«__w»« gfren at the Colonial Inn, South Kttsburg street, by a co«nnUte.«: 1 jiiSjeC/ilff members "of'. tte ; freshman' cla*i'About CO guests, including girls '»D*'',"b»ylEof the class, and several tcacfers, were present. The 'hours were"'from 7.30 to 11.30-6'clock.: Mu.- «k wai rendered byKlferle's orch«s- tn£ --^irestments were served. ! ::r l(url»g'the closing -exercises of the Trfittir Hefonaed Snnday~-sbBo61 ito- · morrow morning, a service: flag and a United States Bag, doMtid--by tw«- , -ntenibeti of ,tlie Sunday fchool- clau- ··v'.^tiu-he unturled. - - "- -- -'''J;", i ^':" ·".'·-. -- UmUonant George H. Roeder was a gattt of honor at a dinner- at the home of Mrs. W. J. Bailey last evening. -In addition to''Lieutenant: Roedtir,- Mr.- and Mrs. E. T. Norton, _Mi»»'Myitl6 Bailey and J. Fred Kurtz rw«r«; present Mrs. Bailey was chair- ma»-}of the committee in charge of ; th» ticket sale for Lieutenant Roeder's li«tUT«):*«Id at the high school last l '"iP!i»,Kiflip Freeman chapter. Daughter*-.of th* American Revolution, is being emtertatned 'this afternoon by MlM Clare Bryner at" her home .in. Sycambfe street. " i Mr.'.'ind Mrs. G. E. Bmerick gave a party, Wednesday afternoon, af their hone'in Sixth, street in nonor^of the- nfth birthday of their daughter, Hilda-. Maude,-:Kmerick. Various mu»le': : were the amusements until 6 »»;clock, ;whea' rrfreshments' were served. ^The United-for-Service unit -to the CUiirlestinj Comforts branch of. the Napr..lieague, will meet tonight at the homerpt: Jlrs. Cooper,. Patterson in NOrthjSixta street; West Side. Lee Etta lodge No. 5, Ladies' Auxit- laiy to .the .Railrcattj Trainmen, will, celebrate the. fourth. TTO ADT.4XCT LV PP.ICE P NEUMONIA ^·«s anniversary, ot the auxiliary. Monday. :evenlng.'at 8 o'clock in .afaccabee hall. Members of iYpughiogheny lodge. .No. 218, Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen, and their % wive's, will be entertained. -Members of; other.auxiliaries to Tough lodge No. 218 of Connellsr ville, are also invited. A prograrn will be rendered'and refreshments will be served. ' ' . · .The T. C.. T. Fancywork ,club will be entertained Tuesdays-evening^ by Miss "Winifred Durnell at her home In East' Patterson avenue. '- \ Misses Ruth and. Mas Beighley entertained 35 of their friend* at a party at their South Connellsville home last evening. The girls b[ the Y. H. C. ot South' Connellsville, were present. The. evening was spent in games and mjisic. Miss Margaret Sheering gave several vocal selections and 11UU ·Miss- Alberti-.BeighieJJ-' Bang.,"Keep th e*Buniing." A'" Bllvor'-'col- lection fori'.lhe purchase'-of. yarn for soldiers' sweaters was taken and at 10-31) "o'clock a dainty Inncheon was served. ·"---~ : - " Miss Martha Tansky, daoghter 'ot Mr. and Mrs. "W. Tansky 'of Searight, "and LeHoy Semhoid-of · Sand Patch, were married yesterday--morhing in Uniontown at the parsonage' of the iutberan church, ;with Roy. H.JW11- llanis;'tht^pastor, o«ciating."5af. and Mrs. Senibold will .reside at. Evans 'station wHererthe former holds a re- ·ponfliBIe- position ;with -the 'Evans Goal company.- Confirmation and commimtbn services, beginning : at -11 'o'clock, will- be' conducted, tomorrow -morning at the .Trinity.. Reformed cnurcb --by Rev. .Jameig' Jtf. Mullan, superintendent 'of Hbirie'Missions department of"-East ·Baltimorel-MlL, Rev.rMullan .will.also. 'communion. Beryices""tomorrow ;ev,en- iiig"at 7.30 o'clock. ·» . -- · · George H. Bosley of CoTmellsville, and Mary G. Hamilton of "(Vest Newton, were granted a marriage license in Pittaburg! PERSONAL. Miss MaiMrt' Rigg of Beaver Falls, is spending;'the week-end with Miss Ellen Sh'errlck of East Apple street The beat place to shop after all Brownell Shoe Co.