The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on April 19, 1918 · Page 12
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 12

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, April 19, 1918
Page 12
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Page 12 article text (OCR)

'PAGE TWELVE. THE: DAILYi.COtmiESB.. CONNELiSyitLE, PA. FRIDAY, APRIL 19, 1915. PREFERENCE LIST FORWSTRIHrnON OFCOALANDCQKE Mwtrfo* : S«rM« JB Orier of OTHERS NO PREFERENCE JT. Effort to Limtt Sun»f tl twel n *" - I* ttauify tke JlfwMMrtlri !»*»- . Th« Priorities Boud hag adapted : « nreferaice list dnicnod for toe /I"**""-- of all governmental iLgeacief '/in tt« supply and in the distribution of coal and cote by riiil or water. In ;ti«'pr«f«r«tioii'ofxliis list the toard .'hi*'~aof undertaken to classify any '.iidmtry as noneBsential or at.'this i*jti»e to limit th«j fliiMtKj :6f 'fuel ^ which my particular industry or dut thai! receive. - "!*· board," says the official »n- "h»s- liated certain, "in- i wfeote operation U of eicep- iaeortance, measured by the i kfaOfA «f their direct or indirect coa- " i;'trfliotio« either toward ' winning .the |mr or toward proxnotiag the nation- 5 ^«l w*Har*, and these diutries wfll | Igb* aeeor4ed prelerential treatment f JCftr-the-Foel -A*nini»tratioti in .U» ' ;H f *totr!b»tioii of coal and coke, and also * -;l3a the transportation ot such coal and |iI?.--~TW» wne plan will be followed |®l» : »e«ocdl«g -preferential ·-.treatment «ft;to war industries and plants in the -;!"tran»portatkm of r*w materials and *" required hy them : in their taring operation*, so .that mim*T-afmf not be delayed or hampered ¥Jt*~cauistTtof with priority orders is- Kwwd against them ^ governing! their rprelereiitial list No. 1 is not cotn- iUeU, but ttrwill .be-noted St»«t"pro*l«*oii ill mad« for certifying ^additional classes of industries, and i aUo Individual plants whose opera- 'Itfotf are necessary as. a war. measure. ( wbat Industries or ^·fcuii* an «titled to be certified, two ' ' irill-control: (1) The rel»- i 'urgency of the "uses or "purposes · which the product of the plant -£ia utilized; and, (2) the j per cent of fJtti'-Tpnidnet of-tte plan'i-utilized'in '|w«rwoA. direct or indirect, or work ||«f'exceptional or national importance. , lo' plant,, a veryvsobitantial per. cent llr»C wnoa* product Is-not of eiception- ftal-importance, can be accorded -pref- El»' f~i T»e priorities' commUsioner shall. g,«nd*r the direction of and with the ''* roral of the Priorities Board, cer- idditional' classes of industries, J;.ud alao certify tndividval plants j*»fcoie .operation, u * war measure t*l» : of exceptional imporUaice, whieh S'tototrtea and x pl«aits' when so. certified shall be automaticaily included ' " ' ; tal».Pieterenee Ltat. vhich .shall d or reviaed from, time to ,. TM by action of the Priorities f; Jc»ri .to meet changing conditions.. "s.. "ita- dbtinction Is made between- ^ur of tbe iodastriee. or pjints which i r :'ar» : or may be included in this Prel- |!*T*nn list, and no aigninamce should hj"to^^.the order,in .which the .in 1 : · - ,,,,,·!«»· or ^pianW appear- in. the liit." p;.Tfc« Itot follow*:'., '. . . '·",'.. *t AireratL--Plants^- · engaged ..exclu- fcr uvelyra manufactnriBE- aircraft or iupplie'i and equipment'.therefor. . Ammunition.--Plants 'engaged* in manufacture, o£ ammunition . for. died States government and the ' Army .and ^iavy/ cantonments and :-camps. ' . Arms (small).--Plants engaged in v _naiitfaeturing- mmall arms, for United f State* gorermnent and for the allies.. «." Chemicals.--Plants ' engaged exclu- i«ly Jn. manntacturing: chemicals; . 'Domestic consumers. -'ElectfJcal T 'eqniii«nenL-- Plants "man' : E)ectrodes.