The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 31, 1930 · Page 2
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 2

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, January 31, 1930
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s; PAGE TWO. THE DllLY COUBIEE, JO , PA. FRIDAY, JANUARY 81, 'A V Mi, ^ ^i LODtiE GIVES SUCCESSFUL CAni One of the moat enjoyable pvonta of the week "vv$9 a benefit card, part/ given last nigbt In Odd Fellows Temple, South Pittsburg street, by Edn.i Robkah Lodge. Twenty-five tdbln, were called Into play for bridge and flve hundred and devotees of the gamo spent a most delightful evening. Prtees were awarded to th© following: Fivo hundred, first, Miss Helen Skloaor and S. M May; second, Mrs. J. E Schell and David Mullen. Bridge, flrst, Mrs. D. K Artinan; second, Mlsi Maude Cougheuour Tbo door .prize w-as won, by William Fox. ' Lunch supplemented the games. The conunlttoe-s In charge were: Cards, Mrs. Bertha Swift, chairman; Mrs Sara Welmer, Mrs. E. H. Sly, Mrs. Kditi Dnnaton and Mrs. Ustella Blooin; lunch, Mrs. Ag^nea Balr, chairman; Mra. Alma Watson, Mrs. Lyla Mooix), Mrs. Martha Strawn, and Mrs. J W. Priakey. Prizes -were donated by local merchants. Tho second of .th« borlrs .will be held the first wee£ in Man h. ; BAPTIST W03EEN BLOL» AL.DA.Y SESSION An all day meeting of the Ladies' Missionary Circle of the Jlrst Baptist Church was held yesterday In the church Some of thei ni-em,beTs quilted during the nwrning session. At noon lunci, which, was open to the pub!% was sei ved. Quite a number of persons wore lu attendance. The legular business meeting was held following tho lunch Mra. Fred Wiant, the president, was in charge. Tho topic for discussion was the mission study book*, "From Jerusalem to Jerusalem." The flrst two chapters woix. reviewed by Mrs Wiant, the second two by Mrs. Ma-ry Kregor and the ·\last two, by Mrs. A J. Colborn. A * vocal duet was rendered by Mrs. N. T lUbbcn and Mrs. S. B Dull. Mrs. A C. S! iekel. was the accompanist. It was voteil to serve lunch in connection with all th« mee-tinga hereafter. GJUEEXWOOD FANCYWORK CLUB WILL GIVE AM3UAL DIJfNEH Mis. F. C. Rose will be hostess at the annual turkey dinner of the Greenwood Fancy work Club Tuesday aftoinoon, February 4, at hci home In North Ptttaburg street. Dinner ^01 bo served at 1 o'clock, after which officers for the ensuing year will be elected. . MJIS. H. I). MINBBD ENTEItTAlNS CAED CLUB Mrs H. D. Mlnerd was hostess to the F H Bridge Club at her home in Green street last night T'aore ·v. TO two tables ot bridge. Tallies aud favors were ValenHnes. ^irst prlKe went to Miss Sarah Ray; second, ,to Miss Pearl Robinson; consolation, "Mrs Herbert Keffer The guest prUe was given to Mrs. Frank S. McCalrns. Tl e hostess serVcd lunch* The next nifieting will be ia two weeks at the ZIl£LAX(£EA CLASS : r ~ ' PLANS FOB PLiY Lor a play to DO given in March wore made at a mooting of the Phllathei Oaas of the Christian Church last night In the eoclai room ot the churth. The meeting was y»y well atti nded. The president, Mrfa. John W. Kinceid, presided. Mrs. Cora Thomas ^ung several nolos* A dainty lunch was served by a committee composed oi Mrs. Josephine Meranda, Mi» Susin Gilmore and Miss Catherine Ba!s)ey. MltS. Tl SOX HOSTESS AT MISSIONARY The Woman's Missionary Society of the First Evangelical Church o£ South Prepare them NOW for vigorous hair at thirty / The easiest way to cars for a Child's hair propei ly, is with Danderlne, Put a little on the brush each time v tho hair is arranged. Then as you dra~w it through the strands, it supplies the natiiral oils remored fronv hair and scalp by waa-hlng with Boai» and water. "·Train" a chik!'