--Adv. Mr. and Mrs, 6. G._Cochran were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Carl F. Dickensoa of Squirrel Hill, Plttsburg, and ; last, night .attended a dinner at the Tort; Pitt'hotel: · · " - ' · · ' · · Uncle Sam has. taken the only easterners":-1 hare lost, But'they will ;all- be back when they get through smashing the Hun. Dave Cohen, Tailor.--ad Mrs. T. "J. Brerinan of Johnston ave- friends'in.J'ittsburE yesterday!. '" ' ·" : .'-'- ""." ,.. Mrs.. Lawrence Francis went to :ptttsbarg : this 'morning..; - - · -'.- " : Patronize those who- advertise, CABINET MAKERS NEEDED GoT«rnie»t IMBM f»U for 500 Skilled in Wood IVork. A call baa come through the government for 500 cabinet makers., bench wood-wdrkersj pattern makers and other »killed-;men; ! ln--the .fine -wood working trades. Wages offered are 45 to 50 cents in hour,..wages being based on a SO hour week, with time" "and a half Jet overi.tiine..--.. '·---·-·-:' ..-'.'. -; . '^ffie!"Cjirtlss. "Aeroplwie ' Motor' corporation of Buffalb.'-for whlcli.the call' is made, is prepared.; to secure housing accomtnpdations ' f o r ' men ;co1ninB v irom-t-PennBylvania. ·"; Rents with!n-''a haU,hpur's ride of the.Elant range from-'?is to J30 a inonth^-the communication to George S. Connell. .executive.secretary of the. county pub- 'iTc"'safety oYganlzation.'.r s£ys:" .The Company,,;ref und : .transpbrta.- 'tion to'inen''wfiol-en(3eV 66'days' safis- Jactqjy service. _ ^ W C ' ^ . -*All-applicants'must-qualify'aarsk ed workmen in the lines mentioned. Information . can be secured · at tho office of Mr. Conne'll. HURLEY HELLEN ACTIVE I» First. Boy Scoot Orderiy to Beport at Florida Resort, -' Hurley Heilen, son of Mrs. Frank Hellen of ConnellCTill*, who it spending the : winter at St. Petersburg, Fla., iwas .the first Boy Scout orderly to report for duty in the third Liberty Lf an campaign, says a copyof th»; St^-Petersburg Times received Hurley. is'- plajlng-'i- most-} active part in the driv'elraJ'thVwinter^resqrt, the article'.indicates;.--------'-' ' : _v_,'. " l " E-j^steRTMS; For Ai»mal Jdiitarj Band Concert J'EC-od-«ale-for the annual concert of 'the Connellsvine Military -band on Monday nisnt ·'· in . the high" ffchpol, building was reported today by Director JoluvE.''Gaster. : It was announced. tb.atl.tfee jand , a.-part of its ,iJJ)lnj; ; Duggan. : 'J.i;., will; deliver a Friuir-Mhifite address : in th« interest of ·"·"* ·-- ^ -*- · ^^ -- ojhcerfr- '-'" r ^'~'*-' · ·-' i ,,.'.-...j. . - ... Bor Honie. ' ~V "Theodore ..VaTi:'Ho'rn; : :s"tm" of~'Mr. and Mrs. A: Van Horn, isi spending a furlough at his Daw'son,'.this being'his ; first visit since'entering .the service at Camp Lee. .." . 4 THiS ; ;WAR OR"1T4?|LL BELOST DECLARES Continued from PaBP One. trenches. There was no standardized type, anif'eacb. man had his ovrn ideae about grenades, some 'of them resulting : fatally. .i-The .first .were made-of tin cans, but as they were too dangerous to the troops using them, improvements .were made rapidly. He hart seVenS-or". eight different kinds, with three styles of aerial torpedoes, shot from small guns in the trenches or from'the rifles of the soldiers. "You may be surprised when I say that our trenches and those of the enemy were at'tiroes only five or six yards apart, hut there were such instances in the Argonne, when the troops were forced to- fall back from the first line to a secondary defense, and the Germans would occupy the evacuated .trench." The,lieutenant said the Italians bad a small grenade that was of corrugated iron'so that when an explosion occurred the .iron broke' up into many slugs, "vt'e used to throw those over and the Germans would see them coming and use sticks to bat them b*ack." 