The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 28, 1964 · Page 21
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 21

Ottawa, Canada
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Friday, August 28, 1964
Page 21
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FRIDAY, AUGUST 28, 1864 21 v- i . . ' V4 III - CRUSADERS Calvin MacDonald, 40 (right) and David Cowlishaw. 28. nude Parliament Hill In Ottawa tbc itartinf point Thursday for what they billed as a crocs-Canada campaign to gala support for Mr. MacDonakfs causa. Mr.' MacDonald is seeking acknowledgment by the RCMP or Justica Minister Favreau that be posed as a Communist for the force during more than 10 years. , ' . v. , . . . ICMhmI Wlrapboto) 'ORLEANS MAN CONTACT Macdonald Begins Campaign To 'Expose' RCMP Methods . TORONTO (CP) Calvin Macdonald Thursday Bight set forth on a speaking tour In which be says1 he will travel cross Canada sxposing the undercover methods of the RCMP. . - t- v r; - . - . He opened his tour by telling how he spied on a speaker at Dominion United Church in Ottawa five years ago. REASON FOR TOUR" Macdonald. standing on the sidewalk to. front of his Toronto home, told small crowd he was snaking toe tour and the expose in an attempt to force the RCMP to acknowledge that be became a Communist party number oh their behalf and acted as an undercover gent for 10 years. . Ho said he Is listed by the department of veterans affairs as Communist and Is unable to find lob because of this. WlSHART'S REPLY COURT TO DECIDE It "Mr. Noble Informed me that negotiations have been carried He also said he has- lost the af fection of his wife and . eight children because of his activi ties. The RCMP refuses 'to ac knowledge him. HAS SUPPORTER . , Macdonald, whose cause Is be ing championed by David Cow- tishaw of Vancouver, organiser of a group catted Underdog who Monday threw a milk container of cow's blood to the floor of the House of Commons to gain publicity for the man. said ha will speak tn cities across Canada exposing the RCMP ander- cover methods. Macdonald said that at Do minion United Church at 'the time of bis activities there be set up recording apparatus in tbs church' for a speech by James Endicott of Toronto. Macdonald said Endicott is president of the Caned Peace Congress and at that Greene's Charge 'Base, Baseless' TORONTO (CP) Attorney-Ceneral Arthur Wisbeit said Thursday statement by J. J. Greene. Liberal member of Parliament for Renfrew South, king for Mr. Wishart'e reslg- atloa over an alleged conflict tl Interest Involving law firm, was "base and baseless and entirely without foundation and fcet" , Mr.' Greene. candidate for the leadership of the Ontario Liberal party, quoted i report Wednesday s saying Mr. Wlshart Is member of the law firm representing Scott-Misner Steamship Company of Port Coiborne in dispute witn some families who lace evic tion from their homes at Batch- awana Village. N miles north f Sauk Sta. Marie. i Since the Ontario department at lands and forests sent out the . asosimsnt notices that triggered the dispute, Mr. Greene aid. "the provincial govera- ment and the cabinet are votved and the attorney-general anouM resixn sue "" af In tenet.'' ' Mr. Wlshart said Thursday he has not been to the firm to carry en any legal business since hit appointment as attorney - general and be hat Hot seed or rook en with bis partner, E. Brace Noble, during the last tint weeks, until Wednesday. - He said Mr. Noble, acting for fbe Scott Misner Company, started dvQ court actios gainst the families which the company claims are occupying land belonging to the company. The action Is for1 the purpose of determining the matter of title and poetess km between these people and the company wV prevent any ' further "en croachment" on land which the company . clalait to own, he on with the individuals In ques tion over period of some six months, until It became apparent that the matter was one that should be decided by court," Mr. WUhart said. 