The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 16, 1939 · Page 10
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 10

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, January 16, 1939
Page 10
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f AUK TEN. THE DAILY COURIER. CONNEL,LSV1L,L,1!J. J/A. MONDAY, JANUARY 1G, TJ39. Activities Among Girl Scouts Special Mcdtinc Tuesday. At 7 · o'clock Tuesday evening a special meeting will be held by Troop 2 at Trinity Lutheran Church, at which time final arrangements will be made for the Friday meeting. Meet at Captain's Home. ' Troop 4 will meet at the home at the captain, Miss Martha G. Driscoll in 1001 Sycamore street, at 7 o'clock Tuesday night. International friendship and community life fields of Second Class work will be completed. Surprise Guest Artist. A surprise guest artist will attend Troop '3's meeting tonight and play numerous piano selections from "Hansel and Gretel." Troop 5 Cooks. Scouts of Troop 5 of South Con- ncllsville captained by Mrs. Carroll Fisher will complete the cooking requirements in the Homemaking field in Second Class work, at the meeting Friday. IIomcmakinR Badges Decision. The older girls patrol of Troop 7. South Connellsville, captained by Mrs. Kenneth Miller will name the badges under the homemaking program they are interested in earning. Friday the troop members are to bring their sewing kits to complete the sewing requirement in the homemaking field in second class work. Firefly Patrol Parties. Dancing and games were the diversions at the firefly patrol parly Thursday evening at the home ot the captain, Miss Katherine B. Humphrey in East Cedar avenue. Prizes were awarded for the games and lunch served. This patrol is from Troop 1 of the First Methodist Episcopal Church. To -Prepare Meal. In keeping with the requirements in the homemaking field, the Morning Star patrol of Troop 1, is plan ning to prepare and serve a mea before a troop meeting. Miss Rust Lieutenant. Miss Kathryn Rust of Blackstone road has been registered as a lieutenant for Troop 6 ot older scouts captained by Miss Daisy Allen. Opera Studied. "Hansel and Gretel," was studied by Troop 3 ot the United Brethren Church, which covers the music anc dramatic field in the second class scout work. Work is being started on the music badge. Noodle Ring With Creamed Salmon and Corn One of the many attractive food platters Mrs. Dorothy HadiKate will prepare at I lie Conncllv- Courlcr Cooking School for tlic housewives of ConnelUvltlc. The Foundation Whltr Sauce which forms the basis of the Creamed Salmon aiul Corn Filling Tor the Nootllc Ring, is one of Ufa topics to be dhcmscd during class. The noodle ring Is tarnished colorfully with shredded bcfts and asparagus. "The making of sauces* has Ions been considered an art, 1 ' says Mrs. Dorothy Bathg;ite who will conduct the Cooking Classen for the Connclls- ville Courier, January 25, 26 and 27. And since she believes that a knowledge of some of the simple foundation souccs and their variations is just as important to the cook ot today as it ever was, she has included a discussion of sauces m one of her three classes. "Back in the Middle Ages," Mrs. Bathgate says, "a 'master of sauces' used to preside over that part of the menu and there was a great flurry to make sure each dish had the perfect sauce to accompany it. "There have even been heated arguments over which country can claim the origin of a sauce. Our familiar Brown Sauce is sometimes called Sauce Espanol, on the theory that it originated in Spain--yet some famous chefs claim that the Italians invented it. "There's ically no mystery to sauce making, it just takes a little patience and practice to master it. "There arc a number of different basic sauces with which cveiy cook should be familiar, since they are used with numerous'meat, fish and vegetable dishes. With these foundation sauces, and a little ongmalixy, one can play an endless variety of tnomes and win quite a reputation as n cook. "Perhaps the sauce most uved is the Foundation or Medium White Sauce, and for tin's reason I'm going to dibcus.s it in my classes this year. White Sauce is made by thickening milk with a roux or paste of flour and f:it, and the trick is to cook it properly so thot it is smoothly blended. I'm going to show my classes how to do this. This sauce is used for the basis of the Creamed Salmon and Corn which we are using to fill the center of the Noodle Ring in one of our cooking school dinners. This noodle ring, by the way, makes a very colorful dish, arranged on a chop plate and garnished with shredded beets and a giecn vegetable for contrast. It's one of those inexpensive meals- that take on a grand company air when attractively garnished. ''Here arc a few modifications Oi white sauce arc useful to know Cheese Sauce, made by adding / cup grated American Cheese and a dash of p:.prikn to one cup of whit* sauce. Parslcj Sauce. 