'The lemon grenade was finally producer! :md it. .'.s ::ow the standard type of grenade in France. It has to-,be thrown In four seconds:or a,fa.tality is the"result.i "The grenadier requires almost superhumari courage," said Lieutenant Roeder. "They are picked men because everyone cannot be a grenadier. They go ov"er s the broken ground Just behind our own barrage and are supposed to toss their gren- ·ades'.into-shell holes and dugouts, where the enemy might be hiding with a machine gun.'.' "The German soldier,".; said the, lieutenant,., "gloats 'Jn" 'doing.: anything .03 inflict'.pain' on his enemies. I re^ member "one. instance where'. I"found a French Poilus' lying "on the ground) his shirt "torn', to" shreds in the'back and; the back if.;lite head swollen. I wondered what was the matter w.ith him. and took him ,to a hospital. He was so.weak from, the loss of ;hlood that lio "anaesthetic could be administered him 'and he^had'.to go through the -necessary operation'* by. bearing the-.paiaV";. Whence" was "stripped his Tjack. was lull of ^small perforations. An electromagnet" was 'passed slowly, ·over his back arid'up'to'the^time that I left him, 120 old phonograph needles had been withdrawn. Some German soldier got the devilish idea and open- lag his grenade threw in the needles that had been used' on a machine in one of the front line dagoots.. The poor Frenchman got the benefit That was only one ot their methods.' I have seen chunks of glass or tacks pulled from the floors used. "When a tack with a strip of old 'carpet still hanging to it goes in* the flesh, there Is generally but one'result, tetanus or gangrene, both fatal." Lieutenant Roeder "exhibited the fa- moos French 75's which have wrought so much havoc · among the German ranks. He also had a piece of Zeppelin .which he saw.'brcught down behind the French fines. He said-all members of the crew were burned to death excepting the two officers who jumped, when, the machino was about 700 feet from the ground and were instantly killed. He said the Zeppelin was flve'motors of 263 horsepower each. James Loughfey appeared In the French Poilu at the beginning of tie war,^ with the bright .red breeches, heavy/ blue coatr'-high top shoes,' and r.ed;.cap .banded with; blue. John Moore' then;'-appeared-' in '· the present uniform of the French army, a ,paie blue-.-.All the equipment of. the .Frenchman was explained by the lieutenant from .his gas mask to his -wine 'bottle. The lieutenant said the French .soldier never carried water, that (he always draiik .wine, "The French;say that water rusts the s'tom- ·aph. and- was gniy^made-to waan in," remarked the speaker. He . also exhibited the-uniform-oT a German first lieutenant,. He said he had secured the .uniform - by; .stripping. a.(prisoner after · the ' battle' of Mons. Harry Sneplierd appeared as., the .German in- fantrymanr He \fqre the field ;gray. The* French and German camouflage coats" were also exhibited. ... 1 .The various kinds of gas. masks -from, the-ilrst contrived-to the-modern 'kind'-were' adjusted on Lieutenant Roeder's; models], and- explained. Tie lieutenant said the children living in the immediate vicinity . of the. firing line were all supplied with, masks which they always carried with them. J. Fred-Kurtz .introduced' th'e speaker telling of the diEfereat commands to which he has-bceii attached during his two years and eight months of service. Lieutenant Roeder wears the French war cross. x · After the lecture was completed,- eanV3ssfng"feams.-c"ovefed tBe HallsT and. auditorium .;"for : Libwfty'- Loan subscripiions."'