'No department of tbe gov ernment is .a party to toe action. The only department which would have any interest m tbe matter would be the department of lands and forests which collects provincial land tax. which has heretofore been paid by Scott-Mlsnsr. Mr. Wlshart said that Imme diately upoa his election as member of tbe legislature Sent It, IK, be Instructed his part ners that the firm would not act for any department of the gov ernment while be be a member. Canada Pulling Out Of Yemen? (By The CP) Canada may be able to shed next month one of Its seven peacekeeping Jobs around the world. Informed sources said Thursday. Discussions now are In progress concerning possible with drawal of the United Nations mission la Yemen to which Canada cob tributes 31 RCAF per sonnel and two Caribou trans port plineSi '; - Costa of tbe Yemen mission, established ' ' year ' ago, an shared by Egypt and Saudi Arabia, which were supposed to disengage their forces that have been supporting opposing sides In the Yemen civil war. Term of the mission expiree Sept 4 unless . extended -lor two-monu penoa. . y . . j. A- be intended to do. US Force To Stay The Ottawa Joubnal .-m Still Study Ideo i time spoke on recognition of Communist China by Canada. He said his contact in the RCMP was Const Ernest Cor- rigan of Orleans, Ont.. and that Wednesday be called and warned Const. Corrigan of what Of Corrigan, Macdonald said: I know , he's going to be shipped out I know what this Is going to do to him.' He baa not announced when be is leaving on his tour or at what cities be Is going to speak. (By The . CP) External Affairs Minister Martin said Thursday the government has no present intention ' of withdrawing Canadian forces .from Cyprus but will have to con sider the question again next month. He told the Commons Secre tary General U Thant will make a recommendation to the United Nations Security Council aext month on the future of the UN peace - keeping force there. Mr. Thant had indicated that unless finances for it can be raised, (he force might have to be withdrawn. Mr. Martin said nada la urging other coun tries to contribute and he is confident the t2.000.0N needed can be raised. Canada Has Peace Corps Reservations By RUSSELL ELMAN (By The CP) Britain and Canada have, expressed reser- vstions about the desirability of establishing a formal Commonwealth peace corps, the third Commonwealth education conference was told Thursday. However; delegates were in formed in a progress committee report that the idea of expanding the use of young per sons from developed countries to assist developing nations still Is under review at the meeting. '; ;t At a full-dress plenary, ses sion Thursday, offers of increased educational aid to de veloping Commonwealth countries were announced by Britain, Australia and Canada. Britain, which plans to make the largest contribution, hopes to send out up to 1,000 young graduates over the next five years to study for a period of one year at a Commonwealth university and then spend at least another year working in the country. Australia said it will be mak ing a SO-per-cent increase in Its Commonwealth educational ac tivities directed mainly at in creasing the teacher supply Canada announced that It wiU be granting fellowships to senior scholars and education ists under the Commonwealth scholarship and f e 1 1 o wship scheme. REPORTS ON TALKS T. L. Robertson, an Austra lian delegate and chairman of one of five conference committees which meet in closed sse-tion, reported on discussions so far on tbs peace corps pro posal. Ghana has suggested that a Commonwealth teacher training scheme be est up with terms- of , service similar to those e a o y e d by volunteers of Canadian University Service Overseas or the American government supported Peace Corps. Robert Carr, Britain's secre tary lor technical co-operation, had expressed the view that young volunteers could not replace fully-trained teachers. He was reported as saying the es sential character of the volun teer schemes was that they had COMMISSION REPORT DELAYED been voluntary. There was a danger that in a centrally-organized government backed Commonwealth scheme, some of the ideslism might be lost. MPs Hound Favreau On 'Underdog' By The Csnadlsa Press Justice Minister Fevresu faced a barrage of questions in the Commons Thursday about Calvin MacDonald. on whose behalf a quart of cow's blood was heaved into the Chamber Monday, and who was quoted as saying he would reveal the RCMFs security system unless his name is cleared. Mr. MacDonald. a former of ficial of the Communist Party in Canada, claims be was work-1 ing ss an undercover agent for the RCMP. Tbe RCMP says it never confirms or denies such clsims. Mr. Favreau quoted a reply given to the Commons in 1959 by Davie Fulton, former Conservative Justice-Minister, who said the source of RCMP secur ity information must never be revealed. ' He said he agrees with this. NDP Leader Douglas said if Mr. MacDonald's claims are correct, be is being discrimin ated against Would the Jus tice Minister look into