-? hair with Dandor- ine. See how this keeps it orderly, Conn-ells 'ille met last night at parsonage. Nine members and guests -Here present. The president, Mrs. L. K Banner, had charge Of tho devotioni'la. Mrs. Esther J-IfllnWguvo lustrous, clean. accentuated, A Tho, natural cul'l is girl's waves ' set" the with it stay in longer; look two ! natural. And Danderine isn't sticky the missionary leason. Tho next in«ot ing will bo held Tuesday night, February 27 in the homo of Mrs. Walter Sheering Mrs. M. R. Tyson, wife of the pastor, hostess at the meeting, eorved lunch, M. B. Cl OB MAKES PLASS FOB COYEBED.DI8H 8UPFBR The M R. Clijb of. the Daughter8 of Anto'rica ot Dunbar met last evening, at the h m« of Mr. and Mrs- Gt'Oi ge Watson n South Eighth street, Cou- nellsvillr Dm ing tho business session plaiis were made for a. cbvorud- dish supjMsr in the near future The i remainder of the evening w5 gUCXi over to n social session. The hostoss served luttoh. Arrangements were made 10 hold tho next faceting Thursday, Fobury 27 at the home of Mrd June Hauly at Dunbar. Carriage Announced. Annou'icement is ma3e of the m ir- nage of Mish Stella Menlze-1 of Lee h- burg ami James Griffith ot New Kensington, vhlbh took pUce In tho Lu h- oian Churcli ot WllJdnaburg. lhe bride is i cousin, of Mrsi. W. C. Ml h- ael and ft. M Lciiborgei- of this city and Mrs H. B Mason of Brownsville., forrarly of Oonnellsville. . (reeiiwood Aid Meets. The Li dies' Aid Society of Groon- wood Me hodHt Episcopal Church nwt last iven ng In the home of Mrs. B. IX Phillips in N.nth street with n ne members and three gueate in attendance. R iv Frod B. Wlneman spoKo briefly, congratulating the women 'or or oily; doesn't show. When the use o^Danderlno becomes a dally habit in yotir homo, longer, thicker, more abumtant hair is sure to follow -- for wery mem'bor. Dtindertne helps stop tailing hair; dissolves every particle oE dandruff crust; keeps the hair and ecalp clean and healthy; changes dull, brittle, Jifoleas hair into hair that 1« sparkling, vigorouSi otisy to manage. Five million bottles used a year provee DanderinVa effectiveneia, Dandenne Jfie One M/'nufe Hair Beautifier AT AU. DRUG STORIES-- THWTy *IVC CSWTS QUEEN OF GYPSIES ON LAST LONG TRAIL, TEMErS WITH HER II Y Unit' d Press. 1.OS ANOBI/BS, an. 31J--A Jltile Gypsy queen ha{6 et rted dowa tho last long l^omany trail and in! tier casket wetft a pali o£ reo elllc'gkrters and faoiaa bits! of lace-- tritilfOw thai once ~ha,A gladdoBed a" si iglriff Heart. Site wati Jioaa Nl holla, Who died fit typhoid,! Jevor" Tii6 lay ntglit. Ae tlve- eaaket 'was lowers- Into tho gwive yewterday, a sister, Julia CJwa.uw1c]i, tried deaporataly tc leap in after It The burial ntes 'ndett whcm Queen Kosa's mothci bur led a final carnp- flro-- ayinljol of th wandering, llghb- Magyar- -over th TwJgsi anl leaver! wore placet! in a pan and lighted, i nl ae the mother pa-'Med tb,e flaming pan elowly across tho burial plot, the colorfully dressed GET WASTE OUT OF YOUR SYSTEM Banish Constipation at th Start with Kellogg's ALL-BRAN mourners filed awt f . Artificial flowere nestled in long, black hair, ither llowern were plmied to the hrig it rod tunic and greon eilk skirt. All were white] npweTs--tho ciype eymbol ot death v Beeldc her in th' caalcot were personal effects that 6 10 might need, the gar! era, Soap, a cl a,n towel, mirror, needlse ani threat and Boxne face powder. Tho new