-- Plants .producing clec- . . Farm imptemen-ts. -- Manufacturers gexelJMively of agricultural imple- ' DUU and farm operating equipment '. yeed.-- ^PJants producing feed. s.-- Plants .producing.. ; . zers. -- Manufacturers of- fer- ' .- - . . . . - . « . ... , ,,..Fire -brick.-- Plants producing ex' ' .fc'Fopd.--Plant* manutactdring, mirl- Itafprfparing, . refining, preserving * '^"wholesaling food tor ' . . . . . · , ; -. containers.-- Manutacturers of |ta«es..eaclU8iTe5y ;ot .other f»od cpn- gtalaers.., ' . . . . -. ·-- .u-" : :...-.' ':;Gai.--Ga»-prod«;inj plants. V^Gaa.--Plants niaxiufaicturin^. .exclu\ gas-producing michineryi ' ; i' (large).--Plants mantifactur-' When you think of, a ,man as "correctly dressed." do your though'ts; go back further than the fact ' is apprppriately dressed up for the occaisiotn? f . . ' - . -To be correeUy dremed mean to be cl«tbcd in gwr- that are : correctly tailored ;of dependable fabrics i'np U^atc style H net aid aoM nt prices which an '*CM6-ti*y'ire^re«ejit,tte"c«st of ibe "elotfes plus tt«n a jusflflaWe rroflt. : Men and Young Men Will Gorrectly ;Dfessed in iWright-Metzler diutvty Suits and Coats $15 up to $45 See tow carefully, they:.ape tailored from coat "cellarto trousers eaSs. .'...'.*" ; ' " '".':."".' See the Duality of the flannels, -worsteds, serges;; mixtures' and other fabrics' of which they are niade....'. , . . . . . . Then see the variety of up-to-date models i or men arid'young men., including military styles -with plain and slant-rcut pockets;- double breast- ; ed models and conservative styles. . ..'. See especially those "at $26 to $35. . . . Nobby SPFUNG SUITS For Yoiiths and Boys · Ton progressive, wide-awake young fellows dont want clothes designed for your' 'dad: You.PO want syecial styles just made f or YQTJ. That is why. you'should come to this, store for your new suit- ·' You are sure to get "correct" s^le here and · fabrics 'wiht lots of "pep" to 'em. Prices to suit you. . Gold Bond Stamps Pay 4% On What You Spend--Save Them. HKIOHT- Our Dependence On Iron. In the attack--when if a time to "buck the line"--when trar own boys most go "over-the-top," much depeodfence will be placed in the iron-tmnk.; In th« same way real men--«aen ; \rith a "punch "---hsve came to place their dependence on irop in a new form. Iron is easily ·aeimUated.withia thebwlyif taken in the form of tablets, oiled "Irozi- tic.'.';,-These "Irontic" Tablets were experimented with by;Doctor Pierce and his assisting Physidans at tbe Sureialilnxtitute in Buffalo, N. Y.. and are formed of iron and-herbal extracts that are easJIr.laien up;by the bipod.". · Tifc: blood corpuscles take on a rich.color and the whole system feels the effect. ^Instead of feeling dull, dumpish, blue, "nerves on edge," tired before your i.woric,is_ half done, you feel rejuvenated. Fresh ; blood, rich in iron, courses thru your body. You:have "pep," .vim and .vigor: The nerves are fed on rich, red blood, arid men have the steady nerves, the waLtap, the fight- in?force. . . . . . . . " . . . ' . ' ' . . . . . . " : .These/'.Irontic."; tablets are - ta be hsd in Bixty-c«!nt vials at most drug stores. ;-If y«u wish-to-test"-thiem send ten cents to the Surgical Institute, Buffalo, N.TT.V and get a trial package.- Try-them now! - T food · and .exclusive" : ice-producins plants.,: ~~.'· : ... " /_ ·;;"·: .'.;,..-·; Seeds'.--Proaucers 61 "wholesalers 'of seeds. (except'floVer seeds)."' Ships (bunker 'c6il)'.-4*jt' -inc'lud- mg pleasure'^craft. _ ·/. " . - ' Ships.--^Piaits ensa'ged eiciusively in building-^ships',;-{not., including pleasure eraljO.^-^.- .in-raanufacturing exclusively, stippiies and equipment therefor.