the case on that basis? Mr. Favreau said any dis closure of details oo security could "work certain hardships" on the security of Canada. But surely an individual hat a right to dear his name, seid Mr. Douglas. He esked what the depart ment would do if Mr. MacDon ald did reveal information on the security system. Mr. Fev. reau said citizens must accept responsibility for their own ac tions. Opposition Leader Dief en- baker said no problem Is more difficult than security. But he. wondered whether this particular case couldnt be helped by the department saying Mr, MacDonald is not a Commu nist, "if that is the case. IN EFFECT BY 1964-65 TERM brochures will be distributed next week to the banks, universities and other educational institutions. GIVES DETAILS These will explain how bright-but-needy students can No Major Tax Changes Seen In Next Spring's Budget (By The CP) Prospects for major changes next spring m Canadian taxes faded Thursday with news of a delay, perhaps as long as six months. In the report of the royal commission oa taxation. .. This means that Finance Minister Gordon probably will not have the report while preparing his next budget, nor mally presented In the spring. And be hat stated as govern- policy that ao major Chang In Canada's tax struc ture should be made until the report Is received ' end Tbe com mission bad hoped to report by the end of this year. However. Commlssloa Chair man Kenneth Carter met Mr. Gordon Thursday to sey tbe re-' port new to unhkety to be made much before the middle of 1961 tn tnm , V. ' , - . Later, commlssio official said she delay waa due simply to "the Immensity of tbe task.", It Is the first full-scale study of taxation la 2 years. It en compasses every taxlaw the country,- not only federal but provincial and matucipaL - , Appointed by the former Con servative government; she six- member commission was asked to report oa among other things "the effects of the tax system on employment, Irving standards, savings and Investments, industrial . productivity, economic stability and growth." It started work la April. 1M3. It held M days of bearings across Canada and collected Mt submissions and- more than 1.000,000 words of evidence. The commission also under took great deal of research. The group now ' has sifted much of this Information and actually has started work on a draft of sta report, it a learned. But this job will take months. -'v ' INDICATIONS LAST MARCH The implications tor govern ment tax policy are Indicated by Mr. Gordon's statement in hit budget list March la. After citing reasons for not follow ing the United States e emple of a major reduction la personal 'and corporation to-come put rates, Mr Oordoa said: - . - "Quite apart front the quee- tloe of an overall .tax cut. the government hsa decided, after considering tbe numerous suggestions aad views put before us, that major changes m our tax structure should not be made until after we have re ceived and published the report of the royal commission on At that time be expected to get the report by the end of this -year, and Its supporting technical material shortly after. Mr. Gordon said this meant the government could have the benefit of all this work for the budget of IMS, though "there will probably be mora to be done, than can or should be attempted in a single budget." WOULD BE UNWISE ."In the circumstances . It would be prematura and unwise to set about major changes at this time." .Delay of she report could have other ramifications. Tbe federal - provincial tax structure . committee, for ample. It scheduled to begin work this tall. It is understood that It hoped to have the com- mission t report to. band. . This committee was conceived at the' Quebec City conference last April to make a "review in depth." of tbe country's tax re sources m relation to tbe res ponsibilities of both the federal and provincial governments'. With Strings Attached Urge Midnight Flag Sittings (By Tbs CP) The gov ernment pro posed Thursday that the Commons sit until I midnight three days a week to clean up the stalemsted flag de bate by the end of September. Walter Dinsdale (PC Bran don Souris) appeared to snoot the idea down when he de scribed it ss "legislation by exhaustion." He indicated his party will continue to block-the government's three maple-leaf flag until the Liberals see reason. TWO CONDITIONS Justice Minister Favreau said the government is ready to de vote each Monday from now on to ., legislation, other than ttrej flag resolution, but he attached two conditions: 1. The opposition must agree to conclusion of the debate by the end of September (one week before Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip open their Cana dian visit). 