queen fill bo elected in Son Praaclsco next April. T FRANK BMBIFS CASE HE J) OVER EYPARDON BOARD WESLEYAN SINGERS AT FIRST 1. L CHURCH TONIGHT AT 8 O'CLOCK The Ohio Wesleynn Singere Club will appear tonight at S o'clock at the Methodist Dputcopal Church Theio are 40 rnofliibers in tlio ulub An elegant program of mlxcMl numbers, intludiJiB infetrumental, will be presented!. the good worlc thoy are doing. buHinees eession patches for for Uie b tzar were given out. was sen d by Mis. Phillips. Ai a quilt homi rlng. of Mrs. C. B. Culver at Leiaen- Licensed. Harry Q Munaberry of and ArlLie Tarver In woie Jnn!or» Will Hcet. The Junior Misslpxiaiy Society of tho First United Piesbyteriau Church ulll itieet Scturday church. atternoou in W. W. PICKETT CLASS A( Kt, Pleasant Recital. MEKTS AT STALKY HOME MrB John Frs?!er, Mrs. V. B. Mos- Tho W. W Plckrtt Clasi! ot the ley, Miss Blanche Ball and Mr. and flrwt Methodist Protestant Church Mrs Hojwood Hess, all of Lrisen- held Its regular meeting last night in ring, weia among tho»e -who attended the home of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel E. a recital given at the Mount Pleasant Staiey, South Ninth street, Oieen-1 Institute Thursday evening. Annabel wood. About twenty members were Hess, daughter of Mr. and Mr» Hrp- · p i e a t n t . Talks wete given by E. E wood He s, took part in the program. Croins, the teacher, and Mr.'Staiey. Her nnmler was a piano solo, "To the M i s . J Frank Shelkey, piesirient, was Rising Sun," by Torjuson, in charge of the meeting. Lunch was spivcd by a committee composed of M I B Staiey, Mrs. H. E. Penn and Mrs. .She! Key. Recognition Bancei An Informal recognition daiico wilt -be held tonight in the. Qroeiisbuig [Country Club by the sophomore and "fiebtnan classes of Setou Hill College. Observes 86th Mr». Sarah E, Stickel of Ilopwood 1 Mt. Pleasant Man Licensed. Ilymtiu Wilverbatt of Mount Pleasant and Esther Plotkln of Pittsburg were licensed to wed in Unlontown, Scottdale Woman Hosfess. Mrs. M ix Koch of Lioucka aveniio, Scottdale will entertain the H. G. b. Card Club of Connellsville this evening. Many Attend Funoral celebrated the eighty-tixth anniver-1 : Thomas S. Silcox MRS. ANNA GRIGLAK OF WEST SIDE DIES Mra, Anna Grig-Ink, 5b yearn old, of 913 Weav. Crawford avenue dlel yesterday aftornoon iu a Pittsburg ho- pltal. She is survived by one sson, Martin, at home. Her huaband died a number of years ago. The body was removed by Funeral Director French S. Durst to his parlors where it was prepar-wl for burial h^foro being taken to the late home The funeral will be held Monday morning. The cortege will moot at the late home" at S 30 o'clock. Solemn high mas? of requiem will be celebrated at 9 o'clock at St. John's Roman Catholic Church on the Wost Side Interment will be made in the church cemetery at Brook vale. WOMEN ARRANGE SPRING MEETING OF PRESBYTERIAL Ja». M.---Martin sen cuced in Carbon county to l»e hang -d, was granted a pardon tod iy by ho State Pardons Board. Lefkoakl, /ho has sea-vcd 21 ye.irs behind pris n barn was convicted In IflO'J for n) uxler Blsht years after tho dat« of lis convictlott ills d^itli sontonco wa commuted. Action of the not rd included: Held under advlt *ment, l^auk; Barber, I'ayette, nnii"l« · In the seconti de- girio; WlUiaro .Taoki on, Westmoreland, murder In th s»f ud degree; Fred Ilh}l)atign, Fdyettt ttarstary. "Vrvttnw«.d, Alva 1 . Tennant, Greono county, feJouloua a son. OVER 200 AT DAWSON BIG BROTHER SOCIAL Over "JOO person* entertained last evonlng at the Philip G,. Gochran Memorial Met hod 