2 to 4 table spoons of chopped parsley are added Vi to 1 cup cooked or canncc .shrimps, can be chopped and addcc for Shrimp Sauce; }i cup cookc asparagus cut in small pieces make Sauce Alexandra; and Golden Mai ajra Sauce is made by adding 1 eg, yolk, cooking two minutes and then adding fa cup peeled white grapes seeded and cut." If you want to learn how to mak smooth - textured, well seasone* sauces, be sure to attend the cookin classes sponsored by the Connells ville Courier, January 25, 26 and 2' in the Orphcum Theatre. Ohiopyle OHIOPYLE, Jan. IB.--Mr. and Mrs. F. Woodmency, Mrs. Minnie Hyatt nd Mr. and Mis. Lee Woodmency ttcnded the funeral of John Hyatt at lew Stanton Friday. The deceased ·as a nephew of Mrs. Frank Wood- icncy. Because io mnny poisons are suf- enng with severe colds, the Townend Club postponed its regular meet- ing to January 23. Mrs. Cassinda Myers, one of the town's oldest women, is ill at her home in Commercial street. Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Johnson and son, Henry, were among the visitors in Umontown Wednesday. Mr.s. Ida Collins of Commercial street has gone to New York to visit her daughter, Thclma. The D. of A. Lodge held a card party in the I. O. 'O. F. Lodge hall Thursday night. There was a large attendance. RELIEVE MISERY of your cold as 3 out of 5 people do--massage throat, chest, back with VICKS VAPORUB. Its direct poultice-vapor action brings prompt comfort and relief. Snyder's National Defense Interest Makes Him Key Man Officcrs Eclcctcd. Troop 4 of First Presbyterian Church elected the following officers: Scribe, Ruthcarol Andcregg; treasurer, Cora Lee Driscoll; librarian, Adrienne Brady, and assistant li- barian, Marian Miller for the Silver Star patrol, the leader is Louise Thornlcy, assistant Ruthcarol Andc-'- egg, and scribe Marjorie Humphrey; Laurel leaf patrol, leader Gloria Gould, assistant Betty Harmcning, scribe Mary Virginia Cunningham, and assistant Betty Goldslone: Pine trail patrol, leader Adrienne Brady, assistant Cleo Driscoll, scribe Kitty Lou Young and assistant Betty El- lenbcrgcr, and Rosebud patrol, leader Audrey Smith, assistant Helen Daniels, scribe Kay Campbell, and assistant Marian Baldwin. Troop Leaders Study. Captains and lieutenants ot' the seven troops arc studying correspondence courses offered by Girl Scouts, Inc^, and made possible by the local council. Don't Forget Bookshelf. Miss Sally Seaton, librarian of Carnegie Free Library, has reserved a shell for Girl Scouts where much material may be obtained lor the troop work. How many have you used? Movie on Birds. Troop 2, Trinity'Lutheran Church, has arranged a movie on birds lor the'meeting at 7:30 o'clock Friday 'offering, and extends an invitation to all those interested. Any scout interested is requested to attend. This movie will mark nature study field in second class worft.- Ilandicraft Supplies. Scouts of Troop 3 are to bring a jar or bottle, cord and scissors Irom which vases will be made at tonight's meeting. Bead Looms Used. ·The Rising Sun Patrol of Troop 1 , worked on handicraft and bead looms under the direction of Miss Harriet A. Humphrey, a lieutenant. Special to The Courier. WASHINGTON, an. 14.--Emphasis n National defense makes Rcprc- entative J. Bucll Snyder ot Pcrry- polis, Fayctte county, Pa., a "key" man in the new Congress. Pennsylvania has no committee -hcirman and Snyder is the State's anly sub-committee chairman. He ds the appi opnations committee group which will handle the Army's inancc bill and financial studies and hearings for the proposed expansion if the Army Air Corps and other de- cnses. Snyder has indicated sympathy vith proposals for further expansion of national defense measures. He said his committee "will be inclined appropriate something like 100 million dollars more this year than it did last year." If that were done, the sum would be about 563 million dollars. Adding to that the appiopriations lor War Department non-military lunclions, such as flood control which Snyder's Iroup also