2. Sittings on Tuesdays, Wed nesdays and Thursday would last from 1 p.m. to midnight, adding seven hours af "flag time" to make up for time lost on Mondays. Thursdsy was the ltth day ol die flag battle. Most speakers devoted more attention to the debate than to the flag. RAPS TORIES NDP whip Stanley Knowles accused the Conservatives of holding-' up important legisla tion ana cringing riniimcm into discredit and disgrace. Conservative MPs replied they are fighting for important prin ciples. Mr. Fsv reau, government House lesder, accepted Mr Knowles't sugges 1 1 o n s that Commons hours be extended hi the flag debate and that Mon days be set aside for non-flag business. Fridays are reserved for spending estimates. The Commons opens study of the industry department estimates to day and resumes the nag de bate Monday. Opposition Leader Diefen- baker appeared to reject the Sept. 30 deadline proposed by Mr. Favreau when he waved his arm downward In a dissat isfied manner. Earlier, Mr, Diefenbaker expressed his ap proval of Mr. Knowles't sugges tion lor a three-day flag week. "Accepted here and now," be interjected. "It Is up to the gov ernment. Tbe Conservative leader said he would accept another pro Gov't Lays Groundwork For Student Loans Plan (By The CP) The government has set Its student-loan plan in motion. All provinces except Quebec will take part in tbe scheme. Finance Minister Gordon told the Commons Thursday that borrow: bow .much they can get, how long they can take to repay, the likely cost of the loan, and where to apply. Forms needed to administer the plan will bs sent out Monday. Regulations under the Can ada Student Loans Act also will be published next week. Mr. Gordon reported: "Thanks to the wholehearted co-operation of all concerned. the Canada student loans plan will be launched, at promised. before the beginning of the aca demic year 1M4-0S." Basically, the plsn In Its first year win see Ottawa guarantee up to t40.0OO.0OO in bank loans to students. MUST BE CERTIFIED ' However, to get a loan student must be certified as eli gible for one. He must meet provincial standards of a demtc achievement end finan cial need. ' Mr. Gordon said the agencies to do this work now have been designated by the nine prov inces vnd the Yukon and North-1 west Territories. tn most case, the agencies are the provincial education departments or their branches. But in Ontario all the universities as well as a certain group of colleges and technical institutes also can issue eligibility certificates. Armed with such a .certificate, a student then can apply for bank loans of up to $1,000 a year for maximum of five years. Tbe federal government pays the Hanks their Interest charges on such leant while the student Is In school, and for six months after he leaves. Then the student starts ' psyufj the loaa principal as well as Interest, taking up to It years to re pay. y e posal to break the flag deadlockset up a IS-man House committee to study flag de signs, set a three-month limit on the committee's deliberations, and limit the subsequent Commons debate on the committee recommendation. But Mr. Diefenbaker stressed that he would accept s time limit on the House debate only if the committee report was endorsed by M to M per cent of tbe committee members. This would require agreement among the Liberal and Con servative committee members. TO STUDY PLAN week. Of IIS speeches delivered to far in the flag debate. Conservatives have accounted for ML Liberals have made and the three smaller parties 18. A large part of Thursday's debate was taken up by heated exchanges, points of order end questions of privilege. Transport Minister Pickers- gill, in one such interjection. repeated that tbe government is ready to send the flag resolution to a committee provided a reasonable time limit is sgreed upon. Mr. Diefenbaker said there should , be no time limit if the committee brought -io e recommendation with a simple majority. Two Conservative MPs said they personally favor- a new flag without the Union Jack in one corner. They are Joseph Mgan (SprlagMeld) and Mr, Favreau said he will try George Valade (Montreal Ste. to arrange, a meeting of he! Marie). House leaders of the five part les to see whether bis. plan could be put Into effect next Murd Moartin (NDP Tim-mins) berated the Conservatives for holding up the nation's