-.-.- ·.-_; ;.' . ' . ' '" .; .".;-·;· _Soap.T^8*aiiufaeturersj.'otispap.. Steet.r-rSteel plants andT^ rolline mills.":.."';.:' -- . ' · · . · ··:,::.:.- · ·· Tanners:--Tanning plants,.-Vive'for patentJeitJier. - · · - . · - - turing'-tanninEj-extracts. _ Tin. : .platt^aimifa'cTureTs" .'of ^A'.'Heip^''}ufe' and cotton .bags.-- ^"PVanti manufacturing exclusively. rSJto«eeticid««! ; -afan«facmrers excln- .iwlyot-insecticides; and lungicides, Ifelion and steel.--Blast furnaces and tools.--Plants manufactur-. glig machine tool*. fSOnes,--Wants engaged eiciusirely. li' inaaiifacturing 'mining tools and taiptnent. ' o Newspapers and periodicals--PlanU and pobJisbmg exclnsively era and periodical*! -OH---iRenneries of both mineral and 'We^mla.'.·-·.·.-'.·' · ' ·. ·' .' ' *OR production---Pl«iu«. mcnofactnr- ·kelnsiTely oil well · equipment institutions and buildings. Hc-utllitiea.,.. . . Hway». · · -" .· . · . : -- Plant* maaufacatrtag ,' freight- eanr and rails; ..^aitber- jlentf eniai^Bd .ezcloBlTely . prodaciuj exclusively';, -bintler: twine; and. : rope.-:. -\ · · · ' . · · - · j ^ ' - ^ J ' : ' ~ - ' . Vire. rope and rope vdre.--jjanu- facturerstol'same. , ' ! . - _ ! · ' Dickerson Run. . . will be a jRedvvCrossi; entertilnment given under the auspices of Vanderbilt branch, groas .receipte /on 'the Bed Cross, at the yanderbUt Presby/terian church; SatuViSy s eireniig,:""iprii^2(Ui : at s p. ir./v. '...,'.' :; ? ··· · :..·; ;'·:.·:',. -William. Giljespie : has..retnrned.' -'to' drtifteiubeingJ'ofpauty for-aimonth on accounttof sickness. ' * -'': Mr and Jtrs LBWIS" Moore ol Mo- nesson are spending a few days here visiting the la tier's mother Sirs. Elizabeth jpougherty. Mrs" Bicherd Sldonr Mrs. James Beatty Vrs. Prank K'essier ^Irs rlM Oarlick and 3lr W A. Cosgrove and -daughter; -Miss Ester., and "Miss Lnelia Fnhner were chopping in Counellsville jetteriJar. - ily from D«wson_,to the Black flats a tend is to turDint your b»ek upon. Liberty DAVIDSON'S The Store Ahead. Highest Quality. , Lowest Prices. . ' If you want to buy a Liberty Bond, and feel th*t yon cannot pay for it. If yon : irin bay the Davidstm w»y, yom can save enough ecch month to take care of your payments. · We Will Save You 15 to 20 Per Cent. Navy and Pea Beans, Ib. _ 17c Red Marrowfat Beans, Ib. Me Pinto Beans, Ib. '. 12c Scotch Green Peas, Ib 15c '· Fancy Head Rice, !b. _ lie Loose polled Oats, Ib. lOc Dill Pickles, doz. __^-l»c anii'JOe Tomato Soups, can lOc Saucr Kraut, can loc Large cans Pumpkin, 2 cadi 25e Large -can pa'rtdson's Bali- : ing Powder, can 1--_ : '2Se' Jiffy^JeJl, package _ . : lie .Jell-'d, all. flavors --_ 9c 'Corn Starch,.large pckg. -- lOe Old Butch Cleanser, can -- 9e Liirge Package Gold "Dust -- 2Sc lirge roll Toilet Paper -4c :Larbe;bottle.Biueini:,. ---. ISc Am.onia, ..large bottles, 3 for 2Sc 25 ibft Floor _____i_ 10 Ib. sack Corn.Meal :'lte Extra good Potatoes, ueck 30e Small cans Tomatoes - Early June Peas, can . -ISc . 13c Vegetables for Soups, can _ 15c Alice Baked Beans, large ' Large can Pineapple . . 25e : ; Fancy Pears, large, can 18« Lemon :.Cling. Peaches, can _SSc Extra Choice Rio Coffee, Ib. We Extra Choioce, Santos Coffeo 20c · Seeded Raisins, package lie Extra good .Prunes, 4b. _ ISc Extra Choice Peaches, Ib. -- ISc Good .Laundry Soap, 7 Tars 25c Santa Glaus Soap, 5 bars _ 2Sc · Large ibottle Catsnp, bottle ]5c Quart Jar Olives ' 25c Buy Tour Fresh «r Smoked Meats, at Oar Heat Counter. f ; We Will Saye You Money. We Bare'tke Highest Grade of Oleomargariue In the City at the lowest Prices. Purity Nut. Ib. _ -- Me I Moxley's Specfal, Ib. '..'. 