1e ISpiscopal aocial auditorium and Su day echool rooms at Dawson which was given by tho Big Brothers Aesoc ation of the Dawon and Bryan M nthodlat BplacopnJ churches. The Bl( J3rothers entertained tho women. Jlov. Daviil IL Gr .Ihum, pastor ot tho First Methedittt EI sijcopo] Church of Hvillf}, wa« b« speaker. The 25-pleca Sr an orchestra, directed by H'*wo B 5avte ol Scottdale, furnlfhcd the Look out when you wake up tired and stay tired. Beware of head. aches, unpleasant breath. These are usually the-first symptoms of constipation. The trouble is tHafc your intestinal system is clogged. You have eaten too many bulkless foods. But you can clean your system safely, if you start at once to eat Kellogg's ALL-BEAN. Kollogg's ALL-BRAN is a cereal that you can cat naturally.. It sweeps the intestines clean of poisonous wastes. Far better than habit- forming pills and drugs. s Kellogg'a ALL-BRAN is guaranteed. Just eat two tablespoonfuls daily--recurring cases -with isvery mea}. You'll like its crispnesu and flavor. Your system will benefit by its rich store of iron and healthful elements aa well as by its roughage. Ready-to-eat with tnilk or cream. Delicious with fruits and Uioney added, i Use it in cooking. Recipes are on the package for muffins and griddle cakes. Sold by all grocers. Served by hotels, restaurantu and dining-cars. Made fay Kellogg in Battle Creek, ALL-BRAN MANY POLICE AND FIREMEN FALL AS KLINE SWINGS AXE PITTSBURO, Jan. 31.~Pirty-flTO ,polk-emen and ilremeti w-oro ca,U«d to the city-county buldllng today and ordered to resign and more than. 180 awit demotion, transfer or sterilar fate as Mayor CharVes Kline (began ewtng- Jng tho axe in the Department of lic Sn(«ty. All of the men released vero elgibl-o for pensions and although no explanation was forthcoming political observers remembered a ·fatatement tho mayor made 5nst after his re-election "To the victor belongs tho spoils," »atd Kline. Today attar tfoe ^5 woro "flrod" many B«yr tt*en were aprointed. Among thos« retired were 17 fire cap- tziine, four flpa lieutenants, one police captain and two -police lieutenants, wore demoted to th« IDLE PENNSYLVANIA IM10OTWORK sary oC her birth Thursday in tho home ol her ton-in-law and daughter, M i . and Mrs. C. B. Stull of Ilopwood at Special to Ttie Courier. MOUNT PLflASANT Jan. 31--The executive comnilUee of the Women's Missionary Society of the ttedstone Presbytery met at the homo of Mrs. M, W. Horner yesterday bo make arrangements for the spring preaby- terlal which will be held at Now Salem. Luncheon wa faervod by the Mount Pleasant society. Attending the meol)- ing was Mrs. S. C. Stevenson, Mount Pleasant, president; Miss Margaret Watt of Dunbar; Mrs. B. B. McWH- llams of East. McKoesport, Mrs R. H. Stevenson of We it Newton, Mrs. C. L.. Williams of Elizabeth, Mrs. James P. Hazen of Smock, Mrs. D. H, Stouer of Mount Pleasant, vice-president; Mrs. S. n. Cox ot Connollsvllle, Misa Mary Gamble of Elizabeth, Mis. Albert B Holmes and Mrs, T. L. Korr of McKeesport Mrs Frank Huston of A chicken plo dinner was noon Mrs. A. B Ma.itln of was mnoug the gueeta Will Slcot With Clialrniiiii. Tin CounAllsvllle Council ot Republican Women will meet toulght at tho home ot the chairman, Mrs. W, K. Alleu Vino street All mnibets are lequpsted to attend The tUJieral eeivioo for Thomas S. Sllcox, fonnor leeklont of (hie city and once a lm leball pitcher for a Connells- vjllo club whose dedh oeeuired at }I!B of McKeesport, 'Mrs Harry Davenport homo in Vlicl.i on Monday, was hold dl New Geneva Mrs. S. C. Crawford