business and criticized Mr. Pearson for his handling of the flag ttfue. The only solu-' tion to the impssse might bs to send both Mr. Pearson and Mr. Diefenbaker oo a two-week holiday and let the other MPs pass legislation. fir CORD LOMER BANK AND SPARKS:' Legionnaires John Skefflngtoa and Don Prot working on a 10-minute weekly radio show for the Legion It's stated for the Fall programming schedule, but detail as yet ere sketchy .' . . Cee MacDonald and Lew HOI are editors and publishers of a new news sheet called "The Transmitter- all abourthe local radio and television scenes . . . New faces tit the Ot taws CBC newsroom include those of Denies PeUetier, Pierre Sauve, Jacques Germain and Germain Dton , . . Lord Denning, author of the one-man judicial report on the Christine Keeier-Joha Profumo-Mandy Rice-Da vies cspers of a year ago, will be guest speaker at the Sept. 16 meeting of the Canadian Club at the Chateau. . . . i Daniel Lyne, who served here with the Irish Embassy in 19S7 and is a former vice-consul for tbe Irish Legation in Chicago, has been appointed to the teaching staff of SL Pat's College's history department ... At the tame time SL Pat's dean. Rev. H. A. MacDougall, ' announced the appointment of Zeaaoa Samotz, director of research for the Citizenship Department's economic and social research division, to the part-time staff of the SPC sociology department Hen teach la'-rourse in "Social Disorganization and Deviance.' . ;-' UPTOWN AND DOWN Fred McCann's wife. Flora, has been bothered with pigeons flocking around their Wtvertey Street home for ages. The things would keep her window sills clogged up with droppings snd whatnot even faster than the could clean them off. - Well, the other day inspiration struck Flora. - The solution came like another bolt from the sky. She cut up a plastic covering from some freshly cleaned clothes Into little' inch-wide strips, and tacked the strips along the window sills. The fluttering strips seem to have done the trick, and Mrs. McCana probably has the cleanest window tills on Wsveriey . . . Sign outside e washroom in the basement of the Lord Elgin Hotel: ladle's.' "Oh it's been like that for SB yean," explains a hotel official. No use changing ft now . . . Kinsmen's big oyster party, fashioned after the pattern of the Hull Rotary do, it slated far the Coliseum Nov. 20. . NAMES IN THE NEWS: Lowell Murray, former executive assistant to ex-Public Works and Justice Minister Davie Fulton, holidaying in Nova Scotia after a stopover in Ottawa visiting old Parliament HIU buddies ... BIB Potts to be a Conservative candidate In Toronto In the next Federal election, r And in case BIB Potts doesn't ring a bell with you, perhaps hit stage, or rather ring name, of "Whlpper inly Watson," will sound familiar . . . LL Joha Bonaeao, of Naval Information, on loan to External Affairs for the upcoming Oct 10 Royal Visit of the Queen . . . Kekh Cameron, Bell Telephone marketing man, moved to Montreal . . . Paul Champagne to be named executive assistant to Sen. A. J. Brooks, leader of the Senate Opposition, Sept I . .". Red 0Quina says Riders will probably bring In that young quarterback who showed so well in the pre-seasbn Hsmllton garnet at a prospective understudy to Rust Jacksoa . . . Friendly U.S. lnformstion officer Ron Moxaesa back home in Ottawa following a detached retina 'eye operation in Oregon. Expected, back at hit Embassy desk shortly . ... Joe Shea, Bell Telephone boss, calls Rough Rider over Hamilton for the Eastern Canadian championship and then over Vancouver (wool! beat Winnipeg) for the Grey Cup. He gets tittle support from bit lUred help" . . . Add. Inddental inteUigeaee: The manager of the Skyline Motel In St John's, Nfld It Whig Ding . . .-Terry Nugent, PC member of Parliament for Edmonton-Strathcons, nursing a tor arm after couple of shots In preparation for hit first Junket broad tine hit entry. Into Federal politics in 1958, But the trip's been cdlled off because of the flag debate . , , Chris Dobeoa, alias Chris Bryant, of abort Nightcap fame on CBC, and former assistant private secretary of the. aforementioned Partoa, . has heeded back to native England proclaiming life In Canada ' It stuffy , , . Raymond Rodger, former terror of the Press Gallery, now with the Federal departments of Defence Production and Industry . . Dave Browa, former executive ; assistant to Douglas Haihaass. baa been named section chief ; of Information for the Department of Industry.

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