handles, shows an aggro- Sate of more than three-quarters of billion dollars lor which.a hall dozen members of. Congress" take primary responsibility. Snyder is starting his lourlh term m Confercss. Hardly another man in ;he House with that"bricf service has a job of-such magnitude." "Since his appointment to the Committee, ho has acquainted himself thoioughy with Ihe Army's needs nnd operations. He has visited all the. major military establishments, including those in the Canal Zone, traveling most of the time by all'. ~ " _ - - Before coming to Congress, Snyder's field was education. He was a teacher, a'school director and a textbook company" representative. Stephen Foster Play. Troop G sent for a new play on Stephen Foster.- Thirteen scouts have reported to date with meetings being held every other Tuesday. Everson , EVERSON, Jan. IS.--Benjamin and Joseph Ostraski motored to Vandergrift Tuesday evening where they visited with their brother, Walter.' Arthur Waller has been on the stick list for some time with an ailment the head caused, by an injury scvcra years ago. Robert Sherrick and Mr. and Mrs Reed of Scottdale left Tuesday morning for Florida, where they intend ti spend several weeks. Mrs. H. H. Moorehead hds beer confined to her bed foi some time bj illness. Ignatius Firpo of Graft, street ii iV Mrs. Mary and Anna Byrne wer recent shoppers in Connellsville. Many Forests In State. HARRISBURG, Jan. 16.--Com munity forestry is one of the safes investment possibilities any local gov ciTsmcnt can consider, said Dr. Jamc F. Bogardus, secretary of the Stat Department of Forests and Waters who said there arc 134 such forests in Ihc State. 'Trailer Harem" Run On Efficiency Basis U; Unitid Press. MIAMI, Fla., Jan. 16.-- A bluc- ?ycd runaway school girl, Lucy Kit- eridge of Waterbuiy, VI.. testified hat the number of mngaxinc sub- cription sales made by the girls who raveled in John Howard Dingwall's alleged "trailer harem" determined vhich of the salesgirls shared his )cd. She testified at a hearing ot which attorneys for Dingwall, a slender, milmg, lean-faced man with black, curly hair, nought to reduce the $2,500 bonds on which he and Caroine Carter were held on white slavery charges. "I lound out that the sales- Gels Chance to Show Faith Justified GREENSBURG, Jan. 16.--Judge Richard D. Laird warned Charles Glennon, 24, ot Donora, former Pennsylvania State College student that the "rights ol people who have property must bo respected" and then gave him a suspended sentence and five years of probation on charges' of breaking and entering with intent to commit a felony. ."A great many friends have come here in your behalf and I am going to give you a chance to show them that they are not mistaken in you and that their confidence will not be abused," the court said. Glennon pleaded guilty to stealing $15 worth of whisky from Edgar Dunn in Webster, Roslraver township. Coach Turns Author. IOWA CITY. la., Jan. 16.--Swimming Coach David Aimbruster of the University of Iowa is writing a book on swimming technique. It will contain details of various strokes, methods of training and diving form nnd will be illustrated with action photographs of Iowa swimmers. HancInK Suicide Tact. ATLANTA, Go., Jan. 16--A suicidt pact by hanging was uncovered b police. Police, breaking into th apartment ot Paul O. Bennett. 29 year-old streetcar motorniim, foum both Bennett and his wife dead fron hanging COSTS 10 YEARS OF LIFE TO LIVE IN PITTSBURGH PITTSBURGH, Jan. 16.--It costs ten years of a man's life to live in Pittsburgh, according to Dr. I. Hope Alexander, city health director. Protesting the action of city council in eliminating the bureaus of sanitation, smoke regulation and lood inspection, Dr. Alexander pointed out that the average age lor mortality hcic is 50 minus as agninst GO plus in the rest of the county. Dr. Alexander said he did not know the reason for the low mortality age in Pittsburgh, but that he intended to find out. Minister's Mother Dead." Mrs. Emma E. Lighthall, G2, of Rices Landing, mother of Rev. Earl W. Lighthall. pabtor ot the Rices Landing Methodist Episcopal Church, died Thursday in the Waynesburg hospital. She leaves two sons. girl lor that day slept with him night," she testified. that IF DEATH SHOULD STOP YOUR 53COME Provide this permanent life insurance protection through our easy-start plan. For the first Jive years your premiums are JUST HALF the subsequent rate. 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