36c " --32c I Moxley's Daisy, Ib. 31« Diamond A, per pound J. R. DAVIDSON CO. "THE STORE THAT BOESTHUreS FOB TOTP* 109 WEST MADf STREET, CONNEL1SVDL1E, PA. PATRIOTIC RALLIES TO BE HELD IN EVERY ; SCHOOL1N THE STATE At Least Once a Xomth; IMun Has tbe . Endoi-sement of Slate Snperintend- , «nt of Instruction Schaetfer. With the endorsenient of Dr. Nathan C..- Schatfer, Stale Superintendent of Public Instruction, the Speakers' Bureau of the Pennsylvania Committee of Public Safety plans to'conduct a patriotic rally at least once a month in .every public school in. .the, state! Dr. Schaefter., has : issued a letter to school superintendents, directors and teacfters urging' them -to.-'give their' utmost support to the plan. In his letter, Dr. Sch'aeCfer says: 'The public schools, of pur. state, can and"'-should, take a"m6s"t. important part in developing and forming the Kind of public . sentiment that is neceissary as a -basis .for- the -.complete and- sustained"'support- that must be given .to all-onr: forces and those .of our., Allies. in -.the: war.;'There -should -be the-closest-'possible cooperation between, the school officials and the state and local divia- ons'.of the;Bureau for Speakers in the organization -of-frequent .public meetings of;a patriotic nature'in .the schools. * 'Through, local officials of the Bur reau. the director will render alii possible assistance hi the assignment and management of meetings to the end that the desired aim of toe cold tag of at least one auch effective meeting each month in every township In the state may be realized." CONNELLSV1LLE WOMAN THINKS SHE CAN'T TALK ENOUGH · "I had gall stones for 14 years and suffered severefy from gas, colic and: indigestion. Doctors wanted me to go to the hospital, but I took Mayr's; Wonderful Remedy instead, and am' now feeling fine and 'better than I; ever did.' I can't talk enough about this. remedy." It. is * simple, harml es:s preparation that removes the catarrhal j mucus from the intestinal .tract anil allays the iriflammatioa which causes practically all stomach, liver and in testinal ailments, including appendicitis. -One does will.convince or money refund. A. A. Clarke.--Adv. . Smithfield. SMITHFIB10D, April 19.--Smithfield, was. well represented .at the Liberty .Loan parade : at .Uniontown Thursday. Tbe railroad ."men' here have taken five thousand dollars of tlie loan-.. "This" -is · exclusive .'of $16,oSO taken through. .the". First. National Bank, ,or : a total to,.date. of- $21,000. .to Smithfteld's '.credit. Y. ~F. Smith* and r wife left"Wednes-' day 'lor- : " home', at "leaver, Col They will first visit Jheir son and-wife -in.. Siassacbu setts. Earl,'son:"of.Mrs. Hannah -Wolf, is in the Umontown hpspital to be operated on for appendicitis Mrs.. ; Arthur ;Prlngle. ,o£ .I^iirchance visited relative here o» Wednesday night Lest We Forget to Do OUT Part say, who have come back from 1 Over There, that at nigat the troubled earth between the lines 'is. carpeted with pain. They say that death rides whistling in every -wind, and that the very, mists are charged with awful torment. They say that of all things spent and squandered tbere. young human life is held least dear.. It is not .the pieasant- est'prospect for those of us who.yet can feel upon our lips the pressure of our mothers' good-bye kiss. But, please God, our love o£ life is not so prized as love of right. I N 'this renaissance of our country's valor, we who will edge the wedge of her assault make/calm acceptance of its hazards. For us the steel-swept troncb, the stiffening cold, weariness, hardships, worse. For yon for whom we go, you Millions safe at home--what for you? We shall need food.' We shall need care. We shall need terribly and -without