." ' '" " " " rlrWlLL.DOffTffl Pajple Notice It. Drive Them Off -.:"--:.. with Dr. Edwards' - A pterply (ace vill not embarrass you much longer if you get a package of Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets. The «Kn should begin to -clear: alter yoo have .taken the tablets a few eights. :;*SPlENBID'FiAteFOE MCTIE . . All that is hecesBaryfor you to to clip the coupons and bring.or send them to The Daily Courier offlco with $1.-1S and the beautiJui Flag is yours. Description--The flag is 8 feet long by 5 feet wide; rainproof and sunproof American bunting--absolutely fast colors. _ · Stripes sew- 1 ed, double stitched^ -Has strong oanvas heading and metal gromments. T hit £xo Foot Flag for * Coujiong of Consecutive Dates and $1.4D Caslu Note:.-^-If ordered by Mail-'add lOc for packing and postage. / J ' CLIP THIS FLAG COtlFOK TODAY ! and,.withr.refluired-cash for Flag send to Flag; Department J 1 rTHE DAILY COURIER 1291-2 TV. CraTrford PA. Street .or. E.'.F. D.. "Xo_ Town, "^_ JUNIATA ORGANIZES Kefl Crost: Unit-'pi 49 Members is Formed at Coke yUlage. A' RcdJ2ross unit'AVith 49^ members was organized-at Juniata by Mrs) Louise Reynolds,' who hag 1 'charge of .the .work roqrns "of the Counellsville Red Cross Chapter... The members are as follows: . Mrs. M. J. Beal, Mrs. Belie*' Bvad- man, Mrs. William Rex, Mrs.' John Baker, Mrs! William Dennis, Mrs. Charles Pockstaller, all.of Dnibar H, D. No. 1, each J2.00; Vita. S. J. Yerman, Mrs. Vina Leig'hty, Mrs. Robert Pinkney, Mrs. Isiah Keifer, Mrs. Donald Kerr, Mrs. Frank Kusiak, Mrs. -Kovach', Mrs. John Harshmau,. Mrs. Helen Kichter, Mrs. Alva Beal, Mrs. Tom Leighty, Mrs. Helen Forish, Mrs. John Molshon, Anna Moffett, Dunbar R. D. No. 1 I; Mrs. Lee Dennis, Mrs. George Jamison, Mrs. Andrew Valinsky, Mrs Henry Rittenberger, Mrs. Coughenour, Mrs. A. LI. Hart, Mrs. Johu.Barnhart, Mrs. HobertBali, ATrs. Margaret Harford, Mrs. "William Morris, Mrs. 'Edward Smith, Mrs. Minnie McDowell, Mrs. Robert Pinkney, Mrs. B. Morris, Mrs. Alva Morris, Mrs. P. Upton, Mrs. 1 Maude' .-Pinkney, Mrs. George Clark, Mrs. Gertrude Yvprth- irigton, Dnubar R. D. No. 1; Mrs. Li2-; zie Hager, Mrs. .Elsie Seese, Mrs. Uosej Mrs. ( Mrs. And Neck of Little Girl. In Blisters. Made Fretful and Hair Came Out. Barnhart, Mrs. Clara Shaffer, Frank Arnold .Mrs. Ella Junk, Alice Bottomly, Mrs. Neal Gough and Mrs. Mamie Duggan, each Jl.ftO. HEALEDBYCUTICURA SOAP AND OINTMENT 4 'Eczema began at the back of 117 little girl's ears. It'broke out in blisters ' that she scratched open so that watisc ran out." The skin was inflamed. Itgotso bad that it began to spread over hex "^ head and neck, making her fretful. Her hair also ' came out. "I saw an advertisement for Cuti- cura Soap and Ointment and sent for a free sample. I bought more, and I need'one cake of Cuticura Soap and not quite two boxes of Ointment when ·"she was healed." (Signed) Mrs. Edi- -»on Zink, Rh«ms,-Pa., June 7, 1917. Clear the pores of impurities by daily Use of Cuticura. Soap and occasional touches of Cuticu ra O intment as needed to soften, soothe and heal. They arc ideal for every toilet purpoB,e. Sample E«oh Prec by Mail. Address postcard: "Cntlcur., D«pt. R.. Bo»tcm." Sold ererywhere, Soap25c, Ointment 25 andSOc, WOMEN HUSTUNG Hendqnarters Open Mrs. Carl ,S. Here IVill Be . IVeek. Horncr and Mrs. Kept Raymond Mestrezat will continue to have charge or. the women's Liberty Loan 'drive next week. Tbe headquarters on the fourth floor of the Title / Trust building will be open during, the week, with the following women in charge : . Monday-- Morning,- Mrs. James Stader; afternoon, Mrs. Catherine List; evening, Miss Elizabeth Miller. Tuesday -- Morning, Mrs. H. F. Atkinson ; afternoon. Mrs. W. L. Buescher; evening, Mrs.' Carl S. Homer. 