Carmkhaels, Mrs. of Seoitdale, Mra Bast Millsboro, C Haven Dawson Qporgo Kreppi of Mdilha Hairlson Mu JIcdovern-KIiikcad. Eleanor Busch McGovern of Thuisday afternoon Many friendti oi the formt r hall playor atoeudod. There was a service at 2 o'clock at of Mr. and Mrs. C. R Graft, -law and steter of Mre Silcox, followed by a further eorvlco at Trinity huthoran Churcti at 2:30 o'clock. Dr. V/. H. Hetrietc, pastor of tho churcli, officiated. King Solomon Lodge, Fieo Accepted Masonfi, was PITTSBUOG, Jai 'Jl -- Ii was estimated today Uiat b« tWeen 400 and BOO Curloitg'hed woikers -sviU be given «m- pJoyimsnt by tlie p llcy of a six-day week for the 6,000 shojj employes of the Central "W *teru divisions ot the Pennsylvania H dlroad, which was iwently decided up m. Th* change cam l\a the result of au agreement boti eiftn railroad ofll- ciala and officers f the Craft Bm- pjoyess Lnjon. All engina hou* workers, fToigdit and passengei car i ispectors and men In general aalinte aace worte are alfx ted by tine a Resume Inquest IVednesday. UNIONTOWN, Jan. 31/--Resumption ot the John F. Donohoe inqueat today wu3 definitely set by Coroner S. A. Baltz lor Wednesday a-ttemooa at 1 30 o'clock. There wae some doubt aa to tb/» time because of difliculty iu eommojiinc several witnesses, bnt Dr. BalU orunounced today that t-e. was ready to go ahead with the inqueat next week, with several minor oostruc- tione now ironed out. Civil court will be over next week and ii te probahlo ^sessions will be resumed in th» larger courtroom Instead of the auditorium whero only a few hundred tpectatorfi can he accommodated. Discharged from Hospital. Max Tlshmau of Bnookvale, ad- mlttel to tho Connellsville State Hospital yesterday for treatment, was di»- charB«i thia morniag. Rummage Sale. Thnrsduy, February 6, basement First Baptist Church.--Advertisement --30jan2t. OBJECT OF PITY AMONG FRIENDS BEFORE COMMISSION Py Unite I Press WASHINGTON, J m. 31.--.Tho Baltimore Ohio Railr ia4 applied to tho Inteietttto Common e Commlfceion today for pewnisslon o tesue $)3,031,000 "Wherever I wont I was an object ,,,. , , ,,, t I of pity among my friends, 'said B well of 30-J' our an a half per cent £,,own woman o: ConneilavlHe, Pa, to Plight of ConnellsrHle Woman and How She Found Belief of West Browmvillo, Mrs. W. It. Bowdon of Dunbar and Mra Alice Cox of i ruary New Salem, department secretaries; Mra Harry S. C'laik, treasurer, arid Jvlrs. M. L. Johnson of Unionlown, convertible jjold "boi ds and to issne on conversion, when r anired, $52,525,800 B0 of Ite common stocl The bonds woi'ld ie dated o ot FeV 1930 t vnd Mis, Ed-wa,rd Hoey of McKeos- Latiobe and Hariy W. Klnkead were, 1 " charge of the service at the giavo mamed Wednesday morning in St. \ ia Hn CSrore Cemetery. Members of the Joseph'B Catholic Church of Latrobe. | Masonic order served as pallbearers Kov. T A. Connor officiated. The The y wel ' Walter J. Trader, Sllae S couplo will reside at Derry, -/hero tho Hall Frank Pwkey, Paul C. Wagoner, bi Idef-room Ib employed by the Ponn- Railroad, Junior Culture Club. The Junior Culture Club will meet Tuesday night, Fbruaiy 4, in tho club Joseph R RnttfHtnore and William C. Michael. Chimney Vlte. The Flro Department was called out to a chim ley fire nt tho homo of Josse room' at tho Carnegie Free Library, Klein on iJaet Church place this afternoon. Bot i truckB anaweiel the alann. There \van no damage port, secretaries. . J'. L. Marsh, a farmer Presby- terial olficor, was a gueirt. RAY SEATON DIES AT SPRlNfGDALE Beaton, only son of C. II and Maude McGoo Seaton, Connelly