failure supplies and equipment in a stream that is constant and never ending. From you who are our resource'and reliance, who are the heart and hope of that humanity for which we smite and strive, must come these things. Buy Your Country's Bonds Buy Them TODAY! (Signed) Citizen Soldier No. 258, National Draft Army. New Models for Spring and Summer The last few days have brought a wonderful increase in both the size 'and attractiveness of; our display of new Hats for late Spring and early Summer wear. New models arriving from New York--new models, finished 1 daity in oar own workrooms- keep the showing ever fresh and new. For the Week-End We wisa to direct espccialy attention to chic,, becoming: new- styles in Jieghorns,--at $4-95 t« $10- Wnile Jfflansr--jMSJlo and nnward. Black-and-white Sports Eats, Dress Hate and rough Sailors, ranging in price from $4.95 to $25, with special showings at Si95,55.95 and : - Introducing a NEW SILK HOSE Shown, in Black, Whife and the Fashionable Shoe Shades--$1.25 Pair. Made of pure thread silk and fibre silk woven, together. This insures extra wear. It's a full-fashioned stocking -with double garter tops of lisle, 4-thread heer and toe, and double sole.--This store earnestly recommends this new stocking as we have tested it in various ways for both Trear and Trash. Ask for T o. S-275. SPECIAL! 500 yards of'cream and ivory Curtain Nets. 36 to 45 inches wide, in various pretty designs. Edges slightly soiled. ONE FOURTH off the marked- price. These $2.50 Foulards Are So Very Good We don't see well how they could be better, and that.-seems to be the way most women, feel about them from tbe amount they are buying. They are in a fine wearre,- black, dark Woe or adored grounds and the printings are as pretty as can be; ptfka dots, stripes, checks and figures. Even some bordered. These are the famous CHEHKJT SHWWEB PEOOF FOG4BBS, 40 inches wide, $2.50 a yard. Specials! 81x90 Belvidere Sheets, regniar $1.50. Tahies for $1.29. 36 inch Bine Bird Mall, a. beautiful sheer Nainsook specially priced at 33c the yard. Actual value 40e. Charming Blouses Yon Will Gladly 1 Ciioose Both for Style and Price Some of the finer ones suggest Paris at first sight. And, well they might, for faithfully have they been copied from original, exclusive imported styles. But there are plenty of simpler, inexpensive models too, the kind for genera] utility wear. It's an assortment that meets every demand of style, color, size and price. Wirthmor Waists at Sl.OO. "Welworth Waists at $2.00. Dimity and Yoile Waists $2.50 to $7.50. Georgette and Crepe de Chine $3.75 to $19.75. Now Showing Complete Stocks Silk Sweaters Silk Underwear Muslin Underwear Silk Petticoats Spring Suits Silk Dresses Gold Bond Stamps Pay 4% On What You Spend--Save Them. MOVE BY AUTOTRUCKS BOTHPHONtS OPPMAH5 TRANSFER OPPOSITE POST OFFICE CONNELLSVILLE, PA. LONG DISTANCE MOVING Save Money on Long Trips By Making Ar* rangements One Week in Advance. Get Rates. P. B. KESSLER. 613 McCormick Ave., Connellsville, Pa. Tri-State Phone 404. Bell Phone 234. Icerbj FOR WEAK LOKOS ftr: throat troubles that thrcKtcii to bsootao uhrotdc. ttilg Calcium compound -will be , foAnd effective. The 'handiest form ret fl*ri*ed. Fce from harmtuT or habH- formlns' 'fjmcs. Try them today. ',, ; SOcentia box, mclnding war tax ; YOU HAVE AIVYTHING FOR SALE TRY OUR CENT-A-WORD ADS... Just Over tbe Bridge f CoOBellsflUt.' (West Side) wmm Carroll Battery Co. A r»ctorj Trained Battery Han. J. N. Trump W HITE LINtf TRANSFER U MOTOR TR17CK .»d WAGOXS. MO VISO AKD HOISTIJtQ PIA3iC» A SPSCIAliTV. OOloo 103 E. Onn AUtT, ·It* P. R. H. Xep«t. Both r*

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