'Wednesday-- Morning, -Mrs. J. Raymond Mostrezat; afternoon, Mrs. J. Kirk" Renner ; evening, Mrs. James B. Stader. Thursday-- Morning, Mrs. Sf. H. Broughton; afternoon, Mrs. J. C. Whiteley; evening, Mrs, J. J. Thompson. Friday -- Morning, Mrs. John ' B. Davis;. /afternoon, Mrs. H. T. Crossland; evening. Dr. Ka'tberine TVake- fleld. Saturday-- Morning, Miss Elizabeth Mae Brown;, afternoon, Mrs. S. N. Osborne; evening, Mrs. R. S. McKee. TO DEDICATE FLAG Trinity Episcopal Congregation Service TO11 be Held Tnesday JflghL Bishop Courtlandt "Whitehead of! the Pittsburg diocese of the Episcopal church will spend several days , in Payette county in .viiting the different parishes. On Sunday evening the bishop will visit Sy;| John-in-the- Wilderriess", Dunbar, and will preach the sermon and confirm a class .at the- 7.30 service. On Monday, the annual visitation of St. Bartholomew's church,, Scottdale, where he will preach arid bless the parish service flag at the service beginning at 8 P. M: The bishop will visit Trinity church, Connellsville, 'Tuesday. The service of evening prayer and confirmation being'in St. John's'German Lutheran church on South .street at 8 B. II. At this service the parish service, flag will' oe."consecrated,'..and the. offering received for tne'cHurch war eominls- C A N T Y G O L F Barn Will incapacitate r Him for .Game for Koutti." By Associated Press. "WASHINGTON, April 20.-- The bum received by. President Wilson : yesterday 'when he grasped ^a hot .pipe as he 1 'climbed from the tant Brittariia after- a ride around the White^Hoiise grounds, !wiU prevent him from playing golf for at least z. month, it was Chas. C. 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'." · which calomel does, and just 19 effectively, -...- - · :/,::? ...,,.'": bafthSr ac.fiorl is gentle and safe instead - - " EETS .HELP HUT. of severe and irritating. ~ , · -No.iflne--who takes r qtee...TabIets.i! 0nele Sam Has the Biggest Job Any r cursed;with'!a dark brown.taste," ir-_- -V~-~^-?KTM,-~"··.-' MBS. ROBERT McBURNlSY. Following a lingering illness, Mrs. Susan Bute McBurney, 65 years old, wife of Robert MclBurney, died yesterday afternoon at -1 o'clock at her home in Franklin .uy\vnsh ip. · Mrs: McBurney was -bom in Franklin township, a daughter.. of the late Joseph 'and Clarissa Bute. In "adition. to her husband she is survived by the following children: Joseph McBurney of Bilner; Bert. McBurney of Shamrock; Mrs. '- Ollie Gilland .of Akron, 0.; Mrs. William R. Long of Connellsville; 'Mrs. Albert Boyd o£ Uniontown, and Miss Elsie McBurney, at'liome. -.She' is also survived by four sisters, Mrs 1 . Qeorge L. Armstrong of Goauellsville; Mrs. ^Sarah J. Byers of Aurora,' Neb. ; Mrs. Mary McKee of Wilkinstnirs; Mrs. J. B. Henderson of Vanderbilt, . and .four. brothers, J. P. Bute of Connellsvilie; George Bute of Aurora, Neb.; Espey Bute of San. Jose, Cal., and "W. F. Bute of Dawson. Notice of funeral later. Dies st Hftspital. I Paul Bodard, 45 years old, who was 1 injured in the mines of the Washing- breath, a auU.rHsae5, T '^o^od". feeling; constipation, 'torpid liver, badr' He must, not'only organize, equip disposition or pimply face., ..- ..· | and feed a vast fighting force'of his 1 Dr, Edwards; Qlive TaNeta are ow . n but he must give constant aid to ton, Coal Coke; company Junction, died this ..morning Cottage State hospital: ' at Star at the » purely vegetable compound mixed with 'olive' oil; yon will know them .our -vrar-wom.Allies,i\Let him know : by our response to the Third Liberty by their olive-color. . .Dr. Edwards spent years among p* : - Loan that we are backing him to a .tienta .afflicted with fever atMtDowel finish. 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