of Dunbair, died t|ii» morning at S o'clock at the, family home at Springdale of pneuiinduia and heart trouble, aupsr- inducetl by inflammatory rheumatism. He w»s in ninth yea.r ut w h i c h time i progiam on w i l l be glvou Science" Insure Him a Healtfy Skin throui/h life by using Cli snslng, Healin ?, S o o i l h i i i g ii ml A n t i s e p t i c Oinrmct t 25b ami l*oti« Drug Ac Ray was a grandson of Mrs. D. A. Ram-age oC Dunbai and a nephew of Miss Olive Seeton, nianagei of tho shoo (topaitinent of 'ho Troutman Company store. FRANK BUTZ DIES OF BRAIN INJURY MOUNT PL.KASANT, Jan. 31 -Frank Butz, 60 years old, whose automobile, was struck by a street car at Standard Shaft on Monday, when ho buffered a triple fructuie of the skull, itiofl at the Memoiial Hospital last even in if at 4 GO without having const louauoss Robins Life ) Dawsoiu Robins have mad their appearance at Dawson dming- t te past week. Several were been on 1 hursday. Some of these birds never 1 ft this district for the winter. They 3 ave been ted during the cold weath r and made their appearance almost very day for their feed dui Ing th© snc wy weather. Tho Automobll Stolen. sodau .tuton obile of Rudolph Goldslorie, stolen 1 fit ftight from in front of his home i i Lincoln avenue, wat Hound at 8 80 o' 'lock this morning at Reidinorp road ' ^here it had beou abandonH\, Siiro ! When y u nsc Classified Ads. ia Tfee Daily i 'oiiriM-. Tlio cost ia sm-ajl. results ac e big. Brtog results Tiy them, to an interviewer Uie other day. J wag that I had lost all hope of cvo r being mysnlf agrain My Bkin had turnd a d i r t y yellow, my «yos had big- rings around them, and every step I took seMnecl to tax my slrength. My stomach was fao delicate t h e r e were times when tho only t h i n g it would retain was a raw effgr. I waa bilious, and I tried every kind of cathartic w i t h o u t permanent relief My head felt s t u f f y , there wore Huffing nolafcs In my ears and I had difficulty in hear. Ing- what \\ as said to nws A bad taste In my mouth made me sure my broath was offensive, and when I eccerted myself my heart thumped, so I could hardly brealho. Altogether I could not have b e a n much more wretched, and the. few friends Who stuck to me shook their heads whenever they discussed my case "Medioal treatment sometimes relieved ins for a while, but always seemed to lose Its value after a few d.i\s One day my siator brought home a new medicine someone had told her about 1 did not want to take some- n o t h _. _ , and moVe to please my sister than .uiythlng elao I bearan taking- It. In three days I had a bettor night's sleep than I had enjoyed In years I t h o u g h t that was j u t an acciJenl, but I must hay that by the time that bottlo was g-one I k n o w it was h e l p i n g me and I got another Befor" It was finished I was got- i ting- better My head cleared up so that I felt livelier, and my stomach the simple food I took By th« end of Uie second bottle i w*i3 actually hungry at rnealthnos "Now o u can see my skin is clear, my eyos l i a v o lost that a w f u l tired look, and my geneuil rendition is better than it has been f r many years. You asked me to tell j o u how I grot well and I t,an put the answer In two «01 Us-Tonic What that w o m l e t f j l has done for me Is so marvelous that I t h i n k It Is the greatest Ub- oovei y vei made to- sick p e o p l e " So many o t h o t people t h i n k the samp way thai. W o i l d s Tonic tins b u i l t up a standing lu C o n n e l l i v l l l p You w i l l k n o w win after % ou h n \ e 11 youiself Wot Id's T o n i c m«i ho o b t a i n o d oE C o n n e l l f v l l l e Drug Co , or tit any other first class drug a to re. Where You Get Quality and Service Wh Full Weight and Low Trices. 21 c 17c Preiriier Coffee (The Finest Packed) a pound ............ ,, ...... . ............................ -- ....... ------- 45c Fancy Santos Coffee, a pound ,, -------------- 31 c O-R 'Coffee (Oven Roasted) Ib. Fancy Rio Coffee, a pound Newion Cocoa, 1 Ib. box Royal Scarlett Cocoa (Highest Quality) 1 ]b. box ............ , ....... ,, ........................... __________ 29c Tetley's Orange Peko Tea, 1 Ib. caddie 95c Canadian Club Ginger Ale, 3 bottles ....35c Prenriier Ginger Ale, 3 bottles -------- 41 c Premier Grape Juice, Pint bottle . -- '» ---- 25c Premier Peanut Butter, 1 Ib. jar -------- 25 c Jeil-O (All Flavors) 3 boxes ,,.-- ______ 22c Tomato Paste, 3 etuis : TM 2 5 c i Tomato Soup, 8 cams _ 2Bc Iffonareli Catstrp, largo bottle 18c Tan Camp's Spaghetti, 8 cans 29e Van Camp's Saner Kraut, 2 cans 26c Grape Jell y large glass . -- 28 c Wcideman's Sweet or Sweet Mixed Pickle*, jar ________ . _ 2Sc Atmore*s Mln«e Meat, 2 Ib. jar __ 88 c Texas Flgrs, ia lieayy syrup, Jar Sic Tan Camp's Pumpkin. t cans ___»TM Viemaa Flour (The Old Reliable) 24 l / 2 pound sack $1,05 Hogsett's Fresh Ground Corn Meal, 10 pound sack .35 c Little: Crow Pancake Flour, 2 boxes __J23c Snow Flake Powdered Sugar, 2 boxes _23c Premier Seedless Raisins, a box ,,,, lOc Premier Fancy Head Rice, 3 1-lb. boxes 25-c Campfire Marshmallows, 3 pound box 78 c Monarch Teenie Weenie Toffies (Candy'J 1 jxmnd box ,,_..,,, 30ie Fancy Queen Olives, Quart. Jars ~... 39c Duff*s Pure Apple Butter, 28 oz. jar ._J22c Easy Task Soap Flakes, largo box Cliipso Grannies, 2 laitre boxes Gold Dust, largc~box Ufe Baoy Soap, 3 cakes .,, 19c 25c .20c Einso, 2 largre boxes 43 c Sunbright Cleanser, S cans 18 e Lenox Soap, 10 large cake« 87 c Ivory Soap, laundry size', 2 cakes N. B. C. Dandy Oyster Crackers, 2 pound box .,.^^ MM .^_ 29c Extra. Quality Ginger Snaps, 2 pounds 25c Royal Scarlet Spiced Pears, 2 Ige cans 55o Monarch Black Cherries, large cans 39c Fancy Red Sour Cherries, a can 30: Fancy Yellow Cling Peaches, 2 large cans . 49e Rbyal Scarlet Apricots, 2 large cans ....J53C Weideman's Country Gentleman Corn, 2 cans 27o Fancy Tomatoes (Solid Packed) 2 cans 19c At Our Meat Counter Small Lean Pork Shoulder a pound 18c Lean Pork Shoulder Roast, a pound 204: Fresh Spare Ribs, a pound 20e Pork Loin Roast, a pound! ,J27e Fresh Pork Sausage, a pound L., 30o Lean Salt Side, a pound . 18c Lamb Breast, a pound » 25o Veal Breast, a pound .25o Lean Veal Roast, a pound ... Veal Chops, a pound -- _ n . 35e Fresh Bee^ Liver, a pound ,_.20« Black Hawk Bacon, l / z pound package 23c Lean Bacon, 3 pounds or over, a pound 27c Home Made Scrapple, a pound 10c Homo Made Pudding, a pound 25e Sauer Kraut, 3 pounds . 25o Kraft, Kay, Pimento or Limbrger Cheese, a jar 23c I Davidson Company 2 Store That Does Things For You" Schtptinger Company Af justers of Ifederal and Stsitc Taxes Accountants and Auditors 1415-20 Park Building Pittsburgh, Pa, Patronize Those Who Advertise. ~~------* iiriSSSBBB Joe Cantlllon Better. HICKMAN, Ky., Jah. ,30,-Sttl dan gwouBly 111, Joe CaatUlou. one of baseball's pioneers, ha» taken a alight, change for the better, at'cordinj to at- announcement today The 'ormer baseball player and manager mfforod a second stroke of paralysis a few days ago and litiu tiope Is ti.4d for his lecovoiy Ad»ortl*«monfai In th« ooInnuM it

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